Cloveismywife 03:15, April 14, 2012 (UTC)

This is the first ever mentor games!!!!!

This is different than the usual sponsor/user games because instead, you are mentoring the tributes, giving them advice on what to do in the arena, telling them what to say in their interviews, and obviously, getting sponsors.


So, there are 30 tributes and 30 sign-ups available. Each person will be assigned a random tribute, and will focus on mentoring them. When they die, you are out, so make smart decisions.

You have $500 to spend and may send your tribute weapons, supplies, and notes. Some are mandatory. For example, you must tell your tribute before the games whether or not to go to the cornucopia, who to align with, and where to go in the arena. You will be prompted to give them different pieces of advice through notes as the games progress. All of these notes should be in the comments area, visible to everyone. (Pay attention to where other tributes are going and whom they are aligning with and make decisions accordingly) Also, past games will affect who can be in alliances with whom. (Example: Thresh and Clove are not going to align)

(Note: Giving them notes such as “kill this tribute” will not work)

Please sign up!! It will be very fun and I will update every day.

Money Bonuses

$50 per kill

$50 for top 20

$100 for top 10

$150 for top 5


Name District Skills Training Score Mentor
Annie Cresta 4 Knot tying, fishing 5 Kmarble12


3 Electric Attacks 7 RueLavinia
Blight 7 Axe Fighting 6 Wikia Contributor B
Brutus 2 Hand-to-Hand Combat 9 Henryjh98
Cashmere 1 Knife Fighting 10 Wikia Contributor C
Cato 2 Sword Fighting 11 KEWLBEN
Cecelia 8 Knife Fighting 4 Hungersisters1108
Chaff 11 Sword Fighting 7 Wikia Contributor D
Clove 2 Knife Throwing 11 Haybernathy
Enobaria 2 Teeth Attacks, Hand-to-Hand 10 SuperStripe100
Female Morphling 6 Camouflage 3 LittleRedCrazyHood
Finnick Odair 4 Trident Fighting, Knot Tying 10 Ummy2000
Foxface 5 Survival Skills, Intelligence 5 Miles731
Glimmer 1 Bow and Arrow 9 Thresh45
Gloss 1 Knife Fighting 9 Rue district11
Haymitch Abernathy 12 Knife Fighting 8 Rose Hathaway
Johanna Mason 7 Axe Throwing 11 QuinnQuinn
Katniss Everdeen 12 Bow and Arrow 11 FinnickMellark
Lyme 2 Knife Fighting 6 SWZala
Mags 4 Trap Making 2 Tatertot623
Male Morphling 6 Camouflage 3 Shadow Seer
Marvel 1 Spear Throwing 10 Foxface911
Maysilee Donner 12 Blow Gun 8 CallamD97
Peeta Mellark 12 Strength, Camouflage 8 Ravenclaw Eagles14
Rue 11 Climbing, Plant Identification 7 FinnickisBOSS
Seeder 11 Plant Identification 4 Wikia Contributor A
Thresh 11 Strength, Sword Fighting 11 Fire144
Wiress 3 Survival Skills, Intelligence 5 Srish3211
Woof 8 Knife Fighting 5 Chirochibechirt
Madge Undersee 12 Knife Fighting, Intelligence 6 MadrigalMagic

The tribute is only as good as the mentor.

Signups/Money Left

Name Tribute Money
Srish3211 Wiress -----
Kmarble12 Annie -----
Henryjh98 Brutus -----
Wikia Contributor A Seeder -----
Rose Hathaway Haymitch -----
Tatertot623 Mags -----
QuinnQuinn Johanna -----
Ravenclaw Eagles14 Peeta -----
CallamD97 Maysilee -----
RueLavinia Beetee -----
Shadow Seer Male Morphling -----
Wikia Contributor B Blight -----
Wikia Contributor C Cashmere -----
Miles731 Foxface -----
FinnickMellark Katniss -----
SuperStripe100 Enobaria -----
Thresh45 Glimmer -----
LittleRedCrazyHood Female Morphling -----
KEWLBEN Cato -----
SWZala Lyme -----
Hungersisters1108 Cecelia -----
Foxface911 Marvel -----
Rue district11 Gloss -----
Wikia Contributor D Chaff -----
Madrigalmagic Madge -----
Chirochibechirt Woof -----
FinnickisBOSS Rue -----
Ummy2000 Finnick -----
Fire144 Thresh -----
Haybernathy Clove -----


Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $50

Mace: $125

Matches: $50

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Poison: $25

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rope: $25

Sleeping Bag: $75

Soup: $50

Spear: $100

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Wire: $50


District 1: Glimmer and Cashmere come out wearing skin tight white jumpsuits covered with precious gems that glitter and sparkle. Marvel and Gloss have white suits with gem-studded ties.

District 2: Clove, Enobaria, and Lyme are wearing gold, sleeveless dresses and gold tiaras. Cato and Brutus have golden wings on with a black suit and gold tie.

District 3: Wiress and Beetee come out dressed as clocks.

District 4: Finnick is dressed up as a shark, Annie a dolphin, and Mags a whale. Their chariot is blue and wavy.

District 5: Foxface comes out alone in a sun costume.

District 6: The Morphlings come out dressed as cars.

District 7: Johanna and Blight come out as: you guessed it, trees.

District 8: Cecelia and Woof come out with plain white clothes, but there is a projector on their chariot that projects their reapings onto their clothes, acting like a screen. Cecelia is shown saying goodbye to her kids and Woof to his wife.

District 11: Rue, Thresh, Seeder, and Chaff come out dressed as farmers with pitchforks, overalls, and plaid shirts.

District 12: Katniss, Madge, and Maysilee have on black leotards with coal miner hats. Peeta and Haymitch have black-dusted skin and are wearing only shorts.

The Capitol clapped the most for Districts 1, 2, and 8.


You may choose ONE of these five questions and answer it. Your tribute will then give this answer to Casear and the Capitol citizens will choose their favorite accordingly.

Mentor Instructions

1. Tell me about your reaping.

2. How did you prepare for the games?

3. What do you think about this year’s tributes?

4. What qualities do you have that will help you win the games?

5. How is the Capitol different from life back in your home district? Which do you like better?

1st Crowd Favorite - $200 money bonus - Male Morphling

2nd Crowd Favorite - $100 money bonus - Haymitch Abernathy

3rd Crowd Favorite - $75 money bonus - Clove

4th Crowd Favorite - $50 money bonus - Johanna Mason

Completed Interviews

Annie Cresta

Caesar: How did you prepare for the games?

Annie: Well, kmarble and I both won so we did some exclusive training together.


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Beetee: I was very surprised to be reaped, and also a little worried. However, my electrical skills should help me win again if I can hone them in the games.


Caesar: How is the Capitol different from life back in your home district? Which do you like better?

Blight: Back home, there are many trees and forests. Everything is very natural. Here, everything is beautiful, yet manmade. I am not sure which I like better.


Caesar: How did you prepare for the games?

Brutus: I practiced with as many weapons as I could and I'm pretty decent with each one.


Caesar: How did you prepare for the games?

Cashmere: I've been working on my knife skills, and I'm a ruthless, killing machine.


Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Cato: They're beautiful and handsome but I'm the most handsome...but this year I'm gonna kill lots of tributes... and I'm gonna karate them! I practiced Karate, Judo, and Tae Kwon Do. Isn't it obvious?


Caesar: How is the Capitol different from life back in your home district? Which do you like better?

Cecelia: Back in my district I had to provide for my family and work hard for every meal. Here in the Capitol everything is always provided. Even though O have to work hard for money I still love my district where I belong with my family.


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Chaff: I volunteered because I know I'm going to win. I'm just like Thresh.


Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Clove: I think they're all rather interesting. However, I'd be interested to find some as brutal as me. Some seem a bit weak, so It might be interesting - or hilarious, in some cases - to see how they cope in the bloodbath.


Caesar: How is the Capitol different from life back in your home district? Which do you like better?

Enobaria: Hmm... I think I prefer it back in 2, although the Capitol is nice, it's so colorful and bright! Everyone is so..unique!

