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Hello all. I have recently been writing the Mentor Games on my blog. The third one is still going on, but rather than go onto number four right now, I wanted to take a little break and write my own games. I have been told I am a good writer, and I want to put those skills to the test. I will be writing reapings, parades, training, individual training sessions, interviews, and of course, the games.


Katniss' great-great grandson has become ruler of Panem, and re-instilled the Hunger Games. One male and one female from the Capitol and districts 1-13 will participate.


1. You may only enter ONE tribute. It must include the following things:







Appearance: I encourage you to make a lunaii for your tribute. If you do not, I will by the description you give me.


Strengths: (besides weapon)


Interview Angle:

Bloobath Strategy:

2. Your tribute must be BRAND NEW. They cannot be from a previous user games. I WILL SEARCH THE WIKI WITH YOUR TRIBUTE'S NAME!

3. I will be using adult language, so deal with it. Not too much, though.

4. Do not get mad at me if/when your tribute dies.

5. If you do not post all of the necessary information, I will not post your tribute until you do so. Example: You comment Suzy Q, District 5 Female. And then someone else fills out all of the info for the D5 female, they will get the spot.

6. This is not a quell.

7. I will need stylists, so please enter them as well. There is no limit to how many stylists you enter. As a stylist, I will need this information:



Chariot Design: (includes male and female costumes and chariot)

Interview Design: (includes male and female costumes)


District Gender Name Age Height Weapon User
1 Male Apollo Angelos 17 6'1 Spear, Throwing Knives CallamD97
1 Female Belle Silver 12 4'3 Bow and Arrow Mysims
2 Male Recilius Iffable 18 5'6 Sword, Trident, Knife Marthdual
2 Female Rose Bolt 18 5'6 Throwing Knives Polinarose
3 Male Jacob Smarts 14 5'0 Axe, Knife Wikia Contributor B
3 Female Aria Camelliston 16 5'7 Bow and Arrow Katelyn.danita
4 Male Surf Waves 16 5'8 Trident Ms.finnickodair
4 Female Lyndsay Willis 15 5'5 Darts, Knife, Hand-to-Hand SkyTimeGirl
5 Male Jake McFur 17 5'9 Sword Quomler
5 Female Lizzie Tyle 12 4'8 Slingshot, Knife AnnieCresta4
6 Male James Chrysler 17 6'3 Axe, Knife Trackstar
6 Female Sasha Selenta 17 5'6 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives Tobi99
7 Male Sebastian Vetteli 16 6'6 Axe, Mace FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
7 Female Blair Abbergaine 17 5'8 Axe, Bow and Arrow District3Tribute
8 Male Lyle Gray 17 6'9 Bow and Arrow Wikia Contributor C
8 Female Olive Beatriz 16 5'3 Knife Thena.airice14
9 Male Caleb Stoll 12 4'9 Axe Wikia Contributor A
9 Female Kacey Anderson 15 4'10 Spear Madgeical
10 Male Kyle Dritel 18 6'4 Machete, Knife Icanhasnofriends
10 Female Caitlyn Levenhire 16 5'8 Throwing Knives, Sword Deaphalia911
11 Male Ryan Ramos 18 6'9 Sword, Knife, Hand-to-Hand Jo34546564
11 Female Maizi Rhode 16 5'2 Bow and Arrow Jsm13athome
12 Male Malar Syman 16 5'10 Dagger, Knife 50thGamesFTW
12 Female Lilac Coalburner 15 5'7 All Around Rockman117
13 Male Manny Quever 12 5'3 Knife Nate777
13 Female Piper Bridges 16 5'11 Blowgun District3Forever
C Male Oscar Finnigan 17 7'0 Throwing Knives Wikia Contributor D
C Female Ella Pearl 17 5'4 Bow and Arrow Lizaviolet

Tribute Gallery


The Cornucopia is in four feet of salt water. There is a huge hill to the east of the Cornucopia, and no one but the Gamemakers know what is behind it. There is a large lake to the north of the Cornucopia, and it is the freshwater source in the arena. There is a jungle to the west of the Cornucopia and a marshy area to the south.


Each user who submitted a tribute has 3 items that they can give their tribute.

You also earn more gifts these ways:

Kill: 1 gift

Top 20: 1 gift

Top 15: 1 gift

Top 10: 2 gifts

Top 5: 2 gifts

Sponsor Gift Number
CallamD97 -----
Mysims -----
Marthdual -----
Polinarose -----
Wikia Contributor B -----
Katelyn.danita -----
Ms.finnickodair -----
SkyTimeGirl -----
Quolmer -----
AnnieCresta4 -----
Trackstar -----
Tobi99 -----
FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne -----
District3Tribute -----
Bobloblaw1978 -----
Thena.airice14 -----
Wikia Contributor A -----
Madgeical -----
Icanhasnofriends -----
Deaphalia911 -----
Jo34546564 -----
Jsm13athome -----
50thGamesFTW -----
Rockman117 -----
Nate777 -----
District3Forever -----
Wikia Contributor D -----
Lizaviolet -----








Burn Cream


Camouflage Paints


Darts (12)

Dried Meat

Dried Fruit

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately)





Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds)


Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night)



Parka (large coat for extreme warmth)


Portable Fan (cools tribute down)

Quiver of Arrows (12)


Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]


Sleeping Bag






Throwing Axes (3)

Throwing Knives (3)




Wooden Club


District Name User
1 Elena Vivace Bystander100
2 Roxanne Grey Polinarose
3 Shawnee Wirenna Polinarose
4 Luciette Golt Polinarose
5 Cici Mini Polinarose
6 Larissa Wingway District3Forever
7 Lucia Richman Ms.finnickodair
8 Wilma Tall District3Forever
9 Brookyln Remmingston Katelyn.danita
10 Mooleena Moochichi FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
11 Leo Dynaz FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
12 Earl Gem District3Forever
13 Samuel Carol District3Forever
C Reana Sunbeam District3Forever



Apollo Angelos (1), Rose Bolt (2), Surf Waves (4), Lyndsay Willis (4), Oscar Finnigan (C), Ella Pearl (C)

District 3, 8, and 13 Alliance

Jacob Smarts (3), Aria Camelliston (3), Lyle Gray (8), Olive Beatriz (8), Manny Quever (13), Piper Bridges (13)

District 9, 10, and 11 Alliance

Caleb Stoll (9), Kacey Anderson (9), Kyle Dritel (10), Caitlyn Levenhire (10), Ryan Ramos (11), Maizi Rhode (11)

Careers #2

Belle Silver (1), Recilius Iffable (2), Sasha Selenta (6), Blair Abbergaine (7)

District 5, 6, and 7 Alliance

Jake McFur (5), Lizzie Tyle (5), James Chrysler (6), Sebastian Vetteli (7)

Not in an Alliance

Malar Syman (12), Lilac Coalburner (12)


Apollo Angelos - District 1

It was reaping day. Everyone at school told me I should volunteer, because I would win if I did. I wasn’t going to risk it, but it always lingered in the back of my mind. Anyway, the escort came up and gave us the usual speech and everyone was cheering. She picked the girl’s name. “Belle Silver” she said. A small, cute girl walked sheepishly forward. She didn’t look scared, but she didn’t look confident. I was expecting someone to volunteer for her, but no one did. Then, the escort pulled the boy’s name. “Daniel Angelos”. I saw my twelve-year old cousin walk up to the stage. I couldn’t let two twelve-year olds represent District 1, especially my cousin. I yelled, “I volunteer!” and my classmates and friends cheered. Daniel hugged me and scurried back to his family. I was excited to finally get a chance to show my skills to all of Panem.

Recilius Iffable - District 2

I loved reaping day in District 2. It was always fun to see who would be fighting in the Games, who I would be rooting for, and whom I would be comparing my skills to. I missed the past two reapings because I was in jail, and this one is the last one I can be reaped in. The escort, Dana Nightgate, was dressed like a freak, as usual. She talked in her high-pitched, springy voice about the Games and their origin and blah, blah, blah. I yelled out, “Call some names!” She looked annoyed, but listened. She called out the girl’s name. “Rose Bolt.” She was pretty, but I didn’t think she could win. I also thought last year’s victor would die first, so my predictions aren’t the most reliable. She pulled a boy’s name from the jar and said “Recilius Iffable”. It was my name. She pronounced it wrong of course, and everyone laughed as usual. Why did my parents have to give me such a stupid name? I was shocked, excited, and a little bit nervous. Finally, I would have my chance to fight and not get in trouble for it. Some kid was pointing at me, and I lunged to punch him but the Peacekeepers held me back. I walked up on stage, shook hands with Rose, and we were led onto the train.

Aria Camelliston - District 3

My brother Derek and I dressed for the reaping in District 3. It was not the same since my mother had died. She always made light of things, even serious things like the Games. My father became distant and barely talked since she was killed by that peacekeeper, so Derek and I were really close. Even when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, he stayed by my side when my friends left me. The escort, Luna Crevice, walked up to the stage. She was completely bald with tattoos everywhere. I will never understand Capitol fashion. She pulled a name out of the girl’s hat and said, “Aria Camelliston.” I looked at my brother and he ran to hug me but the Peacekeepers stopped him. My father was crying and I was too. No one volunteered. Luna then called up Jacob Smarts for the boy tribute, a genius kid in my school who skipped two grades. We hugged and went on the train towards the Capitol.

Lyndsay Willis - District 4

The population of District 4 gathered in the large stadium overlooking the ocean for the reapings. Reapings always filled me with excitement; I was planning on volunteering when I turned 18. The people took their seats when the escort, Frank Shellington, came onto the stage and hushed everyone. I hated the escort. He was always in a bad mood and made the reapings seem unpleasant. I loved them. He decided to call boys first for some reason, and he announced the name “Surf Waves.” I chuckled to myself. His parents must have been idiots to name him that. Frank droned on and called the girl’s name. “Lyndsay Willis,” he said. I did a double take. I did not want to be reaped yet, I was only 15. I looked for my adopted parents to catch their eyes, but I could not find them. I reluctantly walked to the stage and shook hands with Surf. I knew I would win when I was 18. Now, I’m not so sure.

Lizzie Tyle - District 5

I cried the whole night before my first reaping. My mom slept with me to calm me down. Ever since my cousin was killed in the Games, I dreaded the day the day I turned 12. My mother assured me that I wouldn’t get picked, and she was probably right. Still, that small chance of being picked was always in the back of my mind. So, now I was standing with the other girls of District 5 and the escort pulled out the girl’s name. I closed my eyes and crossed my fingers, hoping I would not get picked. Then, I heard my name called, “Lizzie Tyle” and I blacked out. When I woke up, some older boy named Jake McFur was sitting next to me, and I began to cry again, knowing I would probably never see my family again.

