• Clove Kentwell25


    "Welcome, Welcome! As you already know, this year is the 5th Quarter Quell." *Clasps hands together* "I know, how exciting! Anyway, this year, being a Quell will be having a twist." An adult man with bright blue hair walks over to the. President with an envelope on a gold tray. The President takes it and opens it. "This year, the twist in the Quell will be... Oh, this is going to be very interesting. Each District must offer up 8 tributes, 4 victors, 4 non-victors. These tributes will be split up and then again and put into 4 separate arenas with 24 in each. When each arena gets down to the last 6 tributes, these tributes will be taken back to the Capitol to rejuvenate and heal for two days and then they will be sent to a final areā€¦

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