Welcome Panem !


President Saphire

This is your president speaking. Now this year in the honor of the 8th Quarter Quell. We will be having 1 family from each district including the capitol and 13. The ages will range from 5 - 90. If anyone is reaped younger or older than that they will be staying back. 1 Family may win. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor (;


~First off I dont want anyone commenting saying I copied the other family games, Its like saying somebody copied susane collins writing a diffrent games.

~2 Families per user.

~This WILL become a series, Not a family games evey year but just a series ya know ?, It will have 5 or so parts.

~Dont cry if a tribute dies, You have better things to do in life, Trust me.

~ Up to 7 members of the family

~I make lunaii's

~ No more rules. May the odds be ever in your favor (:

Families / Tributes




















District 1:

Names Ages Weapons Skills Stategy Weakness

District 2:

Names Ages Skills Weapons Strategy Weakness

District 3:

Names Ages Skills Weapons Strategy Weakness

District 4:

Names Ages Skills Weapons Strategy Weakness

District 5:

Names Ages Skills Weapons Strategy Weakness
Brooklyn Spark 38 Taking care of the family, Sensing danger. Bow and arrows Hide and move frequently Seeing a loved one die
Wayne Spark 84 Hiding Cane, Mace. Stay by group. Running and fighting.
Simon Spark 41 Fighting, Caring for family. Spear, Chain. Never let the kids fight. Swimming.
Danielle Spark 15 Keeping people company, Running. Throwing knives. Keep every body entertained and happy. Darkness
Mina Spark 7 Being sneaky, Hiding eletric slingshot Stay with sisters and mom Darkness,Being alone
Daisy Spark 7 Sneakiness,Being cute Poision slingshot Stay with sisters and mom Climbing, Being alone

District 6:

Names Ages Skills Weapons Strategy Weakness

District 7:

Names Ages Skills Weapons Strategy Weakness

District 8:

Names Ages Skills Weapons Strategy Weakness

District 9:

Names Ages Skills Weapons Startegy Weakness

District 10:

Names Ages Skills Weapons Startegy Weakness

District 11:

Names Ages Skills Weapons Strategy Weakness

District 12:


Names Ages Skills Weapons Strategy Weakness
Echo Lavyathin 16 She is amazingly stealthy, is really strong, pretty, she can swim, climb, and run really really well. She is an amazing tracker, and she can (kind of) communicate with wolves, but just barely. Knife, Barehands,Teeth ? She's not the best socially, doesn't understand the hunger games a bit but doesn't realize it's the capitol's fault, she only sees the tributes trying to kill her.
Belle White 6 Running, Hiding, Being quiet, Climbing Eletric slingshot. Stick close to group unless they must split up. Seeing death, She is only 6 so when she sees death it makes her sad. She dosent like killing either, She fears being alone
Gavin Brasette 17 Strength,Speed,Knoledge Spear,Sword. Take care of the family and stay quiet Seeing Echo die, Little kids being hurt, Rats.
Trisha Lanyas 67 Knloledge,Wizdom, Bow and arrows Teach life lessons that will save the rest of the family and spare herself if needed If a family member gets hurt. Runiing (she has a cane)
Katelyn Azgar 29 Speed, Strength,Caring Throwing knives Stay close with group, Find routes, Climb trees to locate tributes Seeing a young one hurt.

BIO: Trisha was born in the richer area of district 12 with her daughter Katelyn, They were then forced to move beacause a skunk infestation. They had to move to the seam. They spotted wolves outside the district often, One day she offered a girl who was with the wolves a place to stay. She knew basic english and very little about the games, Throughout the years she were taught the traditions of panem. by time she when she was 10 an 11 yearold boy came to the door of the little house and begged for a place to stay, They were abandoned by their parents. They grew up as family together and consider themselves blood brothers mothers etc.


For each family you have 1500 in sponsor money.

Oh wait which ever family with the altogether highest training score gets an extra 500

If you have any ideas for items comment them and ill put tem on the list

Sponsor your family in the comments


Sword 250$

Axe 200$

Bow and Arrows 275$

Spear 230$

10 throwing knives 175$

1 ball mace 220$

2 ball mace 240$

3 ball mace 250$

Saw 200$


Painkillers 80$

Burn cream 90$

Cold medicine 60$

20 cough candies 30$

Flu medicine 75$

Infection cream 100$

Infection Protection 110$

Cut ointment 80$

Bandaids(40) 50$


Clean 1 litre bottle water 30$

Dirty water 1 litre can be boiled 20$

Dried food (andom amounts nothing less then 10) 40$

Fresh fruit 45$

Hot broth 50$

Energy bar 40$

Energy drink 45$

Milk choclate 60$

Bag of treats (choclate,candy,sweets, etc.) 55$

Turkey leg 35$

Dried beef strips 40$

Living needs

Sleeping bag 60$

Blanket 30$

Matches 25$

Rope 20$

Fishhook 40$

Chicken traps 50$

Kleenex 20$

Atshma inhaler 400$

Eppupen 400$

Allergy medication 350$


Ill do these

Training scores

Ill post these




will last 1-4 weeks. so be excited !

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