James Chrysler - District 6

The day before reapings was a tearful one. I told my family I was going to volunteer. They all begged me not to, but I refused. I had to do I for Haley. Haley died at 13 in the Games, and she was my first and only girlfriend. The escort came and was very annoying as usual when she talked about why the games were still going on. She pulled the girl’s name out of her hat and read it, “Sasha Selenta”. I knew her. She was the weakest, frailest, smallest girl I knew. I felt bad for her, and I completely zoned out and missed whose name for the boys was called. I shouted out, “I volunteer.” The boy tribute, who looked about Haley’s age when she died, looked at me and mouthed the words “thank you”. I shook hands with Sasha and we got on the train.

Sebastian Vetteli - District 7

My father and I hugged before we got separated into our separate sections for the reaping in District 7. Ever since my sister died in the Games and my mom was killed, we had that tradition. Just in case. The escort, Ursula Walsh, seemed drunk. She was wobbling all over the place and almost tripped in her ten-inch heels. She got back up and walked unsteadily to the bowl. She grabbed a name out of the girl’s bowl and read it out loud, “Blair Abbergaine”. Living in the woods without a television, I did not know anyone else in our district besides my father, and she was no exception. Then, Ursula picked a name out of the boy’s bowl. It read, “Sebastian Vetteli.” I looked at my dad and my eyes filled with tears. I slowly walked up to the stage stood next to Blair. She whispered in my ear, “One of us is coming home.” I prayed she was right.

Olive Beatriz - District 8

My brother was drinking a lot the morning of the reaping. I couldn’t take it anymore. He would get so drunk sometimes that he couldn’t function. He passed out on the couch in our apartment, and I went to the reapings alone. I was so angry. The escort came and talked about last year’s victor from District 2, a fifteen-year-old girl who volunteered and ended up winning. This gave me an idea. The escort pulled the girl’s name and shouted, “Clarissa Barnwell”. I immediately yelled, “I volunteer!” Everyone looked at me, shocked. No one was expecting a volunteer from District 8. I knew my decision was irreversible, and I would finally be without my brother. I couldn’t take his drunkenness anymore. I smiled as I walked up to the stage. The escort then called the boy’s name. “Lyle Gray.” I had never seen him before, but he smiled at me and we shook hands. I can’t believe I basically committed suicide.

Kacey Anderson - District 9

My father and I walked to the reaping area laughing. He always told the funniest jokes. Before we went into our separate sections, he told me we were having lasagna for dinner. It was my favorite meal and I smiled in anticipation for it. The escort, Fred Hulun, walked up and gave us a speech. When he talked, it sounded like he was shouting, and I tried to tune him out so I could think about my dinner. I was daydreaming when the girl nudged me on the shoulder. I snapped out of my dream and said, “What?” She responded, “It’s you.” I looked at my father, and even he couldn’t make me laugh at this point. I sucked up my emotions and walked proudly to the stage. Fred called the boys name and I almost choked when I heard my best friend Caleb Stoll called up. We hugged and I told him, “Maybe we can pull a Katniss and Peeta.” He smiled and we got on the train.

Caitlyn Levenhire - District 10

I dragged my four sisters with me to the reaping. This year, all five of us were entered in and it was not looking good for my family. My father was sick, so he stayed home. I had two more reapings after this one, and I dreaded every one of them. The escort, who I paid absolutely no attention to, was talking when I heard my name. I perked up and everyone was looking at me. I was confused, when the escort said my name again, “Caitlyn Levenhire.” I had been reaped. I immediately told my oldest sibling how to take care of my father and run the house. My youngest sister cried and I gave her one last hug before going to the stage. The escort smiled at me and then called the boy’s name, “Kyle Dritel”. I had never seen him before, but we shook hands and walked to the train. I realized I would probably never see my dad or sisters again.

Ryan Ramos - District 11

It was my last reaping. I was relieved, but still, there was a chance I would get picked. I put my name in a bunch of times since my family is so poor. My brother and I walked to the boy’s side and my two sisters to the girl’s side. The escort, Heather Krinkel, was very solemn, as usual. She was from the Capitol, but she didn’t have that bubbly Capitol vibe that I’ve seen from other Capitol residents on the public t.v. Heather gave some sad speech and pulled the girl’s name out. It was Maizi Rhode. She was pretty cute, but I doubted she could win. Hopefully the guy was good so I had someone to root for. Heather called the boy’s name. “Ryan Ramos” rang on the loudspeakers. I blinked, trying to hold back the tears. I hugged by little brother and jogged to the stage. Maizi looked at me and then back down at the ground. We awkwardly shook hands and entered the train. I waved to my sisters for probably the last time.

Malar Syman - District 12

It was the day of the reapings. Before the escort came onstage, my father, the mayor, said a short speech about how Katniss Everdeen of District 12 abolished the Hunger Games, only to let her great, great grandson bring them back. The audience murmured and the escort, as happy as ever, read the names of the tributes. She picked the girl first. “Lilac Coalburner.” Oh, God. That girl is insane. Batshit insane. She literally sprinted to the stage, took the mic from the escort, and yelled, “If I can kill my father, I can kill the bitches from the other districts!” She then took a seat. I was astonished. There were rumors that Lilac killed her father, but I never thought they were actually true. I felt bad for the male tribute, who would have to deal with her until his death most likely. Then, the escort read the boy’s name. “Malar Syman.” I tried not to show emotion. I looked at my girlfriend, who was already sobbing. I couldn’t believe it. I was the mayor’s kid and it was my first reaping. The odds of me getting picked were close to zero. But it happened.

Manny Quever - District 13

All of District 13 was crowded in the small underground reaping area. They didn’t divide us into sections, so everyone stood with their family. My two older brothers were both of reaping age, but this was my first time. I had a bottle of poison in my pocket because I was trying to make a poison that would kill anything but humans. The escort, who said her name was Jenna Rult, wanted to get the reaping over with quickly. She pulled the girl’s name and read it aloud. “Piper Bridges”. The hottest girl I have ever seen walked onto the stage. She seemed confident and my brothers were staring at her. Then, Jenna pulled out the boy’s name. It was my name, “Manny Quever.” I looked at my brothers, but we had an agreement before the reaping that no one would volunteer. I stood next to Piper and she looked at me in pity. At least I could spend what are probably the last days of my life looking at some eye candy.

Ella Pearl - Capitol

I was shaking as usual for the reaping. Everyone was nervous. The Capitol reapings were the worst, because everyone had money and no one volunteered. I was standing with my friends, when the escort, who happened to be my neighbor, came on stage. She made everyone be quiet and then she gave a long speech about how the Capitol needed reapings to prevent another uprising due to Capitol favoritism. She called the boy’s name first for some reason. It was Oscar Finnigan, my current crush. I looked down, knowing he would probably die. Then, my neighbor picked a girl’s name and read it. “Ella Pearl.” I gasped. I couldn’t believe it. I was reaped into the arena with someone I knew I couldn’t kill. It was the worst thing possible. I slowly walked up to the stage, faked a smile at Oscar, and sat down next to him.

Chariot Ride

(from Caesar Flickerman and Claudius Templesmith's Point of View)

Caesar: Cladius, isn't it great to have immortality?

Claudius: Yes, Caesar. It is. And here we are at yet another Hunger Games.

Caesar: Oooh the parade is starting. Here comes District 1!

Claudius: Look at all of the gems on those tributes. Wow! They look great.

Caesar: I think the boy has a different gem on every part of his shirt. Remarkable.

Claudius: Well, what else would you expect from District 1?

Caesar: True. Now District 2 is coming along. They look like marble columns.

Claudius: The designs are so intricate in the columns. I love them. And the boy is even wearing a victor’s crown! A little premature, don’t you think?

Caesar: Yes. Oohh, District 3! That is a lot of wires.

Claudius: You could say that again. I’m surprised the girl isn’t lighting up with all of those wires!

Caesar: Next is District 4. That chariot is amazing! It’s like an aquarium inside.

Claudius: Yes it is, but look at the boy’s sloppy Hawaiian outfit.

Caesar: But look at the girl’s beautiful dress.

Claudius: Whatever, here comes District 5. Wow! That’s a lot of light!

Caesar: Indeed. The tributes and the chariot are full of flashing lightning bolts. That is very appropriate for their district.

Claudius: District 6 is coming now. They look very elegant and poised.

Caesar: True, but what does that have to do with their District theme of transportation?

Claudius: Sometimes, classy outfits are superior.

Caesar: Whatever. District 7 is coming now. What on earth?

Claudius: Are those axes in their heads?

Caesar: Yes, I think so. And the bench they are sitting on looks so uncomfortable.

Claudius: Moving on to District 8. There are so many different patterns on those outfits.

Caesar: Yes, but they don’t come together very well.

Claudius: True. But look at District 9! They look spectacular!

Caesar: The trail of green light behind the tributes alludes to a cornstalk!

Claudius: The simple dresses and the wheat crowns make the District theme elegant, but not cheesy.

Caesar: The golden color in their clothes is so rich. Love, love, love them!

Claudius: Ew, look at District 10! Are those organs?

Caesar: Yes, I think the boy is wearing livers and hearts on his suit.

Claudius: And the girl has a meat dress!

Caesar: That’s bizarre. Moving on to District 11, they look so nice!

Claudius: What a contrast. No makeup, a light gold powder dusting on the girl and silver on the boy, such natural beauty.

Caesar: The stalks and crowns add a nice, District 11 feel to it. Very nice.

Claudius: We’re getting towards the end now. It’s District 12. They are on fire!

Caesar: It’s not the most original thing we’ve seen, but it still looks cool.

Claudius: Wow! Look at District 13! The tributes are shooting out gold lights!

Caesar: It looks like mini nuclear explosions. Very creative!

Claudius: And last, but definitely not least, The Capitol.

Caesar: I don’t really understand the orange and flower theme they have going on.

Claudius: Yeah, I was expecting something spectacular.

Caesar: Well, the chariot rides were great, and next on the agenda is training. Who will have the highest score? No one knows yet. Good night Panem!

Order from Crowd Favorite to Least Favorite:

1. District 9

2. District 1

3. District 13

4. District 11

5. District 2

6. District 5

7. District 6

8. District 4

9. District 12

10. District 3

11. Capitol

12. District 8

13. District 7

14. District 10

Katelyn.danita gets one extra gift for styling the Capitol's favorite Chariot Ride!


