Introduction & Opening Ceremony

Hello, and welcome to the newest trilogy on this wiki. It's the 25,000,000 Hunger Games! This means that it is one millionth Quarter Quell! These years are going to be a lot different than the years before. After sixteen rebellions from the capitol, the Capitol one a rebellion that was nicknamed the Slaughterhouse. Half of Panem's population were killed during the war. And a new society called "District 14" was called after the country's southern border water began to decede. These people are rebellious, but have been controlled as the Fresh Water district, as they have a lake full of fresh crisp water. They will compete in these games, along with district 13. But, I'm sorry, there will be no Capitol children in these games.

As the "Horn of Plenty" plays in the background as Panem officials walk along the path to being a Gamemaker, the whole crowd's anxiety you could cut with a knife. The people are waiting for President Ashen White Snow to walk out of his mansion to say to the people the twist for these monumental games. As the officials get there Gamemaker uniforms, and take their seats, the President booms through the doors. The crowd erupts in cheering, as the districts watch on television. They wouldn't want to be able handle a big slaughter, as the population is already so thin. The districts are paitiently waiting, as they had all their life, to be killed.

"Thank you, thank you. As you realize, this is the 25 millionth Hunger Games!" The crowd erupts in cheers. "And, as you realize, this is the one millionth quarter quell! So, this means that there will be a lot of twists, and a lot of blood. It will be spilled! So..." The crowd seizes its screaming, and turns an uncanny quiet. The districts are quiet as well. Panem is silenced.

A young boy walks onto the stage in shackles. He is brought up by Peacekeepers. And everybody recognizes him. He is a direct (and only) descendant of Katniss and Peeta Mellark. He was captured in district 14 two years ago. And now he is a slave. His first name Brady, he slowly gives a slip of paper to the president. The peacekeepers look for permission, and the president nods. The peacekeepers start to stab Brady, just so he would wish to be dead, and so he was unconscious. The capitol residents start yelling out insults to Brady Mellark, just as he would of done to them. The peacekeepers drag his limp body away to the dungeons.

The president unwraps the long slip. The world quiets again. And Mr. Ashen White Snow begins to read:

"This year, as a reminder to the districts, that we will come back after anything and will not stop to gain control, 8 people from each district, 4 female, 4 male, will be reaped. Each then will be assigned to a peacekeeper (bodyguard), escort, stylist, and training partner (mentor). They will then be helped by the peacekeepers and escorts. Training will be different as well. The trbutes will fight in 2 seprate arenas. 56 in each arena. The will fight untill 6 are left in each,there will be 12 tributes crowned. A fight to the death. Where 6 out of 112 will be crowned victor. Thank you."

Panem is still speechless. What just happened?

Rules and Forms

Hello, and we hope you read the long intro. But, if you didn't...8 tributes will be reaped. I know it's a lot but it's our games and we will manage. Just to let you guys know, this collab account is between VarinEgo and Clove the best. We hope you like these games, and here are the rules

No cussing.

(Varin POV) I absolutely despise cussing, so, if you cuss in the comments or to me on chat directly, your tribute will be killed early-on in the games

You can submit up to 10 tributes, but dont excpect them to all win.

Dont make superhero tributes please!

And...thats it, so...yeah. That's it so far. Here are the forms for people. (for stylists, mentors, escorts, and peacekeepers, we may make more if none are available.

Tribute Form

Must include name, age, district, gender, strengths, weaknesses, weapons, R/V, alliances, token, and personality, Apperance, Games Strategy, Bloodbath strategy etc. Feel free to add any others but you must follow this form !








Reaped or Volunteered:





Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:

Stylist Form

Must include name, age, district, gender, girl costume, boy costume. Anything else is welcome.



District Styling:


Girl Costume:

Boy Costume:

Mentor Form

Must include name, age, district, gender, advice, appearance, games won, and hunger games approval






Games Won:

Hunger games approval:

Escort Form

Must include name, age, district, gender, advice, appearance, personality, and hunger games approval



District Escort:





HG approval:

Peacekeeper Form

Must include name, age, district, gender, advice, favorite tribute in district, uniform.






Favorite Tribute in district:



District Name/Age Gender Apperance Weapon User
1 Tiger Moon M Brown hair, a cute smile and grey eyes. Sword Robin040197
1 Diamond Sharpe, 16 M Black Hair brown eyes tan skin Throwing stars

Beetee19 .

