Hey everyone! The Vengeance Games are still going on, so I won't start these until they are over. However, I want sign-ups to open now so I can think about the story a little bit. I will be running these Games a little bit differently than I usually do.


A descendant of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark has been elected President. He restarted the Hunger Games, starting with the 76th. They've continued for hundreds of years.


1. This is not a quell. So I only need 28 tributes.

2. Sign-ups are first come, first serve. You can make a reservation that lasts for one day only.

3. You may only enter ONE tribute.

4. Tributes MUST be brand new. I will actually search the wiki using each tribute's name. If I find it on another blog, I won't accept it. I want new tributes people.

5. Template:








Appearance: (If you make a lunaii, I will use it, but I have to reformat it so all the pictures are the same size. Sorry, I'm OCD about that stuff) (Also, if you submit a picture that isn't a lunaii, I will make a lunaii out of that picture) (You can just give a description and I will make the lunaii)

Weapon: (List 1 or 2)

Strengths: (besides weapon) (List 2)

Weaknesses: (List 2)

Fears: (List 1)

Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:


Alliance: (can be filled out later)

6. No "on my profiles."

7. This will be written in six tribute PoVs, chosen by me after all the tributes are submitted. A tribute with a PoV is not guaranteed to win. Tributes with and without PoVs have equal chances of winning.

8. I will not accept advice or gifts or anything like that. After you submit the tribute, it's all up to me.

9. Do not get mad if your tribute dies or does not get a PoV.

10. I will not be writing anything except for the Games. However, each day will be lengthier and more in-depth than usual.

11. As usual, be aware of mature language and sexual situations.

12. If you are reading this, you must submit a tribute.

PoV List

Role Tribute User
Main Protagonist Paula Twoson Annamisasa
Protagonist's Friend Scarlet Pimpernel Ninja~Toast
Main Antagonist Taylor Slicer AxedFox
Antagonist's Friend Izzy Wilds FrostSnake
Love Interest to Protagonist Felix Shelsher Wesolini
Wildcard Tribute Aramid Cruisebeam Jsm13athome


District Gender Name Age Height Weapon User
Capitol Male Sora Highkick 15 5'9 Blowgun Aerialchinook
Capitol Female Candice Vellum 18 5'8 Blowgun, Axe Hyta100
1 Male Tazer Williams 17 5'9 Taser, Spear Theman77
1 Female Taylor Slicer 17 5'7 Bow and Arrow, Hammer AxedFox
2 Male Titan Mage 18 5'9 Axe, Knife IHGWIKI
2 Female Victoria Jones 17 5'8 Throwing Knives, Sword Eleni12
3 Male Scotio Wire 15 5'7 Wire, Throwing Knives Shelleybelly
3 Female Paige Matthews 15 5'6 Spear, Axe Kaaitlyn
4 Male Strike Flow 18 5'7 Trident, Kopis YoungGuy5
4 Female Izzy Wilds 17 5'10 Sword, Knife FrostSnake
5 Male Felix Shelsher 17 5'7 Machete, Knife Wesolini
5 Female Megan Land 13 5'1 Bow and Arrow Dedejacob
6 Male Toby Williamson 15 5'10 Knife The Hungarian Games
6 Female Wind Settle 16 5'3 Whip, Rope TBWTPT
7 Male Axel Evergreen 18 6'4 Axe, Tomahawk Ntomahawks22
7 Female Camellia Winchester 16 5'9 Axe, Knife Beetee19
8 Male Ryan Hale 16 5'7 Knife, Mace Sophiedistrict11
8 Female Aramid Cruisebeam 15 5'4 Spear, Axe Jsm13athome
9 Male Brick Hein 18 6'3 Spear, Knives Raven HG
9 Female Varina Tapora 12 5'0 Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes VDA999
10 Male Caellach Levenhire 15 5'8 Spear, Machete TheDeadlyOne
10 Female Scarlet Pimpernel 15 5'4 Blowgun, Darts Ninja~Toast
11 Male Daniel Tunde 13 5'2 Net, Throwing Knives BlueThunderPuppy
11 Female Syrina Lacterus 17 5'1 Knife, Dagger FoxfaceFan32825
12 Male Harrison Southstone 18 6'0 Sword Hermione The Erudite
12 Female Paula Twoson 15


Bow and Arrow, Awl Annamisasa
13 Male Finn Allstroke 18 5'10 Trident, Sword Moviepopcorn123
13 Female Tara May 12 4'10 Blowgun EpicnezzEmily

Italicized tributes have a PoV.

Tribute Gallery

Training Scores

Tribute Training Score
Sora Highkick 7
Candice Vellum 7
Tazer Williams 10
Taylor Slicer 11
Titan Mage 9
Victoria "Tori" Jones 9
Scotio Wire 4
Paige Matthews 3
Strike Flow 11
Izzy Wilds 10
Felix Shelsher 6
Megan Land 5
Toby Williamson 6
Wind Settle 7
Axel Evergreen 7
Camellia Winchester 8
Ryan Hale 6
Aramid Cruisebeam 8
Brick Hein 9
Varina Tapora 6
Caellach Levenhire 4
Scarlet Pimpernel 7
Daniel Tunde 6
Syrina Lacterus 5
Harrison Southstone 3
Paula Twoson 7
Finn Allstroke 6
Tara May 6

The 373rd Hunger Games

Day 1 - The Shopping Mall from Hell

Taylor Slicer - District 1 - 7:58 A.M. - Bloodbath

"You'll do great," my stylist whispers in my ear as she hugs me one more time. I roll my eyes and try to escape her hug. She holds on to me even longer and I groan.

"Alright, let's go!" I yell impatiently. She becomes startled and releases her grip. I turn and step into the tube, just as the voice says "Please step into the tube." My stylist waves to me with misty eyes, and says something, but I can't hear since this stupid tube is soundproof. She's been doing this for years. Doesn't she know that yet? Suddenly, the tube slowly rises up, and I smile in anticipation. I've been waiting for this chance for years. Ever since watching my first Games, I've wanted to participate in them. I want to see the look on the tributes' eyes just as I'm about to kill them, and see the blood trickle from their cold bodies. Just thinking about it makes me excited.  I can hear air moving above me as the tube cover opens up. My head pops out of the ground and I scan the arena. It looks like a huge shopping mall from the twenty first century. Great. A huge food court surrounds the Cornucopia, with four passageways that lead to the outer wall. I am directly in front of one of the passageways, and I look down it to see a store that says "Macy's" and one that says "American Eagle". Damn it. I wanted an outdoor arena. But I guess this will be fun too. 

"Sixty, fifty nine," the countdown begins, ringing through my ears. I look at the supplies on the ground in front of the shimmering, golden Cornucopia. The bare necessities are around the outside for tributes who aren't Careers. I squint my eyes, looking at the weapon pile at the mouth, when I see what I'm looking for. A hammer. I smile broadly, and turn to look at the tributes on each side of me. One is the boy from six, and I think the other one is the boy from eight but I'm not sure. Both are easy targets though, and I know I'll be able to reach my hammer easily.

"Ten, nine, eight," the countdown begins. I cheer, ready for my chance. A few tributes stare at me like I'm crazy. Good. I want them to know I shouldn't be messed with.

"Two, one, GONG!" I sprint off my platform, across the tile floor, straight to my hammer. Izzy from 4 gets to the weapon pile just before me and grabs a sword. Strike picks up a trident, and I grab my hammer from the bottom.

"Where's a taser?!" Tazer shouts as I run towards the non-Career tributes. He's an idiot. They wouldn't put a weapon like that in the Hunger Games. I see the 3 pair trying to drag a heavy crate towards one of the passageways out of the Cornucopia. I run at the girl and she puts her hands up, as if it will block my attack. I drive the sharp side of my hammer into her head, and she falls limp to the ground. Blood stains her hair, and her district partner looks at me with wide eyes. He seems frozen in fear. Before he can make a move, I hit him in the neck with the hammer. He makes a gasping noise as blood pours from his neck and falls down on top of my first victim. Perfect. I turn around and see a bunch of girls running away through one of the passageways. Tori throws a knife at the group, and the girl in the back falls down. I think her name is Syrina. I hear a scream and see Strike plunge his trident through Caellach's chest over by "Auntie Anne's". I only remember his name because it was so weird.

