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Hello all. I have recently been writing the Mentor Games on my blog. The fourth one is still going on, but since it is summer and I have time, I am going to write another of my own games! I will be writing reapings, parades, training, individual training sessions, interviews, and of course, the games.

If you are interested in reading, here is the 198th Hunger Games:

Sasha Selenta from District 6 was the winner. As victor, Sasha's creator, Tobi99, will receive and extra $100 for her tribute if she joins these games.


Katniss' great-great grandson has become ruler of Panem, and re-instilled the Hunger Games. One male and one female from the Capitol and districts 1-13 will participate.


1. You may only enter ONE tribute. It must include the following things:









Strengths: (besides weapon)


Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:


2. Your tribute must be BRAND NEW. They cannot be from a previous user games. I WILL SEARCH THE WIKI WITH YOUR TRIBUTE'S NAME!

3. I will be using adult language, so deal with it. Not too much, though.

4. Do not get mad at me if/when your tribute dies.

5. If you do not post all of the necessary information, I will not post your tribute until you do so. Example: You comment Suzy Q, District 5 Female. And then someone else fills out all of the info for the D5 female, they will get the spot.

6. This is not a quell.

7. I will need stylists, so please enter them as well. There is no limit to how many stylists you enter. As a stylist, I will need this information:



Chariot Design: (includes male and female costumes and chariot)

8. I am abandoning the gift sponsoring from last time and going back to money.

9. If you are reading this and there are open tribute spots left, you have to join. ;)


District Gender Name Age Height Weapon User
1 Male Luca Thread 18 6'11 Sword, Spear, Axe, Knife Jo34546564
1 Female Barlie Henderson 16 4'11 Knife, Dagger AshtonMoioLover
2 Male Everest Sateer 15 6'1 Spear, Knife Rockman117
2 Female Megan Jones 15 5'5 Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow, Sword Lily1997
3 Male Dimitri Bens 16 5'10 Trident, Throwing Axes SkyTimeGirl
3 Female Bianca Bolt 12 5'7 Throwing Knives Polinarose
4 Male Destrye Manglie 18 6'0 Sword ChurchOfCrazies
4 Female Yvonne Waves 16 5'8 Trident, Sword District3forever
5 Male Jayce Finbarr 16 5'10 Spear, Axe, Mace Deaphalia911
5 Female Rania Key 16 5'4 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives, Axe Eleni12
6 Male Don Wertyos 16 5'5 Blowgun FinnickForever
6 Female Suzi Cale 13 5'3 Knife Thena.airice14
7 Male Tyson Ash 15 5'11 Axe CallamD97
7 Female Lacey Baggs 15 5'0 Throwing Knives Mysims
8 Male Navy Io 17 5'10 Knife Pendillumna
8 Female Whitney Finch 17 5'9 Knife Jsm13athome
9 Male Michael Scarn 12 4'11 Axe Wikia Contributor A
9 Female Claudia Gerhart 15 5'6 Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow Blu3 x soldier
10 Male Hunter Malone 17 6'9 Mace, Throwing Axes Tobi99
10 Female Holly Horizon 17 5'8 Sword, Spear Trackstar
11 Male Kelvin Minco 17 6'2 Spear, Throwing Knives VarinEgo
11 Female Ivory Hacker 15 5'4 Throwing Knives Rue district11
12 Male Gabriel DiPablo 13 5'4 Sword, Knife 2legit2quit
12 Female Natasha Grey 15 5'4 Throwing Knives Annamisasa
13 Male Hutch Albane 16 6'0 Mace, Sword, Bow and Arrow Captainsv
13 Female Alva Leege 15 5'4 Bow and Arrow RueButtercup
C Male Bentley Emerson 17 6'1 Axe, Mace, Knife, Sword, Spear Katelyn.danita
C Female Thalia Combe 16 5'5 Throwing Knives, Bow and Arow Catnipkatniss

Tribute Gallery


The arena has two sides: A hot and a cold side.

The Cornucopia is in the center of the arena, and there are varied amounts of weapons and supplies surrounding and inside of it. It is on a plain, dirt field, and there is a pond that makes a shallow moat around the Cornucopia. It is only a foot deep, but it is a water source for tributes stationed at the Cornucopia.

To the west of the Cornucopia is a hot, humid desert. There are many sand dunes that tributes can hide behind, but there isn't much cover besides that. There is a cool oasis in the desert, but without a fan, tributes may been overheated. There are small amounts of plants and animals throughout the desert, but the oasis is full of them. There are also small amounts of mutts in the desert, but absolutely none in the oasis.

To the east of the Cornucopia is snow and ice as far as the eye can see. Warmth is a necessity. They are various snowbanks and hidden igloos throughout this area. The igloos provide food, water, and warmth, but are hard to find. The snow can be as low as a few inches, or as deep as eight feet. Tributes need to walk carefully, and snowshoes would be valuable. Finally, there is a frozen lake in the center of the cold area, where tributes can use a spile to get water from it.


Each user who submitted a tribute has $500 to spend.

You can earn more money by these ways:

Parade Favorite: (Note: This money will go to the stylist)

1st - $100

2nd - $75

3rd - $50

Interview Favorite:

1st - $100

2nd - $75

3rd - $50

Highest Training Score: $200

Kill: $50

Top 20: $50

Top 15: $50

Top 10: $100

Top 5: $150


Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Poison: $75

Portable Fan (cools tribute down): $150

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]: $25

Rope: $25

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Snowshoes: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125

Sponsors/Money Remaining

Sponsor Money Remaining
Jo34546564 -----
AshtonMoioLover -----
Rockman117 -----
Lily1997 -----
SkyTimeGirl -----
Polinarose -----
ChurchOfCrazies -----
District3forever -----
Deaphalia911 -----
Eleni12 -----
FinnickForever -----
Thena.airice14 -----
CallamD97 -----
Mysims -----
Pendillumna -----
Jsm13athome -----
Wikia Contributor A -----
Blu3 x soldier -----
Tobi99 -----
Trackstar -----
VarinEgo -----
Rue district11 -----
2legit2quit -----
Annamisasa -----
Captainsv -----
RueButtercup -----
Katelyn.danita -----
Catnipkatniss -----
Bystander100 -----


District Stylist User
1 Sharona Kurt Cloveismywife
2 Lakan Flyer Jsm13athome
3 Louis Veranda Bystander100
4 Lola Daring District3forever
5 Laurissa Shines Polinarose
6 Kessy Felix Cloveismywife
7 Melina Orion Cloveismywife
8 Quincy Towers Cloveismywife
9 Ruby Iulius Thena.airice14
10 Frenson Bisk Cloveismywife
11 Marus Hulling Cloveismywife
12 China Lotus Polinarose
13 Joanna Roberts AshtonMoioLover
C Jenny Reynolds Cloveismywife

Money Bonuses

$50 per kill

$100 for top 10

$200 for top 5


Alliance 1


Luca Thread (1), Everest Sateer (2), Megan Jones (2), Destrye Manglie (4), Claudia Gerhart (9), Thalia Combe (C)

Alliance 2

Districts 5, 6, 7, and 8

Jayce Finbarr (5), Rania Key (5), Don Wertyos (6), Suzi Cale (6), Tyson Ash (7), Lacey Baggs (7), Whitney Finch (8)

Alliance 3

Districts 10, 11, and 12

Hunter Malone (10), Holly Horizon (10), Kelvin Minco (11), Ivory Hacker (11), Natasha Grey (12)

Alliance 4

Districts 1, 3, 4, and 13

Barlie Henderson (1), Dimitri Bens (3), Bianca Bolt (3), Yvonne Waves (4), Hutch Albane (13), Alva Leege (13)

Alliance 5

Districts 8, 9, 12, and Capitol

Mars Io (8), Michael Scarn (9), Gabe DiPablo (12), Bentley Emerson (C)


Luca Thread - District 1

It was my last reaping day. Not only because I was eighteen, but because I was going to volunteer. I woke up with a smile on my face and my mother made me my favorite breakfast: Taylor Ham, Eggs, and Cheese on a French Roll. I ate it and kissed my mother. I went to my father and we shook hands. He gave me a bunch of tips on what to do in the arena, and told me not to fall for any girls, because I would have to kill them eventually. Strict as always. I said goodbye to my dad and walked with my two little brothers to the District 1 town hall. The mayor was there and he talked about the tributes from District 1 in last year's games: Apollo Angelos and Belle Silver. They did alright, but I knew I would do better. Much better. The escort came on stage and started talking about how District 1 was her favorite district and how she hoped that someone from our district would win this year. She stuck her hand in the ball of female tributes and read out a name. "Jenny Gregor" Before Jenny Gregor could walk up, a girl shouted, "I volunteer!" I looked over to see a hot blonde walking up to the stage. Damn, I did not want to kill her, but she would be fun to be around in the days leading up to the games. The escort asked the girl for her name and she said, "Barlie Henderson". Then, the escort put her hand in the male bowl and before she could read the name on the slip, I shouted, "I volunteer!" I walked confidently up to the stage and the escort announced my name to the crowd. "Luca Thread and Barlie Henderson, your District 1 tributes!" The crowd cheered and Barlie and I shook hands. I winked at her but she looked away. We got onto the train and Barlie stared out the window the whole time.