1 Clay Carter, 18 M Blonde Hair; Red Eyes; Tan Muscular; Tall Sword; Baton AxedFox
1 Shawn Vaught, 17 M Ashy BLonde hair Sword; double Sided axe JustCallMeFinch
1 Zoey Sparkle,15 F Light Blonde Hair, Sparkling, Blue Eyes, Skinny, Tan, 5"7 Bow & Arrows, Knife, Small Sword. HKTLovesGlimmer
1 Ruby Page, 15 F Short Brown hair Blue eyes Tan skin. Knives

Beetee19 .

1 Calico Quartz, 18 F Pale blonde hair with pink streaks, pale skin and a small potato nose, angular face and wide-set almond-shaped eyes Axe, Scythe or Spear RedTurtle433
1 Calopy Pierce, 18 F Long blonde hair; Muscular; Tanned; Evil Smile Throwing Axes; Machete; Mace AxedFox
2 Ellis Vargo, 16 M Dark brown hair with lighter highlites, Grey/green eyes, muscular. attractive Sword Clove the best
2 Emmett Wood, 18 M Dark hair; Dark Blue Eyes; Pale Skin; 6'4" Sword; Spear Cato rocks!
2 Script Level, 18 M Curly brown hair; Hazel-brown eyes; Thick eyebrows; Light Skin Mace; Axe FITAO
2 Owen Clanahan, 18 M about 6'2, medium build, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and tan skin Throwing Knives and Spears( Also hand to hand combat) owenc8925
2 Kasey Lonta, 12 F Dark Skin; Light Brown Long Hair; Blue Eyes; 4'10"; Beautiful Knives Maybell Rocks!!

Keandra Hamilton, 17

F Mullato skin, Lond straight black hair, Brown eyes. big lips. beautiful. Throwingknives Clove The Best
2 Ivy Angelrose,17 F Dark Brown Hair, Greenish-Blue Eyes, Tall, Skinny, 5"6 Bow & Arrows, Throwing Knives, Beauty HKTLovesGlimmer
2 Pepper Spice,15 F Dark thick wavy hair, red streaks Throwing knives, Machete RedTurtle433
3 Alec Tromagnet, 15 M Orange red hair, Gray eyes, Freckles electrict weapon, or sword. Beetee19


3 Leo Carter,16 F Long black hair, hazel eyes, pale skin. Bow. Tiaraaaa
3 Bolted Thunder M Brown hair pale green eyes, freckles, conceeded look Wire AsherMizzou
3 Charles Black, 17 M Dark brown skin, Short black hair, Defined Green eyes Nunchucks ?
3 Kenzie Byte, 14 F Short light brown hair with grey/blue eyes Dagger Beetee19


3 Aliza Marr, 17 F Short blonde hair; pale skin; 6'10"; Blue eyes; thin; long eyelashes; pink lips Bow and arrow; hand-to-hand; Wire Tiaraaaa
3 Teo Carter,16 M Short black hair, hazel eyes, pale skin. Throwing Axes, Camo. Tiaraaaa
3 Sandy Holler,16 F Blonde rough hair, tall , thin and evil looking crossbow or traps Grumpily
4 Trever Tewie M Light brown hair; Light skin; Blue eyes; 5'9" Trident and Knives Maybell Rocks!!
4 Justin Gold,17 M Dark Brown Hair, Dark Brown Eyes, Tall, Muscalur, 6"1 Sword, Spears, Trident. HKTLovesGlimmer
4 Thomas Quince, 15 M Short; Black hair; Brown eyes Trident and Net; Spear Robin040197
4 Wes Quince, 15 M Tall; Short black hair Trident and net; Throwing knives Robin040197
4 Meme Story, 15 F Light brown hair; green eyes; pale skin Throwing Knives; Trident Im cute k
4 Effie Blue, 12 F Black Hair; Blue Eyes; Tan Skin Sword Im cute k
4 Imogene Odana Imogene, 16 F Blonde; Cyan Eyes; Light Skin Bow and Arrow; Knives Wesolini
4 Dust Drake, 18 F Long brown hair; Big; Brown Eyes Trident; Knife FITAO
6 Brann Clatch, 16 M Brown hair with brown eyes and a very nice smile. Has many muscles and is tall. He has strong legs None Robin040197
6 Raven Emerald, 15 M Long Black Hair; Deep Blue Eyes; Pale Skin; Tall; Little Muscular Katana; Crossbow; Javelin; Knife RavenRT
6 Cameron Gotchi, 14 M Pale Pale skin, Black hair, Blue eyes Blowgun ?
6 Hayness Ambernitchy, 17 M Blonde hair, Green eyes, Tan skin Sword ?
6 Mily Clatch, 14 F Long brown hair with blue eyes. She is quite muscular for a girl. Bow and Arrows Robin040197
6 Unity Poweth, 18 F Long blonde hair; emerald eyes; long eyelashes; dark red lips Bow and Arrows; Throwing Knives Tiaraaaa
6 Luna Moon,13 F

