Here You Go

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Marvel's POV


I'm realy ready to just run in and get it over with.


I glance at the other Tributes. The redhead girl from 5 is glancing around nervously. She's kind of sly. Could be dangerous.


Got it! The girl from 3 is small and weak. She'll be my first target.


The gong sounds and I sprint to the knife and the girl.

Amber's POV

I'm from District 3, unprepared for anything but inventing. So when the gong sounded I searched the Cornucopia for a wire. There! Right behind the swords,in the mouth. I make a run for it.

"AAAHHH!" The boy from 1, Marvel, yanked my ponytail back. Suddenly he was on top of me. I find a searing pain in my chest and side. He smiles and runs off.

A few minutes later the boy from 5 drops by my side and hits my throat with something extremely sharp. Everything's going fuzzy and I reach my hand out to Marvel, while searching his eyes for pity. There was none.

Clove's POV

I clutch the pack of knives closely, searching for a target. The girl from 12 makes her way into my vision. She's the girl who got the 11 in Training. She made me look so weak. She'll pay for that.

Then I spot the boy fighting with her. I think he's from 7 or 9, whatever. The point is he's stealing my kill. I grab a knife from the pack and throw. It finds it's mark as he slips to the ground.

I throw another, aiming at her skull, but she blocks it with an orange backpack. I run torward her as she heads to the forest. I can't leave the Cornucopia, so I'll go after her later. I guess the girl from District 9 can replace her for now.

Cato's POV

I've already killed one or two people during the first few minutes of these Games. "Please Nooooo!!!" The girl's shriek ends when I snap the bottom of her spine. That makes three.

I run to the Cornucopia to grab my pride, a shning silver sword. Suddenly a tiny figure darts out from behind a box. I slice with my scythe reflexively. The boy's blood lands on the crate he was hiding behind.

I reconize him know. The 12 year-old from 4. He was too small and weak to be in our alliance. Poor kid. I grab a long bladed sword and put him out of his misery. Then glance for a moment of respect.

Rue's POV

I'm still trying to reach that metal slingshot when the girl runs out from behind me.She's holding an axe and right when it goes above my head I know it's over. But suddenly Thresh pushes me out of her reach and the girl falls over by her own momentum.

Thresh tells me to just run away. I obey. As I make my way to the woods I grab a small backpack. I look behind me and a glance from Thresh tells me to move it. I run as fast as I can and silently pray that Thresh will be okay.

Thresh's POV

I make sure Rue is gone before I start heading to the field of grain. I wanted her with me,but Chaff said too many people would be after me. She would be in constant danger. After all those bloodthirsty tributes are already behind me.

I turn around and slap a boy's throat with my machete. I guess what I just did was wrong but it could secure a spot for me or Rue as Victor.

As I reach the field, I look back at the Cornucopia.There are still people fighting,but I can tell it's almost over. As I look I meet the eyes of Cato, a District 2 Tribute. He stares for a while then smiles.Suddenly fear shoots through me and I sense it's time to leave. I run into the field as fast as possible.

Foxface's POV

I make a beeline to the woods. That girl from District 4 is right behind me. As I reach the first few trees I stop and turn around. The girl looks confused, then she runs back to the Cornucopia. I knew she would. She wouldn't dare leave those preciouse supplies behind.

I'm tempted to stick around and steal, but I decide not. Just becuase that girl wouldn't chase after me doesn't mean no one else will. I pick up my pace untill everything looks blurry. Suddenly I run straight into a girl. I should have been more careful.

She isn't too big, in fact she looks as scared as me. Then I realize who she is. She's the girl from District 12, the one who scored an eleven. I see the knife lodged in her backpack and decide to go.

I try to get up, but she mirrors my movements. Finally I get up and run leaving the District 12 girl far behind, but something tells me this won't be the last time we meet.

Glimmer's POV

Susan tries to kick my stomach as I stab her. I think she's from District 9 or 10 and apparently knows how to fight. I took her weapon away though and this is her last resort.

Once she starts convusing I run to that silver bow. The girl from District 6 wanted it, but I took care of her before she could do any harm. I strap the arrows over my shoulder and practice shooting.

I try to get the girl from District 8, but the arrow sticks in a tree. It was just a bad shot that's all. I'll track her down later I guess.