Everest Sateer - District 2

Today was reaping day, and I knew I was going to volunteer. My father didn't know it yet, but I knew he would be proud of me once I did it. My father has been training me for the games for as long as I can remember. He has taught me to fight with knives and spears, and he made me emotionless, so killing would be easier. I knew that would be the most important thing I needed in the arena. My father and I walked to the reaping area and we went to our separate sections. The escort came on stage and talked about how Rose Bolt came in second last year and she finished ahead of Recilius Iffable because she stuck with the Careers. She didn't mention that a girl from Recilius' alliance won, but that's beside the point. I was planning on being a Career anyway. The escort decided to call boys first, and she pulled out a name. "Tyler Donahue". A small, young looking boy slowly walked up to the stage. I gulped and shouted, "I volunteer!" My dad looked at me and his eyes widened. I couldn't tell if he was happy or upset with me, but it was too late now. I jogged up to the stage and the escort announced my name to the crowd. Then, she pulled a girl's name. I wasn't paying attention to who it was, but a girl volunteered and came up to the stage. Her name was Megan Jones. Megan and I shook hands, and she said something to me, but I couldn't hear her. It didn't matter though, as I'm not too good at talking to people and I wouldn't hesitate to kill her in an instant.

Bianca Bolt - District 3

My foster mother woke me up and reminded me it was reaping day. Great. After running away to District 3, I hated reaping day even more. Back in 2, there was always someone to volunteer for you in case you were ever reaped. In 3, people weren't like that. Still, District 3 was much better, mostly because I was away from my family. Last year, my sister Rose was in the games. She came in second, and I know I sound terrible for saying this, but I'm glad she died. My family was condescending and horrible towards me. I could care less about any of them and I hope they all burn in hell. Anyway, I arrived at the District 3 municipal building where the escort was already talking about how District 3 needed to do better this year, as both of our tributes died in the bloodbath in Rose's games. She put her hand into the bowl and pulled out a boy's name. "Dimitri Bens". An average boy walked up to the stage. The only thing distinct about him was a scar on his cheek. I had never seen him before in my life. The escort picked out a girl's name and held the slip to her eye. "Bianca Bolt," she announced. Karma is a bitch. Rose is probably looking at me right now laughing at how she got her revenge. I slowly walked up to the stage and looked back at my foster parents. They were tearing up and trying to force a smile. It was futile though, I was probably going to die.

Yvonne Waves - District 4

Once again, it was reaping day in District 4. My family and I were never the same since the last games. My brother, Surf, was killed. My parents and my sister Aqua were the only people left I cared about. We walked silently to the huge stage on the beach in 4. It was a new reaping area. The escort loved it and kept going on and on about how she should move to District 4 and get a tan. Her skin was snow white. The escort then brought up how Lyndsay from 4 died in the bloodbath last year and how Surf could have done better. I cringed. I wanted to punch this woman in the face. She didn't know Surf like I did. The escort pulled out a girl's name and said "Yvonne Waves." That was me. I slowly walked up to the stage, refusing to look at the escort or else I would probably hit her. I expected someone to volunteer for me, but no one did. I looked sheepishly back at my parents and Aqua. They were crying hysterically. I stood on the stage looking down when the escort called a boy's name. I didn't hear what it was, but the hottest guy I have ever seen screamed, "I volunteer as tribute!" He ran up to the stage, planted a kiss on the escort's cheek, and stood next to me. He grabbed my hand and raised it, shouting "District 4, you are looking at one of the victors of the 199th Hunger Games!" The crowd cheered. He made me sick. The escort announced our names again, Yvonne Waves and Destrye Manglie, and was about to say something else when a huge wave came up over the stage and drenched the escort. She screamed and ran off yelling about how her hair was ruined. I almost smiled.

Rania Key - District 5

My father nudged me and I woke up startled. By the look he gave me, I knew it was reaping day. I got into my nice clothes, and helped my sisters get dressed too. My name was in the ball a bunch of times, but it was for my sisters. We slowly trudged to the reaping area where the annoying escort gave a speech about how he loves District 5 so much. Yeah right, he only loves the power we supply him with. He gave a speech about last year's tributes, Lizzie Tyle and Jake McFur. Lizzie's death was terrible, but it wasn't even in the top 3 for worst deaths in those games. The escort then pulled a name out of the girl's bowl. "Rania Key," he exclaimed. My parents hugged me and I began to hug my sisters, who were crying, when the Peacekeepers pulled me to the stage. I fought them and ran and hugged my family one last time. The Peacekeepers threatened to taze me and I put my hands up like I was surrendering. I walked to the stage where the escort looked at me like I was crazy. I stuck my middle finger up at him. "Moving on to the boys," he said. He pulled a name out of the hat and read it aloud. "Jayce Finbarr." A cute boy slowly jogged to the stage and smiled at me. We shook hands and I waved to my family. The escort ushered us onto the train and we traveled towards the Capitol.

Don Wertyos - District 6

I was excited for reaping day. I had been training for these games, and I wanted to win it again for District 6. I drove with my mother to the reaping area in 6. I was her only child and my father died when I was young. I didn't tell my mom I was going to volunteer, because I knew she would try to talk me out of it. The crowd erupted when Sasha Selenta, last year's winner, arrived on stage. She waved and smiled. She looked so frail, but she was actually a killing machine. The escort settled the crowd down and told us about how District 6 did the best overall in the games last year, with its tributes placing 1st and 4th. The crowd cheered again, but silenced when the escort put his hand into the girl's ball. "Suzi Cale," he said into the microphone. A girl walked up to the stage and I heard another girl crying. It was probably her sister. Then, before the escort could read the boy's name, I shouted, "I volunteer!" Everyone was shocked. I looked at my mother, who shook her head vigorously and ran over to me. She hugged me and would not let go. She kept begging me not to go, but it was too late. Peacekeepers separated us and I walked onto the stage. Sasha and Suzi smiled at me, and the escort continued giving a speech. Sasha came over to Suzi and I and said, "I think District 6 can bring it home again this year!"

Lacey Baggs - District 7

My little brother woke me up in the morning. He was only seven and he couldn't be reaped yet. Lucky for him. I got dressed and stuffed my limp right wrist and hand through my shirt sleeve. I basically lived in the woods, and I climbed trees all the time. I was climbing my favorite tree when a few Peacekeepers began cutting it down to make room for a new Peacekeeper headquarters. I jumped out in time, but I landed on my right wrist and I have not been able to use it ever since. Luckily, I am a lefty, so my weapon fighting skill wasn't affected. I had contemplated volunteering for the games so if I win, I can get my wrist fixed. I decided to make my choice today. I walked through the woods with my father and brother. They stood in one section, while I went to the girls' section. The escort was walking on really high heels, and she almost fell. She talked about Blair Abbergaine and Sebastian Vetteli, the tributes from last year. Blair made it pretty far in the arena. Then, she got down to business. She pulled a girl's name and I looked at my brother. I couldn't leave him. I decided not to volunteer; I could deal with a dead wrist. "Lacey Baggs!" the escort called. I blinked. What? I got reaped? I walked quickly up to the stage and saw people staring at my limp, disfigured wrist. The escort smiled at me and picked a boy's name. "Tyson Ash!" she exclaimed. A cute guy walked up and looked at me. He shrugged his shoulders and shook my bad wrist. I cringed in pain and he apologized. I stuck out my good hand and we shook. He couldn't stop staring at my stupid wrist.

Whitney Finch - District 8

My father was the mayor of District 8, and we were wealthy compared to the other people in our district. Reaping day wasn't really important to me. I knew the chances of me being picked were slim to none, since I didn't have to take tesserae. It was just another day for me, but I knew it was horrifying to others. My dad gave a speech about the tributes from last year. Lyle and Olive. I will never forget watching Olive's head roll off her shoulders. It was the most gruesome death I have ever witnessed in the Games. There were some other gross ones, such as the Capitol girl's head being crushed, or the boy from 2 getting mauled by a tiger. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing I would never have to face anything like that. The escort was quiet and sullen, which was surprising coming from a Capitol citizen. He pulled a name out of the girl's ball and said it into the microphone. "Whitney Finch." I did a double take. I couldn't believe it. This wasn't happening. He said my name again and I walked up to the stage, still in shock. My father wrapped me in a warm hug and I buried my head into him. I heard the escort read the boy's name. "Navy Io." I looked to see who my district partner would be, and I began to cry all over again. He was a freak. His skin was paper white and he had a tail. His hair was blonde and orange and I knew I couldn't connect with him. He had to be from the Capitol originally. Everyone was pointing and laughing as he walked up and I felt kind of bad for him. The escort motioned us onto the train and Navy told me to call him Mars. What a weirdo.

Claudia Gerhart - District 9

Being from District 9, most people would expect me not to excel with weapons or fighting. However, both of my parents were Hunger Games victors and they made sure I knew how to fight. Every day after school and work, I would come home and train. My dad taught me how to throw knives, and my mom taught me how to shoot with a bow and arrow. I kept telling them I would volunteer eventually and they would never respond. They always said the training was "just in case." It was reaping day now and I felt really good today for some reason. I walked with my parents through our farm and past a bunch of meadows to the building where our reapings were. District 9 was actually a beautiful place, because compared with other districts like 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8, it is rural and there is a lot of farmland. Anyway, I went into my respective section and my parents into theirs. The escort was telling us about how we needed to improve our reputation, since the tributes last year, Kacey Anderson and Caleb Stoll, didn't do a great job. She decided to call boys first, and yelled out "Michael Scarn." The most average boy I have ever seen walked quickly up to the stage. Literally, if you asked me what an average boy looked like, I would say Michael Scarn. Next it was the girls. I looked at my parents and they looked back at me, smiling. I took that as a go-ahead to volunteer. The escort called out, "Sierra Guzman" and I shouted, "I volunteer!" Sierra, who was standing next to me, hugged me and said thank you. I jogged up confidently to the stage and stood next to Michael. The escort announced our names once again, and ushered us into the train. On the way in she said, "Claudia, you just committed suicide."

