Hello people of panem.!

This is your president Kodela speaking.

The hunger games this year the same as any before.

With one slight twist.

2 female tributes will be reaped from district 1 and 2 male tributes from distrct 12.


Au revoir (;


~ These are the rules with your tribute

~Post a picture with your tribute NOT A LUNAII

~ If you dont submit one i will have to, and you may not like it.

~Dont whine if your tribute dies

~ The tribute limit is 4 tributes per user

~May the odds be ever in your favor


tribute name :






Picture: Allie?:

Tribute names

These are the tributes of the 799th annual hunger games !!!!

Name Gender Age District Weapon Looks Tribute iD
Velvet Shine(career) Female 16 1 Bow & Arrows, Knives, Beauty Dirty Blond Hair, Sky Blue Eyes, Tan Skin, Skinny, 5"8 1
Serena Garcia(career) Female 18 1 Axe, Throwing Knives Light Brown Hair, Mystic Green Eyes, Tall, Athletic, Skinny, 6"0 2
Xandra Mondella(career) Female 15 2 Throwingknives,Spear

Deep red

hair pale green eyes and flush tan skin

Arran Harthorn (career) Male 16 2 Sword He is quite handsome, he has short blonde hair that flops just the right way, Dazziling green eyes that mark him as a Harthorn. He is Muscular but very skinny. 4
Lux Marlowe Female 17 3 Mainly knives and swords. Also, she is not bad at a crossbow. Long blonde hair, baby blue eyes. Tall, pale skin, beautiful. 5
Zap Cowen Male 14 3 Wire, Brains Blonde hair with a streak of gray, (had an accident with electricty and paint) bright gold eyes and is very skinny and small 6
Bonnibelle Lineier(career) Female 18 4 Bow and Arrows,and Wire Dark Brown Strait Hair with Aburn Highlights, Ice Blue eyes,Skinny,5'7 7
Colt Waters Male 14 4 Trident, Nets, Sword, Throws tomahawks a bit on the short side, muscular, medium length beach blonde hair, Sea green eyes 8
Katie Sundapple Female 15 5 Sword. (Brown Hair; Blue Eyes; 5,4) 9
Sam Jenkins Male 18 5 Sword. ????????? 10
Paige Elementa Female 15 6 Throwing Knives, Fists Pretty, Black Hair,Brown Eyes 11
James Fern Male 17 6 Spear Brown hair Green eyes 12
Katniss Jane Female 14 7 whip Blonde Hair, cyan eyes, flawless skin 13
Fraiser Daniels Male 17 7 Throwing Axes, Throwing Knives.


Daina Coleman Female 16 8 Dart gun, Needle, Thread/rope

Pale white skin Dark brown hair with some lighter


pale blue eyes

Craig Guillian Male 18 8 Knives,Hand to Hand Combat Handsome,Brownish Black Hair,Brown Eyes,Abs Fit 16
Zia Rosy Female 12 9 Dagger, Speed, Hiding Dark Brown Hair, Light Brown Eyes, Tan Skin, Always Has A Rose In Her Hair (District Token), Is Really Small, And Skinny, 4"8. 17
Levi Bond Male 15 9 Sickle Knife Black Hair, Blue Eyes, White Skin 18
Sienna Goldsmith Female 17 10 knives,trowing knnives Beautiful,black hair,brown eyes 19
Colton Summers Male 17 10 Sword Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, and White Skin. 20
Havanna "Hanna" Whittle Female 15 11 Throwing Knives and a Bow, she is good with a spear too. Dark brown hair that falls to her back, dazziling blue eyes that shimmer brighter than Allie's. Her eyebrows are light and thin, her nose small and perky. Her lips are full. She pretty much looks like Allie only younger. 21
Blaine Brown Male 12 11 Speed, Slingshot White/Blonde hair, Brown eyes 22
Rory Hawthorne Male 14 12 Katniss-like with a bow and arrow, Throws knives, swords, hand to hand combat Tall, handsome, black hair, pale skin, grey (Seam) eyes. 23
Aaron Flame Male 14 12 Spear, Knife, Poisened slingshot. Tan skin Black hair and deep green eyes 24