Female Morphling

Caesar: How is the Capitol different from life back in your home district? Which do you like better?

Female Morphling: The Capitol is amazing, wonderful and extravagant! It's beautiful here and so high-tech and the people are so nice! But I still prefer my home better because, well, it's my home.

Finnick Odair

Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Finnick: I think that this year should be very interesting. Some of the tribute's have very wierd names such as Woof or Foxface.


Caesar: How did you prepare for the games?

Foxface: For my games I did some brain puzzles, quizzes, and knive throwing. I also got to know the good people of the Capitol.


Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Glimmer: I'm not worried at all about them. I know I can take every single one of them down, no problem. I cannot wait until I get into the arena.


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Gloss: Well I volunteered because I knew i was going to win. After all I am a career, I have been training my whole life for this so i think I will have a chance at winning!

Haymitch Abernathy

Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Haymitch: Well, I can't say they're all stupid. I mean, one of them actually goes by the name Foxface; should count for something, right? And let's just say there're a lot of young guns here as competition, but that doesn't mean they've got the smarts, or the tenacity to make it. Besides, you want a way with alliances? You team up with NO-ONE.

Johanna Mason

Caesar: What qualities do you have that will help you win the games?

Johanna: For one thing I am freaking epic and I can do anything. I am insane with an axe and if you don't watch out I will kill you in your sleep. Enough said.

Katniss Everdeen

Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Katniss: Well, Effie called my sister Prim's name, and there was no way I was going to let my sister go into the games. Even if she won she would be haunted her entire life. It was just too emotional. So I volunteered to save her life, but now that I think about it, I just pretty much committed suicide.


Caesar: What qualities do you have that will help you win the games?

Lyme: I'm strong, agile, dedicated, and smart. All these things will give me a really good chance in winning. I will also follow my mentor's advice and use my instincts, of course. And I'm telling you, Caesar. I don't intend on losing.

Madge Undersee

Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Madge: Oh...gosh. I never expected to be reaped. In district 12, the tessera program is so heavily used that my odds of getting reaped were less than 10, 000 to 1. I would go to reapings, just like everyone else and think to myself "oh how lucky I am that I will not be chosen as tribute." not because it isn't an honor, but that the odds, unlike in the reaping, are not in anyone's favour. (23 to 1) if I was unlucky in the reaping with the bad odds so small, with the bad odds stacked so high against me - I am terrified.


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Mags: It was good I guess. People were upset that me an old woman is going. Some little girls cried so did my granchildren. This world is sad and dreadful. The reaping added to that. I had Finnick support me though. He is a kind young man. He is my family pretty much. I hope to help him.

Male Morphling

Caesar: How is the Capitol different from life back in your home district? Which do you like better?

Male Morphling: Well, life back home is nice, being a victor and all. Even still district 6 is a bit dull, there's not much to do, see, or paint really. Here in the capitol, everything is so... Alive. Vibrant colors, magnificent shapes, and interesting people. I quite like it here in the capitol. It's so different and exciting, there's always something going on. Always a picture to paint. Always someone new to meet. Don't get me wrong though, I do love home. It's just, the capitol is beautiful and stunning. I'll be sad to say goodbye to it. I also hope I can make my little baby girl proud...


Caesar: How did you prepare for the games?

Marvel: I worked on my spear skills. Now, I never miss a target. Ever.

Maysilee Donner

Caesar: How is the Capitol different from life back in your home district? Which do you like better?

Maysilee: First, the people here all look wonderful. They're so amazing. I love their fashion sense! I like it here better.

Peeta Mellark

Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Peeta: Whats to tell. Im used to getting Reaped by now. This is the third time for me getting reaped. But I know I'm not going to win these Games because I will let Katniss kill me.


Caesar: How is the Capitol different from life back in your home district? Which do you like better?

Rue: I like all the people here. They're so kind. I miss my family though.


Caesar: What qualities do you have that will help you win the games?

Seeder: I am very resourceful and can make something out of nothing. I am also great at making friends, and I can be a real asset to an alliance.