Day 1

Jacob Smarts - District 3

It was the first day of training and it was really awkward. Yolanta, the trainer, was talking to us about survival skills and how they are the most important. I was listening to her and mentally noting everything down while I surveyed the rest of the tributes. A good half of them were either extremely tall or really short. Apollo, James, Sebastian, Lyle, Ryan, Kyle, Piper, and especially Oscar were huge. On the other hand, me, Lizzie, Caleb, Kacey, Maizi, and especially Belle were shrimps. I was surprised that everyone showed up for training. The D12 girl, Lilac, looked like something was wrong with her. She had a crazy look on her face and she was rocking back and forth on her feet. The D6 girl, Sasha, seemed so skinny and frail. I didn't know who to ally with. I was the only fourteen-year-old, and Aria, my district partner, who was smoking, was already eyeing the Careers. I knew I didn't want to join them, so when Yolanta let us go wherever we wanted, I walked over to the hottest girl I saw, Piper from 13, and used my looks to try and form an alliance.

"Hey, I'm Jacob from District 3. Want to form an alliance?" I asked.

"You're not going to try for the Careers?" she asked. I said no and she accepted. Her district partner, Manny, looked pretty pissed at me, but he had no chance with her anyway. He was only twelve. I asked the tributes from 8 and 12 if they wanted to join the alliance. Both tributes from 8 accepted, and the Malar from 12 did. The insane girl spit in my face. A simple no would have sufficed. My alliance walked over to the survival station and listened to the instructor.

Oscar Finnigan - Capitol

Ella and I immediately went over to the Careers and asked them if we could join. I knew they would be initimidated by my seven foot stature. They looked alright this year, although I've seen stronger. The District 1 male, Apollo, and the District 4 female, Lyndsay, looked the most threatening, but looks can be deceiving. Speaking of looks, Ella has been acting weird and staring at me. I don't know what has gotten into her. Aria from 3 also joined the Careers. No one else wanted in, so it looked like the Careers would be me, Ella, Apollo, Belle, Recilius, Rose, Surf, Lyndsay, and Aria. We could dominate. We went over to the weapons station and I felt even more secure with my alliance. Belle was amazing with the bow and arrow, and Recilius was a master at sword fighting. He tried to use some tridents and knives too, but he came nowhere close to Surf and Rose. Surf had the best trident skills since Finnick Odair over 100 years ago. Rose reminded me of Clove from Katniss Everdeen's games. We watched the 74th Games in school every single year. Lyndsay and Apollo were flirting with each other, and Ella, Aria, and I seemed inferior. Rose's knife throwing was so much better than mine, and Belle had both Ella and Aria beat with the bow and arrow. Ella was much better than Aria, though. The other tributes were looking at us nervously, and I loved every second of it.

Kyle Dritel - District 10

Caitlyn and I were sitting and talking at the knot station with Maizi and Ryan from 11. Kacey and Jacob from 9 came over and asked if we wanted to form an alliance. I looked at Caitlyn and she shrugged.

Ryan said, "Sure." Now we had a six-person alliance consisting of Districts 9, 10, and 11. Cool. We were laughing and talking at the knot station and I really got to know my alliance members. Kacey was the sweetest person I've ever met, and Ryan was hilarious. Maizi and Caitlyn did not seem to get along too well. They argued about stupid things and critizied each other's knots. Then, Caitlyn called Maizi a whore and Maizi tried to punch Caitlyn in the face. Ryan held her back, but not enough. Maizi clipped Caitlyn's nose and they got into an all-out cat fight. Everyone was staring and Yolanta called some peacekeepers to take Maizi and Caitlyn away. Caitlyn had a bloody nose and Maizi was missing a clump of hair. I looked back at Ryan. He shrugged and said, "We can still have an alliance without them." Ryan, Kacey, Caleb, and I stayed together throughout the rest of the day. I felt bad about leaving Caitlyn out, but unless the two of them made up, our alliance was down to four.

Rose Bolt - District 2

It was lunchtime and it was pretty clear who was aligned with who. The Careers, plus Ella, Oscar, and Aria, who I didn't consider actual Careers, were sitting in the middle of the cafeteria. The guys from 10 and 11 were sitting with the tributes from 9. The two bitches who got into a catfight were still M.I.A. I hope they were executed, but it was unlikely. The tributes from 13 are sitting with the guys from 3 and 12 and the tributes from 8. The tributes from 5 seemed to be sitting with the guys from 6 and 7. The girls from 6, 7, and 12 seemed like they were alone. Apollo and Belle were really cool, and Lyndsay and Surf were funny and nice. Recilius gave me a weird vibe though. We were all talking and laughing, even Ella, Oscar, and Aria were conversing with us. Recilius stayed quiet, though, as he ate his delicious Capitol lunch. I asked him what was wrong and he just waved me off. Whatever, I tried. After lunch, Oscar and Ella convinced the rest of us that the survival skills were really important and that we should go to the survival station. I objected, and so did Recilius, so we stayed at the weapons while everyone else went to the survival stations.

Recilius said to me, "I just wish we didn't let Ella, Oscar, and Aria in. They suck and they piss me off." I smiled. I was thinking the exact same thing. But I knew we needed the tributes from 1 and 4, and they wouldn't turn away the outcasts.

"Me too, Recilius," I said, "but I don't think we have a choice. Hopefully, they will die in the bloodbath, but if we kill or betray them, we are outnumbered against 1 and 4, and we need them."

"True," Recilius said, "I guess we'll just have to deal with them."

Jake McFur - District 5

After lunch, we went back into the training area and all hell broke loose. Recilius and Belle were leaving the Careers, and their district partners were yelling at them. They persisted though, and the Careers were down to Apollo from 1, Rose from 2, Aria from 3, Lyndsay and Surf from 4, and Ella and Oscar from the Capitol. Recilius and Belle seemed to form their own alliance.

I looked back at my friends at my own alliance and chuckled. Career drama was always fun to watch. My alliance consisted of me, Lizzie, James from 6, and Sebastian from 7. The girl from 6 was too weak-looking and the girl from 7 said that she only made alliances in the arena. Fair enough.

We went to the camouflage station and learned some really cool techniques. Lizzie was the best at painting and camouflaging by far. Sebastian couldn't even hold the brush right. We laughed the whole time, but stayed away from the weapons area. The Careers were there and they were angry. James wanted to annoy them even more, so he threw a bottle of paint and it landed in Rose's hair. She screamed and tried to get the pink paint out, but it was no use. "Who the hell threw this?" she asked. James pointed to me and I shook my head. She came up to me with a knife and held it to my throat. "You are my first kill." she said and walked away. Of course, Yolanta didn't see. James was laughing his head off, but I wasn't. That girl was scary and I knew she could kill me. I gulped and went on with training.

Belle Silver - District 1

Recilius and I were alone at the knot tying station, feeling a little bummed out. Our district partners hated our guts and the fiercest people in the Games were after us. I knew that I could take out Aria, Ella, and Oscar, but the other four were a challenge. As long as I stick with Recilius, I should be ok. He said that he wanted to join up with Kyle Dritel from District 10. I shrugged but went with him. We walked over and Recilius shook hands with Kyle. They talked and laughed while I stood behind them awkwardly. Recilius asked if he wanted to team up with us. Kyle looked back at Ryan and the tributes from 9, who were all shaking their heads no. "Sorry," said Kyle, "My friends don't think they can trust you." I could tell Recilius was angry, but he shrugged and walked away. We needed another person in our alliance. The girl from 7, Blair, was apparently opposed to alliances until we were in the arena. Lilac from 12 would probably kill me if I tried to align with her. That left Sasha from 6.

Recilius and I walked over to her and this time I initiated conversation. "Hi," I said. She smiled. This girl was so skinny, but she seemed nice. "We were wondering if you wanted to team up with us in the arena." She looked confused.

"Aren't you guys from 1 and 2?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said.

"Then why aren't you with the other Careers?" asked Sasha.

"We don't like them and we want to win because of our skills, not their's," said Recilius. Sasha smiled and laughed.

"I can't believe you want to be in an alliance with me. Sure!" she said. We all shook hands and went over to the weapons station. She tried throwing knives and failed miserably. She was a little bit better with a bow, but still, she sucked. I didn't care though. She could gather food while Recilius and I did the killing. All I know is that I have a loyal alliance with two people who I enjoy being around.

Maizi Rhode - District 11

Caitlyn and I were sitting in a strange room with a peacekeeper. We had to wait there until the other tributes were released from training. We didn't talk for a pretty long time, and it was really awkward. Finally, I spoke up and said, "I'll forget this happened if you forget this happened." She looked at me and then looked back down. Now it was even more awkward.

After two minutes of silence, she said, "Deal." I smiled at her and we burst out laughing. I still could not believe I punched her in the face. It was so stupid, and if my parents ever saw me, they would have killed me. Caitlyn and I talked about our families and how it was in our home districts. Then we talked about the hot guys like Apollo, Surf, and Jacob. Overall, I think our fight actually brought us closer together. I knew more about Caitlyn than any of my friends, and I told her more than I have told anyone in my life. It must have been around six o'clock at night when we were finally let out of the room. The peacekeeper told us that we would be allowed back to training tomorrow, and if we acted up again, we would be banned from training of any kind. I said good night to Caitlyn and went to the floor for District 11. I walked in the door and Ryan was sitting on the couch watching t.v.

He asked, "What happened?" I told him the whole story of how Caitlyn and I were really close now and there was going to be no more fighting. He smiled and said, "Good, because we can't have our alliance members trying to kill each other." I laughed and sat down next to him. Eventually, we fell asleep.

Day 2

Piper Bridges - District 13

I woke up from a knocking on my door. I opened it and Jacob from 3 was standing there with a tray of heart-shaped pacakes and syrup. "Awwww," I said, "Thank you so much!" I hugged him and we sat down to eat. We talked and laughed about training and the other tributes. He was cute and smart, but I didn't know if I wanted to commit to a person I might have to kill later on. Manny was on the couch watching us, and he looked pretty mad. I didn't care though. I was falling for Jacob and I couldn't help it.

When we got into the training center, I saw Aria from 3 eyeing our alliance. Malar told us that he would rather work alone than team up with us. Fine with me, he sucked anyway. Just when he left, Aria came bouncing over to us and went up to Jacob. "Do you think I could join your alliance?" she asked. I was about to say no, but Jacob said yes. I was furious. This girl went to the Careers, realized she sucked, and then came to us like we were last resort. I took my anger out on the dummy with my blowgun. All but one dart hit the bullseye. I was distracted by Aria flirting with Jacob for the dart that missed, and that made me resent her even more. What could I say? I was jealous. I was surprised however, that Aria was not the worst person (skill-wise) in our alliance. She was decent with a bow and arrow, and Manny was pretty poor. But he was from 13 too, and he was only 12, so I knew I had to protect him. Yolanta told us to pay attention to the plant and animal identifcation area, so our alliance went there, and I retained absolutely nothing. Jacob remembered almost everything, so he would be helpful in the arena. I have a plan to win, and I know it can work.