Tribule gallery


I will be giving one picture and hint about the arena every day untill the games

There will be a slideshow of pictures

  • The corn patch behind the tribute plates it is taller and longer twords the trees though
  • The lake located in the forest/meadow
  • Deep in the forest to the right of the cornucopia
  • The cornucopia haha kind of obvious
  • Behind the forest. View of the moutains near the forcefeild in the arena.
  • These are the beautiful flowers in the arena, If a tribute inhales enough it will kill them or cause powerful hullusionasions
  • The watefall located west in the arena, Its the freshest water you can get and unpoisened
  • The flamingos in the arena that plant their beak in your stomach and rips out your lungs.
  • The ducks with the poison bite. will cause drowsiness and needs medicine or else you will be dead in a day.
This years cornucopia will be placed 50 metres away from the tribute plates.

There is lots of posionus materials in the arena.

So YOU will be thesponsor of your tribute so you MUST pay attention.

If you have 1 tribute in the games you will have 100 dollars to spend

If you have 2 tributes in the games you will have 250 dollars to spend

if you have 3 tributes in the games you will have 375 dollars to spend

and if you have 4 tributes in the games youll have 500 dollars to spend



Item Cost
Fresh bottled water 10 dollars
Dirty bottled water 5 dollars
Energy bar 10 dollars
Energy drink 15 dollars
Hot broth 20 dollars
Fresh fruit 4 peices 10 dollars
Dried fruit 8 peices 5 dollars
Dried meat 4 pieces 8 dollars
Canned peaches 6 dollars


Item Cost
10 Spear heads 20 dollard
5 Arrows 15 dollars
Net 5 dollars
5 meter long rope 8 dollars
8 Unpoisened darts 8 dollars
6 Poisened darts 16 dollars
Blowgun amo 15 dollars
30 Needles 20 dollars
1 Bow 55 dollars
1 spear 50 dollars
20 throwing knives 35 dollars
Sword 30 dollars

Item Cost
Cut ointment 50 dollars
Painkillers 55 dollars
Sleeping pills 45 dollars
Energy pill 60 dollars
Heal fast cream 60 dollars

The tribute with the highest training score will be rewarded 2 extra points even know its not alot it could be life or death !


This is a really cool job and you must have a ribute to be a gamemaker.

I will assign your gamemaker a job and you just needa fill out this form




Gamemaker chart

Name Age Job Speacialty
Kodela 34 Head Gamemaker Arena Creating, ideas, Disasters
Thyme justice 35 Assistant game maker Creativity,Mutts,Disasters
crocodilus aurantiacis 26 Arena disaster creator Arena disasters Traps Creativity Arena building
Arena Traps Maker
Arena objects builder


Velvet Shine's POV: Why wouldnt I volunteer for the games? Get revenge on the district male who killed my father. Of course its not the same person but atleast they had to have seen eachother at somepoint, Right? I wouldnt volunteer unless I knew I could win, But being a career and all it gives me that much more of a chance ! Training for the careers is our time to observe other tributes, Figure out our prey and realize our threats. I am the best archer in the room everyone else is pathetic. This years careers look pretty easy to thow over with my beauty. I cant wait to hear the head game maker yell my name declairing im the winner of this years games !Training

Daina Coleman's POV: I cant wait for the games. Finnally someone else can slaughter me and capitol citizens will laugh, Puts me out of my misery eh ? I want all the makeup plastered on my face off. The gamemakers have been pretty impressed on how I can work with rope and use my bow and arrows. Just 2 days ago I had to watch my best friend be excucuted for crying beacause I was reaped, Its ridiculous. I have been paying attention to every other tribute while they are training. This one girl stands out. Paige Elementa District 6 I think?. I go up to her, Would you like to be allies ? I ask shyly

Paige Elementa's POV:Would you like to be allies? The girl from district 8 asks, Well umm sure !I reply. This girl is beautiful and ive spotted her working with her bow, Shes amazing !.Whats your name I ask. 'Daina she replys softly. We just kind of sit around not talking creating things with rope and doing reasearch on plants. All gets pretty boring for the gamemakers, Untill I hear the district 2 female yell Hey

Xandra Mondellas POV: Hey ! I yell. Whats your name Havvanah ?, Well it looks like you have my knife dosent it now ? This isnt your knife! she yells back. Well since your such a good liar your the first one i get in the arena, Keep that in mind.. She just walks away rolling her eyes like some diva. Im not a normal career I was reaped I hate the games. What else is there to say. Im the most loyal district to the capitol. District 2, They make the place seem like wonderland but id much rather be starving in district 12.