Caesar: What qualities do you have that will help you win the games?

Thresh: Good question. To be honest, I think I am one of the strongest tributes this year - and that could possibly come to my advantage. I definitely learned a lot in training, so I might do some damage with a few weapons. But when it comes to smarts, I, uh ... let's just say I could be in some trouble.


Caesar: How did you prepare for the games?

Wiress: We don't train for the games in 3 and I thought chances of me getting reaped were minute, as I never volunteered for the tessarea. I am totally unprepared. And this year, the tributes seem like a hard bunch. I don't think I'll win. I especially don't think I can kill Beetee. I know him. Killing a person is always hard, but if you know that's a thousand times harder. I sometimes prefer machines over people - when you break a machine, you can still fix it, or make a new one, but when you a break a person...he can't be fixed. I'm going into the games with just one thought in my head - I will make my district proud, or die trying.


Caesar: How did you prepare for the games?

Woof: I spent a lot of time at the survival skills station. I hope that all of my hard work will come through in the arena.


The arena is split into five sections. The first is the cornucopia in the center. It has a limited number of supplies and weapons. The basic supplies are on the outside, and the weapons are farther inside. The cornucopia is on grass and there is a shallow river surrounding it. The four remaining parts surround the cornucopia and are equal in size. The second section is a salty ocean with an island about 90 yards in, covered with trees, vegetation, and animals. There is also a small creek on the island. The third section is a hot savannah with low grass, tall trees, animals, and very little cover. There is a large lake on the border of the savannah section and the forest section. The fourth section is a forest with trees nearly everywhere. There are animals that live in the trees, but being on the ground in this area leaves you very vulnerable. The last section is a volcano surrounded by a lush meadow with tall grass that provide good cover. There are edible plants throughout, but the only water source is the stream that borders the cornucopia area.

Before the games

1. Follow the instructions in the Interview section and leave your question and answer for your tribute in the comments. Do not make up something about the tribute that is proven wrong. (Example: Katniss is the oldest of 14 siblings.) However, if not much is known about the tribute, you can make it up. (Example: Lyme's mother died during childbirth.)

2. Tell your tribute whether or not to take weapons from the cornucopia. You can tell them to take meager supplies, go straight for the weapons, or just run away. This is VERY important.

3. Tell your tribute where to go in the arena. You may choose any of the 5 sections: Cornucopia, Ocean, Savannah, Forest, or Volcano. However, you may not choose the Cornucopia section if you did not send your tribute to the cornucopia during the bloodbath.

4. Tell your tribute who to ally with, if anyone. Just make a list of allies that your tribute should ally with if they come in contact with them. Previous relationships will come into play, so allying Katniss with the Careers would surely get Katniss killed. (Note: You may not just say "Careers" or "District 12", you have to name each tribute that you want your tribute to ally with.) You may choose to ally with no one.

You have until today (April 17th) until April 22 to do these four things. If everyone does them before then, I will start early. If you do not do this, you will get replaced or I wil do it for you.

During the Games

1. Give your tribute gifts that they need. If they are weaponless, itemless, or hurt, they will need supplies. I will be posting what each tribute's status is once the games start to make it easier.

2. I will be posting various notes throughout the game that you must give to your tribute. You can give them any additional notes throughout as well, such as "Ditch your alliance" or "Run to the savannah" or "Hide in a tree", but these are not required.

3. If your tribute dies at any point, you are out. I am not going to favor any tributes or kill off any tributes purposely. It all depends on what each mentor does, so make smart decisions.


