Presidents Welcome

Ladies and gentlemen I am your president as you all must be aware of. Now in honor of the 6000th hunger games which is a HUGE landmark for panem, The arena will be like no other but youll just have to wait and see that ! For this years twist just too prove to ALL of panem I lead them. 12 capitol citizens shall be reaped.Good day, And may the odds be ever in your favor. Says president Perry with her high pitched annoying capitol voice.


1. 4 tributes per person.

2. Dont over sponsor.

3.Dont whine if your tribute gets hurt or dies.

4.Have fun.

5.May the odds be ever in your favor









Body type:




bold means it is my tribute

bold italic means tribute is dead

Name Age District Weapon Apperance Gender
Roslind Shimmer(DEAD) 15 1 Stealth and Bow and arrow Long flowing blonde hair, emerald eyes,tall and beautiful Female
Mandin Plaid(DEAD) 17 1 Spear 69 Ashy blonde hair mulatto skin gray eyes Male
Xandra Mondella(DEAD) 15 2 Throwing knives, Spear Deep red hair, Pale green eyes, amd Tanish skin Female
Trafton Porter(DEAD) 18 2 Mace; Scythe; Crossbow Short blonde hair; Blue eyes; Light skin; buff; 6'1" Male
Arizona Secord(DEAAD) 15 3 Sword, Metal, Electronics Dark brown hair Blue eyes Tan skin 59 Female
Noah ...(DEAD) 15 3 Axe looks like the the d3 boy in 74th hg Male
Alanna Tewie(DEAD) 12 4 Trident and net She has light skin light brown long hair, blue eyes and is about 4.10 and is described as BEAUTIFUL Female
Mickey Mcalister(DEAD) 17 4 trident 6"3, Built, short spiked black hair, attractive ( to girls ), deep sea green eyes Male
Isabella Harsin 18 5 Bow and Arrows 55 Blonde long straight Hair Light blue eyes pale skin Female
Amazon Parfum(DEAD) 18 5 Throwing Knives Brown shaggy hair, orange eyes, skinny, kind of scrawny. Male
Pulchra Ego(DEAD) 16 6 Trident; Sharp-Edged Boomerang; Expanding Spikeball (Is rubber at first, but when thrown, expands with spikes) Long blonde hair; crystal blue eyes; makeup to hide emotions; 5'11" Female

Varin Ego

13 6 Curved Blade; Crossbow; Sharp-Edged BOomerang; Trident Medium-Sized brown hair that sticks out; Blue eyes; 5'2"; skinny; wears a hoodie most of the time Male
Jane Skye(DEAD) 15 7 Stealth and Hiding Long Wavy Brown Hair, Violet Eyes, Soft Facial Features and Average Height Female
Palmer Cershaw(DEAD) 18 7 Bare hands, axe, sword He is tall and pale beyond belief. His cheeks are always rosy. He has a buzzcut with brownish stubble from the buzz. He has eyes that change from greenish to bluish depending on the sun( slow change, not right away ). He is not very bulky but has some meat on him and isn't just bones. Male
Daina Coleman(DEAD) 16 8 Blowgun,Rope Goregeous face with pale white skin, Dark brown hair, Baby blue eyes. Female
Peter Garret(DEAD) 14 8 Axe Pale skin Blue eyes shaved head Male
Demetria Rye 13 9 Sai, Axe Orange Hair, Brown Eyes Freckles Female
Rye Skylark(DEAD) 12 9 Mace; Knife Short black hair; Bright Grey eyes; Wheat-colored skin; 4'10"; Skinny Male
Camille Shoki(DEAD) 15 10 bow and arrows bright red hair which is curly up to her waist, which is always in a bun, grey sly eyes. small, 5'5", bony, oval face, natural red lips Female
Gunner Pann(DEAD) 15 10 Sword or knives He is 5"11, six pack, muscular but kind of small, short black messy hair, hazel eyes, tanned pale skin ( like in the middle ) Male
Mondi Bakerman 18 11 none Big, Slow, Tall, Really skinny Female
Kody Simmons(DEAD) 16 11 Throwing Knives 60 Black hairTan skin Mullato skin Brown eyes Male
Maelahna Simmons(Out of arena) 7 11 Running Hiding 49 mullato skin Black ringlet hair brown eyes
Jane Socha(DEAD) 12 12 Spear and knunchucks She is known as the preety girl in District 12, she has long dar hair and white skin with grey eyes Female
Nick Lovizio(DEAD) 12 12 Bow and arrow & knives Tan, Small, Skinny, Big arms Male
kathrine aqua(DEAD) 15 C Bow and arrow long blonde hair, beady red eyes. 55, petit. Female
Lloyd Fluuvis(DEAD) 18 C Whip,Dagger Blonde hair, Unnatural blue eyes,pale skin Male
Azmina Rain(DEAD) 14 C Bow and arrows Dark brown hair, Purple eyes (changed at birth), tan skin, Fang like teeth. Female
Blake Hospadales(DEAD) 17 C Spear Dirty blonde hair, Red eyes, Tan skin. Male
Yolanda Mui(DEAD) 12 C Electrified Slingshot Strawberry blonde, Sea green eyes, Pale skin. Female
Charles Black(DEAD) 18 C Numchucks 64 Natural orange hair Brown eyes Pale skin Male
Veina Locca(DEAD) 12 C knife 54 Red hair Blue eyes Tan skin Female
Trent Vehn(DEAD) 17 C Sword, Trident Blue-Gray surfer hair, blue eyes, tan, athletically built, attractive. Male
Marsha Black 16 C Saurai Sword 60 Natural Orange Hair Green eyes Pale skin Female
Simion Liit(DEAD) 18 C Bow & Throwing knives ill make a lunaii Male
Petra Liit(DEAD) 15 C Axe & Knife ill make a lunaii Female
Mark Styles(DEAD) 18 C kife throwing, running, camoflauge lunaai Male