Craig Gullian's POV: Across the room a girl catches my eye, just my type. I dont even know her she just has this thing about her. I get the gutts to walk over and say Hey!. She observes me and replys a soft Hey. She has the most perfect voice. It dosent cross my head tht only one of us can win, But before I can think it slips out if she wants to be my allie. Sure she replys in that sweet voice of hers. We venture off from eachother and practice in front of the gamemakers. Dont let a girl stop you from winning i think to myself.

Sienna goldsmiths POV: The boy from district 9 approached me and we made an ally. I feel embarassed beacause I was totally falling for him. I must look ridiculous. One can win, The thought makes me sick. I hope I die at the cornucopia so I dont have to hear the screaming people begging for their lives. The capitol is sick.

Colton Summers' POV: I could win. those are the words ive been repeating in my headsince the day I was reaped. Beacause as a matter of fact I could. District 10 is a horrible place, The smell of dead animals. We are forced to kill the animals from a young age. Thats why im skilled with my sword, Although my father had opened a vegetable shop so I got away from the animals a few years ago. I spot 2 girls sitting by the weapons, Observing them or something. I approach them I know they are allies, I just do. Can I join your group ? I ask. They observe me and give a small nod of the head. We converse and I se their beautiful eyes. Ill use them for awhile and finish then off somehow I think.

Aaron Flame's POV: 2 District 12 males. The problem is they rigged something up. One of my friends along with me got reaped, Were both 12. All the capitol wants is some great suspence. So I find there fix. Im going to win impress my district. But im 12 i think. Theres no chance.


Paige elementa's POV: Today is the day we go infront of the gamemakers in a private room. We show our skills and we are evaluated and our odds are calculated. Every tribute will be screened around the capitol. Millions of people seeing my face, It makes me feel like there is worms in my stomach. Sick. That girl Daina, We could make it pretty far. Shes smart, She is amazing with hitting a target spot on with a small needle and she can make a deathly knot in seconds and her and that bow is remarkable. I guess im pretty smart too I guess but I Have No Chance On Winning. I close my eyes wishing.

Xandra Mondellas POV:Sitting here waiting for my name to be called. Im next and I better impress those gamemakes. I will be sucsessful. I watch the second girl from district 1 Velvet. Shes not the best with her bow, Not as good as hat district 8 girl. She puts her bow down, And the robotic voice calls Xandra Mondella I look at the other tributes in the waiting room, They look at me as a threat. But I am sweet, but these are the hunger games im going to be firece. I walk into the room my inssides freeze as I have to impress them or ill be an embarrassment to all of Panem, My family, everyone. I pick up 8 knives take a deep breath. I glance at the gamemakers and they have there attention is focused on me. I throw my knives and hit the dummies in the heart bladder area and stomach except one knie missed the dummy. My eyes tear beacause this is so important. Its not my fault its 9am. Tomorrow are the games well interviews of course. But than after that the games -.-

Daina Colemans POV: I sit waiting for my name to be called, they skippedme and in the end they never even said my name. In the end the robotic voice asks me to stay back. I give Paige a hug and she leaves to dress her self for her interviews and get her makeup done, The head gamemaker makes his was out of the huge steel doors. He approachces me and takes a seat Miss Coleman He says softly. You showed the greatest work with that bow that ive seen in the games history.You have gotten a full training score along with your allie paige. You have a chance at these games but remember, Be wise. He leaves back through the steel doors, The robotic voices indicates me to go back to my room to get ready for interviews. Be wise what does he mean.

Levi Bonds POV: The training. The eval. The reaping. Everything is too overwhelming. I wont win. I got a lowsy training score that knife missed the dummy. the rainers laughed and lost attention. So i left. No chance in winning the crowd over tonight. Ill be dead in the bloodbath. There is nothing to hope for.

Sienna Goldsmiths POV:Im the next person being interviewed. I see cesar,Hair is white.everything else pretty much the same. Sienna goldsmith cesar yells. I make my way up to the stairs I get scared seeing my face on the big screens. Seeing the hundreds of thousands in the audience. Imagining the million more seeing my face. I sit down closing my eyes for a second of comfort. Cesar is looking at me awkward. expecting me to answer something, What? I say stupidly. The audience almost pees them self laughing.Ceasar giggles and says how did it feel being reaped ? he asks and I reply. I make the loudest sneeze and I hear it echo across the hall. and im instantly embarassed.