Hunter Malone - District 10

I woke up my sister and told her to get dressed. Then, I went into the kitchen and made my dad breakfast. I brought it into his bedroom on a tray and left it at his bedside. Ever since my mother died, he has been bedridden. My older brothers left us, so it is only me, my sister, and my dad. I was the provider for our family. I worked long hours, went to school, cooked, cleaned, and milked the cows. I didn't mind though, because my sister helped out whenever she could and my dad was physically unable to do anything productive. My sister, Kylie, and I walked together to the reaping area. It was just down the street from our little home. Kylie was eleven, so she couldn't be reaped yet. Next year was the only year that both of us could be reaped. Kylie went into the section reserved for people below age 12 and above age 18. I went into the boys section for 12-18 year olds. The escort came on stage and started speaking in a really high voice about last year's tributes Caitlyn Levenhire and Kyle Dritel. Caitlyn made it pretty far. Kyle, not so much. The escort wrapped up her speech and stuck her hand in the girl's bowl. She picked up two names and put one back. "Holly Horizon!" she yelled into the microphone. A blonde girl with piercing green eyes came out of the crowd. I couldn't get over how bright her eyes were, and I was entranced by them until I was jolted awake from my daydream by my own name. "Hunter Malone!" called the escort. I panicked. I ran over to my sister and hugged her. I told her how to make eggs and how to milk the cows, and what medicine my dad needed to take. The Peacekeepers pulled me to the stage and I shouted to Kylie that I love her. Holly and I followed the escort onto the train and headed for the Capitol. I couldn't stop thinking about Kylie and my father, and I couldn't stop looking at Holly's eyes.

Kelvin Minco - District 11

District 11 was a tough place it live in. The working hours were tough, we had little food, and we were living in poverty. Still, I think running away from District 12 was a good idea. I missed my best friend Pepper, but I knew District 11 was better for my twelve year old brother Hart. It was reaping day, so Hart and I were allowed to skip work to get ready. It was great. We got ready in five minutes and had two hours to relax and sleep more. Once it was time to leave, we walked together for four miles until we arrived at the reaping area. The Peacekeepers looked fiercer than ever. Hart and I went into the 12-18 boys section and the escort came on stage. He was dark skinned and had tattoos everywhere. He spoke in a gruff voice and I could barely understand him. He quickly mentioned Ryan Ramos and Maizi Rhode from last year. Maizi came in third, which was amazing for District 11. He then reached his hand into the girl's ball and called out a name. "Ivory Hacker." A pretty, dark skinned girl walked up to the stage smiling. I was surprised she had so much confidence. The escort then pulled a boy's name. "Hart Minco." Shit. I immediately screamed "I volunteer" and hugged Hart goodbye. He had no one now. I was his only caretaker. I knew our neighbors would tak him in, but not for long. They had to feed their own families. I was thinking so much about Hart that I forgot about myself. I was probably going to die.

Gabe DiPablo - District 12

There hadn't been a winner from District 12 since Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark had won the 75th Hunger Games. I would know because my two sisters and one brother died in the Games. District 12 had no mentor, and the tributes were always given no advice. My mother and I were the only ones left in our family. Reaping day was always a terrible day, but moreso for us. My mother could not lose all of her kids to the Hunger Games. We walked silently to the reaping area where the mayor and the escort gave speeches. They talked about Malar Syman and Lilac Coalburner from last year. Lilac was a favorite to win the Games, but she was crazy. I was happy she didn't win. The escort finally stopped talking and picked out a girl's name. "Natasha Grey." A pretty, sad looking girl walked slowly up to the stage and looked down. I felt sorry for her. The escort picked a name from the boy's bowl and the wind blew it away, so she picked another one. She read it aloud, "Gabriel DiPablo." My mother screamed. I cried. We hugged. The Peackeepers dragged me away and my mother ran off. I fought back to try and run away but it was no use. I was going into the Hunger Games. And I was most likely never going to see my mother again.

Hutch Albane - District 13

I hated the Capitol. I hated the Hunger Games. It was reaping day and I hated that too. It wasn't because I was scared of being picked, because the odds were very slim. It was because my sister, Jenna, gave me speeches all day about what to do if I get reaped. She was a victor herself, and she always lectured me on reaping day. It made me uncomfortable because she assumed I would be reaped. Anyway, we entered the reaping area and my parents and sister went to their section, and I went to mine. The escort came on stage and she boasted about last year's tributes Piper Bridges and Manny Quever. Manny was an underdog who made it pretty far. I thought Piper was going to win. But she didn't. After the escort stopped talking about how great District 13 was, she called my sister up to pull the names out of the bowl. She thought that they would have better luck if Jenna picked them. My sister reluctantly agreed and she pulled out the girl's name. "Alva Leege." I knew that girl. She was always training to be a soldier. She would do well in the Games. Jenna pulled out a boy's name next and fainted. I ran up to the stage to help her. She was revived and she hugged me tightly. I looked over at the boy's slip she dropped and saw my name on it. Oh God. The escort picked up the slip of paper and read my name to the crowd. She looked down on me and congratulated my parents on the possiblity of having two victors. I wanted to kill the escort. She ushered Alva and I to the train and I waved goodbye to my parents and Jenna for possibly the last time.

Thalia Combe - Capitol

Living in the Capitol was great. I had no worries, a life of luxury, and I could get the best training possible for the Hunger Games. Other people in the Capitol hated reaping day. I loved it and I had a Career mindset. Winning the Hunger Games was the biggest honor a Panem citizen could receive. I knew I was going to volunteer this year, because my training was finished and I knew I could win. In addition to liking reaping day, I wasn't as weird or freakish as the other Capitol citizens. I had normal hair, eyes, and a non-tattooed body. Standing in the reaping area with all the strange looking girls and guys was pretty funny actually. Our escort, which we didn't actually need, came onto the stage and was applauded. She talked about how lucky she was to have the Capitol and she gave short speeches on Oscar Finnigan and Ella Pearl, the tributes from last year. They didn't do too well. The escort rallied up the Capitol citizens and said how the Capitol needed a victor. She was right. We hadn't won for a while and the tribute's mentor was getting old. The escort finally dipped her hand into the girl's ball and before she could say a name, I yelled out, "I volunteer!" The crowd applauded me and my parents were beaming. Then, she pulled a boy's name. "Bentley Emerson." A smoking hot guy walked up to the stage and shook hands with me. He was normal too. Instead of getting on a train like the other districts, the escort led us to a high-tech car where we would travel to the training area to meet the other tributes. I couldn't wait.


Caesar: Hello all! Caesar Flickerman and Claudius Templesmith here as always to be your commentators for the 199th Hunger Games parade!

Claudius: Yes, Caesar. Ever since we were awarded with eternal life by the Capitol, life has been pretty good, wouldn't you say?

Caesar: Yes, Claudius. Look! Here comes District 1!

Claudius: Oh yes. They look stunning.

Caesar: Stunning but boring.

Claudius: Yes, they look good but there is nothing excting going on. The girl is wearing a pink dress and the boy a pink suit. Next.

Caesar: Look at District 2! They look like a rock!

Claudius: Yeah, I think they are supposed to look like the Nut. It isn't too attractive though.

Caesar: Yeah. Wait! Did you see that? They just exploded up to the ceiling!

Claudius: Whoa! And now they are flying down on parachutes! Fantastic.

Caesar: Look at District 3! They are floating!

Claudius: Wow. There is electricity coming out of their heads.

Caesar: They look magnificent, just like computers.

Claudius: Oooooh. Look at District 4!

Caesar: Those blue costumes make me think of District 4's blue oceans.

Claudius: And those pearls! They are making a rainbow!

Caesar: That is so cool!

Claudius: Let's take a look at District 5.

Caesar: They look pretty cool.

Claudius: Yeah, those lightning bolts are lighting up randomly. Pretty neat.

Caesar: Next up is District 6.

Claudius: They are dressed up as cars. Boring.

Caesar: At least they are nice cars!

Claudius: True, but District 7 is coming now. And they are trees.

Caesar: Can we slit that stylist's throat?

Claudius: I know. They are ALWAYS dressed like that.

Caesar: Yeah, well District 8 isn't much better.

Claudius: They are better, but not by much.

Caesar: They are wearing rotating gears and look like factories. Boring.

Claudius: Whoa. Look at District 9!

Caesar: They look really cool. And golden.

Claudius: Not only that, but the tributes look crops. Corn and grain!

Caesar: Oh yeah, now I see it! Very clever.

Claudius: District 10 is up now. And they are dressed as cows.

Caesar: I hate District 10's stylist.

Claudius: Me too. It's the same every year.

Caesar: Now we have District 11. They aren't much better.

Claudius: They are dressed as farmers.

Caesar: Snooze. The parade has been pretty bad so far.

Claudius: Yeah, but look at District 12!

Caesar: They look cool.

Claudius: Yeah, they are blazing with fire!

Caesar: Neat, but unoriginal.

Claudius: Oh my gosh. Look at District 13!

Caesar: They are...NAKED!

Claudius: Stark naked! You can see everything!

Caesar: Well that is awkward.

Claudius: Last up is the very own Capitol.

Caesar: They have clothes on! Yay!

Claudius: And they are great, interesting clothes!

Caesar: I'm impressed.

Claudius: Well, that wraps up this...interesting parade!

Caesar: Good night Panem!