For each tribute you enter you have 700 sponsor dollars

Oh wait which ever tribute with the altogether highest training score gets an extra 300

If you have any ideas for items comment them and ill put tem on the list

Sponsor your tributes in the comments


Sword 250$

Axe 200$

Bow and Arrows 275$

Spear 230$

10 throwing knives 175$

1 ball mace 220$

2 ball mace 240$

3 ball mace 250$

Saw 200$


Painkillers 80$

Burn cream 90$

Cold medicine 60$

20 cough candies 30$

Flu medicine 75$

Infection cream 100$

Infection Protection 110$

Cut ointment 80$

Bandaids(40) 50$


Clean 1 litre bottle water 30$

Dirty water 1 litre can be boiled 20$

Dried food (andom amounts nothing less then 10) 40$

Fresh fruit 45$

Hot broth 50$

Energy bar 40$

Energy drink 45$

Milk choclate 60$

Bag of treats (choclate,candy,sweets, etc.) 55$

Turkey leg 35$

Dried beef strips 40$

Living needs

Sleeping bag 60$

Blanket 30$

Matches 25$

Rope 20$

Fishhook 40$

Chicken traps 50$

Kleenex 20$

Atshma inhaler 400$

Eppupen 400$

Allergy medication 350$


This arenas theme is trapped in a game.

This game capitol children have and has various buildings and cities

smoldering with smoke and burning

the 2 games this arena is based off of is ...

Modern warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 !

I dont play these game sit just seems like a cool arena.

Capitol tributes who have played this game might have an advantage

The cornucopia is placed at the beach part of the arena which is the best air but the most dangerous part.

The building have food sometimes and rooms and beds.

Certain places have running water.

  • Lunch area in the arena
  • off a balcony of a business.
  • overlooking the city. Ships will be there.
  • Cornucopia area. these tress dont last too muc longer.
  • Gas station.
  • outside the back of a house
  • Some buildings. Some are on fire.
  • A place where they scraped the land to make buildings.
  • wildflowers in the arena, if the scennt is inhaled too much it can cause powerful hullousonations or death.
  • Poisionus Mockingbird.

The arena has... alls, Lunch areas, Resturaunts, Apartments, Houses. and you know

The arena dont have the army men in the pictures .

no more so look at the pictures ! kthxbai.

Reapings and some family goodbyes.


Roslind Shimmer's POV: I didnt sleep all night. Not beacause its the reaping, There is a cat sized rat in the house. Im not sure how it got in but its not in my room thankfully. I run to my closet and grab my outfit for the reaping, I jet back to my bad and change on there. Waist high skirt paired with a fitting cropped top. Not bad, I have to volunteer this year and im quite excited to be a part of the games. As I walk to the hallway my mom is standing on the table, The sight of that rat was disgusting. I pick up the axe on the wall and throw it right on point. No splatters luckily. I look at the clock 9:30 ! I gotta run to the reaping I say bye to my parents and head off.

Mandin Plain's POV: Its been such a competition in our school this year to see who gets picked by the escort. Now that I see the escort Im pretty confident it will be me, Bright blue hair, Gold eyes. The norm from the capitol. The escort makes words from her tiny mouth Welcome district 1, I cant wait for the tributes to step up so lets get to it.. Yound men first, You can hear the many coughs, People need to clear their throat to scream loud enough. She pulls a name and before she speaks I run upstage. Yes young man? She says. Oh just decided to come say hi I say sarcasticly. I volunteer I say giggly. She laughs and moves on to the girls and pulls a girls name and reads Bliss Catrunner. 4-5 Girls run to the stage fighting eachother and seriously hurting for the spot. One makes her way to the stage in perfect condition. Rosiland Shimmer ! The girl says into the mic. The escort reapeats our names and we head for the train.