Paige elementas POV: Ceaser asks me if I could chop The glass table. I ask him It will shatter it dosent just break in half I say questioningly The audience laughs. There laughing at everything I dont get it . Ceasar said just do it in a funny but rude voice. 2 Capitol avoxes come out with the table and exit quietly, Considering the have no tounges I wouldnt expect them to be loud. I hatter the glass and the crowd gasps, The buzzer sounds and I walk off the stage. That was horrible. Now after every tribute has finishes their interview there score is projected outside. Somehow I have gotten a 12/12 in training I am shocked. Daina has too. My odds are 3-1. I have hope, Untill I spot the district 1 and 4 careers laughing at me and I am embarassed. I sit down wondering what there is to be embarassed about. But I just am. The games are tomorrow, My ally is Daina and I have hope.

Sorry I cant finish the interviews. But i going to make the games extra special (;


Xandra Mondellas POV: Im a career, Im nice but I cant be in the games. I have to be a killing machince. I can win, I will win. Thats what I think to myself as im raised into the arena. It smells so fresh, The land is so beautiful Im the third in the arena. The other tributes rise up, The girls have on a mint green top with khaki pants. Now that does not match, The guys have on khaki pants and a mint blue top. We look ridiculous.The last tribute in the arena in the little boy from 3, I feel bad fpr him but I repeat in my head what I said before. Then the countdown start and my heart starts beating. 60 .. 59 .. 58, I see a spear and a bag of throwing knives close by. 57 .. 56 .. 55 .. 54 .

Paige elementas POV: I see a bag of throwing knives 42 .. 41 ..40 I cant get them there is so many other tributes, 38 .. 37 .. 36, I see daina and colton, Craig and siena, We all are allies we made it after training.Daina Is closing her eyes and wishing for something, Colton looks ready, Craig is stretching, and sienna is blocked off by Katie from district 5. 24 .. 23 .. 22 .. 21. I can imagine my face projected everywhere over the capitol. I wonder what my mother thinks, My father who cared for me so deeply. I cant think of that right now The 799th hunger games are about to start.

Colton Summers POV: I liked her first, Im from the same district as her. We are now allies, I can prove im the guy and kill him. 14 .. 13 .. 12 ..

Havvana WHiteele's POV: I feel punked, Embarrassed by the district 2 girl. Shes my biggest threat. I can hardly think. The numbers are getting low 9 .. 8 .. 7 .. I see a bow camofage I am going to get it. 4..3..2..

Katie sundapples POV: 1.. MAY THE 799TH ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES BEGIN !!!!!! The tributes slide off their plates and run to the cornucopia there is a corn patch behind the plates noone ran behind there, I see the sword I need . I jet twords it as a trident goes trough my neck. Everything turns to blobs and I shake my self try to get up, Its no use. BOOM!

Colt walters POV: I killed the first tribute, I whisper to my slef. Its a good feeling. I meet up with velvet and Xandra, Nobody has ran out of the cornucopia, Everyone is grabbing all the supplies. Velvet shoots an arrow through The district 3 boys leg but he dosent die he moves out of the bloodbath slowly.

Daina Coleman's POV: I saw Velvet hurt the district 3 boy and she is laughing so hard. I feel dugusted, So I send a poisened dart through her neck, BOOM! Colt runs twoads me I cant kill him. I run to where my allies are standing and he gives up, Paige, Craig, Sienna, Colton and I make our way to the waterfall noise we hear and soon enough we meet up. We still hear action at the cornucopia and I hear 4 CANNONS BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!. We need to find out who the killer is, They are a definate threat. Paige tells us we need to find that district 3 boy. We all listen and go to the direction he went. We hear The district 6 boy run up behind us with his spear. Paige instantly knocks him over and stabs him in the throat. BOOM! That was gross.


Paige Elementas POV: I survived the blood bath. Our group has found a cave on te other side of the waterfall, The anthem plays and sienna runs out to see the deaths. She comes back in 7 deaths she The boy who set of those 3 cannons is dead District 5 girl Zia the little girl The guy who paige killed Career Daina killed and the boy from 12 she says horrified. Sleep Says Daina. Ill be watchout.

