Welcome to the 15th annual Hunger Games!! What tricks will the Gamemakers have tucked in their sleves for this year's Hunger games? Read on to find out!

May the odds be ever in your favor!









































Training Scores:

District 1: Shimmer- 7, Alpha- 8

District 2: Clara- 10, Carlisle- 10

District 3: Jammie- 7, Leo- 6

District 4: Victoria- 9, Xander- 5

District 5: Kim- 6, Josh- 7

District 6: Larissa- 5, Jack- 4

District 7:Jess- 6, Finn- 9

District 8: Chloe- 5, Dorian- 9

District 9: Autumn- 7, Anthony- 6

District 10: Amanda- 9, Brock- 5

District 11: Hannalei- 3, Peter- 5

District 12: Zoe- 2, Mako- 6


This year’s arena is in a Mountain Range with an active Volcano at the center. Tributes start out surounding the Volcano. The Cornucopia is at the top of the Volcano over a see-through platform that holds back the lava. The Tributes may choose to stay near the Volcano, or travel deep into the Mountains and see what they can find. There is a special little surprise hidden for those who stay near the Volcano after the first 3 days, so if they haven't been slautered, it should be fun for them. If they have, it's their loss.

Day 1: Bloodbath

Dorian (District 8) - Cornucopia

A volcano. The Gamemakers had a whole year to come up with an arena and they pick a volcano with a couple mountains around it. That's just great. I look up until my neck is a perfectly straight line. I see the very tip of the Cornucopia peeking out from the edge of the Volcano's top. It must be at least 80 feet high. Man. It's gonna be a long way up. The starting horn sounds and I dash to the side of the Volcano. Thank goodness they gave us climbing gear, it makes climbing the sizzling side of this death trap much easier.

I start climbing and look around. There are about 3 people ahead of me. I look again. Of course. The Careers always take the lead. I look down. Not a good idea. I'm about 30 feet up and the ground looks like a blur. I can make out about 2 little blobs on the ground. Everyone else if behind me.

I turn back. I'm closer to the top, but the Careers are already there. Hmm, I think, I should wait for others to get ahead of me. The Careers are probably waiting at the edge. Waiting for anyone to show up. I let 2 other people pass. They don't even glance at me. 2 seconds later, the body of the boy from District 10 plummets to the ground.

That could've been me. I keep climbing.

Zoe (District 12) - Volcano Side

Oh God. We're so high up. I close my eyes shut. I can't look down, but I can't look up either. Everyone's ahead of me. I try and try, but no matter what I do, I just can't seem to pull myself up. My arms are slipping, my footing is failing me, and the sun's heat is unbearable. Oh no, I think. A disturbing thought hits me. If I wait too long, people will start coming down. If they start coming down, they can easily push me off or something and I could plummet to my death. I open my eyes and, with every last bit of courage that I can muster from the pits of my stomach, I push away any and every thought. Any doubt that I have is now gone and I do the only thing that I can do to save my behind. I jump off.


I open my eyes. My ankle hurts slightly, but I think I can still walk. I get up and test my ankle, all the while looking at my surroundings. Finally, I decide that there's nowhere for me to hide, and I'm not gonna stick around to let someone come down and get me. I have no choice. Running towards the Mountains is my only option. I take off at full speed. And I don't look back.

Clara (District 2) - Cornucopia

I must admit, this is kind of a disappointment. Where's the creativity, the finesse? The Gamemakers are losing their touch. But whatever, I'm not complaining. With our so-called "competition" still climbing the side of this thing, we'll have time to clean this pace out and slaughter everyone. Who knows, by the end of the day, these games might be over. But that's not how the Games work. And lets be honest, what would be the fun in that?

I grab an axe, some knives, and a bow with a sheath of arrows. I peer over the side of the Volcano. My eyes lock with those of the boy from District 3. I feel the knife cut into my skin as my grip becomes tighter and tighter. Suddenly, he jumps off.


The girl from District 3 jumps right after him.


Look at her crying, begging him to stay with her. God that's just hilarious. But now's not the time for laughs. I find another target. The girl from 11 will just have to do for now. I let my knife fly. It finds a place right in her stomach. I stand and as the wind blows through my hair, my lips curl into a sickly sweet smile. This is going to be too easy.

