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Hey everyone! I just finished writing the 200th Hunger Games - Battle at the Reaping. I think it went very well, and I am writing the next game in the series, the 201st Hunger Games. These Games will be standard, including the Capitol and District 13. It is not a quell.


Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen's great-great grandson has become the President of Panem. He restarted the Hunger Games, including District 13 and the Capitol.


1. You may enter up to two tributes. However, you may not be guaranteed the spot just because you post your tribute first. I want interesting, well-thought out tributes. Therefore, I want you to list three districts that your tribute could be from, and if there are better tributes in those districts, your tribute will not be accepted.

For example, say Wikia Contributor A submits this tribute:

john smith

district 1

good at all weapons

bad at nothing

training score: 12

I will put John Smith up there for the D1 male, but if someone else submits a better tribute, that person will get the spot.

Here is a template for what your tribute submission should contain:


Districts: (List three, in order of preference)






Appearance: (If you make a lunaii, I will use it, but I have to reformat it so all the pictures are the same size. Sorry, I'm OCD about that stuff) (Also, if you submit a picture that isn't a lunaii, I will make a lunaii out of that picture) (Or you can just describe what they look like and I will make a lunaii)

Weapon: (List 1 or 2)

Strengths: (besides weapon) (List 2)

Weaknesses: (List 2)

Fears: (List 1)

Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:


Alliance: (can be filled out later)

2. I would prefer if your tribute is brand new (brand new tributes probably have a better chance of getting the slot), but as long as they haven't been used in any of my games before, I will accept them.

3. I may be using some adult language so be aware of that. There may be some sexual references as well. Hubba hubba.

4. Do not get mad at me if/when your tribute dies.

5. I do not need stylists because no one cares about the parade anyway.

6. Everyone who submitted a tribute has $500 in sponsor money. Users who submitted more than one tribute have $500 to spend for each tribute.

7. Reservations mean pretty much nothing, since you still might not get the slot. The only way to make sure your tribute gets the spot is to make them interesting.

8. If you are reading this right now, you have to submit a tribute.


District Gender Name Age Height Weapon User
1 Male Silas Lannister 17 6'0 Spear, Axe CallamD97
1 Female Starbust Infinity 16 5'6 Bow and Arrow, Mace Dedejacob
2 Male Sammy Rewtro 18 6'4 Sword, Dagger AsherMizzou
2 Female Sarina Lordi 18 5'9 Throwing Knives SethMorris95
3 Male Marxoon Clake 18 5'11 Sword, Mace lari 99
3 Female Ana Shadowsinger 15 5'5 Bow and Arrow Annamisasa
4 Male Thomas Quince 15 5'7 Trident, Spear Robin040197
4 Female Tetra Gull 17 6'0 Net, Trident Moviepopcorn123
5 Male Daragon Luzuli 14 4'10 Knife, Axe Dedejacob
5 Female Detria Glace 14 5'6 Throwing Knives Annamisasa
6 Male Brann Clatch 16 5'8 Sword Robin040197
6 Female Delta Sparrow 14 5'2 Spear Jsm13athome
7 Male Trent Grove 17 5'11 Axe Nate777
7 Female Patriccia Alfin 18 5'10 Dagger, Blowgun Deaphalia911
8 Male James Miku 15 5'10 Poison, Sword Clove the best
8 Female Aelita Lyoko 16 5'6 Throwing Knives, Sword Xx-Frozen-Fire-xx
9 Male Teff Levigne 15 5'7 Axe Jsm13athome
9 Female Lavender Tonic 17 6'1 Axe, Trident Tybomarq
10 Male Drake Duncan 13 5'9 Blowgun Blu3 x soldier
10 Female Elana Melody 15 5'6 Throwing Knives, Bow FrostSnake
11 Male Parker Viola 15 5'7 Knife, Snares Moviepopcorn123
11 Female Heyleen Shart 16 5'8 Knife, Axe lari 99
12 Male Alexander Dover 17 5'11 Spear FrostSnake
12 Female Cindy Gray 16 5'5 Mace, Bow and Arrow Clove the best
13 Male Jack Plaerin 18 6'0 Spear, Machete Deaphalia911
13 Female Terra Zamilia 15 5'4 Axe, Throwing Axe Xx-Frozen-Fire-xx
C Male Pip Pocket 15 5'5 Dagger SuperTomato
C Female Amity Olivander 17 5'6 Knife Mysims

Tribute Gallery


Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Poison: $75

Portable Fan (cools tribute down): $150

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]: $25

Rope: $25

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Snowshoes: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125

User Tribute 1 Tribute 2

Silas Lannister


Starburst Infinity

Daragon Luzuli


Sammy Rewtro


Sarina Lordi

lari 99

Marxoon Clake

Heyleen Shart

Ana Shadowsinger

Detria Glace


Thomas Quince

Brann Clatch

Tetra Gull

Parker Viola


Delta Sparrow

Teff Levigne


Trent Grove


Patriccia Alfin

Jack Plaerin

Clove the best

James Miku

Cindy Gray

Aelita Lyoko

Terra Zamilia


Lavender Tonic

Blu3 x soldier

Drake Duncan


Elana Melody

Alexander Dover


Pip Pocket


Amity Olivander

*Gray tributes are dead. Gray users have no more living tributes.

*Pale pink users and tributes are victors.


Silas Lannister - District 1

"Wake up, sleepyhead!" I said as I touched my sister's shoulder. Her eyes fluttered open.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Reaping day," I responded. She frowned and put the covers back over her head. I sighed and walked out of our little hut to get dressed. It was strange to live in the richest district in Panem, yet still face poverty. My sister Ellie and I had lived in our little shack on the outskirts of District 1 ever since I killed my father. He was a terrible man. He abused me for most of my childhood, but he left Ellie alone, which was the only thing that kept me from lashing out. Then, on that fateful day, I caught a glimpse of my father slapping Ellie across the face. Instictively, I grabbed a kitchen knife and slit his throat from behind. The rest of it was all a blur. I remember taking everything out of the safe, Ellie's crying, and the bloody knife in my hand. I still kept the knife under my cot at all times, in case of an intruder.

After a breakfast of herbs that Ellie gathered yesterday, we walked together to the reaping area. It was the only time we left our shack in the forest. We didn't go to school or visit friends or anything else since my father died. We finally got to the reaping area. Ellie and I got our fingers pricked and when into our respective areas. The escort, Cristal Yamina, walked onstage to a loud applause. Everyone was whistling and cheering. Cristal always got us pumped up and ready for the reaping.

"Hello District 1!" she said into the microphone. The audience began cheering again. She began talking when they finally stopped. "Well, last year was one crazy quell, but one of the three survivors is District 1's very own Summer Ashton!"

The crowd went nuts and everyone began to chant, "Summer! Summer! Summer!" She smiled and waved at the crowd.

"Summer, I think I am going to let you do the honors of picking the tributes this year," said Cristal.

"I would be honored," said Summer. She walked over to the girl's bowl and picked a name. She frowned and her eyes went misty as she read it, "Stella Ashton." A young girl who looked just like Summer slowly walked up to the stage. It had to be her sister. "I volunteer!" cried a girl from the crowd. Stella looked relieved and Summer broke into a wide grin. A pretty blonde girl with some blue-green hair walked confidently up to the stage.

"What's your name?" asked Summer.

"Starbust Infinity!" replied the girl.

"Your female tribute from District 1, Starburst Infinity!" cried Summer. The crowd cheered and Summer thanked Starburst for volunteering. "Now for the boys," said Summer. She put her hand into the boy's bowl and pulled out a name. "Silas Lannister!" That was my name! Oh no. I walked up to the stage, looking at the other guys, hoping for a volunteer. No one did. I locked eyes with Ellie. She was already crying. What would she do without me? I hunted and fished for us. She only gathered plants. Summer thanked the audience and smiled at Starburst and me.

"I'm going to help you guys win!" she said to us as Cristal ushered us onto the train. Starburst nodded excitedly, but I just shrugged and walked onto the train.

Sarina Lordi - District 2

"Wake up Sarina!" I heard my mother call. I groaned and slowly opened my eyes.

"No mom I wanna sleep," I said.

"It's reaping day!" she replied. I jumped out of bed and quickly got dressed. I had completely forgotten about reaping day. Today was the day I would volunteer for the Games. My mother made my favorite breakfast: french toast with sugar and cinammon.

"You sure about volunteering, Sarina?" asked my father, who was sitting across from me drinking coffee.

"Yeah, dad. I learned everything I needed to in the Academy. I'm ready," I replied.

"I know you're ready," he said, "but I don't think I am."

"Oh dad, don't worry about me. I'll be back," I said confidently. He gave me a smile.