Crowd Favorites

1. District 2

2. District 3

3. District 4

4. District 9

5. District 12

6. District 5

7. Capitol

8. District 1

9. District 11

10. District 6

11. District 8

12. District 10

13. District 7

14. District 13


Day 1

Destrye Manglie - District 4

Finally. It's time for training. I surveyed the tributes as Yolanta droned on about each station and where we should go. I was a Career, and weapons were the only place I needed to go. The Careers looked pretty fierce this year, and the girls were pretty hot. Districts 3, 8, 10 and 12 stood out as weak to me. The guy from 8 was a weirdo and looked like he was from the Capitol. Speaking of the Capitol tributes, the girl looked pretty cute and the guy...WHAT THE? I walked over to him and stood right in front of him, eyeing the tribute up and down. He looked exactly like me. "What's your name?" I asked.

"B-Bentley," he stammered. He looked really nervous and scared, just the way I liked.

"Well, Bentley," I continued, "I don't want anyone mistaking me for you in the arena, so you are probably going to die first." He gulped. I snickered and looked at Yvonne. She looked down. What was wrong with that girl? Yolanta made that annoying throat noise that meant she wanted my attention. I looked at her and she told me to go back to where I was before. No fighting allowed. I put my hands up and walked back next to Yvonne. Yolanta dismissed us and told us to go wherever we wanted. I motioned Yvonne and the tributes from 1 and 2 to follow me to the weapons rack. Yvonne and the girl from 1 didn't come. I called Yvonne's name and Luca from 1 called Barlie's name. They didn't listen.

"To hell with them," said Megan from 2. I shrugged. Barlie and Yvonne were strong, and I wanted them in my alliance. Oh well.

We were in the middle of showing off our weapon skills when the girl from 9 and the Capitol girl came over to us. "What do you want?" asked Everest from 2.

"We want to join your alliance," said the girl from 9.

"Alright, show us your skills," said Everest. The girl from 9 picked up a knife and threw it at a dummy. It hit dead center.

"Welcome to the Careers!" I said. The girl smiled and introduced herself. Her name was Claudia. Then the Capitol girl took a bow and arrow and shot it in the center of the dummy. "Welcome to the Careers!" I said. The girl laughed and told us her name was Thalia. Claudia and Thalia were replacing Barlie and Yvonne. Fine by me.

Michael Scarn - District 9

I was hoping to form an alliance with Claudia, but she went immediately over to the Careers. I didn't know who else to go to, and I was standing alone in the training center, doing nothing. Most of the tributes were already in groups, laughing and talking at different stations. I saw the boy from 8 and the Capitol boy alone too, wandering around the training area. I walked towards the Capitol boy and introduced myself. He said his named was Bentley, which I already knew from his confrontation with the boy from 4 earlier. We shook hands and contemplated asking the boy from 8 to join our alliance.

"We would look desperate," said Bentley. I agreed, but we needed someone else. A two-man alliance of weaklings wasn't really going to help in the arena. Eventually, we decided to walk over to the weirdo. I said hi and he looked surprised that I was actually talking to him. He said his name was Mars, and Bentley laughed. I slapped him in the stomach, and was surprised to feel rock hard abs. My friend was jacked! Sweet. Anyway, I told Mars that we want him in our alliance and he accepted. He couldn't stop saying thank you, and I felt bad for almost ignoring him because of his appearance. He was a really nice guy.

Bentley, Mars, and I went over to the fire-making station. We tried rubbing two sticks together, and then something happened. Mars was rubbing the sticks furiously, and the sparks caught onto his clothes, setting them on fire. He began screaming and running around while Yolanta was yelling at him to stop, drop, and roll. Eventually, Mars jumped into the lake at the fishing station and the fire went out. When he arose, most of his hair was singed and his clothes were gone. He was butt naked. He covered his private area and Peacekeepers took him away to the infirmary. I looked at Bentley. Bentley said, "Hopefully he'll be back tomorrow."

Suzi Cale - District 6

One of the tributes, the boy from 8 was just on fire, running around screaming his head off. I felt terrible for him, and besides Whitney, the rest of my alliance was cracking up. I stared daggers at them and they stopped laughing. My alliance consisted of the tributes from 5, 6, 7, and Whitney from 8. We were very close and our alliance was bigger than the Careers. Before we were interrupted by Mars' incident, we were learning about plants and animals, and which ones were edible and which ones were poisonous. I seemed lost, but Lacey from 7 was into it. I couldn't help but stare at her wrist. It was so...disformed. It hung limp all of the time, and it was extremely thin. My other alliance members were really cool. Tyson, Don, and Jayce were really funny and cool. Rania was quiet, Lacey was nice, and Whitney was a lot like me: kind and intelligent. The instructor called our attention, and talked more about plants and animals. He kept talking about this one specific plant, and I looked at Whitney. She looked at me and nodded. We knew this plant would be in the arena, and we couldn't eat it or we would die within five minutes.

When our lesson was over, the guys in our alliance thought it was a waste of time because they didn't remember anything. They should have paid attention better. Don wanted to go to the weapons station, but the Careers were there, and they were dominating. The tributes from 2 looked especially menacing. Everest and Megan did not seem to care about anyone else but themselves, and they would kill anyone in a heartbeat. I shuddered thinking about how I would most likely have to kill someone in the arena. The boys from 1 and 4 were really attractive, but the girls from 9 and the Capitol had them wrapped around their fingers. Luca and Claudia were flirting like crazy, and Destrye was teaching Thalia how to fight with a sword. They made me sick. I was glad the relationships in my alliance were strictly platonic.

Barlie Henderson - District 1

It was lunchtime and I was dreading it. I knew the food would be great and I would have some downtime, but the Careers would be talking about how Yvonne and I left them, and it would be really obvious since we were sitting as far away from them as possible. There were several cliques and alliances already. Every alliance was sitting at their own table. The Careers: Luca, Everest, Megan, Destrye, Claudia, and Thalia were at the huge round table in the center of the cafeteria. Jayce and Rania from 5, Don and Suzi from 6, Tyson and Lacey from 7, and Whitney from 8 were sitting at the table next to the Careers. Their alliance was pretty big, and I was worried they would dominate in the arena. Hunter and Holly from 10, Kelvin and Ivory from 11, and Gabe and Natasha from 12 were sitting in the back of the cafeteria at one of the larger tables. Their alliance was tight, but how good could they be? They were from the three worst districts in Panem. Michael from 9 and Bentley from the Capitol were sitting and laughing on their own. Mars from 8, fireboy, was in their alliance too. Dimitri and Bianca from 3 were sitting together at one table, Hutch and Alva from 13 were sitting together at the table in the front of the cafeteria, and Yvonne and I were sitting together at another table. Then, I thought of something. "Yvonne, why don't we make an alliance with the tributes from 3 and 13?" She looked at me and shrugged.

"I doubt they would want to team up with us," she said.

"Well, we have to try. Come on," I urged. Yvonne groaned, but I pulled her towards the tributes from 3. "Hi!" I said, "My name is Barlie and this is Yvonne. We were wondering if you wanted to ally with us." Dimitri looked down at the floor and Bianca kept eating her food. "We know that tributes from 1 and 4 are usually with the Careers, but we aren't like that."

"Yeah," emphasized Yvonne, "and you guys aren't going to survive with an alliance of two."

"Neither are you," retorted Dimitri, now looking straight at Yvonne and I.

"That's why we need you and you need us," I said. Dimitri looked at Bianca and she nodded her head.

"Fine," said Dimitri, "We'll team up with you. But I'm not going to be the only guy in this alliance."

"We were planning on asking the tributes from 13 to join us too," I said. Yvonne, Bianca, Dimitri, and I sat down next to Hutch and Alva and asked them if they wanted to join us. They shrugged and said yes. Yvonne and I looked at each other, smiling. We had an alliance that could rival the Careers!

Holly Horizon - District 10

It was after lunch and we still hadn't heard from Mars. I hoped he was ok. My alliance went to the station that taught us how to boil water. It was really dumb, since you just make a fire and put a container full of water over it until it bubbles. Apparently my alliance didn't know that, but whatever.

My alliance annoyed me at times, but they were ok. Gabe and Natasha from 12 were really quiet. They didn't say much at all. Kelvin from 11 was always sad and mopey. Talking to him put me in a sad mood, so I tried to avoid doing it. Ivory from 11 was the self-proclaimed leader of our group. She was bossy and arrogant, but I guess we needed someone like that to keep us together. Hunter from my district was the most like me. He was kind and a little shy, but he had a sense of humor too. Whenever Ivory went on a rant about something, we looked at each other and laughed.

Ivory kept talking about how good she was with throwing knives, and I wanted her to put her money where her mouth is and show us. But the Careers were still in the weapon area, and they were fierce. The boy from 2 was the scariest by far, and the boys from 1 and 4 seemed very skilled. The girl from 2 seemed like a downright mean person, and I knew that she would torture her victims before killing them. Claudia and Thalia weren't as vicious as the other Careers, but they were smart for joining them and I have to give them props. Heck, if I was good enough to join the Careers, I would too. Ivory told me to stop staring at the Careers and focus on boiling water. I turned to look at her and hit my pot with my hand, sending it spilling all over Gabe. His skin turned a bright red and began to blister. I quickly rushed him to the fishing station and when he jumped in the pond, the water began to steam up. Yolanta was running over with her hands waving like crazy. A group of Peacekeepers picked Gabe up and brought him to the infirmary. "I am so sorry," I kept saying over and over. He didn't say a word. I felt terrible because I just dumped a pot of boiling water all over him.

Jayce Finbarr - District 5

Geez. Two tributes burned on the same day? What are the odds of that. I told my alliance to watch out for that Holly girl from 10. I saw her spill the pot onto that poor guy from 12. Anyway, the Careers finally took a break from the weapons station to try out camouflage. My alliance, being the biggest, took control of the weapons area immediately. I really wanted to see how skilled my alliance was, and I was excited to show them how skilled I was.

