This is a normal hunger games but every day tributes will face a gamemaker's Challenge. This challenge will test a certain quality of being a victor. Good Luck.

You can enter up to 6 tributes. I am fine with going to profiles.





Reaped or Volunteered:

A bit of Background:





DG Name Weapons Weeknesses User
1F Jasmine Klinde Camouflage, Sword Climbing, Jumping Foxface Fan
1M Flicker Brutan Spear, Hand to Hand Climbing (trees) NH Tomahawk
2F Roxanne Samhuel Bow and Arrow Arrogant Equestria Gurl
2M Raven Mockingjay Knives, Mace, Scythe Left arm, Hand to Hand Raven HG
3F Catherine Wilsnow Traps Hand to Hand Foxface Fan
3M Kronice Hayes Sword, Wires Blood, Swimming Raven HG
4F Lori Terliem Knife Clumsy Foxface Fan
4M Tsunami Crastane Trident, hooks, nets Killing NH Tomahawk

Finch Wickems Lance, Stealth Heights Foxface Fan

5M Lucas Heyk Mace, Sword, Axe Is poor Raven HG
6F Carolyn Maven Crossbow, Dagger None Raven HG
6M Hadix Maven Mace, Knife None Raven HG
7F Carolyn Harolyn Knife, Axe Week Equestria Gurl
7M Hawk Blades, Strength Wolf Raven HG
8F Lacey Brook Crossbow Tracker Jackers, Death Glitter Day
8M Kit Tumbus Blowgun Climbing, Swimming Master of Mutts
9F Cassandra Karatine Sword Swimming Foxface Fan
9M Seth Junga Camouflage, Club Dying Master of Mutts
10F Tara Bartley Fire Hunger Master of Mutts
10M Felix Ellis Whip, Rocks, Club Speed Master of Mutts
11F Trysten Lapus Poison Swimming, Hand to Hand Foxface Fan
11M Zachary Pope Throwing Spear Hand to Hand Master of Mutts
12F Lindsay Tereen Bow and Arrow Climbing Equestria Gurl
12M Rick Everette Nets, Traps Strategy Master of Mutts


Skill Tested-How Winner-Gift
Courage-Bloodbath Tsunami Crastane-Map
Speed- Rick-Pass a Task


If you created a tribute, you can give gifts. You start with $300, and gain $50 per day and $75 per Kill. If you are not active, I will give gifts when needed.


Knives (6): 350

Sword: 500




Arrows (8):250


Darts (12):250

Axe: 500

Trident: 650





First Aid Kit:400


Burn Cream:350


Pain Killer:150

Instant Heal: 600


Bread: 100

Soup: 150

Water Bottle: 100

Energy Drink: 200




Pass a Task: 500

Find a Tribute: 450

Map: 400


The Arena is a large desert with maximum temperatures of 100 F at noon and 20 F at midnight. There are three oases in this arena, as well as a large canyon and two mountains. There are Cactus, Camels, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, and mutts. Surrounding the desert is a small forest and swamp.


  • Career:Jasmine (1), Flicker (1), Roxy (2), Lori (4), Tsunami (4), Carolyn (7), Cassandra (9)
  • Alliance 1:Raven (2), Hawk (7), Felix (10), Lindsay (12)
  • Alliance 2: Kronice (3), Catherine (3), Lucas (5), Carolyn (6), Hadix (6), Seth (9)
  • Alliance 3: Trysten (11), Zachary (11)
  • Alone:Finch (5), Lacey (8), Kit, (8), Tara (10), Rick (12)



Zachary Pope's POV

My plate goes up to the arena. I am in a hot desert. Not too far away, I see a small lake. "Ladies and gentlemen, let the Hunger games Begin! Today's test wil be courage, as all of the materials are in the mouth of the cornucopia!" Claudius Templesmith says. I see a perfect spear as the thing closest to me in the mouth. Should I get it? I brace myself to run. GONG! I begin to run about 50 yards, but when  I am eight yards away, the first person arrives, Hawk. I watch him grab the spear. I know he is defending himself from the careers, but I can't risk it. I decide to run away and find Trysten.