Autumn (District 9) - Cornucopia

No. No, no, no, NO! This can't be happening. I'm stuck on a stupid Volcano top fighting for my life and hurting people that I never knew. And will never get to know. I make a mad dash for the spear. My fingertips wrap around its soft metallic body, only to have it snatched away by the boy from District 6. Oh no he didn't. I jump up and before I can stop myself, I punch him in the face. He falls and I kick his stomach in. And then I take a good look at him. His nose is bleeding and his eye is already turning as black as the smoke escaping from little holes on this platform.

What have I done?

"Come on sis. We need to go! Now!"

I turn and see my twin brother, Anthony, calling for me. He's holding 2 packs and an axe. I look back at the boy. He's clutching his stomach and he's panting so hard it's as if he just ran a 5K, but he's alive. After a few seconds of thinking, I make a decision. God why am I such a goody two-shoes? I reach for him but he flinches.

"It's okay. I won't hurt you. Please trust me. If you don't you will die. Plus, I know how to heal a black eye and trust me, with that shiner; you need all the help you can get."

He hesitates, nods, and I help him up.

"What are you doing Autumn? We can't bring him with us!"

"We can and we will." I give him my best "mom" look.

Anthony is looking at me like I'm some nutjob. Maybe I am. But I guess that's what these Games can do to a person. Twist them until they've made an almost 360 turn, but hold them there preventing them from going all the way. All the way back to sanity. I turn to look back at the action as I'm strapping the boy into a safety harness. Those animals. Once I finish strapping on my harness, I look down at the boy.

"You ready?"

With one nod, I let him go, and I let go too.

Alpha (District 1) - Cornucopia

I look around, hunting for easy prey. My sword by my side and Clara only 2 steps away, I feel like these Games are in the bag. I spot the little 12 year old boy from District 12. This is almost too easy. I start running towards him, but Clara gets there first. Of course she does, she's Clara. She stabs him in the gut so fast that it seems like one of those "blink or you'll miss it" moments. He falls without making another sound and without hesitating, Clara pushes him off.

"Gotta keep it clean up here, wouldn't want blood getting everywhere, now would we?" she says with a satisfied smirk.

"Hey, you're area of expertise, not mine." I say.

"Ya got that right."

"So, maestro, who's gonna get it now?"

"Lemme see," she starts pointing at invisible people, "no, no, no...perfect." Her finger's pointing to the smokin' hot babe from District 10. The one with the exotic eyes and dark hair. Not to mention her curvy figure.

"She'll do just fine," Clara says.

"Wait! I have a better idea. Let's kill people that are still climbing up." I say trying to save the hot chick's butt, which doesn't look so bad from my view point.

"Hmmmmm. Are there more people up here or climbing up?"

"Climbing up." I say, which isn't a total lie. There are only 6 people up here, the 4 Careers (Clara and I plus our District partners), the hot girl, and the boy from 11.

"Fine let's go hunting then. Guys come on!" she whistles, and we all run to her like little dogs.

"Let's kill." By now the other 2 people have already gone down, but we're feeling generous, so we let them go.

"Everyone take an area and let's do this." Clara says.

I head towards the left. Peering over, I see 2 people, the girl from 5 and the girl from 7. They're so close; I can practically touch them if I reach out. But they take notice of me at once. I think quickly and stab the girl from 5. She falls, but she takes my sword with her.

"Got one!" I scream.

"Got 3!" screams Clara. I run to her side and look over the edge. Sure enough, the pair from 8 and the girl from 4 are all piled together in a heap, each of them has a knife indent so big, I can easily see it from up here.

"How did you take the knives out so fast?"

"Practice, my friend, practice."


Brock (District 10) - 24th

Hannalei (District 11) - 23rd

Mako (District 12) - 22nd

Kim (District 5) - 21st

Chloe (District 8) - 20th

Dorian (District 8) - 19th

Victoria (District 4) - 18th

Day 2: The Fun Has Just Begun

Amanda (District 10) - Mountains

I rub the dirt out of my eyes. Looking up, I see the blue sky and white puffy clouds. Huh. So I made it through the 1st day. Fantastic. Just fantastic. I sit up and look around in all directions. Nothing but mountains and a few trees. Just peachy. I get up and stretch. I make a mental note to find some shrubs or leaves to make a small blanket to lie on because the ground is way to rough.

Gathering my pack, I start walking. As I look around, my mind begins to wander until one thought seems to stick; Why did they let me go? Am I not good enough to kill? Do they think someone else will get rid of me? Do they think I'll just end up getting myself killed? Whatever the reason, I know I have to do something about it. I can't have them thinking that I'm a worthless little weakling...or maybe I can. What if I let them believe that I'm a worthless little weakling? They'll surely think that I'll just die from starvation or something and they'll just go kill someone else. Not me.