Don went first with his blowgun. He was amazing with it. Every dart that came out of that thing hit the target dead center. I high-fived him when he finished. Lacey was next, and I thought she would be terrible with her limp wrist, but she threw knives like a pro with her good wrist. I could tell everyone else was shocked too, and Lacey was beaming. Good for her. Rania was next to show off her skills. I was underwhelmed by her performance. She was alright with throwing knives, a little better with a bow, and absolutely terrible with an axe. I looked confusedly at my alliance and they just shrugged. Oh well. One bad person wouldn't hold us back. Tyson was the best axe wielder I had ever seen. I expected that, since he came from District 7, but I was glad he was on my side. Suzi and Whitney were decent with the knife. Nothing terrible, nothing great. They were still better than Rania.

Finally it was my turn. I started out with a spear. I threw it at the dummy and it hit it in the shoulder. A spear wasn't my best weapon, so I then went to the weapon I was most confident in: a mace. I swung the mace around my head and released. It took off the head of the dummy and my alliance looked impressed. Then, I took an axe. I began to slash into the dummmy, but the axe was too heavy for me and it flew out of my hands towards the Careers. It hit the ground with a thud and slid into the girl from 2, Megan. Oh shit. She picked up the axe and ran at me. Peacekeepers held her back and told her to drop the weapon. She dropped the axe and they let her go. She charged at me again and held my neck with her two hands. She only said three words to me, but I almost peed my pants when she said them: "You are dead." The Peacekeepers escorted Megan back to her room and Yolanta told us training was over for the day. I was so embarrased. Here I was criticizing Rania when I was probably worse than she was. I didn't even look at the others in my alliance when we got in the elevator. Luckily, floor 5 was my alliance's first stop, so Rania and I were out before the others. I wouldn't be surprised if they ditched us tomorrow.

Mars Io - District 8

I woke up in the infirmary and my body was stinging. My hair was extremely short, and my skin was pretty much red. I looked like a lobster. I knew I was rubbing those sticks too hard, but I never thought that the fire would go up like that. It was so weird to be back in the Capitol. I grew up here, but then my father was accused of assassinating a high-ranking official, and my mother and I were banished to District 8. The Capitol is and always will be my home, and I wish I could stay here forever. I looked to my right and saw the boy from 12, Gabe, laying in his own bed next to me. He was looking at the ceiling, and his skin was red too. "Hey," I said, "What happened to you?" He didn't say anything at first and it was really awkward for me.

After a few minutes he said, "Holly from 10 dumped a pot of boiling water on me."

"Ouch!" I replied, "Was it on purpose?"

"No, I don't think so," said Gabe, "but I don't want to go back to that alliance anyway. Besides Natasha, I don't really like any of them, and Natasha barely talks to me anyway." I thought to myself that it was ironic he wanted people to talk to him, when he barely talked himself. Then I had an idea.

"Why don't you join my alliance?" I asked, "It is me, Michael from 9, and Bentley from the Capitol. We could use a fourth guy in our alliance, and you seem like a cool dude."

Gabe smiled and replied, "Sure." Sweet. My alliance consisted of four guys I could depend on. We weren't too big where we had to worry about certain members backstabbing us, yet we weren't too small where we would be easily killed off.

A nurse with purple skin and pink hair came over and rubbed some type of cream on Gabe and I. Immediately, I could feel the stinging sensation go away and my skin return to its normal shade of white. I sighed in relief and looked at Gabe, whose skin was also returning to normal. We talked for the rest of the night, and the nurse told us we would go back to training tomorrow. She wanted us to stay the night in the infirmary, and that was fine by me. Gabe and I talked about everything, and he was a really cool guy. But in the back of my mind, there was always the thought that I might have to kill him in the arena.

Day 2

Alva Leege - District 13

I woke up in the morning and sat with Hutch in the living room of our floor. We had bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast. I hadn't had bacon in forever, and it tasted SO good. We talked about the tributes in our alliance, and we pretty much had the same thoughts. Barlie and Yvonne were the leaders and they were probably amazing with weapons. Hutch and I were in the middle, and Bianca and Dimitri were the worst in our alliance. Overall though, we were pretty good. We walked downstairs and stood at attention in the training area. Yolanta and Sasha Selenta, last year's winner, gave us speeches about how this was our last day before individual training sessions and we should try to get to every station possible. The girl from 2, Megan, asked Sasha to show off her skills. Sasha took a bow and arrow from the weapons rack and aimed at the target. She released and it hit dead center. Everyone but the Careers clapped. Sasha smiled, glared at Megan, and walked over to the District 6 tributes. Yolanta dismissed us and Barlie and Yvonne called our alliance over to the weapons station. Oh God.

Barlie went first. Her weapons were knives and daggers, and boy was she good with them. She sliced up a dummy with her knife and then threw some at a target. All but one hit the bullseye. Then, she showed off her dagger skills by doing a bunch of fancy moves and then beheading the dummy. I was glad Barlie was on my side. Next up was Yvonne. Yvonne was incredible with the trident and sword. She cut off the limbs of a bunch of dummies, and threw each weapon with amazing accuracy. Yvonne had more skill than Barlie, but Barlie was more intimidating. Hutch went next with his mace and did really well with it, swinging with pinpoint precision. He wasn't as good with a sword or bow and arrow, and he knew it. I went next and I picked up the bow from the rack. I notched an arrow, pulled back, and hit the bullseye. I looked over and saw Sasha watching me. I got really nervous and the next one missed. Damn it. I shot one more and it hit the bullseye again. Two out of three isn't too bad. Next was Dimitri, and he was terrible with the trident and throwing axes. He barely hit each target and dummy, and I felt embarrassed for him. Bianca went last, and I wasn't expecting much. She picked up a couple of throwing knives and threw them at the target with amazing speed. I looked to where they landed, and they were in the head, heart, and groin of the dummy. Barlie began to clap, and Yvonne was stunned. Wow. We had an expert knife thrower in our group.

Natasha Grey - District 12

Gabe left our alliance. I wasn't surprised, since Holly dumped a pot of boiling water on him. Holly annoyed the hell out of me, and I was considering leaving too, except I would have nowhere to go. I didn't want to join Gabe's outcast guy group, and I certainly couldn't join the Careers. The huge alliance was too big for my liking, and I didn't trust the girls from 1 and 4 to join their alliance. Oh well. Hunter didn't bother me.

It was our alliance's turn at the weapons station, and I was a little nervous. I couldn't wait to see Ivory go, because she had been bragging about how good she is with throwing knives. Throwing knives were my thing. Ever since I stole that one knife to hunt for my family, my throwing knife skills have been amazing. We got to the weapons station, and Ivory wanted to go first. She was the boss, so no one objected. She picked up three throwing knives and threw them one by one at three different targets. Each one landed in the direct center. Hunter and I clapped, Kelvin was looking at the ground, and Holly was going on and on about how she didn't mean for Gabe to leave the group and how sorry she was. I was ready to punch her. Ivory was good with throwing knives, but she didn't throw them as quickly as I did. She took her time aiming before she threw it. Kelvin went next with the spear and he was alright. He then tried throwing knives and he was nowhere near Ivory. Hunter was next. He was awesome with the mace, but not too good with the throwing axes. Holly finally shut her mouth and picked up a sword. It annoyed me that she was actually decent with it, but I chuckled to myself when she tried to throw a spear. She apologized and said her head wasn't in the right place ever since spilling that pot onto Gabe. I pushed her aside and took three throwing knives from the rack. She looked hurt that I pushed her, but I didn't care. I threw the three knives in succession at the dummy and all three hit on or right near the heart. Ivory and Holly looked a little mad, Hunter clapped, and Kelvin looked down at the ground like usual. I faked a smile and our group walked to the camouflage station.

Tyson Ash - District 7

Before we came into the arena today, Lacey and I considered kicking Jayce and Rania out of our alliance. They were both horrible with weapons and Megan from 2 was gunning for Jayce. I didn't want someone like that on my team. We eventually decided to keep them in, because we could always kill them off in the arena if needed. Our alliance was the biggest one, and we were going to have to consolidate one way or another.

It was really obvious that District 5 was on the outs of our alliance. The whole time at the tree climbing station was really awkward, especially because we all had to climb into the same tree and see if we could fit everyone in there. I was tempted to push Jayce and Rania out of the tree, but then I thought I would get in trouble if they ever got hurt. We all tried to get out at the same time and it didn't work. Lacey fell out of the tree, right onto her bad wrist. She screamed in pain and her wrist looked even more disformed. There were bones popping out everywhere, and it was still limp. Lacey kept telling the Peacekeepers she was fine, but whenever I looked at her, she was always clutching her bad wrist.

Don and Suzi pulled me to the side when we were at the knot-making station.

"Do you think we should dump Jayce, Rania, and Lacey?" asked Don. I didn't know what to say. On one hand, dropping the three weak links in our alliance wouldn't drag us down in the arena. On the other hand, we would have three more enemies, and I couldn't ditch Lacey. She was from 7 too.

I shrugged my shoulders and said, "I don't know." Suzi started to say something, but Rania came over and asked what we were talking about. Don and Suzi started at the ground, forcing me to come up with something. "Uhhh, poop," I blurted out. Poop? That was the best I could come up with? Rania looked at me like I was a freak, and Don and Suzi started to laugh. More awkward moments in my alliance. I sure hoped it wasn't like this in the arena.