Marina's POV

As I swipe at the boy's legs with my axe, an arrow flies over my head. That must be Glimmer, trying to steal my victim. Too bad she's a horrible shot. I fling my axe right above the boy's shins. He falls to the ground in agony. I run to join my alliance which consist of me, Glimmer, Marvel, Cato, and Clove. Marvel and Cato are sparring and luaghing. Glimmer and I cheer for Marvel, but Clove is all for Cato. Once they fall to the ground I hear it. I look in the direction of the noise and that's when I see the blond boy walking torwards us.

Peeta's POV

The tall dark-haired girl with the axe whispers into the Cato's ear. I can tell he's the leader by the way she reported me to him instead of killing me first. Cato turns around and starts running straight torward me. It's only when he has his sword to my throat when I get the words out. "Can we be in an alliance!??" He starts luaghing like I'm an idiot that doesn't even know how to spell alliance. "Why should I let you join us instead of killing you," he asks.

"Becuase I can help you find Katniss. You know, the Girl On Fire? Scored an eleven," I blurt out. He looks like he doesn't care and has made up his mind to kill me when she starts talking. "Cato. We need him to find her for us. We were going to get him to anyways remember?" Cato blushes and I hear a few sighs from The blond girl. I guess he likes the female Tribute from his District.

Cato agrees to let me live and show them where Katniss is. Of course that's not my real plan. When we find her I'll distract them with something and we can take off and mabey one of us will win. Mabey. Just mabey.

First I'm introduced to all of them than I learn their strengths and plans. Cato, (the leader from District 2) is viciouse and has amazing skills. The only soft spot he has is for his District partener, Clove. Clove who is amazingly good with throwing knives and accuracy. She never misses. Glimmer, the extremely pretty one . She uses her looks to get what she wants and her choice weapon is a bow and arrow, which she isn't very good with. Marvel, the smart, using kind of huy. Observes what's going on and then formulates. The brains of this alliance. Marina, the District 4 girl who's fast and throws an axe like she was raised in District 7.

We start heading to the forest to hunt. I can only hope this works out the way I'm planning it to. Hoping.

Maria's POV

I still can't believe I made it out of the Bloodbath alive. I thought I was going to die for sure. The only thing is I don't have any supplies or weapons. I tromp through this woods trying to put some distance between me and the Cornucopia. Mabey if I stay alive long enough someone will sponsor me. That's what Cecelia said at least. Wonder if she and my parents are watchingme now. Hmm... But I mustn't think of my family right now I have to get through this.

I finally find a place that I think is far away from those crazy Tributes that killed almost everyone. It seems safe here too. So I strip some bark of a tree and chew on it. It doesn't taste very good, but it makes me less hungry. I take some leaves off a few trees and make a sleeping area out of them. I put some moss on ot to make it extra soft. Night has begin to fall and it's getting cold, so I decide to start a small fire. I gather logs and sticks to make it. Soon they're all stacked up and I use a rock to get a spark on it. It takes a little coaxing,but I finally get a fire roaring. I think I hear a moan and someone mumbling from above, but I'm not sure. I zip my jacket tighter and warm my hands by the fire happy that I'm still alive.

Foxface's POV

I try to keep quiet as I follow the Tribute pack that's hunting for victims. I'm just about to take another step forward when they stop. "A fire!" "Yes!" " Wohoo!" It's clear from the shouts that they are planning on killing whoever the firestarter is, so I need to be extra careful. "Let's go!" I spend the next few hours following them from a distance. We finally arrive at the camp with the fire. It turns out that it's a girl. The one from District 8, Maria. She didn't show up for training, so she doesn't know of the danger when starting a fire.

She twist her head around when she hears the stick break. It's too late to run though and she knows that sha can't avoid their weapons. "Please. I'll do anything. I'm useful.Just don't kill me please!!!" The District 2 boy, Cato, hands his sword to Glimmer. She waits and thrn smirks before she sinks the blade into the girl's chest. An earsplitting scream escapes Maria's lips. I hear a twich from above and I can tell it's a Tribute that's hiding in one of the trees. I silently move behind some foilage and start torwards the Cornucopia. I can't be safe near the pack, but the Cornucopia may have some supplies left over.

Coming Soon.....

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