All of these notes should be posted in the comments section. All questions should also be in the comments section. Thank you and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Current Status



Katniss Victor
Cecelia Runner-Up

Madrigalmagic - Madge - Knife, Canteen, Dried Meat - $225

Rose Hathaway - Haymitch - Knives [2], Wire - $150

Kmarble12 - Annie - Bow, Quiver of Arrows [12], Water, Dried Meat, Rope - $400

FinnickMellark - Katniss - Bow, Quiver of Arrows [12], Water, Posion - $300

Shadow Seer - Male Morphling - Posion, Dried Meat, Knife, Blanket - $200

Fire144 - Thresh - Knife - $50

Hungersisters1108 - Cecelia - Neosporin, Dried Meat, Knife, Bread - $325

KEWLBEN - Cato - Rope, Net, Wire - $200

SWZala - Lyme - Knife, Canteen - $150

Srish3211 - Wiress - Wire - $50

Rue district11 - Gloss - Knife, Sword, Blanket - $225

Tatertor623 - Mags - Net - $125

CallamD97 - Maysilee - Blowgun, Darts, Posion, Knife, Water - $300

FinnickMellark - Katniss - Bread, Soup - $100

Ummy2000 - Finnick - Trident - $275

Rose Hathaway - Haymitch - Spear, Sleeping Bag - $175

Wikia Contributor D - Chaff - Sword, Axe - $275

LittleRedCrazyHood - Female Morphling - Canteen, Poison, Knife - $175

Shadow Seer - Male Morphling - Canteen - $100

Miles731 - Foxface - Wire, Knife, Bread - $150

FinnickMellark - Katniss - Water - $100

Shadow Seer - Male Morphling - Soup, Paddles - $100

QuinnQuinn - Johanna - Instant Relief - $400

KEWLBEN - Cato - Wire, Matches, Poison [2] - $150

CallamD97 - Maysilee - Net, Bread, Soup - $225

Shadow Seer - Male Morphling - Blowgun - $100

Hungersisters1108 - Cecelia - Bread, Water - $150

Rose Hathaway - Haymitch - Water, Dried Meat - $175

KEWLBEN - Cato - Neosporin - $150

FinnickMellark - Katniss - Bread, Dried Meat - $125

Shadow Seer - Male Morphling - Darts, Dried Meat, Water - $200

Rose Hathaway - Haymitch - Instant Relief - $400

Srish3211 - Wiress - Dried Meat, Water - $175

KEWLBEN - Cato - Dried Meat, Water, Rope - $200

Hungersisters1108 - Cecelia - Knife - $50

Shadow Seer - Male Morphling - Soup, Axe - $200

SWZala - Lyme - Knives [4], Bread, Dried Meat - $325

Hungersisters1108 - Cecelia - Soup, Rope - $75

SWZala - Lyme - Instant Relief - $400

Hungersisters1108 - Cecelia - Poison - $25

FinnickMellark - Katniss - Quivers [3] of Arrows [36], Knife, Rope, Poison - $175

Hungersisters1108 - Cecelia - Blowgun, Darts, Posion, Bread - $200

The Games

(The day posts will be lengthy because I want to say where each tribute is located and what they are doing)

Day 1


The tributes are on their launch pads. The cornucopia is filled with supplies and weapons. The countdown is at 10 seconds. 10....9....8....7....6

Blight put his arms at his side when his tribute token, a bracelet from his home district, slipped off of his wrist and hit the launch pad. It blew up and killed him instantly. The countdown continued 5....4....3....2....1

The tributes dashed off of their launch pads. Peeta, Rue, and Madge immediately ran into the forest area without grabbing any supplies. Haymitch grabbed a backpack and a knife. Brutus came charging after him, but he sidestepped and stabbed Brutus in the heart. His cannon sounded. Then Haymitch ran into the forest area.

Cecelia grabbed a canteen and a sleeping bag and the Morphlings each grabbed a backpack. They ran towards the ocean. The Morphlings dove in immediately, but Cecelia stopped to fill up her canteen with water at the stream. Glimmer shot her with an arrow in the leg. She pulled it out, and limped into the ocean with a full canteen. Glimmer shot another arrow, but missed.

Foxface picked up a large backpack, and Cato lunged his sword at her. She rolled and dodged it and ran into the savannah. Chaff and Thresh both grabbed the same backpack as each other, and decided very quickly to form an alliance. They ran to the nearest area of the arena, the savannah.

