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Hello everyone! I am currently writing the 199th Hunger Games, but it will be finished up by the time the tribute spots fill for this one.

The tribute submission and twist in these games is different, so make sure to read the inrtroduction and stuff before that.

The reapings will take a very long time to write, so after that, I will go right to the Games.


Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen's great-great grandson has become the President of Panem. He restarted the Hunger Games, including District 13 and the Capitol.

Quell Twist

To prove that the citizens of Panem should fear the Capitol even in their home districts, two males and two females will be reaped, but only three tributes will go to the Capitol. The four reaped tributes will battle at the reaping in a 10 by 10 by 10 unbreakable glass box with only one item inside, which will be different for each district. Their families watch the battle the whole time. One tribute must die in this battle, and the rest will enter the Games.


1. You may enter up to three tributes. However, you may not be guaranteed the spot just because you post your tribute first. I want interesting, well-thought out tributes. Therefore, I want you to list three districts that your tribute could be from, and if there are better tributes in those districts, your tribute will not be accepted.

For example, say Wikia Contributor A submits this tribute:

john smith

district 1

good at all weapons

bad at nothing

training score: 12

I will put John Smith up there for the D1 male, but if someone else submits a better tribute, that person will get the spot.

Here is a template for what your tribute submission should contain:


Districts: (List three, in order of preference)






Appearance: (If you make a lunaii, I will use it, but I have to reformat it so all the pictures are the same size. Sorry, I'm OCD about that stuff) (Also, if you submit a picture that isn't a lunaii, I will make a lunaii out of that picture)

Weapon: (List 1 or 2)

Strengths: (besides weapon) (List 2)

Weaknesses: (List 2)

Fears: (List 1)

Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:


Alliance: (can be filled out later)

2. I would prefer if your tribute is brand new (brand new tributes probably have a better chance of getting the slot), but as long as they haven't been used in any of my games before, I will accept them.

3. I may be using some adult language so be aware of that. There may be some sexual references as well.

4. Do not get mad at me if/when your tribute dies.

5. I do not need stylists because no one cares about the parade anyway.

6. Everyone who submitted a tribute has $500 in sponsor money. Users who submitted more than one tribute have $500 to spend for each tribute.

7. If you are reading this right now, you have to submit a tribute.


District Gender Name Age Height Weapon User
1 Male Navy Wonders 16 6'2 Sword, Spear 2legit2quit
1 Male Callam Delaney 17 6'1 Spear, Bow and Arrow CallamD97
1 Female Shimmer Starred 18 5'11 Throwing Knives, Sword Polinarose
1 Female Summer Ashton 17 5'7 Sword, Bow and Arrow FrostSnake
2 Male Lou Welder 15 5'8 Bow and Arrow, Machete Jsm13athome
2 Male Hugo Jenston 17 6'2 Machete, Spear Foxfacedfanatic
2 Female Demetria Callitor 15 5'7 Spear, Knife Readwritelivenikki
2 Female Tracy Volt 17 6'1 Sword, Bow and Arow Polinarose
3 Male Harry Fry 17 5'9 Sword, Spear Thena.airice14
3 Male Ian Smith 17 5'9 Sword, Wire AsherMizzou
3 Female Bianca Cole 15 4'11 Wire Mysims
3 Female Emma Gilbert 15 5'11 Snares, Throwing Knives Polinarose
4 Male Ian Wix 12 4'11 Spear, Throwing Knives Dedejacob
4 Male Mickey McAlister 17 6'3 Trident 2legit2quit
4 Female Katy Belle 12 5'0 Trident Tammydaisy
4 Female Misty Caliden 17 5'8 Throwing Knives, Trident Readwritelivenikki
5 Male Seth Wilson 16 6'4 Axe, Sword KEWLBEN
5 Male Kole Lovett 18 5'7 Spear Wikia Contributor A
5 Female Allison Wood 15 5'7 Axe, Throwing Axes Dedejacob
5 Female Lauren Meyers 18 5'4 Blowgun Wikia Contributor A
6 Male Austin Power 18 6'4 Sword, Spear Thebossman1998
6 Male Danny Serat 14 5'6 Sword Pierulesnotyou
6 Female Esther Silver 13 5'2 Rope, Wire Thena.airice14
6 Female Twilight Mist 17 5'9 Blowgun, Sword District3forever
7 Male Carver Kenway 17 5'10 Throwing Axe, Bow and Arrow Deaphalia911
7 Male Logan Shaw 18 6'7 Mace, Sword Eleni12
7 Female Eileen Shade 15 5'9 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives Annamisasa
7 Female Katriona Greystone 18 6'2 Sword, Throwing Axes Annamisasa
8 Male Xavior Chance 15 5'7 Throwing Knives SethMorris95
8 Male Theo Welch 13 4'11 Machete Jsm13athome
8 Female Cleo Welch 13 4'11 Throwing Knives Jsm13athome
8 Female Forsythia Aljisic 16 5'6 Throwing Knives Xx-Frozen-Fire-xx
9 Male Andrew Donaque 13 4'11 Sword, Bow and Arrow Mysims
9 Male Tyler Tonic 13 5'3 Trident, Axe Tybomarq
9 Female Hanna Whittle 14 5'4 Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow Mysims
9 Female Kate Bloom 13 5'4 Knife, Axe Kitkat714
10 Male Keith Regent 17 6'2 Knife District7!
10 Male Clay Levenhire 18 6'0 Mace, Sword Deaphalia911
10 Female Adrianna Marsk 15 5'6 Blowgun Annamisasa
10 Female Chloe Herman 16 5'7 Blowgun, Bow and Arrow Lily1997
11 Male Leo Ramos 17 6'11 Knife, Sword Jo34546564
11 Male Max Summers 17 6'2 Knife Rockman117
11 Female Destiny Carven 16 5'9 Throwing Knives, Axe Foxfacedfanatic
11 Female Aleena Galenti 14 5'6 Knife Pierulesnotyou
12 Male Gunner Pann 15 5'11 Sword, Knife 2legit2quit
12 Male Aaron Winters 17 5'6 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives Rockman117
12 Female Lily Kane 12 4'3 Bow and Arrow Tammydaisy
12 Female McKenna Konity 13 5'3 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives Pierulesnotyou
13 Male Neuk Burst 18 5'11 Trident, Sword District3 luv
13 Male Joshie Koots 17 6'0 Mace, Explosives Catnipkatniss
13 Female Kendra Falino 16 5'9 Blowgun, Sword Readwritelivenikki
13 Female Louise Derren 14 5'4 Rope, Explosives Thena.airice14
C Male Adam Black 16 5'10 Knife Everdeen7000
C Male Ricardo Fredrick 18 6'1 Bow and Arrow, Blowgun Wikia Contributor B
C Female Celina Vang 16 5'8 Knife, Bow and Arrow Everdeen7000
C Female Marcie Firecrest 15 5'8 Throwing Knives, Spear Deaphalia911

Tribute Gallery

User Tribute 1 Tribute 2 Tribute 3

Navy Wonders

Mickey McAllister

Gunner Pann


Callam Delaney


Shimmer Starred

Tracy Volt

Emma Gilbert


Summer Ashton


Lou Welder

Theo Welch

Cleo Welch


Hugo Jenston

Destiny Carven


Demetria Callitor

Misty Caliden

Kendra Falino


Harry Fry

Esther Silver

Louise Derren


Ian Smith


Bianca Cole

Andrew Donaque

Hanna Whittle


Ian Wix

Allison Wood


Katy Belle

Lily Kane


Seth Wilson

Wikia Contributor A

Kole Lovett

Lauren Meyers


Austin Power


Danny Serat

Aleena Galenti

McKenna Konity


Twilight Mist


Carver Kenway

Clay Levenhire

Marcie Firecrest


Logan Shaw


Eileen Shade

Katriona Greystone

Adrianna Marsk


Xavior Chance


Forsythia Aljisic


Tyler Tonic


Kate Bloom


Keith Regent


Chloe Herman


Leo Ramos


Max Summers

Aaron Winters

District3 luv

Neuk Burst


Joshie Koots


Adam Black

Celina Vang

Wikia Contributor B

Ricardo Fredrick


Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Poison: $75

Portable Fan (cools tribute down): $150

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]: $25

Rope: $25

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Snowshoes: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125

Reaping Battles

District 1

Callam Delaney - District 1

It was reaping day and I was excited, and a little bit nervous. I was excited because the reaping would be so cool this year, and we got to see a battle up close between four of our awesome tributes. I was nervous because I didn't want to get picked. I knew someone would probably volunteer if I did get picked, but this whole battle thing was freaking people out. I was still worried.

"Gonna volunteer today, son?" my father asked. I laughed sarcastically and shook my head. I knew my father was actually serious; he had wanted me to volunteer for years. I always laughed it off when he asked me, but if I ever volunteered and won, he would be so proud of me. Every year I contemplated volunteering or not, but this year, I knew I wasn't going to.

I walked to the center of District 1 with my parents. My mother was wearing diamonds and my father's tie had rubies built into it. Living in District 1 was pretty great, especially coming from a rich family.

I got my blood taken and went into the roped off section for boys aged 12-18 while my parents went into the section for non-tributes. I smiled and waved at them, and my father winked. God, dad. I'm not volunteering. The escort, Cristal Yamina walked onto the stage to a loud applause from my district. She beamed, revealing her lime green teeth and purple tongue. I would never understand Capitol fashion. Last year, she had golden teeth and an orange tounge. And the year before that, she had pink teeth and a blue tongue. How did I know this? It's thanks to my eidetic memory.

Cristal gave a speech and told us the Quarter Quell rules. She pointed to the huge glass box to her left, which I didn't notice before. There was one door to it, and it looked unbreakable. There was something in the box, but it was covered with a pink blanket. "The glass is special Capitolglass, so even if someone slams a diamond into it," she winked, "it won't break!" Now, let's get some tributes reaped, shall we? The crowd cheered and I looked around uneasily. "Ladies first!" said Cristal. She pulled a name out of the bowl and read it aloud, "Helena Bridges!" A small, twelve year-old girl stepped onto the stage. "I volunteer!" yelled a familiar voice. A beautiful girl walked up to the stage, and my jaw dropped. It was Summer! Summer Ashton was the girl I had been crushing on for as long as I could remember. Why was she volunteering? We were supposed to get married! Well, at least I thought we were. She walked up to the stage smiling. She had to win. "What is your name?" asked Cristal.

"Summer Ashton," replied Summer.

"Your first female tribute from District 1, Summer Ashton!" announced Cristal. The crowd cheered, and she put her hand back into the girl's bowl. "Shimmer Starred!" she cried out. A girl who wears way too much makeup walks up to the stage. I had seen her before in school. She was a year older than me. The crowd cheered once more. "Now for the boys!" called Cristal. She pulled a name out of the hat and read it out loud. I wasn't paying attention, though. I was too busy looking at Summer. The boy standing next to me volunteered and jogged up to the stage. Cristal asked for his name and he told her. "District 1's first male tribute, Navy Wonders!" she announced. The crowd cheered and she put her hand back into the bowl. She took it out and read the name. "Callam Delaney!" NO! Not me! I slowly walked up to the stage, looking at the other guys, hoping for someone to volunteer. No one did. I looked at my father who was cheering and hollering, saying to all of the other fathers "That's my son!" My mother looked at me and I frowned. She blew me a kiss and Cristal escorted us towards the glass box. Then I came to the realization I would be fighting Summer.

Navy Wonders - District 1

Our escort opened the door to the Capitolglass box and told us where to stand. We were each in a corner. Callam was to my left, Shimmer to my right, and Summer directly across from me. She was pretty hot, and she volunteered for a twelve year old. I knew I would be going after Callam or Shimmer. Cristal took the blanket off the item in the middle and revealed a huge, baseball sized diamond with a deadly point. She winked at us and said "I told you it was a diamond!" She closed and locked the only door in the box and the sound from the crowd outside stopped. I guess the box was soundproof.

Suddenly, a robotic female voice started a countdown. 10...9...8...7...I looked at Callam, who was staring at Summer. Summer was staring at the diamond and Shimmer was staring at me. 3...2...1...GONG! Summer and Shimmer ran immediately for the diamond and Shimmer pounced on it. She raised her arm to slam it onto Summer's head and Callam tackled her, sending the diamond out of Shimmer's hands onto the floor. I grabbed it and saw Summer and Callam fighting Shimmer. Shimmer was missing hair, and she had a bloody mark on her face. I ran with the diamond over to Shimmer and repeatedly hit her in the head with it. A cannon boomed, making Callam, Summer, and I jump. We basically formed a three on one team against Shimmer, but we had to do whatever we could to survive. I smiled at Callam and Summer, but they were looking at Shimmer's bashed in, bloody skull.

Cristal opened the door and the three of us walked out, to the audience cheering. "Well that was an amazing battle!" said Cristal, "Please give a round of applause for the three tributes from District 1!" The crowd went crazy, and Callam, Summer, and I held hands and raised them up in the air, with Summer in the middle. I kissed Summer's hand and she smiled. Callam glared at me. I guess I would be fighting Callam not only for my own survival, but for Summer too.