Bentley Emerson - Capitol

Gabe had joined our little alliance. I was happy. It started out with only Michael and me, and now we had a tight group of four. Still, I wasn't as confident as my alliance members, especially since they didn't have a Career like Destrye out for their blood.

It was our alliance's turn at the weapons station, and I wondered how good everyone else would be. Michael went first. I was surprised when he took an axe from the weapon rack, since axes are usually District 7 only. He slashed the limbs off a dummy and did a variety of cool moves with the axe. I was glad to have him on my side. I went next, and I tried my luck with an axe, a mace, a knife, a sword, and a spear. I was pretty bad with all of them. Growing up in the Capitol, everything was always handed to me on a silver platter. I never fought with weapons before, and I assumed they would be easy to handle. I was very wrong. Gabe was the next one to show off his skills. I couldn't look Michael, Mars, or Gabe in the eye because I was too embarrassed. Gabe took a sword and threw it with amazing accuracy. He slashed a dummy to pieces. He tried the same thing with a knife, but wasn't as successful. Last up was Mars, and he went with a plain old knife. He took it and went to work on carving the dummy up. He spelled out his name in really cool looking letters, and then he got aggressive. He beheaded the dummy and sliced off its fingers and toes. To finish, he threw a knife at its groin. I was impressed with my alliance, and also a little sad to find that I'm the weakest link. Yolanta told us it was lunchtime and we went into the cafeteria.

Megan Jones - District 2

It was lunchtime and boy was I hungry! The waiter came to our table and I ordered a caesar salad, clam chowder, and a cheeseburger. My three favorite things. I decided to eat well and not try to lose weight before the Games, because it could be my last days alive. I knew it wouldn't be though, because I was going to win. The only Career I was worried about was Everest, because he was like me. He didn't care who he had to kill, as long as he won. I was the same way, and would kill Luca, Everest, Destrye, Claudia, or Thalia in a heartbeat. And I would pay good money to kill that kid from 5, Jayce. What a stupid name.

Luca and Destrye were still pissed off at Barlie and Yvonne for ditching the Careers. I wasn't. I didn't care who was in the Careers, as long as I was. Being in the Careers skyrocketed your chances of winning, so Barlie and Yvonne are just plain stupid not to join us, and Claudia and Thalia are smart. Maybe too smart.

Anyway, Barlie and Yvonne were sitting a table away from us, and Luca threw a piece of bread at Barlie. It hit her in the head, and she turned around to see who threw it. Luca pointed at Destrye, who was laughing and pointing at Luca. Barlie glared at them and turned around. Destrye flung a spoonful of yogurt at Yvonne, and it got stuck in her hair. "That's it!" she screamed and stood up. "Who threw that?" The whole cafeteria was quiet, and someone, I couldn't see who, pelted Yvonne with a piece of pizza from behind. She threw her pudding cup at Don from 6, and a food fight broke out. I threw everything I could at Jayce and it was so much fun. It only lasted for like three minutes, because a Peacekeeper came in and fired a gun, making everyone quiet. I looked around and everyone was covered in food. I had ketchup and mustard all over my shirt. Thalia was the only one who avoided the food fight, and she kept her clothes and hair clean. Or at least she did, because when the Peacekeepers ordered us to our rooms, she slipped on a banana peel, which I thought only happened in movies, and fell face first into a heap of spaghetti with tomato sauce on it. Everyone laughed and Thalia tried to wipe the sauce off her face. Today was awesome.

Ivory Hacker - District 11

It was late at night, but Kelvin and I couldn't sleep. After taking a shower and cleaning off from the food fight, we sat and talked for hours. We talked a little bit about District 11, but mostly about the other tributes and our strategy for the Games. We lost Gabe, but our alliance was still a decent size with 5 people. Holly was annoying, but I could tolerate her. The Careers were menacing, especially Everest and Megan from 2. Claudia from 9 and Thalia from the Capitol weren't as good as the other Careers, but they were still tough. Barlie and Yvonne were the only threats in their alliance. District 5 was a joke, but the rest of that alliance was initimdating, aside from Lacey from 7. Her wrist was still hurting, and I doubted she would survive the bloodbath. The misfit group of four boys was pathetic and I wasn't worried about them at all.

Kelvin and I guessed about what the arena would possibly be like. He thought it would be a forest, but I was expecting something a little different than usual. I just felt it in my gut. Usually, my gut feelings were right, but I didn't share them with anyone else. Kelvin and I said good night and we finally went to bed. Tomorrow was the individual training sessions and the interviews. The day after was the Games.

Training Scores

Tribute District Training Score
Luca Thread 1 9
Barlie Henderson 1 9
Everest Sateer 2 10
Megan Jones 2 9
Dimitri Bens 3 3
Bianca Bolt 4 9
Destrye Manglie 4 9
Yvonne Waves 4 10
Jayce Finbarr 5 4
Rania Key 5 4
Don Wertyos 6 8
Suzi Cale 6 8
Tyson Ash 7 8
Lacey Baggs 7 5
Mars Io 8 7
Whitney Finch 8 7
Michael Scarn 9 6
Claudia Gerhart 9 8
Hunter Malone 10 7
Holly Horizon 10 7
Kelvin Minco 11 6
Ivory Hacker 11 8
Gabe DiPablo 12 7
Natasha Grey 12 7
Hutch Albane 13 6
Alva Leege 13 6
Bentley Emerson C 5
Thalia Combe C 8

Tribute Odds

Tribute Odds
Whitney Finch 1-1

Current Status

Tribute Place
Whitney Finch Victor
Bianca Bolt Runner-Up

Day 1

Wikia Contributor A - Michael Scarn - Parka, Bread - $200

Annamisasa - Natasha Grey - Bread, Parka, Snowshoes - $300

Jsm13athome - Whitney Finch - Knife, Water - $175

2legit2quit - Gabe DiPablo - Sword, Soup - $200

Polinarose - Bianca Bolt - Throwing Knives [3], Water - $300

Day 2

2legit2quit - Gabe DiPablo - Water - $100

Wikia Contributor A - Michael Scarn - Snowshoes - $100

Day 3

2legit2quit - Gabe DiPablo - Snowshoes, Throwing Knives [3], Poison - $375

Annamisasa - Natasha Grey - Night-Vision Glasses, Poison - $225

Jsm13athome - Whitney Finch - Knife, Matches - $150

Day 4

Polinarose - Bianca Bolt - Instant Relief - $400

Jsm13athome - Whitney Finch - Instant Relief - $400

The 199th Hunger Games

Day 1 - "Maybe you should join the Careers next time." - Thalia Combe

Gabe DiPablo - District 12

I said goodbye to my stylist China, and walked into the tube. It began to rise and I heard the computerized female voice begin. 60...59...58...57...57....Oh God.

Rania Key - District 5

I look around me and see a desert to my left and snow to my right. I look at the Cornucopia and see a bow and arrow with my name on it. 30...29...28...27...26...

Destrye Manglie - District 4

There are five seconds left in the countdown, and I am ready to kill, especially Bentley (C). GONG I sprint off my platform and grab a sword. Bentley (C) is trying to pick up a backpack when I stab him in the chest. BOOM I got the first kill, sweet.

Alva Leege - District 13

The first cannon just sounded and I look for Hutch (13). He is running away with a backpack towards the desert with Bianca (3). I grab a backpack of my own, and begin to run away when I feel a sharp object enter my back. I fell to the ground and caught a glimpse of Claudia (9) before she finished me off with another knife. BOOM

Hunter Malone - District 10

The bloodbath was crazy. I promised my mentor I wouldn't take part in it, and I could see why. I needed a mace though, and there was one relatively close to my starting pad. I picked it up and looked desperately for my alliance. I saw Megan (2) hacking away at Jayce (5), whose cannon had sounded long before then. BOOM Someone grabbed my arm and I pulled back instinctively. It was Natasha (12). "Sorry, I didn't know who it was," I said.

"It's fine. Come on!" she replied. Natasha (12) and I ran away from the bloodbath into the snow area. I looked back for Holly (10), but I didn't see her.

Michael Scarn - District 9

Bentley (C) died first. He was my best friend in the arena. Mars (8), Gabe (12), and I each grabbed a backpack and sprinted into the snow without looking back.

Holly Horizon - District 10

Natasha (12) just took Hunter (10) with her into the snow area. That bitch. I had a backpack in my hand, and I was waiting for Ivory (11) and Kelvin (11) to grab their supplies and come with me into the snow. Ivory (11) had throwing knives, and Kelvin (11) had a backpack. We began to make our getaway when Kelvin (11) saw a spear. He ran over to get it. "No, Kelvin!" Ivory (11) shouted at him. But it was too late. Thalia (C) put a knife in his skull. BOOM Ivory screamed and I pulled her away towards the snow before Thalia (C) could go after us.

Lacey Baggs - District 7

My wrist still hurt, but I had to push through the pain. Don (6), Suzi (6), and Whitney (8) had already taken off towards the desert. Tyson (7), Rania (5), and I were still at the bloodbath. Luca (1) impaled Rania (5) with a sword. BOOM Tyson (7) threw his axe at Luca (1), beheading him. BOOM Everest (2) saw and threw a knife at Tyson (7), but he was already running into the desert. I ran after Tyson (7), but Everest's (2) spear sailed through my head before I could make it to my alliance. BOOM

Barlie Henderson - District 1

Luca (1) just died, and I was kind of glad since he was the one who threw food at me in the cafeteria. I saw Hutch (13) and Bianca (3) go off into the desert. Alva (13) died, and Yvonne (4), Dimitri (3), and I were the only non-Careers still at the Cornucopia. I took a dagger and a backpack, and Yvonne (4) took a trident. "Come on Dimitri!" I screamed. He started to run after Yvonne (4) and I when he tripped and fell. Yvonne (4) stopped to help him up when Thalia (C) came out of the Cornucopia with throwing knives. "Watch out!" I screamed. Thalia (C) threw a knife at Dimitri, connecting with his head. BOOM Yvonne (4) started to run when Thalia (C) tackled her to the ground. Thalia (C) kicked Yvonne's (4) trident out of her hand and pinned her to the ground. "Maybe you should join the Careers next time!" snickered Thalia (C). She raised her knife and I threw my dagger at Thalia's (C) head. BOOM Her body crumpled onto Yvonne (4), and she pushed her off. I pulled the dagger from Thalia's (C) head. "Stupid bitch," muttered Yvonne (4) as we ran away into the desert.