Platinum, Green Eyes, Olive Skin

Mace, Bow & Arrow

6 : Kylie Fuller,16 F freckles over nose, light brown hair, average height, fair skin throwing knives, axes TeamRue123
7 Antero Lisin, 17 M Brown-Bronze Hair; Light SKin; Green eyes; tall Sword; Knives Wesolini
7 Allan Raye, 13 M Blue-Grey Eyes; Blonde hair; Not tall; Freckles Katana; Throwing Knives Wesolini
7 Pamline Falcone, 17 M Short black hair; blue eyes Axe; Mace FITAO
7 Andy Axer, 14 M Light brown hair; Brown eyes; tan skin; muscular; glasses Throwing Axes JustCallMeFinch
7 Cherry Fantius, 14 F Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes Axe, Throwing Axes AW3SOM3 S4MU3L
7 Kathrine Lee, 15 F Asian, Pale skin, Cute smile, Black hair, Gray eyes. Throwing axes Clove the best
7 Yesenia Root,13 F Strawberry Blonde Hair,Frekles Scatterd at the Top of her Knose Throwing Axes,Throwing Knifes, Talented with Axes Daveforeva
7 Pine Cherry, 18 F Light wavy red hair; Brown Eyes; Very Pretty Bow; Throwing Knives FITAO
8 Nick Kobarg, 16 M Short Curly Hair Bow and Arrow; Strength Maybell Rocks!!
8 Lee Grimes, 16 M brown hair short brown eyes muscular katana small knife Lee grimes
8 Justin, 16 M Long brown hair with one blonde streaks; Bright blue eyes; tan skin; Always wearing long skinny jeans Mace; Katana Sword VarinEgo
8 Luke James,17 M Green eyes blond hair tan skin is amazing medium build bow spear sword battle knifes Jack412
8 Coco Joansi, 14 F Dark Skin; Dark hair; Blue Eyes Intellect; Speed Maybell Rocks!!
8 Katelyn Wish, 16 F Long dark brown hair, icy blue eyes, peachy pink lips Bow and Arrows Tiaraaaa
8 Kara Mainsly, 12 F Long red-brown hair; red eyes Throwing Knives; Dagger; Slingshot Matia506
8 Daina Coleman, 16 F Wavy brown hair, Pale blue eyes, Pale skin. Pink lips. Rope, Bow and arrows. Clove the best
9 Jet Miller,14 M Brown hair tan skin gray eyes Scythe, Endurance

Beetee19 .

9 Kevin Quince, 12 M black hair, long. He is shorter than his brother and has blue eyes. Trident and Net, Yin-Yang Swords (If you don't know what those are, just Google it OR ask for a picture) Robin040197
9 Ahmed Midu, 12 M Dark brown haie, Pale skin, Brown eyes Trident ?
9 Sam Naam, 15 M Buzzed hair, Blue eyes, Tan skin sword ?????????
9 Zia Rosy,12 F Dark Brown Hair, Light Brown Eyes, Tan Skin, Always Has A Rose In Her Hair (District Token), Is Really Small, And Skinny, 4"8. Dagger, Speed, Hiding HKTLovesGlimmer
9 Azalea Firethorn,15 F Red hair cascading in curls green eyes, beautiful Knives

Beetee19 .