Maysilee grabbed a canteen filled with soup and some rope while Katniss grabbed a bow and arrow. Marvel came charging after Maysilee with his spear, but Katniss reacted quickly and shot him in the head with an arrow. His cannon sounded, and Katniss and Maysilee sprinted into the forest, with Wiress chasing after, carrying a blowgun and darts, hoping to make an alliance with Katniss and Maysilee.

Annie grabbed a knife and a net while Finnick grabbed two small vials and a sword. It wasn't a trident, but it was good enough. Cashmere approached them, thinking they were Careers, but Annie slit her throat with a knife. The other Careers reacted quickly, hearing her cannon, so Finnick and Annie bolted into the ocean, and the Careers let them go because they knew they would never catch up.

Beetee was hiding in the Cornucopia with some wire and a rope. Just then, Clove appeared and threw a knife at his head, killing him instantly. His cannon sounded. Woof and Seeder were fighting over a sword, when Enobaria snapped Seeder's neck. Woof tried to run away, but Lyme had already stuck a knife into his back.

Johanna picked up a box of bread and some axes. She threw one at Glimmer and it connected with her head. Glimmer's cannon sounded and Johanna bolted into the volcano area, since she knew that the Careers were after her and it was the closest area.

Mags had grabbed a backpack and a sword, and ran unnoticed into the volcano area after Johanna. Gloss caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of his eye, but let her go.


Katniss and Maysilee accepted Wiress into their alliance, and the three are up in trees in the forest alternating sleeping and keeping watch.

Peeta, Rue, and Madge have no supplies and are wandering around looking for Katniss and the others in the forest, hoping they do not find enemies.

Haymitch is on his own, hiding in a bush in the forest near the lake.

Thresh and Chaff are under a tree in the savannah, examining the contents of their small backpack.

Foxface found a ditch in the savannah near the lake and is hiding there alone.

Cecelia and the Morphlings made an alliance and are on the island in the ocean, near the stream. Cecelia has a bloody hole in her leg and could use some medicine.

Annie and Finnick are on the opposite side of the island nearest the Cornucopia.

Johanna and Mags have formed an alliance and are sitting in the meadow near the volcano, scoping out the Careers.

The Careers who are remaining, Cato, Clove, Enobaria, Gloss, and Lyme, are going through their supplies and made camp in the Cornucopia. (Look at the current status section for what supplies each tribute has, so the mentors know what they have and what they need.)

Day 2

Katniss, Wiress, and Maysilee were still up in the trees. They had enough food and water, and each of them had weapons. Katniss had a bow and arrow and Maysilee and Wiress had a blowgun, and Maysilee taught Wiress how to use it. They also had posion to dip their darts and arrows in.

Haymitch used wire from his mentor to create a trap hidden among the bushes near the lake. Whenever someone walked past, they would be entangled in a wire and leaf mesh.

Madge recieved supplies from her sponsor, but Rue and Peeta still needed resources. The two searched for water. As they approached the lake, they sighed in relief. Suddenly, Peeta walked right into Haymitch's trap, and was immediately encased in wire and leaves. Rue jumped back, surprised. Before she could react, Haymitch popped out of the bush and stabbed Peeta in the heart. His cannon sounded and Rue ran away as fast as she could, as she had no weapons. Once she reached Madge, she told her that Haymitch was a traitor to District 12.

The Morphlings and Cecelia were still doing well on the island. Cecelia's leg wound had improved and she could now climb into a tree. The three of them were sleeping in trees, only coming down to get water from the stream.

Johanna and Mags were still in the meadow, plotting to attack the Careers.

Foxface was scurrying around the savannah when she saw Thresh and Chaff sleeping under a tree 10 yards away. She saw their canteen, something she needed to fill up water from the lake. On tiptoe, she waltzed over to their supplies soundlessly, grabbed the canteen, and ran. Chaff and Thresh stayed sound asleep. Foxface left them with one knife each. That's it.