Hawk's POV

I was the first one to reach the cornucopia and I picked up a backpack, a knife, and a spear. Cassandra came next, and I stabbed her in the back. Then Raven came, and we defended the cornucopia together. Also, now about everyone who ran to the cornucopia was here. I see Tsunami kill Lindsay with a trident. And then I see the rest of the careers, all alive and armed. I get what I can and go with Raven and Felix to leave the careers.

Flicker Brutan's POV

I try to kill who I can. Spear in hand, I stab Kit Tumbus in the leg, making it hard for him to run away. Then I step on his face and stab him in the heart. Then I see Kronice with a sword. He sneakily goes to Jasmine. He puts her sword next to Jasmines neck. I yell for Jasmine. She turns and her head is slashed. I sprint to kill Kronice, but I  felt an extreme force and pain in my leg. I saw Carolyn from six grinning with a Crossbow. Ten she aimed it at my heart...

Tsunami's POV

I knew that now that Flicker and Jasmine were both dead, that alliance needed to be killed. So I signaled for Lori to Throw a knife at Kronice. They're best killer fell to the ground with blood coming out of his heart. Then when Carolyn from six missed me with an arrow, I killed her with my trident. That alliance began to run away. The careers lost three, but are in good shape. 

Carolyn Harolyn's POV

I am so happy that the careers accepted me. But the careers are already down district one. And Cassandra. And Raven isn't a career. That leaves four. Finch Wikems is the only one remaining, and we are about to kill her. THen I say, "She's not to bad at killing. And we want more people, cause three are dead. Should we keep her?" They look at me like I'm a genius. "Yes," says Tsunami. And then he asks her. "Finch, would you like to be a career?" She seems scared and against the idea. "Well," she pauses. Mad, Tsunami decides to do somthing crazy. He Takes a knife and cuts off her left pinkie finger. "I thought not," he says, after she shrieks. Finch joins. I'm appointed her guard. I'm supposed to keep my eye on her at all times. Then a package is delivered to Tsunami. A small note is attatched. "For the most Curageous." He won the bloodbath. most kills. And cut off a finger. He opens his gift. I see an astounding map of the arena in his hands. We are now much better as careers.

DAY TWO- Resourcefullness

Roxanne's POV

We were awake at night building our camp and gathering supplies. It gets extremely cold at night. And in the morning, really hot. We decide to take a tarp from the cornucopia and put it on top of a shelter made of logs. Then we find a clear sheet of plastic. I realize that if we are inside this while a fire is going, the temperature will be hot. So we get a fire with our matches. We set up three tents in this. One for district four. One for Me. And one for Carolyn. Also, Finch is in a sleeping bag and someone will be watching at all times. Finally, We Build a hole and in it we keep all of our extra supplies. Then suddenly, our task arrives. "Greetings survivors. Next, you will have to be Fast. You will win if you run to the cornucopia, then run to the nearest water source. This has to do with speed and navigation. The winner will get something quite good.

Rick's POV

When I heard the task I was already at the cornucopia. I was making traps. So I decided to make one last one, then look for a water source. There can't be many in this desert. I made the trap out of vines form this weird, lone tree, right near the cornucopia. And then I realized that trees need water. Once I finish, I quickly run over there. But I hear someone approaching, so I decide to climb the tree. However, the light is beginning to come in, so soon I'll need to leave. I climb up and see Lacey approaching. I am beginning to sweat as the temperature rises. And then I see it. Around this tree is dark sand. As you go further away, the sand gets lighter. But everyone is coming. I decide to try to hang a snare from the tree and jump down. I quickly do it, then immediately dig around the tree. And then I see a little device with a button. It says on it: PASS A TASK. I've won.

Lacey's POV

The careers arrived late. I went to the cornucopia, wondering where to find the water source. But when they get there, I hide. They send Finch in to check out the cournucopia. All of a sudden, she steps on a twig, and her body is brought up two fett into the air. It's a trap. The careers don't want to waste time, so I see Carolyn cut her head off with an axe. I decide to not try this mission.

Lori's POV

Finch is dead. We take out the map and look for a water source. Just then, Claudius Templesmith talks. "Greetings. A tribute has emerged victorious in the task of speed. This task has taken only one person, D5F. Good luck and talk to you tomorrow."

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