9 Jane Skye, 15 F Long wavy brown hair, violet eyes, soft facial feature and average height Sword and Hiding
9 Arianna Syler, 16 F Light brown hair, Blue eyes, Pale skin slinshot , blowgun , knife , spears Eleni12
10 Cayden Mews, 18 M Dark brown hair, Baby blue yes, Pale skin Axe, Butcher tools. Clove's friend
10 Jayden Mews, 18 M Dark brown hair baby b lue eyes tan skin. Throwing knives, Butcher knife. Clove's friend
10 Charles Beckendorf,18 M a huge African-American "dude" with a permanent scowl, muscles like a pro ballplayer, and hands 'like catcher's mitts' (i.e. they are massive) which were calloused from working in the armory all day. Strength, knives, pods LukePaquette
10 Patrick McCrimmon,15 M shortish redish brownish hair, 5'9,brown eyes axe knifes A Wikia contributor C
10 Serenity Poweress, 18 F Dark skin; Short brown hair; blue eyes Axe; Spear; Rope JustCallMeFinch
10 Kat Ryman, 13 F Red curly hair; freckles; green eyes Axe; Throwing Knives; Blowgun lily1997
10 Piper Luddington, 16 F Red hair, freckles, thin, tall Blowgun, axe, knives District3forever
10 Celecia Bubble, 16 F Curly dark brown hair, Green eyes, Pale skin Blowgun Unknown
11 Ashton Jones, 18 M Tan skin, Black hair, Green eyes. Knives Clove the best
11 Ben Witover, 18 M Tall; Skinny; Brown hair Spear Maybell Rocks!!
11 JJJ Schmidt ,13 M Dark brown skin, Black hair, Brown eyes. Overalls Spear Beetee19
11 Video Hawthorne,14 M ? throwing knives and strength LukePaquette
11 Cherry Winter, 17 F Chestnut reddish-brown hair, pale ice-blue eyes, porcelaine white skin, looks good in blue Axe, chisel, sword RedTurtle433
11 Mondi Bakerman, 18 F Big; Slow; Tall; Really Skinny No weapon Maybell Rocks!!
11 Lauren Hill, 12 F Long brown hair; tan skin; green eyes; 4'9" Knives; Spears Rueforever
11 Bethany Wakeling, 14 F Long blonde hair; blue eyes; tan skin; 5'1" Blowgun Rueforever
12 Coal Evans, 14 M Short hair; Muscular Ice pick; Dagger FITAO
12 Malroo Everdeen, 14 M Gray seam eyes, Dark brown hair. Crutches Clove's friend
12 Wesley Knox, 14 M He has long blonde hair tied up in a ponytail, silver eyes and a fair skin with a purplish scar at the left side of his face Bow and arrow, throwing knives, sword Gamewonder26
12 Liam Tyler,18 M short dark brown hair,light brown eyes,6'2 none ? Wikia contributor C
12 Feline Madir, 12 F Short, but beautiful girl. Has blonde hair and blue eyes. Spear and Knives Robin040197
12 Fire Nickson, 18 F Long flowing red hair; green-hazel eyes Whip; Lasso FITAO
12 Sally Bone, 12 F Short, brunette, green eyes and thin None Grumpily
12 Katrina Edenor,17 F Blonde Hair and Brown Eyes ( A mix of the Merchants area and Seam look) . Katrina's hair is put back in a pony tail Can throw knives really far, and can go weeks without food
13 Daniel Foster, 16 M tall, muscular, handsome, has black hair and dark skin Sword; Trident Grumpily
13 Leeg 4000, 14 M Buzzed black hair, Sea green eyes Sword, Can dig a home . Clove'sfriend
13 Mickey Weeks, 13 M Brown hair, Blue eyes, Tall Sword cato's son
13 Eric Eagle,17 M He has brown hair that is swept to the side, slightly tanned skin, and black eyes with long eyelashes

Sword, Mace


Rose Greyer, 16

F Blonde Hair; Cyan Eyes; Light Skin Bow and Arrow; Knives Wesolini
13 Lola Greenbry, 14 F long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, tall, thin and tanned skin Throwing Knives; Bow and Arrow Grumpily
13 Bark Tanasia, 12 F Light blonde hair, Green eyes. Pale smooth skin. Bow and arrows. UNKNOWN
13 Natassia Horan, 15 F Light brown hair, Dark brown eyes, Smooth pale skin. Blowgun UNKNOWN
14 Van Paul Green, 16 M Buzzed hair; Green Eyes; Tan Skin Net; Bucket Im cute k
14 Garret Henderson, 15 M Short brown hair; Hazel Eyes; 6'5"; Gawky Short Knife; Mace VarinEgo
14 Gale Fint, 13 M Justin bieber type hair -.-, Blue eyes, Pale skin None Clove's friend
14 Jake Zeme,14 M Green Eyes, Blond Hair, Tall and Skinny Knife Cato'sSon
14 Azora Falls, 17 F Blonde hair; Green Eyes; Pale Skin Sword; Net Im cute k
14 Bella Moore, 18 F Long dark brown hair; Nose piercing; Grey-blue eyes; pale skin; 7'0" Blowgun; Bow and Arrow; Strength Tiaraaaa
14 Leah Bahme-Muise, 15 F Blonde hair in distinct curls, Sea green eyes, Tan skin, Muscularish Bucket, Spear Clove's Friend
14 Kailani Kama, 16 F Asian, Black hair, Hazel eyes. Born to throw metal discs and throwing knives while also having enough skill to wield bladed fans. Xx-Frozen-Fire-xx


District Name/Age Costumes User
1 Xalipher Mews, 28 Girl will have a black jumpsuit with floral designs, The shoulders will be broad and decorative.They will have makeup that changes colors constantly. The boy will have a black suit with a red tie. His shoulders will be simlar to the girls but more masculine.