District 2

Tracy Volt - District 2

I had no friends or family left. Rose was my only friend, and she died two years ago in the Hunger Games. The past two years have been really tough on me. I lived with Rose's family, and they kicked me out when she died. I lived in the basement of an old lady's house. She was the only person I cared about. Mrs. Babbit took me in when I was on the street. She fed me and gave me a place to live. I owed everything to that woman, and if I won the Games, I would bring her to the Victor's Village to live a life of luxury with me. I kissed Mrs. Babbit goodbye and she wished me good luck.

I walked to the center of District 2. On the way, I thought about my messed up childhood. The only thing I really remember about my parents is a vision of my mother slapping my father, and then my father shooting her with a gun. After that night, I was sent from foster home to foster home, until I ended up with Rose.

I entered the square, got my blood drawn, and walked into the girls section. I looked around and saw no one that I knew. Mrs. Babbit homeschooled me, and I trained for the Games by myself. I really had no interactions with anyone else.

The escort, Moona Valentin, came onstage and the crowd began to chant "Moona! Moona!" I could tell why that was her name. She had crescent moon tattoos all over her body, and a huge full moon tattoo on her forehead. I shivered. The night my mother died and the day that Rose was killed both had full moons. Moona gave a speech about the quells, and the mayor talked about our previous victors. The crowd was going crazy.

Moona finally put her hand in the reaping bowl and pulled out a girl's name. Before she could even read it, a girl shouted "I volunteer!" A pretty girl ran up to the stage and kissed the mayor on the cheek. What? Was the mayor a pedophile? Moona announced, "Demetria Callitor, the first female tribute for District 2 and the daughter of our very own mayor!" The crowd erupted and began chanting "Demetria! Demetria!" Ohhhhh. Now it makes sense. Moona then stuck her hand in the reaping bowl again. and before she could even unfold the slip of paper, I yelled out, "I volunteer!" Everyone looked at me as I walked up to the stage. The crowd began to cheer and I smiled. It felt good to have people rooting for you. Moona asked me for my name, and announced to the rest of District 2, "Tracy Volt, the second female tribute for District 2!" The crowd cheered, but they didn't chant my name. Oh well. I guess that was reserved for the escort and the mayor's daughter.

Moona put her hand in the bowl and before she could even pick a name, a boy shouted "I volunteer!" An attractive guy walked up to the stage, and everyone knew his name. They began chanting "Lou! Lou! Lou!" until Moona finally quieted them. "The first male tribute from District 2 is Louis Welder!" she exclaimed. The crowd erupted again, and Demetria and Lou high-fived. I guess Lou was pretty popular.

Moona silenced the crowd once more. "Can anyone who is thinking about volunteering volunteer after I read the name?" she asked. The crowd laughed, but I could tell Moona was serious. She pulled a name out of the ball and announced it. I didn't hear what it was, but a boy volunteered. He walked up to the stage and I liked him immediately. Not in a romatic way, just as friends. I could tell by his clothes that he wasn't rich, and the crowd didn't chant like they did for Lou and Demetria, though they did cheer. He walked up and told our escort his name, and she announced it to the crowd. "Hugo Jenston, the last tribute from District 2!" The crowd cheered again as Moona walked us over to the glass box. There was something in the middle of it, covered by a white and yellow blanket. I thought about Rose as I walked in the door.

Lou Welder - District 2

Moona, our escort, walked us into the Capitolglass box and told us where to stand. We were each in a corner of the arena. Demetria was to my left, Tracy to my right, and Hugo right across from me. Moona picked up the blanket, revealing a hammer. That figures, since our District is known for masonry. Monna said, "Good luck!", closed and locked the door, and walked away. I looked at Demetria and she winked at me. I knew we were going to form a team against the other two. The countdown started and I stared at that hammer, waiting for the gong to ring. 3...2...1...GONG!

I sprinted to the hammer and grabbed it. Demetria shoved Tracy down and held Hugo's arms behind his back. I swung at Hugo with the hammer, but he ducked and stomped on Demetria's foot. I swung at Hugo again, but Tracy dove into me, slamming my head against the glass wall. She picked up the hammer and was about to kill me with it when Hugo screamed, "Tracy!" Tracy turned and Demetria was choking Hugo. She ran over to Demetria and hit her with the sharp side of the hammer twice. Blood seeped from her head and a cannon boomed. I looked awkwardly at Hugo and Tracy, knowing an alliance with them in the arena wouldn't be a good idea for me. I stared at Demetria. Her pretty eyes were rolled back in her head and her hair was blood red. Moona opened the door, and we heard the boos from the audience. I know they were aimed at Hugo and Tracy, but it still hurt a little bit. The mayor was crying off to the side, and I felt bad for him. Moona quickly walked us towards the train, not even announcing our names to the audience. I was glad though, because I was embarrased. Tracy would have killed me if it weren't for Demetria. I had to step it up in the Games. I would step it up in the Games. For Demetria.

District 3

Emma Gilbert - District 3

My sister woke me up on the morning of reaping day. God, she pissed me off so much. Ever since Brittany won the Hunger Games, she has been the center of attention. All I have heard my parents say for the past five years is "Brittany this, Brittany that." I want that attention. And the thing that pisses me off the most is that Brittany didn't even deserve to win the Games. She stuck with the male tribute from District 3 the whole time and made him do everything for her. Then, it comes down to those two, and she kills him! I wasn't proud to call her my sister, even though my parents were too proud to call her their daughter.

Still, Brittany was my sister and I was glad she was still alive, even if I did spend every waking moment wishing she wasn't. I got dressed and on the ride to the reaping, my parents were too busy with how Brittany would mentor the tributes, and what advice she would give them. They seemed completely oblivious to the fact I could get reaped and die before their eyes.

We drove into the crowded parking lot and I got my blood taken. My parents went into the non-tribute section and my sister went up on stage with the male mentor for our district, who was about 80 years old. The escort, Teenie Telio. came on stage and she began speaking in a shrill voice about how much she loved District 3. It seemed District 1 was her favorite though, since she was wearing a crazy amount of gems and precious stones. I had to squint when I was looking at her because the gems reflected the sun's light straight out at the crowd. I looked around me and my eyes were drawn to the glass box where the reaping battle would take place. There was something in the center covered by a gray blanket, but I couldn't make out what it was. I started imagining what was under the blanket when I heard my name called. I looked at Teenie and she smiled at me while motioning with her hand for me to come up to the stage. I just got reaped. I slowly walked to the stage and I heard my dad shout "Go Emma!" That perked me up a little bit. It was the first time my dad actually paid attention to me in five years. Teenie put her hand in the girl's bowl and pulled out another name. "Bianca Cole!" she read aloud. A girl who I could tell was a tomboy immediately walked quickly up to the stage. She didn't look at me and I didn't look at her.

"And for the boys," continued Teenie. She put her hand in the other bowl and pulled out a name. "Harry Fry!" A cute blondie jogged up to the stage and smiled at Bianca and me. The crowd was silent the whole time, except for when my father shouted my name. Teenie put her hand in the reaping bowl one last time and pulled out a slip of paper. "Ian Smith!" she announced. Another cute blondie walked up to the stage. He smiled and said to Bianca, Harry, and me, laughing "Looks like one of us is going to die!" What a sicko! He was joking around about us possibly dying? Bianca laughed though, so I guess she was as twisted as Ian's humor. Teeni walked us over to the glass box and tried to open to door when the key broke. "Uh oh," she said. Bianca took a paper clip out of her pocket and picked the lock. "Thank you, sweetie!" said Teenie.

"Do I automatically go to the Capitol then?" asked Bianca.

"No," replied Teenie. Bianca frowned and I chuckled to myself. Here we go.

Bianca Cole - District 3

Teenie, our idiot escort, put us each in a corner of the box. I was across from Emma and Ian and Harry were on either side of me. Ian apparently had claustrophobia, and he was closing his eyes and gagging. What a smart tactic. Teenie pulled the gray blanket off the mysterious item in the center, revealing a taser. A Model F-7000 taser to be exact. Each taser shock had 7,000 watts of electricity, enough to fry a human being. Whoever grabbed that taser first would have a huge advantage.

The robotic female voice began the countdown. 10...9...8...7...Ian threw up, making Harry and Emma laugh. 3...2...1...GONG. I sprinted to the taser and grabbed it. Harry dove at my legs and knocked me into Ian's puke. I almost vomited myself. I turned the taser on and held it up at Harry and Emma. They immediately backed off. Ian had his face pressed against the glass, facing away from us. I could easily kill him, but I wanted him as an ally in the arena. I liked him. I walked towards Harry and Emma and they kept backing up. My hair was full of Ian's throw up, but I didn't care. I lunged at Emma, but she slid under my legs, tripping me as she went. She grabbed my legs and pulled me away from Harry, who tried to kick the taser out of my hand. He was about to step on my hand and break it when I pulled it away and shocked Harry with the taser. His body immediately burned up and turned to dust. Ian puked again, Emma began to cry, and I threw the taser down. I can't believe I just did that to another human being. Teenie opened the door quickly and a few Peacekeepers came in and grabbed the taser. Teenie led us out the door and announced our names to the crowd. No one cheered except for some guy who kept screaming Emma's name. I assumed it was her dad. Teenie and our mentors walked to the train and got on. I sat down next to Ian after a shower and he said to me, "Thanks for not killing me!"

District 4

Ian Wix - District 4

Caleb woke me up on the morning of reaping day. I got dressed and put on the only nice clothes I still had from when my parents were alive. My parents and I were one of the richest families in District 4. We lived in a mansion with butlers, maids, two pools, and a movie theater. My dad worked in the Capitol as an investor and my mother worked in District 3, coming up with new inventions and technology. She was a genius, and my father was too in a way, but I rarely saw my parents throughout the first eleven years of my life. Then, when my nanny Trisha and I were on vacation in District 1, my parents were robbed and killed during the burglary. The thief was never caught, and my parents were never avenged. My life goal is to kill that bastard. The house was given to the government and all of my maids and butlers abandoned me. Even Trisha. The only person who stayed by my side, even when I lost my money was my best friend Caleb. I had lived with him ever since.

His family and I walked to the reaping area at the center of the district. Caleb and I got our blood taken. We moved to the boys area, and Caleb's parents and little sister went to the area designated for non-tributes. The escort, Dave Worrice, walked onstage, clad in a hawaiian shirt and grass skirt. Thank God there wasn't a coconut bra. Compared to other Capitol freaks, Dave was pretty normal actually. He talked about the Quarter Quell and pointed at the glass box to the left of the stage. It was completely see-through, with some object in the middle covered by a turquoise blanket.

"Now let's get to the reapings!" shouted Dave. The crowd cheered, and he pulled a name out of the girl's hat. "I volunteer!" called a female voice, before he even read the name. The volunteer emerged from the crowd and walked to the stage. She was beautiful, and I could tell Caleb agreed by looking at his pants. She told Dave her name and he announced it into the microphone, "Mistalia Caliden!" What a hot name. The crowd cheered and Dave pulled another name out of the girl's ball and read it out loud, "Katy Belle!" A cute, blonde, twelve-year old girl strutted down the walkway to the stage. The ground went, "Awww!" because she was so adorable, but no one volunteered. Wow. A 12 year old from a Career district was a rare thing.

"Now for the boys!" announced Dave. The boys side cheered and he put his hand in the bowl. He read the name aloud, "Caleb Saunders!" That was Caleb! My Caleb! I hugged him and he walked to the stage, but a voice called out "I volunteer!" Thank God! Caleb shook hands with the kid and ran back to me. I breathed a sigh of relief. "Mickey McAlister, your first male volunteer and tribute from District 4!" The crowd cheered, especially Caleb and me. We were rooting for Mickey to win now. Then, the unthinkable happened. Dave pulled another name out of the reaping bowl. It was mine. "Ian Wix!" he called. No one volunteered for me. Another twelve-year old for District 4. I looked at Caleb from the stage and he had tears in his eyes. He yelled to me, "You can do this, bro!" I nodded and followed Dave towards the glass arena. Who would I kill out of these three people? Misty was hot, Katy was adorable, and Mickey volunteered for my best friend. I shivered thinking about how I was almost sent into battle against Caleb as I entered the door.

Mickey McAlister - District 4

Dave Worrice put each of us in a corner of the glass box. I was directly across from Misty. Nice. She was eye candy, but she wasn't shallow. Hopefully we both survived and I could get to know her better in the arena. Katy was to my right and Ian to my left. Dave removed the bright blue blanket to reveal a large fish hook. I knew any one of us could use that well. It would all depend on who got there first.

The robotic female voice, as always, began to countdown. 10...9...8...7...Katy, Misty, and Ian were all looking directly at the fishing hook while I was looking at Misty's boobs. Call me shallow, but I couldn't help it. 2...1...GONG! Before I could even react, Katy sprinted to the fishing hook, crawled under Ian's legs, and slit his throat from the back with the fishing hook. I heard the cannon and Dave quickly unlocked the door. What the hell just happened? Katy was a killing machine. I looked at Misty and she just shrugged. I looked at Katy, who was staring at Ian's dead body. We were escorted out of the box and the crowd was chanting "Katy! Katy! Katy!" Misty and I awkwardly stood behind Katy as she waved to the audience. Dave announced our names one more time, and we got onto the train.