"I know, but you're my little girl. It's my job to worry," he chuckled. After breakfast we hopped in our car and drove to the reaping area. Once we got there, I got my finger pricked and my parents hugged me one last time before going to their own reaping are.

"Good luck," whispered my mother in her ear. I walked to the girl's section and I heard snickering. I looked over to see the group of girls that tortured me throughout middle and high school. It was because of my red eyes. I glared at them and they quieted down and looked away. If I could beat their faces in I would. The escort, Moona Valentin, walked onto the stage to a loud cheer from the audience.

"Hello, District 2! I'm not going to bore you with the speeches this year, so let's get to the reapings!" I took a deep breath as she pulled out the name. Before she could read it, I shouted, "I volunteer!" along with like 50 other girls. Moona looked around the crowd and pointed to me. "I heard you first!" I strutted up to the stage and gave a fierce look to the group of girls who terrorized me. "What's your name sweetie?" asked Moona.

"Sarina Lordi," I replied.

"Your District 2 female tribute is Sarina Lordi!" announced Moona. The crowd cheered and I smiled. "Now for the boys!"

Before she could even put her hand in the bowl, a boy shouted "I volunteer!"

"Alright then," said Moona to the boy, "Come on up." He walked confidently up to the stage despite protests from the other boys who wanted to volunteer. "What's your name Mr. Volunteer-before-I-even-pick-a-name?"

The boy laughed. "I just wanted to be sure it was me," he explained, "but my name is Sammy Rewtro."

"Your District 2 male tribute is Sammy Rewtro!" Moona told the crowd. They cheered as we walked with Moona to the train. I locked eye contact with my parents one last time before the train door closed.

Ana Shadowsinger - District 3

I felt a cold hand on my face and opened my eyes. My father was standing over me, smiling. "Wake up Ana!" he said. I smiled and nodded to him. "It's reaping day," he told me. I frowned and he left the room so I could get dressed. I put on my nice reaping outfit and walked through our little house towards the kitchen. I looked in my dad's room and saw the dusty art supplies in the corner. My father was an amazing artist and designed paintings, clothes, mosaics, and buildings for the Capitol. But when my mother left us, he stopped his work and stayed in out house all day. The only reason we have food is because he sold his favorite painting of my mother.

I entered the kitchen and saw pancakes sizzling on the stoves. I smiled and clapped my hands to show my father approval. He grinned back. After eating the delicious pancakes, we walked together through District 3 towards the reaping area. Even though I was 15, I still held my father's hand when we walked. I felt a connection with him through touch since I couldn't speak to him. Being mute was hard. I had to write all of my thoughts and feelings on a little notebook. No one really understood me.

Once we got to the reaping area, I got my finger pricked and went to the girl's section. I saw a group of girls from my school who picked on me constantly. I kept my head down but I heard them talking about me. "What's the matter, Ana? Cat got your tongue?" one asked me, laughing maniacally. I ignored them, but those girls really hurt me emotionally. Just then, the escort came onstage. Her name was Teenie Telio. She was really small and wore a whole bunch of diamonds.

"Hello District 3!" she said happily. No one responded. "Well then, let's start the reapings, shall we?" She dug her hand deep into the girl's bowl and pulled out a name. "The lucky lady chosen to represent District 3 in the 201st Annual Hunger Games is Ana Shadowsinger!" The group of girls that tormented me burst out laughing. I walked to the stage, staring at my feet the whole time. "Now for the boys!" announced Teenie. I looked at my father. He had tears streaming down his face. "The lucky young man chosen to represent District 3 in the 201st Annual Hunger Games is Marxoon Clake!" Teenie shouted. A boy with messy brown hair walked up to the stage and shook my hand.

"You ready to win this?" he asked. I nodded and took out my notebook. I wrote: I'm mute and cannot talk. I will communicate using this notebook. He nodded and walked with me to the train with Teenie. He seemed nice and understanding of my disability. Hopefully he felt that way in the Games too.

Tetra Gull - District 4

I was never the typical Career. I didn't really like fighting, or training, or killing. I knew I was supposed to like those things, coming from District 4, but I never did. My father always pressured me to train with my brothers and eventually volunteer for the Games. I didn't want to do that, though. All three of my brothers died at age 17 in the Games after volunteering. You would think that my father would be worried about sending me in after three of his other children died, but no. He still wants me to volunteer.

"Tetra! Tetra, wake up!" I heard my father yelling from the backyard. I woke up and looked out my open window to see him sitting hear the pool, eating and reading the newspaper. "It's reaping day. Get ready because you're volunteering!" he called out. I groaned and got dressed in my nicest outfit.

After I ate a quick breakfast, my father came into the house and we took our car to the reaping area in the center of District 4. He parked the car and we walked together to get my finger pricked. "Good luck, sweetie. Make daddy proud!" said my father as we parted. I didn't say anything and walked into the girl's section for District 4.

Our escort, Dave Worrice, walked onto the stage to a large applause. The crowd was going crazy for him, and he enjoyed the attention. "Hello District 4! Today is the day where we find out who is going to represent you all in the Hunger Games. You guys pumped?" asked Dave. The crowd reponded with a loud cheer, and all of the girls were squealing. I didn't find Dave attractive, but whatever. As he put his name in the girl's bowl, I locked eyes with my father and I realized he would hold a grudge against me if I didn't volunteer for the Games. "I volunteer!" I shouted, along with a bunch of other girls. Dave looked around the audience and I looked down, hoping he wouldn't pick me. "You!" I heard him say. I looked up and he was pointing straight at me. I walked quickly up to the stage and heard my dad yell.

"Go Tetra! That's my girl!" he shouted. I rolled my eyes as Dave asked me for my name. I told him and he announced it to the crowd.

"Tetra Gull, everyone!" he said. The crowd cheered and he put his hand in the boy's bowl. A bunch of guys shouted, "I volunteer" before he could even pick a name. He chose a boy from the crowd and he jogged up to the stage smiling. Typical Career. "What's your name, son?" asked Dave. The boy told him and Dave announced his name to the crowd. "Thomas Quince!" Thomas and I shook hands and walked with Dave to the train. I wasn't sure if I would be aligning with the other Careers yet, but I was going to get on Thomas' good side anyway.

Daragon Luzuli - District 5

"Wake up!" I heard my mother scream from the kitchen. I crawled out of bed and put on the most ridiculous outfit I could find. I had a bright blue shirt and a rainbow scarf on. That should show the Capitol what a joke reaping day is. I walked out of my room into the kitchen and my mother shook her head when she saw my outfit. "Daragon, are you ever serious?" she asked.

"Nope," I said laughing. She put my chocolate chip waffles on the table and I ate them quickly. My mom's chocolate chip waffles were the best! After cleaning up the table, my parents walked with me to the reaping area. It wasn't too far from our house. Otherwise, we would have drove. As I was getting my finger zapped, I saw my math teacher, Mrs. Tomali. "Hey Mrs. Tomali!" I shouted. She turned and looked at me, and then shook her hand and continued into the non-tribute area. "Love you too!" I shouted to her. That woman hated me, and it was so funny to egg her on.

I stood next to a bunch of my friends as we waited for our escort to appear. They were all laughing at my outfit and I laughed too. Then, Hally Evans, our escort, came onstage and the crowd silenced. She spoke into the microphone but I couldn't understand a word she was saying. She was just mumbling. "We can't understand you!" I shouted. The crowd started laughing and Hally's face reddened. Then she put her name into the girl's bowl. "Detria Glace!" she shouted. A weird girl walked up to the stage and stood awkwardly in front of the crowd. Then Hally pulled out a boy's name. "Daragon Luzuli!" she mumbled. My jaw dropped and Mrs. Tomali began cheering. I put my middle finger up at her as I walked to the stage. Hally had an evil smile across her face. She motioned for Detria and I to follow her onto the train. Detria got on, and as I passed Hally, she whispered in my ear, "Karma!"

Delta Sparrow - District 6

"It's reaping time, girls!" called a voice from the doorway. I opened my eyes to see Diana's mom standing in the doorway with a plate of taylor ham and eggs. "Come on into the dining room after you all are dressed!" she said as she walked away. I looked around to see the smiles on my three best friends' faces. Diana, Carina, Hailey, and I had been best friends since kindergarten. We were inseperable and did everything together. Every year we had a sleepover on the night before reaping day, just in case one of us ever got reaped, we would spend as much time with each other beforehand.

"I hate reaping day," moaned Hailey as we put on our dresses.