"Come help me!" Tazer calls. Izzy and I run over to him as he battles Ryan, Toby, and Harrison. Harrison punches Tazer in the face, and blood pours from his nose. "You bastard!" Tazer picks up a bloody spear from the ground and stabs Harrison in the chest. His eyes roll over and he falls down. Toby kicks Tazer in the groin, and Tazer clutches it in pain. Izzy slices Toby's chest open, and he yells in pain. Ryan slowly backs away and runs into the nearest passageway. Titan throws an axe into his back.

"Hey I was going to get that kill!" I shout at him.

"Too bad," he says back. He turns, right into Brick's spear. It sails through Titan's neck, and he dies instantly. Brick picks up the spear and runs off with the boy from 11.

"Who's left?" I shout.

"Those three!" Tori shouts, pointing to three girls gathering a whole mess of supplies in their hands. Their arms are overflowing with stuff. 

"Get them!" Strike yells. We charge at the girls. Two of them have the sense to leave, but one picks up a backpack before running off. She's the dumb one. Izzy, once again, reaches her first and sends her sword flying through the girl's head. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM Nine cannons sound, ending the bloodbath.

"Not bad," Izzy says. She's right. I like Izzy, and I respect her, but she's faster than me. And that bothers me a little. I should be the best at everything. I am the best at everything. Izzy opens her mouth to say more, but then I start to talk. I don't want them to think she's the leader. That's my job.

"Alright, guys," I say. Tori, Strike, Tazer, and Izzy gather around me. "We only lost Titan in the bloodbath, so we're doing pretty well. There are five of us, and four openings to the Cornucopia. We'll take one hour shifts. One person guards each opening, and the remaining person gets to rest and eat. I look around at all of the restaurants here. There's "Panda Express", "Wendy's", "Auntie Anne's", "Pizza Hut", "Dairy Queen", and "Taco Bell". Yum. I can feel my stomach rumbling. "I'll take the first break. Tori, you guard by Taco Bell, Izzy by Dairy Queen, Tazer by Pizza Hut, and Strike next to Wendy's. Sound good?" I ask. They all nod, but I can tell they don't like being ordered around. Oh well. We're all alpha males and females here, so it's not like I can do anything about it. Plus, I'll have to kill them eventually. There's only one victor after all, right? I go over to Auntie Anne's, pick up a cinnamon and sugar pretzel, and sit down on a bench, cleaning my hammer with the blood stains of the tributes from 3.

Scarlet Pimpernel - District 10 - 8:17 A.M. - Aftermath of Bloodbath

"We're stopping here," Camellia orders. Paula, Tara, Varina, and I set down our belongings on the floor of "Victoria's Secret". There is skanky lingerie all around me, and gorgeous models wearing it in posters covering the walls. I immediate feel fat and gross looking at them.

"Can't we go somewhere else?" Varina asks, "I mean this place just makes me feel bad."

"No," Camellia says quickly, "We are safe here. There aren't many supplies so people wouldn't expect us to be here."

"Why are we here if there aren't supplies?" Paula asks quietly, as if she's ready to be punished for speaking.

"Well let's see what we have and then we'll make a decision," Camellia says. We all go through the supplies we retrieved at the bloodbath. "I have two jugs of water and a knife," Camellia announces.

"I've got some crackers, a tin of jam, and matches," I tell them.

"I didn't get anything. Sorry," Paula says, ashamed.

"It's fine," Varina assures her, "I picked up some type of ointment, a loaf of bread, and a rope."

"I got a blowgun and darts," Tara says quietly while looking around nervously. She pops a few pills in her mouth and seems to settle down a little bit.

"First, how the hell did you pick up a blowgun and darts? Second, what are those pills?" Camellia asks her, reading all of our minds.

"The blowgun was kind of near my launch pad, and the pills are my token. I tend to get scared of a lot of things, but these pills make me fearless," she explains.

"Oh, ok then. So, let's set up a defense just in case intruders come. I doubt it, but it could happen. Varina, use your rope to set a trap by the door," Camellia orders.

"Got it," Varina says, jogging to the door.

"Tara, go help her."

"You got it Camellia," Tara says cheerily.

"Cam, not Camellia. Camellia is too girly."


"Paula, Scarlet, take a bunch of stretchy bras and follow me to the side entrance. We can tie them around the door handles so no one can get in," Camellia explains. Paula and I immediately begin taking all kinds of bras off the shelves, As, Bs, Cs, Ds, Double Ds, you name it. Victoria's Secret has it all. We follow Camellia, er, Cam, down the aisle to the side entrance. The walls are glass, and I peer out as Cam and Paula tie the bras around the door. I look into Aeropostale, and see a mannequin moving.

"Look! In Aeropostale! It's moving!" I shout. Cam and Paula squint and look at the store in question. The mannequin stopped moving. I saw a flash of orange go deeper into the store. District 5 is orange.

"Where?" Cam asks.

"Didn't you see the orange flash?" I ask.

"No," she responds.

"I saw it," Paula says, smiling. I manage a small smile, and stare out the window once more. I think about how terrible my life has been. My mother was found murdered, and they immediately blamed my father and took him away. We lost our dairy farm, and I was sent to an orphanage. I still live there today. The headmaster is extremely cruel, and I want to run away so badly. Years later, they found out some maniac killed my mom, but my dad was already executed for the crime. The thought of going back to the orphanage makes me sick. Honestly, what do I have to live for? There is nothing for me back home; no one I love is alive. Is it really worth it to fight to win in these Games? I'm not sure, to be honest, but somehow dying here, in this crazy mall, makes me feel a sense of relief, like everything will turn out fine.

"Alright, let's go back to Varina and Tara now," Camellia tells us. Paula and I walk behind her.

"She's a little gruff, but she's a good leader," Paula whispers.

"Yeah, we need her. She's loyal too. I know she'll stick with us," I whisper back. Paula nods her head. I look into her eyes and can tell she's kind of like me: sweet, kind, caring, submissive. But it has been stripped away from both of us. Maybe Paula will be the one to bring that soft side of me back. 

But for how long will it last?

Aramid Cruisebeam - District 8 - 11:40 AM - Late Morning

Wind and I continue to walk through the mall, getting as far away from the Careers and the Corncuopia as possible. We pass various stores, though none of them contain food. I guess the Gamemakers strategically placed them all at the Cornucopia so we would have to go there to get it. I hope we got sponsors, because neither Wind nor I grabbed food at the bloodbath. I grabbed an axe and a canteen of water. Wind also grabbed a canteen of water, with some wire and camouflage paints.

"Wanna stop here?" I ask we when reach "Barnes and Noble". I see the rows and rows of books, just waiting to be read. If these Games last a month like some of the longer Games, I could stay in here forever.

"Yeah," Wind says, obviously attracted to the books as well. Wind and I are very alike. We don't talk much or socialize with others, but we are very intelligent and clever. I don't trust her with my life, but we both know we are stronger together than alone.

We open the glass doors of Barnes and Noble, and walk inside. 

"Let's go to the back so no one can see us if they walk by," Wind tells me. I nod in agreement and journey to the back. It has tons of mystery novels and stuff for young adults. I even see three books about Katniss Everdeen's Hunger Games and overall life. Wind sees me staring at them. "I've read them already. We learn much more in school than what is in the books. I think it's a little dramatized anyway. I heard Katniss had an affair with Gale after she married Peeta," she says.

"Really?" I ask.

"No, I'm lying. Of course I'm serious."

"Oh," I mumble. Wind is cold sometimes. She really knows how to be mean. I look around at the store. There are various cables on the ceiling, holding up huge metal posters for advertised books and tablets called "Nooks". Wind looks around too.

"What?" she asks, seeing the puzzled look on my face.

"Something doesn't feel right about this place," I tell her. Even back in 8 I was always constantly worried, but this place seriously gave me the creeps. 

"You're probably just paranoid," she says, shrugging it off. Wind sits down in a chair, and rests her arms on the arms of the chair. Two metal cuffs spring out of it and trap Wind in the chair. Cuffs then go around the legs of the chair, keeping it on the floor in its current position. Suddenly, cables from the other end of the store start to snap, and the metal posters, probably weighing around 300 pounds, begin crashing to the floor.  "Get me out of this!" she screams. The posters keep falling down, each one coming closer to us. I look up, and there is a metal sheet right above where Wind is sitting. I take my axe and start hacking at the metal cuffs. "Don't slice my hand off!" she screams.

"I'm doing the best I can!" I yell back. The cuff on her left hand snaps, and I stop just before slicing it off.

