Okay. I know I'm still having another Games that I'm working on but I want to try this too. Okay. Thxs.

List of Victors




















1: No cussing

2: I will not accept "on my page".

3: Three Tributes per Victor.

4: You can only submit four Tributes.

5: Reservations only last 3 days.


Tribute Template













Updates will be every 3 days okay. Thxs.

Name Age Parent Weapon User
Shimmer Diamanta 13 Cashmere Bow & Arrow VDA
Cashmere Diamanta Jr. 15 Cahmere dagger&throwing knives HungerGamesFanatic21
Altima Diamanta 14 Cashmere Katanas JadeCahmere
Rosa Glaze 14 Gloss spears&knives AxedFox
Trinity Glaze 15 Gloss Axes&Daggers AxesFox
Glitter Sparkel 18 Gloss spear&sword Marvelisbeast
Brutanity Richards 17 Enobaria Throwing knives&Hand to hand combat Nhtomahawks22
Rook Richards 17 Enobaria Scythe&Knives Mr.doopey
Jacob Richards 17 Enobaria A whip of shards Marvelisbeast
Metallix Gleam 16 Brutus Bow & Blowgun The boy with the pickachu tatoo
Ash Gleam 16 Brutus A sword Marvelisbrast
Shayla Gleam 12 Brutus spear&knife Write46747
Tuarus Rent 17 Wiress Spear tipped with electricity JadeCashmer
Victoria Electria 17 Wiress Bow&Arrow,throwing knives Wiressfan21
Lionel Electria 17 Wiress sword&axes Wiressfan21
Volty Watson 18 Betee Wire&landmines Write46747
Victor Watson 10 Betee Electrical traps and knife TheHungerGamesFanatic21
Smither Watson 13 Betee spear&electrical traps HungerGamesFanactic21
Alcyone Aquiver 15 Annie tridents & nets VDA
Nila Aquiver 13 Annie Throwing Knives CloveJohanna
Katelyn Hunt 18 Annie knives&swords KatnissOdair
Hail Destro 16 Mags Trident & sickel The boy with the pikatchu tatoo
Humanuku Shells 14 Mags Trident&poison HelloI'm cat lady
Magdeline Shells 14 Mags Trident%Awl Wiressfan21
Posiedeon Odair 18 Finnick Trident,fishook&net Nhtomahawks22
Tessa Odair 16 Finnick Trident and knives KatnissOdair
Gary Odair 18 Finnick Trident&Sword MarvelisBeast
Hanna Mason 9 Johanna Axe & knife AxedFox
Barbara Mason 17 Johanna Axe JadeCashmere
Cofee Masy 17 Johanna Sword&Darts Hello I'm cat lady
BeechWood 10 Blight Bow&Arrow AxedFox
Syrup Wood 17 Blight axe&tomahawk Ntomahawks22
Alexi Wood 14 Blight Axe& throwing knives Mrs.finnickodair
Rust Edge 12 Cecelia Boomerange & Throwing Knives The boy with the pikachu tatoo
Hem Themble 12 Cecelia Whips JadeCashmere
April Min 12 Cecelia poison&bombs Hello I'm cat lady
Jackson "Jack" Pack 16 Woof spear,sword, objects ect. KatnissOdair
Traty Winds 19 Seeder Scythe CloveJohanna
Riley Sunflower 17 Seeder Bow&Arrow&Axes HungerGamesFanatic21
Liam Sunflower 14 Seeder Mace&knife HungerGamesFanatic21
Tommy Tiny 17 Chaff Knife,mace,axe Write46747
Nia Tiny 13 Chaff Axe CloveJohanna
Lel Tennyson 17 Katniss Bow&Arrow Write46747
Rosemary Everdeen 16 Katniss Bow&Arrow KatnissOdair
Chelsie Everdeen 15 Katniss Bow&Arrow Mrs.finnickodair
Hayden Mellark 17 Peeta Sword CloneFanatic
Mara Mellark 15 Peeta Throwing knives CloveJohanna
Olivia Mellark 11 Peeta daggar Mrs. finnickodair

Melanoi Jet

Arriana Spade

Mark Abernathy







Death Star Shurikens

pick axe and brass knuckels

spear, & bow and Arrow

the boy with the pikachu tatoo

Hello I'm cat lady



District 1

Shimmer Diamanta's POV

I wake up to hearing Mom crying. She'de be proud if it was just a normal Games,but she knows at least one of us will die. It sounds selfish,but I hope it is'nt me. In fact, I can almost promise it won't be me.

I take a shower and put on my pink frilly dress that Mom wore to her Reapings. I brush my hair and curl it. Itell mom that I'll meet Cash and Altima at the square. She says it's fine so I leave.

I meet up with Harp and Jade my two best friends and we luagh for a while. We talk so long it seems like forever 'till Jade says,"Oh it's time for the Reaping." Jade knows I'm going no matter what becuase President Snow announced about the Victor's kids going in on live TV.