Alanna Tewie's POV: Great the anthem blasting in my ears. THE HORN OF PLENTY FOR US ALL. Im 12 its my first reaping and my parents already expect me to volunteer. These games are dumb. I walk downstairs to my favorite breakfast. Fish fillet, Its yummy and greay especially with my moms special seasoning. I dont want to wait and talk with my parents, So instead I eat my food french braid my hair and throw on a shimmery navy blue dress. I put on my nice glasses clip my grandfathers astrological pin on. I carefully put on some eyeliner which is almost finished once im done. Use some bronzer and im gone. No point in saying bye to my mom or dad. Ill see them when im back. although I run back in and ask for some money to buy new eyeliner. They give it to me and i head off. I meet up with my friend Cody we walk to the makeup store and I force him to come in to be a man you need to listen to a lady I tell him. I buy the eyeliner and head off to the reaping and no im not volunteering.

Mickey Mcalister's POV: My mom tells me to never volunteer. But my dad forces me. Ive tried when I was 15 but I wasnt picked. My ather said if I dont today hell send me with another family so I guess Why not? The peacekeepers insert that stupid tracker and drain my finger of blood. Which bleeds for a while after. The escort walks out with noticalbly tight skin and some new whiskers. Her dress is awful, The croud giggles a bit and then she explains the usual stuff and shows us the usual video. Then she started with the boys, Should I volunteer? Im not sure. The escort yells into the microphone Cody Aquadeer its a 12 year old boy so I guess I should volunteer. I VOLUNTEER I yell that boy has eyeliner on his shirt I wonder why. I walk to the stage as the escort pulls out the name... Alanna Tewie. Shes also 12, this isnt good the careers wont take her would they.

Alanna Tewies POV: My best friend Now me, Guess I dont have to worry about volunteering, I hold the eyeliner to my side and make my way onstage. The escort reapeats our names and takes us to the back rooms.My father and mother walk in. I wish my baby girl couldve volunteered he says sadly. You are so selfish dad looks like you didnt volunteer, Im 12 dad, 12. You force me to do everything and im not going to put up with it no more, If I come out of those games I want my own house in that village I NEVER want to live with you dad NEVER I say harshly. How dare you He says.Ill be dead in the next 2 weeks who cares i say. My mother says Honey you can do it and I love you ill see you soon alright ? The peacekeepers drag them. I dont feel bad for what I said to my dad im only 12 and he forces his kid to fight to the death its just wrong. The peacekeeper takes me intothe train and assigns me my room I say thanks and lay on the bed. I bet the whole district can hear me crying.

Mickey Mcallister's POV: My mom walks in Bawling my dad looks so happy. Why Mickey why She says. I couldnt let that boy go i say. So proud of my son says my dad. Ill be dead on the first day dad and I didnt do this for you, I did it for that boy keep that in mind i say. The peacekeepers escort my parents out and I leave too. Make my way to my room in the train and take a shower. I stank.


Varin Ego's POV: Im just going to volunteer. This stupid foster home is like being in the arena for years and years to come. If I die ill see my mother up there. My sister agrees too so we wix on our best clothes. I just throw on some tight jeans but not discomforting and a light pinkish dress shirt and spray some fragrance on. My sister has her hair in a bow on the top of her head its so cool. Her dress is long and blue with diamond accents around the sleves. We make our way to the reaping and they play the reaping from 12 and 4 over and over. I guess the other districts sun hasnt rose. My sister and I spilt up ito seprate lines.

Pultchra Ego's POV: Thanks for that tracker that makes me feel so great ! I say to the peacekeeper sarcasticly. I walk into my marked age. The escort is in a rush like they showed on the district 12 reaping. She gets to the girls and speaks a name Cynthis Khokan. I volunteer ! I yell. escort laughs a little and says Wow a volunteer from district 6 and asks me my name. Plutchra Ego I say roboticly with a touch of sarcasm. she moves on to the boys, She sticks her hand in Varin smiles at me. The escort knocks the glass bowl on the ground and she just goes ugh. she picks a name and reads, Jackson Tamshiro! Varin yells IVOULUNTEER and the escort almost dies. 2 VOLUNTEERS she says. wow. He walks up and says his name Varin Ego. Are you to related ? The escort asks. Yes brother and sister Varin says. Good luck to you both she says.

Varin Ego's POV: We both walk straight to the train, We have noone to say goodbye to. My sister and I hug and leave to our rooms.


Palmer Crenshaw's POV: I make my way to the reaping, A 20 minute walk from where I live. Peacekeepers march down the street which has never happened before, Maybe beacause last years reaping district 7 rebelled. The peacekeeper takes my arm and says. I select you to participate in these hunger games. YOU CANT JUST DO THAT ! I say. Presidents orders he says sternly. He grabs this girls arm and then radios in to the president. An announcement came on telling children they are saved from this reaping and they should head to school. Except us.

Jane Skye's ;POV: Can you atleast loosen your grip? I say. The peacekeeper dosent reply. I roll my eyes. We finnaly get to the train. We dont get to say good bye to our family? The boy says, his name is palmer I belive we did gym together once. The peacekeeper replis... They will be notified. I want to see my mom my sister my dad 1 last time beacause the chances of coming back are so slim.I make my way to my room and the boy does too, We dont speak a all, We exchange a few looks and head off. what a great day.