"Who doesn't?" asked Carina. The four of us entered Diana's dining room and sat down at the table, digging in on the taylor ham and eggs in front of us. They tasted soooo good. Diana's mom was definitely the best cook I knew. After we helped her clean up, Diana's mom drove us to the reaping area. Once we got there, I saw my family and waved to them. They waved back. The four of us got our fingers zapped for blood and went into the girl's section, holding hands. Mina Ulong, District 6's escort, came onstage with Sasha Selenta, the winner from three years ago. The crowd cheered for Mina and Sasha, but not as much as usual. Besides Sasha's year, District 6 has done pretty poorly in the games. Mina pumped up the crowd and said that we would have another victor under Sasha's guidance. Then she started with the reapings.

"We're going to do boys first this year," she said. She put her name in the bowl's bowl, moved it around a little, and pulled out a name. "Brann Clatch!" she screamed. An attractive boy walked slowly up to the stage. He looked really sad.

"Awwww!" said Diana. He looked at her and gave her a sheepish grin as he walked onstage.

"Now for the ladies!" continued Mina. She put her hand in and picked out the name on the very top of the bowl. She unfolded the paper and read the name aloud. "Delta Sparrow!" I broke down in tears as Diana, Carina, and Hailey hugged me.

"Someone volunteer!" shouted Hailey to the group of girls. No one did. My friends walked with me up to the stage, but the Peacekeepers dragged them away. Carina fought out of their grip by kicking a Peacekeeper in the groin and ran towards me again. The Peacekeeper pulled out a gun and shot her in the head. Carina slumped to the ground, bloody and dead. The audience began to riot as Peacekeepers fired shots into the crowd. I saw my family quietly slipping away from the reaping area. At least they were safe. Mina literally pushed Brann and I into the train along with Sasha. Chaos was still going on as the train pulled away. The last thing I saw was the dead bodies of Diana and Hailey, leaning over Carina's body. All of my friends were dead.

Trent Grove - District 7

I heard my father groan from inside his bedroom. I got up and checked on him. He needed to move into a different sleeping position, so I helped him move. My father was the person in my life who I admired and who I was the closest to. He saved my life after a couple of teenagers decided to attack me on halloween a few years ago. I shuddered thinking about those bloody bunny costumes, and how I could have been killed. Then I clutched the item in my pocket that my father used to knock the teenagers out: my lucky pinecone. "Now, dad. I'm going to volunteer for the Games today so I can get money to treat your sickness, ok?" I said to him.

"No, Trent. It's too dangerous. It's not worth it," he mumbled. I smiled at him. It was worth it to me.

"Mrs. George next-door is going to take care of you while I'm gone. I've given her instructions on what medicine you need to take and she will be cooking you a meal every day. Doesn't that sound good?" I asked. My father nodded. I opened the door to leave for the reaping.

"Trent!" my father called. I turned to look at him. "I love you, son," he said to me.

"I love you too, dad," I replied as I walked out the door, beaming. It felt good to hear that again. I walked through the woods alone until I got to the reaping area. The little zapper thing took my blood and I stood with the other boys in District 7. Our escort, Homer Flores, came onto the stage. There was a little applause, since Homer was a popular guy, even if the Games were a terrible thing.

"Hello, District 7! I don't want to draw this out any longer than it needs to be, so let's pick some tributes!" said Homer into the microphone. He put his hand in the girl's bowl and pulled out a name. "Patriccia Alfin!" he announced. A pretty girl with blonde and red hair walked up to the stage. "And for the guys...." began Homer.

"I volunteer!" I shouted. Everyone looked at me, stunned. Homer looked impressed with me as I walked up to the stage.

"Wow, a volunteer. What's your name, son?" he asked me. I told him my name. "Trent Grove!" he announced to the crowd. They clapped for me as Patriccia, Homer, and I walked to the train on our way to the Capitol.

James Miku - District 8

I woke up in the morning and hear my little brother and sister running around the house. My little brother, Calvin, was excited because it was his first reaping day. I don't know why he would be excited, but whatever. Good for him. My sister Kristene was only 9, so she still had three years left until she could be reaped. I got dressed, brushed my teeth, and made oatmeal for Calvin, Kristene, and I. Then I brought a bowl in to my mother, who was in bed like always. She had some sickness that the doctors couldn't figure out, and has been in bed for almost a year. I doubt that is helping her at all, but I'm no doctor.

"Can we pleeeease go now?" asked Calvin.

"Sure, but I don't see why you want to. Reaping day is scary. If you get reaped, you will most likely die," I replied. Calvin shrugged and sped out the door, with Kristene following behind him. I took them the long way so we could pick up my best friend, Yolanda. Yolanda and I often traveled out of District 8 and sat in the grain fields of District 9, talking about how messed up Panem was. Talking with Yolanda was an escape from reality for me, and I felt like she was the only one who truly understood me. We finally got to the reaping area. I sent Kristene to the non-tribute area and told her to come right to me after the reaping was over. Yolanda, Calvin, and I got our fingers zapped, and Yolanda went over to the girls section while Calvin and I went to the boy's. Our escort, Emalee Harris, came onstage, followed by Whitney Finch and Theodore Welch, the victors of the 199th and 200th Hunger Games respectively. The crowd cheered for our two victors, and Emalee started her speech.

"Since District 8 has done so well in the Games recently, the Capitol promoted me up to District 5, but I told them I wanted to stay right here with you guys!" Emalee said with glee. The crowd clapped and she began to beam. It was true though; District 8 has done very well in the past few games. We had two victors and Forsythia from last year was one away from being victor. If we kept this up, District 8 might become a Career District!

"Now let's get to the reapings!" shouted Emalee, interrupting my thoughts. She put her hand in the girl's bowl and pulled out a name. "Laroux Lyoko!" she announced.

Immediately, a girl shouted, "I volunteer!" I looked over and saw a girl comforting her little sister as she walked up to the stage. Wow, she was brave. I knew I would do the same thing if Calvin was ever reaped, but it was really brave of her anyway. The volunteer told Emalee her name.

"Your District 8 female is Aelita Lyoko!" shouted Emalee. The crowd cheered and she pulled out a boy's name. "Calvin Miku!" she said into the mic. He looked up at me and burst into tears.

"I don't like reaping day anymore!" he cried, "Take me home!"

I gave him a hug, took a deep breath, and shouted "I volunteer!" The crowd clapped for me as I walked up.

"Wow, two volunteers!" said Emalee, "I'm impressed! What's your name, hun?" I told her and she announced into the microphone, "Your brave District 8 male tribute is James Miku!" The crowd cheered for us as Whitney, Theodore, Emalee, Aelita, and I stepped onto the train. I locked eyes with Yolanda one more time, who had Kristene around one arm and Calvin around the other. I breathed a sigh of relief, knowing Yolanda would be there for them when I was gone.

Lavender Tonic - District 9

I woke up in a fit of rage, thinking about my brother Tyler. He placed 13th in the 200th Hunger Games, and I would avenge his death in the 199th Games. Today was reaping day and I was planning to volunteer for the Games. Ever since I saw my brother's dead face, I secretly trained for the Games so I could avenge him. I didn't tell my parents I was going to volunteer, but I didn't care. They had been so bent out of shape since Tyler died that they barely paid attention to me. They just mope around the house all day, crying and sniffling, while doing nothing productive. I needed to get out of that house anyway.

I left my house without saying anything to my parents. I didn't even eat breakfast. I just stormed to the reaping area with a puss on my face. Once I got there, I got my blood taken and went into the girl's section, eagerly awaiting my chance to volunteer. Our escort, Vanilla Verona, came onstage.

"Hello, District 9!" she said shrilly. No one said a word. "The Capitol has threatened to move me to a lower district, since District 9 hasn't been doing well in the Games these past few years. So let's win this thing, alright?" Vanilla said to us. I cringed when she said that. My brother did the best he could, and so did the other tributes from District 9. It's not like they died on purpose. And why should we try to win the Games just so Vanilla doesn't get demoted? I almost felt like not volunteering so she wouldm't get what she wanted.

Vanilla stuck her hand in the girl's bowl and before she could read the name, I shouted, "I volunteer!" Everyone looked at me and Vanilla smiled. I walked up to the stage confidently and stood next to Vanilla.

"What's your name, sweetie?" she asked.

"Lavender Tonic," I replied.

"Oh, you must be Tyler's brother. Hopefully you do better than he did last year," Vanilla chuckled. That tears it. I jumped on Vanilla's back and tackled her to the ground. I began pulling her hair and scratching her when I felt an electric shock go through my body.

I woke up on a train and I looked around. Vanilla Verona was directly across from me, scowling. She was all bandaged up. There was a boy to my right.

"What happened?" I asked, "Where am I?"

"After you attacked me, the Peacekeepers tased you. You are on a train to the Capitol. You volunteered for the Hunger Games," said Vanilla. The memories flushed back into my head and I giggled.