By the time we get to the square I can see my cousins are there already. Rosa,Trinity,and Glitter. I don't really like them much except Glitter. He's so funny.

The escort walks out and announces all these things in an akward shout/whisper. Then she pipes in her silly tone,"That the Reaping is now beginning!!!" Yay.

She walks torward the crystal ball that hold my name in it and grabs the slips of paper. "Shimmer Diamanta,Cashmere Diamanta, and Altima Diamanta, please come torwards the stage.Thank you."

That's when it happens. That's wwhen I hear Jade volunteer.

Rosa Glaze's POV

When the girl shouts there's a shrill scream from the escort. "No, volunteers. Please!" Jade still walks torward the stage when the Peacekeepers come out. There's a loud "BANG" and Jade rolls to the ground. She's alive, but in agony.

I see Shimmer flinch as if she doesn't know what to do. I do and I start a cheer to restart the Reaping. The escort smiles happily. She must love her camera time. "Well next from the Gloss family tree is.... Rosa Glaze,Trinity Glaze, and Glitter Sparkel!!"

We all walk up in a formal fashion and smile at the cameras. I see Glitter holding Shimmer's hand. He's closer to them than me and Trinity are, but whatever.

I look at Glitter and think how I can cancel his sponsors. That's when it hits me. I have to make people think that he's with Shimmer and then They'll all line up to me.... and Trinity of course.

Well, can't start to late. So why not now? Oh yeah, I'll make Dad proud for sure. After all, I am a Glaze.

District 2

Brutanity Richard's POV

I look into Mia's eyes and say goodbye. Her mom is letting her come to the Reaping,but I'm still really scared for her. I love Mia like a sister, but she's a little overprotective.

I walk up to the platform we are to stand on as the escort calls out our names. "enobaria's children that aregoing are.... Brutanity, Rook, and Jacob Richards. Yay!' As we walk up I see Jacob wave at Mia. He kinda liked her I guess. Even though he'll never see her again. Not if I'm to come back.

The escort starts to announce Brutus's kids. "Please welcome Metallix, Ash, and Shayla Gleam!"

Ash stands on my right and he kinda frabs my hand. I tell him to back off, but wonder if it made him feel bad. Oh well, no time for feelings when you are on your way to the sluaghter.

Metallix Gleam's POV

We board the train and watch a recap of the Reapings. I notice that there will be an extremely large pack of us this year. Unless we split into two packs. But who really cares?

I keep thinking of the woods and it's freedom. Mabey the arena will be like that. Mabey not.

Ash snaps his fingers and I fall back into reality. Ash smiles and brushes my bangs off my forehead. He's a good older brother. he's only three months older than me, but he is just awesome.

I know it's confusing. My dad, Brutus, married a girl and they had Ash, then she died and he married my mom. My mom died when I was born and then my Dad died afew months or so later.

Me and Ash were taken care of by my aunt Lyme and turns out my dad was alive and was hiding from President Snow. Turns out that my dad had impregnated another woman and she gave her child to him and that was our new sister.

It's really complicated, so Ash and I are really close becuase it's hard to love dad after all he's done. Things I don't even care to mention. So when night falls Ash tells a bed-time story to Shayla and I listen too. Wheni it's over, he tickels my nose with my bangs and whispers goodnight.

In some ways Ash is the only real dad I've ever had, and the only one I'll ever need.

District 3

Tuares Lectric's POV

I scream when my mom drags me down the street and I don't carewho sees it. I'm not going and that's final. She tells me to stop in that mesmerizing way she speaks to little kids. I obey.

The escort walks out as soon as I get ther and I get in line with the others.

"Welcome to the Annual Reaping! Here are our Tributes for this year...... Lionel, Volty, and Smither? Please stand up. Next are Tuares, Victoria and Victor. Thank you."

I walk up and see my mom is going into shock. She screams and screams the same thing over again. I can't believe it. She's screaming two words.

"Tick Tock."

Volty Watson's POV

I hear Wiress screaming and Dad is trying to calm her down. The escort drops her smile and pulls my arm.

"If you don't all shut up, I will kill him here and now."

Everyone falls silent. Even Wiress. "Good," the escort smurks.

She pushes us in the Justice Building and we all get seperate rooms. It must be huge in here.

Dad comes in and I ask him how Wiress is doing. She's like family to me.

"Fine,"he says."Just a little shocked."

Dad gives me information on how to survive in different enviroments and then the Peackeepers come to take him away.

"Remember,"he says as they drag him away. "I-" The door slams in his face and I scream.

Our parents will be our mentors this year but whatever it was Dad was trying to tell me, he wanted me to know now.

I stare at the wall and without thinking say,"Tick Tock."

District 4

Alycone Aquiver's POV

I wake to Mom's gentle face looking at me. She watches over me at night to keep the nightmares away.Now she can't keep me safe from them becuase I'll be all alone in an actual nightmare soon enough.

I tell Mom that I'm going to take Nila to the Reaping and we will meet up with Katelyn there. Mom nods her assent and we're off.