I come up with a plan. But there's only 1 flaw. I need to go into enemy territory...and I have to get caught.

Anthony (District 9) - Cave 1

"Oh boy Autumn what have you gotten us into?" I asked my twin.

"Look, he needs help."

"Gee I wonder why..."

"Now's not the time for your sass, okay?"

I look at the boy she brought with her. He's asleep in a corner of our cave. Man that's one hell of a shiner. Autumn hit him good.

"Come on Anthony. We need to help him."

"Autumn, we barely have enough to help ourselves. We just can't take in another person."

She gives me a look that no man has ever been able to refuse. Except for me. I'm her brother, not one of her little servants.

"No. And that's final. I want him out by morning."

"Why?! We need to help him!"


"Fine. If he goes, I go too."

"For the last time, you're staying, he's going."

Man, if looks could kill, I'd be dead by now. She looks at me with a hatred that I've never experienced before. And then the tears start to form.

"I hate you." She whispers.

"You don't mean that."

"Yes! Yes I do. You control everything! I have no freedom and ever since we got reaped you've been nothing but unfair and evil! I'm leaving and you can't stop me!"

My anger finally boils over.


So she gets up, wakes up the boy, and they leave, crying all the while.


Oh no.

Clara (District 2) - Volcano

I clean off my knives. That was almost too easy. The body of the District 5 boy is bleeding out. His stomach is virtually gone, the color completely gone from his face. I push his body off of the side of the Volcano, and before he even hits the ground, the hovercraft carries him away.

"Such a stupid boy. He thought he could get away with climbing up the Volcano and trying to kill us."

"But you showed him." says Alpha.

"Yes. Yes I did." He walks over to me and puts his arm around my waist.

He leans down and whispers in my ear, "let's see what else you can get away with."

His hand starts making its way down, lower and lower, until it's 2 millimeters away from my butt. I grab his arm and twist it. I push him to the ground and wrap his arm behind his back.

Leaning down I whisper into his ear, "you don't wanna know what else I can get away with."

Shimmer is grinning, but Carlisle is obviously pissed off at Alpha. I let Alpha go, but Carlisle puts him in a headlock 2 seconds later.

"Carlisle, let him go!" Shimmer screams.

"No let him take his anger out. It's actually kinda funny." I say. And it was kinda funny. Until Alpha started punching. And that led to scratching, which lead to bleeding. I can't let them bleed to death. I just can't, at least not Carlisle.

"Guys. ENOUGH!" I whistle. They don't stop. If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. I run over and grab their collars. I struggle for 2 seconds but I finally manage to pull them apart.


"You, there." I shove Alpha over to Shimmer.

"Shimmer, get one of the First Aid Kits and help him." I tell her. She nods.

"You come with me." I push Carlisle towards the other side. Grabbing a First Aid Kit, I clean his wounds and bandage him up.

"Some fight. I'm surprised. Thought he'd knock you out in 3 minutes."

"Don't underestimate me that much." He's in pain, but he manages a smile. I smirk back.

"That's as much of a smile as you're gonna get." I say.

I turn around. Huh. Shimmer and Alpha making out. Didn't see that one coming.

"You see them too right?" he asks.

"Yup. It's kinda gross." I say.

"Come on. Let's go."

"You sure?" His wounds are too deep. He couldn't possibly climb down without getting hurt.

"Yea. Come on."

We climb down. After we "take care" of the girl from 7, we take off, hand in hand, into the Mountains, weapons at the ready. No one can stop us now

Finn (District 7) - Mountains

I hike up the mountains trying to find a place to settle down. There's gotta be a cave around here somewhere. Suddenly I hear something. No. Someone. The girl from 10 jumps out of the bushes next to me. She puts her hand over my mouth.

"Be quiet and I won't hurt you, go it?"

I nod in response.

She pulls me into the bushes and removes her hand.

"You. Me. Alliance."

"Ummmm, considering the fact that you practically just kidnapped me, no."

"It's either alliance, or I'll kill you. Your choice."

"Hmmmm, why do you want to ally with me."

"You got a 9. I got a 9. The only other person who got a 9 is dead. And you need me as much as I need you."

"Fine. I guess, but just for now. After a while we go our separate ways."



"Well, now that that's through, I have a plan."

She whispers her diabolical plan in my ear.