Blair Abbergaine - District 7

At first, I told myself that I wouldn't align with anyone because I didn't want to get close to someone I had to kill. But, seeing as I might be a target for not being in an alliance, I asked Recilius, Belle, and Sasha if I could join them. They were happy to have another person, especially with my axe skills. I showed off to them at the weapons station so they knew I would be a good addition to their alliance. We went to the plants and animal station. Sasha and I focused on plants while Belle and Recilius focused on animals. We figured that if we spread the knowledge, we would learn more as a group.

After that, Yolanta called everyone over and said that someone stole poison from the poisonous plants and animals station and that we could not train until the person confessed. I looked around at the tributes, but no one confessed.

Oscar yelled, "Whoever did it, just confess now. No one will be mad if you confess now." He was right, but still no one confessed. After about ten minutes, Rose from 2 said that she would check everyone's pockets. She went down the line and checked pockets. No one had it until she came to Manny from 13. He was looking uncomfortable the whole time, and there was a bulge in his pocket. Rose reached in and pulled out a vial of poison. She slapped him across the face and gave the poison to Yolanta. She ordered peacekeepers to take Manny to his room. He wasn't allowed to train for the rest of the day. The Careers were angry, and they had many targets: Recilius, Belle, Aria, and Manny. I was thankful I was not on that list.

Surf Waves - District 4

I was so mad at that little shit from 13. He wasted time I could have spent training. It was lunchtime now, and the Careers were falling apart. We lost Recilius, Belle and Aria, and Ella and Oscar are terrible. Lyndsay, Apollo, Rose, and I are the only good Careers, but we needed the Capitol kids for numbers. We couldn't let another alliance dominate the bloodbath. Lunch didn't have a fun atmosphere like it did yesterday. It was intense and quiet now. The other alliances were laughing and talking and having a good time. We weren't.

After lunch, we decided we needed to intimidate the other tributes some more. Apollo hit the dummy's heart with his spear, Rose threw three knives at the dummy, and hit the head, heart, and groin, Lyndsay hit the eyes of the dummy with her darts and then stabbed it in the stomach with a knife. Finally, I decapitated the dummy with my trident. We didn't realize, but the other tributes were all silent and they had their eyes on the poor dummy. Ella said, "That's what's going to happen to you if you mess with us." I stifled my laughter. She could barely hit the dummy with her bow and arrow, nevermind kill someone with it. The other tributes got back to doing what they were doing, and I was satisfied. We scared the rest of the tributes. We were the strongest tributes. We were Careers.

Caleb Stoll - District 9

I was so happy that Maizi and Caitlyn had made up and were back to training. We had a strong alliance of six that wasn't going to stray. We let no one else in, and no one left. I really enjoyed the people in my alliance too. Kacey was so nice and sweet, Kyle was just a normal, straightforward guy, Caitlyn had attitude and compassion, Ryan was hilarious, and Maizi was responsible and determined. We had all of the aspects that an alliance needs, and I felt really good about winning.

We had been to almost every station in the training except for weapons and fire-making. The Careers were domianting weapons as usual, so we went to make fire. The instructor said that without matches or flint, fire is still possible. He was rubbing sticks together, and eventually made a fire. He told us to try, and we were all rubbing sticks together furiously, laughing the whole time. Maizi was the only one who actually made a spark, but she held it up to show everyone, and it went out. We laughed some more and agreed that we were screwed if no one had matches in their bag. I genuinely liked every single one of these people, and the fact that all of us were probably going to die made me sick.

Lyle Gray - District 8

When Aria came into our alliance and Malar left, I was a little worried. She ditched the Careers and Malar seemed like a nice guy. I accepted it, though. We had a strong alliance of six from 3 districts. Piper and Jacob were the obvious leaders, and I had no objections. I didn't really like being in the spotlight anyway. We were going from station to station, and I wasn't really learning anything. I knew my alliance members were, especially Jacob, so it didn't bother me that much. I knew I was relying on my alliance too much, but it didn't matter to me at that point.

Yolanta called everyone to attention and reminded us that we would be having our private training session with the Gamemakers tomorrow. I dreaded that. I knew that I couldn't pull a very high number, but I didn't want my alliance to see me as weak. I was hoping for a six, right in the middle. It would mean that I wasn't terrible or amazing, right where I wanted to be. I've learned through watching and reading many Games that the weaklings die off quickly, and the threats are targeted. Most of the winners are in the middle of the pack, and that is exactly where I intended to stay.

Sasha Selenta - District 6

I wanted to show off my skills with my bow and knives so badly, but I couldn't. I had played the weak card this whole time, and my alliance wouldn't trust me if I became good all of a sudden. I knew they were loyal if they wanted to ally with me when I was pitiful. I knew that I would have to play down my skills for my individual training session too, since I would be seen as a threat.

Recilius and Belle became really good friends. They weren't a couple, just good friends. Blair and I got closer too, and I really enjoyed being around the three of them. We weren't involved in one of the six-man alliances, but I could deal with that. Most of the other alliances would die in the bloodbath anyway. At least I hoped so. Recilius wanted to go to the weapons station again, where he showed off his sword skills, Belle her bow and arrow shooting, and Blair her axe fighting. I wanted to beat Belle with a bow and show off my throwing knife skills just to prove to them I was a worthwhile ally, but I didn't. I put the arrow on the wrong way and shot it backwards. It just missed Olive from 8, but she didn't notice. Then, I took a knife and threw it about a yard in front of me. Recilius was trying not to laugh and Belle was staring at the ground. Blair suggested that we go to the fire-making station. I was so ashamed, but it made me more motivated to show my skills off in the Games than ever before.

Lilac Coalburner - District 12

Everyone thought I was crazy, and they were right. I didn't care though.

I wasn't going to align with anyone. I didn't need to. After killing my father in training, I couldn't get close to anyone anymore.

I hadn't gone to the weapon station yet. I assumed that the other tributes thought I was terrible with weapons. I couldn't wait to see their faces when they saw my training score.

It was the end of Day 2 of training and tomorrow were the individual training sessions, the announcing of training scores, interviews, and then finally, the games. I couldn't wait to get in there and win it. I went to the district 12 floor with Malar. He hasn't said a word to me since we got here. He's probably scared of me, and he should be.

I took a shower and laid down on the Capitol bed. It was so comfortable, and that would be the only thing I would miss from this freakish city when I get back to District 12.

Day 3

Apollo Angelos - District 1

I walked into the training area and went over to the spears. I threw three spears at three dummies, and every single one hit the heart. Then I picked up some throwing knives. I threw them at the same dummies, aiming for the skull. I hit two of them in the skull, and one completely missed. The Gamemakers laughed a little bit and this made me angrier. I decided to focus on spears and ripped a dummy to pieces with my spear. Then, I threw another spear at an archery target and hit the bullseye. I left the room, disappointed by the missed knife, but happy about my spear skills.

Belle Silver - District 1

The Gamemakers were eating and drinking, but they were silent for the most part when I walked in. I took the bow off the rack and notched in an arrow. I drew back the bow and released. The arrow hit the bullseye. I hit the bullseye on the next three dummies afterwards. I didn't know what else to do, so I grabbed some more arrows and aimed for the eyes. I hit in between the eyes of every dummy, but I was actually going for each individual eye. The Gamemakers seemed impressed though, so I left smiling.

Recilius Iffable - District 2

I jogged into the training area and immediately went over to the swords. I slashed a bunch of dummies in the heart and did a bunch of fancy moves. I loved the attention. After completely owning with my sword, I grabbed a trident, and slashed up the dummy. I tried to run and throw the trident, but I tripped and fell. The Gamemakers started laughing, and this enraged me. I took a knife and threw it at the Gamemakers, but they had a force field and it bounced back at me. I dove out of the way and just missed it. I was embarrased, so I left the training area with my head down.

Rose Bolt - District 2

I walked into the training area determined to get the best score. I wasted no time, and went straight to the throwing knives. They were a little heavier than what I was used to, but I knew I could do well with them. There were three dummies lined up, and I threw my three knives at them. Each one landed in the heart. I left the training area without being dismissed. I knew my skills were better than anyone else's.

Jacob Smarts - District 3

I just spent the morning with Piper, and I didn't feel like showing off for the Gamemakers, but I did anyway. I took an axe and it was pretty heavy. I whirled it around my head and threw it at the dummy. It missed completely and got stuck in the wall. I cringed. Then, I took a knife and slashed the dummy with it and carved Piper's name into the arm. It was stupid, but maybe they would give me points for being in love. They dismissed me and I walked out.

Aria Camelliston - District 3

I was worried going into the training session. My skills with the bow and arrow were nothing compared to Belle's from 1, but I didn't practice anything else. There were three archery targets on the far wall, so I grabbed a bow and some arrows and aimed for the targets. I shot three arrows at each target. On the first target, I missed every single one. On the second one, I got them all on the target, but not in the bullseye. On the third target, I got three bullseyes. I was ecstatic. I knew that the first two targets would bring me down, but the last one had to count for something.

Surf Waves - District 4

I walked into the training area and the Gamemakers were suprisingly watching intently. I picked up a trident and was happy that it was lighter than usual. In District 4, they were made of pure gold. The Capitol ones were made out of platinum. I threw the trident at a dummy and decapitated it. Then, I punctured holes in the other dummy's chest and did some fancy moves with it. Finally, I threw the trident at an archery target on the wall and the middle prong hit the bullseye. The Gamemakers looked impressed and dismissed me.

Lyndsay Willis - District 4

I couldn't figure out what to do once I stepped into the training arena. Hand-to-hand was hard to show without another person. I did some karate moves, and thankfully beat the dummy. Then, I threw some darts at the targets on the wall, and every single dart landed in the bullseye. I threw a knife at the target too, but it hit the outside. "Damn," I said to myself. I was going great until that missed knife. The Gamemakers dismissed me, and I left the training area, disappointed.

Jake McFur - District 5

I knew I had to dazzle the Gamemakers because they just saw the Careers go. I picked up a sword and began slashing a dummy. I cut off his arms, legs, and then head, so he was just a torso. Then, I stabbed the torso, and it was stuck on the end of my sword. I swung it around and it flew off and hit a dummy on the other side of the room. I was shocked. I did not mean to do that, but that was frickin cool. The Gamemakers looked pleased and then dismissed me. I was proud of myself.

