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  • I live in District 2
  • I was born on January 23
  • My occupation is Reader/Writer/Dancer
  • I am Female
  • CloveIsBadass

    Hope you enjoy!

    Life in District Two has never been easy. The other Districts might think we can kick back and relax. But we can't. I mean sure life here is easier than in other Districts. But to have everything you had to be extremely lucky to have everything you pleased. Sure we did get our three meals a day but they were kind of stale. Leftovers from the Capitol, i called them. All of us were lucky to train every day. We were ready for the Hunger Games. Our meals were so stale so that's why we volunteered for the Hunger Games. Not only would we prove ourselves worthy to our parents and to have a life of ease and riches back home. And sure to us the Hunger Games were exciting to participate in but they were also scary to us. I was one of t…

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  • CloveIsBadass

    285th Hunger Games

    October 13, 2012 by CloveIsBadass

    As you might know i've been writing a series of hunger games. But these are the first i'm making that i don't make the tributes. So if you want to volounteer your tribute comment below.

    This is a quell but after i finish these i will make another one if these are successful. If you want to sign up a tribute please comment below.

    200 years after the Hunger Games ended a new president was elected. This president is evil. Instead of sending 2 tributes each year he now sends four tributes into combat. He included The Capitol and District 13. Many have tried to kil him-but always have failed. So now Panem is at the mercy of President Fudge.........

    Four tributes will be reaped. But they will be in different arenas. Boys will be in a meadow filled …

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  • CloveIsBadass

    The 40th Hunger Games

    September 26, 2012 by CloveIsBadass

    The 40th Hunger Games


    This year's arena is filled with challenges and life threatining situations around every corner. Read on to learn more...........


    Tribute/District Training Score Weapon Odds Weaknesses Age
    Shenna/1 9 Axe 9-1 Climbing 16
    Alph/1 9 Spear 10-1 Concentration 15
    Claire/2 10 Knife 3-1 None 14
    Carlisle/2 10 Mace 8-1 Running 15
    Hannah/3 5 Dagger 16-1 Running 12
    Milo/3 7 Sword 54-1 Climbing 18
    Lily/4 7 Blowgun 9-1 Concentration 19
    Oscar/4 8 Axe 10-1 Climbing 15
    Michelle/5 9 Knife 11-1 running 16
    Beck/5 6 Sickle 26-1 Focusing 18
    Demi/6 7 Dagger 14-1 Trustworthy 17
    Andre/6 4 Axe 15-1 Running 14
    Selena/7 8 Sword 49-1 Climbing 16
    Christian/7 3 Throwing Axe 79-1 concentration 13
    Violet/8 9 Sickle 18-1 Running 17
    Chris/8 0 None 0-1 Running, …

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