Everest Sateer - District 2

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM The bloodbath was finally over. 9 tributes died, and I looked at the dead bodies, and Luca's (1) head. Most of them were predictable, but I didn't think Luca (1) or Thalia (C) would die so early. Megan (2), Destrye (4), Claudia (9) and I were sitting comfortably in the Cornucopia, eating, drinking, and talking about how the tributes cowered in fear before we killed them. That was my favorite part. Nothing is better than when you are about to kill someone and they say something like, "No, please don't kill me!" Too bad. I'm killing you.

Destrye (4) was bent up over Thalia's (C) death, and Claudia (9) over Luca's (1). Megan (2) and I weren't like that, though. We didn't get attached to people. It kind of scared me how similar we actually were.

Suzi Cale - District 6

Don (6), Whitney (8) and I were sitting in the desert behind a large sand dune, sweating our asses off. We didn't know what happened to the rest of our alliance, besides knowing Jayce (5) died, and we would have to wait until the anthem played to see if they were still living. We went into the Games with an alliance of seven, and now we had a grand total of three, with one dead and three possibly dead.

Mars Io - District 8

Michael (9), Gabe (12), and I were walking in the snow, freezing cold. Gabe (12) found a blanket in his backpack, and we were taking turns walking with it. We saw an igloo in the distance, and we hoped there was something good in there.

Bianca Bolt - District 3

Hutch (13) and I got out of the bloodbath quickly. We didn't know how Barlie (1), Yvonne (4), and Dimitri (3) made out, but we hoped for the best. The desert was scoarching hot, but Hutch (13) and I kept walking. We didn't know if we were imagining things or not, but we swear there was a green dot in the distance.

Ivory Hacker - District 11

Holly (10) and I found Natasha (12) and Hunter (10) hiding behind the snowbank. At first, Holly (10) began to scream at Natasha (12). "Who do you think you are? We are an alliance if you didn't notice. You can't just take Hunter (10) and leave the rest of us to die in the bloodbath!"

"I thought you would follow us," responded Natasha quietly.

"Yeah, well you're lucky we found you two. And because of you, Kelvin (11) died," retaliated Holly. I winced. Kelvin (11) and I got close over the past few days. His death was still taking its toll on me.

"Don't you dare blame his death on her!" I shouted at Holly (10). She backed off right away and kept repeating she was sorry. "Just get along now. We are in a fight to the death, and if we don't act like a team, we'll get destroyed by the other alliances." Holly (10) was quiet and we heard the anthem play. I looked up at the sky, and was surprised to see Luca's (1) picture in the sky. Dimitri (3), Jayce (5), Rania (5), and Lacey (7) were expected. I saddened when Kelvin's (11) picture came up. Alva (13), Bentley (C), and Thalia (C) ended the anthem. Wow. Two Careers down in one day. Not too bad.

The Fallen of Day 1

Bentley Emerson - Capitol

Alva Leege - District 13

Jayce Finbarr - District 5

Kelvin Minco - District 11

Rania Key - District 5

Luca Thread - District 1

Lacey Baggs - District 7

Dimitri Bens - District 3

Thalia Combe - Capitol

Day 2 - "My name is Karma, and I'm a bitch!" - Tyson Ash

Tyson Ash - District 7

Lacey (7) was dead. I was alone in the desert. My alliance abandoned me and I would kill anyone who got in my way. I was walking slowly through the sand when I saw a huge dune in the distance. I jogged over to it and peeked behind it.. I saw my old alliance: Don (6), Suzi (6), and Whitney (8). I quickly pulled my head back behind the dune and they didn't see me. I took out my axe, said a quick prayer, and hopped out at the trio.

"My name is Karma, and I'm a bitch!" I screamed. I threw my axe at Don (6) and it sliced his chest open. BOOM Whitney (8) screamed and threw her knife. When she missed, she cried out, "We didn't betray you! We didn't want to risk our own lives.' I pulled my axe out of Don's (6) body and was about to kill Whitney (8) with it when Suzi (6) stabbed me in the back with a knife. The last thing I heard was my own cannon. BOOM

Megan Jones - District 2

The Careers and I were doing really well at the Cornucopia. No one had attacked us yet, but we were getting antsy to kill again. Well, at least I was. Stabbing Jayce (5) and getting all my anger out felt so good. I couldn't wait to get my hands on another tribute.

Yvonne Waves - District 4

Barlie (1) and I saw Hutch (13) and Bianca (3) in the distance, walking farther away from the Cornucopia. We were trying to catch up with them, but we were so thirsty and it was so hot. We got close enough for them to hear us, and we began screaming their names. "BIANCA! HUTCH!" I yelled. They looked around and saw Barlie (1) and I waving in the distance. Bianca (3) screamed something, but I didn't quite hear what it was. They became running towards us and I realized they were saying "Look out!" I looked to my left and saw a coyote mutt, snarling at Barlie (1) and me. I pulled out my trident, and Barlie (1) threw her dagger at the coyote. It clipped its leg and the coyote became enraged. It pounced on Barlie (1) and clawed her eyes out before I could even react. The coyote continued to maul Barlie (1) until her cannon finally sounded. BOOM I stabbed the coyote with a trident and it turned to dust. "Barlie!" I cried. I knelt over her body and my beautiful best friend was now unrecognizable. Her body was gushing blood and her eyeballs were lying at her side. I began to cry, and by that time, Bianca (3) and Hutch (13) caught up to me. "I could've saved her!" I yelled.

"No, it's not your fault," said Hutch (13).

"Yeah, the coyote clawed out her eyes before you could kill it, and even if she did survive, her life would be a living hell and she wouldn't last," explained Bianca (3). I knew they were right, but I still felt responsible for Barlie's (1) death.

They told me they saw a green dot in the distance, and we walked toward it. All I could think about was food, water, and my dead best friend.

Natasha Grey - District 12

Ivory (11) and Hunter (10) were freezing, Holly (10) was annoying as hell, and I wanted to kill myself. Not literally, but I was sitting in the cold with someone that I hate, and two other people who were freezing to death. I hoped that another alliance would come soon, just so Holly (10) had a chance of dying.

Gabe DiPablo - District 12

Mars (8), Michael (9) and I were walking towards an igloo. The freezing cold was such a contrast to the boiling water Holly (10) dumped on me in training. We were getting closer and closer to the igloo, when Mars (8) fell into the snow, disappearing from sight. Michael (9) and I looked down, but we couldn't see him. He fell too deep into the snow. We began to dig, but soon we heard a cannon. BOOM Mars (8) suffocated under the snow. My best friend in the arena, the person I laughed with in the infirmary, the person I told many things I've never told anyone else before, was now dead. Michael (9) and I decided not to move until we got snowshoes or until we were too cold or hungry to not move.

Whitney Finch - District 8

It was only Suzi (6) and I left from our original alliance. It was crazy to think 5 out of the 7 members had died already. We heard the anthem play and were surprised to see the girl from 1's picture in the sky. Don (6), Tyson (7), and Mars (8) appeard in the sky as well, and then it went black. The night was cooler in the desert, and Suzi (6) and I finally fell asleep.

Day 3 - "Eureka!" - Gabe DiPablo

Michael Scarn - District 9

A parachute came from the sky today. I opened it and there was water for Gabe (12), and showshoes for me. I put them on and led Gabe (12) slowly through the snow until we got to the igloo. We entered the igloo and looked inside.

"Eureka!" Gabe yelled. It was warm inside the igloo, with a mini kitchen full of food and two little beds on the other side. We began to eat the food, and it tasted amazing. After we were finished, about half the food was gone, but we would ration the rest. We blocked the entrance with snow and settled in our new little home.

Ivory Hacker - District 11

We were sitting behind a huge snowbank when we heard footsteps approaching. We began panicking. Holly (10) peered around the corner to look when a knife flew into her face. BOOM I grabbed my throwing knives, Hunter (10) grabbed his mace, and Natasha (12) grabbed her knife. Megan (2) came behind the snowbank, laughing at Holly (10). She screamed when she saw us. I put a knife in her neck. BOOM I guess she thought Holly (10) was all alone. I turned around to look at my alliance when I felt a sharp object hit the back of my head. I fell to the ground, and my last vision was Everest (2) pulling a spear out of my head. BOOM

Destrye Manglie - District 4

Megan (2) and Ivory (11) just died. Hunter (10) swung his mace at Everest (2), and it smacked Everest (2) in the side of the head. BOOM Shit. We shouldn't have left Claudia (9) to guard our stuff. I needed help. I lunged my sword at Hunter (10), but missed. He threw his mace and I dodged it. I smiled at him menacingly and he cowered in fear. I lunged my sword again, going through his chest and killing him instantly. BOOM I pulled my sword out, and looked for Natasha (12). Then a knife entered my skull. Found her. BOOM

Bianca Bolt - District 3

Yvonne (4), Hutch (13) and I were coming close to the green spot in the distance. It turned out to be an oasis. Yvonne (4) ran ahead of Hutch (13) and I to the oasis. Right as she was about to step onto the grass, a snake came out of the sand and bit her. She fell to the ground, and tried sucking the poison out of the bite. It didn't work. BOOM I threw a knife at the snake, killing it. Hutch (13) and I walked into the oasis and saw a beautiful, shimmering pond of fresh water. I immediately put my head into it and began to drink. I took my head out of the water and looked around for Hutch (13). "Hutch?" I yelled. Suddenly, he came out of nowhere and tackled me into the water. He held me under and I fought to catch my breath. "What?" He pushed me under again. "Are you?" He held me under the water. "DOING?" I gasped. He held me under the water again and I knew I couldn't survive for much longer.