Demitria Rye's POV: I didnt sleep all night, The reaping is the worst thing ever. My cat Plum sleeps by my side and she brinngs me comfort.District 9 had a victor last year so were all well fed and have full running electricity, But when these next games are over thats done. I get up get the energy to wash my hair. Some fragrence I collected from flowers infront of our house we make into shampoo body wash and spray. dont feel like dressing up for the reaping last year I did and got my dress dirty. Instead I throw on some leggings and a over-sized sequin top. I look pretty but my hair needs to dry COMPLETELY. Anything inmy hair is noticable. I sit and eat some fruit yogurt and a cup of tea. She tells me the same thing she did last year Theres 24 and 1 comes out but there is 25,000 slips and that bowl and only 2 get picked. It brings me closure knowing its a 2 in 25,000 chance. I get lazy and put my hair into a ponytail. It looks nie and im of to the reaping I kiss my cat and tell her ill see her soon. Shes like a sister almost I love her. I spray some fragrence and I smell nice I hug my mother and head to the Reapng.

Rye Skylarks POV: They insert that stupid new tracker it hurts so bad its a stupid policy. Second year in the reaping I was in last year as a punishment. The escort he looks so weird Light green tint in his skin, Its creepy but the capitol is said to be full of crepiness. This year has no reping bowls but why. As I think a hovercraft drops a glassbowl full of paper slips on the boys side. It shatters and slips fly in every direction, The escort comes and picks one slip and reads Rye Skylark. How could it be me its not right but I dont hesitate and I walk to the stage as they drop the girls glass bowl then the escort grabs a name and rips it up. he does this with the next i dont know 50 names then he finds the lucky slip. and reads.

Demitria Ryes POV: Demitria Rye What how is it me it cant be. 2 in 25,000. I walk to the stage and the escort makes up shake hands and leave to say our goodbyes. I sit in the room for 5 minutes its such a luxury place, My mother walks in with plum. She takes a breath and says There is 24 only one comes out, We had our victor last year so the gamemakers will put extra stress on you but I know you can win, Climb a tree find shelter and hun ill see you soon she says softly. Mom I lov you so much im so thankful for you !, Can I hold plum ? I say terily. Then president sand comes in. He was visiting the victor. I ask him so nicely if I could somehow bring my cat as my token. My mom looks nervous but the president says We have to put a traker into it and you cannot use it as your weapon if you follow these rules there shall be no problem. My mom smiles and says see you soon. I wait outside of my room for Rye and well mak our way to the train.

Rye Skylarks POV: Parents arrive along with my sister. They say there goodbyes to me but when the peacekeepers arrive earlier than a minute forsure my mom cries anddosent want to leave. Once the peacekeepers leave I hear 3 shots. My mom sister and dad.. Dead. I bawl out my eyes and I walk out the room to see a puddle of blood. The girl Dimitria holding her cat hugs me she must of witnessed it she crys with me we make our way to the train as her cat puts its furry palm in her hand. That cat is smart it knows whats going on, Its going to be a big help to her.


Kody Simmons POV: My little sister Maelahna walks in my room, Wake up Wake up we have a special breakfast COME SEE! she says in her 5 year old voice. I drag myself out the bed. I wish I slept longer the reaping is today and I took out tessera a few times and myname is in that bowl 28 times, considering all the other years. Strawberries Cantalope and Juice. Thats a feast for us in disttrict 11.Hey mom I say half happily. How are you ? she replies.Consedirng I say mumbilly. she shrugs and eats her food. I head to my room and dress iin a plain outfit. And Head to the reaping.

Mondi Bakerman's POV:I look like a girrafe, Im so tall and skinny nothing compliments my body type. Flats a medium skirt and a blouse is what im wearing and still i dont feel good. Nothing could get worse than that stupid tracker, Seriously at a reaping beacause people ran away so dumb. I watch the reaping from 4 9 and 12. There so terribly sad. The escort like in the rest of the district is in a rush. runs out on stage with a hammer. She smashes both bowls and picks a name for the girls.It wont be me I dont think, Better not be. Mondi Bakerman The escort yells. Well like everything else nothing has gone right. I walk calmly and catch my mother crying behind the fences. I cant think of that the escort is drawing a name. Kody simmons The escort yells.

Kody Simmons POV: How could it be me. My name is in there alot but come on 25,000 other names. I hear my sister screaming and crying. The escort quickly takes us backstage for our goodbyes.My sister walks in clearly she has been crying. Her beautiful ringlets now in a fuzz. She explains to me Win I dont care if we are rich or famous just win and come back okay ?. I nod my head. The escort walks in the room and tells my family.Due to your crying sister she will be attending the games My mom breaks out in tears and my sister does too. I myself is in complete shock.Presidents orders I am very sorry the escort explains. My mom is dragged away before we can say bye. My sister and I meet up with the female and head to the train.