Bonnibelle Lineier's POV: One carreer is dead, All the rest are sleeping.Im lookout tonight. Everybody hates colt, He says he will kill us all. But hes weak I can kill him now, As a matter of fact I will, not now but soon.

Lux Marlowe: Hey I say to the boy from my district. You okaay ? I ask. He nods. Dont kill me please he says softly I wont I say with a giggle Sleep you need it I tell him He passes out on my lap. He is such an angel I wont let anything happen to him.


Day 2

Paige Elementas POV: We all are awake we nibble on the few pices of food we got in our packs.We all sniffle, There is some kind of burning smell. Daina goes outside to look, Weve become really good friends. She comes out takes her gu nand says FIRE STORM . We all exit the cave we ave to be carefl not to fall in to the waterfall. Once we are all out we jet as fast as we can into the meadow, The storm is savage, We hear a gurgling sound and we look back to see Volcanoes erupting as high as ever. We hear screams from tributes. The heat can be felt all the way from here. We stop for a break which was not a good idea. The lava is about 3 meters away from us. We climb a tree to avoid. Colton pushes Craig from the tree and we see hid body flow with the lava BOOM!. Sienna screams and pushes in colt, He yells a mumbled word. BOOM!. I try to breathe noral but its impossible. Sienna looks at me horrified I think I loved him She said and she then threw herslef in the Lava. I scream breathly. She bobs back up and you she her melted body. BOOM!. Daina and I look at eahother.

Daina Coleman's POV: Paige and I climb higher untill we found a branch of support. Our group is down to us two again. Why are the gamemakers messing with us so early ? We hear a scream from a girl then a loud BOOM! Paige looks so horrified beyond belief.Why was I reaped I think to myself .Why. The lava stops along with the fire. We see an open prarie close by some mountains and we make our way there. We still must find that boy Paige says. What boy The district 3 girl says harshly with her sword in hand.

Paige Elementas POV: The boy from 3 we were going to help him, we saw his leg ! i say between breaths. She puts down her sword then giggles. Come with me hes over here She says sweetly. We walk over to their camp, We dont speak while we walk its been a hard day. We see the boy Zap. is leg is severe, He must be very strong to handle that pain, Noone in the arena has gotten sponsored but right now it would be nice to get heal fast medicinne, for him. Painkillers well for me to give him, I feel bad for the kid. The girl from 3 explains how if we can get and identify the forcefield Zap and her could electrocute the waterfall area, It will kill all tributes in the area. We should make our way there dont you think? I say When Zap and Daina wake we will explain the plan and make our way. But we need some kind of schedule on carrying zap she says seriously. Ill take him from noon till sunset I say Alright sounds good Lux says

Xandra Mondellas POV: Dark is neering, Serena Aaran,Bonibbelle and Colt. Tonight is where I kill my first tribute or shall I say tributes. Aaran the boy from my district hes older than me and bigger but I find him helpless. Colt ... Hes only fourteen, I cant do that but I atleast must hurt him. I voulunteer as the lookout for tonight. I can only see well with my flashlight but im ready I get all the the throwing knives at the camping spot. I ready and aim my first one at Serena I dont want to kill her but I have to, I Redo her braid and kiss her forehead. I send the knife through her temple. The cannon dosent go off imediatly but she wakes to the pain and looks at me, Sorry I mouth and kiss her neck where I will send my next knife. BOOM! I must do the rest the other careers will wake. I hug arran as I remember in the train he told me my strength for voolunteering for my brother. I send the knife through his mouth BOOM! I cant help but send the spear through Colts stomach. BOOM! Bonnibelle wakes. We can be allies she says sinerstly. I can help you the gamemakers will do someething to keep us alive now wont they ? 12 tributes left'What do you say now Xandra ? She asks There is 11 tributes in this arena And I send a spear through her neck. BOOM! She wouldve punked me anyways.

Blaine Browns POV: Im alive I dont know how, I havent eaten since the day before the games, Im sick, Acid has eaten up my skin on my left arm, Now I see the poison snake nearing me, I take it by the neck. Im mature for my age, Also small. I wonder how to kill the snake, But I found a diffrent way. Let The Snake Kill Me. I kiss the snake. Scream out that I love my family and hate the capitol and let the snake sink its venom into my neck, Everthing goes light blue and i choke blood and then I BOOM! died.