2 Violet Noel, 31 Girl will have a metal armor suit. It will be dyed light pink and gold. her hairwill be french braided. Guy is the same but the costume is Blue and gold and normal hair. Clove the best
3 Clover Belcoot, 40 Thegirl will have fench braids. Her makeup will have a blue feeling. Things will be inserted into your blood and your veins will look like light =ning.. They will have a baby blue shirt and white high wasted pants. Boy is similar. C~
4 Camile Waves, 23 The girl will be covered with sand and filled with shells and seastars. The boy will be the same AW3SOM3 S4MU3L

Trinity Wradclean, 21

The boys will be wearing a dark biker jacket with Plain Jeans. He will be sitting on a black and brown leather chair with fire emblems blazing on the side. She will be wearing a light black dress, that is made from strips of tires. She is sitting in the same type of chair, except it's a tan.brown leather seat found in cars, next to the other tribute. He will be sitting on the chair on a train track with a synthetic train behind him, pushing him and the other tribute. VarinEgo
7 Emerald Sylver, 21 The boy will be wearing a woodsman outfit. He will have a green and blue plaid yellow shirt, which is loosely tucked into blue skinny jeans. He will carry an axe, and be cutting down trees, not paying attention to the girl. The girl will be wearing a light mellow emerald dress, and silver high-heels (Emerald Sylver's two favorite colors...). She will be in the tree. VarinEgo
8 Welia Poon , 56 The whole theme is prom. C~
9 Pom Pom Reed, 21 Girls will have a dress made from grain with paint splats. Boy will have a baby blue tuxedo with a cowboy hat. C~
10 Anastasia Goblet,25

Girl Costume: The girl will wear a all-in cow suit that has cow sounds coming from it. The suit also has a fully functional utter which is able to squirt milk at the girls command.

Boy Costume: The boy will be dressed as a sheep. The sheep isn't as good as the cow but still has sounds. The best thing about the boy's costume is that it can loose wool and regrow it.

11 Axel Blande, 33 Girl will have her hair in a top bun and her dress will look asif its melting. The boy will have a tuxedo with the same effect,. C~
12 Colton Manseff, 20

Girl Costume:Black jumpsuit, Little makeup. Colored smoke will be coming off them

Boy Costume:Same as girl

A Wikia contributor
13 Xaiver Ollan, 25 The girl will have a glowing green leotard with a matching skirt. The boy will be in a shining black suit with silver glitter shooting out anywhere. Grumpily
14 Floral Leeaf

Girl Costume: Blue knit sweater. Multi colored hammertime pants. Carrying 2 buckets of water.

Boy Costume:Same as girl

A Wikia contributor


District Name/Age Advice User
1 Velvet Gloss, 20 Stick with your careers through out the games, Maybe befriend a couple of them but be careful. It still is the hunger games. Kill if you see someone. At a later point in the gaes take some suppies and flee careers Clove the best
2 Lyme, 60 Lay low with the careers and stick with them, then, when the time is right, kill the careers and win the games! Masterire
3 Lulu Malone, 100 Don't kill. Just don't. Lay low until you are forced out. Stay in one area and seldom leave it's boundaries. Masterire
4 Manny Fisher,42 Grab one thing valuable in sight and kill anyone who disturbs you; when the career alliance forms the valuable thing will show them that you were fighting in the bloodbath. Stay with the careers and when the time comes, escape the alliance. Cato'sSon
5 Sherry Yin, 28 Stay with a good ally, and stick with them. Same as Lulu, stay in one spot. Use plants and snares to your advantage Masterire
6 Varin Ego, 14 Be nice to your district, and go for a backpack towards the outskirts. Stick with the district till the end. VarinEgo
7 Daanis Azgar, 26 Don't ally with People for long; Water best friend; Stay Alive Im cute k
8 Buzz Offhouse, 40 Kill, kill, kill. No remorse, just do it. Never back down from a fight. Masterire
9 Rye Skylark, 15 Be with your allies till the end. Ignore the bloodbath, and be nice to everyone so nobody will be mean to you VarinEgo
10 Tyrell Bloop, 34 No matter what go for the bloodbath, Unless you can scavenge really well. Grab a pack and ill teach you how to tackle. Grab a weapon and a pack and flee twords the right side of the cornucopia nobody goes there. Clove the best
11 Clemintine Marsh,28 Hide in trees, Dont ally unles youve made a plan in training. Scavenge for your food. And stay up high! A Wikia contributor
12 Brady Mellark, 13 Try to defy the capitol in as many ways as you can. Please be mean and make the capitol the laughingstock of Panem VarinEgo
13 Goliath Goodly, 34 Stay in small alliance and break them when the time comes. Grumpily
14 Andy Falls,20 :Find water, Dont be an ally with more than 5 people. Scavenge for food like you do for weater. A Wikia contributor