After thinking about it for a few minutes, I say, "I like it. It's creative and crazy, but not to crazy. Let's do it!"

"Follow me."

She grabs my hand, and with that, we're off down the mountain towards the Volcano. Towards the Careers. And possibly, towards certain death.

Jamie (District 3) - Cave 2

The fire lights up our little cave. Leo's still unresponsive, but after checking him over, he has no visible injuries. I guess he's just out cold still. I look down at my leg. When I landed by the Volcano, I could have sworn I broke it. Looking at it now, I can tell it's only sprained. Great. Just great. I have a sprained ankle, an unresponsive partner, and no supplies what so ever. How will we survive?

I swallow the pain and crawl out of the cave. On my knees, I look up at the sky and I pray, because it's the only thing I can do at this point.

"If there's anyone out there watching, listening, we need your help. My partner is out cold. My ankle is sprained. We have no supplies. I know I don't deserve to be helped because there are probably others out there that are hurting more than I am, but right now, I could really use some help. Please."

I let my head fall forward. My body can't take it anymore. I fall flat on the ground. Suddenly, I feel a hand on my shoulder. If it's a Career or anyone else, they can just kill me now. I don't care anymore. When I notice the hand does not move away, I use whatever strength I have left, I turn my head around. Suddenly, I'm looking into a pair of dark brown eyes.

"Hey," he says.

"Hey," I say. I can't believe my eye. Leo's awake. And that's not all. A small basket falls out of the sky. It lands right in my lap. Bandages. Medicine. Food. Bow and Arrows. This is more than I could have ever hoped could have come to us.

"Whoa. What happened while I was knocked out?"

As I'm tying up a bandage around my ankle, I hand him a pear and say, "a miracle. That's what happened."


Josh (District 5) - 17th

Jess (District 7) - 16th

Day 3: Surprise Surprrse

Zoey (District 12) - Mountains

I wake up to the smell of smoke. It's almost completely taken over my lungs when I finally realize...the Volcano. Oh no. I look around, but all I see is darkness for miles and miles. Even the "sun" can't shine its way through the black cloud. Soot is falling everywhere. I look at my arms and legs and see that I'm covered in it too. My first instinct is to pack up and run. The latter will be more difficult since my ankle is still a little messed up. But I can't wimp out now.

Being from District 12, I'm used to the soot and the black skies, but never like this. No, never like this. I grab my stuff and take off, looking for any kind of protection. I stop, pull out a small napkin and get it moist with water. Then I put it over my mouth. I keep running and in my head, I'm thanking my lucky stars that I remembered a way to keep the smoke out of my lungs..for the most part.

I look everywhere, but I can't seem to find any caves. There's gotta be one around here somewhere. Something tells me to turn around. So I do. And then I see it. A giant bush that doesn't belong there. I run and push through it. Surprise surprise, there's a cave behind it. I crawl in and think everything will be okay...everything will be okay.

And then I hear the rumble. This cannot be good.

Amanda (District 10) - Base of Volcano

And just when I thought things couldn't get any better. Just when we were about to start climbing the Volcano to put my plan into action, the stupid thing starts rumbling and smoking. That's just freakin great!!

"What now?" Finn asks.

"Well, we could either: a. run, b. wait for this thing to explode, or c. hide and wait for the Careers to run down." I say.

"And if they don't run down?"

As if to answer his question, 4 ropes drop down from above.

"And if they do?" I say sarcastically.

"Well we can't just wait for them! We have to hide or Clara's gonna start throwing her knives at us!"

"She's too high up, she'll never see us if we..." but it was too late to finish. A knife landed 2 millimeters to my right...and it took some of my hair with it.

"Ok, NOW we run." And we took off. But we didn't get far. Clara landed on my back. God how did she jump with such precision.

"Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in." she said. I looked over at Finn. He was currently being crushed by Alpha, who was being cheered on by Shimmer.

"Yay Alpha!!" she cheered. Wow she's way too...Shimmer-y.

"Shut it Blondie." said Clara. So Shimmer shut up.

"No what are we gonna do with you? Should we let the Volcano get you? Or maybe we'll take one of you prisoner. Yea I like that." she said.

"Why one, when we can have both?" said Carlisle.

"Because, smart-one; if we kept them together, they wouldn't suffer. If they're apart..." Clara said waiting for someone to finish her sentence.

"They suffer!!" Shimmer said. We all looked at her in awe.

"What, is there a bug on my face?" she slapped her self.