"Hi, I'm Teff Levigne. I'm your district partner for the games!" said the boy next to me. I smiled at him and went back to sleep.

Drake Duncan - District 10

"Come on, Drake! We have to get to the reaping early!" I heard my father yell. I rolled out of bed and got dressed in my nicest clothes. My father was the mayor of District 10 and I needed to look my best. I walked down the steps and our maid, Kristi, was there. She had an everything bagel with butter on it in her hands for me. I smiled. That was my favorite breakfast ever since I was kid.

"Good luck!" said Kristi. I kissed her and walked out of the house into my father's car.

"Mom called," said my dad, "She said that she loves you." I nodded. My mother was rarely home. She was the Vice President of a big company in District 10 and had to go to the Capitol on business trips frequently. We arrived at the reaping area, which was empty, aside from a few Peacekeepers setting up. I got my finger zapped and my blood put on a piece of paper. The Peacekeeper dropped it in the boy's bowl. I was the first one in. I helped my father set up the podium and microphone. By the time we were done, the reaping area was packed and the crowd was ready to start. I left the stage and went to the boys section. I never took tesserae, so being reaped wasn't really a fear of mine. Still, seeing our escort, Roland Grube, walk onto the stage made my stomach a little funny.

My father said a short speech and read off the list of victors, which was about ten names. Then, he handed the microphone to Roland.

"Hello, District 10!" he shouted. No one said a word. "Let's get some tributes reaped, shall we?" continued Roland. The crowd was silent. Roland shrugged his shoulders and put his hand in the girl's bowl. "Our female tribute is Elana Melody!" he announced. A pretty girl walked up to the stage quietly. "What a pretty name!" said Roland to her.

"Now, let's get to the boys!" said Roland. He put his hand in the boy's bowl, and reached deep, deep down. Roland unfolded the paper and read the name aloud, "Drake Duncan!" I gasped. That was me! I had no training with weapons or anything.

I walked up to the stage, in a daze. My father ran over and hugged me. Then he called my mother and she got on the phone.

"Drake, no matter what happens, I love you!" she said to me. Roland walked Elana and I over to the train and we got inside. I was screwed.

Parker Viola - District 11

I woke up to the noise of a train. I turned around and saw the Capitol train pulling into the station, about 100 yards behind me. It was reaping day. I got up and rubbed by back. Sleeping on the ground hurt, and even after eight years of sleeping under this tree, I still wasn't used to it.

I took a bite out of an apple I stole from the orchard and walked to the reaping area, which was two miles away. I passed by my old house, which was now abandoned and full of cobwebs, and the memories flooded into my mind. I remember hearing the front door slam open and my mother scream. Then there were shots. My mother was the first one dead. My three brothers and I hid in our room. I went under the bed and the three of them went in our closet. I heard my father scream, and then the door to our bendroom burst open. Several Peacekeepers filtered in, and looked around the room. I cried silently to myself as they opened the closet door. My three brothers were shot and the Peacekeepers dragged their bodies out and burned them in front of our house. Once they left, I peered out the window and saw my neighbors standing around the bodies. There was a sign next to them that said, "Executed for Treason." I blinked hard and snapped back into reality.

I finally arrived at the reaping area and got my blood taken. I stood in the boys section and felt their eyes staring at me, like I was an alien. Most of the people in District 11 thought I was mentally challenged or crazy because I didn't talk. I didn't talk because I didn't want to and never have since my family was murdered; not because I couldn't. Just then, our escort, Wanda Every, came onto the stage, followed by Destiny Carven, one of last year's victors. The crowd cheered for Destiny and she smiled at us.

Wanda said a short speech and talked about how Destiny brought new hope to District 11. Then she got to the actual reaping. She put her hand in the girl's bowl and read the name aloud, "Heyleen Shart!" The crowd giggled at her last name. Shart. She walked up to the stage sobbing and stood next to Destiny, who was consoling her. Wanda put her hand in the boy's bowl and picked out a name. "Parker Viola!" she shouted. That was me. I swallowed and walked up to the stage. Destiny came right over to me and shook my hand.

"Hi, I'm Destiny and I'll be your mentor for these Games!" she said. I nodded and followed Wanda onto the train. I would be joining the rest of my family soon enough.

Cindy Gray - District 12

"Cindy!" I heard my little brother Adam yell. I smiled and opened my eyes. He was standing over me with a big grin on his face.

"Yes, Adam?" I said.

"It's reaping day!" he shouted excitedly. I frowned and he left my room cheering about reaping day. He was too young to realize that reaping day was a terrible day, and cheering about it was sadistic. I got dressed and walked out to the kitchen where my mother was preparing breakfast. She had some stew cooking on the stove like usual.

"Mommy, is Natasha going to come back today?" asked Adam. My mom turned to him with misty eyes and shook her head. Natasha was my sister, and she died in the games three years ago. Adam remembered her well for only being two when she died. Natasha was his first word, and every reaping day, he asks if she will come back, since she left on reaping day three years ago.

After we had some stew, my mother, Adam, and I walked to the reaping area. I got my finger zapped and went to the girl's section of the reaping area. Adam and my mother went to the non-tribute section. District 12's escort, Felicia Delicua, came onto the stage in a hot pink outfit. She looked ridiculous, but she seemed happy with her appearance.

"Hello, District 12!" Felicia said into the microphone. No one responded. "Are you excited for the Games?" she asked. No one said a word. "Well then, let's reap some tributes!" Felicia put her hand into the girl's bowl and pulled out a name. "Cindy Gray!" she announced. My jaw dropped. First my sister, and now me? This was some kind of cruel joke. I staggered to the stage and I heard my mother and Adam crying. I made eye contact with them and my mother forced a smile. But I knew Adam would soon be an only child.

Felicia put her name in the boy's bowl and read it out loud. "Alexander Dover!" she said. A rich-looking, well rich for District 12, boy walked confidently up to the stage. He shook my hand and gave me a weak smile. Felicia brought us onto the train and I looked at District 12 through the train window for what would probably be the last time.

Terra Zamilia - District 13

I couldn't stop thinking about my grandmother, the woman who raised me when I ran away from the orphanage. Since leaving my grandmother, I have lived in a remote forest in District 13. It was a small forest, only recently formed because of the nuclear waste left by the Capitol's bombing of District 13 two hundred years ago. I had made peace with the animals and survived by eating the plants grown in the forest. I knew leaving the forest would be tough, but for some reason, I needed to find my grandmother again.

I packed up the few things I had and headed to the other edge of the forest, where my grandmother's village was. I entered the clearing to see a huge pile of ash with a few planks a wood strung about. My grandmother's village was burned down to the stake. I began sobbing. If I had stayed with her, I might have been able to save her. She died just like my parents did. Just then, I felt a hand on my back.

"Trying to escape reaping, are we?" said a gruff voice. I turned around to see the face of a Peacekeeper.

"No, I was j-just visiting my g-grandmother," I stammered. He laughed heartily.

"No one has lived here for years," he said. Then he swiftly picked me up and put me over his shoulder, carrying me towards the center of District 13. We came to a door and he opened it. He carried me down a bunch of stairs until we came to a huge room filled to the brim with people.

"Now go over there and get your blood taken," said the Peacekeeper. I nodded and walked over to a lady with some zapping device.

"Name?" she asked.

"Terra Zamilia," I replied. She zapped my finger and I jumped.

"Go to the girl's side. Next!" shouted the woman. I abruptly walked over to the girl's side and stood near the back. Just then, a Capitol woman appeared from backstage and walked up to the podium. She said her name was Pamela Grounder and she was District 13's escort. She made a short speech and then put her hand in the girl's bowl. Pamela picked out a name and read it.

"Terra Zamilia!" she announced. I was stunned. My grandmother told me stories about the Hunger Games, but I never thought I would actually participate in one. I walked up to the stage and stood next to Pamela. She put her hand in the boy's bowl and read the name aloud. "Jack Plaerin!" she shouted. A blonde boy jogged up to the stage and shook my hand. I gave him a meek smile as Pamela walked us onto the elevator which led to the top of District 13: ground level. There was a train waiting for us and we got on. As we drove past, I saw the forest I called home, which I would most likely never see again.

Capitol - Amity Olivander

"Amy, it's reaping day!" said my nanny, Darla. I quickly got out of bed and got dressed in my nicest clothes. My parents were both fashion designers, so I had a very impressive wardrobe; even compared to other Capitol citizens. I made my bed and put my pajamas in the wash so Darla didn't have to. She did enough work around her and I tried to help her out as much as I could.