District Name/Age User

Satin Lust, 22

2 Bolly Goldish, 43 Wikia Contributor A
3 Elle Moore,22 Tiaraaaa
7 Excel Spleen, 40 Clove the best
8 Swantantra Waves, 28 Im cute k
9 Sandy Waters, 17 VarinEgo
13 Olive Fuller, 20 Grumpily


~ You sponsor your own tributes!

~ Each tribute you submit gets 600 dollars in spending money.

~ We will make a chart notifing you how much youve spent and so on.


Sword 250$

Axe 200$

Bow and Arrows 275$

Spear 230$

10 throwing knives 175$

1 ball mace 220$

2 ball mace 240$

3 ball mace 250$

Saw 200$


Painkillers 80$

Burn cream 90$

Cold medicine 60$

20 cough candies 30$

Flu medicine 75$

Infection cream 100$

Infection Protection 110$

Cut ointment 80$

Bandaids(40) 50$


Clean 1 litre bottle water 30$

Dirty water 1 litre can be boiled 20$

Dried food (andom amounts nothing less then 10) 40$

Fresh fruit 45$

Hot broth 50$

Energy bar 40$

Energy drink 45$

Milk choclate 60$

Bag of treats (choclate,candy,sweets, etc.) 55$

Turkey leg 35$

Dried beef strips 40$

Living needs

Sleeping bag 60$

Blanket 30$

Matches 25$

Rope 20$

Fishhook 40$

Chicken traps 50$

Kleenex 20$

Atshma inhaler 400$

Eppupen 400$

Allergy medication 350$

Chariot Rides

Milly Clatch's POV: My prep team decorates my face in makeup. For now im in a simple tank top and spandex shorts. I make my way to our stylists who snuggles us into our costume. So ugly, She truly scares me but not as much as these costumes. Tires seriously ? Our district gets ready in the 2 chariots, Boy one and girl one. Looks like were the first finished district! Daina Coleman's POV: I get into a party dress type thing. Its pink and flowy. My hair is tortured with astupid curling wand. I look at Katelyn beacause I know she feels the same way. We talk at school and were friends. But now were at the stupid capitol and were going to be killed. My stomach feels asif its full of air and theres ants crawling around, Im so nervous billions of people will see me tonight. My chariot is last to arrive , We climb on and get into line, Oh boy the grand doors just opened.

Pepper Spice's POV: Im shown to all of Panem, The anthem blasts loud on the speakers, Every capitol citizen I pass looks at me, Or so it feels that way. I glance at keandra, She scares me a bit she seems nice but also viscious. The crowd already knows the names of the tributes, We hear alot of Calico , Ruby, Keandra, etc. Then I actually hear mine and I regain confidence. Smile and wave Pepper you only have a minute left.

Wesley Knox's POV: They love our costumes. District 12 finnaly gets some love, I look behind me to see the girls with thick colored smoke coming off them. We must look amazing.The district 1 chariots reach the presidents mansion. I just start feeling nervous and I have to go pee. I hope the president speaks fast. If I pee in this costume the info will leak and ill be humiliated.

Teo Carters POV: All the others from my district nearly pusshed me off the chariot, and im not going to dare look back at my sister. Lots of siblings this year, The capitol obviously set something up.My blood really does have the lightning effect. It looks really cool, But I want it to go aaway.I just wish I was home in my bed. Not caring and just relaxing, But instead I was reaped into these stupid games. Favor. I completely zoned off and missed the presidents speech, Clueless much?


Actual Training:

Training Scores:

Training Battle:

Jane Skye's POV: So I guess this training battle is a mini games before the games. 5 get picked and 5 come out There will be various weapons and a flat land with a few trees, The other tributes will stand outside of the glass and watch. If you come out you get an automatic 12 training score, I just hope I dont get picked.

Mondi Bakerman's POV: The head gamemaker Sam walk out onto the stage and electronically picks 10 names. the robot voice announnces the names. Unity Powereth,Garret Henderson, Jake Zeme, Charles Black, Calopy Pirce, Pamline Falcone, Yseina Root, Dust Drake, Leeg 4000, Kathrine Lee. The tributes who got their name called are transported into the mini arena an we stand by the glass.