"Anyway, I say we keep the boy. He seems to be the tougher one. What do you think little miss? Should we keep your boyfriend, or keep you?" Clara said with a grin.

"Take me. Let her go...and take me." Finn said.

"No take me!" I said, trying to save his butt.

"Aww isn't that sweet...I hate sweet. Carlisle! Tie the rope around his arms and legs. And if he struggles...well you know what to do." Clara said.

They were going to take Finn. I couldn't let that happen. So, I slammed my head right into Clara's face. She fell backwards, but quickly regained her balance. Too late. I was already up and running. Running towards Carlisle.

I tackled him and spun him around so that his stomach was flat on the ground. I held the knife that Clara had thrown at me to his throat, making a small line of blood appear.

"LET.FINN.GO." I said.

"Or what?" Clara said.

"HE gets it." I dug the knife deeper into Carlisle's skin. Clara actually seemed scared. I was starting to enjoy myself.

And then, the Volcano erupted.

Alpha (District 1) - Base of Volcano

Oh God. The Volcano erupted. There's lava flying everywhere. I lock eyes with Clara, and I can see that she doesn't want to run. But we have to. It's our only option...besides death of course.

"Oh God. The Volcano, like, exploded! We have to run! Now! Quick! Hurry! Oh God! We're all gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!" Shimmer screamed. Clara walked over to Shimmer and slapped her.

"No one's going anywhere. Not yet. Tie them both up! Now!" Clara ordered.

I struggle with the girl for a few seconds, but I manage to hold her down long enough for Carlisle to take over. He ties her up and leaves her.

"What now?" I ask.

"You guys choose, we take 'em or leave 'em."

"Leave 'em," I say.

"Take 'em," Carlisle says.

"Okay Shimmer it's up to you."

"Ummmm I don't know."

The lava's getting closer. It's about 6 feet away. 4 feet closer than before.

"Just pick already!" I scream.

"Fine. Geez, there's not time for a girl to think around here. Let's take 'em, just because Alpha doesn't wanna."

I say some choice words under my breath and go over to the girl. She's hotter than I remember. I guess dirt and bruises can do that to a person. I pick her up, throw her over my shoulder (enjoying every second of it), and watch Carlisle pick the dude up.

"Do we run NOW?" Shimmer asks.

"Yes." Clara says. And we all take off.

Autumn (District 9) - Cave 3

I cannot believe the Volcano just exploded!! I mean, to be frank, I expected the Gamemakers to have something big going on, but I did not think, at all, EVER, that they would make it explode! I look over at the boy from 6 next to me. He's still a little out of it, but at least his eye's swelling has gone down. But he's still a little out of it, so I need to come up with a plan. Quick.

I see the lava coming closer. So maybe a cave near the Volcano was not a good idea. God, I should have never left Anthony. Why am I so hard-headed!? I see the heat-waves coming off of the lava. It's moving quick, too quick. We need to leave. But how?

I wish Anthony were here. He'd know what to do. I walk out of the cave and look around. The lava is about 2 feet from my toes. This is it, I think. I'm gonna die. The boy from 6 is gonna die. And it's because I had a hard-head.

I walk back inside. My fate is sealed. I will die. And then the strangest thing happens. Anthony is peeking inside and saying, "Come on. I'm busting you guys outta here."

"Anthony?! But...How...What??" I say, not finding my words.

He comes in and picks the boy up. The he grabs my hand.

"What, you didn't think I would leave my baby sis all alone did you?"

I'm speechless, so I just follow Anthony as he leads me out of the cave, carrying the boy from 6 on his shoulder, leading us away from the lava, away from certain death.

Shimmer (District 1) - Mountains

OMG!! They lava looks sooo hot, almost as hot as Alpha. I tried to touch it, but Clara yanked me away. My hair still hurts, like, bad. I can see them running through the mountains, but I don't see the point. No way the lava can come up here. We're like, way too high.

"Shimmer!! Pick up the pace!!" Clara screams. I see her throw a knife at the boy from 11. He drops like a hot potato. Emphasis on hot. Clara pushes him off the edge and into the lava. I hear the BOOM of a canon.

OMG!!! Why is Alpha kissing that District 10 girl!!!! Oh no he didn't!! I run over to him tackle him to the ground.

"What was that for?!" He screams.

"That was for kissing her! And this is for, like, not kissing me." I push him off the Volcano and into the lava below. Whoa. My first kill. What a rush!!!! And then I notice Clara standing behind me. She's clapping. And smiling. Can this day get any weirder?