DISTRICT 12: Jane Socha's POV: I wake up to the sizzling sound of bacon. It smells so good, It leads me to a good start of the day. I walk down the stairs and see my mother half smile. Whats wrong mom ? I ask Its the BIG day today she replies. Almost forgot i say sadly. I hate the reaping its my first year i havent got the slightest idea on the feeling but I know it will be horrible no matter who gets picked. My mother and I peacefuly eat the backing strips and a fresh egg. Im lucky we own a farm, Most boys and girls would be eating grains or maybe nothing today. I go to my room throw on a knit sweater and some black leggings im going to pick up my friend Luna. I walk out the door telling my mom ill be back soon, I pass my sisters gravestones, killed by the crazy cow. I cant think of it on a day like today. I arrive at lunas seeing she is dressed in her reaping outfit dark hair gray eyes, Beautiful baby blue dress. We talk about who we think will be picked this year. We arrive back at my house where my mom has fixed me up a light pink dress. shes worked on it all year and its turned out beautiful, She offers luna some tea while I go upstairs and change into the dress. I come out and I look really nice. I fix my hair into 2 low pigtails and say bye to my mom. Luna and I head to the reaping, our parents will follow very soon my dad will be covered in coal dust and my mom in her finest clothes. I have this feleing a bad feeling its only my first reaping but anything can happen.

Nick Lovizio's POV: I say goodbye to my mother and fix on my deaseaced dads district pin. My brother wishes me luck. Its my first reaping and there is a 1 in 20,000 chance beacause all the tessera kids. I make my way to the line with my brother Allan hes 15 but hes never gotten reaped. Hes halfway through his reping years. We make our way to the front and the peacekeepers prick your finger for blood. They started a new policy for inserting trackers beacause many citizens were runing away from reapings. The feeling isnt good, My brother makes his way into the 15-17 marked section I make mine into the 12-13. I look at one of my friends and we nod seriously, its our first year for the both of us we have a reason to be scared. The preppy escort arrives on stage Welcome district 12! reaping for other districts have run late today so we shall start straight away. TThis year we start with the boys. She pulls her glove tight and picks out a slip of paper. That cant be my name is it ? Allan Lovizio ! Yells the escort. Its my brother but he cant leave hes the main food supplier and im still young, I dont have time to think. I VOLUNTEER I yell to the escort. What have I done This isnt good. My brother runs too me and says well talk after.

Jane Socha's POV:Those words are some you dont hear from district 12. I hold Luna's hand tightly. The boy walk up to the stage he says his name Nick Lovizio 12 years old. Its clear he didnt volunteer cuz he wanted to or thought he could win, He did it beacause he had to.Now for the Ladies My stomach drops. The escort pulls out the slip of paper and unfold's it. Allana Tewie The escort cals Luna freezes. I leave her hand and make my way onstage I look back and see my mother crying and my dad comforting her covering her in coal dust. Our triutes from district 12 ! We are taken behind the doors into seprate rooms to say our goodbyes mst likely our final ones.

Nick Lovizio's POV: You have a minute says the peacekeeper. My sick brother in his rolling chair whispers in my ear Ill see you soon ! Than my brother Allan Thank you I know you can win, You an hunt it cant be diffrent with people My mother says Ive lost your father and im not losing you try your hardest I love you I know you can do it hun It brings tears to my eyes. We gather for a group hug. The peacekeepers Drag out my family. My mom says see you soon. The doors shut and my emotions come out.

Jane Socha's POV: My mom walks in the peacekeeper says we have a minute.Youre father couldnt handle being in here but he says he loves you.I lost your sisters to those mutts, Im not going to lose you to those Mutts in the capitol Walk out of those games and do what you need You can win ! The peacekeepr barges in and my mother gives me one last kiss and My tear drips down. Luna walks in peacekeeper says the same thing. Alanna you can win please for me I dont care if your rich youe like my sister and im sorry i didnt vlounteer Its okay im a better match for these games anyway we both let out a little giggle. the peacekeepers barge in. See you soon I say. Now my ral emotions let loose. The peacekeeper takes me and I walk into the train. Probably my last time in district 12.

Training scores

for the highest training score your tribute gets 200 more sponsor dollars

Name Score Odds Place
Palmer Cershaw 11 3-1 1
Pulchra Ego 11 3-1 1
Isabella Harsin 10 4-1 2
Roslind Shimmer 9 5-1 3
Daina Coleman 9 5-1 3
Arizona Secord 9 5-1 3
Marsha Black 9 5-1 3
Yolanda Mui 7 8-1 4
Rye Skylark 7 8-1 4

Varin Ego

7 8-1 4
Mandin Plaid 7 9-1 4
Veina Locca 7 8-1 4
kathrine aqua 7 9-1 4
Gunner Pann 6 12-1 5
Kody Simmons 6 11-1 5
Simon Liit 5 13-1 6
Petra Liit 5 12-1 6