Lizzie Tyle - District 5

I slowly walked into the training area. I was so nervous that I was shaking. I slowly picked up a slingshot and some rocks. I aimed at it the dummy's head. The first shot knocked its head right off. The second one did too. Then, my third shot missed. I was mad at myself. I then took a knife and threw it at the dummy's heart. It hit its shoulder. Then I painted my arm to look like grass. It came out pretty well. I knew I wouldn't get a really high score, but those two slingshot hits and the camouflage had to boost it up a little bit.

James Chrysler - District 6

The Gamemakers were barely paying attention when I entered the room. I announced my arrival, which made them stop eating and watch me. I took an axe in my right hand and a knife in my left hand. I threw both at the same time at a dummy. The knife hit the dummy's head and the axe hit the dummy in the chest. That worked out better than I thought it would. I didn't know what to do after that, so I just left.

Sasha Selenta - District 6

It was my individual training session. I knew I had to put on a show for the Gamemakers. I walked in very slowly and picked up a bow and arrow. I pretended the bow was too heavy for me, and I dropped it. I picked it up again and aimed an arrow at the target. I quickly changed my aim at the last second and the arrow hit the floor. I did the same thing with two more arrows, then I moved on to throwing knives. I picked up three knives and chucked them underhand towards a dummy. They all missed. I asked to leave and they said yes. I pretended to cry as I was walking out.

Sebastian Vetteli - District 7

I walked into the room and looked at the camouflage station. There was a fake tree threre. I took an axe and chopped down the tree in two hits. Then I slashed the dummy with my axe and decapitated it. I looked around the weapons rack for a mace and finally found one. I picked it up, spun it around, and with one swift hit, I broke the dummy in half. The Gamemakers excused me and I left the room.

Blair Abbergaine - District 7

I didn't even look at the Gamemakers when I walked in. I went to the weapons rack and took out three throwing axes. I threw one at each target and every single one hit the dummy in the heart. Then, I took a bow and arrow and shot three arrows at each of the three archery targets. I got one bullseye on each, but the other arrows missed. I should have just stuck with the axes. I left the training area disappointed in myself.

Lyle Gray - District 8

The Gamemakers were drinking and laughing when I walked in. I took a bow and notched an arrow in. I kept saying to myself, "Don't be too good. Don't be too bad." I released and the arrow hit just outside of the bullseye. The next arrow missed completely, and the last arrow hit the bullseye. I felt that my performance would give me the six that I wanted, so I left the room without being dismissed.

Olive Beatriz - District 8

I walked into the training session with no idea what to do. I grabbed a knife, the only weapon I was good with, and stabbed each dummy in the heart. The Gamemakers were barely paying attention, so I threw a knife at them. It bounced off the force field and decapitated a dummy. They looked at me, stunned. I smiled sheepishly and I was dismissed. That worked out better than I thought it would.

Caleb Stoll - District 9

Walking into the training session, I had a plan. If I didn't do well with my axe, I would show off my gymnastics skills. I grabbed an axe and threw it at the dummy. It missed and fell to the floor. Then, I did a variety of flips, somersaults, jumps, tumbles, handspring, headstands; you name it, I did it. The Gamemakers looked pretty impressed, but I didn't think that gymnastics would help me in the arena.

Kacey Anderson - District 9

I walked in the training room and smiled at the Gamemakers. I picked up a spear and threw it at the dummy's head. It hit it in the heart. I wasn't aiming for that, but the Gamemakers didn't know that. Then, I threw another spear at the dummy's heart. It hit it in the groin. Again, I wasn't aiming for that, but it looked good to the Gamemakers. If I threw a spear at the dummy's groin, it would probably hit the floor, so I didn't risk it. I thanked the Gamemakers for their time, and after being dismissed, left the room.

Kyle Dritel - District 10

I walked into the training area and went straight for the machete. I slashed the dummy and cut off all its limbs. Then, I threw a machete at another dummy and decapitated it. Next, I took a normal knife and threw it at another dummy. It missed completely. I was so upset and the Gamemakers dismissed me. I stormed out of the training area, but then came back. I took a knife and chucked it at the dummy and it hit in between the eyes. The Gamemakers looked angry, but they couldn't deny the skills that I had. I was pleased with myself.

Caitlyn Levenhire - District 10

Entering the training area, I was pretty nervous. I walked up to the rack and tripped over it, sending the weapons everywhere. I was so embarrassed. I found three throwing knives and a sword among all the weapons and pulled them out. I threw the three knives at one dummy and hit the head, heart, and groin. I did not want to risk messing up with my sword, so I left the area. My knife throwing was amazing, and I hoped it would make me a threat, but not too much of a threat.

Ryan Ramos - District 11

I figured that the Gamemakers had seen a lot of tributes wield a sword and a knife. I knew I had to make myself stand out somehow. I grabbed a sword in one hand and a knife in the other. I began slashing the dummy to pieces, alternating with my sword and knife. I was so into destroying the dummy that when I was finished, it looked as if the dummy was eaten. The Gamemakers looked a little scared, and I laughed to myself while leaving the room.

Maizi Rhode - District 11

I walked into the training area debating what to do. I could make a fire, which I became really good at, or I could show off my bow and arrow skills. I knew that many other tributes were good with a bow, like Belle from 1, but I decided not to let that stop me. I had nine arrows and planned to shoot three arrows at each of the three targets. On the first target, I hit one bullseye and two just outside the bullseye. On the second target, I hit two bullseyes and one completely missed the target. On the third target, I hit one dead center, and one missed. I was down to my last arrow. I released the bow and the arrow hit dead center, splitting the other arrow in half. I was shocked at how good that turned out. One Gamemaker clapped, but then stopped himself. I left the room ecstatic.

Malar Syman - District 12

Upon entering the training room, I could see that the Gamemakers were a little tipsy. I grabbed a dagger in my hand and slashed off the limbs forcefully on one of the dummies. Then, I took a normal knife and threw it at another dummy's heart. It missed and hit the ground. I tried again with the same knife, but I missed again. I was so embarrassed, but I tried again, this time with my dagger. The dagger hit the dummy right in the heart. I was dismissed and the left the training area knowing that a dagger was my best weapon.

Lilac Coalburner - District 12

I went into the training area and the Gamemakers weren't paying any attention to me. I screamed at the top of my lungs for ten seconds straight, and they all paid attention. I picked up and spear and threw it in a dummy's heart. I decapitated the same dummy's head with an axe. Then, I threw two knives at a dummy, severing both of its arms. I shot an arrow and a dart and they both hit the bullseye. Then I swung a mace at a dummy and put a hole through it's chest. Then, I slashed it with a sword. Finally, for the icing on the cake, I put a knife in a slingshot and released. The knife hit the archery bullseye in the wall. The Gamemakers were floored and I left the room.

Manny Quever - District 13

The Gamemakers looked uneasy when I entered the room. I picked a knife up out of the weapon rack and tried to cut the limbs off of the dummy. I didn't have enough strength though, and I didn't know what else to do. I tried throwing a knife, but I hit the dummy's elbow when aiming for its head. I began to cry and ran out of the training area before the Gamemakers dismissed me.

Piper Bridges - District 13

When I walked into the training room and grabbed a blowgun, the Gamemakers became quiet. I guess that wasn't a popular weapon among the tributes. I blew the first dart at the archery target on the wall and it hit the bullseye. I blew the second dart at a dummy and it hit it in the heart. Finally, I blew a dart at the chink in the Gamemaker's force field and hit a Gamemaker in the foot with an arrow. He screamed in pain and I ran out, laughing to myself.

Oscar Finnigan - Capitol

I felt down in the dumps lately on my throwing knife skills, being around Rose from 2 all the time. I was hoping that I could redeem myself in the private training session. I picked up a knife and threw it at the dummy's heart. It landed to the right of its heart. I tried again and it landed near the same place. This time, I aimed to the left of the dummy's heart, and hit right in the center of it. Booyah! Now I knew that my aim was off a little to the right. I had to remember that for in the arena.

Ella Pearl - Capitol

I was the last tribute in training and I knew the Gamemakers had seen pretty much everything. I decided to try and show off my bow and arrow skills. I knew I was better than Aria from 3, but not as good as Belle from 1. I didn't know how good anyone else was. I shot three arrows and hit two bullseyes. I figured that was good enough for a decent score, so I left the training area, relieved that it was over.

Training Scores

Name Training Score
Apollo Angelos 9
Belle Silver 11
Recilius Iffable 8
Rose Bolt 10
Jacob Smarts 4
Aria Camelliston 6
Surf Waves 11
Lyndsay Willis 9
Jake McFur 9
Lizzie Tyle 7
James Chrysler 9
Sasha Selenta 2
Sebastian Vetteli 8
Blair Abbergaine 8
Lyle Gray 6
Olive Beatriz 9
Caleb Stoll 7
Kacey Anderson 8
Kyle Dritel 8
Caitlyn Levenhire 8
Ryan Ramos 9
Maizi Rhode 10
Malar Syman 7
Lilac Coalburner 12
Manny Quever 3
Piper Bridges 11
Oscar Finnigan 7
Ella Pearl 7

Rockman117 gets an extra gift because Lilac got the highest training score.


Belle Silver - District 1

Caesar: First up we have Belle Silver from District 1 everybody!

Belle: Thank you so much Caesar.

Caesar: So, Belle. I heard you've left the Careers.

Belle: Well, that is true. But there are bad feelings between us.

Caesar: Are you sure about that?

Belle: I hope so. Those Careers are pretty scary!


Apollo Angelos - District 1

Caesar: Next up is Apollo Angelos from District 1!

Apollo: Hey Caesar!

Caesar: So, to continue with what Belle was saying, are there any bad feelings between the Careers and the tributes that left them?

Apollo: Of course not! I'm not going to hold grudges because someone doesn't want to align with me.

Caesar: That is a good quality to have.

Apollo: Well, thank you Caesar!


Rose Bolt - District 2

Caesar: Here is Rose Bolt from District 2! *whistle from crowd*

Rose: Well hello Caesar! *bats eyes*

Caesar: Hey, Rose. So, tell me about your strategy going into the Games.

Rose: Well, I don't want to give that away. *winks*

Caesar: Good point. What are you willing to give away?

Rose: My body. To you.

Caesar: And that is all the time we have thank you very much.


Recilius Iffable - District 2

Caesar: Recilius Iffable, come on down!

Recilius: Thanks, man.

Caesar: So, I hear you are another Career mutiny.

Recilius: Is that what we're being called? Yes, yes I am.