Levi Bonds POV: 6 cannons today or was that 7 ? These games are getting me sick, 10 tributes left. The anthem plays 9 tributes today. I think we are at the to 8 tributes. But its only day 2, The capitol is hungry for entertainment. They would love it if the games were done tomorrow. Im going to win, I will win.


Zap Cowens POV: I havent talked much, The girl from my dirstrict the one from 8 and then also 6 are caring for my leg. My thoughts are cut off by the Gamemaker KODELA president kodela. 'attention tributes,. these games are neering the end very fast, all of panem is hungry for entertainment. So therefore we will be holding a feast today at noon, you have 2 hours to get ready. Every tribute has a pack, You all need something desprateltly. Good luck and May the odds be ever in your favor This is an opportuninty for my leg. I wake The others and tell them the news. We make our way to the cornucopia, The countdodwn is restarted. we have 30 seconds and then we get our pack.

Paige elementas POV: I see my pack the number marked 6 on it my district partner I killed him. 5..4..3.. This reminds me of the bloodbath 1 MAY THE FEAST BEGIN yells president kodela. All remaining tributes run for their pack even zap does, maybe it wasnt such a good Idea. Levi took his knife and slit Zap's stomach Daina saw it happen and didnt want to see him hurt again so she said a poision dart through his stomach neck and mouth BOOM!. 7 tributes left. not all tributes have arrived but daina lux and I go to see Zap, he lies there tears slowly moving down his face. He explains one of us must win. Daina hugs him, He dies in her arms about 10 seconds later BOOM! We cant let out our emotions even though we are deeply saddened.

Lux marlowes POV: I come across the district 7 girl, She tackles me and tells me a straight up message thas shes going to kill me. She gets a knife ready, I hear a crack and she spits blood on my shirt BOOM!. Ive never used an axe before says paige, Im terrified I grab my bag and wait for daina and paige. I go back out to see a viscious boy from 12. He nears me and sends a spear through my stomach. EVerything goes cloudy but im not going to stop, I hear Daina crying my name Paige also. I take my last knife and slit his throat. BOOM! my hearing is distorted but paige and daina make there way to me. I say goodbye and i feed dainas tear drip on my face. She slowly rebraids my hair and I say thank you, I shed a tear and then I hear a cannon BOOM! mine.

Daina Colemans POV: Paige we must split up. we are the final 3. me you and the career from 2 I say nervously All the best Daina youre like my sister, If you or I win never forget eachother alright? she replys sad but strongly Lets sit and talk for a little while though i say. she listens and we relax in a tall tree untill head gamemaker comes on the announcements. attention tributes. great job to the final 3, Daina, Paige and Xandra. These games were very quick this year. So the remaining tributes will be evacuated from the arena and immediatly put in a new arena with the victors from the last 6 years and 1 Capitol citizen, that will give us 10 tributes. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor. Paige and I look at eachother, We cans till be allies. But we have to fight the strongest of them all.President kodela comes back on, The remaining 2 tributes will win. Me and Paige could make it out of this arena together. We hope for the best as the hovercraft takes each tribute left first Xanra, she looked near death and frail. Than me and Paige. The games will restart in a few hours.

Added Tributes

Name Age District Weapon
Andy Blade 20 7 Axe
Panthera Bliss 22 CAPITOL Whip, Spear
Minnie Aleesha 19 1 Bow and arrows
Marc Flow 24 9 Sword
Sarah Sharp 22 2 Throwing knives
Anthony Valesquez 21 6 Sword
Katie Mulikow 18 8 Bow and arrow

Xandra Mondellas POV: We are lifted into the new arena, We got fed and redressed. One victor from my district is here and then a few unfamiliar ones. The capitol citizen looks way diffrent, Light pink tinted skin White hair and drssed in what were wearing. Awkward. The new arena looks like a city, Obviously aboandoned, But everything is very nice looking. The tribute plates are in a school field. The countdown starts. This time from 30. 29 .. 28 .. 27 .. I dont think I can actually win anymore that girl from my district is amazing.