I walked down the spiral staircase to our dining room where my parents were sitting and reading the news on their tablets. My mom had a cup of coffee in front of her and my dad had a plate of scrambled eggs.

"What would you like for breakfast?" aksed Marvin, our butler.

"I'll take a bagel with creamcheese and a glass of chocolate milk. Thanks, Marvin!" I replied. He nodded and came back promptly with my breakfast. After eating it, my parents drove me to the reaping area in their high-tech car. Even though the chances of me getting picked were slim, I was always a little nervous on reaping day. There was always that once chance I could get picked.

We got out of the car and my parents wished me good luck and gave me a kiss on each cheek. I kissed them back and went over to the Peacekeeper to get my finger zapped for blood. After doing so, I stood in the girl's area, waiting for our escort, Shanna Grove, to come onstage.

Soon enough, she burst out of the curtain, wearing a beautiful dress I recognized as my mother's. I couldn't believe our escort was wearing a dress my own mother designed.

"Welcome, Capitol citizens! Once again, it is reaping time! I know we haven't done too well in the past games, but this year will be different. I have a good feeling." The crowd cheered and I shuddered. The Hunger Games made me feel icky. I loved the Capitol, but the Hunger Games were a little too cruel for my liking. I just wished Panem could be peaceful.

Shanna's voice interrupted my thoughts. "Our female tribute is Amity Olivander!" My heart sunk but I didn't show it. I walked up to the stage and stood next to Shanna with a smile on my face. She put her hand in the boy's bowl and pulled out a name. "Pip Pocket!" she shouted. A boy with a brown hat walked up to the stage and stood next to Shanna and me. Shanna directed us to the limousine that would take us to training. I had to win this thing.

Training Scores

Tribute Training Score
Silas Lannister 10
Starburst Infinity 9
Sammy Rewtro 9
Sarina Lordi 11
Marxoon Clake 8
Ana Shadowsinger 5
Thomas Quince 9
Tetra Gull 10
Daragon Luzuli 3
Detria Glace 4
Brann Clatch 7
Delta Sparrow 5
Trent Grove 8
Patriccia Alfin 6
James Miku 7
Aelita Lyoko 7
Teff Levigne 6
Lavender Tonic 10
Drake Duncan 4
Elana Melody 6
Parker Viola 6
Heyleen Shart 7
Alexander Dover 6
Cindy Gray 8
Jack Plaerin 5
Terra Zamilia 5
Pip Pocket 4
Amity Olivander 5

Current Status

Tribute Place
Amity Olivander Victor
Lavender Tonic Runner-Up

Day 1

Tybomarq - Lavender Tonic - Blowgun, Darts [12], Poison, Dried Meat - $275

Jsm13athome - Delta Sparrow - Water, Camouflage Paints, Knife - $275

Moviepopcorn123 - Tetra Gull - Night-Vision Glasses - $150

Moviepopcorn123 - Parker Viola - Bread, Dried Fruit - $100

SethMorris95 - Sarina Lordi - Night-Vision Glasses - $150

Dedejacob - Daragon Luzuli - Dried Meat, Axe, Water - $325

Annamisasa - Detria Glace - Poison, Night-Vision Glasses, Throwing Knives [3] - $425

Annamisasa - Ana Shadowsinger - Bread, Water, Quiver of Arrows [12] - $175

SuperTomato - Pip Pocket - Water, Dagger - $200

Mysims - Amity Olivander - Knife - $75

Day 2

Jsm13athome - Delta Sparrow - Water - $100

Xx-Frozen-Fire-xx - Aelita Lyoko - Throwing Knives [3], Spile - $275

FrostSnake - Alexander Dover - Water, Bread, Spear - $275

Day 3

Jsm13athome - Teff Levigne - Camouflage Paints, Instant Relief - $500

Day 4

SuperTomato - Pip Pocket - Water - $100

Mysims - Amity Olivander - Dried Meat - $75

Annamisasa - Ana Shadowsinger - Dried Meat, Water, Painkillers - $250

Tybomarq - Lavender Tonic - Dried Meat, Dried Fruit - $125

Day 5

Mysims - Amity Olivander - Axe, Knife, Bread, Water - $275

Jsm13athome - Teff Levigne - Axe, Darts [24] - $200

Tybomarq - Lavender Tonic - Darts [12] - $25

The Games

Day 1 - "Yeah, you." - Starburst Infinity

The Bloodbath

Heyleen Shart - District 11

I get onto the launch pad and say goodbye to my stylist for what will probably be the last time. I entered the launch tube and the countdown began. 60...59...58...57...I rose up into the arena and looked around. The Cornucopia was directly in front of me, filled with all kinds of goodies. It was on a grassy field. All around the Cornucopia was a forest. It seemed like a pretty standard arena, but I knew the Gamemakers had mutts galore in store for us. The Capitol could never be bored. The countdown continued and I tensed up. 3...2...1...GONG! I ran out into the Cornucopia to get a backpack. As I was gathering supplies, I felt a sharp object enter my neck and saw Sammy (2) pulling a dagger out of my dead body.

Terra Zamilia - District 13

I immediately ran away from the Cornucopia and climbed into a tree. I hoped my alliance would come this way or else I would be all alone.

Detria Glace - District 5

I was picking up a backpack when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I screamed and tried to run, but soon realized it was Lavender (9). We picked up our supplies and ran off into the forest together, hearing the screams of tributes as we ran.

Sarina Lordi - District 2

I picked up a rack of throwing knives from the center of the Cornucopia and chose the longest, sharpest one. I emerged from the opening and saw Trent (7) slice Silas (1) in the chest with an axe. Silas (1) fell to the ground dead and I threw my knife at Trent (7), connecting with his head. He fell to the ground and I smiled wickedly. It felt good to be a Career.

Elana Melody - District 10

Ana (3) was so intent on picking up supplies that she didn't notice Thomas (4) quickly approaching her. "Ana!" I screamed. She couldn't hear me. I ran at Thomas (4) and tackled him to the ground. He pushed me off him and tried to stab me with his trident, but Ana (3) lodged and arrow in his neck. We took our supplies and ran.

Jack Plaerin - District 13

I quickly met up with Patriccia (7) because her and I fell in love during training. Then, our alliance came together and began gathering supplies. We were about to start running when Starburst (1) and Tetra (4) came out of the Cornucopia with weapons. Starburst (1) slammed Brann (6) in the head with a mace, killing him instantly. Tetra (4) stabbed Drake (10) with a trident and he slumped to the ground, dead. Our alliance, made up of Aelita (8), Daragon (5), Alexander (12), Delta (6), Patriccia (7), and I sprinted away from the bloodbath into the forest.

Pip Pocket - Capitol

Amity (C) was still on her platform. I ran over to her and she snapped into action, grabbing a backpack and a knife and heading off into the woods with me. We kept running and running as deep into the woods as we could go, looking for a water source.

Teff Levigne - District 9

Besides the Careers, the only tributes left at the Cornucopia were Marxoon (3), James (8), Parker (11), and Cindy (12). Parker (11) ran away unnoticed into the forest while the Careers were approaching James (8) and Marxoon (3). Sammy (2) stabbed Marxoon (3) in the heart with a sword while Sarina (2) threw a knife at James (8). It hit him in the stomach and he dropped dead. I began running away when Cindy (12) tackled me to the ground. We began wrestling, but I was stronger than her. I pinned her to the ground and held her down with my arms and knees.

"Please don't kill me," she said.

"Why shouldn't I?" I asked her, "You just tried to kill me." I grabbed a knife from my pack and stabbed her in the heart.


Nine cannons sounded, signaling the end of the bloodbath. I was about to get up and enter the forest when I heard footsteps behind me. It was the Careers and I knew I was going to die soon. I turned around and saw Tetra (4) and Starburst (1) approaching me cautiously.

"Wanna join us?" asked Tetra (4).

"Me?" I asked.

"Yeah, you. We saw you kill the girl from 12. Do you wanna join us or not?" Starbust (1) said sharply. I was bewildered I couldn't believe the Careers wanted me in their alliance.

"Sure!" I said happily.

"Good," said Tetra (4), "Come to the Cornucopia and pick your favorite weapon. We'll have some food too. There's enough water in the canteens to fuel us for weeks." I smiled and walked with my new alliance members towards the Cornucopia.

The Aftermath

Daragon Luzuli - District 5

As we were walking into the forest, Terra (13) came down from a tree randomly and joined us. Normally I would say no, but she came from a tree so she had to be cool. We had a seven person alliance and we were bigger than the Careers. Everyone was sitting around the small fire we built. Aelita (8) was the unelected leader and since our alliance was so big, she figured we would kill any alliance that approached us, so a fire wasn't a big deal.