"Do the right!" she screams. The posters are getting closer. I can hear them falling behind me. I start hacking away at her right hand, and the cuff breaks, but I cut too deep. My axe goes into her hand, creating a deep, bloody gash. She springs up from the chair and runs with my towards the exit as a huge metal poster advertising "The Mark of Athena" crashes onto the chair Wind was trapped in. We make it to the exit with our supplies and leave, running into the store straight across from us: "Gamestop". It's a video game store. I open the door, and walk in with Wind. She is clutching her hand, and I can see tears in her eyes.

"I'm so sorry," I say.

"Why are you sorry?" she asks, flinching in pain as she moves her hand, "You saved my life."


"I would've let me die. But you saved me. You really do care. Thank you, Aramid." I smile at her, trying not to act as awkward as I feel right now.

"You're welcome," I manage to respond. We sit down and I wrap her hand in a part of her green District 7 uniform I tore off. We sit, surrounded by a bunch of video games, and rest, hoping there aren't any deathtraps here.

Paula Twoson - District 12 - 3:28 P.M - Late Afternoon

Earlier in the day there was a lot of banging, clanging, and other loud noises, but no cannons since the bloodbath. I guess that's both good and bad. It's good because no one died, and bad because...well no one died. These Games are sick. I look at the bruises on my arms, and think about Ninten, my boyfriend back home. I shudder, thinking about how he beats me so bad, yet I still stay with him? Why? I guess I'm scared. I mean it's not Ninten's fault. His mother died, and that's how he lets out his feelings. I remember the day after she died. I put my hand on his shoulder, and he slapped me to the ground. But my parents and brother were killed, and I don't do that...

"Paula!" Cam shouts, breaking me from my train of thought.

"Yes?" I reply.

"There are two boys in Aeropostale. Scarlet, Varina, and Tara are going there now. We need to back them up. Let's go!" she orders. I don't want to go, but I obey. I grab a pole from a rack of slutty pajamas and run with Cam out of Victoria's Secret to Aeropostale. We enter the door, quietly. Tara stays back with her blowgun, hiding behind a clothes rack. Cam advances with her knife, and Varina with her hanger from Victoria's Secret. Scarlet and I hang back.

"We know you're in here!" Cam shouts.

"Yeah, come out now or your death will be even more painful!" Varina yells. The chicken pox girl may seem sweet and friendly, but she has a crazy side too.

"I don't want to do this," Scarlet whispers in my ear. I nod and look and her empathetically.

"Me neither," I reply. Still, both of us slowly advance, behind Cam and Varina. Suddenly, the boy from 13, Finn, jumps out from behind the cash register and tackles Varina to the ground. Scarlet and I run towards them, and Cam pounces on the two, trying to wrestle Finn off of Varina. She yanks him off with all of her might and slams him into the corner of the check-out counter. BOOM A bloody gash opens deep in his head as his dead body falls.

"That's what happens when someone tries to mess with my girls," Cam says defiantly. As tough and bossy as she is, Cam is an excellent ally to have. "And I didn't even have to get my knife bloody," she chuckles.

"Now where's the other one!" Varina cries. She and Cam go deeper into the store. I hear a muffled cry coming from my right and see Felix from 5 hiding in a pile of clothes, with tears coming down his face. I look at Scarlet, and she immediately knows what I want her to do.

"I'll keep Varina and Cam in the back," she says to me. I nod in appreciation. "Tara, don't shoot!" she yells as she moves towards the back of the store.

"Hi, Felix, right?" I ask the boy, inching towards him. He nods his head, but his eyes are full of fear.

"Please don't kill me," he begs.

"Don't worry. I'm not," I tell him reassuringly. He nods and starts to calm down.

"I don't want to hurt anyone," he mumbles, and then starts crying all over again. I put my arm around his shoulder and try to comfort him. I can hear Scarlet, Cam, and Varina coming closer.

"Why shouldn't we kill him?" Cam says.

"Yeah," Varina echoes.

"Just let Paula deal with him. Listen to her," Scarlet urges. I feel Felix tense up in my arms, and Scarlet, Varina, and Cam come into view. I smile at Scarlet, and mouth the words "Thank you". She smiles back.

"So, what's the deal with-" Cam begins.

"Felix," I say finishing her sentence, "He's going to join us. He's a great ally, very trustworthy, and he won't hurt any of us." Cam has a puzzled look on her face, Scarlet is calling Tara over, and Varina looks angry.

"Why can't we just kill him?" Varina shouts. I feel a pit in my stomach. I can't stand up to Varina. She might be a blondie with chicken pox, but she's scary. Scarlet can sense my uneasiness.

"Relax, Varina. He's harmless and anyone else on our side is good. Let's just get back to Victoria's Secret," Scarlet explains. Varina groans and walks with Scarlet back to the store, and I help Felix up.

"Thank you so much," he says to me as we walk ahead of Cam and Tara, who are speaking in hushed tones behind us.

"You're welcome," I whisper, rubbing his head. He's definitely older than me, but I feel as if I'm taking care of him. Maybe it will change. He stops walking and looks into my eyes. I can feel my heart beat faster. He's really cute, and sweet, and sensitive. He's the direct opposite of Ninten. I know he would never hit me, but it's the Hunger Games. Both of us can't make it out alone. I can't think of him in that way.

"I just have one question," he says, "Why do you want to save me?"

"I don't really know," I say honestly. He turns around, looking back at Finn's dead body before we enter Victoria's Secret. I have a feeling Felix, Scarlet, and I will be together until the end.

Izzy Wilds - District 4 - 5:44 P.M. - Early Evening

I'm on my break right now, and I look out the window of the mall. It's getting dark. I'm tempted to break the window and jump out, away from these annoying Careers, but Taylor already checked and I would fall straight to my death. 

"No one is coming. I think we can relax," Tori says, yawning.

"I bet the second we relax, someone will come. Just suck it up and guard your area," Taylor snaps. Taylor basically says what I say in my head out loud. I really like her. She's tough, angry, and unforgiving, just like me. The only main difference is that I stay quiet and she puts it all out there. As I lay down on a sleeping bag from the Cornucopia, I daydream about sailing in the crystal clear waters of District 4 with Alexandra and my parents. Sailing is my passion, but I haven't been able to do it since the incident. My daydream turns into a day-nightmare as a ship of pirates sails along my parents' sailboat. Two of them, armed with swords, jump onto their ships. Alexandra buries her head in my shirt and I scream at my parents to jump into the ocean. I see my father push one of the pirates down, as the other slashes my mother's chest. I scream, and then right as the pirate is about to kill my father, I feel something on my shoulder.

"Ahhh!" I scream, jolting awake.

"Geez," Strike says, "I'm on break. You're guarding Dairy Queen." I groan and walk towards the opening by Dairy Queen, ready to pounce on whoever comes by. "Try not to flip out," Strike says, taunting me.

"Fuck you," I mutter under my breath. Taylor hears me and chuckles a little bit. I grin at her, and shake my head. I know we're on the same page. Eventually we'll kill these guys and go off together. I just hope I can trust her enough not to backstab me.

"I wonder who the other cannon was for," Tazer says. As if on cue, the anthem plays and a projection of the Capitol seal shows up on the mall ceiling.

"Isn't it early for the anthem?" Tori asks.

"Yeah, they usually do it at midnight," Strike replies.

"Shut up," Taylor says, staring intently at the sky. First up is Titan, and then Scotio and Paige from 3. So the Capitol kids made it. Megan, Toby, Ryan, and Caellach appear in the sky next.

"Who the hell died?" Tazer says.

"SHUT UP!" Taylor screams. I giggle to myself. Syrina and Harrison appear in the sky next, making nine faces. The last is either Paula, Finn, or Tara.

"I bet it's Tara," Tori shouts.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU IF YOU DON'T SHUT YOUR FACE!" Taylor screams. That quiets them down. Finn appears in the sky, ending the anthem. No one says a word. Taylor made it really awkward.

"I guess if someone dies from now until midnight, they'll just put their face up in the sky alone," I say, breaking the silence. Taylor nods, and the other three don't move or say a word. Now I'm getting a little worried. It's like those three against Taylor and me. They could easily overpower us. I look at Taylor and mouth "We have to kill one."

She nods and mouths back, "Who?" I think for a second. Tori is the weakest, but she's not from either of our districts. Tazer is crazy and can go off at any second, and Strike pisses me off.

"Strike," I respond. She nods, and smiles menacingly. Once Strike dies, Tori and Tazer will be too scared to turn on us, and they won't have an extra person on their side. Plus, Taylor and I would beat them, so it's a win-win-win for us. 