District 5

Lauren Meyers - District 5

District 5 was my favorite place in the world. Not because it was cool or anything, but because my boyfriend lived there. Kole was the love of my life. He made me happy whenever I was around him, and I know it is true love. We don't like each other for each other's bodies (although Kole's is pretty nice), we just enjoy being around one another. Another thing that makes our relationship even stronger is that Kole knows I am rich, but doesn't care. My parents are famous fashion designers in the Capitol. Only God knows how they were successful; I thought their designs were hideous. I have a huge house and a whole bunch of extra rooms. My parents are in the Capitol a lot, so I am home alone for a good amount of time. Kole also lives alone. His parents died a while ago, but he never talksa bout it. I don't ask him either, because I know he is uncomfortable talking about it. Kole comes over my house almost every day, and I told him multiple times that he could come live with us, but he refuses. I know his pride would be hurt if he stayed with my family, but I wanted him to so badly.

On one of the few occasions both my parents were home, they woke me up for reaping day, and we stopped at Kole's small house to bring him with us. Reaping day was always a nightmare for me. Not because I would get reaped, but Kole got a lot of tesserae and his name was in there a bunch of times. I told him that we could provide food for him, but he refused as usual. We got our blood taken and stood in the girls and boys section respectively. District 5's escort, Hally Evans, walked onstage. No one applauded. Hally was very quiet and mopey. She made the reapings more depressing than they were already. She had lavender skin and frizzy green hair. I bet my parents designed her bizarre outfit, which was full of pom-poms and pink bubbles. She spoke solemnly into the microphone and I couldn't even make out what she was saying. Then, with no warning, she stuck her hand into the girl's bowl and read out the name. "Allison Wood." A blonde girl with icy blue hair and vivid green eyes walked up to the stage. No one said a word. Then, she pulled out another name. "Lauren Meyers." What? That was me. How could this happen? I began to sob and walked slowly up to the stage. Allison hugged me and I hugged her back. Then, I started crying hysterically when the first boy's name was called. "Kole Lovett." My boyfriend came up onstage and hugged me tightly. I let go of Allison and threw my arms around Kole. His strong arms wrapped around my waist and I felt comforted, even though both of us were about to fight to the death in a glass cage. Hally called the last boy name. "Seth Wilson." A boy walked up to the stage and looked at Kole and me. Hally walked us over to the glass box and I saw an item covered by an orange blanket. She unlocked the door and Kole and I walked in, hand in hand.

Seth Wilson - District 5

This was so unfair. Lauren and Kole were lovers, making them a team. I didn't know Allison, but I hoped she was smart enough to know we had to form a team against Lauren and Kole. They would be inseparable in the arena. Hally Evans put each of us in a corner of the glass box. Lauren was to my right, Allison to my left, and Kole directly across from me. Hally removed the orange blanket to reveal a power cord with a plug on the end of it. Good for strangling AND stabbing. Hally left the box and closed the door. The countdown began. 10...9...8...I looked at Allison and winked. Then I looked at Lauren. She was emotionally distraught right now and would be an easy target. 3...2...1...GONG. I dove for the power cord right away and Kole jumped on top of me. He dug his knees into my back, but I threw my fist at him behind my head and connected with his nose. I probably broke it. I scurried up from the floor and ran over to Lauren. She was still in her corner, frightened from the battle. I wrapped the power cord around her neck and began pulling. She gasped for air and was almost dead when Allison tackled me, releasing the grip on the power cord and letting Lauren breathe. Allison bit my arm and I screamed in pain. Lauren put the power cord around my neck and used the same maneuver I used to try to kill her. After about thrity seconds, my cannon boomed and my heart stopped.

District 6

Twilight Mist - District 6

I was walking through the forest with my little brother on the way to District 6's center when I heard a rustle in the forest. I looked and saw the eyes of a bear staring straight at me. It jumped out of the forest and I picked my little brother up, running away with him. The bear chased after us and he took my brother out of my hands with his mouth, swallowing him whole. I began crying and screaming when I heard my mother's voice repeat my name. "Twilight! Twilight!" My eyes fluttered open and I woke up to see my concerned mother standing over me. Phew. It was just a nightmare.

"Sorry mom, I guess I was having a dream," I assured her.

"Well get dressed. It's reaping day," she said, walking out of my room. Ugh. Reaping day pissed me off. It wasn't because I was scared about being reaped, (I knew I would totally own anyone in the arena), but because...well I don't really know. I just hated reaping day. I got dressed, and I convinced my mother not to take the path by the forest, even if it was the shortest way. I did not want my nightmare coming true. It was so strange to live in the district that produces transportation, and not even own a car. We got to the reaping area. I got my finger pricked and went into the girl's section. My mother and brother went into the one reserved for people out of the 12-18 range. I stared at the glass arena to the right of the stage. It had a black blanket in the center, with some object underneath it. It looked circular. Then, my attention was turned toward District 6's escort, Mina Ulong. Mina was really pretty, but she ruined it by putting pounds of blue makeup on her face and dying her skin yellow. She tapped the mic to make sure it worked and began to speak. She talked about the quell rules, and introduced District 6's most recent winner from two years ago, Sasha Selenta. The crowd cheered and Sasha waved. I could have taken her. Mina finally started with the actually reaping and put her hand in the girl's bowl.

"Esther Silver!" she announced. A quiet looking girl walked up to the stage and stared at her feet. I think she was talking to herself, but I wasn't sure. Either way, I thought she was a weirdo. Mina called another girl's name and my jaw dropped when I heard it called. "Twilight Mist!" Everyone stared at me as I emerged from the crowd and stood next to Esther. I wasn't devastated, but I was less confident in winning than I was a few minutes ago. Now I actually had to put my money where my mouth was. Mina called the first boy up to the stage. "Austin Power." He was boring and nondescript. I wouldn't feel bad killing him. The last male tribute was picked, and Mina announced "Danny Serat" into the microphone. A cute blondie walked up. He was the only one I didn't want to kill. Mina gave us a round of applause and walked us towards our doom. The glass box.

Esther Silver - District 6

Mina Ulong told each of us to stand in a corner of the glass box. Twilight was right across from me, Danny was to my right, and Austin to my left. Mina took the blanket off the object in the center of the box before leaving and locking the door behind her. The mystery item was a steering wheel. Oh God. That wouldn't be that easy to kill someone with, and the victim would probably get hit several times before dying. I hoped it wasn't me. The countdown began. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...GONG! Danny and Austin ran straight for the steering wheel. Austin grabbed it first, but Twilight slammed him against the wall, making him let go of it. Danny picked the wheel up and walked towards Austin and Twilight. Twilight was holding Austin's hands behind his back and her knees pinned his legs down. He was powerless. I watched in horror as Danny bashed Austin's skull in. Finally, his cannon boomed and Mina unlocked the door.

We walked out and the crowd was completely silent. Mina announced our names one more time to the crowd, and we went with her and Sasha onto the train.

District 7

Eileen Shade - District 7

I woke up from the sound of the Capitol train pulling into District 7's station. Although my little camp in the forest was far away from any civilization, the Capitol train could be heard from miles around. I knew it was reaping day when the train pulled in. I gathered up all my supplies and made myself a huge breakfast. Living by myself was great, because I could do whatever I wanted. Still, I missed other people once in a while. I got dressed and started the ten mile trek to the reaping area of District 7. On the way, I thought about my past. I vaguely remembered my parents hitting me as hard as they could. I touched the scar on my face and the memories became clearer. I could see my father's angry face and his hand connecting with my face. Then I saw my mother swing a fork at my face. I winced in pain, as if the memory were real. My mother gave me that scar. Then I remember the Peacekeepers infiltrating my home, and taking my parents away in handcuffs. They took me to my crazy Aunt Sara's house, which was in the middle of the woods. She was addicted to some type of drug and could barely take care of herself. I remembered stealing knives from the kitchen, and going to the forest to hunt. Then I thought about the last time I saw Aunt Sara. She took a knife out and threatened to kill me with it if I didn't leave. I shuddered at the thought of her, just as I arrived at the reaping area.

I got my blood taken and went over to the girl's section. The escort, Homer Flores came onstage and the crowd applauded. Apparently he was very people. Homer made a funny speech that almost made me laugh, and lightened up the mood of the otherwise depressing reaping. He decided to pick boys first, so he stuck his hand in the boy's bowl. Before he could unfold the paper and read the name, a boy shouted, "I volunteer!" A cute boy with black hair jogged up to the stage, smiling. I was surprised he volunteered. Homer announced his name to the crowd. "Logan Shaw!" Then, Homer put his hand in the boy's bowl once more and yelled out the name, "Carver Kenway!" Then he put his hand in the girl's bowl and read the name aloud, "Eileen Shade!" Oh no. That was me. I came out of the crowd and walked sheepishly up to the stage. I kept thiinking about how I would never see my forest again, or even District 7 again after I got on the train. Homer picked the last girl's name, and announced into the microphone, "Katriona Greystone!" A tall, muscular, huge redhead girl walked confidently up to the stage. She was a monster, and I could tell even the boys were scared of her. Homer got the crowd to clap for us as we walked over to the glass box where one of us would die. I noticed something in the middle covered by a green blanket as we entered the box.

Logan Shaw - District 7

Homer Flores smiled as he told me where to stand in the box. "Good luck," he said, "Abby's watching!" I cringed. Abby was my twin sister who died in the Games four years ago. I guess he was still the escort back then and he remembered her. Homer lifted the green blanket to reveal a thick tree branch. Why was everyone in this district obsessed with trees? I looked to my right and left and saw Eileen and Carver. Katriona was directly in front of me, crouching and ready to pounce. She was scary as hell. The countdown began. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...GONG! Eileen got to the branch first, but Katriona pushed her down and grabbed the tree branch. Carver kicked Katriona in the leg and ran back to his corner. She looked at me and charged, thinking I was the one who kicked her. I dove out of the way at the last second and her head bashed into the wall, making her even more mad. "It was him! He kicked you!" I pleaded, pointing at Carver. He shook his head and pointed back at me. I ran over and punched him in the jaw, knocking him to the ground. Katriona came over to him and hit him in the balls with the tree branch. Ouch. He howled in pain and she hit him twice in the head, killing him and sounding the cannon. Homer unlocked the door and we walked out.

The crowd was cheering and chanting, "Ka-tri-o-na! Ka-tri-o-na!" Eileen and I looked at each other and she rolled her eyes. I laughed and we got on the bus, heading for the Capitol.

District 8

Forsythia Aljisic - District 8

I woke up to hear the screaming of my six younger siblings. "Shut up!" I screamed. They didn't listen, and I looked over to see my older sister in her bed. We shared a room. "Tania?" I asked. She opened her eyes and rubbed them.

"What?" she asked.

"Why aren't you out hunting?" I asked.

"It's reaping day." Oh, right. I got dressed and yelled at all my younger siblings, including my twin Akita. I was two minutes older than her, so I had authority. We all got ready for the reaping and Tania made us a huge breakfast. She just turned nineteen, and she could no longer be reaped. My mother was in her room weaving, and my father was at work in the factory. After eating, I told my mother we were leaving for the reaping, and she nodded, not even looking up at me. Didn't she know that one or more of us might not come back? I slammed the door, frustrated with my mother, and followed Tania, Akita, and the five little rugrats towards the center of District 8.

Tania took three of my little brothers with her to the non-tribute section while Akita, my little twelve-year old sister Rentara, and I got our blood taken and went into the girl's area. The escort came onstage along with last year's winner, Whitney Finch. The crowd applauded like crazy when she came onstage, including my sisters and me. The escort, Emalee Harris, quieted the crowd down and began explaining the rules of the quell. I looked over to the glass box when she was talking, and saw a brown blanket covering something in the direct center. I wondered what it was. Emalee decided to start the reapings and put her name in the girl's bowl. She pulled it out and announced it. "Cleo Welch!" A young looking, sad girl walked slowly to the stage. She was in tears. Emalee put her hand in the bowl once more and read the name. "Akita Forjisic!" No! That was my twin sister! My best friend! She began to walk up to the stage when I shouted, "I volunteer!" I caught Tania's eye and she smiled a little bit. I knew I did the right thing. Akita had no chance in the Games. I did. Akita hugged me tightly.

"Thank you. I love you. Please come home," she whispered in my ear. I walked up to the stage and stood next to Cleo, who had composed herself.

"Now for the boys!" called Emalee. She reached her hand in and pulled out a name. "Xavior Chance!" A quiet looking boy with black and blue hair walked up and stood next to me without a word from him or the crowd. Emalee put her name in the bowl once more and read the name. "Theodore Welch!" All hell broke loose. Cleo fainted, her apparent twin brother Theo cried as he walked up to the stage, the crowd booed, and Cleo and Theo's mother stormed the stage and began screaming and cursing at Emalee.

"It was rigged!" she kept yelling. Peacekeepers dragged her away, and Emalee motioned us to follow her. Cleo was revived and walked with Theo, with Xavior and I trailing awkwardly behind. Emalee opened the door and we walked in.