Amity Olivander - Capitol

Pip (C) and I were sitting under the stars in a clearing we found. We searched for water for hours, but couldn't find any. We had plenty of food from the bloodbath though.

Ana Shadowsinger - District 3

Elana (10) saved me from Thomas (4), and I was sticking with her for the rest of the Games. We had enough supplies to last us for a good while.

Parker Viola - District 11

I was all alone in some tree in the forest, going through my supplies. I looked up at the stars and saw the grid and the force field of the arena. I sighed and closed my eyes.

Lavender Tonic - District 9

Detria (5) and I climbed up a tree and tied ourselves in with a rope we got from the bloodbath. We didn't see any other tributes around, and I hoped it would stay that way. Just then, the anthem began to play. In the sky appeared the boy from 1, the boy from 3, the boy from 4, the boy from 6, the boy from 7, the boy from 8, the boy from 10, the girl from 11, and the girl from 12. Two Careers and a bunch of guys died today. I was happy Teff (9) didn't die, and surprised the Capitol tributes stayed alive. Maybe they weren't wimps like the rest of the Capitol.

"Good night, Lavender," Detria (5) said to me.

"Good night," I replied and fell into a deep sleep.

The Fallen

Heyleen Shart - District 11

Silas Lannister - District 1

Trent Grove - District 7

Thomas Quince - District 4

Brann Clatch - District 6

Drake Duncan - District 10

Marxoon Clake - District 3

James Miku - District 8

Cindy Gray - District 12

Day 1 Odds

Tribute Odds
Silas Lannister 0
Starburst Infinity 7-1
Sammy Rewtro 4-1
Sarina Lordi 3-1
Marxoon Clake 0
Ana Shadowsinger 19-1
Thomas Quince 0
Tetra Gull 6-1
Daragon Luzuli 61-1
Detria Glace 54-1
Brann Clatch 0
Delta Sparrow 23-1
Trent Grove 0
Patriccia Alfin 27-1
James Miku 0
Aelita Lyoko 18-1
Teff Levigne 10-1
Lavender Tonic 12-1
Drake Duncan 0
Elana Melody 25-1
Parker Viola 33-1
Heyleen Shart 0
Alexander Dover 40-1
Cindy Gray 0
Jack Plaerin 48-1
Terra Zamilia 64-1
Pip Pocket 70-1
Amity Olivander 65-1
  • Green tributes have a high chance of winning
  • Yellow tributes have a moderate chance of winning
  • Red tributes have a low chance of winning
  • Tributes with no color are dead

Day 2 - "If you keep freaking out, we're going to kill you." - Delta Sparrow

Dawn/Early Morning

Detria Glace - District 5

It was still dark out when the parachutes came down. I opened mine up to see poison, night-vision glasses, and throwing knives, with an attached note. Lavender (9) received a blowgun and some food. I read my note and showed it to Lavender (9). She nodded in agreement with it. We got out of our tree and went off to find the huge alliance. They had a fire going like idiots, and soon enough I was at their camp. Lavender (9) was keeping guard in the distance. I creeped slowly around the sleeping tributes and went to their food supply. Aelita (8) was supposed to be on watch, as she was in front of the food. She was fast asleep though, and I crept behind her to the food stash. I took a little bit of bread and dried meat for Lavender (9) and I, and then added posion to everything else. I slowly crept away from the campsite and went the long way back to our tree. I saw Lavender (9) and waved to her. "Watch out!" she screamed. I turned around and saw Patriccia (7) charging at me. She collided with my body, sending me sprawled out on the ground. She pinned me down and grabbed my neck.

"What did you do to our food?" she hissed at me.

"Nothing!" I replied. A wicked smile came across her face and just as she was about to snap my neck, a dart appeared in her's. BOOM I pushed Patriccia's (7) dead body off me and looked at Lavender (9), who was sitting in our tree with a blowgun.

"Nice aim," I said.

Delta Sparrow - District 6

The sound of a cannon jolted our alliance awake. Patriccia (7) was nowhere to be found, and Jack (13) was flipping out.

"Where could she be?" he screamed.

"Maybe she's dead," said Daragon (5) jokingly. Jack's (13) eyes bulged and he started running at Daragon (5) with his wooden club.

"No!" screamed Aelita (8), but Jack (13) kept running. He swung at Daragon (5) with his club, which Daragon (5) narrowly avoided. I took my knife out and walked towards Jack (13) with it.

"If you keep freaking out, we're going to kill you," I said to him. He got even more mad and ran at me with his club. I tripped him as he got close to me and stabbed him in the back with my knife. BOOM

"It had to be done," I said. My alliance members nodded solemnly. Just then, Terra (13) fell to the ground. BOOM She had a piece of fruit in her hand and some in her mouth. Poison.

"No one touch this food supply," announced Aelita (8), "We also have to move camp." Alexander (12) groaned. We picked up our weapons and other supplies and moved camp. Hopefully our sponsors will send us food and water or we'll starve. As we walked to the new camp, I carved a shovel out of wood. I didn't know what it was for, but my mentor had some crazy plan in store for us.

Ana Shadowsinger - District 3

My mentor had outlined a plan for Elana (10) and I to follow in a note she gave us. We found a berry bush, but we didn't know if the berries were poisonous or not. We took the fruit off some of them and left the peels on the ground, making it look like someone ate them. Then, we coated the remaining berries with poison before setting a decoy fire so the Careers come here. After lighting a nearby bush on fire, Elana (10) and I sprinted away from the berry bush. We didn't want to meet up with the Careers.

Tetra Gull - District 4

"I see smoke," announced Sarina (2). We picked up our weapons and walked swiftly through the forest towards the smoke. When we finally arrived, there was nothing but a burnt berry bush.

"It was a decoy," announced Teff (9).

"Thanks, Captain Obvious," said Sammy (2) snarkily. We sat down to take a rest.

"Oooh, berries!" said Starburst (1) excitedly. She plucked a berry from the bush and popped it in her mouth. Not a minute later, her body went limp and her cannon sounded. BOOM

"Don't eat those!" I said. We picked up our weapons once more and journeyed back towards the Cornucopia to some non-poisoned food.


Amity Olivander - Capitol

I was in the middle of painting my pink hair brown so it would blend in when I heard a cannon. BOOM

"Pip!" I shouted. I started running through the forest and I slammed into Pip (C). We both fell to the ground. "Ow!" I said, rubbing my head, "Pip, I thought you died!"

"I killed Elana (10), but Ana (3) saw me and chased after me," he explained, "I think I lost her, though." I sighed and walked with him back to our camp.

Parker Viola - District 11

No one bothered me all day and although I heard a bunch of cannons, I didn't see any tributes. The anthem began to play and I looked up at the sky. The girl from 1, the girl from 7, the girl from 10, the boy from 13, and the girl from 13 all appeared in the sky. I closed my eyes and prayed I would live another day in this place.

The Fallen

Patriccia Alfin - District 7

Jack Plaerin - District 13

Terra Zamilia - District 13

Starburst Infinity - District 1

Elana Melody - District 10

Day 2 Odds

Tribute Odds
Silas Lannister 0
Starburst Infinity 0
Sammy Rewtro 4-1
Sarina Lordi 3-1
Marxoon Clake 0
Ana Shadowsinger 14-1
Thomas Quince 0
Tetra Gull 5-1
Daragon Luzuli 54-1
Detria Glace 34-1
Brann Clatch 0
Delta Sparrow 17-1
Trent Grove 0
Patriccia Alfin 0
James Miku 0
Aelita Lyoko 16-1
Teff Levigne 9-1
Lavender Tonic 7-1
Drake Duncan 0
Elana Melody 0
Parker Viola 27-1
Heyleen Shart 0
Alexander Dover 37-1
Cindy Gray 0
Jack Plaerin 0
Terra Zamilia 0
Pip Pocket 43-1
Amity Olivander 51-1

Day 3 - "I swear I'm not going to turn on you!" - Alexander Dover


Ana Shadowsinger - District 3

I located the large alliance's camp and set a fire a short distance away. It was still a little dark out, and I hoped the Careers wouldn't see the smoke for a few minutes so I could make my getaway.

Aelita Lyoko - District 8

After receiving notes from our sponsors that Alexander (12) was going to turn on us, Daragon (5), Delta (5), and I were furious. We had spent the whole night digging a hole as a trap for someone to fall into, and we wanted to go to sleep. But now, we couldn't trust Alexander (12) on watch.

"I swear I'm not going to turn on you!" he said.

"Yeah, right," said Daragon (5), "Why should we believe you?"

"Because I've been loyal up until now," Alexander (12) replied. Delta (6) walked towards him with her knife.