Demitria Rye: The tributes are lifted into the arena, The toxic air fills my lungs,Poor cat put its alright I think. I get used to it as I wait for the other tributes. I know where this is, Its a smoldering city. It was preserved beacause the capitol blew it up a while ago. Its an arena I guess now, The countdown starts at 30 .. 29 .. 28.. Our suits are comfy and the jacket warmss when the weather is cool and cools when its hot. 24 .. 23 .. 22 .. Its a simple jumpsuit for the girls and a 1 pice jumpsuit for guys 21 ..20 ..19 .. District 1's suit is light green 2 is Yellow 3 is silver 4 is blue 5 is orange 6 is black 7 is gold 8 is white 9 is lime 10 is cow printes 11 is bark color 12 is shiny black and capitol is camoflauge. 15 .. 14 .. 13 ..

Maelahna Simmons POV: My brother and I are on the same plate and he tells me to run through the trees and hell meet me. 10 .. 9 .. 8 ..7 The countdown gets low I can run fast since im only 7 but it will be hard to get away from the 37 other tributes. 5 .. 4.. 3.. 2..

Yolanda Mui's POV: 1 .. GONG. I run straight twoards the cornucopia. I made this choice beacause I need a weapon, The beach isnt to wide its very small and dense. The rest is tall buildings. I reach a pack and a knife when the 8 girl tackles me. Allies ? She says breathly. Sure I reply and she grabs a blowgun we stick close to the cornucopia BOOM! the boy from 3 has an axe in his head, This is sick and we need to leave soon. The brother and sister from 11 run to us and ask to be allies we accept and finnaly run through the forest into the smoldering city.

Roslind Shimmer's POV: The careers and I take gaurd of the cornucopia most tributes are still at their plates to find the right time to pass us. The little girl from 4 passes us. HEY I yell Your a career get oer here ! I grab a sword walk to her and stab her stomach BOOM! Its her fault once your a career you cant change that.

Varin Ego's POV: My sister and I meet up. We take a breath and sneak into the corucopia grab a pack and a trident with a spike ball. I cant resist but stab the district 4 boy so I do BOOM! he suffers on the ground. This is the hunger games we have to kill. We run off twoards a mall area.

Marsha Blacks POV: My brother and I glide past the careers as their focus is on the district 4 boy we grab a sword with some numchucks and a pack full of dry fruit. The district 7 boy nears us behind with knives drawn I pirce my sword in his leg, and BOOM! hes dead.

Amazon parfum's POV: The career neers me girl from 1 I think, I cant resist but let her do her thing. She takes her axe and swings it, I dont know where it hit but im dead. BOON!


Mondi Bakerman's POV: I run my fastes which is basiaclly jogging to a nearby complex full of cinemas, hotels eating places and I find the district 12 girl sitting at a step crying and bleeding I near her Whats wrong ? I ask. My leg the 2 girl stabbed it she replies between breaths. I can help you I reply softly, Im a friendly strong giant thats what I am. I carry the girl into the apartment which is very nice. I carry her up to the 15th floor and find a room there. Its nice Obviously some damage from the attacks but fairly good. I lay her on a bed in one of the rooms. she tells me she was susposed to ally with some other people but they all got lost and confused. I listen and find things in the apartment. First aid, Few things in the fridge, Running dirty water and some movies for the tv. I just got lucky I think to myself.

Kody Simmons POV: We rest in a downtown penthouse, 50 stories high its really nice and the furniture is in pretty good condition for the city were in. There is no water. But there is plenty eds some tv shows, a massive deck and running electricity. were lucky but we shouldnt take advantage. all of the sudden we hear planes we look of the balcony and see them flying twoards the cornucopia. It blew it up that whole area 3 cannons the careers were ther only 1 was gone. The sky will answer tonight...

Gunner Pann's POV: the anthem sounds. The tributes killed today were. The boy from 3, Little girl from 4, The boy from 4 guy from district 7, 5 boy. girl from 1 boy and girl from 2 and the capitol seal shows and fades away. 1 career left. That is completly Ironic its the district 1 boy. Its cut out for me to kill him. Like the other ones did to my brothers.


Name District Killed by and how Place
Noah ... 3 Axe in head, District 8's Peter Garett 38th
Allanna Tewie 4 Sword in stomach by District 1's Rosilad shimmer 37th
Mickey Mcallister 4 Stabbed in back by district 6's Varin Ego 36th
Palmer Crenshaw 7 Sword in leg by the capitols Marsha Black 35th
Amazon Parfum 5 Axe in face By district 1's Rosiland SHimmer 34th
Trafton Porter 2 Blown up by planes - Gamemakers 33rd
Rosilind Shimmer 1 Blown up by planes - Gamemakers 32nd
Xandra Mondella 2 Blown up by planes - Gamemakers 31st


Jane Socha needs some cut ointment and infection cream, If she dosent get it she will die by day3.

Gunner has no weapons and is in need of sword to kill the diistrict 1 male.