Leeg 4000's POV: Seriously this sucks, The countdown starts from 30. 29 .. 28 .. 27. It prepares me for the real games. 25..24..23.22.21. I dont really have a weapon so I just set my eye on a sword. 19...18..

Jake Zeme's POV: I set my eye on a sWORD, im more skilled with knives but I guess I cant take chances of getting too close 8...7.. !GONG!

Dust drakes POV: I run straight towards the trees and climb up one, if anyone attacks me ill jump on there head. I look back and see the leeg from 13 being stabbed by the girl from 1, BOOM!

Kathrine Lee's POV: 4 to go, Im a nice girl but I can do this. I got an axe and I look around, The tributes watching us look horrified. Charles gets a little to close for comfort and I send my axe into his neck BOOM!

Yesenia Root's POV: The girl from 1 is chasing me. I got some spears but i have no idea hoe to use them, I throw and throw but I keep missing. I guess I shouldve tried harder, Too late she sends a sword straight through my body BOOM!

Calopy Pirce's POV: 2 left. mostly the tributes are at the edges of the mini arena. I glance at Calopy from my district and she gives me a thumbs up I throw a spear at Kathrine from 7 but shes expecting and swings an axe and gauches my leg. I run away beacause I dont want her to kill me.

Pamline Falcone's POV:The girl from 7 is under my tree. She nearly killed the girl from 1. My tree is thin so she starts chopping away. It if falls in done. I drop knifes at her one actually hits her face and causes bleeding, She throws one of her axes at me. but I dodge it. She takes a final swing and the tree falls. I hit my head hard and caused a dent. I move away but its to late Dust slits my throat BOOM!

Unity Powerths POV: Garret Tackles me, The other tributes at this point arent attacking eachother, He trys stabbing my face but instead hits the grass. I punch him sevral times. Its over he says. I take my palm and push his nosebone into his brain he takes a swing with his knife and cuts my face. Boom! but he still died. I made it out! We are all taken out of the mini arena and the tributes standing outside clap for us. We make our way out of a doory and are taken to our prep teams to clean up.

Winner Stats

Name Distrct Injuries
Unity Powereth 6 Cut cheeck and arm
Kathrine Lee 7 Grass burn, Cut leg
Jake Zeme 4 None
Calopy Pirce 1 Gauched Leg
Dust Drake 4 Cut eye, Broken nose

Will all be fixed.

Random Capitol Citiznes POV: The face of those tributes who were killed in the training battle were shown tonight.

The Fallen

Name District Killed by How?
Leeg 4000 13 Calopy Pirce Stabbed sevral times
Charles Black 3 Kathrine Lee Axe in neck
Yesenia Root 7 Calopy Pirce Sword Through Body
Pamline Falcone 7 Dust Drake Slit Throat
Garret Henderson 14 Unity Powereth Nosebone through brain

Let the Hunger Games Begin! ~ Arena One

Let the Hunger Games Begin! ~ Arena Two


Bolted Thuders POV: I rise into the arena on my diamond plate. Im greeted with a gleam of diamond enrested weapons inside the cornucopia. Whats with all the diamonds ? The countdown begins 30 .. 29 ..28 .. 27 .. 26 .. 25 .. I take quick observation of the arena, its pure jungle, hot air, misty floor, trees looking unnaturally all. Its not to bad untill I notice a few tiger mutss with their cubs. Great 19 ,, 18 .. 17 .. 16 .. 15 ....

Kat ryman's POV: I need to hope for the best, I wont die in the bloodbath forsure. 13 .. 12 . 11 .. 10 My plan was to grab something from the outskirts. Unfortunately its packed in pretty tight, Ill still make a run for it though 8 .. 7 .. 6 .. I take a deep breath, Theres an axe ill get it, a light green pack which I will also get is clos by. 5 .. 4 .. 3 .. 2 .. 1 Ladies and gentelmen let the 25 millionth annual hunger games begin GONGGGGG.

Brann Clatch's POV: I sprint twoards the cornucopia. I was granted the privelage to be with my sister. Once I reach there, A few careers are ready to kill Keandra (2) throws a knife at Natassia (14) It hits her in her temple and I watch the life flow out of the first tribute. BOOM! I meet up with my sister. We have to travel up high, Theres tigers and all diffrent kinds of mutts I tell her. Climb that tree ! She replies. We climb and then travel off.