Caesar: Do you think that was a smart move?

Recilius: Honestly, I'm not so sure anymore. It was right morally, but I don't know if it was right socially. I can't take it back now!


Aria Camelliston - District 3

Caesar: Aria from District 3 everyone!

Aria: Hi.

Caesar: So, tell me about your family.

Aria: No.

Caesar: Ok.

Aria: Bye.


Jacob Smarts - District 3

Caesar: Now it's Jacob from District 3!

Jacob: Hey there Caesar. I would like to give a special shoutout to all the ladies out there. *girls scream*

Caesar: Aha. Sorry ladies, but Jacob might be taken - by Piper!

Jacob: Well, Caesar, I'm not supposed to release that information.

Caesar: Well, it's not like millions of people are watching this.

Jacob: Of course not, but only Piper and I know the truth. *winks*


Lyndsay Willis - District 4

Caesar: Hello Lyndsay from District 4!

Lyndsay: Hey, Caesar! I like your hair.

Caesar: Why thank you! So, how confident are you going into the Games?

Lyndsay: Very confident. I know I am going to win and I can't wait to get in there and show my skills.

Caesar: Wow, you make me want to bet on you!

Lyndsay: That would be smart, because I'm going to win.


Surf Waves - District 4

Caesar: And now we have the other District 4 tribute, Surf Waves!

Surf: What's up?

Caesar: Not much. So, what is it like back in District 4?

Surf: It's pretty chill. There's a lot of water and fish. I like it.

Caesar: How about your family?

Surf: They're pretty cool too. Especially my sister. I love you Aqua!


Lizzie Tyle - District 5

Caesar: And now from District 5, Lizzie Tyle!

Lizzie: Ummm, hi.

Caesar: Don't be so shy, Lizzie. Tell us about yourself!

Lizzie: Uh, what do you want to know?

Caesar: I don't know, the most interesting thing about you.

Lizzie: Uhhhh


Jake McFur - District 5

Caesar: Meet Jake McFur from District 5 everyone!

Jake: Hi Caesar.

Caesar: Tell us about life in District 5. Transport us to your home.

Jake: Well, my family is pretty poor, and my parents work twelve hours a day at power plants.

Caesar: Did you take tesserae for your family?

Jake: No. Even though my family was poor, my parents never let us take tesserae. I guess it didn't matter in the end though, because I still got picked.

Sasha Selenta - District 6

Caesar: Now we have Sasha Selenta from six! What a name!

Sasha: Thanks, Caesar.

Caesar: So, your training score was...underwhelming, to say the least.

Sasha: Yes, I know. I hope that score won't reflect my skills in the Games.

Caesar: So were you faking it? A score that low is pretty hard to get.

Sasha: No, but I know I can do better than that. I know I will do better than that.


James Chrysler - District 6

Caesar: Now we have James Chrylser from District sex. I mean six!

James: Woah there, Caesar. Now we know what you're thinking about.

Caesar: My apologies, James. So, tell us about yourself.

James: Well, I'm from District sex.

Caesar: Yes, yes we know.

James: Sorry, Caesar. You're never living that one down.


Blair Abbergaine - District 7

Caesar: Now it's Blair from 7 everybody!

Blair: Hello there Caesar.

Caesar: So, Blair, who do you think is the biggest threat of all the tributes?

Blair: Hmmm, that's a tough one.

Caesar: You have to pick one. Just say a name.

Blair: Blair Abbergaine.


Sebastian Vetteli - District 7

Caesar: Next up is Sebastian Vetteli!

Sebastian: Hi.

Caesar: Is there anything you would like Panem to know about you?

Sebastian: Nothing important.

Caesar: Nothing at all? Any girls that you like back home?

Sebastian: Bye.


Olive Beatriz - District 8

Caesar: Meet Olive from District 8!

Olive: Hey Caesar!

Caesar: So, a 9 is pretty impressive coming from a District 8 tribute.

Olive: Well, there are much better scores, and there was even a 12 this year, so it's not that good.

Caesar: I still think it is great. What is your secret?

Olive: It's not much of a secret. It was more of a fluke that I got such a high number.


Lyle Gray - District 8

Caesar: Say hello to Lyle from 8!

Lyle: Hello to Lyle from 8!

Caesar: Haha, so Lyle, what is your favorite activity?

Lyle: Hmmm, I would have to go with training. I love making my body stronger!

Caesar: Ahhh, you sound similar to a Career.

Lyle: I wouldn't go that far, but thank you!


Kacey Anderson - District 9

Caesar: Now we have Kacey Anderson from District 9!

Kacey: Howdy Caesar!

Caesar: So, Kacey, how do you like the Capitol so far?

Kacey: I love it. The people here are so friendly and colorful!

Caesar: True, I do have blue hair.

Kacey: And I love it!


Caleb Stoll - District 9

Caesar: Next is Caleb from nine!

Caleb: Yes, that is true.

Caesar: So, Caleb from nine, what is your best sport?

Caleb: Gymnastics, definetly.

Caesar: That's not a sport.

Caleb: Oh really? Tell that to the gymnastics team at my school.

Caesar: Ok, "Gymnastics Team at Caleb's school, gymnastics is not a real sport."

Caleb: Oh.


Caitlyn Levenhire - District 10

Caesar: Come on down Caitlyn Levenhire!

Caitlyn: Thanks, Caesar.

Caesar: So, I heard you got into a little fight with Maizi from 11?

Caitlyn: That's ancient history. We're friends now.

Caesar: Is that right?

Caitlyn: No, I'm lying. Of course it's right.


Kyle Dritel - District 10

Caesar: Next up is Kyle Dritel from 10!

Kyle: Hey.

Caesar: How has you Capitol experience been so far?

Kyle: It sucks. I hate the Capitol.

Caesar: Why is that?

Kyle: People like you.

Caesar: Oh.


Maizi Rhode - District 11

Caesar: Now we have Maizi from District 11!

Maizi: Yes, it's me, Maizi.

Caesar: So, you got a 10 in training? That's pretty impressive for someone from 11.

Maizi: Yes, I am wonderful, aren't I?

Caesar: So far, at least.

Maizi: Haha, but seriously, that 10 is lucky and I am not even close in ability to the Careers.


Ryan Ramos - District 11

Caesar: Next is Ryan Ramos from 11!

Ryan: Hey there Ceezy.

Caesar: Hey there Reezy.

Ryan: What's shakin C-Swizzle?

Caesar: Not much, R-Swizzle.

Ryan: .....

Caesar: .....


Lilac Coalburner - District 12

Caesar: Now we have Lilac from District 12!

Lilac: Hi.

Caesar: So, you got a 12 in training? There have only been two other 12s in the history of the Games. How do you feel about that?

Lilac: I feel good.

Caesar: You know this makes you a huge threat for the other tributes?



Malar Syman - District 12

Caesar: Ok. Here is Malar Syman from 12!

Malar: Hi Caesar.

Caesar: So, Malar. Your district partner is what everyone is talking about these games.

Malar: I know. But the other tributes should be worried about me too.

Caesar: Why is that?

Malar: Because I know I can win.


Piper Bridges - District 13

Caesar: Now is Piper from District 13! *whistles from crowds*

Piper: Hello Caesar.

Caesar: Well, Piper. I know a lot of guys in the audience that would love to be your man. *shouts from the guys in the crowd*

Piper: Haha, well, we'll have to see after the Games.

Caesar: So you're not taken?

Piper: I wouldn't say that.


Manny Quever - District 13

Caesar: Next up is Manny Quever from 13!

Manny: Hi Mr. Flickerman.

Caesar: So, Mr. Quever, your training score is pretty low. Any comments?

Manny: I am smart and stealthy and can sneak past other tributes.

Caesar: Would you consider yourself a major threat?

Manny: I wouldn't say that, but I wouldn't count me out either.


Ella Pearl - Capitol

Caesar: Now we have Ella Pearl, from our very own Capitol!

Ella: Thank you Caesar.

Caesar: So, Ella. How are the other tributes?

Ella: They are alright. Some are intimidating, some are pretty weak.

Caesar: What about your district partner?

Ella: ....


Oscar Finnigan - Capitol

Caesar: And last but not least, Oscar Finnigan!

Oscar: Hey there, Caesarman.

Caesar: So, Oscarman, what is your strategy going into the Games?

Oscar: To win.

Caesar: Anything else?

Oscar: Nope.

Caesar: That wraps up the Interviews. The Games will be starting tomorrow folks. Who will win? No one knows!

Current Status

Tribute Place
Sasha Selenta Victor
Rose Bolt Runner-Up
Maizi Rhode Second Runner-Up

Odds of Winning

Name Odds
Sasha Selenta 1-1

The Games

Day 1


Manny Quever - District 13

We rose from our launch pads and the countdown started. 60...59...58...57...I looked all around me and saw a hill, a lake, a jungle, and marshes. The Cornucopia was in front of me, and all of the supplies were floating on the water the Cornucopia was in. I couldn't tell how deep the water was. 5...4...3...2...1...DING! I quickly grabbed a pack near my launch pad and ran into the jungle with Lyle (8). We heard a bunch of cannons as we were running.

Jacob Smarts - District 3

I grabbed a backpack and Piper (13) did too. We ran in together to get weapons when I felt a sharp pain in my side. I looked to see Lyndsay (4) taking a knife out of me. Then I dropped dead. BOOM

Piper Bridges - District 13

Jacob (3) just died. I screamed and tackled Lyndsay (4) to the ground and began punching her. I pinned her hands under my knees so she couldn't stab me. She was so badly bruised that I decided to end the torture and snap her neck. BOOM I picked up a blowgun and some darts and ran towards the jungle where I saw Manny (13) go. Olive (8) was alongside me with a backpack of her own.

Lizzie Tyle - District 5

I grabbed a backpack and ran with Jake (5), James (6), and Sebastian (7) towards the hill. We were making our way up when Sebastian fell down. There was a knife in his leg, and Lilac (12) was on top of him, stabbing his face. I cried and Jake (5) pulled me up the hill. James (6) hesitated, but after hearing Sebastian's (7) cannon BOOM, he came with Jake (5) and I over the hill. There was a dirt field covered with huge boulders. We hid behind a boulder and set up camp.

Ella Pearl - Capitol

I was hiding in the Cornucopia with a knife trying to avoid all of the fighting. There were cannons going off right and left, and soon Oscar (C) came into my view. He was fighting with Kyle (10) and Kyle (10) stabbed him in the heart with a sword. BOOM I was in shock and I became so angry that I ran out with my knife and stabbed Kyle (10) repeatedly, BOOM long after his cannon sounded. His body was in pieces after I was done with it. I saw Lilac (12) run into the jungle, but I didn't care.