Petra is in need of some tweasers and cut ointment and infection ointment , She has a spear head in her arm. This pack will cost 250 dollars.


Mark Styles POV: My skin itches, Since I volunteered for the games, I had to get my skin tint undone. It hurt but the pain will be gone soon. Sometime in the night I rolled over on a piece of glass and my face was bleeding, Its quiet. Theres 1 career left so basiaclly no careers. I think of my strategy and suddenly a boy from 12 runs for me. Screaming HELP HELP PLEASE!. I stand up to see a guy from the capitol named lloyd, Ive seen him in school. He throws a knive at the kids arn and I run to Llyod and stab his temple. He spits blood and BOOM! he died. I take the 12 year old into a 2 story coffe shop with electricity and food. I help him out but he needs some medicine.

Charles Black's [POV: My sister is asleep in the room. We found a nice complex of apartments 10 stories high, were on the 8th. I can tell the capitol wants more death, Considering ive lived there my whole life. I volunteered beacause I didnt want my sister to be alone.I walk to the fridge and There is some over ripe bananas crackers and some wagon wheels, We had those in the capitol, My sister wakes and I set up breakfast. Bananas 3 crackers and a wagon wheel. I obviously take a bite of my wagon wheel first, eventually I ate the rest of my breakfast, Marsha and I noticed a weird taste in the wagon wheels, Diffrent from the ones at home, All of a sudden I puke, I did a poisions class before and my puke has poisions in it, This wagon wheel was poisioned !.Marsha Screams, With what is happening now I have 2 days at the max to live.

Isabella Harsin's POV: I dont need to move, Its the hunger games I dont need to do anything, Although its unsafe where I am. I look at my right leg to see it is all puffy and purple, Poisionus ants have bitten my leg and are overcoming my body, Turning it all purple. I hear a beeping as im screaming to get the ants off I open it to find some Burn cream and infection ointment. I rub it on my body and find instant relief although im still puffy and ugly. I want these games to be over. Thank you i yell to the sky. Rye the boy from 9 nears me and draws an axe to my head I close my eyes but I take the axe and chop his stomach BOOM! I never wanted to kill.

Peter Garrets POV: I near the edge of a building, on the roof excatly. My dad hates me, I could win but if I did I would be misrable. Im up on floor 79 I look down and breathe deep I near my toes to the edge and jump. The trip down isnt hard but I see someone sleeping right under my point of impact at the speed im going ill crush them I smash into them and then I bleed to death BOOM!

Camille Shoki's POV: The guy from the sky bleeds to death on me. My ribs are crushed and im not too good. A rib bone is stabbed into my right lung, ill survive minutes an hour at the most I dont want to suffer, I take the boys knife. Scream I love you to my family and stab myself once I hear a cannon BOOM! mine ...

Daina Coleman's POV: The night is near and I hear a cannon, Not sure whos but ill find out tonight. Tomorrow should be crazy the gamemakers will go crazy, The games have been boring. Im ready ad prepared. May the odds be ever in my favor. The anthem plays. Llyod from the capitol, Rye from district 9, Boy from my district, Some girl I couldnt see the district right, and the brother of that girl marsha. She was nice in training I hope I find her. The capitol seal shows and fades, Im off to bed. Good night arena.


Name District Killed by and how Place
Lloyd Fluvis C Knife in temple by the Capitols Mark Styles 30th
Rye Skylark 9 Chopped stomach by District 5's Isabella Harsin 29th
Peter Garret 8 Suicide off building 28th
Camille Shoki 10 Cracked ribs by District 8's Peter Garret 27th
Charles Black C Poisionus Snack - Gamemakers 26th


Mark Styles needs itching cream which will cost 75$

Everything else from last day.


Mondi Bakerman's POV: I stay by the little girls side. She cant hold any longer. The weird thing is I formed some kind of bond with her, She reminds me very much of myself. I dont want her to die, Why didnt anyone sponser her, Or me to give to her. Guess its my time to expire She says. A tear of mine drips down on her cheeck. The color in her eyes and skin fade. the cannon sounds BOOM!. I tuck her in the sheets and move to a new apartment. I cant think of it, Just once im going to think of myself.

Daina Colemans POV: The presidents voice sounds. attention tributes there will be a feast tomorrow at dawn. this is not an ordinary feast. a table of weaponry, medicine, and food. take what you can. and may the odds be ever in your favor. a feast so early. 24 of us left i think, this isnt good but the food has ran out and we need armor. the rest wake up. Theres a feast tomorrow and we need to go to it. I say. They nod since they are half awake I dont excpect them to talk lots. I also think we shoulkd switch locations today. I tell the group and we think we should go to an apartment by the school. we all agree and I start chopping lights with my axe. Anything that signifys we were here could mean death.

Pulchra Ego's POV: I dont get why they are holding a feast so early on in the games, There wasnt any food in the bags at the cornucopia. Some got lucky with fridges in the apartments. We got a few fruits off trees. My brother didnt sleep last night so I tell him to rest. Sleeping in a resturaunt isnt the best. But hey were in the hunger games.