"When?" Taylor mouths to me, rubbing her hands.

"Tonight," I reply. She starts to laugh wickedly, and the other three look at her like she's crazy, which I guess she is a little bit. But still, they have no idea that one of them won't survive the night. And I might have to kill my district partner. That should sicken me, but Strike has always bothered me, and when he teased me about when I jumped after he tapped me on the shoulder, I knew I would kill him eventually. No one teases or insults me and gets away with it. And I have a hunch Taylor is the same way. I stare at Strike, counting down the hours until his life ends.

Felix Shelsher - District 5 - 9:11 P.M. - Nighttime

"Felix," I hear in my ear. My eyes open, and I see Paula standing over me with a smile on her face.

"Hi," I whisper.

"Scarlet and I are leaving. Wanna come?" she asks. My eyes widen and I sit up. Scarlet is gathering supplies, Paula is standing over me, and the other three girls are sleeping soundly next to me. I don't want to leave. I feel comfortable here. I don't think they are going to hurt us. But Paula saved my life, and she's really cute.

"Sure," I answer. I cautiously stand up and tiptoe over the bodies of the other girls.

"Should we kill them?" Scarlet asks, eyeing Varina.

"No," Paula answers sharply. She is so kind and sweet. She doesn't even want to kill people in the Hunger Games.

"Why not?" Scarlet snaps back. Paula stutters, but looks down at the ground.

"Their cannons will wake the others up and I don't think we can take on Camellia and Varina," I answer.

"Why don't we each kill one simultaneously?" Scarlet proposes. I think for a minute. This is actually a smart idea. I look over at Paula and she is staring at the ground. I can tell she doesn't want to go through with this plan.

"Let's just go," I say. Normally, I would let Scarlet do whatever she wanted, being too shy to stand up for myself, but Paula seems to give me some kind of confidence. I'm not sure if it's because I like her, or if she likes me, or something else. But I like being around her, and that's all that matters right now. We take our supplies and sneak out of Victoria's Secret, soundlessly.

"Where should we go?" Paula asks. 

"Just not near the Cornucopia," Scarlet says, leading the way. We turn a corner and see the pathway to the Cornucopia.

"No!" I say, a little too loud. 

"Hey!" a voice yells.

"Run!" Scarlet screams. Paula, Scarlet, and I sprint back towards where we came from, hearing one set of footsteps behind us. I don't look back as we run, but Paula does.

"Wait," she says. Scarlet and I stop running.

"What?" Scarlet asks.

"No one's behind us."


"Looks like we're back at Victoria's Secret," I say, staring into the window at Camellia and Tara, waving to us.

"Uh oh," Scarlet mutters. Running now would be dumb. We could either run back into our previous attacker, or run into a trap and get killed by Cam, Tara, and Varina.

"Let's just go back," Paula says. We trudge back into Victoria's Secret, and sit down next to Camellia and Tara. Varina is still sound asleep.

"Where were you guys?" Tara asks, popping a few pills into her mouth.

"Oh, we saw a tribute running past, but we lost them," Scarlet says smoothly. Paula stares straight ahead. I can tell she's a bad liar.

"Oh, ok," Cam says, a little on edge. I can tell she doesn't believe us. There's an awkward silence for a while.

"I'm tired, good night," Paula mutters after a while. She lays down on the bed we made before out of fuzzy robes and blankets, and closes her eyes.

"I think I'll take watch the rest of the night," Cam says firmly.

"I will too," Scarlet chimes in.

"No. Tara will," Cam says coldly.

Day 2 - The Alliance Shift

Scarlet Pimpernel - District 10 - 4:00 A.M. - Dawn

Ditching the alliance yesterday was just a huge fail. We almost got killed by a Career, and we ended up right back where we started. Cam and Tara left once we fell asleep, like we thought they would. Right now, Paula, Felix, and I are awake, whispering as Varina sleeps. I really think we should kill her, but I know Paula won't want to kill her, and by default Felix won't either.

"So," I begin, trailing off. I look at Paula, and I can tell by the look on her face she doesn't want to kill Varina.

"Let's just see how she reacts when she wakes up. If she gets violent, we can, you know.." she asserts. I shrug and nod, knowing Varina will be really angry when she wakes up. We all kind of sit quietly and look around at each other. Suddenly, Varina moans in her sleep and wakes up.

"What time is it?" she asks.

"I dunno," Felix says, "We don't have watches." Varina sits up and looks around.

"Where are Cam and Tara?" she asks.

"About that," Paula begins, wanting me or Felix to finish her sentence.

"They ditched us. They ran away during the night," I tell her. Her eyebrows curl, and her already red-speckled face becomes even redder.

"What?!" she screams, "They left?! Without me?! Why?" She starts rambling on and on about how those three were close and planned on sticking it out together, and how Cam was so loyal. I look at Paula, and I eye the knife next to me that we took from Finn. 

"Wait," Paula says. Varina stops talking.

"What?" she snaps.

"I have a confession. Scarlet, Felix, and I were going to ditch last night, but someone came after us and we ran back here," she says quickly, "That's probably why Cam and Tara left. Cam is smart. She probably didn't trust us, and left with Tara."

"So you three were leaving without me, and Cam and Tara left without me?" Varina says, realizing she's on the outs of both groups.

"Yeah," I mutter. Paula's an idiot, as much as I love her. She shouldn't have told Varina that. I stare at Varina intently, waiting for her to lash out. But I'm shocked when she starts to cry.

"No one ever loves or accepts me. Ever since my damn father made me get these chicken pox, my life has been terrible. I ran away, people are always looking at me like I'm a freak, and my whole personality has changed," she cries out, burying her head in her hands. 

"It's ok, Varina. We're here for you now. We accept you," Paula says, comforting her. She rubs Varina's head as she continues to cry into her arms. I sigh. Varina isn't a trustworthy ally. Even though I feel bad for her a little, I still don't trust her. She would never hesitate to kill. Like me. I think that might be why I don't trust her. She's too much like me. I know what she's capable of. Betrayal. Deception. I will have to do both to Paula and Felix eventually. And Varina will do that too.

"We should probably move. Cam and Tara know where we are and can invade at any time," Felix says, while Varina is still crying her eyes out.

"He's right," I say, relieved someone finally said something that made sense. After Varina calms down, we gather our supplies and leave Victoria's Secret. We walk the opposite way we did last night. The mall is dark, aside from lights that line the hallways. We are really sitting ducks walking out here, because anyone in the dark stores around us has a clear shot at us. But hopefully no one is awake right now.

"How about here?" Felix asks, when we reach "Bed, Bath, and Beyond".

"Anything with the word bed in it sounds good," I say, imagining a huge, comfy mattress and pillow to sleep on.

"I agree," Paula chimes in. Varina remains silent. We walk into the brightly lit store and head to the bed section. I plop on a bed, and even though the lights are on, close my eyes. I think about my parent's dairy farm, back in District 10, when a BOOM wakes me up. The first thing that pops into my mind is that Varina turned on us and killed either Paula or Felix. And I'm next.

Izzy Wilds - District 4 - 5:16 A.M. - Early Morning

As I stare at Strike's dead body, I feel sad. And it's a weird sad. I'm not sad because I killed him, I sad because I'm not sad that I killed him. It's complicated, but I feel like I've become emotionless ever since my parents died. I mean my life back in 4 consists of hiding in caves, stabbing people in the legs and stealing their things, and robbing from people who leave their doors or garages open. What kind of person have I become? Is it really worth it to win and go back to that life? Then I think of Alexandria. My sister. I have to win for her. And plus, with the money, we won't have to live in poverty.

"What the hell, Izzy?" Tori shouts at me.

"What?" I snap back.

"Why'd you kill Strike? He was one of the strongest."

"No he wasn't. Taylor and I are the strongest."

"And what are Tazer and I?"

"Weak!" I scream, and storm out of the Cornucopia area down a hallway. I need to get away from these people, because they are right. I shouldn't have killed Strike.

"Izzy! Wait!" Taylor yells, chasing after me. It's crazy how Taylor is a bitch to people she doesn't like, and sweet to people she does. I turn around and she stops in front of me.

"Who cares what Tori says? She's weak. She's clever and sly, but she's weak. Tazer is crazy, but dumb. We can outsmart him. Now, relax. Let's just walk back in there and calm down. We need them as allies," she says. I stare at her, wondering if that last part was true. She laughs, answering my question, and I laugh too.