Blair Abbergaine - District 7

I picked up a backpack and I saw Sasha (6) with one two. I ran over to her and we started running to the marshes. Recilius (2) and Belle (1) were running behind us with weapons. Thank God they weren't trying to kill us, or Sasha (6) and I would be dead meat.

Caleb Stoll - District 9

I picked up an axe from the Cornucopia and began to run away. Apollo (1) lunged his sword at me, but I dodged it. I quickly ran away when a knife lodged itself into my back. The last thing I saw was Rose (2) pulling it out and stabbing me in the chest. BOOM

Maizi Rhode - District 11

Ryan and I made it out of the Cornucopia with Caitlyn. We didn't know where Kacey and Caleb were, but we couldn't dwell on it. We walked into the marshes and examined the contents of our backpacks. Mine contained an assortment of food, Ryan's had some blankets and sleeping bags, and Caitlyn's had a canteen with water. We were doing pretty well.

Malar Syman - District 12

I was hiding on the edge of the jungle, looking at the Cornucopia. The Careers were in the Cornucopia picking out weapons and eating. There were a bunch of bodies floating in the water. Then, I saw one move and then another one! Aria (3) and Kacey (9) were playing dead in the water. What the hell were they doing? Kacey (9) looked up and saw that the Careers weren't in the water, and she ran. Aria (3) heard the splashing and ran too, but she was too late. Surf (4) came out from the Cornucopia and threw his trident at Aria (3). BOOM I stayed in my hiding spot and ate some of my bread.


Apollo Angelos - District 1

Rose (2), Surf (4), Ella (C) and I were the only Careers left. We slept in the Cornucopia, since it was waterproof, and were living the life of luxury. We had a lot of food and water, and if anyone attacked us, we had the weapons to kill them with.

James Chrysler - District 6

Jake (5), Lizzie (5), and I were camped out behind a boulder. We haven't seen or heard anyone near us, but we need water.

Olive Beatriz - District 8

Piper (13), Manny (13), Lyle (8), and I were in the jungle. We had some water, but no food.

Lilac Coalburner - District 12

I was running through the jungle, trying to find someone to kill. I killed Sebastian (7) and I couldn't wait to get my hands on another tribute.

Kacey Anderson - District 9

I was in the marshes looking for my alliance when I found them. I ran up and hugged Caitlyn (10), Maizi (11), and Ryan (11). I told them how Caleb (9) and Kyle (10) died, and set up camp with them.

Belle Silver - District 1

Recilius (2), Sasha (6), Blair (7), and I were in great shape. Recilius and I had our best weapons, and Blair and Sasha gathered food and water.

The Fallen

Jacob Smarts - District 3

Lyndsay Willis - District 4

Sebastian Vetteli - District 7

Oscar Finnigan - Capitol

Kyle Dritel - District 10

Caleb Stoll - District 9

Aria Camelliston - District 3

Day 2

Rose Bolt - District 2

I was the first one up out of the Careers. I left the Cornucopia and sat in the water. It was warm and it felt good. I was looking around when I saw a figure in the outside of the jungle. I took my knives and slowly walked towards the figure. As I got closer, I realized it was Malar (12) and he was sleeping. Once I got close enough, I threw my knife at his heart and heard a BOOM. The rest of the Careers raced out, realizing that I was gone. I waved to them to make sure they knew I was okay.

Jake McFur - District 5

Lizzie (5), James (6), and I were content in our little rock field. No one else came over the hill, as far as we knew. We had all of the supplies we needed to stay alive for a while.

Recilius Iffable - District 2

Belle (1), Sasha (6), Blair (7), and I were on the hunt for other tributes in the marshes. We were walking across when Sasha (6) drew her bow. Ten yards in front of us was the District 9, 10, and 11 alliance. Sasha (6) released the arrow, and I knew it would miss. She was terrible. I was shocked when I heard a cannon. BOOM I peered to see who the arrow hit. It was Kacey (9) in the throat. I looked at Sasha (6) and she smiled meekly. She was actually good! Her cannon woke the rest of the alliance up. Maizi (11) fired back with her bow and arrow and Belle (1) narrowly dove out of the way. Caitlyn (10), Ryan (11), and Maizi (11) began to run. Belle (1) and Sasha (6) kept firing arrows when we heard a cannon. BOOM One of Belle's (1) arrow had gone through Ryan's (11) skull. Maizi (11) and Caitlyn (10) were nowhere to be seen. They left all of their food behind.

Lyle Gray - District 8

Olive (8), Manny (13), Piper (13), and I were sitting in the jungle laughing and talking. Piper (13) was still sad about Jacob's (3) death, but Manny (13) seemed happier than ever. Olive (8) was really cool too. I was in the middle of telling a joke when Olive's (8) head fell off her shoulders. BOOM "Holy shit!" yelled Piper (13). Manny (13) screamed. We had no weapons so we ran as fast as we could away from our former campsite, taking our few supplies with us. I looked back over my shoulder to see Lilac (12) standing with a sword in one hand and Olive's (8) head in the other, laughing.

The Fallen

Malar Syman - District 12

Kacey Anderson - District 9

Ryan Ramos - District 11

Olive Beatriz - District 8

(Everyone gets an extra gift for top 20)

Day 3

Lilac Coalburner - District 12

I woke up to the sound of distant barking and growling. I guess the Gamemakers were releasing some mutts today. I climbed into a tree, hoping to avoid them.

Ella Pearl - Capitol

We heard strange animal noises coming from around us. Apollo (1), Rose (2), Surf (4), and I grabbed our weapons. Suddenly, six horse muttations came running out of the jungle. Two of them ran past us towards the hill. The other four came towards us, one at each tribute. I had a bow and arrow and aimed at the horse. I shot and missed. Rose (2) killed hers and Apollo (1) had his injured on the ground. The horse came barelling towards me and knocked me into the Cornucopia. My head hit the side. Hard. I held my head and braced for the horse's stampede again. It ran at me again and stepped on my head, crushing it. BOOM

Surf Waves - District 4

I felt like a wimp. Apollo (1) and Rose (2) killed their horses off on their own. I need their help to kill mine. At least I didn't die like Ella.

Lizzie Tyle - District 5

Jake (5), James (6), and I heard what sounded like horses nearby. Suddenly, two huge horse muttations came running towards us. James (6) pulled out his axe, Jake (5) his sword, and me my knife. They were near us when James (6) charged and decapitated the horse with his axe. The other horse was coming so fast at Jake (5) that he had to dive out of its way. The horse then got angry, and shifted its aim to me. I started to run, but knew it was too fast. I turned back and stabbed it in the stomach. It didn't die. At that point, I knew I was done for. The horse picked me up in its mouth and ran with me into a boulder at full speed. We both died on impact. BOOM

Caitlyn Levenhire - District 10

Maizi (11) and I were hiding in the marshes, starving. We were so hungry, but we knew that we couldn't risk leaving our hiding spot, as the mutts might kill us. Then, two tiger mutts came running past Maizi (11) and me. Luckily, they didn't see us, or we would have been dead.

Blair Abbergaine - District 7

Belle (1), Recilius (2), Sasha (6), and I were sitting and talking in the marsh when he heard a noise behind us. We turned and looked and saw two tiger mutts running at us. Sasha (6) acted quickly and shot one with an arrow. It hit, and made it fall to the ground. Belle (1) finished it off with one of her arrows. The other one was coming at me, but I had my axe ready. I swung my axe to hit it, but it jumped over me and onto Recilius (2). He began mauling Recilius (2) and we heard a cannon. BOOM I sliced the tiger in the back and it died. Belle (1) began to cry, but Sasha (6) and I consoled her.

Manny Quever - District 13

Luckily, the anthem began to play. We knew that we avoided the mutt attack. Lyle (8), Piper (13), and I were surprised to see Recilius' (2) face in the sky, but Ella (C) and Lizzie (5) were expected. We went to sleep, knowing that we were three tributes closer to victory.

The Fallen

Ella Pearl - Capitol

Lizzie Tyle - District 5

Recilius Iffable - District 2

Everyone gets +1 gift for top 15!

Day 4

Maizi Rhode - District 11

Caitlyn (10) and I received food from our sponsors. We were so hungry and ate all of it immediately. We felt relieved and energized. We moved through the marshes with our weapons, hoping to kill someone.

James Chrylser - District 6

Jake (5) was really upset after losing Lizzie (5). He felt that it was his job to protect her and he failed. I kept trying to tell him that it wasn't his fault, but he wouldn't listen. We stayed in our little rock field, hoping no tributes or horse mutts would disturb us.

Piper Bridges - District 13

Lyle (8), Manny (13), and I were chilling in the jungle, and no one was bothering us. We were still on our toes after Lilac's (12) attack on Olive (8), but otherwise we were fine.

Belle Silver - District 1

Sasha (6), Blair (7), and I decided to attack the Careers. There were only three left: Apollo (1), Rose (2), and Surf (4). We wanted to take over the Cornucopia and set up camp there. We approached the Career's camp and I saw Surf (4) bathing in the water surrounding. I aimed my arrow and released, putting it straight into his skull. BOOM We moved in closer to the Careers, because we had numbers now. Out of nowhere, Lilac (12) comes from the jungle with a spear and starts screaming. I turn my bow to shoot at her, but she throws her spear into my skull. BOOM

Apollo Angelos - District 1

Surf (4) just died, and Rose (2) and I were afraid to come out of the Cornucopia. We heard a bunch of girls fighting, and I peeked my head out. Sasha (6) was trying to avoid Lilac's (12) knife attacks while Blair (7) tried to kill her with her axe. Lilac (12) was an amazing fighter, and I secretly hoped that she would die just so I didn't have to fight her later on. I motioned to Rose (2) to grab some supplies. We crept out of the Cornucopia and into the jungle. Just as we were in the jungle, I looked back at the fight. Blair (7) threw her axe at Lilac (12) and it sliced her left leg off. I heard her cannon soon after. BOOM Sasha (6) and Blair (7) moved into the Cornucopia, where most of our supplies still were. The three biggest threats in the arena were killed today, and I was still alive.

The Fallen

Surf Waves - District 4

Belle Silver - District 1

Lilac Coalburner - District 12

Day 5

Caitlyn Levenhire - District 10

Maizi (11) and I had the strangest feeling that the Gamemakers were going to force the tributes to come together soon. We didn't know when, but we were prepared if it happened.

Jake McFur - District 5

James (6) and I still stayed behind the hill in the rock field. Besides those horse mutts that killed Lizzie (5), no one seems to know that we are here. Besides the Gamemakers.