Katie Mulikow's POV: I recognize her the girl from my district I spoke to her once after she was reaped of course, I wasnt her trainer or mentor though. Just some breif tips. Shes made it this far, Why couldnt she win? Im guessing shell stay with her alliance so I will have a team of 3 and probably the other girls district victor. we have it well off. 15 .. 14 .. 13 I won the games once I guess I can again considering there is 10 tributes. 9 .. 8 .. 7 .. 6 ..5 I look at daina and we meet eyes, we nod indicating we will be allies, The other district Victors do it to their youngsters. 3 .. 2 .. I am so nervous 1. Ladies and gentlemen let the 799th annual hunger games begin once again. I sprint twoards The bow I see closest and I run twards it Daina has her blow gun and is with her allie waiting by one of the houses in the arena The cannon sounds the district 7 boy got chopped with his axe BOOM! by the capitol lady. I run to Daina and Paige, Then I see Paiges District partner also her mentor be stabbed in the abdomen.BOOM!

Paige elementas POV: My mentor was stabbed I cant think about it now, We run as fast and as long as we can, This must of been one of the cities before the apocolypse. It was asaved or something. We make our way to a food complex. Stores with weird names like KFC, Mcdonalds, 711. we barge our way in take as much supplies as we can and make our way into a luxurious home the television is on. It must have been for a thousand years. We find an amuzing show, Spongebob? 4 cannons sound BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! we just have to wait till the sky answers who dies.

Daina Coleman's POV: THE GIRL FROM 2 DIED. SHE WAS AMAZING. the capitol citizen. Marc and Srah. That leaves us and the district 1 girl who is standing at the door in the house.we back away. and she giggle and says Ive won these once and i will again so watch out weaklings. she takes an arrow and skims paiges face causing it to bleed. Its the first day since the restart I cant bellive this. she takes an arrow and sets aim on my abdomen. Paige jumps infront to plant a knfe into her throat which she does but the arrow is already deep inside me.I collapse and they stroke my hair while paige crys. I say thanks and tah we will be friends forever even when im dead and that when I hear the girl from 1's Cannon BOOM! folowed by mine BOOM!

Paige elementas POV: The preassident Kodela comes onto the announcementa. Ladies and gentlemen may I present the winners of the 799TH HUNGER GAMES !. I cant be excited I just hug katie and walk outside waiting for the hovercraft to pick us up. I am stapped to a rope and lifted out of the arena. Finnally. But I finnally realize I won !


Name Placing Killed by How did they die ?
Katie sundapple 24th Colt walters Tident in neck
Velvet Shine 23rd Daina Coleman Dart in neck
Zia Rosy 22nd Fraiser Daniels Axe in skull
Rory Hawthorne 21st Fraiser Daniels Knife in eye
Sam jenkins 20th Fraiser Daniels Axe in Back
Fraiser Daniels 19th Xandra Mondella Spear in abodomen
James Ferm 18th Paige Elementa Stabbed in Throat
Craig Gullian 17th Colton Summers Lava
Colton Summers 16th Sienna Goldsmith Lava
Sienna Goldsmith 15th Herself Lava
Havvannah Whittle 14th Gamemakers Unknown (probably fire)
Serena Garcia 13th Xandra Mondella Knife through temple & neck
Arran harthorne 12th Xandra mondella Knife in neck
Colt Walters 11th Xandra Mondella Spear in stomach
Bonnibelle Liener 10th Xandra Mondella Spear in neck
Blaine Brown 9th Himself/Snake Poison Snake
Levi Bond 8th Daina Coleman Dart im various areas
Zap cowen 7th Levi bond Slit stomach/abdomen
Katniss jane 6th Paige elementa Axe in back
Aaron Flame 5th Lux Marlowe Slit throat
Lux Marlowe 4th Aaron flame Spear in stomach
Andy Blade 10th Panthera Bliss Axe chopped him
Andy Valasquez 9th Minnie aleesha arrow in neck
Xandra Mondella 8th Panthera Bliss Poision dart in eye
Panthera Bliss 7th Sarah Sharp starngled
Marc Flow 6th Sarah SHarp strangled
Sarah Sharp 5th Minnie Aleesha Beheaded
Minnie Aleesha 4th Paige elementa Knife in throat
Daina Coleman 3rd Minnie aleesha Arrow in abdomen

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