"Fine," I mutter. I follow her back into the Cornucopia area. Tori is eating a slice of pizza, and Tazer has his head under the ice cream dispenser in Dairy Queen, swallowing it as it comes out.

"Idiots," Taylor mumbles under her breath. I crack a smile, when I see a boy walking down the hallway towards us.

"Hey!" I yell. Tori and Tazer stop eating and look at where I'm pointing. Taylor notches an arrow into her bow.

"Wait," the boy says. I remember him from training. He was pretty damn good with tomahawks. Probably from 7.

"What?" Taylor snaps at him impatiently.

"I'm Axel, from 7. I've been watching you guys. You just lost one member. Seeing as you can't take breaks now when guarding the four hallways, I was wondering if I could fill in your extra slot," he says. I look around at my allies. Tazer looks too confused to think, Taylor looks angry, but Tori is smiling.

"Sure!" she says.

"Wait!" Taylor screams, "This is a group decision. Huddle up guys." Tazer, Tori, and I gather around Taylor.

"Why should we let him in?" I ask.

"We need another ally. He seems trustworthy, and he's cute," Tori says, giggling, "Plus, we can always kill him if he doesn't listen to us. You know, like you did with Strike." I flash her the dirtiest look I can muster. I really want to strangle her right now, but that would mean I am exactly like she says I am. A ruthless, cold killer, who has no concern for anyone. She's wrong.

"Alright, you're in," Taylor tells him. He smiles widely.

"Thanks!" he says.

"I'm taking the first break. Axel guard Auntie Anne's. Everyone else you know where to go," Taylor barks at us. I don't trust Axel. Or Tori. Or Tazer. Taylor is really the only one I trust. And that scares me.

Felix Shelsher - District 5 - 12:00 P.M. - Noon

I wake up on a plush mattress, laying next to Paula. I sit up and look around. Scarlet and Varina aren't here.

"Paula," I whisper, nudging her shoulder a little. She opens her eyes and looks at me. "Where are Varina and Scarlet?"

"I don't know, should we look for them?" she asks. I nod my head. We get up off the bed, and walk around the store holding hands. I've never really been in a relationship before, so this is all new to me.

"Scarlet! Varina!" I call. No response.

"Should we look outside?" she asks.

"No, I think we should just stay here and wait. It's safer," I respond. After waiting for what seems like an eternity, but was probably more like a half hour, the first cannon booms. BOOM And then another. BOOM And then one more. BOOM

"Oh God," Paula mutters, staring at the ground, "Those poor kids." 

"It's the Hunger Games. 27 of us will die. At least one of us two will.." I begin.

"STOP!" she yells, cutting me off. I'm surprised. I've never heard Paula yell. She doesn't seem like the yelling type.

"Sorry," I mumble. She starts cyring.

"I don't deserve to be here. I should be dead already. I'm not good enough," she cries.

"Of course you are!" I tell her. She continues to cry, and I rub her back. She calms down after a few minutes, and we wait in agony for Scarlet and Varina's return.

"Guys!" screams a female voice, bursting through the doors of Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I look past the rows of pillows between the entrance to the store and the bed we slept in and see Scarlet sprinting towards us.

"Scarlet!" I yell in glee. She runs and hugs us.

"Where is Varina?" Paula asks.

"Hold on," Scarlet says, panting, "I'll tell you everything." We wait for her to catch her breath. "Ok, so Varina and I saw the 11 boy and Brick from Varina's district walking past here, and Varina wanted to go after them. So, we snuck out and followed them down a hallway."

"That's too risky, Scarlet!" Paula says.

"I know, I know, but it's alright because I survived. Anyway, so we followed them down a hallway, and we weren't paying attention, and they walked right into the Careers at the Cornucopia!" she exclaims.

"Holy hell how did you make it out?" I ask her.

"Well the boy from 11 was killed quickly by the girl from 1, Taylor I think, but then Brick killed the boy from 1 with white hair," she explains.

"And..." I coax her.

"And then Brick had Tori in a headlock and his spear at the boy from 7's neck," she says.

"The boy from 7?" Paula asks.

"Yeah, apparently he's with the Careers. Anyway, Brick threatened to kill them if Taylor and the girl from 4.."

"Izzy," I interrupt.

"Yeah, Izzy. If Taylor and Izzy didn't kill me and then fight each other, he would kill them."

"Taylor and Izzy wouldn't care if Tori and the boy from 7 died though," Paula says.

"Exactly. But they went after me to make it seem like they were going along with the plan. But everyone forgot about Varina. She crept up behind Brick and stabbed him in the back. Taylor and Izzy were distracted by the cannon and turned around. Tori and the boy from 7 were thanking Varina, and Taylor asked her if she wanted to join them. Varina looked at me and I nodded. I wanted her to join. It'll help her win."

"So..." I say.

"So, Varina joined the Careers and I ran away back to you guys," she finishes. 

"Wow," Paula says. I feel the same way. And three more guys died today. That only leaves me and the boy from 7. The girls were really dominating these Games, and that makes me nervous.

Aramid Cruisebeam - District 8 - 4:07 P.M. - Early Evening

Wind's hand is feeling a little bit better. She can wield a weapon, but it hurts a little. We've been just sitting in this store, doing nothing pretty much. It isn't very smart, but Wind is injured, and no one has come so far. I stand up and play Super Mario Galaxy, some old game, on the demo console they have. I'm on the third world so far. I'm in the zone, about to win, when Wind whispers something.

"Aramid," she says.

"What?" I say loudly, without looking back at her.

"There are two people at the door with weapons," she mutters. I drop the controller and grab my axe. My stomach rumbles, as I stare down the two tributes, one boy and one girl, through the door of Gamestop. Both have blowguns, but they aren't pointing them at us. They are just holding them at their sides. Judging by the girl's hair, I think they are from the Capitol.

"May we come in?" she asks.

"Uh. I guess," I reply, wary of the two. They seem harmless, but then again, how harmless can you be in the Hunger Games?

"Thanks," the boy says, opening the door. They sit down near us, and Wind looks at them strangely.

"I know this is weird, but we need more allies. And you do too," the girl says.

"No I think we're good just us two," Wind says coldly. I flash her a look and she quiets down. I size up these two as they talk. The girl seems very artsy and introverted. She seems like she doesn't want to do the talking, but the boy can't. He seems very weak and battered down, and she is like a mother to them. I can tell by the way she stands near him, as if she is protecting him. But he's spiritually strong. He may be quiet, but I can tell he has a lot of mental endurance and has been though some hard times.

"Well, let me explain first and then you can make your decision," the girl says, "Oh, and I'm Candice and this is Sora." I smile at them a little.

"I'm Aramid and this is Wind," I tell her.

"Ooh. Those are pretty names! Are either of you from 7?" Candice asks. We shake our heads. "Damn," she mumbles, "Anyway, Sora and I, being from the Capitol, kind of heard some Gamemakers talking when we were waiting for our training session."

"How?" I ask. I don't believe them so far.

"Our holding room is right next to the Gamemaker's break room. So, we heard them talking about how they want these games to be quick because they are testing nuclear bombs not far from the arena, and they don't want one to go off by accident, and you know, end the games," she says confidently.

"Go on," I say. Her story seems believable, but rehearsed. She does seem creative too. Is she bluffing?

"There is going to be a feast soon. Probably tomorrow or the next day. And the Games will end at the feast. Sora, tell them what you heard," she says to him.

"I heard one Gamemaker say, 'The surprise we have in store for them at the feast will eliminate all but one. And that one will have to be the strongest physically, mentally, and emotionally,'" he says quietly. I look at Wind and her eyes are wide. She seems scared, and to be honest, so am I.

"Wow," I mutter.

"Yeah," Candice says, "We know. We've been dreading the feast ever since our training sessions. But we didn't want to tell anyone until we needed to. But the bottom line is that we can't beat the Careers with just two people. With four, we at least have a chance."

"You're right," I tell her, "I'm in."

"Me too," says Sora.

"Wind?" I ask expectantly.

"Alright, I'm in," she says. We put our hands together, and I feel safe for the first time in these Games. Candice and Sora seem loyal, and Wind is a genius. But there can only be one winner. I'll have to betray all of them eventually. And I'm sure Wind realizes that too.

Paula Twoson - District 12 - 6:57 P.M. - Evening

"So let's go over who's left," Scarlet suggests as we just sit on the bed in Bed, Bath, and Beyond, waiting for something to happen.