"I don't trust you and we can't afford to have a loose end in our alliance," she said. I agreed with Delta (6), but I didn't want to be the one to kill Alexander (12). Daragon (5) put his hands over his eyes so he didn't have to see.

"Delta, please," begged Alexander (12). She kept creeping towards him and he backed up, falling into the freshly dug hole we spent all night making. He fell into the earth and hit the ground with a thud, but he wasn't dead. Delta (6) threw her knife down at him, sounding his cannon. BOOM She turned to look at us when a trident plunged through her chest from behind. BOOM Delta's (6) body fell to the ground and Tetra (4) was standing behind her, with Teff (9), Sammy (2), and Sarina (2) close behind. There was a fire burning about fifty yards away, but we were too busy arguing to notice it before. Someone probably made the fire to lure the Careers towards us. Now, it was Daragon (5) and me against four Careers. Oh God. I took one of the throwing knives from my sponsor and threw it at Tetra (4). It hit her in the chest and a BOOM echoed through the arena. Daragon (5) was trying to run away, but one of Sarina's (2) knives buried itself into the back of his head and he died instantly. BOOM I threw another knife at Teff (9), but he dodged it and came at me with his axe. I tried to run, but felt the blade enter my stomach and then the world turned black. BOOM

Sammy Rewtro - District 2

We just obliterated that alliance, only losing Tetra (4) in the process. I was kind of glad she died, because that just meant less of a fight at the end when only Careers remained. Sarina (2), Teff (9), and I walked back to the Cornucopia. The fire this time was still a decoy, but it brought us to an alliance.


Parker Viola - District 11

I saw Ana (3) today. She was the first tribute I saw in these Games. She climbed into a tree near my tree and stayed there. I didn't know what I was supposed to do. I let her be for right now, but I knew I would have to confront her soon, whether it would be friendly or violent, I did not know yet.

Pip Pocket - Capitol

Amity (C) and I saw no action today, and we were glad. We heard a whole bunch of cannons earlier, and I hoped some Careers died. I was proud of us, because we were gaining more respect for Capitol tributes each day we survived. Amity's (C) mentor is pressuring her to get a kill, so we are going to go out hunting tomorrow.

Detria Glace - District 5

I gathered a large number of sticks and laid them out in three separate trails that led to our tree. The left trail had two sticks in each pile, the center trail had three sticks, and the right trail four. This way, Lavender (9) and I knew where any approaching tribute was coming from. After laying down the sticks, I climbed back in our tree and watched the sky as the anthem played. The girl from 4 appeared first, and I was surprised. Daragon (5), my district partner was next and I was proud he got this far. The girl from 6 and the girl from 8 showed up next, and the boy from 12 ended the anthem. I nuzzled close to Lavender (9) for extra warmth and hoped we would be here tomorrow night, both still alive and watching the faces in the sky.

The Fallen

Alexander Dover - District 12

Delta Sparrow - District 6

Tetra Gull - District 4

Daragon Luzuli - District 5

Aelita Lyoko - District 8

It is the final 9! Everyone gets +$100 for making it!

Day 3 Odds

Tribute Odds
Silas Lannister 0
Starburst Infinity 0
Sammy Rewtro 3-1
Sarina Lordi 2-1
Marxoon Clake 0
Ana Shadowsinger 10-1
Thomas Quince 0
Tetra Gull 0
Daragon Luzuli 0
Detria Glace 22-1
Brann Clatch 0
Delta Sparrow 0
Trent Grove 0
Patriccia Alfin 0
Aelita Lyoko 0
Teff Levigne 5-1
Lavender Tonic 6-1
Drake Duncan 0
Elana Melody 0
Parker Viola 18-1
Heyleen Shart 0
Alexander Dover 0
Cindy Gray 0
Jack Plaerin 0
Terra Zamilia 0
Pip Pocket 26-1
Amity Olivander 29-1

Day 4 - "Are sticks usually lined up in piles like that?" - Amity Olivander


Amity Olivander - Capitol

At first, Pip (C) and I were going to go out looking for tributes, but my mentor didn't want to put me in danger, so we stayed where we were. Our food and water supply was running low, but otherwise, we were doing pretty well.

I was looking around the forest when I saw a row of sticks leading up to a tree. "Pip!" I whispered.

"What?" he replied.

"Are sticks usually lined up in piles like that?" I asked.

"Nope," said Pip (C), "Let's go." We walked slowly along the sticks, making sure not to step on any of the piles. It led to a tree. There were two bodies in the tree, sleeping soundly. I couldn't tell who they were.

"Pip," I whispered, "I'll throw my knife at the tree, and then we run. Got it?" He nodded. "And don't step on the sticks when we run." I held my knife in my hand and aimed at the bodies. I threw the knife with all my might and it landed right in one of the tribute's necks. BOOM The body of Detria (5) fell out of the tree.

"RUN!" Pip (C) screamed. We started running, and now I didn't even care if we stepped on the stick piles. There were darts whizzing past our heads. I turned around and saw Lavender (9) blowing darts from the tree. We escaped her dart barrage and rested underneath a tree.

"Good job, Pip!" I said as we high-fived.

Ana Shadowsinger - District 3

I woke up to a sharp pain in my calf. I looked at it and saw a knife sticking out and blood oozing down my leg. Then I heard footsteps. Parker (11) was running away from the tree. I quickly pulled the knife out of my leg and notched an arrow in my bow. I released and the arrow sailed through his skull. BOOM Parker (11) fell to the ground, dead. I took the neosporin from by bag and rubbed it on my wound, making it feel better instantly. I knew one more day of rest would heal it completely.


Sarina Lordi - District 2

We didn't have much action today. All we did was pretend the Cornucopia was abandoned by having Sammy (2) play dead, throw around the weapons, and paint Teff (9) and I into the landscape surrounding the Cornucopia. No one approached, though, and just when I was about to get out of my hiding spot, Claudius Templesmith's voice boomed in the arena.

"Attention tributes!" he said, "Tomorrow there will be a feast. Each of the seven remaining tributes will have a bag with their name on it at the feast. Each bag will have an item of heavy importance in it. Can you afford to go to the feast? Can you afford not to? The choice is up to you. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor."

We were in the perfect position for the feast now. I couldn't wait until tomorrow. After Claudius' announcement, the anthem played. Only two faces appeared in the sky tonight: the girl from 5 and the boy from 11. Only seven of us remained, and three were Careers. It was weird that three whole districts had both of their tributes left. The Capitol had Amity (C) and Pip (C), District 2 had Sammy (2) and me, and District 9 had Teff (9) and Lavender (9). Only Ana (3) was the loner from her district. I had a feeling a Career would win these Games, and I hoped it was me.


You must leave in the comments the following things:

A. What is in your tribute's bag - It does not have to be on the item list, but it can't be unreasonable. (No guns)

B. Your tribute's strategy for the feast - He/She can avoid it, go right away, wait it out, etc.

The Fallen

Detria Glace - District 5

Parker Viola - District 11

Day 4 Odds

Tribute Odds
Silas Lannister 0
Starburst Infinity 0
Sammy Rewtro 3-1
Sarina Lordi 2-1
Marxoon Clake 0
Ana Shadowsinger 7-1
Thomas Quince 0
Tetra Gull 0
Daragon Luzuli 0
Detria Glace 0
Brann Clatch 0
Delta Sparrow 0
Trent Grove 0
Patriccia Alfin 0
James Miku 0
Aelita Lyoko 0
Teff Levigne 4-1
Lavender Tonic 5-1
Drake Duncan 0
Elana Melody 0
Parker Viola 0
Heyleen Shart 0
Alexander Dover 0
Cindy Gray 0
Jack Plaerin 0
Terra Zamilia 0
Pip Pocket 16-1
Amity Olivander 16-1

Day 5 - "Sorry dude, but I have to win." - Sammy Rewtro

The Feast

Teff Levigne - District 9

At sunrise, the hovercraft came and dropped off seven different bags of various shapes and sizes. I saw one that said "Teff Levigne - District 9" and walked over to it.

"Sammy and Sarina, should I get your bags too?" I asked. Before I could get an answer, Sammy (2) tackled me to the ground. "What the hell are you doing?" I screamed. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sarina (2) running towards us. Oh God, they were turning on me.

"Sorry, dude. But I have to win," said Sammy (2). He plunged his dagger into my stomach and I screamed in agony. Just as he was about to deliver the finishing blow, Sarina (2) pushed him off of me and pinned him to the ground. I desperately grabbed the instant relief from my pack and swallowed it. BOOM I jolted up, feeling energized and saw Sammy (2) on the ground, dead, with one of Sarina's (2) knives in him.