Sasha Selenta - District 6

Blair (7) and I felt confident. We were in the Cornucopia. We had all of the food and supplies we needed, and the water surrounding alerted us to any attackers. I felt confident that I could win.

Lyle Gray - District 8

Manny (13), Piper (13), and I were walking through the woods when I heard a noise. I told Manny and Piper to stop walking and they heard the noise too. We looked to our left to see Apollo (1) and Rose (2) walking in the jungle. Piper (13) grabbed her blowgun and aimed at Apollo (1). She blew and the dart hit him in the eye and went through his head. BOOM Rose (2) acted quickly. She took out some knives and threw one at Piper (13) it missed. Then she threw one at Manny (13). That one missed too. Then she threw one at me. That one hit. BOOM

The Fallen

Apollo Angelos - District 1

Lyle Gray - District 8

Everyone gets +2 gifts for top 10.

Day 6

Blair Abbergaine - District 7

Sasha (6) and I woke up to the booming voice of Claudius Templesmith. "Hello, tributes. There are nine of you left, and each of you could use something desperately, so we are going to have a feast. There will be a bag with your name on it at the Cornucopia in ten minutes. Each bag will contain a useful tiem. Can you afford to go to the feast? Can you afford not to? Happy Hunger Games!" I looked at Sasha (6) and she looked at me. We decided to stay at the Cornucopia, take our bags, and run over the hill. The time came and the hovercrafts came and dropped the bags off. Sasha (6) and I took our bags and sprinted through the water towards the hill. We saw Jake (5) and James (6) also coming over the hill. I reached for my axe and Sasha (6) reached for her bow. We forgot them. Shit. Quickly, we unzipped our bags. Mine had my second best weapon, a bow and some arrows, and Sasha's (6) bag had her second best weapon, throwing knives. The bow and arrow wasn't going to help me much since Jake (5) and James (6) were too close for me to use it. I took an arrow out and tried to stab James in the chest, but he swung his axe through my arrow and into my chest. BOOM

James Chrysler - District 6

I just killed Blair (7). I felt awful, but I had to. Now Jake (5) and Sasha (6) were fighting. Jake (5) was asking for help, but I couldn't kill my district partner. She was home. Jake (5) was begging for my help now. Sasha (6) was throwing knives at him and he was having a hard time blocking them with her sword. I closed my eyes and heard a cannon. BOOM I opened my eyes to see Jake (5) dead on the ground. Sasha (6) was looking at me and I held out my hand for her to shake it. She pushed it away and walked off to the rock field. I looked at the feast and saw Rose (2), Caitlyn (10), Maizi (11), Manny (13), and Piper (13) fighting. I knew it wouldn't be safe to go there, so I went back to the rock field and went to the opposite side of Sasha (6).

Manny Quever - District 13

Piper (13) and I were fighting with a bunch of girls. I dipped my knife and poison and stabbed some girl with black hair. BOOM Her body fell and I began to cry. I remembered her name now. Caitlyn (10).

Maizi Rhode - District 11

Manny (13) just killed my best friend in the arena, Caitlyn (10). I took an arrow from my pack and stabbed him until I heard a cannon. BOOM Piper (13) looked at me furiously. I began sprinting into the marshes. Piper (13) chased after me. Rose (2) picked up her bag, and sprinted after Piper (13). Two of us were going to die, and I needed to make that one of them.

Rose Bolt - District 2

My bag contained body armour. Sweet. I was chasing after Piper (13) and Maizi (11). After killing those bitches, I would have to kill District 6. Then, I would win.

The Fallen

Blair Abbergaine - District 7

Jake McFur - District 5

Caitlyn Levenhire - District 10

Manny Quever - District 13

Everyone gets +2 gifts for top 5!

Day 7

Piper Bridges - District 13

Rose (2) stopped chasing me. I was still running after Maizi (11) and I was finally close enough to use my blowgun. I dipped my darts in poison and loaded the gun. I blew and the dart hit Maizi (11) in the neck. There was no cannon, so I went closer and saw her swallowing something on the ground. Instant Relief. She opened her eyes and saw me looking over her. I pulled out a knife and she pulled out hers. She stood up and we circled around each other, waiting for one of us to make the first move. I lunged at her, and she lunged at me. This was my chance. I tackled her to the ground and pinned her down. I kicked the knife out of her hand and took my knife out. I was about to stab when she headbutted me in the breast. "Shit!" I screamed. I let go and clutched my breast in pain. She grabbed an arrow from her quiver and lunged at me. It hit me in the stomach. I fell to the ground in pain, and waitied as she finished me off with another arrow. BOOM

Sasha Selenta - District 6

I felt so stupid for not allying myself with James (6). If we teamed up, we could kill Rose (2) together. I walked through the rock field, looking for him. Suddenly, I felt a hand over my mouth and an axe to my throat. It was James (6). I bite his hand and he pulled the axe in closer. It was cutting my neck now. There was no way out of this. As a last attempt, I kneed him in the groin and he let go, cursing in pain. I took out my knives, but he recovered quickly and had axes ready to go. It was District 6 against District 6, and I felt terrible knowing that one of us had to kill each other. I threw a knife and it missed. He threw an axe and it missed. He ran towards me and tried to tackle me to the ground. I held my knife out in front of me. He was going to fast to stop, and dove headfirst into my knife. BOOM I began to cry. I just killed my District partner, and there were still two more people. I didn't know who would win, but I would have to go through the rest of my life, whether it be a few more days or a few more years, knowing that I killed James (6).

Rose Bolt - District 2

I was hiding in the Cornucopia, and I heard two cannons. I was waiting for Maizi (11) or Piper (13) to come from the jungle, and Sasha (6) or James (6) to come from over the hill. I knew I could kill any of them, but if they decided to team up, I was in trouble.

Day 8

Maizi Rhode - District 11

I left the marsh area to find Rose (2). After her, I knew I could take out Sasha (6). I entered the Cornucopia area and stepped into the water. Rose (2) popped out from behind the Cornucopia with like twenty knives and a full suit of body armour. Crap. She threw a knife and I dodged it easily. The armour was affecting her aim. Suddenly, an arrow came out of nowhere and hit Rose (2) in the back. It was a chink in her armour, and I looked to see Sasha (6) barreling over the hill with a bow and arrow and some knives of her own. She saw me and aimed an arrow. I quickly aimed my bow at her, but she released. The arrow went straight through my heart. BOOM

Sasha Selenta - District 6

I just killed Maizi (11). It was down to Rose (2) and me. I hit Rose (2) with an arrow, and she would have died without instant relief. She was back up though, and she had more knives and armour. She threw three knives at once and one of them clipped my shoulder. I cursed and she threw another one. It hit my other shoulder. Quickly, I swallowed some instant relief and I could feel the energy coming through me. I stood back up and threw a knife at Rose. It deflected off her armour. She threw more knives at me, and I ran around the Cornucopia. She was pretty slow in her armour, and if I could get behind her, I could kill her. She was throwing knives, but I was too fast. I threw a knife at her hand and her middle finger came off. She stuck her other one up at me and charged. I ran and I was faster. I ran circles around the Cornucopia until I was behind her. I threw a knife and it hit the chink again. She fell to the ground and pulled out another instant relief. I quickly jumped on her head and heard a BOOM. There was blood everywhere, and several bones were popping out of her head at random angles. It was disgusting, but then I realized I won! The hovercrafts came and I was taken to the Capitol to get my shoulders completely healed.

Post-Games Interview

Caesar: Now, citizens of Panem, hailing from District 6, your new victor, Sasha Selenta! *cheers from audience*

Sasha: Thank you Caesar.

Caesar: So, Sasha. How does it feel to win the Games?

Sasha: Amazing. I still can't believe that I won. I know that I can see my family again.

Caesar: You took a similar approach to the Games like Johanna Mason. You appeared weak, but were actually very skilled. Do you think it paid off?

Sasha: I think so. I'm here arent I?

Caesar: True. Who was your toughest opponent in the arena?

Sasha: I would have to say Rose. I thought I was going to lose that fight at the end.

Caesar: Who was the hardest person to kill?

Sasha: Definetly James. He was from 6 too, and killing someone from home still haunts me.

Caesar: Which tribute do you miss most?

Sasha: Blair. Blair and I became really close in the arena. She was one of my best friends.

Caesar: Thank you, Sasha. Now I will let you return home to your family for some relaxation and some fun! Congratulations again!

Death Chart

Place Tribute District Day KIlled Killed By Killed From
28 Jacob Smarts 3 1 Lyndsay Willis Knife in Side
27 Lyndsay Willis 4 1 Piper Bridges Snapped Neck
26 Sebastian Vetteli 7 1 Lilac Coalburner Knife in Face
25 Oscar Finnigan C 1 Kyle Dritel Sword in Heart
24 Kyle Dritel 10 1 Ella Pearl Repeated Stabbing
23 Caleb Stoll 9 1 Rose Bolt Knife in Back and Chest
22 Aria Camelliston 3 1 Surf Waves Trident in Head
21 Malar Syman 12 2 Rose Bolt Knife in Heart
20 Kacey Anderson 9 2 Sasha Selenta Arrow in Throat
19 Ryan Ramos 11 2 Belle Silver Arrow in Skull
18 Olive Beatriz 8 2 Lilac Coalburner Decapitated by Sword
17 Ella Pearl C 3 Horse Mutt Crushed Head
16 Lizzie Tyle 5 3 Horse Mutt Slammed into Boulder
15 Recilius Iffable 2 3 Tiger Mutt Mauled
14 Surf Waves 4 4 Belle Silver Arrow in Skull
13 Belle Silver 1 4 Lilac Coalburner Spear in Skull
12 Lilac Coalburner 12 4 Blair Abbergaine Sliced Leg
11 Apollo Angelos 1 5 Piper Bridges Dart in Eye
10 Lyle Gray 8 5 Rose Bolt Knife in Chest
9 Blair Abbergaine 7 6 James Chrysler Axe in Chest
8 Jake McFur 5 6 Sasha Selenta Knife in Heart
7 Caitlyn Levenhire 10 6 Manny Quever Knife in Back
6 Manny Quever 13 6 Maizi Rhode Repeated Stabbing
5 Piper Bridges 13 7 Maizi Rhode Arrow in Chest
4 James Chrysler 6 7 Sasha Selenta Knife in Skull
3 Maizi Rhode 11 8 Sasha Selenta Arrow in Heart
2 Rose Bolt 2 8 Sasha Selenta Crushed Head
Victor Sasha Selenta 6 --------- ---------------- ------------------------

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