I tell Nila not to be scared, that the bloodprick won't hurt too much and we'll all be fine. Yeah right.

I mean, I'm not really negative a lot, but I know this won't go well becuase Snow has practically made sure that we're going.

We reach the Reaping and get our blood check done. I tell Nila to line up with her age group and I go to mine.

The escort walks out with a plastered smile on her face. She looks too happy.

"Welcome to our Reaping. Now let's see.... Please step forward Alquiver, Nila, and Katyline. Thank you. Next I need.... Hale, Humanuku, and Magdalene. And last,but not least I need Tessa, Gairy and Posedion. Thank you. These are our Tributes this year so give a big round of appluase."

We are escorted inside and I'm starting to wonder where my makeup is.

Hail Destro's POV

I wink at Tessa. She blushes and I smile. Nice... very nice. I glance around. The only other cut one I see is Alycone, but she has a boyfriend back home.

I grab Tessa's hand and lead her into a dark room. I brush my hand aginst her cheek and move up her neck. Mmm... nice indeed. Too easy though. I need more of a challenge.

Me and Tessa stay in there for about an hour then we board the train. I get a glance at the TV and notice a few good-looking people.

There's the girl from 1 with the blond curls, Enobaria's kid Metallix, The girl Cofee Macy, and a cute girl from 12, Rosemary.

I wonder which one will be the most challenging, but for now I'll enjoy my time with Tessa. Mmhh.... oh yes, I will.

Posedion Odair's POV

I see Tessa dissapear into Hail's room and get the feeling it's a little to friendly. So I finally get the guts to walk into the room.

First thing I see is Hail bending over Tessa and I practiclly shout,"WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!!!"

Hail turns around, but doesn't look to disturbed, Tessa on the other ahns, is frantic. She pulls the string of her robe and runs out of the room.

I watch her leave then turn around. Hail just smiles and says,"Not bad. Not bad at all"

I ask him what he's talking about, but he just smiles. I don't like the way he's smiling either. Too smug. I leave the door open then decide to close it instead. I don't want him terrorizing anyone else here.

Hope he doesn't play it the same way in the Capitol becuase if he does then I won't have enough time to make sure Tessa isn't around.

District 7

Beech Wood's POV

I start walking to the square at 12:30 and I get there at 1:00. I go through the bloodcheck and get in my area here at the Reaping. The Escort walks out and reaches into the bowle and pulls out three slips of paper.

"Beech,Syrup,and Alexi please come to the stage.Thank you. Now may I have Hanna,Barbara, and Macey? Thanks. That's our Reaping.

She pushes us inside and we each get our own rooms. Mom comes in and hugs me. I've always been her favorite. Itell her I'm fine and she nods.

The next visitor is Kacie, my 12-year-old friend. "Hey Beech, when you go can you take this with you,"she asks. "Sure." When she leaves I get a good look at what she gave me. It's a charm made out of silver and it's fashioned like a tree. Itouch it and blood trickels off my fingers. Sharp.I look at it and put it in my pocket.

Soon we are escorted to the train. I enter and hope that the lastmoments of my life willbe happy.

Hanna's POV

I flop on the couch with the others and watch the Reapings re-cap.

The competion is really steep so I really need a good alliance. I ask Beech if he's up for it and he seems pretty enthusiastic about it.

The other are older though and are'nt sure even my own family.

I eat 'till I'm aching so much I need to stop moving and decide to go to sleep.

CRASH! I wake up to this loud noise and see Barbara is trying to kill a Peackeeper.

"Barbara stop! Please!" She turns around with her dinner knife in her hand.

"Hanna," she says in a voice that sound croaked,"Get. To. Bed. Now."

I run into my room and hope we're close to the Capitol so that I can tell Mommy what happened.

District 8


District 1

Shimmer Diamanta

Ceasar: Hello Shimmer.

Shimmer: Hi Ceasar.

Ceasar: It's upsetting about you going into the arena isn't it?

Shimmer: Yes. It is rather unfortunate.


Rosa Glaze

Rosa: Yes. No. Possibly. If they're lucky. Ha, no. Totally.

Ceasar: Excuse me? What do you mean.

Rosa: I'm answering your questions stupid!

Ceasar: Okay what are my questions?

Rosa: I know I can win. I won't hold back on my skills. I might kill Trinity. Someone might kill me. If I will lose. I will win. That's it.


District 2

Brutanity Richards

Ceasar: Hello Brutanity!

Brutanity: Please call me Tani.

Ceasar: Okay, Tani how do you feel about the competition?

Brutanity: I feel good. I can kill the snobs from 1 and 4. So yeah.


Mettalix Gleam

Mettalix: Hello Capitol!

Cesar: Hello Mettalix. How are you?

Metallix: Great! I love the Capitol! It is just amazing.

Cesar: I know. Well do you like being Brutu's daughter?

Mettalix: Um....


District 3

Taures rent

Victoria watson

Death Chart

The Games Day 1

Shimmer Diamanta District 1

My platfo

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