Kathrine Lee's POV: Diamond (1) Gives me a death glare. He then throws a star which scraped my arm. No biggie but I run up to him and tackle him, Careers dont have me in sight. Hey tough boy I say in a rude voice. Thought you were the best in training? awee isnt that cute. That star you just threw scraped my arm and now my axe is going to leave a little more than a scrape I say in the same tone. I then plant it into his skull BOOM! What can I do this is the hunger games. I grab another axe and a pack and run off far away.

Luke James' POV: Tiger from 1 tackles me from behind. I yell and plead for help. I guess im too late. He stabs his sword into my back but Lee from my district Slits his throat. BOOM Tigers canon sounds. I thank Lee, He gives me a nod and runs off with his pack but then I see Lola (14) Send an arrow through his body. Its a blurry picture BOOM! his canon sounds, The last thing ill ever hear. My canon then sounds . BOOM!

Fire Nickson's POV: I turn back to the cornucopia after realzing I dont have a chance survivng without anything. Once I arrive about 25 other tributes still try to pass the careers. Katrina (12) Makes a run for it but then Ivy (2) Takes her and slams her against the cornucopia. Cracking her skull and mostly every other bone in her body. BOOM! This is the most complicated bloodbath. Its taking too long. I really should have an ally. I run up and ask Alec from 3. He approves and we run and ask ben from 11. He nods and then our group trys to make way for the cornucopia. We sprint in and we make it. But Shawn (1) Takes Alec and pirce's a sword through his neck. BOOM! then I run out of the corncopia with a big bag. I look back for Ben but hes being chocked to death by Keandra (2) BOOM! I guess most of us tributes just give up and run away.


Keandra Hamilton's POV: The careers gather most of the supplies. 10 careers includng me are left. Ivy screams but cover her mouth. Whats your problem ? I ask her. T-t-t-t i g-g-g-g e -r-r She stutters. I look back and see weve woken up a tiger. It leaps at us. We run as fast as we can, Leaping over logs and whatever. The tiger growls hungry for death. He makes a meal out of Meme (4) and then runs back away. BOOM! Another career down.

Milly Clatch's POV: Luna from my district waks under us. She looks scary. There wasnt much death today. I could make a kill couldnt I ? I pull the string of my bow far and aim for her temple. Once it hit her she kind of just drooped to the ground losing all life in her. BOOM! now i feel horrible.

Pine Cherry's POV: I start a fire. I know itsa bad desicion but its suprisingly gotten cold in a jungle. I set traps up all around me and areas close by. I saw a career get attacked by a tiger. It just like ripped her apart and brought her to his cubs. There wasnt enough death today, The capitol wants more. Im sure the gamemakers will do something to either kill us or draw us together. I hear a laugh and turn around. The whole career pack is standing behind me, Im too much in shock and I can hardly breathe. Effie takes out a sword and nears me. My trap attacks her BOOM! Then Clay takes the same sword and just finishes me off BOOM!

Piper Luddington's POV: The anthem sounds and I look up into the sky, Right when I was about to sleep. Luckily I survived, But All I have is a pack of dried fruit. Good but itll only last for so long. Nastassia (14) Diamond (1) Woah a career. Tiger from (1) Really another ? Lee from (8) and Luke from (8) Katrina (12) Alec (3) Ben(11) Meme (4) Seriously 3 careers? Luna (6) Effie (4) Careers arent doing so good. Pine (7) and the capitol seal shows than fades. 12 dead today. Thats not nough. Theres still 40 of us left. But im just so happy to have survived. Good night.


Ivy Angelrose's POV: The careers wake up early. Weve lost 4 on the first day. Hunting? I ask Keandra. Yeah sure she replies. Weve been friends since early ages. We walk on the forest floor, Both with our weapons drawn. We should bring a couple victors to our district She tells me Correction, We will bring a couple victors to our district I reply. We both giggle. Remember fifth grade when miss. warner got mad at us for passing notes? I ask Yeah that was so funny the way she got mad, Wasnt her dad a victor ? She says, she then cuts me off WATCH OUT

Keandra Hamilton's POV: Nick (8) gets Ivy in the back with an arrow. I send my knife into his throat BOOM! Ivy collapses. I see the light gleam off her beautiful eyes. A tear from my eye drips down onto her face. Stay with me, youre okay, youre fine. I tell her. Win Keandra, Win. I know you can do it. Youre amazing.Once you mak it out bak to the district give my token to my mother She says. Stay with me I tell her. She smiles. Sisters ? I ask Sisters she says BOOM! Now shes gone, Slipped away. A victim of these stupid games. Why did we volunteer. Popularity, Fame, Fortune, Its all just a stupid trick. I cant imagine how she fely. And how that could happen to me at anytime. I just want to go home.

to be continued...

The Final Arena!


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