Explaination and Twist 1

WELCOME PANEM ! President snow speaking so this years quarter quell is very interesting. 24 past victors shall be reaped, along with 40 citizens, Adding to that will be the 7 evacuated tributes from the arena. Rue, Thresh, Marvel,Cato,Glimmer,Finch,Clove. Along with them Sencena Crane shall join, Along with primrose everdeen. Some stylists have been chosen along with a few prep teams including. Cinna Vaught, Octavia Gloss, Portia Taylor. Oh no thats not close to it, Gale and Rory Hawthrone shall be reaped. District 12's escort Effie Trinket and head trainer Atala. Why not just throw in 2 more victors annie cresta and brutus. Foxface's Brother Arvin Crosseley. That shall be all for this years tributes. giving us 83 tributes. 15 victors will be crowned. Thats it and may the odds be ever in your favor

Twist 2

Just for the fun of these games. there will be 1 shotgun placed at the back of the cornucopia, it can be used as a weapon but it is the only one. we want this quell to have 100+ tributes so for that we have added more. 12 more tributes will be reaped. prining us to 95 tributes. Haymitch Abernathy, Madge Undersee, President coin of district 13, Tigris from the capitol, and snows great great granddaughter. giving us 100 tributes. again 15 will be crowned. more tributes shall be added in the near future. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Twist 3 (BIG TWIST !)

Due to an avox not waking up on point yeasterday, 10 avoxes shall join the games. 2 families from district 2 each with 5 people. ages 4-90. Since there will only be private training to show the gamemakers what you got. Each person who worked at the training stations will be reaped. giving us 10 more tributes. 20 people were rounded up in the city square in the capitol aged 9-44 with bring our grand total so far to 150 tributes. Good luck and may the ods be ever in your favor

This will be a series.

Tributes (pre chosen)

These are the victors I chose for the games. Some with unmentioned names I just made up.

Female Male
Cashmere D1 Gloss D1
Enobaria D2 Lyme D2(FEMALE)
Wiress D3 Beetee D3
Mags D4 Finnick D4
Emily Mandess D5 Curtis Heal D5
Carly Davies D6 Travis Molcan D6
Johanna Mason D7 Blight D7
Cecilia D8 Woof D8
Seder D11 Chaff D11
Katniss Everdeen D12 Peeta Mellark D12
Annie Cresta D4 Brutus D2

Also since last year games 7 tributes were saved they shall attened this years games

Name District
Marvel Sanford 1
Glimmer Belcourt 1
Cato Hadley 2
Clove Kentwell 2
Foxface Finch Crossley 5
Thresh Morrowson 11
Rue Barnette 11

Last years gamemaker for his mistakes and katniss' sister

Name District
Sencena Crane C
Primrose Everdeen 12

Some more added

Name District
Cinna Vaught C
Portia Taylor C
Octavia Gloss C
Effie Trinket C
Atala C
Gale Hawthorne 12
Rory Hawthorne 12
Arvin Crossley 5

Reaped Tributes

4 Tributes a person.

Dont make like SUPER TRIBUTES.

Also dont make tributes who are plain and nothing.

Please dont spam when people are submitting forms,

Please follow THIS form.,

Thats all now lets get to thee fun stuff (:









Reaped or volunteered:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:


Name Age Gender Weapon District
Cache Reebok 18 Male Spear, sword, knives (not to throw ) 1
Female 1
Male 1
Female 1
Jako Monkor 17 Male Sword and whip (Mostly sword though) 2
Female 2
Male 2
Kasey Lonta 12 Female Knives 2
Jabin Volts 13 Male Using electric and making it schock people, Knife 3
Newle 12 Female Violent, smart, wires, mines, knives 3
Male 3
Kachang Mindi 12 Female Using electric and making it schock people, Axe 3
Male 4
Female 4
Male 4
Female 4
Male 5
Electrona 14 Female Stealth, knowledge of edible and poisonous plants, Throwing knives, throwing darts( Gives option to poison them) 5
Male 5
Female 5
Male 6
Female 6
Male 6
Female 6
Male 7
Cherry Fantius 14 Female

Dirty Blonde Hair, Blue/White Eyes, Peach Skin, Rosey Cheeks

Male 7
Female 7
Justin 16 Male Mace; Katana Sword 8
Kylie Stewart 17 Female Long blonde hair with blue and pink streaks; Green eyes; light skin; Dolphin earrings; Glitter; 5'9" 8
Kelvin Minco 18 Male Mace; Arm; Hand to Hand 8
Female 8
Male 9
Female 9
Male 9
Female 9
Anthony Ledore 17 Male Blonde hair pale blue eyes. 10
Female 10
Male 10
Female 10
Male 11
Female 11
Male 11
Female 11
Male 12
Isabella Theera 16 Female Dark brown hair cascading in curls, With glass like gray eyes 12
Male 12
Female 12


There will be 5 gamemakers and if the tribute spots fill up faster ill just forget about them.

I will have a seprate blog for gamemakers.






Name Age Job
Kodela 24 Head gamemaker


~!You sponsor your own tributtes.

~ Each tribute you submit gets 700 dollars in spending money.

~Every other tribute has 700 dollars and you can contribute to them.

~I will update the chart below after every time I update it will tell you how much money the tributes have left and things they need.


Name District Items bought Money left Things needed
Primrose Everdeen 500
Clove Kentwell 500
Cato Hadley 500
Glimmer Belcourt 500
Marvel Sanford 500
Rue Barnette 500
Thresh Morrowson 500
Foxface Finch Crossley 500
Cashmere 500
Gloss 500
Enobaria 500
Lyme 500
Betee 500
Wiress 500
Finnick Odair 500
Mags 500
Anie Cresta 500
Emily Mandess 500
Curtis Heal 500
Carly Davies 500
Travis Molcan 500
Johanna Mason 500
Blight 500
Cecilia 500
Woof 500
Seder 500
Chaff 500
Katniss Everdeen 500
Peeta Mellark 500
Brutus 500
Sencena Crane 500
Portia Taylor 500
Octavia Gloss 500
Cinna Vaught 500
Effie Trinket 500
Atala 500
Gale Hawthorne 500
Rory Hawthorne 500
Arvin Crossley 500


Sword 250$

Axe 200$

Bow and Arrows 275$

Spear 230$

10 throwing knives 175$

1 ball mace 220$

2 ball mace 240$

3 ball mace 250$

Saw 200$


Painkillers 80$

Burn cream 90$

Cold medicine 60$

20 cough candies 30$

Flu medicine 75$

Infection cream 100$

Infection Protection 110$

Cut ointment 80$

Bandaids(40) 50$


Clean 1 litre bottle water 30$

Dirty water 1 litre can be boiled 20$

Dried food (andom amounts nothing less then 10) 40$

Fresh fruit 45$

Hot broth 50$

Energy bar 40$

Energy drink 45$

Milk choclate 60$

Bag of treats (choclate,candy,sweets, etc.) 55$

Turkey leg 35$

Dried beef strips 40$

Living needs

Sleeping bag 60$

Blanket 30$

Matches 25$

Rope 20$

Fishhook 40$

Chicken traps 50$

Kleenex 20$

Atshma inhaler 400$

Eppupen 400$

Allergy medication 350$



Before Games


After Games

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