Gunner Pann's POV: I found a knife. I know where the 1 boy is. Evening is near and I decide to go into his building. I open the door to his room and hes on the couch laying. He looks at me and draws an axe. The axe swings near my face and misses. I dont hesitate a bit and I stab his lung area. He spits blood al over the ground. BOOM! ive gotten revenge on the district that killed my brothers .

Marsha Black's POV: I kiss my brother every minute. I havent ate anything since, Maybe in the morning the feast will have something instore for me, but I need to go either way.


Name District Killed by and how Place
Jane Socha 12 Xandra Mondella knife in leg. 25th
Mandin Plaid 1 Gunner pann Knife in lung. 24th


Kathrine Aqua's POV: So far ive done great in the games. Well atleast im not killed, I set my eye on a few weapons and some food. Its a huge feast. A dufflebag would hold lots. A ountdown very much like the bloodbath countdown beins. starts from 10 .. 9 .. 8 .. 7 .. 6 .. 5 .. 4 .. 3 .. 2 .. 1 ..

Simon Liit's POV: Most of the tributes showed up. We all run twoards the table which is right at the shore, Petra aims for Mark. He doges and sends a knife through her eye . BOOM! NO! my sister is dead. I am so caught up and confused. The 8 girl tackles me and punches me repeavily. I claw her face and leave a mark. She then siks her finger nails into my throat and pulls it out. BOOM!

Yolanda Mui's POV: When everybody finnally reaches the table a tsunami wave from the ocean forms and begins to crash. everybody screams and runs for behind where we meet about 12 elephant mutts. there charging for us. 1 elephant steps on a boy from the capitol BOOM! that was blake, our family friend.

Venia Locca's POV: The wave crashes down. The screams are sickening. I cant see in the water and the impact sends a instant pain through my body. I hear 5 cannons BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!. Once I rise I see the flattened and deformed bodies of Trent Kathrine and Azmina from the capitol and then the girl from district 3 and gunner from 10. Everybody floats or swims to wherever they can. A huge swarm of mosquito mutts fly down and everybody tries to go under water. They attack the girl from 6. Shes one of the most beautiful in the arena, Any guy from the capitol would consider her sexy. She screams as loud as she can and her brother tries heping her. BOOM! its too late. Her beautiful face and body floats its now blotchy and red and her lips as big ass my hands. This must be the end theve done damage enough. About 7 people are still here. Duck surfaces and sinks it beak into the boys neck from11. BOOM!. The water drains to no more. The sister crys and mourns her brother. She is then lifted from the arena. Capitol must have been sick from a tiny little girl in the arena . President speaks again, attention tributes 3 victors shall be crowned leaving 8 more to be killed. good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Mondi Bakerman's POV: The remaining tributes are on the surface with their weapons drawn and looking real furious. Today will be the last day. I strangle the boy mark from the capitol BOOM! The girl from 8 sends a dart into the girl from 7's neck. BOOM! 6 more to be killed, I could win.

Nick Lovizio's POV: District 12 could have a victor this year, I run to grab a sword. Its my best bet right now since iots like a bloodbath happening. I slip on my pantleg and the sword goes into my mouth BOOM!

Isabella Harsin's POV: I have 2 spikeballs. I throw 1 at venia from the capitol BOOM! I throw the next at daina from 8 she survies and nears me. I tackle her and stab her neck. BOOM! Every tribute in this arena including me have gone slighly crazy.

Marsha black's POV: Everyone is crazy. Swinging at eachother. Throwing axes. 2 more die and then I can become a victor. The last girl besides me from the capitol gets stabbed in the back by Demitria. BOOM!. 1 left. I throw an axe at Demetria. She dosent get hit. Instead Mondi kills me with a shovel BOOM!

Name District Killed by and how Place
Petra Liit C Mark Styles Knife in eye 23rd
Simon Liit C Throat pulled out Daina Coleman 22nd
Blake Hospadales C Stepped on by Elephant mutt 21st
Trent Vehn C Tsunami Wave 20th
Kathrine Aqua C Tsunami Wave 19th
Azmina Rain C Tsunami Wave 18th
Arizona Secord 3 Tsunami Wave 17th
Gunner Pann 10 Tsunami Wave 16th
Pulchra Ego 6 Mosquito Mutts 15th
Kody Simmons 11 Killed by duck mutt 14th
Marc Styles C Strangled by Mondi Bakerman 13th
Jane Skye 7 Dart in neck by Daina Coleman 12th
Venia Locca C Spike ball at head by Isabella Harsin 11th
Daina Coleman 8 Stabbed neck by Isabella Harsin 10th
Yolanda Mui C Sword in back by Demitria Rye 9th
Marsha Black C Killed with Shovel by Mondi Bakerman 8th

i know thats wrong with the placing sorry.


Name District
Mondi Bakerman 11
Demitria Rye 9
Varin Ego 6

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