Theo Welch - District 8

As Emalee Harris told us where to stand in the box, I kept thinking about how my twin sister and I were both reaped. I didn't think that could happen. Emalee took the brown blanket off the mystery object, revealing a cashmere scarf. Cashmere was really strong, and I knew it wouldn't tear easily. They expected us to strangle someone with it. Oh God. Emalee locked the door and the countdown began. 10...9...Cleo was directly across from me. I looked at her and smiled. I needed to comfort my sister. We could do this. 3...2...1...GONG! I ran and picked up the scarf. Xavior dove into me and slammed me against the wall. "Damn you!" I screamed. I kicked him in the stomach and he fell to the ground, clutching his gut. Forsythia had Cleo in a headlock and was trying to choke her. I ran over and pulled Forsythia off of my sister. I put the scarf around Forsythia's neck and pulled. She desperately grabbed at the air and Xavior got up. "Let me kill her," I said.

"No!" cried Xavior. He dove at me and my grip on the scarf released. Xavior and I began to wrestle and fight on the floor when we were interrupted by the sound of a cannon. I pushed him off me and saw Forsythia standing over the dead body of my sister. Cleo's face was blue and the cashmere scarf was still around her neck. Emalee opened the door, and I screamed at Forysthia. I ran at her once we exited the box, but Peackeepers held me back. They walked me to the train while I screamed the whole way there. I would be forced to live with the girl who killed my sister these next few days. It wasn't going to be fun for either of us.

District 9

Andrew Donaque - District 9

I was up early writing in my journal. I could never sleep the night before reaping day, and tonight was no exception. I heard my mother get up and walk towards my room. I put my journal under my mattress in its usual spot and pretended to be asleep. "Rise and shine!" she said. I opened my eyes and smiled at her. "It's reaping day, so get ready," she continued.

"Alright, alright," I said. I waited until she left and got undressed. I looked at my body in the mirror and frowned. I wasn't fat, but I wasn't think either. I saw the scars on my wrist from when I was suicidal...No. I couldn't think about that now. I was past it. After putting on my clothes, I sat at the kitchen table with my sister Katy and waited as my mom put breakfast on the table. Usually we had oatmeal, since District 9 produced grain. But today, my mother made us eggs and bacon. We gobbled it up and headed out the door towards the center of District 9. As we walked along the path, I saw rows of wheat growing in fields. District 9 was really a beautiful place, and I would miss it if I was ever reaped. We finally arrived at the reaping area. I watched my sister and mom go to the non-tribute section as I got my blood taken. I saw a lot of boys at my school that bullied me and tried to keep my head down. They didn't notice me.

The escort, Vanilla Verona, walked onstage and stood at the podium. She was completely white. Her hair, skin, and clothes were snow white. The only thing that stood out were her piercing black eyes. "Attention District 9!" she called out. The crowd silenced, and she explained the rules of the quell. She pointed at the glass box to her left. There was something in the center covered by a tan blanket. It was pretty small. "Ladies first!" she announced, shifting my gaze back to Vanilla. She pulled a name from the girl's bowl and read it. "Havannah Whittle!" A pretty girl with brown hair walked up. She looked like one of District 9's previous victors, Alianna Whittle. Ohhhh. That made sense. They were sisters. Vanilla then read the name of the second female tribute from District 9. "Kate Bloom!" Another pretty girl with brown hair walked up. Then Vanilla moved over to the bowl's bowl and stuck her hand in. She reaced very deep into the bowl and pulled out a name. "Andrew Donaque!" It was my name. I emerged from the crowd, shaking, when I heard someone call out, "Fag!" I looked to see who it was, but the whole crowd of boys was laughing and I couldn't tell who said it. I was humiliated. I didn't know if I was gay or not, but even if I was, I shouldn't be made fun of for it. It was not something I was on purpose, and wasn't not a bad thing. Vanilla called one more boy's name. "Tyler Tonic!" I didn't know him, so I just stared at my mother and sister as he walked up to the stage. Katy was crying and so was my mother. Vanilla walked us over to the Capitolglass box and unlocked the door.

Hanna Whittle - District 9

Vanilla told us where to stand in the box. I was directly across from Kate. Andrew was to my right, and Tyler to my left. I could take on any of these three. I looked at the stage behind me and saw Alianna, watching intently. Vanilla removed the tan blanket to reveal a piece of wheat. What the hell? What were we supposed to do with that? It was probably made of marble and we had to slam it on someone until they died. Whatever it was, I knew I had to get to it first and get the kill. I had to show off my skills to my parents and sister. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...GONG! I sprinted to the wheat and realized everyone else had stayed in their corners. Once I put my hands on it, it blew up in my face. The last thing I saw were the singed, but alive faces of my fellow tributes, and then I heard my cannon.

District 10

Keith Regent - District 10

My mother, my real mother, woke me up on the morning of reaping day. I always had to remind myself that she was my real mother. My parents abandoned me at an early age and I was left to fend for myself. I found a poor family that took me in on their farm and I lived with them for a while. They had two other adopted children, and they became like real siblings. When one of them, a girl named Georgia, died of malnutrition, I was devastated. I then realized the family only wanted me as a slave to work on their farm. I ran away and found another family to take me in. My current family. My real family. After I lived with them a few years, my mother told me that she was my birth mother, and she felt terrible about abandoning me. I didn't talk to her or my father for three months, but eventually our relationships restored themselves and I was back to talking with them.

My parents often gave me more food than the rest of their siblings, I guess out of guilt. Still, all of us put our names in for tesserae. Our family was still very poor. We walked together to the reaping area. My brothers and I got our fingers pricked and went into the boy's section. The escort appeared from behind the stage and the crowd clapped, but not too much. His name was Roland Grube, and he had snowflakes tattooed all over his body. He was really weird, and spoke in a sing-song voice all the time. He talked about the quell and how great the Capitol was. I was staring at the glass box with the black and white blanket in the center. Then, Roland abruptly stuck his hand in the girl's bowl and pulled out a name. "Chloe Herman!" he announced. A pretty girl walked onstage. Then, he said, "Now we are going to pick a boy's name!" He put his hand in the bowl and pulled out a slip of paper. "Clay Levenhire!" he read. Hey, I remeber that name. His sister, Caitlyn, competed in the games two years ago. He looked just like her and I assumed they were twins. "Now back to the girls!" announced Roland. He picked a name and read it. "Isabella Frenee!" A girl began to walk up when another girl screamed, "I volunteer!" The volunteer walked emotionlessly up to the stage and Roland asked for her name. She said it, and he announced her name to the crowd. "Adrianna Marsk!" Then, he went back to the boy's bowl and read the name that was chosen. "Keith Regent!" Oh hell no. That was me. I walked up to the stage quickly, trying to fake confidence. Roland told us to follow him and we walked towards the glass box.

Adrianna Marsk - District 10

Why did I volunteer? I remember that girl from somewhere....

Roland put us each in a corner. I was facing Clay, and Keith and Chloe were to my left and right respectively. Roland unveiled the hidden object. It was a cowbell. How ironic. The countdown began and I kept thinking about the girl I volunteered for. There was something in here eyes that was so familiar. 3...2...1...GONG! I was so off guard and I didn't even move when the gong rang out. Clay did. He ran at me with the cowbell just as I remembered who the girl was. Her mother was in the same rebel group as me when we revolted. But her mother was tortured and killed to get information about the group. Clay swung the cowbell at my head with a lot of power and I heard a CLANG and then my cannon. I would tell the girl's mother that I saved her daughter from the Hunger Games in heaven.

District 11

Destiny Carven - District 11

I woke up early on reaping day, thinking about my father. He was an alcoholic and left our family when I was three. I thought about him every day and constantly plotted ways for him to come back into my life. A few months ago, I decided that the Hunger Games was the only way to do it. I pictured living in a nice house in the Victor's VIllage and my father appearing at the doorstep of our house, with his arms wide open, congratulating me on winning the Games. And then we would spend all of our time together to catch up on lost years and he would be there when I had kids of my own and my mother would be happy again.

My daydream was interrupted by the sound of my mother's voice, "Destiny! Get dressed, honey!" I would miss her voice in the Games. But it wouldn't be for too long because I knew I would win. I put on my clothes and walked out into the kitchen of our small house. I had a small breakfast of vegetables from our farm. "Destiny, tomorrow is going to be a big day. Peacekeepers are coming to survey the farm and pay us for our crops. We have to make sure everything is in tip-top shape," my mother said. I nodded, but felt terrible inside. I didn't tell my mom I was planning on volunteering, and she would have to prepare the farm on her own.

We walked together to the reaping area silently, and went into our designated sections. The escort, Wanda Every, jogged onstage and began shouting, trying to pump up the crowd. It didn't work. She shrugged her shoulders, which had huge spikes on them, and began talking about the quell and stuff. The huge glass box I would be fighting in was off to the right. There was some item in the middle covered by a green blanket. Then, Wanda put her name in the girl's bowl. I gulped, and before she could read it, I yelled out, "I volunteer!" Everyone looked at me and gasped. A volunteer from District 11 was strange, but all I could think about was my father. When I stood onstage, I caught my mother's misty eyes and she looked at me, without saying a word. Wanda asked me for my name and announced it to the crowd. "Destiny Carven!" Wanda then picked another girl and read it. "Aleena Galenti!" she yelled. A pretty white, blonde girl walked up to the stage. She looked miserable and a little dirty. "Now for the boys!" called Wanda. She reached her hand in the bowl and read the slip of paper. "Max Summers!" A poor seeming boy came up. He fit in with the rest of us. Wanda stuck her hand in the bowl once more. "Leo Ramos!" A familiar looking boy slowly walked to the stage. Ramos. I remember that name. I think his brother, Ryan, was in the Games two years ago. Wanda walked us over to the glass box and opened the door.

Aleena Galenti - District 11

I could take any of these flimsy tributes. Living on the street for eight years made me tough. I could handle anything. Wanda told us where to stand. Leo was to my left, Destiny to my right, and Max right across from me. Wanda then picked up the green blanket, revealing a watering can. They expected us to bludgeon someone to death with that. Cool. Wanda Every left the box and locked the door. The countdown began. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...GONG! I sprinted to the watering can and picked it up. Destiny tackled Max to the floor and the two of them wrestled. I went after Leo. I swung the watering can and the part where the water comes out hit him in the back. He fell to the ground, clutching his back in pain. I hit him again in the head and he started to bleed. He looked up at me and said, "Please don't kill me."

"Sucks for you!" I shouted and dug the watering can into his head once more, sounding his cannon. Wanda ran over to the door and unlocked it. Destiny and Max stared at Leo's body as we walked out. Wanda announced each of our names to the crowd once more and we got on the train, headed for the Capitol.

District 12

Lily Kane - District 12

The aroma of fresh bread woke me up on reaping day. My mother was a baker, and her fresh bread was my favorite thing in the world. She made it for me on every single reaping day since my father passed. I got dressed in my nice clothes and walked into the bakery part of our humble home. She kissed me good morning and surprised me with butter. I hadn't had butter on my bread in years. After having that delicious breakfast, my mother and I took the long path to the reaping area through the forest. She watched in awe as I named every single plant on the path.

Finally, we got to District 12's center. My mother and I separated into our different sections. "Good luck!" she whispered before we split. I smiled and gave her one last hug. Just in case. Then, the escort, Felicia Delicua, appeard onstage, garbed in a long purple robe with neon purple hair. "Hello District 12!" she announced. Silence. "Alright then. Let me explain the quell rules at least," she continued, and then droned on and on about the glass box and the number of tributes. Speaking of the box, there was a black blanket in the center with a bulge in it. It was covering something, but I couldn't figure out what. Felicia finally got to the reaping part, and put her hand in the girl's bowl. "McKenna Konity!" she called. A pretty girl walked up to the stage. I recognized her, but I didn't know her well. Felicia then put her hand in the girl's bowl once more and read the name. "Lily Kane!" I burst into tears. No, this couldn't happen to me. I needed my mother. I couldn't go into the Games! I slowly walked up to the stage, drying my eyes with my shirt. My mother ran over to me and put her arms around me one last time before the Peacekeepers pulled her away. "MOM!" I yelled, but I couldn't see her anymore. I walked onstage and stood next to McKenna. She put her arm around me, and I felt a little bit better. Felicia picked a boy's name from the bowl. "Aaron Winters!" My head was buried in McKenna's arm, and I didn't even look to see who Aaron was. Felicia picked one more boy's name and read it to the crowd. "Gunner Pann!" This time I looked. Gunner seemed a little off and a little crazy. I recognized his last name and some of his siblings may have competed in the Games before. Felicia then walked us towards the glass box and I looked for my mother in the crowd, but couldn't find her. Then Felicia opened the door we entered the box.

Aaron Winters - District 12

Felicia Delicua put each of us in a corner. I was across from Lily. McKenna was to my right and Gunner to my left. Felicia picked up the black blanket, revealing a piece of coal. Clever. Not. Felicia closed and locked the door. Then a robotic female voice started the countdown. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...Lily was still crying...2...1...GONG! McKenna was the first one to the piece of coal, but Gunner tackled her to the ground, sending the coal flying to Lily's feet. McKenna and Gunner began wrestling on the ground, until Gunner had McKenna in a headlock. He was going to suffocate her. Lily saw this and picked up the piece of coal. She ran over to Gunner and McKenna and slammed the coal on Gunner's forehead. He winced in pain, but kept the hold on McKenna. She couldn't survive without breathing much longer. Lily then hit Gunner in the head again, and a cannon sounded. Both Gunner and McKenna slumped to the ground. Then, McKenna stood up. Lily gave her a hug and McKenna gasped for air, while hugging Lily back. Felicia came and unlocked the door.