"Fine," Felix mutters.

"So first, the Capitol tributes are both alive. Right?" she asks.

"Oh yeah. I forgot about the Capitol boy. So there are actually three guys left," he says. He seems calmer. I don't know what's wrong with him. It's not like the girls are going to join together and kill the boys.

"Taylor from 1 is alive, and so is Victoria from 2," I say.

"Mm, hm. The 3 tributes died in the bloodbath, Izzy from 4 is alive, and obviously Felix from 5," Scarlet says, thinking.

"Wind from 6. Cam and the 7 boy, and the eight girl are still around," Felix says.

"Varina is the last tribute from 9, and Scarlet from 10," I say.

"The 11 tributes are dead, you are the last one from 12, and Tara is the last one from 13," Scarlet finishes/

"So that's," I say, counting in my head, "14. If there's a feast or something, we're screwed." Scarlet and Felix nod sadly. We have a weak alliance of three. Although we are tight, none of us are really that good at fighting. We're no match for the Careers. A feeling of dread comes over me. We're doomed. Felix seems to be reading my mind.

"Well, the Careers are really only Taylor, Tori, and Izzy. The boy from 7 won't kill us and neither from Varina," he says.

"Why do you think the boys won't kill us?" Scarlet asks laughing. I giggle a little too, and Felix smiles and shrugs his shoulders.

"In reality, there are four Careers. Varina probably won't hurt us, but the other four would in a heartbeat. Cam and Tara could be anywhere, and we haven't seen the other four at all," I muse, "They're probably allied. Or at least in pairs."

"Yeah, we're screwed," Scarlet says dejectedly. Just then, the doors of Bed, Bath, and Beyond open. I yelp, and Scarlet shushes me. We run and hide behind a bunch of blankets. Felix peeks out.

"It's Cam and Tara," he whispers.

"Oh shit," Scarlet mutters.

"Paula? Scarlet? Felix? Varina?" Cam calls out.

"Don't answer," Scarlet hisses.

"Hello?" Tara calls, "Come out!"

"Over here!" I say stupidly. Scarlet puts her hand to her face and tenses up. I pop out of the blanket, ready to be killed. What's wrong with me? Why am I so obedient? 

"Hey Paula," Cam says, "Where are the others?"

"That depends. Are you going to hurt us?" I say defiantly.

"No, we want to ally. You know I would never turn my back on my allies," she says.

"Well, you kinda ditched us," I mutter.

"True, but I'm back now. And so is Tara. We were always going to come back. We just needed a break. We need numbers for the feast. We overheard the Capitol tributes and the girls from 6 and 8 talking. The Capitol kids have insider information and the games need to end quickly. We need each other," she says, almost pleading. I really want to believe her, but something is making me reluctant. Felix and Scarlet pop out and stand up next to me.

"Oh hey guys. Where's Varina?" Cam asks.

"With the Careers," Scarlet says bitterly, "Where have you two been?" Cam narrows her eyes and gives Scarlet a cold stare. I can tell this won't be fun.

Taylor Slicer - District 1 - 11:30 P.M. - Dusk

The anthem begins to play, and our heads look up at the ceiling. The Capitol logo is projected, and Tazer, my idiot district partner, appears. At least the Gamemakers are doing this later than yesterday. Strike is next, followed by Brick and Daniel.

"I'm going to sleep," Axel announces and lays down.

"Me too!" Tori says, snuggling up next to him. Whore. The chicken pox girl sits in the corner of the food court Cornucopia area and sharpens her knives. She doesn't really know us. I mean we've only been allied for a few hours. It's pretty awkward for her. She might flip to her old alliance during the feast.

"Izzy," I whisper. She looks up and strolls over to me.

"What?" she asks.

"We need to get Varina on our side," I tell her, "She'll just flip back to the girl from 10 and her old alliance in the feast."

"Yeah, but why now? The feast won't be soon. It's only Day 2, well Day 3 soon." I sigh. I'm not sure if I should tell Izzy about the upcoming feast. During training, the District 1 holding room was right next to the Capitol holding room, and I heard Candice and Sora talking about what they were hearing on the other side of their wall. There was going to be an early feast, and it was going to be huge. That's why I need allies. 1 vs. 14 isn't going to go well. 5 vs. 9, who aren't even all allied, is much better. In fact, it's probably more like 5 vs. 3 vs. 4 vs. 2 or something like that. And if Varina defects, we only have 4. We need her.

"Whatever," I say to Izzy, deciding not to tell her about the feast, "I'm going to go talk to her." I casually walk towards Varina, put on a fake smile, and get ready to talk in my fake girly voice.

"Hey girl!" I say, ready to throw up from my own phoniness. She looks at me apprehensively.

"Hi," she mutters.

"So, who were you allied with before?" I ask, trying to mentally prepare myself for what I'll have to go through at the feast.

"Scarlet from 10, Felix from 5, and Paula from 12," she informs me. Good. Only a three person alliance. "Before, we were allied with Camellia from 7 and Tara from 13 too, but they ditched us." I can tell she's mad at them, so I probe further.

"When did they ditch? And how?" I ask her.

"They left during the first night while they were on watch. And I was supposed to go with them. We talked about it shortly after the bloodbath," she tells me.

"So it's only those two?" I ask.

"Well, I'm not sure. They could have allied with someone else or came back to Scarlet, Felix, and Paula. Cam is very loyal. I was shocked when she ditched. It probably ate her up. I wouldn't be surprised if they went back," she says nervously, "I'm actually scared that those five will team up. Cam and Tara are really good fighters. And Scarlet, Felix, and Paula are inseparable." Thoughts race through my mind. An alliance the size of the Careers is coming. Varina is closer to them than she is to us. That could be 6 vs. 4. That's not good.

"Listen, Varina, I know that you were close to them, but you can't trust the two that ditched," I say to her, planting what was probably already running through her head, "They didn't bring you for a reason. We are stronger than them, especially with your help. We can beat them." She looks up at me.

"You promise you won't turn on me?" she asks me. I smile at her.

"Of course I won't. Until the 9 non-Careers are dead, I won't lay a finger on you. We're a team. You have the best chance with us. And I'm going to let you in on a little secret," I say to her, leaning closer. I cup my hand around her ear and begin speaking again, "Tori and Axel are too close. Me, you, and Izzy might have to split them up, if you know what I mean."

"You mean like get them mad at each other?" she asks. I chuckle.

"No, I mean like kill one during the chaos at the feast," I say. Varina's eyes widen, but she nods her head.

"Ok, thanks Taylor," she says, smiling. I nod and walk away from her. I have the red-dotted girl wrapped around my finger. I'm going to win. No matter what.

Day 3 - Preparing for the Feast

Paula Twoson - District 12 - 3:22 A.M. - Dawn

I can't sleep. Cam and Scarlet are speaking in urgent, hushed tones, while Felix and Tara sleep. Last night was pretty bad. Cam and Scarlet basically had a screaming match, and I'm surprised no one came in and attacked us. I almost killed them. They calmed down a bit, but they're still talking to each other, even now, and it doesn't seem too friendly. I can catch a few sentences every now and then.

"If we did, we could win," I hear Scarlet say.

A few minutes later, Cam says, "Are you sure you want to?" What can they be talking about? Ever since Cam and Tara told us about the upcoming feast, I haven't been able to concentrate. Tomorrow would probably be the day where my life ended. I only have a 1 in 14 shot of surviving, and the amount of Careers left can only lessen that number.

"It'll be hard, but I can do it," Scarlet says. What the heck? I want to go over there and ask what they're talking about, but I can't. I too nervous and I'm not really good at, you know, talking to other people. Especially two strong personalities like Cam and Scarlet. So, I lay down, pretending to go to sleep, when I'm really listening for something from Cam and Scarlet's conversation. Eventually, I fall asleep, without knowing what those two were talking about.

Taylor Slicer - District 1 - 6:44 A.M. - Early Morning

"Ok, everyone, wake up!" I shout. Tori and Axel grumble and rub their eyes. Varina and Izzy stand up from their sleeping positions and walk over to me. I'm leaning against the counter of the Dairy Queen.

"What?" Tori asks.

"Shut up and listen. Ok, so we need to have a plan for the feast. Let's make one," I say.

"Why? The feast won't be for days," Tori complains.

"Just in case," I say angrily, "So, we should fight in groups."

"Me and Axel!" Tori says giddily.

