Welcome Panem ! I am your president, Predisdent Aqua Snow ! The great great granddaughter of president snow.

Now so we can just get on with it. Tributes from previous games have been revamped due to capitol technology.

The new alive tributes in there teenager stages are.

Glimmer, Clove, Marvel, Cato, Foxface/Finch, Johanna Mason, Enobaria, Lyme, Katniss everdeen, Peeta mellark,Rue, Treesh.

Now 4 of these tributes will be put in these next games, YOU have to vote. Good luck tributes. May the odds be ever in your favor


~ You may enter up to 3 tributes.

~You can vote twice a day for your favorite charecter into the next games.

~I have nothing else to say aha , May the odds be ever in you favor.


First 4 revamped tributes who get to votes will be in tese games








Skills (atleast2):

Weaknesses (at least 2):



Name District Age Gender Weapon

Revamped tributes

Name Age District Weapon Gender


For each tribute you enter you have 700 sponsor dollars

Oh wait which ever tribute with the altogether highest training score gets an extra 300

If you have any ideas for items comment them and ill put tem on the list

Sponsor your tributes in the comments


Sword 250$

Axe 200$

Bow and Arrows 275$

Spear 230$

10 throwing knives 175$

1 ball mace 220$

2 ball mace 240$

3 ball mace 250$

Saw 200$


Painkillers 80$

Burn cream 90$

Cold medicine 60$

20 cough candies 30$

Flu medicine 75$

Infection cream 100$

Infection Protection 110$

Cut ointment 80$

Bandaids(40) 50$


Clean 1 litre bottle water 30$

Dirty water 1 litre can be boiled 20$

Dried food (andom amounts nothing less then 10) 40$

Fresh fruit 45$

Hot broth 50$

Energy bar 40$

Energy drink 45$

Milk choclate 60$

Bag of treats (choclate,candy,sweets, etc.) 55$

Turkey leg 35$

Dried beef strips 40$

Living needs

Sleeping bag 60$

Blanket 30$

Matches 25$

Rope 20$

Fishhook 40$

Chicken traps 50$

Kleenex 20$

Atshma inhaler 400$

Eppupen 400$

Allergy medication 350$


Ill make this today or tomorrow.


I just need to do these

Training scores


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