The 40th Hunger Games


This year's arena is filled with challenges and life threatining situations around every corner. Read on to learn more...........


Tribute/District Training Score Weapon Odds Weaknesses Age
Shenna/1 9 Axe 9-1 Climbing 16
Alph/1 9 Spear 10-1 Concentration 15
Claire/2 10 Knife 3-1 None 14
Carlisle/2 10 Mace 8-1 Running 15
Hannah/3 5 Dagger 16-1 Running 12
Milo/3 7 Sword 54-1 Climbing 18
Lily/4 7 Blowgun 9-1 Concentration 19
Oscar/4 8 Axe 10-1 Climbing 15
Michelle/5 9 Knife 11-1 running 16
Beck/5 6 Sickle 26-1 Focusing 18
Demi/6 7 Dagger 14-1 Trustworthy 17
Andre/6 4 Axe 15-1 Running 14
Selena/7 8 Sword 49-1 Climbing 16
Christian/7 3 Throwing Axe 79-1 concentration 13
Violet/8 9 Sickle 18-1 Running 17
Chris/8 0 None 0-1 Running, Concentraition 14
Nancy/9 9 Slingshot 50-1 Running 16
Sam/9 1 Knife 100-1 Chasing 18
Addie/10 8 Spear 54-1 Evading 12
Peter/10 9 Dagger 69-1 Clueless 14
Jenny/11 4 Blowgun 8-1 Trustworthy 15
Arnold/11 8 Spear 78-1 Concentration 17
Mary/12 3 Mace 19-1 Climbing 18
Carlos/12 Score: 7 Slingshot 78-1 Running




This year's arena is a forest with a volcanos hidden in the mountain ranges. Tributes start facing the a volcano that is also at the very center. The Cornucopia is on the bottom edge of the volcano. A lake is located by the mountains. The volcano's lava is trapped by see through glass. Although if too much pressure is put on the glass it will break causing lava to flow. Tributes may stay here or got into the forests and mountains to see what they encounter. If some tributes stay near any volcano for more than 4 hours. If they stay they have a surprise waiting. If they don't theres still a surprise.

Day One: Cornucopia Bloodbath

Clarie (District 2)-Coruncopia

I'm standing on my pedestal.Sixty seconds to wait, Then the deaths begin and i get closer to going home. I steal a glance at the Cornucopia. Wow. This year it's sitting at the edge of a volcano. Mountains and forests in the distance. Wow. To my left a lake, behind me more trees. Nice. Super. I mean, where's the taste and fun in that? Not very original. The gamemakers must be going nutso. Where's the personal touch. Mounatins, forests, and a volcano. This garantees a boring games. I'm slightly downcast at that. The arena is supposed to be a horror.Where's the horror in trees?

The gong sounds and i'm sprinting to the supplies. I may be the smallest career but don't judge a book by it's cover. I'm fast and you wouldn't want to be at my mercy. Behind me Shenna's running quickly. She's going to be a toughie. I could kill her now and pretend it was an accident. No. Not yet, anyways. Shenna's pretty and pretty means sponsers that could save my damn life. Now i'm at the Cornucopia. I grab some knifes nearby and start gettting ready. I see three heading towards me. Towards their deaths. I see the boy from 7. He looks like a big guy. Think i'll get rid of him first. I sprint towards him and throw my knife. It gets him right in the middle of his back. I smile. Piece of cake. He collapses. Now let me tell you something. I like to mock people before they die. I don't know why, i just like to. So i slam into the boy and knock my knees into his shoulders so he won't escape.

"So 7, going anywhere?" I say smiling. "Where's your ally, the girl from 12 huh? Well today i'm feeling merciful" He interrupts by a sigh. Stupid. Did he really believe i was going to let him go. "So i'll let you choose the knife i'm going to kill you with." I add smiling. He stays quiet. Wierd. Usually they'd be begging for mercy. Instead he points a small one. Even wierder. This guy actually wants to die. Didn't see that coming. "Alright, lets get started." I raise my knife but somebody shoves me. Shocked, i let go of the knife and it falls onto the floor. I snarl and send another knife flying. It striked the boy again as he tried to escape with his ally. His blood splatters the girl's face. "Christain!!!", she screams hysterically. She gets down by him and starts crying. Quietly, i make my way over to them. She finally sees me. Startled, she gets down but i tackle her.

Once again i push my knees into her shoulders and pin her head to the ground using her hair. "Where's your little ally, 12? Oh, i know. Is he dead. Is little Christian dead?. She starts crying again. "Help me" she screams. "Now, now nobody's going to risk their neck trying to help you. You're a goner. "I still got Carlos anyways" she says. "Carlos, Carlos!" she bawls, "Liar. You only had the boy from 7. But know he's dead. I made sure of it. I raise my knife. "Forget it 12. I killed him, just like i'm going to kill you right here right now. Just like i did with your pathetic ally. Christian? Was that his name? Well first Christian then you then Carlos if he is your little ally. Too bad you two won't make it to the 2nd hour, huh." I say mockinginly. She justs stares at me.Her hand reaches up and pulls my braid.