"Alright, Tori and Axel will be one group. Izzy, Varina, and I will be the other," I announce, "Who are the biggest targets?"

"Camellia, Tara, Aramid, and Wind," Izzy says eagerly, like she wants to be the one making this plan, "We will go after Camellia and Tara. Victoria, Aramid and Wind are smart, I saw them in training. You and Axel have to be crafty when dealing with them."

"Got it," Tori says.

"What happens if it's only Careers left?" Axel asks.

"Then it's every man for himself," I say wickedly.

Felix Shelsher - District 5 - 10:05 A.M. - Late Morning

"Ok guys, we need a plan for this feast," Camellia announces, becoming a leader once again.

"Yes," Tara echoes, popping pills into her mouth.

"So, the major threats are obviously the Careers. Well, besides Varina," Cam says, "So, Tara, Scarlet, and I will go after the girls from 1, 2, and 4. Paula and Felix, you go after Axel. Think you can handle that?" She asked with such an elite tone, and it bothers me.

"Yeah, but what about Varina?" Paula asks.

"Don't worry about her. She isn't a threat," Cam says nonchalantly.

"Well, she's pretty pissed at you guys. I wouldn't be so sure she isn't a problem," I warn. Camellia thinks for a second, but decides to brush off the idea she has.

"Anyway, if the Careers are going after the other tributes, let them. The 6 and 8 girls are clever, and the Capitol tributes seem...ok. We need them gone too. So let the Careers do the dirty work if possible, and we will swoop in for the win. Sound good?" she asks us collectively. Tara and Scarlet say yes quickly.

"Wait. What if it comes down to just us?" Paula asks naively.

"Well. Then I guess we'll just have to fight it out. But hopefully it won't come down to that," she says smoothly. Cam is really a huge threat. And a scary one too. Paula, Scarlet, and I might have to take her down.

Aramid Cruisebeam - District 8 - 4:09 P.M. - Late Afternoon

"We're all gonna die," Sora says as Wind argues with Candice over feast plans.

"Shut up!" Wind screams at him.

"Why did we choose to ally with them?" Sora asks Candice.

"GUYS!" I scream. They all shut up. "We need to stick together and act as a team. We can't beat the Careers and the other tributes without each other. Right?" They all nod.

"But wouldn't it make more sense if we worked in pairs rather than one unit?" Wind asks.

"No, it would be better to work as a unit because, let's face it, were not strong enough to fight in pairs and win," Candice argues.

"Yes we are. Well Aramid and I are at least," Wind screams.

"You aren't hot shit! You think you are but you aren't!" Candice yells back.

"GUYS!" I scream again. They quiet down. I really don't know what to say. I actually agree with Candice, but if I say that, Wind will probably kill me.

"Let's just prepare both methods and adjust when we get to the feast," Sora says calmly. 

"Great idea!" I interject before Wind or Candice can say anything. We all nod and start planning out our every move for the feast.

Izzy Wilds - District 4 - 8:34 P.M. - Nighttime

We've already made our feast plans. Taylor and I are on watch. Tori and Axel are snuggled up at the mouth of the Cornucopia, and Varina is a couple yards away in a sleeping bag.

"Taylor, do you know something that I don't?" I ask, finally mustering up the courage to say something. Taylor has been planning for the feast like crazy, even when it's too early to have one.

"Yes," she mutters, "Izzy, the feast is tomorrow. I heard the Capitol kids talking, who heard the Gamemakers. I didn't tell you because I didn't want anyone else to find out."

"Oh," I say.

"But Izzy, I just want to say, before we go into battle tomorrow, that you've been a great friend. I've been training for these Games for years now, waiting for my chance to compete. I never thought I would actually make a great friend like you in the arena."

"Aww, thanks!" I say cheerfully. That just made my week, especially coming from a girl like Taylor.

"And Izzy, if I don't win tomorrow, I want you to," she says.

"I feel the same way," I tell her. We hug and sit together, with our weapons in hand. I think back to killing Strike, and feeling emotionless. But now, because the coldest girl in the arena, I feel like a normal person once again, like I've come out of my shell. I think I'm going to miss the arena, actually. But whether I'll be missing it back in District 4, or up in heaven (or down in Hell), will be determined tomorrow.

Scarlet Pimpernel - District 10 - 11:50 P.M. - Dusk

Only Tara and I are awake now. The rest are sound asleep.

"So, is what Cam told me true?" Tara asks.

"Yeah," I mumble softly. I'm ashamed of what I agreed to with Cam. But I have to think about what is best for me and my chances of winning. I can't die in this damn mall. I need to get out.

"It really will help us win. If everything goes according to plan, either me, you, or Cam will be victor," she snickers, laughing a little at the end. My conscience is telling me not to do this, my heart is telling me not to do this, but my brain is telling me to do this. And I have to listen to my brain.

"Yeah, probably," I admit. Tara smiles at me happily.

"I'm so glad we came back!" she says, and gives me a tight squeeze. A knot in my stomach forms as I look over at Paula and Felix, sleeping peacefully, wrapped in each other's arms. I can't believe that I'm going to go through with this.

I'm going to betray my closest allies.

Day 4 - The Pavillion Feast

Felix Shelsher - District 5 - 5:07 A.M. - Early Morning

A voice booms through the mall, waking us all up.

"Greetings, tributes! Because the Capitol is so generous, we will be holding a little gathering at the center pavillion of the mall. It is to the right of the food court. Please attend our special gathering! Who knows what will happen to you if you don't? Congratulations on making it this far, and good luck!"

"Let's go," Cam says urgently. We pack up our things, and walk towards the food court. Suddenly, the wall behind us crumbles to the ground, and loud noises around the mall can be heard. 

"Run!" Paula screams. We all break out into a sprint as we run towards the pavillion. Walls, signs, and stores are crashing down all around us as we run.

"We're not gonna make it!" Tara cries nervously, trying to put pills into her mouth as we run. She trips and falls, and tumbles to the ground.

"Tara!" Cam screams. 

"Keep running!" Scarlet cries, pulling Cam along. BOOM I look back, and Tara's body is barely visible amidst the rubble.

"She was my best friend!" Cam shouts angrily. We keep running. Suddenly, I see an open pavillion appear in the distance, with weapons laid all around. We reach the silver tiled floor, with various designs on it, and then two groups enter at opposite ends. The noise stops, and for a brief moment, there is silence. I look to my right, and see the Careers. To my left, three girls and a boy are picking up weapons off the ground.

"Get weapons!" I shout. My alliance scrambles to grab weapons off the floor, and the Careers charge. I stay close to Paula, and wait for Axel to approach us. But he doesn't. He runs towards the other alliance.

"What do we do?" Paula asks. I shrug. Then, a large whirring sound starts up and the center of the pavillion rises. Thirteen muttations, one for each tribute, rise out of the ground. Various shrieks sound throughout the arena. I look at all the muttations, and one starts running towards me. It looks like a human, but its movements are robotic. Then I see the face. It's Elloria, the girl who lived with me in 5 when my parents abandoned me. The girl who I loved like a sister, who I shared everything with, whose ring I took with me in the games. I look down at my hand and see it. And now, she's trying to kill me.

Well, it's not her, but a mutt version. The mutt Elloria smiles, revealing her sharp fangs, when another mutt catches up to her and runs next to her.

"Ninten!" Paula yelps. Oh God. She told me about him. That's her abusive boyfriend back home. I grab a machete off the ground, and run with Paula at our customized mutts. She fires arrows at the fake Ninten as we run, but they bounce off. Are these mutts indestructible? I reach Elloria and stab her in the stomach with the machete. The machete hits her metal surface and does not penetrate. Shit. I look over at the other tributes, and see Wind, the girl from 6. She leads her mutt to the hole in the center of the pavillion and jumps out of the way at the last second, sending it plummeting down through the hole. Genius.

"Follow me!" I yell at Paula. She's crying, but runs with me towards the hole. Sora from the Capitol, Aramid, from 8, and the Careers are doing the same.

I look back at the others. Scarlet is leading her's towards the wreckage of the mall around us, Candice from the Capitol seems to be losing her fight to her mutt, and Camellia's mutt is destroyed. A woman's robotic head is severed, with wires sparking all around. Cam looks unnerved, but alive. How the hell did she do that? Even the Careers didn't defeat their's. BOOM I flash a look at Scarlet, and her mutt is crushed in the wreckage. She is sprinting towards Camellia. Then I see the Capitol girl's mutt, which was a young boy, eating her body. Oh. She died. I look back at Elloria, and dive out of the way when she reaches me. She falls into the hole, along with about ten other muttations. That was a big fail on the Gamemakers part.