We walked out and Felicia held up our hands like we were champions and then began clapping. No one else joined in, but they gave the District 12 sign of respect. We then walked onto the train.

District 13

Neuk Burst - District 13

The alarm sounded in my compartment and I got out of bed immediately. Today's schedule said reaping on it. Damn it. I completely forgot about reaping day. It was my least favorite day of the year. Four years ago, when my sister Amanda died in the games, my parents blamed me for it. We lived in District 4 at the time, and Amanda had trained for the Hunger Games her whole life. She volunteered when she was eighteen, and came in fifth place when her district partner turned on her. It wasn't my fault at all, but my parents had to blame it on someone. And since her district partner ended up losing, they couldn't blame it on him either. So, I ran away to District 13 and changed my name from Poseidon Sanders to Neukon Burst.

District 13 was much better. Everything was structured and organized. I was in training to join District 13's military, because I loved being a solider. As I walked down to the reaping area, I thought about my parents in 4 and wondered if they ever thought about me. Or if they cared about me. I got my finger pricked and my red blood place on a card. Then I wrote my name on it. I ripped a little piece of the corner off, so if I was ever reaped, I would know as soon as the slip of paper was pulled out.

Our escort, Pamela Grounder, walked onto the platform with the reaping balls. She was wearing huge high heels, and I was impressed she didn't fall. Her hair was so blonde that it was almost white, and she had a ton of makeup on. She would have been pretty without all the Capitol garbage. Then, she began a speech about the quell and its rules. I stared at the glass chamber. It had an item it in covered by a gray and yellow blanket. Pamela then stuck her hand in the girl's bowl without warning. "Louise Derren!" she cried out. A nice-looking, ordinary girl walked quiety up to the stage. Pamela stuck her hand into the girl's bowl once more and called out "Kendra Falino!" A pretty redhead jogged to the stage. I recognized her from training. She was going to be a soldier too. Then Pamela went to the boy's bowl. She pulled out a slip of paper. It wasn't mine. "Joshie Koots!" she called. A boy I had never seen before walked to the stage. He was pretty tan for living underground, though. Finally, Pamela put her hand in the bowl for the last time. She pulled out a slip of paper and I recognized it instantly. I saw the ripped corner and my heart sunk. "Neukon Burst!" she called out. I walked sullenly up to the platform with the rest of the tributes. Pamela began to walk but she fell flat on her face. I stifled my laughter as Peackeepers helped her up and walked with her towards the glass box. We followed.

Kendra Falino - District 13

Pamela Grounder and two Peacekeepers led us to the glass box. Pamela unlocked the door and told us where to stand. I was across from Joshie. Louise was to my right and Neuk to my left. Pamela then bent down and picked up the gray and yellow blanket. Her butt was showing when she bent down and I saw Josie and Neuk staring. Boys were gross. I couldn't believe my eyes. The item was a gun! "It only has one bullet," said Pamela, "Use it wisely." As she was walking out, she muttered to herself, "It doesn't even matter if they die yet." I looked at the other tributes, but no one else seemed to have heard it. What did she mean by that? I kept thinking about it until the GONG interrupted my thoughts. Joshie reached the gun first and aimed it at me. I dove out of the way, but he didn't get to shoot because Louise kicked it out of his hands. It fell out and he pushed Louise into the wall. Neuk piled on Joshie and Louise, who were fighting on the ground. I picked up the gun and aimed it at the three of them. They were tumbling around and moving so much that I couldn't get a clear shot on who I wanted to kill: Joshie. I decided that as long as I didn't die, it wouldn't matter. I shot the gun and almost immediately heard a cannon. Joshie and Neuk stood up and I saw Louise's bloody skull. The bullet went through her head.

Pamela, who was now barefoot, came and unlocked the door. The crowd was silent, and Pamela announced our names to them once more. As we were walking to the train, I asked her, "What did you mean by 'it doesn't matter if they died yet'?"

"You'll see," she responded, with a strange smile.


Ricardo Fredrick - Capitol

My mother woke me up on the morning of reaping day. I groaned. I understood that the Capitol had to send tributes in so they didn't have too much power, but I still wished it was only Districts 1-12. As I got dressed, I looked at a picture of Julia Saemper that I had on my dresser. I had a crush on Julia for as long as I can remember. Some people might think it's creepy, but I knew she was the one for me. The only problem was that she barely knew I existed. I only had a few classes with her in school, and every time I tried talking to her, I would freak out and end up doing something stupid. It seemed everyone knew I liked Julia except for her.

My parents and I drove in our luxury car to the reaping area in the center of the Capitol. As we parked, I saw a huge glass box to the left of the extravagant reaping stage. There was something hidden under a pink and purple blanket. I got my finger pricked and went to the boy's section. Everyone was talking about the quell when our unneeded escort, Shanna Grove, walked onto the stage. The crowd cheered and she smiled, showing her carved, pointy teeth. Shanna began going on and on about how lucky she was to have the Capitol as her district to escort, and how wonderful we were, and all that. Finally, she got to the reaping part of the ceremony. She put her hand in the girls bowl. "Our first lucky lady is Celina Vang!" A pretty girl from school walked up onto the stage and the crowd cheered. She was really popular. "For our second female tribute, we have," said Shanna as she pulled another name, "Marcie Firecrest!" A girl with red eyes and blue-green streaks in her hair walked up to the stage. Phew. Julia didn't get reaped.

"Now for the boys!" called Shanna. She stuck her hand in the bowl and pulled out a name. "Ricardo Fredrick!" Oh no. That was me. I walked onstage and stood next to Celina and Marcie. I scanned the girl's side for Julia Saemper and locked eyes with her. I smiled and she smiled back. Oh my God. I might have a chance with her after all. "Adam Black!" Shannon shouted. I zoned out while she was picking the name and saw a boy with black hair come onstage. Celina and Adam were staring at each other, and I think they liked each other. It was too soon to tell, though. Shanna marched us over to the glass box and opened the door.

Marcie Firecrest - Capitol

Shanna Grove told each of us where to stand in the glass chamber. I was nervous, but confident. The other tributes seemed weaker than me. I was across from Celina. Adam was to my left and Ricardo to my right. Shanna pulled the pink and purple blanket off the mysterious item, revealing some high-tech machine. I didn't know what it was, but it looked deadly. There were buttons and number on it, and an opening that shot out something. The computerized voice began the countdown after Shanna locked the door behind her. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...GONG! I ran over to the machine and picked it up. It was surprisingly light. Adam slammed me into the wall but I held onto the device. Ricardo kicked Adam in the face and he writhed in pain. Celina then tackled Ricardo to the ground. I sensed a team between Adam and Celina. I aimed the opening at Celina's head, who had pinned Ricardo to the ground while Adam punched him in the face. I pressed the green button with a number 10 on it and a laser fired out of the opening, putting a hole through Celina's head and sounding her cannon. Where Celina's eyes and nose should have been was a gaping hole that I could see Ricardo through. Adam began to cry and Shanna came and unlocked the door.

The crowd was booing. I guess they liked Celina. Oh well. Shanna motioned us to follow her towards the limo. "We have a surprise for you guys!" she announced.

"What is it?" I asked.

"The second twist to these games!" she replied. Oh no. What had the Capitol thought up this time?

Reaping Battle Death Chart

District Tribute
1 Shimmer Starred
2 Demetria Callitor
3 Harry Fry
4 Ian Wix
5 Seth Wilson
6 Austin Power
7 Carver Kenway
8 Cleo Welch
9 Havannah Whittle
10 Adrianna Marsk
11 Leo Ramos
12 Gunner Pann
13 Louise Derren
C Celina Vang

Bolded names survived the revived tribute battle and moved onto the Games.

Twist #2

President Mellark's face comes on the television of all of Panem. "Citizens of Panem. As you know, one tribute from each district has died in the reaping battle. That is not entirely true. The remains of each tribute have been restored. Our Capitol doctors and surgeons have been working tirelessly to bring these tributes back to life. They have been successful. Now, they are being put into battle once more. Four of them will make it into the 200th Hunger Games. Ten will face death a second time. All fourteen tributes will start the battle in a circle, equidistant to a ring of supplies, much like the Cornucopia in the Hunger Games. Every item from each district's reaping battle will be in the center for the tributes to fight with. The fight will take place in a carefully crafted 100x100x100 Capitolglass box. No one will leave until ten tributes are dead. This time, they are dead for real." The television screens turn black, and the families of dead tributes are filled with hope.

Training Scores

Tribute Training Score
Navy Wonders 10
Callam Delaney 9
Summer Ashton 9
Louis Welder 10
Hugo Jenston 9
Demetria Callitor N/A
Tracy Volt 8
Harry Fry N/A
Ian Smith 6
Bianca Cole 7
Emma Gilbert 5
Mickey McAllister 10
Katy Belle 11
Mistalia Caliden 9
Kole Lovett 7
Allison Wood 6
Lauren Meyers 6
Danny Serat 7
Esther Silver 6
Twilight Mist 8
Logan Shaw 8
Eileen Shade 6
Katriona Greystone 10
Xavior Chance 6
Theodore Welch 5
Forsythia Aljisic 8
Andrew Donaque 7
Tyler Tonic 7
Havannah Whittle N/A
Kate Bloom 6
Keith Regent 6
Clay Levenhire 5
Adrianna Marsk N/A
Chloe Herman 5
Max Summers 4
Destiny Carven 7
Aleena Galenti 8
Aaron Winters 4
Lily Kane 5
McKenna Konity 6
Neukon Burst 7
Joshie Koots 6
Kendra Falino 8
Adam Black 5
Ricardo Fredrick 7
Marcie Firecrest 7

Current Status

Tribute Place
Summer Ashton Victor
Theo Welch Victor
Destiny Carven Victor

Day 1

Tybomarq - Tyler Tonic - Blowgun, Darts [12], Poison, Bread - $250

Pierulesnotyou - Aleena Galenti - Dried Fruit, Water - $150

Pierulesnotyou - McKenna Konity - Bow, Quiver of Arrows [12] - $175

Tammydaisy - Lily Kane - Bow, Quiver of Arrows [12], Dried Fruit, Water, Canteen, Sleeping Bag - $400

Deaphalia911 - Clay Levenhire - Dried Meat, Throwing Axes [3], Soup, Water - $450

Deaphalia911 - Marcie Firecrest - Poison, Bread - $125

Foxfacedfanatic - Destiny Carven - Bread, Water - $150

Annamisasa - Katriona Greystone - Dried Fruit, Sword, Water - $275

Annamisasa - Adrianna Marsk - Blowgun, Darts [12], Bread, Poison - $250

Polinarose - Emma Gilbert - Dried Fruit, Water - $150

Xx-Frozen-Fire-xx - Forsythia Aljisic - Spile, Sword - $200

Jsm13athome - Theo Welch - Portable Fan - $150

SethMorris95 - Xavior Welch - Dried Meat - $75

AsherMizzou - Ian Smith - Water - $100

Thena.airice.14 - Harry Fry - Wire - $75

Thena.airice.14 - Esther Silver - Water, Canteen, Dried Fruit - $275

District3 luv - Neuk Burst - Bread, Water - $150

Dedejacob - Allison Wood - Axe - $150

Tammydaisy - Katy Belle - Bread, Dried Fruit, Canteen, Water, Poison - $375

Day 2

FrostSnake - Summer Ashton - Bread, Soup, Water - $225

Foxfacedfanatic - Destiny Carven - Throwing Knives - $200

Foxfacedfanatic - Hugo Jenston - Night-Vision Glasses - $150

Tybomarq - Tyler Tonic - Axe - $150

Xx-Frozen-Fire-xx - Forsythia Aljisic - Night-Vision Glasses - $150

SethMorris95 - Xavior Chance - Throwing Knives [3] - $200

District3 luv - Neuk Burst - Trident - $275

Deaphalia911 - Marcie Firecrest - Instant Relief - $400

Day 3

Pierulesnotyou - Aleena Galenti - Night-Vision Glasses - $150

Jsm13athome - Lou Welder - Camouflage Paints, Bread, Water - $250

Xx-Frozen-Fire-xx - Forsythia Aljisic - Rope, Poison - $100

Dedejacob - Allison Wood - Matches - $75

Tiaraaaa - Katy Belle - Sleeping Bag, Net - $200

Day 4

Xx-Frozen-Fire-xx - Forsythia Aljisic - Blowgun, Darts - $125

FrostSnake - Summer Ashton - Night-Vision Glasses, Bow, Quiver of Arrows [24] - $350

Foxfacedfanatic - Hugo Jenston - Instant Relief - $400

Deaphalia911 - Clay Levenhire - Sword - $125

Tiaraaaa - Katy Belle - Night-Vision Glasses - $150

Revived Tribute Battle

Austin Power - District 6

I woke up inside what looked like a launch room. Whoa. I thought I died in that glass box. I vaguely remember three faces and a steering wheel, and then blackness. I looked around and saw my escort, Mina Ulong, sitting next to my bed. "Good morning sleepyhead!" she said to me.

"Am I dead?" I asked. She laughed.

"Nope, but you were," she replied. Mina then went on to tell me about the twist in the Games. Phew. Thank God for that twist. Now I had another chance!