"I'm sorry, but I need to win these games!" he said. I pulled a knife from my pack and desperately started stabbing at where I thought Hutch (13) was. I couldn't hold my breath for much longer, and I stabbed one more time and the grip on me released. BOOM I stabbed Hutch (13) in the chest. His blood turned the water a red color, and it ruined my source of water. "Fuck you!" I yelled at him and stabbed his dead body again.

Whitney Finch - District 8

There were so many cannons today. It felt like a second bloodbath. The sun went down on the arena, and the anthem began to play. Suzi (6) and I gasped when we saw the faces. Everest (2), Megan (2), Destrye (4), Yvonne (4), Holly (10), Hunter (10), Ivory (11), and Hutch (13). All of the Careers except Claudia (9) had died. Suzi (6) and I were beaming. There were only seven of us left. We could actually do this!

Everyone gets +$100 for top 10.

Day 4 - "Somebody call the fire department!" - Whitney Finch

Bianca Bolt - District 3

Even though the oasis water was ruined, I still had some left in my canteen. The oasis was cooler and more comfortable than the desert, so I was planning on staying there until I needed to move.

Suzi Cale - District 6

Whitney (8) received matches and a knife in a parachute. I was still waiting for food. She gave me some of her bread and told me she had a plan. We walked through the desert and past the Cornucopia cautiously. Claudia (9) was still alive, and we didn't know where she was. Then we entered the snow area and saw an igloo. There was snow covering the doorway, so we knew tributes were in it. I made a hole in the ceiling of the igloo, and Whitney (8) lit a match. She dropped it in and we ran away as fast as we could. I looked back to see the igloo blazing in flames.

"Somebody call the fire department!" Whitney yelled, laughing to herself.

Gabe DiPablo - District 12

Someone set our igloo on fire. God damn it. I desperately tried to push the snow away that was blocking the entrance with my sword, but it was diffcult. The snow had frozen halfway, and I was sweating like crazy from the fire. I wasn't even paying attention to Michael (9). Finally, I pushed my way out and toppled into the snow, relieved. I put the snow all over my body. The coolness was so nice. I looked back for Michael (9), but he didn't come out.

"Michael!" I shouted. His cannon answered me. BOOM My only ally left was gone.

Natasha Grey - District 12

I heard a cannon and saw Suzi (6) and Whitney (8) running past my snowbank towards the Cornucopia. I took out my knife and quietly walked over to Suzi (6), who was kneeling down to eat some snow. What an idiot. I crept up behind her and stabbed her in the neck. BOOM I dove behind my snowbank, expecting Whitney (8) to come back and look for Suzi's (6) killer. She never did.

Claudia Gerhart - District 9

The rest of the Careers were dead, and I needed to win this thing. Suzi (6) and Whitney (8) passed by me earlier, but I wasn't ready for them. Now, I was. Whitney (8) came into the Cornucopia area and I popped out of my hiding spot, tackling her to the ground. She screamed and pulled a knife out. I kicked it away and pinned her to the ground.

"Look what we have here!" I snickered, "Sorry, Whitney, but it looks like you are going to die. I turned to take a knife out of my pack when she headbutted me and stabbed me in the chest with another knife. I'm an idiot. BOOM

Whitney Finch - District 8

I just killed Claudia (9) and ran back into the desert. I probably should've set up camp in the Cornucopia, but whatever. The anthem began to play and I saw Suzi (6), Michael (9), and Claudia (9). I killed both District 9 tributes. If I win, I will not be looking forward to that stop on my victory tour. There were only four of us now. Bianca (3), me, and the two District 12 tributes, Gabe (12) and Natasha (12). Wow, both District 12 tributes in the final four. That hasn't happened since Katniss Everdeen's games.

Everyone gets +$200 for top 5. It is the final four!

Day 5 - A Victor Is Crowned

Gabe DiPablo - District 12

I woke up to hear Claudius Templesmith's voice booming throughout the arena. "Hello tributes! There is a mandatory feast at the Cornucopia right now! If you do not reach the Cornucopia in a half hour, you will be struck by lightning. Happy Hunger Games!"

Well that's a cheery message. I gathered up my supplies and walked towards the Cornucopia. I didn't know where any other tributes were, but I was on the lookout. All of a sudden, I was tackled to the ground. I pushed my attacker off me and pinned her to the ground. It was Natasha (12).

"Hey Gabe," she said.

"Hey Natasha," I replied. I took out a knife and she began screaming.

"Please, don't kill me! I'm from 12 too!" she cried. I felt terrible killing her, but I had to do it. I raised my knife and plunged it into the snow. She moved her head and I missed. She kicked me in the groin and pinned me to the ground. The last thing I saw was Natasha's (12) entering my eye. BOOM

Whitney Finch - District 8

I knew Bianca (3) was deep in the desert. I ran quickly to the Cornucopia area and hid inside the Cornucopia. There wasn't a feast. The Gamemakers were just bringing us together. Natasha (12) came out of the snow area and I pulled my knife out, ready to attack. I pounced on Natasha (12) and looked into her misty, grey eyes. I didn't want to kill her, but I had to. I plunged my knife into her chest and heard the cannon. BOOM I didn't want to do this anymore, but my new baby brother was on the way and I needed to see my family again. All of a sudden, Bianca (3) came out of the desert and threw a knife. It lodged into my right shoulder. OUCH. That hurt like a bitch. I feebly pulled it out and threw it back at her. It grazed her leg, but it barely hurt. She dove on top of me and began stabbing me. She was about to finish me off when I took some instant relief out of my pack and swallowed it. I felt energy rushing through me, and I powered through and pushed Bianca (3) into the Cornucopia. Her neck bent the wrong way and it snapped. BOOM I saw instant relief in her hand, and knew I was lucky to kill her instantly. I kicked it out of her hand just in case. Then, the hovercrafts came. I won!

Post-Games Interview

Caesar: Ladies and gentleman, the victor of the 199th Hunger Games, Whitney Finch from District 8! *loud applause and cheers from audience*

Whitney: Thank you, Caesar.

Caesar: So, Whitney, how does it feel to have won?

Whitney: Amazing. I am not proud of what I did, but I am happy to have won.

Caesar: Speaking of what you did, let's roll a clip of your kills, shall we? *clip of Michael's death plays*

Whitney: Please, don't show me that. Michael died in such a horrible way.

Caesar: What about Claudia? *clip of Claudia's death plays*

Whitney: I didn't feel as bad about that one because she was going to kill me anyway, but still, I hate taking someone else's life.

Caesar: And the last two kills, Natasha and Bianca. *clips of Natasha's and Bianca's deaths play*

Whitney: Please don't play those. They are horrible, especially Natasha's.

Caesar: Why?

Whitney: Because I looked into her eyes....and....and I don't want to talk about this. The Hunger Games are cruel, and every night when I go to sleep, I will see the faces of my victims and my friends who died. They should be abolished!

Caesar: And that wraps up the interview. Thank you, Whitney!

Death Chart

Place Tribute Day Killed Killed By Killed From
28 Bentley Emerson 1 Destrye Manglie Sword in Chest
27 Alva Leege 1 Claudia Gerhart Knife in Back
26 Jayce Finbarr 1 Megan Jones Stabbed Repeatedly
25 Kelvin Minco 1 Thalia Combe Knife in Skull
24 Rania Key 1 Luca Thread Sword in Stomach
23 Luca Thread 1 Tyson Ash Beheaded by Axe
22 Lacey Baggs 1 Everest Sateer Spear in Head
21 Dimitri Bens 1 Thalia Combe Knife in Skull
20 Thalia Combe 1 Barlie Henderson Dagger in Head
19 Don Wertyos 2 Tyson Ash Axe in Chest
18 Tyson Ash 2 Suzi Cale Knife in Back
17 Barlie Henderson 2 Coyote Mutt Mauled
16 Mars Io 2 Deep Snow Suffocated
15 Holly Horizon 3 Megan Jones Knife in Head
14 Megan Jones 3 Ivory Hacker Knife in Neck
13 Ivory Hacker 3 Everest Sateer Spear in Head
12 Everest Sateer 3 Hunter Malone Mace to Head
11 Hunter Malone 3 Destrye Manglie Sword in Chest
10 Destrye Manglie 3 Natasha Grey Knife in Skill
9 Yvonne Waves 3 Poisonous Snake Poisonous Bite
8 Hutch Albane 3 Bianca Bolt Knife in Chest
7 Michael Scarn 4 Whitney Finch Burned Alive
6 Suzi Cale 4 Natasha Grey Knife in Neck
5 Claudia Gerhart 4 Whitney Finch Knife in Chest
4 Gabe DiPablo 5 Natasha Grey Knife in Eye
3 Natasha Grey 5 Whitney Finch Knife in Chest
2 Bianca Bolt 5 Whitney Finch Snapped Neck
Victor Whitney Finch ------------- ---------------------- --------------------------

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