"Gotta say Blondie, didn't think you had it in you. But you still got lots to learn. Watch." Clara says. She picks up a knife and runs into some bushes. A canon sounds, and Clara walks out, carrying the body of the District 12 girl. She throws the body over and into the lava.

"And that's how you do it." She says as she smirks. Huh, she is good.

Suddenly the District 4 boy runs out of some cave and, using his sword, cuts a wide gash into Carlisle's leg. He drops the boy he's carrying. That's gonna, like, leave a mark.

We never noticed the girl from 10 untie the boy. We never noticed them escape. We did notice Clara stabbing the boy from 4 over and over and over. We did notice her dropping the boy over the cliff. And I noticed Clara looking at Carlisle with a weird stare.

She picks him up, and we keep running, never taking her eyes off of him. What's up with her?


Peter (District 11) - 15th

Alpha (District 1) - 14th

Zoey (District 12) - 13th

Xander (Distrcit 4) - 12th

Day 4: All's Fair in Love and War

Larissa (District 6) - Cave 4

I open my eyes and look around. So, I'm still alive. That's great, just great. I peer out of my cave, trying not to make a sound. Once I make sure it's safe, I walk out. Looking over the edge, I see the dried up lava and the Volcano. Suddenly, I hear a sound. I make a mad dash for my cave, and I guess I made it just in time because no sooner do I sit down that I hear voices.

"Are they still chasing us?" asks a male voice.

"No I think we finally lost them. But I'm not so sure." says a female voice.

"Do you wanna keep going, just in case?" the male asks.

"No, let's just hide in here."

I hold my breath. They're gonna go in my cave. They're gonna kill me. What am I going to do?

The girl looks in and gasps.

"Finn, you might wanna see this."

The boy, who I assume is Finn, peers down as well.

"I won't hurt you if you don't hurt me." I say.

"Why would we wanna hurt you?" the girl asks.

"Well these are the Hunger Games, anything can happen." I respond.

"Fair enough. Look I don't expect you to trust us, but we've gotten ourselves into quite a mess. Wanna help us out?"

I think about it. After all, you never know who you can trust. But then the boy lifts up his jacket sleeves and I see the red outlining of rope.

"Careers?" I ask. They nod.

"Alright. You can stay. But on one condition." I say.

"Which is..." the girl says.

"Alliance." I say. They share a look, and then nod. I let them crawl inside.

"Amanda," the girl says.

"Larissa," I say.

"Finn," the boy says.

"Well, Larissa, I have a new plan. It could wipe out the Careers, but it's risky. You in?" Amanda says.

"I'm in." I say.

"You sure you want in? It might be dangerous."

I just smile and say, "Danger and I are no strangers."

They smile, and our plan begins to take shape.

Jack (District 6) - Cave 1

I woke up to the sound of 2 people, talking in hushed voices. At first I didn't care, I was too tired to care. But then I realized, they were talking about me.

"You're just lucky I knew where you were when the Volcano exploded," said a male voice. The Volcano exploded?

"I know okay! If it wasn't for you, him and I would be dead. So thank you!! Isn't that enough?" said a female voice.

"You know it's not. I don't want him here. He's another mouth to feed. He'll take up space. He'll increase our chances of getting caught and killed!" said the male voice.

I didn't dare turn around, because if I did, they'd stop talking. And I don't want them to. I need to catch up on what I've missed.

"Well one of us is gonna get killed anyway, or have you forgotten?" replied the female voice.

"Look," said the male, softening his tone, "I know you want to help him, but what good is it gonna do? We can't all survive."

Silence. Pure silence. I knew the girl was crying. I could hear her sniffling. And then the girl spoke.

"You're right Anthony. But I'm the one who hurt him. I'm the one who feels guilty. The least we can do is help him get better. We owe him that much."

The boy, whose name I now know, sighed.

"All right Autumn. We'll help him. But only until he gets better. Then, he leaves. Deal?"


And then I felt the girl walk over to me. I closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep. She started shaking me.

"Wakey wakey."

I opened my eyes slowly. Looking up at her, I saw her smile. She has a pretty smile.

"I've got some good news," she said.

"I know." I said.

Carlisle (District 2) - Cave 5

The wound that the foolish boy from 4 caused seemed like just a scratch. Well, it wasn't. It hurt like hell and it still does. Clara's tried her best, but nothing seems to be helping. If I don't die from blood loss, I'll die from the infection. There's nothing that can help me now, unless some miracle worker in the Capitol develops some fancy medicine and sends it to a sponsor.