"Please step inside the tube," spoke a familiar robotic, female voice, the same one that spoke the countdown in the glass chamber.

"So the battle is now?" I asked Mina.

"Yep, good luck!" I'll see you when you come out. I entered the tube and rose up onto a platform above the ground. I was in another, much bigger glass box. I looked through the glass behind me, and all I could see was white. We were inside a glass box, which was inside an all white room. There were thirteen other tributes around me, and I had never seen any of them before. I did not know which district they were from either, and I breathed a sigh of relief knowing there would be no Career alliance in this mini battle. There were a bunch of items in the center of the box, and then I saw that steering wheel. The one that killed me. My blood had been cleaned off of it, but I knew it was the same one. I guessed that every item from each district was in the center. A gun was among them, and I knew that whoever got that would probably survive. There would only be four of us, and ten would die. I had to be one of those four. I knew I had to run straight for the gun to have the best chance at survival. The countdown was almost over.


Hanna Whittle - District 9

Being alive again felt so...weird. I didn't run for the items right away because I knew about the exploding wheat. Why did that have to happen to me? When a boy who started off next to me ran past me to the center of the items, I saw a 12 on his back. I guess our district number was printed on the back of our black spandex uniform. The boy from 7 grabbed a watering can and stepped on the piece of wheat, creating an explosion. The boy from 7, the boy from 11, and the girl from 1 all died in the explosion. BOOM BOOM BOOM After their cannons sounded, I ran towards the center. The girl from 2 slammed a hammer onto the boy from 12, sounding his cannon. BOOM Four people were dead. Only six more until I was alive for real.

Ian Wix - District 4

I was fighting with the girl from 8 with a gun. I pushed her down and grabbed it. I aimed at her head and shot. BOOM A bullet went through her head. Then, the boy from 5 ran at me with a cowbell. I shot the gun, but nothing came out. I kept pulling the trigger, but nothing happen. "NO!" I screamed right before the cowbell slammed into my head. BOOM

Adrianna Marsk - District 10

I heard that cowbell clang again and I winced. I could almost feel it driving into my head, but this time the boy from 4 was killed by it. The Capitol girl had some crazy contraption and was frantically pressing buttons on it. I had no idea what it did, but then a laser came out of it and put a hole through the boy from 6. BOOM I picked up a diamond and ran at the Capitol girl. In hindsight, it was pretty stupid, but she would kill all of us with that thing. She saw me out of the corner of her eye and aimed the laser at me. I desperately put the diamond in front of me as a defense, and the laser reflected off of it and back onto the Capitol girl, putting a hole through her chest. BOOM Eight were dead. Only two more needed to die before I went into the games.

Louise Derren - District 13

There were six of us left: the girl from 2, the boy from 3, the boy from 5, the girl from 9, the girl from 10, and me. There was some laser machine in the corner, but no one knew how to use it, and luckily no one tried after the Capitol girl died. The boy from 3 ran at the boy from 5 with a taser. The boy from 5 swung his cowbell, knocking the taser out of his hand. He swung again, but the boy from 3 ducked and tripped him. He grabbed the taser and tased the boy from 5, turning him to dust. BOOM I watched in horror, but did not look behind me. The girl from 9 hit me in the back of the head with a tree branch. I fell down on my back, and the last thing I saw was the tree branch being driven into my skull. BOOM

Harry Fry - District 3

A gong sounded after the girl from 13 died, and that same robotic female voice began to talk. "Congratulations final four. Demetria Callitor, District 2! Harry Fry, District 3! Havannah Whittle, District 9! Adrianna Marsk, District 10! Please exit through the door into your launch room for the 200th Annual Hunger Games!" A door appeared in the glass chamber, and a hallway could be seen in what was previously an all-white room. We left the door and walked together through the hallway. It was pretty awkward. None of us were really friends or anything. Then, we came to a door with Demetria's face and name. She walked in and closed it without saying anything. Next up was my door. I walked into it and there was a launch tube. We were going into the games already? None of the other tributes knew we were alive and we didn't have training or the time to form alliances. Then the robotic female voice I came to know so well said, "Please enter the launch tube. 60...59..."

The 200th Annual Hunger Games

Day 1 - "Does that answer your question?" - Katriona Greystone


Danny Serat - District 6

I entered my launch tube and instead of going up like I expected, the launch tube brought us deeper to the ground. I wasn't really worried about the four tributes who would rejoin us in the Games, since I didn't plan on aligning with any of them. We descended into a cavern. There was a cornucopia in the center, surrounded by a whole bunch of supplies. There were four openings in the cavern, each with a number carved above the entrance. Each one looked like it ended in blackness. I assumed they would lead outside to other areas of the arena, and I was willing to take that chance. 30...29...28

Theo Welch - District 8

I looked around for Cleo (8) to see if she survived the battle. I didn't see her, and I suddenly became enraged. I looked around for Forysthia (8) and Xavior (8), but I guess they were on the other side of the Cornucopia. I saw a machete directly in front of me. I knew I had to get that. 10...9...8...7

Lauren Meyers - District 5

Kole (5) was pretty close to me. I eyed him, and he pointed to the opening closest to him, opening 3. I nodded. 3...2...1...GONG! I sprinted off my platform towards Kole (5). I locked hands with him and we ran together into the blackness of opening 3. As we were running, we heard the screams of other tributes, and the laughs of some cruel ones.

Demetria Callitor - District 2

I grabbed a spear from deep in the Cornucopia and saw Chloe (10) grabbing a backpack. I threw it at her head and it went straight through. I got the first kill! I looked to my left and saw Navy (1) slashing Ricardo (C) with a sword, until Ricardo's (C) body was unrecognizable.

Andrew Donaque - District 9

Clay (10) and I ran away into entrance 2 with a backpack and stopped short. Bianca (3) and Emma (3) ran to me. "Let's go!" cried Bianca (3).

"No, we have to wait for Hanna (9)," I said. Hanna (9) emerged from the crowd of tributes with a pack of throwing knives and a canteen. I don't know how she did it, but we ran through the cave, laughing.

Katriona Greystone - District 7

I picked up some throwing axes and buried one into Aaron's (12) skull. I turned around and saw Mickey (4) plunge a trident into Kendra's (13) chest. "Want to join the Careers?" he asked. I stabbed him in the chest with an axe.

"How's that for an answer?" I asked. I looked around for Eileen (7) and saw her gathering supplies. "Let's go Eileen!" I yelled. She looked up and began to run when Summer (1) slammed a sword into her side. Damn. I ran away from the bloodbath into entrance 4.

Lou Welder - District 2

I was wary about letting Hugo (2) and Tracy (2) into the Careers, especially since Demetria (2) was back. Then, I saw Hugo (2) stab Danny (6) in the back of the head with a machete and I was sure of his allegiance. I notched an arrow and looked for a tribute to shoot. I saw Kate (9) running into entrance 1 and shot her in the head with my arrow. She fell to the ground. Boo yah!

Adrianna Marsk - District 10

Destiny (11) and I each had a backpack in our hand and were jogging through opening 1 towards wherever it would lead us. We knew the Careers wouldn't come after us, so our only danger was other tributes.

McKenna Konity - District 12

Lily (12), Aleena (11), and I were nearing the end of opening four. We felt a cold breeze coming from the exit and we saw some white ahead of us.

Logan Shaw - District 7

Harry (3), Esther (6), Twilight (6), Keith (10), Marcie (C), and I were still at the Cornucopia. We got a whole bunch of supplies and were escaping into opening 2 when Keith (10) tripped and fell, alerting the Careers to our presence. "Keep running!" I screamed. I looked back at the Cornucopia and saw Katy (4) standing over Keith (10) with a trident. She slammed it into him and I turned my head away.

Misty Caliden - District 4

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM Nine cannons sounded, signaling the deaths of the nine tributes in the bloodbath. Callam (1), Tracy (2), and I were the only Careers who didn't get kills and I was a little embarrased. We only lost Mickey (4), and I was a little upset. He was from 4 and pretty cute. The Cornucopia had enough food and water for us to live there for a year, and a weapon rack that rivaled the training center. We were set!

Aftermath - Afternoon/Evening

Allison Wood - District 5

Forsythia (8), Xavior (8), and I finally got to the end of opening 3. We emerged onto a sandy beach. I could hear the rustling of waves and saw a beautiful blue ocean that spread as far as I could see. There had to be animals in there, and if we boiled the sea water, we would have a fresh water source. "Look! Palm trees!" shouted Xavior. I squinted and saw what looked like trees in the distance.

"Nice find!" I said, "Let's walk there. We could use the palm tree bark as wood for the fire!" Our trio began walking down the beach when we heard cries of distress from the ocean.

"Help! Help!" I looked over and saw Lauren (5) and Kole (5) drowning in the ocean.

"Leave them. It's too dangerous to go out in the ocean and risk our lives," said Forsythia (8). She was right, but Lauren (5) and Kole (5) were from home. I ran into the ocean despite protests from Forsythia (8) and Xavior (8).

"Save Lauren first!" yelled Kole (5). I listened and pulled Lauren (5) out of the water. I left her gasping for air and spitting out water on the shore. She was drenched and so was I. I looked for Kole (5) to go rescue him, but I couldn't see him. Then I heard a cannon. BOOM Lauren (5) screamed and stood up. She looked at me and charged.

"You didn't save him!" she screamed. Xavior (8) pounced on Lauren (5) before she got to me and she bit him. Forsythia (8) ended the fighting by stabbing Lauren (5) in the chest with a knife. BOOM

"It had to be done. Let's go down to the palm trees. Allison, take your clothes off. You will be freezing at night with wet clothes," said Forsythia (8).

"I think I'd be colder butt naked!" I retorted.

"No, actually. Do it or freeze. Whichever you want," she said. I reluctantly undressed and tried to cover my breasts.

"Don't you dare look at me, Xavior (8)," I said sternly. I caught him peeking a few times as we walked towards the palm trees.

Aleena Galenti - District 11

Opening 4 led to a snowy forest. There were snow-covered pine trees and random caves throughout. Lily (12), McKenna (12), and I settled in a cave and shared the blanket in my backpack. Lily (12) said she saw Katriona (7) go through opening 4, but we hadn't seen her yet.

Joshie Koots - District 13

Ian (3), Tyler (9), Max (11), Neuk (13), Adam (C), and I formed an all-guys alliance spur of the moment at the Cornucopia. We all made it out and ran into opening 1. Adrianna (10) and Destiny (11) went into there before us, but we hadn't met up with them yet. Opening 1 led to a marshy, swampy area. There was dirty water all around us and a lot of animal noises. We decided to camp out under a tree. Our alliance ended up staying up all night telling stories and talking about hot girl tributes. It was great.

Clay Levenhire - District 10

Hanna (9), Andrew (9), Emma (3), Bianca (3), and I settled down under one of the few trees we could see. Opening 2 led to an area with tall grass, random ponds, a few trees and a high temperature. "We should really find a pond," said Emma. She was right.

"I'll stay here and guard the stuff. You guys split up and look for a pond. If you find one, make a bird noise and I will bring the supplies to you. Everyone else follow the bird noises too, got it?" Bianca said. We all nodded and set off into the grass to look for a pond. Not even five minutes later, I heard a female scream. I bolted back to our camp and heard a cannon. BOOM I was the first one back to camp and the first one to see the mangled body of Bianca (3). She had some carving on her chest, but I couldn't read it because of all the blood. The first letter was definitely a "C" though. Hanna (9), Andrew (9), and Emma (3) got back and gasped at the sight of Bianca (3).

"It wasn't me!" I said as the hovercraft picked up her body. We walked off to make a new camp, unsettled that some crazy tribute was lurking in the savannah.

Hugo Jenston - District 2

"Hugo!" Tracy (2) whispered into my ear, waking me up. I looked around. All of the other Careers were asleep. "Let's bolt," said Tracy (2). She took a bunch of supplies and a sword and began walking towards opening 1.

"Wait!" I said. She turned.


"Should we kill any of them?" I asked, pointing to the sleeping Careers.

"No, the cannon will wake them all up and we'll be dead in an instant. Now let's go before they wake up!" she said. I grabbed a machete, a canteen, and some food and followed Tracy into the darkness of opening 1. The anthem played, but we didn't see who died, since we were still in the cavern.

The Fallen

Chloe Herman - District 10

Ricardo Fredrick - Capitol

Aaron Winters - District 12

Kendra Falino - District 13

Mickey McAlister - District 4

Eileen Shade - District 7

Danny Serat - District 6

Kate Bloom - District 9

Keith Regent - District 10

Kole Lovett - District 5

Lauren Meyers - District 5

Bianca Cole - District 3

Day 2 - "Alliance?" - Adrianna Marsk

Katy Belle - District 4

I slipped poison into as many canteens as I could find last night, besides my own. I couldn't wait for the other Careers to drink the water and die. Demetria (2) was the first person awake. She woke everyone else up too. I was the only person who had received a gift from my sponsor, but we didn't really need it at this point. Demetria (2) took a drink of water and slumped to the ground. BOOM Lou (2) screamed and desperately tried to revive her. I took a swig of my own water to make it seem like she didn't die from drinking her water. Then, Misty (4) drank some water and her cannon sounded. BOOM Navy (1) immediately blamed Callam (1) and the two started fighting. Summer (1) was trying to break up the fight while Lou (2) was still sobbing over Demetria's (2) body. These guys were terrible Careers. I slipped away into opening 4 without them noticing.