"Thanks," I said to her. She nodded and opened her bag. It had food and water. She ate and drank to get her energy back up and put her bag back on the table to make it look like she didn't take it. I opened up my bag to find instant relief. Phew. I needed another one. Coming so close to death made me even more anxious.

"What should we do with the other bags?" Sarina (2) asked.

"The other bags might be traps, so I think Sammy's (2) is the only one we can open for sure, since he was going for his anyway," I replied. Sarina (2) unzipped Sammy's (2) bag to find instant relief. She looked at me questioningly. "You can have it," I said, "You saved my life when you could have easily allied with your district partner. The least I can do is give you instant relief."

"Thanks," she said. She put the instant relief in her backpack and we went back to our hiding spots.

After waiting for hours, no one came to the feast. The bags were picked and up, but Sarina (2) and I remained in our hiding spots.


Lavender Tonic - District 9

There was only one cannon today, so I was guessing the feast was pretty boring for the Capitol. I knew there would be something the Gamemakers would cook up. Then, right on cue, Claudius Templesmith's voice boomed through the arena.

"Attention, tributes! The Capitol was heavily disappointed by the lack of participation in our generous feast. So, tomorrow, there will be another meeting at the Cornucopia. And if you don't go...well let's just say you should go if you want a chance at winning. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

What had the Gamemakers thought up this time? The anthem began to play and Sammy (2) was the lone face in the sky. I looked around the forest and sighed. This would probably be my last night in this beautiful place. Whether I would be dead or back in District 9 afterwards would be found out tomorrow.

The Fallen

Sammy Rewtro - District 2

(The odds are the same as last time, except Sammy is dead.)

Day 6 - A Victor is Crowned

Amity Olivander - Capitol

I looked at Pip (C) as he gathered our supplies on our last trip to the Cornucopia.

"Pip," I said, trying to hold back the tears, "whatever happens out there..."

"Amity, stop," he said, "One of us is going home. We can't go into a battle weak and emotional." I could detect a sadness in his voice but I nodded and dried my eyes. We walked together, hand in hand towards at least one of our dooms: the Cornucopia.

Lavender Tonic - District 9

We all got to the Cornucopia at the same time. Suddenly, the land around the Cornucopia began to collapse into the ground and the Cornucopia and the land around it rose up. I dropped to the ground to avoid falling off. I looked around and saw Amity (C) and Pip (C) together on the opposite side of me. Sarina (2) and Teff (9) were to my right, and Ana (3) was hiding in the supplies to my left. It was pretty obvious she was either in there or in the Cornucopia, but I saw her get into the center of the supply tower. The Cornucopia land came to a stop at about 100 feet above the rest of the arena. Whoever was pushed off that would die on impact.

Teff Levigne - District 9

This last fight felt so weird and surreal. Sarina (2) and Lavender (9) weren't going to attack me, so my only real targets were Amity (C), Pip (C), and Ana (3). It was weird though, because Sarina (2) and Lavender (9) were attacking one another. None of us made a move for about a minute when an arrow came flying out of the supply rack straight into my temple. BOOM

Sarina Lordi - District 2

That little wimpy thing from 3 just killed Teff (9). I charged at the supply pyramid and dove into it, send the supplies and Ana (3) sprawling on the ground. Ana (3) scrambled up and sprinted to the Cornucopia. She was fast. Before I could even react, she was on top of it. I saw her scribble something down on her notebook and show it to us. It read If you attack me and miss, my arrow will kill you.

"Yeah right," I said, "I'm not going to avoid you because you're on top of the Cornucopia." I threw two knives at her, one missing and one clipping her hand, sending her bow clattering to the ground, out of reach. A look of terror flashed across her face as my knife entered her chest. BOOM I turned around to look at Lavender (9) and the Capitol tributes when Pip's (C) dagger entered my stomach. I fell to the ground in pain and pulled the dagger out, throwing it at Pip (C). It hit his leg and went deep, creating a gash. He fell to the ground also.

"I'm sorry," I said as I passed out from blood loss, sounding my cannon. BOOM

Amity Olivander - Capitol

"Pip!" I screamed as I ran over to him.

"Amity, no. I can't fight anymore. I won't win. Push me off the edge before Lavender (9) comes," he said.

"No, I'm staying with you," I begged.

"If you stay with me, you'll die," he responded, looking into my eyes. I wiped the tears away and planted a kiss on his cheek as I dragged him to the edge. Lavender's (9) darts began to whiz by us and I ducked out of the way of them. "Goodbye, Pip!" I said as I pushed him over the edge.

"I love you, Amity!" he screamed as he fell. BOOM My heart sunk, but then my sadness turned to anger. Why did he have to die? Why did we have the Hunger Games? Pip (C) deserved to live his life to the fullest, and so did the other tributes. Even Lavender (9). Even me. I thought of my boyfriend and my family back home and stood up. I charged at Lavender (9) with my axe, running through darts. One of her darts hit me in the stomach and I faltered in pain, tripping to the ground. I knew I only had minutes to live before the poison settled into my system.

"Sorry," said Lavender (9), "but I have to win this." She raised her axe and slammed it downward. I put my axe up as a defense and I heard a CLANG. I blocked the attack and stunned Lavender (9). This was my only chance. I slashed my axe at Lavender's (9) legs and she stumbled backwards in pain, falling off the Cornucopia platform. She screamed on the way down and then I heard a thud. BOOM The poison was taking over and I could feel it. I saw the hovercraft come down, and then some lady with orange hair came rushing out with a machine. Then I blacked out.


I woke up in a hospital with a bunch of tubes on me. There were people all around, looking at machines and checking my vital signs.

"You're lucky!" said one woman, "The poison dart was lodged in your appendix, which you don't need. If it was stuck in your stomach or some other place, you would have died. Instead, we just removed her appendix."

"Wow," I said, "But I don't feel lucky. I just witnessed the deahts of teenageers and almost died myself." I fell asleep and woke up to my stylist talking to himself about what he would dress me in for my post-games interview.

"Reno?" I asked him.

"Yes, dear," he replied.

"Do you think we could just skip the interview?" I asked.

"No, dear," he said. I frowned. Hours later, I walked onstage to all of Panem cheering for me.

Caesar: "Citizens of Panem, the victor of the 201st Annual Hunger Games, Amity Olivander of the Capitol!" *crowd goes crazy*

Amity: Thank you, Caesar.

Caesar: So, Amity. How does it feel to be a victor?

Amity: I'm happy to be alive, but being a victor doesn't feel too good.

Caesar: Why is that?

Amity: Because I had to kill others, watch others die, and almost die myself.

Caesar: I see, I see. Well Amity, we are proud of you and we hope you do well in life.

Once again, your victor, from the Capitol, Amity Olivander!!!

Death Chart

Place Tribute Day Killed Killed By Killed From
28 Heyleen Shart 1 Sammy Rewtro Dagger in Neck
27 Silas Lannister 1 Trent Grove Axe in Chest
26 Trent Grove 1 Sarina Lordi Knife in Head
25 Thomas Quince 1 Ana Shadowsinger Arrow in Neck
24 Brann Clatch 1 Starburst Infinity Mace to Head
23 Drake Duncan 1 Tetra Gull Trident in Chest
22 Marxoon Clake 1 Sammy Rewtro Sword in Heart
21 James Miku 1 Sarina Lordi Knife in Stomach
20 Cindy Gray 1 Teff Levigne Knife in Heart
19 Patriccia Alfin 2 Lavender Tonic Dart in Neck
18 Jack Plaerin 2 Delta Sparrow Knife in Back
17 Terra Zamilia 2 Detria Glace Poisoned
16 Starburst Infinity 2 Ana Shadowsinger Poisoned
15 Elana Melody 2 Pip Pocket Dagger in Chest
14 Alexander Dover 3 Delta Sparrow Knife in Head
13 Delta Sparrow 3 Tetra Gull Trident in Back
12 Tetra Gull 3 Aelita Lyoko Knife in Chest
11 Daragon Luzuli 3 Sarina Lordi Knife in Head
10 Aelita Lyoko 3 Teff Levigne Axe in Stomach
9 Detria Glace 4 Amity Olivander Knife in Neck
8 Parker Viola 4 Ana Shadowsinger Arrow in Skull
7 Sammy Rewtro 5 Sarina Lordi Knife in Chest
6 Teff Levigne 6 Ana Shadowinger Arrow in Temple
5 Ana Shadowsinger 6 Sarina Lordi Knife in Chest
4 Sarina Lordi 6 Pip Pocket Dagger in Stomach
3 Pip Pocket 6 Amity Olivander Pushed off Ledge
2 Lavender Tonic 6 Amity Olivander Stumbled off Ledge
Victor Amity Olivander ------------- ----------------------- -------------------------

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