"Oww, you filthy mutt!" I scream. She laughs. "Fine! Let's get started! Now, where to begin?" i say. I raise my knife again and stab her. Soon, her eyes loose concious. I know she's dead.

Addie (District 10)-Mouth Of Coruncopia

Phew. Finally i made it. On the way i had seen Clarie taunting a girl. Then she killed her. I gasped. That could have been me. Anyways i see a big bookbag and run for it. Unfortuneatly, the boy reahced it at the same time. We both lunge for the bag. He pushes me Then i punch him in the gut. Gosh, this isn't me. I'm not like the rest who will hurt to win. I won't kill. "Sorry, allies?" I tell the boy. He nodds clutching his side. But then his blood splatters me. He falls by my side. Intead of running i just stand there, paralyzed. I see a figure running towards me knifes in hand. Clarie. I grab the bag and flee. That could have been me again. I sprint towards the forests for dear life. I can hear the knife flying and use my bag to block it. It lodges itself into the bag. I smile. Thanks for the weapon. I know she won't follow me. Sure enough i turn around and she's heading towards the Coruncopia for more victims.

Carlisle (District 2)- Mouth Of Cornucopia

"Got two" I scream to Clarie. "Got five" she screams back. I'm amazed. Not only is she pretty, dangerous but a damn good thrower. How can she have perfect aim? She runs towards me. "How do you have good aim?" I ask. "That's for me to know and for you to find out" she answers. She throws again. Sure enough she scores. She shoots me a smile. I blush and she blushes back. Wow. She throws again. Dang she's got skills.

Hannah (District 3)- Mountains

I'm tired. I am so tired. I had run into the Cornucopia but quickly retreated as Clarie killed a girl. On the way i did pick up a bag. A bag! Quickly i reach for the bag. I zip it open. Rope, crackers, beef, fire starter, sleeping back and a knife. Yes. I reach down and feel a bottle. Quickly i pull it out and stare at it. The Capitol actually filled it. Thank you. Never thought i'd see that day when i said thank you to the Capitol. all these things mean the diffrence between my life and death. I open it and drink a capful. So refreshing. There's a rustle in bush nearby. Startled i grab y knife and crawl over. A girl pops out. Help! I'm an idiot! What if the Careers were nearby.

I make a mental note to be careful. The girl covers my mouth with her hand. Dang. She looks like she's been through hell. Ripped clothes and a bloody wound. "Allies?" she says. I nod, trying not to puke. She nods back and lets me go. "What happened?" "Clarie" "How?" "Just ran away from her". She's lucky to have encountered Clarie and come out alive. She sees the expression on my face and laughs. We sit down and start talking. I cover her wound with some bandages. She starts talking about a plan that could wipe the careers. It's risky and crazy. But i agree. We have to visit the careers.............

Shenna (Distrcit 1)- Lake by mountains

Oh my gawd. I can't believe we, like, let the girl escape. She was pretty and i was about to feel her ahir when like Clarie slapped me like so hard. "Stop it Blondie" she had said. For some reason i found that like so funny that i like laughed so hard. Then she like said: "If you don't stop i'ma throw my knife at you". Then i like shut up. Clarie sent Alph back to Cornucopia to like pick it clean of supplies. I don't know why. Anywyas he came back like so sweaty and bloody. Then i like threw up. Clarie bandaged him. Anyways we're sitting here waiting for the fallen to appear like so high in the sky.


24th place: Christian (District 7)

23rd place: Mary (District 12)

22nd place: Sam (District 9)

21st place: Peter (District 10)

20th place: Beck (District 5)

19th place: Hannah (District 3)

18th place: Demi (District 6)

17th place: Selena (District 7)

16th place: Chris (District 8)

15th place: Arnold (District 11)

14th place: Carlos (District 12)

Day Two: Surprise Surprise

Violet (District 8)-By the careers

This has to work. I know it. It must. Eleven tributes are dead already. Thirteen left to play. And if my plan works six careers will be wiped out. That leaves eight. I rise and zip my bookbag quietly. It's difficult as it's behind my back and i'm strapped to a tree. Seconds later i manage to find what i'm looking for. Matches. I go over my plan in my head. Spread leaves and other junk around the six sleeping ones. Quietly light a match and drop it in. Then get the hell out of there. It seems mean. Burning people to death. But i have to go home. Back to my mom. Back to Lydia, my sister. My normal life. I pack my rope in my bookbag and start climbing down.

I approach the careers carefully. They're all fast asleep. Idiots. Where's their guard? I could kill one now but the others will get up and get me. I spread the leaves and branches around them quietly. Then i creep into the circle of their future death. I approach Clarie from 2. "Have a good death Clarie," i whisper. She moans and her hand moves. She's clutching a knife as if her life depended on it. Ironically it does. I go back to my camp and light a match. Quickly i let the match fall on the leaves and run like hell.

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