Summer Ashton - District 1

Navy (1) and Callam (1) were trying to kill each other. This wasn't good. They were supposed to protect me. I really liked Callam (1) over Navy (1), but I didn't want to show favoritism. "Guys!" I screamed, "Stop fighting!" They didn't listen. Navy (1) threw his sword at Callam (1). It was a stupid move, but it the blade hit Callam (1) in the chest, knocking him down. "No! Callam!" I screamed. I ran over to him and pulled the sword out of his chest. "You can't die on me!" I said, trying to clean out his wound.

"Summer. Promise me something," he whispered.

"Yes, anything!" I replied.

"Kill Navy," were his last words. BOOM I was furious. I grabbed the sword that killed Callam (1) and plunged it into Navy's (1) side.

"Stupid bitch!" he yelled at me as he fell to the ground. A few minutes later, his cannon boomed. BOOM

"Lou! Snap out of it! We have to get out of here. Where's Katy?" I said.

"She ditched us. She was the one who poisoned our water supply!" said Lou (2). That little devil.

"We can't trust any of the supplies because they might be poisoned. Let's bolt!" I said to Lou. He wiped his eyes and looked at Demetria's (2) body. "Listen. I know how you feel. I just lost Callam. But we need to persevere and win this thing for them," I explained. He nodded his head and kissed Demetria's (2) body one last time before walking with me into opening 3.

Emma Gilbert - District 3

During the night, I had set up a snare surrounding our camp. We all knew how to avoid it, but anyone else was in trouble. Hanna (9) and I were sitting and talking while Andrew (9) and Clay (10) were out hunting. "Didn't your sister win the Games once?" I asked her.

"Yeah. And now she gets all the attention for it and I'm invisible," she replied.

"Oh my gosh I feel the same way! I was happy when Brittany won, since she is my sister and all, but I kind of wish she didn't."

"Yeah. Allianna is a great sister, but now it's like I don't even matter. I want to win this thing to prove I matter too," said Hanna (9). I nodded. I couldn't believe that someone felt the same way as me. Hanna (9) was quickly becoming my closest friend in the arena. Just then, we heard a cannon in the distance. BOOM I tensed up, hoping it wasn't Andrew (9) or Clay (10). Suddenly, they came bursting through the tall grass back to our little camp, panting.

"We," breathed Clay (10), "killed Twilight from 6."

"They're," said Andrew in between breaths, "coming after us!" I heard footsteps in the distance and hid behind Clay (10). Just then, Logan (7) ran into our camp and right into my snare. A mesh of grass, rope, and wires held him down to the ground and suffocated him. BOOM Harry (3) and Esther (6) retreated back into the savannah, but Marcie (C) threw a knife at us first, Hanna (9) ducked, sending it straight into Andrew's (9) skull. BOOM

Destiny Carven - District 11

Adrianna (10) and I had a plan to kill the boy's alliance. We put some poison on the bread I received from my sponsor. Then, we put it back in the silver parachute and snuck over to the boy's camp. All of them were napping. I guess they had a late night. We placed the parachute in the center of their camp and ran away, hoping to hear some cannons.

Neuk Burst - District 13

Joshie (13) woke up from his nap first and then woke up the rest of us. Ian (3), Tyler (9), and I already received food from our sponsors, but Joshie (13), Max (11), and Adam (C) were hungry. There was a parachute in the center of camp with bread in it. No one knew who it was for, so we let the three hungry guys have dibs. They shoved the bread in their mouths and swallowed. BOOM BOOM BOOM Joshie (13), Max (11), and Adam (C), slumped to the floor. Dead.

"It was probably those damn girls," said Ian (3). We packed up our non-poisoned supplies and moved camp.

Adrianna Marsk - District 10

We heard three cannons and knew our plan was successful. Destiny (11) and I high-fived, until I felt a sharp blade against my neck. I froze. "Give us your supplies," ordered the voice. I knew it was Hugo (2).

"Alliance?" I asked. I heard whispering behind me.

"Fine," said a different, female voice. The blade was put down and I turned around. Hugo (2) and Tracy (2) were behind me, laughing. Destiny (11) was also cracking up. I didn't find it that funny, but whatever.

Forsythia Aljisic - District 8

Allison's (5) clothes were dry, and she put them on quickly. "Thank God!" she said in relief. We had a fire going and an empty coconut shell was boiling water.

"Look!" Xavior (8) said, pointing in the distance towards the entrance of opening 3. There were two figures walking towards our camp.

Theo Welch - District 8

It was dark now, and the anthem began to play. I looked up at the sky, and my jaw dropped in shock of who died. Both boys from 1, a girl from 2, and a girl from 4 were all dead. 4 Careers died today. I have no idea how that happened. Then some other tributes showed up, but their deaths weren't really surprising. I went to sleep smiling, thinking about Cleo (8) and how I could actually win this thing. There were only 24 of us left, and it was like a typical Hunger Games now.

The Fallen

Demetria Callitor - District 2

Mistalia Caliden - District 4

Callam Delaney - District 1

Navy Wonders - District 1

Twilight Mist - District 6

Logan Shaw - District 7

Andrew Donaque - District 9

Joshie Koots - District 13

Max Summers - District 11

Adam Black - Capitol

Day 3 - "Run, Neuk, run!" - Tyler Tonic

Forsythia Aljisic - District 8

It was really early in the morning and still dark out. I put on the night-vision glasses I got from my sponsor and peered down the shore. The shadowy figures were walking away from us. I shrugged. I guess we could both inhabit this beach for now. I went back to sleep, dreaming about District 8 and winning these games.

Marcie Firecrest - Capitol

My alliance was still bent up over losing Twilight (6) and Logan (7). "We have to kill them," said Esther (6). I guess she was closer to Twilight (6) than we thought. Harry agreed with fighting Emma (3), Hanna (9), and Clay (10) again, but I was a little nervous. We slowly marched over to their camp, looking out for snares. I think Logan got caught up in the only one though. We burst through the grass into their camp. Emma (3) ran away immediately. I guess she didn't have any weapons. Hanna (9) threw a knife at Esther (6), connecting with her head. BOOM Harry (3) then jumped on top of Hanna (9), pinning her to the ground. He put a piece of wire around her neck and pulled. Hanna (9) struggled to get out from Harry's (3) deadly pin, but she finally gave up. Or at least her lungs did. BOOM Clay (10) looked at us.

"Alliance?" he asked, "I don't want to kill either of you." I looked at Harry (3) and he nodded.

"Alright," I said, "but one false move and you're dead." He looked a little nervous, but I had to keep him that way. We walked through the tall grass back to our camp. Emma (3) was nowhere to be found, and Bianca's (3) killer was still lurking in the savannah.

Tyler Tonic - District 9

We knew Destiny (11) and Adrianna (10) killed off half of our alliance, and we wanted revenge. Ian (3), Neuk (13), and I walked stealthily through the swamp, staying behind trees and bushes for cover. Then, we saw two Careers at the base of a tree, sitting and talking. The boy suddenly perked up and looked in our direction, like he heard us coming. I blew a poison dart at the girl and stuck it in her neck. BOOM We were about to charge the guy Career, since it was three on one, when a posion dart appeared in Ian's (3) neck. BOOM I looked up in the tree to see Adrianna (10) and Destiny (11) sitting in it. Adrianna (10) had the blowgun. "Run Neuk, run!" I screamed. Hugo (2) started to chase after us and Adrianna's (10) darts just missed Neuk (13) and me. We outran Hugo (2) and were no longer in the range of Adrianna's (10) darts. Neuk (13) and I sat down against a tree, panting. I high-fived him. "Another Career down!" I said, "Only four more."

McKenna Konity - District 12

Aleena (11), Lily (12), and I were cooped up in our little cave when Katriona (7) appeared out of nowhere and chucked an axe into the cave. BOOM Lily (12) slumped to the ground with an axe in her head. I screamed, and Aleena (11) peered out of the cave. "That bitch ran away," she said, "We have to move. She knows where we are and she could come back." Aleena (11) and I gathered our supplies and started off on our trek through the forest. It was getting dark and the anthem played. We saw Tracy (2), Ian (3), Esther (6), Hanna (9), and our ally, LIly Kane (12). I was really upset about losing Lily (12). She was my best friend in the arena.

The Fallen

Esther Silver - District 6

Havannah Whittle - District 9

Tracy Volt - District 2

Ian Smith - District 3

Lily Kane - District 12

Day 4 - "I won't kill you if you help me." - Katy Belle

McKenna Konity - District 12

Aleena (11) and I had moved towards the opening to the Corncuopia. If there was ever a need to escape, we could do so easily. Aleena (11) and I were talking and trying to stay warm when Katy (4) appeared out of nowhere, putting her trident to Aleena's (11) neck. "Listen up. I won't kill you if you help me," said Katy (4).

"What do you want?" I asked, my voice shaking.

"We have to team up and kill Katriona (7)," said Katy (4), "She is the biggest threat in the arena and I have been following her. She is coming this way."

"Deal," I said, "Move that trident." Katy (4) moved the trident from Aleena's (11) neck and ushered us into the darkness of the opening. We waited in the dark until we heard footsteps.

"Now!" screamed Katy (4). Aleena (11) and I pounced on top of the figure and pinned her to the ground. She was strong, but not strong enough to push both of us off her. Katy (4) swung her trident into Katriona's (7) chest. BOOM Katy (4) ran away into the forest once more without saying a word.

"Well that worked out," said Aleena (11).

Theo Welch - District 8

I was in the savannah, looking for tributes to kill when I saw Emma (3) sitting near a pond, crying. I was tempted to kill her, but I needed an ally. I walked over to her and put my hand around her shoulder. She flinched and turned around. She screamed and I put my hands up. "It's ok. I'm not going to hurt you," I said. I heard footsteps in the grass. Her scream must have attracted other tributes. "Come on!" a girl screamed. Marcie (C) burst out of the grass and threw a knife into Emma's (3) skull. BOOM I reacted quickly and threw my machete at Marcie (C). It hit her in the stomach and she howled in pain before falling to the ground. I took one of her knives and my machete before fleeing into the tall grass. I heard two male voices behind me, and then a cannon. BOOM Marcie (C) died and her two friends were out to get me.

Hugo Jenston - District 2

Nothing was really happening in the swamp. Destiny (11), Adrianna (10), and I moved our camp towards the opening into the Cornucopia cavern, since we had this strange feeling we would have to go through there soon. Neuk (13) and Tyler (9) were nowhere to be found.

Lou Welder - District 2

Xavior (8) and Forsythia (8) were running down the beach towards us with a canteen. Summer (1) and I did not know what to do. We took out our weapons and prepared to fight. Forsythia (8) lit a match and put it inside the canteen. She threw it at us, but she had a terrible arm and it landed closer to her than to us. A cloud of gas rose from the canteen, and Xavior (8) and Forsythia (8) began running back to the palm trees. The third member of their alliance stayed there to guard the supplies. I notched an arrow and squinted through the gas, trying to make out a figure in the distance. I saw one and released my arrow. BOOM Xavior (8) fell to the ground dead, with an arrow in his back.

Allison Wood - District 5

Forsythia (8) and I were really sad about losing Xavior (8). Summer (1) and Lou (2) weren't going after us, and we weren't going after them. We spent the rest of the night in silence, just sitting around our fire. It was pretty depressing. Then, the anthem played. We saw the faces of Emma (3), Katriona (7), Xavior (8), and Marcie (C). I was surprised Katriona (7) died. She was the strongest tribute in the arena. There were fifteen of us left, and I had a bad feeling this would be our last night on the beach.

The Fallen

Katriona Greystone - District 7

Emma Gilbert - District 3

Marcie Firecrest - Capitol

Xavior Chance - District 8

Everyone gets +$50 for top 15!

Day 5 - "We're Careers. Remember?" - Summer Ashton

Before the Feast

Adrianna Marsk - District 10

It was still dark out when I left. I looked at Destiny (11) and Hugo (2) one last time before walking away towards the Corncuopia. I had to leave my best friend in the arena.

Neuk Burst - District 13

Tyler (9) and I woke up to the booming voice of Claudius Templesmith. "Good morning tributes! Today we are going to have a feast. This feast will take place at the Cornucopia like usual, but you will not have individual bags. The Corncuopia has been restocked with weapons and non-poisoned supplies, such as food and water. It will be like a second bloodbath. Can you afford to go to the feast? Can you afford not to? The choice is up to you. Happy Hunger Games! Oh, and by the way, the Gamemakers may have a little surprise in store to er...convince you to go to the feast. Good luck!"

"Should we go?" I asked Tyler (9).

"Yeah, and it seems like they are going to force us to go anyway," he said.

"Alright, well whatever happens in there, you've been a great friend and I'll miss you if one of us doesn't make it," I said to Tyler (9).

"I feel the same way, bro. I'll miss you," he replied. We did a quick hug, which was pretty awkward, and walked towards the Cornucopia opening.

Allison Wood - District 5

"Are we going to the feast?" I asked Forsythia (8).

"No. We are going to get Summer (1) and Lou (2) from the trees," she said sternly. I guess that settles it.