"Watch out, Sora!" I hear Aramid yell. I whirl around and see Victoria from 2 push him into the hole. BOOM That seems to set everyone off, and the real fighting begins.

Izzy Wilds - District 4 - 5:40 A.M. - The Feast

Victoria started all the fighting. Taylor, Varina, and I charge at Camellia, Scarlet, Paula, and Felix. Camellia and Scarlet rush forward at us. Camellia stabs Varina in the chest with her axe BOOM, and the two whiz by us towards the other tributes. 

"Damn it!" Taylor yells. BOOM I turn to see Aramid's spear in the body of Axel a few yards away. 

"Guess we didn't need to split them up," I say. Taylor and I rush towards them. Tori screams and jumps on Aramid. She tackles her to the ground, and for a weak girl, she sure is strong. She sinks her knife into Aramid's arm, and she yells in pain.

"Wind! Help!" she screams.

"Sorry!" Wind yells back as she battles Paula and Felix.

"Damn you!" Aramid screams just before Tori puts the knife straight into her face. BOOM She stands up, with crazy eyes.

"Nice work," Taylor says.

"Axel is dead!" she screams. She sinks down on the ground and buries her head in her hands. Taylor walks towards her with her hammer. Oh no. She can't do this. She leans down next to Victoria.

"There, there," she says, patting her back, "You'll see Axel soon."

"What?" Victoria asks, confused. Before she can figure it out, Taylor slams her hammer into the side of Victoria's head. BOOM Taylor is a heartless bitch. I'm lucky I got close with her.

"Let's do this!" she says confidently, as we run towards the last five tributes. Wind is on top of Paula, Felix is groggy and trying to stand, and Camellia and Scarlet are running towards them. This is it.

Paula Twoson - District 12 - 5:58 A.M. - The Feast

"Help!" I scream as Wind puts her whip around my throat. I try to fight, but she's stronger than me. Then, I feel her body get pushed off me and I unravel the whip around my neck. Felix and her are battling on the ground. I run towards them and sink an arrow into the back of Wind's neck. BOOM Phew. Felix's face is bloody and he has a deep cut in his arm.

"Paula," he whispers, "Thank you." I kiss him on the cheek and help him stand up. Taylor and Izzy stand a little in the distance, and Scarlet and Camellia are walking towards us.

"Let's beat them!" I say confidently to them. They keep walking. "Scarlet?" I say. She doesn't look at me. "Scarlet! What are you doing?" I yell. I flash a look at Felix. He's too weak to move. I then look at Taylor and Izzy, who look confused but pleased. Scarlet raises her knife to Felix's neck. I run at her, but she plunges it into him. BOOM

"How could you?" I scream, "He was...everything! And I thought you were my best friend! You are nothing but a two-faced, cold-hearted bitch. I hate you!" Scarlet's eyes become misty. She mouths the words I'm sorry. I don't even care as Camellia comes towards me, her bloody axe staring at me menacingly. I don't even want to win anymore. I don't want to go back to my old life with Ninten. My abusive, terrible life. I want to be with Felix. And as Camellia's axe slices into my chest, I get my wish. BOOM

Scarlet Pimpernel - District 10 - 6:07 A.M. - The Feast

I've become a monster. I can't believe what I just did. I killed my best friend's boyfriend, and watched as someone else killed her. But giving up now would mean that it's all for nothing. I need to win this. For Felix. For Paula. For me. Cam and I shuffle towards Izzy and Taylor, as they get their weapons ready. 

"Charge!" Cam screams. We run at them, as they run at us. Taylor comes at me, and Izzy at Camellia. We collide, and she's suprisingly thick. I guess it's all that muscle from training. She has me in a bear hug and I can't move my arms. She forces her elbow onto my hand, and I yell in pain. The knife I'm holding falls out of my hands, and I'm weaponless.

"Cam!" I scream. No response. Just shrieks coming from the two girls to my left. 

"So, you're almost as bad as me. Hell, you might be even worse than me," Taylor sneers, staring into my eyes. I try to move, but it's no use. I spit in her face, but she just laughs. "First you betray you're best friend, then you kill her boyfriend, and then you let someone else kill her. Hmph. I think you should have allied with me. We would've been close." 

"We would have never been close. You are a cold-hearted bitch. I'm...," I say, fading out, realizing that I am like Taylor. She laughs once more before driving her hammer into my eye. BOOM

Taylor Slicer - District 1 - 6:16 A.M. - The End

I stand up, staring at Scarlet's dead body. She won't be my last victim. I turn my head and see Camellia, kneeling on top of Izzy. She drives her axe straight into Izzy's head, splitting it in half. BOOM Blood spatters everywhere as Camellia stands up, over the body of my best friend.

"You killed my best friend," I mutter. She spits blood out of her mouth. Her green uniform is spattered with blood, mostly Izzy's and she has a wild look in her eyes.

"You think I want this?" she asks me. I'm surprised. I expected her to say something like, "Yeah, I did bitch. What are you gonna do about it?" But she didn't.

"Um," I utter, not sure of what to say.

"I never thought the Games would be like this. I thought I could stay with a group of people until the end and never betray anyone," she says loudly. I could kill her right now. But that would be sneaky. And something is keeping me from doing it.

"We all had to. It's a fight to the death," I tell her. Why am I comforting her?

"Paula and Felix never betrayed anyone. They died honorably. I can't die now. It will all be in vain." She raises her axe and I raise my hammer up in defense. She throws it at me and I dive out of the way. It clips my left arm, and blood gushes out, all over my icy blue jacket.

"You're dead, slut," I yell. Slut? That was the best I could think of? I run at her, through the searing pain in my arm and chuck my hammer at her head. BOOM She falls to the ground, and the trumpets sound.

"Congratulations, Taylor Slicer of District 1. You have won the 373rd Hunger Games!" the voice announces. I raise my right arm up in triumph and smile. I did it. I finally did it.


The Hunger Games did not change Taylor. She was still a cold-hearted, evil girl. However, she was an excellent mentor, and helped many District 1 tributes become victors. Taylor eventually married one of the tributes she mentored, named Lucas. He was the complete opposite of her, but they somehow fell in love. The two of them never had children though because they didn't want to put pressure on their children to win, as both of their parents would have been victors. She was always remembered as one of the most ruthless tributes to compete in the Hunger Games.

Death Chart

Place Tribute Day Killed Killed By Killed From
28 Paige Matthews 1 Taylor Slicer Hammer in Head
27 Scotio Wire 1 Taylor Slicer Hammer in Neck
26 Syrina Lacterus 1 Victoria Jones Knife in Back
25 Caellach Levenhire 1 Strike Flow Trident in Chest
24 Harrison Southstone 1 Tazer Williams Spear in Chest
23 Toby Williamson 1 Izzy Wilds Sword in Chest
22 Ryan Hale 1 Titan Mage Axe in Back
21 Titan Mage 1 Brick Hein Spear in Neck
20 Megan Land 1 Izzy Wilds Sword in Head
19 Finn Allstroke 1 Camellia Winchester Head in Counter
18 Strike Flow 2 Izzy Wilds Sword in Head
17 Daniel Tunde 2 Taylor Slicer Hammer in Head
16 Tazer Williams 2 Brick Hein Spear in Head
15 Brick Hein 2 Varina Tapora Knife in Back
14 Tara May 4 Mall Structure Crushed
13 Candice Vellum 4 Muttation Chewed
12 Sora Highkick 4 Victoria Jones Pushed into Hole
11 Varina Tapora 4 Camellia Winchester Axe in Chest
10 Axel Evergreen 4 Aramid Cruisebeam Spear in Chest
9 Aramid Cruisebeam 4 Victoria Jones Knife in Head
8 Victoria Jones 4 Taylor Slicer Hammer in Head
7 Wind Settle 4 Paula Twoson Arrow in Neck
6 Felix Shelsher 4 Scarlet Pimpernel Knife in Neck
5 Paula Twoson 4 Camellia Winchester Axe in Chest
4 Scarlet Pimpernel 4 Taylor Slicer Hammer in Eye
3 Izzy Wilds 4 Camellia Winchester Axe in Head
2 Camellia Winchester 4 Taylor Slicer Hammer in Head
Victor Taylor Slicer ------------- ------------------------- ---------------------

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