"So, how bad does it feel?" Clara asks.

"How bad does it look?" I ask, because I'm lying down and I couldn't get up even if I wanted to.

"You want the truth, or the sugar-coated lie?"


"It's enough to make Shimmer barf. Twice."

I can hear Shimmer releasing everything she had for lunch outside of our cave.

"Ugh, make that 3 times."

"So pretty bad?"


"Great. Just great."

"Uhh guys. I think you might wanna, like, see this." I hear Shimmer say.

Clara gets up and walks outside.

"What is it Shimmer?" she asks, clearly annoyed.

"Umm look." Shimmer says. I guess she's pointing to something because she doesn't say anything else.

"Well look at that Blondie. Looks like puking up your insides actually helped us."

Clara walks in and sits down.

"There's another cave in the mountain in front of ours."


"So, it looks like we've got neighbors."

She holds up a knife and smiles a very devilish smile.

"And I think it's time we pay them a visit." she says.

Jamie (District 3) - Cave 2

I look out of our cave. Ewww is that Shimmer, throwing up? Oh no. Clara's there and she's talking to Shimmer, and Shimmer's pointing this way! I don't think she saw us because she walked back into their cave.

5 seconds later she steps out with a knife. Oh God! They're coming here!!

"Leo. We have to leave! Get off your butt and let's go! Now!!"

"Why? I'm pretty comfortable where I am."

I swear, there's never been a lazier, stupider, more useless partner in the history of the Hunger Games.

"Careers. Hurry, they're moving quick!"

Faster than humanly possible, Leo gets up. We grab our packs and shoot out the door. I turn just in time to see a knife hurdling towards me. I drop low and keep running when it's gone.

"Aww what's wrong little girl. Can't stand the heat? Well you should have stayed out...of...the...KITCHEN!!" Clara screams as she tackles me.

We roll around and I can hear Leo struggling with Carlisle.

"Yay Clara!! Yay Carlisle!! Careers RULE!!" screams Shimmer, standing there like an idiot with a stupid grin on her face. I guess she doesn't notice the vomit on her shirt because she's jumping and laughing and smiling.

"Put a sock in it Blondie!" says Clara.

"Now little miss. I feel kind today so I'll let you choose which knife I'll rip you to shreds with."

I see the many knives that line her jacket's insides. I turn and spot Leo. Carlisle has him in a headlock. He looks at me and nods. I nod back. I gather a ball of spit in my mouth and launch it at Clara's face. At the same time, Leo manages to kick Carlisle in a pretty sensitive area.

We're freed from our captors and we take off. I can hear Clara cursing at us and her partners.

"I can't believe that worked." I say.

"I told you planning was important." he says.

Thank goodness we had prepared for something like this. I look at him and he looks back. We did it! We're alive! We outsmarted the Careers!

He smiles at me, and I smile back. Maybe he's not so bad after all.

Clara (District 2) - Cave 5

I can't BELIEVE they got away! That stupid pair from 3 is gonna get it. I'm still trying to wipe the spit from that disgusting girl off when Shimmer comes over.

"Umm Clara?"

"WHAT?" I can tell she wasn't expecting that since she jumped a little.

"It's Carlisle...he's...he's..."

"He's what?" I ask, trying to calm myself down.

"The bandages didn't work. And...well...he's losing blood, like, fast."

That's all I need to hear. I get up and run into the cave. He's on ground, paler than I've ever seen him.

"Clara..." his voice is barely a whisper. I crouch down next to him.

"This is all my fault. I shouldn't have made you come with us."

"It's...okay..." he says, trying to smile. I look down at the bandage. It's a very dark red.

"No. No it's NOT!" I scream. I can tell he's a little shocked at my outburst.


I can't take it anymore. I run outside and scream, at the top of my lungs, "WHAT ARE YOU STUPID SONSORS WAITING FOR??!! GET YOU FREAKIN' MEDICINE OVER HERE!! CAN'T YOU SEE HE'S...he's...he's...dying."

I drop to the floor on my knees, and at the same time a small box falls down.

"I GOT IT!!!" Shimmer yells. She catches it and we rush back inside.

"Open it Blondie before I cut you to pieces!!"

She does as she's told. Maybe she could be of some use to me, but not for too long.