Lou Welder - District 2

"We going?" I said to Summer (1). She looked at me like I was stupid.

"Of course we are. We're Careers. Remember?" she said. I chuckled and made my way towards the Cornucopia opening with Summer (1).

Harry Fry - District 3

"Should we go to the feast, Clay?" I asked. Clay (10) thought for a moment and shook his head.

"Probably not," said Clay (10), "We would most likely die." Not dying sounded good to me.

McKenna Konity - District 12

"Should we go?" Aleena (11) asked me. I had thought about going to the feast for a while now.

"I think we should. We need supplies," I replied. We didn't need supplies. I just wanted to go to the feast so Aleena (11) would die and I wouldn't have to kill her. Our friendship has grown so much and I didn't have the heart to kill her.

Theo Welch - District 8

I made my way over to the Cornucopia entrance when I heard snarling and growling behind me. I turned my head to see dingo muttations, running straight at me. I sprinted into the Cornucopia opening and heard two male screams behind me, followed by two cannons. BOOM BOOM Clay (10) and Harry (3) were killed by the dingos. I kept running and finally made it back to the Cornucopia when I realized they weren't chasing after me anymore.

Katy Belle - District 4

I was meandering along towards the feast when the trees in the forest began falling down. "What the hell?" I thought to myself. I began running, because the falling trees were getting closer and closer to me, and I was getting worried. Finally, I made it into the opening and a tree fell down across it, closing up the entrance to the forest. I assumed Aleena (11) and McKenna (12) were at the feast already, or else I would have heard their cannons from the trees.

Destiny Carven - District 11

Hugo (2) and I were strolling towards the Cornucopia. We were already in the opening when we heard two screams behind us, male screams. Then there was a faint buzzing sound. Tracker jackers. Hugo (2) and I sprinted into the Cornucopia area, and two cannons could be heard behind us. BOOM BOOM Tyler (9) and Neuk (13) died from tracker jacker wounds.

Forsythia Aljisic - District 8

We were too far away to kill Summer (1) and Lou (2). Allison (5) and I were climbing further up the palm tree when the ocean began receding rapidly. The water began to pile up and get higher and higher. "Tidal wave!" I screamed. I jumped down from the tree and Allison (5) followed. "Ouch!" I heard her scream. I turned back and she was struggling to get up.

"Come on!" I yelled.

"I can't!" screamed Allison (5), "I think I broke my leg." I looked into her eyes and mouthed the words, "I'm sorry." Then I sprinted towards the Cornucopia entrance and headed into the opening. I heard Allison's (5) cannon sound. BOOM I entered the feast with tear-stained eyes, as I saw every other tribute left standing in the cavern.

The Feast

Adrianna Marsk - District 10

We were all kind of frozen for a second. Everyone was here. A door came down from the ceiling of each opening, making us trapped in the Cornucopia cavern. Then Claudius Templesmith's voice came on the loudspeaker, "Tributes! Before you begin fighting, keep this in mind. The Capitol is allowing four victors this year, since there were four tributes from each district reaped. May the odds be ever in your favor!" This announcement changed everything. I could win, and so could Destiny and Hugo! Suddenly, Katy (4) ran to the Corncuopia, sending everyone else into action. I took my blowgun out and blew a dart at the mess of tributes in the Cornucopia. It didn't hit anyone. Just then, Summer (1) shot an arrow, sending it straight into my eye. BOOM

Aleena Galenti - District 11

McKenna (12) and I ran at Katy (4). She was drinking some water. I threw a knife, lodging it into her thigh. "Ow!" she screamed. She grabbed her trident and threw it at me. I ducked, and it went through McKenna's (12) body. BOOM But then Katy (4) realized her mistake. She was now defenseless. I threw another knife at her heart, killing her instantly. BOOM I hugged McKenna's (12) body one last time and went to kill more tributes.

Lou Welder - District 2

Summer (1) and I were away from the other tributes. Destiny (11) was hiding, but scoping out Aleena (11). Theo (8) seemed alone, avoiding the other tributes, and Forsythia (8) and Hugo (2) had teamed up. They were the scariest pair. Hugo (2) was spinning his machete around, slashing at anyone who approached. I shot an arrow at him, but it deflected off his machete. He looked to where the arrow came from and I released one more arrow. BOOM It went straight through his head. He had no chance to use his instant relief.

Destiny Carven - District 11

Hugo (2) just died. I felt like crying, but I had to go after Aleena (11). Katy (4) and I teamed up and I let her down. I tackled Aleena (11) to the ground from behind and pinned her down. I took a dagger out of my pack and she threw her elbow up, hitting me in the face. I released my grip to touch my probably broken and bleeding nose when she threw a knife into my stomach. She smiled and turned to look for another tribute to kill, since I would probably die from that wound. I pulled the knife out and swallowed all of the instant relief I had, making me feel better. I stood up, a little wobbly, and stabbed Aleena (11) in the back with my dagger. BOOM

Forsythia Aljisic - District 8

Summer (1), Lou (2), Theo (8), Destiny (11), and I were the only ones left. One of us had to die. Summer (1) and Lou (2) were firing arrows at Destiny (11), who was hiding behind a box. Theo (8) was probably in the Cornucopia, waiting for someone else to enter. I took out my blowgun and hid behind a box. I loaded a dart and peered out from behind the box. I had a clear shot on Lou (2). I blew the dart, and it hit the wall behind him. He didn't notice, so I tried again. I aimed once more and blew. The dart hit his neck, sounding his cannon. BOOM Everyone stopped. Theo (8) came out of the Cornucopia, Destiny (11) and I emerged from our respective boxes.

"We won!" screamed Summer (1). We all began to cheer and shout. The Cornucopia cavern opened up, and a giant hovercraft came to pick us up. The Capitol lady inside the hovercraft told us to take everything we had on us, including our tokens. Once we were stripped of everything but our clothes, the hovercraft stopped and the door opened. The Capitol lady led us out and walked us down a hallway into a completely white room. She opened the door to the white room, revealing a glass box.

"Hell no!" I said.

"There is one more battle, similar to the reaping battles," said the Capitol lady. One of you will die and the three remaining tributes are victors for real." I looked at my competitors and tears filled my eyes. I couldn't believe it. It still wasn't over. The Capitol lady unlocked the door and stood us in our corners. Summer (1) was directly across from me. Theo (8) was to my right, and Destiny (11) to my left. Then she locked the door and exited the glass box. There was no item in the center of the room. We had to kill each other with our bare hands. Destiny (11) was sniffling, Theo (8) looked madder than I have ever seen him, and Summer (1) had a blank look on her face. Then that damn female voice started the countdown. 10...9...

The Final Battle

Theo Welch - District 8

3...2...1...GONG! Immediately, the three girls banded together and charged at me. Oh God no. Summer (1) knocked me down to the ground. She held my left arm and leg down with her knees, and Destiny (11) pinned down my right side. It hurt like hell and I was losing circulation in my arms. Forsythia (8) stood over me with a sick smile on her face. "First I killed your sister, and now I'm killing you!" she taunted. I was filled with anger and looked pleadingly into Destiny's (11) eyes. She was looking straight at me. I mouthed the words "Please" and Forsythia (8) crouched down over my body, ready to scratch my eyes out. Destiny (11) released the grip on my leg and I knew that was my only chance. I pulled my leg back and kicked Forsythia's (8) head as hard as I could. I heard a snap and then her cannon. BOOM I snapped her neck. The gong sounded and the three of us hugged.

"I'm sorry," Summer (1) said.

"It's alright. Thank you, Destiny (11)," I said. She smiled and shrugged it off. Then, the Capitol lady came back and congratulated us. We went to the Capitol hospital to get our wounds all fixed up. After a good night's sleep, we woke up and went to the victor's interview with Caesar Flickerman.

Post-Games Interview

Caesar Flickerman: "Welcome citizens of Panem! Here are the victors of the 200th Annual Hunger Games: Summer Ashton of District 1, Theodore Welch of District 8, and Destiny Carven of District 11!" *crowd cheers*

Caesar: So, Summer, how does it feel to be a victor?

Summer: It feels amazing. I cannot wait to get back home to the glory of District 1!

Caesar: Destiny, why did you decide to let Theo live and Forsythia die?

Destiny: Well, Forsythia was taunting and tortuing Theo before she was ready to kill him, and I didn't want to win like that. And when I looked into Theo's eyes, I....saw something. *crowd goes awwwwww* *Destiny blushes*

Caesar: So, Theo, you owe your life to Destiny, don't you?

Theo: Yes, Caesar, I do. Destiny is the only reason I'm alive, and I'm eternally grateful.

Caesar: Well, since these Games were pretty brutal, I won't go over the footage of your kills and I'll let you go home early. Congratulations again!

Epilogue - 20 years later

Summer Ashton - District 1

I looked down at my twin baby boys in my arms and smiled. "Those two cuties are going to be fierce tributes in the arena!" said my husband, Darrel. Darrel was a victor too. He won four years before I did, and he was the only one who understood me and what I went through.

"I think we'll keep them out of the Games," I said. Darrel nodded reassuringly. I was never going to let my kids enter the Games. They were too traumatic to go through. At night, I still had visions of the tributes I killed. Darrel helped me through the nightmares and I don't know what I would do without them. It was bedtime for the kids, and I walked into their room and set them down in the crib. "Good night Callam and Lou!"

Destiny Carven - District 11

My father never came back into my life. Once I got home, my mother told me the truth about him. He committed suicide eight years ago after my mother kicked him out of the house. The whole reason I volunteered for the Games was now gone, but I still provided a better life for my mother, and that was all that mattered.

I had moved out of 11 into District 8 to be with my husband, Theo. We never had kids because we didn't want to subject them to the Games. Theo was the love of my life, and I knew it ever since I locked eyes with him in that glass box.

Theodore Welch - District 8

Destiny (11) and I had opened a counseling agency for victors of the Hunger Games. They could share their grief, regrets, nightmares, and triumphs in the Games. It gave the victors a place to express themselves, and it was the only place where people understood them. Summer came around once and a while, but she had a good support system at home. She mostly came to see Destiny and me.

Our counseling agency was very popular among victors and we lived a good life. The name of the counseling agency? Cleo Counseling Company.

Death Chart

Place Tribute Day Killed Killed By Killed From
46 Chloe Herman 1 Demetria Callitor Spear in Head
45 Ricardo Fredrick 1 Navy Wonders Slashed by Sword
44 Aaron Winters 1 Katriona Greystone Axe in Head
43 Kendra Falino 1 Mickey McAlister Trident in Chest
42 Mickey McAlister 1 Katriona Greystone Axe in Chest
41 Eileen Shade 1 Summer Ashton Sword in Side
40 Danny Serat 1 Hugo Jenston Machete in Head
39 Kate Bloom 1 Lou Welder Arrow in Head
38 Keith Regent 1 Katy Belle Trident in Chest
37 Kole Lovett 1 Ocean Drowned
36 Lauren Meyers 1 Forsythia Aljisic Knife in Chest
35 Bianca Cole 1 Theo Welch Slashed by Machete
34 Demetria Callitor 2 Katy Belle Poisoned
33 Mistalia Caliden 2 Katy Belle Poisoned
32 Callam Delaney 2 Navy Wonders Sword in Chest
31 Navy Wonders 2 Summer Ashton Sword in Side
30 Twilight Mist 2 Clay Levenhire Axe in Chest
29 Logan Shaw 2 Emma Gilbert Suffocated by Snare
28 Andrew Donaque 2 Marcie Firecrest Knife in Skull
27 Joshie Koots 2 Destiny Carven Poisoned
26 Max Summers 2 Destiny Carven Poisoned
25 Adam Black 2 Destiny Carven Poisoned
24 Esther Silver 3 Havannah Whittle Knife in Head
23 Havannah Whittle 3 Harry Fry Suffocated by Wire
22 Tracy Volt 3 Tyler Tonic Dart in Neck
21 Ian Smith 3 Adrianna Marsk Dart in Neck
20 Lily Kane 3 Katriona Greystone Axe in Head
19 Katriona Greystone 4 Katy Belle Trident in Chest
18 Emma Gilbert 4 Marcie Firecrest Knife in Skull
17 Marcie Firecrest 4 Theo Welch Machete in Stomach
16 Xavior Chance 4 Lou Welder Arrow in Back
15 Clay Levenhire 5 Dingo Muttation Mauled
14 Harry Fry 5 Dingo Muttation Mauled
13 Tyler Tonic 5 Tracker Jackers Poisoned
12 Neukon Burst 5 Tracker Jackers Poisoned
11 Allison Wood 5 Tidal Wave Drowned
10 Adrianna Marsk 5 Summer Ashton Arrow in Eye
9 McKenna Konity 5 Katy Belle Trident in Chest
8 Katy Belle 5 Aleena Galenti Knife in Heart
7 Hugo Jenston 5 Lou Welder Arrow in Head
6 Aleena Galenti 5 Destiny Carven Dagger in Back
5 Louis Welder 5 Forsythia Aljisic Dart in Neck
4 Forsythia Aljisic 6 Theo Welch Snapped Neck
Victor Theodore Welch ------------ ----------------------- -------------------------
Victor Destiny Carven ------------ ----------------------- -------------------------
Victor Summer Ashton ------------ ----------------------- -------------------------

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