"I can't. It's, like, stuck." Then again maybe it's best to let her destroy herself.

I grab the box and turn it.

"You were turning it the other way moron!"

I go over to Carlisle and take off the bandages. I can clearly see his bone sticking out of place.

"Okay, so, this might hurt a little bit." I push it down, and it snaps into place. He doesn't even blink. I grab a water bottle and pour some over the cut, trying to clean it up a bit. I can hear Shimmer, barfing again.

"Gross." I whisper.

"That bad?"

"Not you, Blondie."

"Why don't..." He doesn't have to finish. I know what he's going to say.

"Sponsors like pretty. Shimmer's pretty. How else do you think we got this medicine?"

I finish rubbing it on his leg and tie another bandage around it.


She crawls back in.

"Good, now here's the plan..."

Day 5: Waiting...Watching...and Waiting Some More

Leo (District 3) - Cave 6

Wow! What a rush! I mean seriously, we just outran 3 Careers, even though one of the was injured, but still! We ran from Clara and that's good enough for me. Thank goodness we found this cave though, because I have a feeling we won't be returning to our old cave since the Careers will be keeping an eye on it from now on. Oh well. 

I look over at Jamie, who still has bed-head from when we crashed here after our encounter with the Careers. But even with bed-head, she's still kinda pretty. 

"Hey," I say to break the silence," you did pretty well back there."

"Thanks," she replies with a grin,"you weren't so bad yourself."

I grin and shove her, which leads to her shoving me. 

"Just like when we were little." I say, but as soon as the words come out of my mouth I regret them. We had made a pact after the Reaping. We would never talk about our past.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to. It just kind of slipped out." 

"Don't worry. It's times like these I like to think about the good old days, you know? No running, no fighting, no killing, just 2 kids shoving each other to the ground and playing hide and seek."

"Haha. You know I always let you win."

"No you didn't. You're just trying to protect your pride." And she smiles that smile that makes me remeber all of our good times, and some of the bad times. 

"Well, I guess we'll find out who the real winner is now." I say in a somber tone.

"What do you mean?"

"This is like the ultimate game of hide and seek. The Countdown, the running, the hiding. You run from your opponent, but when they find you, they kill you."

"Oh...right...makes sense." She says with her head down.

"Sorry didn't mean to kill the mood."

"It's okay."

And we sit there in silence for 2 whole minutes, avoiding eye contact, before she breaks the ice.

"So, what's our new plan?" 

Anthony (District 9) - Cave 1

I look at my sword. A sposor gift I got after I lost my axe in an ufortunate incident with the lava. The cool night air blows in from the outide. I look at my twin and that boy who doesn't seem to be getting any better. But he does seem to be getting closer to Autumn, and as the "older" twin, I just can't sit back and watch him flirt with my sister.

I get up and walk outside where they're sitting by the edge of the mountain, their feet dangling over.

"Okay break it up you two." I say sitting in between them.

"Way to ruin the mood bro," Autumn whispers in my ear.

"No prob sis," I whisper to her. She gives me a look of annoyance and I just grin at her.

"So what's so important that you couldn't wait 5 minutes?" she says.

"I have...umm..." I stumble, trying to figure out what to say. And then it comes to me.

"I've come up with a way to attack the Careers." 

"I'm sorry. I don't think I heard you right. We're going to attack the Careers. Us?" the boy says.

"Yes. You got a problem with that?" and the boy stays quite.

"Thought so. So what are we waiting for? Let's get a move on and I'll explain on the way." I say, not really knowing what we're going to do when we get there.

Finn (District 7) - Near Cave 5

"Hey guys, are we sure this is a good idea?" I ask as we hide behind some bushes near the Career cave, where we've been waiting for hours.

"Do you have a better one?" Amanda asks.

"All I'm saying is, if we get caught, we're done for."

"Then we don't get caught."

I look at Amanda like she's crazy. And she kind of is. I mean, how many girls come up with crazy plans that have the potential to get us all slaughtered? But hey, who knows, this might actually work. 

"Umm guys," Larissa whispers.

"What," I whisper back.


The sound of footsteps approaching echos out into the night. Suddenly, 2 shadows runs into the cave.

"Oh my goodness did you see that?!?" I ask.

"No Finn we went momentarilly blind. OF COURSE we saw it." Amanda says just as she's getting up, making her way towards the cave where the sound of metal against metal reverberates off the walls.

"Well, what are we waiting for. Lets go." Larissa says as she runs into the cave.

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