Meanwhile, Annie was trying to convince Finnick that they needed to leave the island and go to the forest to team up with Katniss. After arguing for a while, Finnick consented and the two started their journey across the ocean, hoping not to disturb the Careers. Annie had her bow and arrow ready, although she did not really know how to use it. Finnick had his sword out. They reached the shore and moved towards the forest. Just as they were about to approach the stream, Gloss came running out with a mace towards the duo. Annie released an arrow, but missed. Gloss swung his mace and hit Annie in the head. Her cannon sounded. Gloss smiled, knowing he avenged his sister. Finnick was furious, and was about to fight Gloss when he saw Cato and Lyme approaching. He bolted into the forest and evaded the Careers. He finally sat down and cried his eyes out, knowing he had lost his love. Madge and Rue looked on from behind a nearby rock, and decided to comfort him, as they were greiving from the loss of Peeta. The three made an alliance.

(everyone gets + $50 for top 20)

Day 3

The day started off with Finnick, Madge, and Rue searching for Katniss. They were keeping their eyes peeled for Haymitch as well. Suddenly, Rue heard Katniss whistle her four note tune from a tree. She looked up and saw Katniss waving. Maysilee was in a tree to the right and Wiress to the left. Rue immediately climbed up a tree nearby, excited she finally found her allies. Madge climbed up a different tree. Finnick wasn't paying attention. He put his sword with the blade facing up in between two rocks and left it there, as he only needed his trident now. He began climbing the same tree as Rue. His weight made the relatively small tree shake, and Rue fell out, right onto Finnick's sword. Once her cannon sounded, Finnick dropped down from climbing and ran, thinking his alliance would turn on him.

Meanwhile, Cato has been putting wire around the stream of the Cornucopia, making each tribute who tried to get some water trip and fall. Johanna and Mags were watching and thought it would be a good time to ambush the Careers. They ran out into the open and jumped over the wire. Enobaria was sleeping on the ground, while Clove, Gloss, and Lyme were helping Cato make his trap. Mags stabbed Enobaria through her heart and her cannon sounded. The other Careers ran back to Enobaria just as Finnick came out of the forest and tripped on the wire. They did not notice however, as they were more focused on Johanna and Mags. Mags and Johanna knew they could not win, so they retreated back into the volcano area, but not before one of Clove's knives hit Johanna's leg. She fell to the ground and Mags pulled her the rest of the way, exhausted. Johanna had a huge gash on her leg and needed medicine. The Careers turned back to find Finnick standing there. They had their weapons ready, but Finnick explained he wanted to be with them since the start, but Annie did not want to, so he went with her. They accepted him into their alliance.

Foxface had placed a wire around her ditch similar to Cato: it tripped anyone who walked into it. She was sleeping near some bushes when Thresh and Chaff approached. Thresh tripped over the wire and made a thud. Foxface woke up and knew she couldn't take the two on by herself. She thought quickly and used her matches to set the bushes on fire. They caught immediately and Foxface grabbed her canteen and knife and dove into the lake, hoping to escape to the forest. Thresh was tangled in the wire, and could not get up. The fire was spreading and he was engulfed in flames. Chaff tried to pull him out, but he didn't want to risk losing his life. After a long, painful death, Thresh's cannon sounded.

The Morphlings and Cecelia were still on their own on the island, but they noticed the island was getting smaller and smaller each day. The tide was coming in higher and higher, shrinking the island.

Haymitch saw Foxface on the other side of the river, and hid under some leaves, waiting for her to arrive.

Day 4

Foxface was about 10 yards from the lake shore when Haymitch heard a noise. He saw Katniss, Wiress, and Maysilee walking with their poison-tipped weapons. They were talking about how Madge was a coward and ran away when they decided to hunt for Haymitch. Haymitch realized that he could not beat the three of them alone. If he stayed where he was, he would kill Foxface, but most likely be killed by Katniss, Wiress, or Maysilee. If he left, he wouldn't get any kills. He decided to run. He put his sleeping bag over his body and ripped the bottom off so he could put his legs through. He ran and was pretty far away when the three girls saw him. Katniss shot an arrow, but it didn't have enough force and the sleeping bag blocked it. Foxface saw the encounter and stayed underwater for as long as she could. When she came up, Katniss was aiming an arrow at her head. She released the arrow and Foxface's cannon sounded.

Madge was running away to the volcano area where she found Johanna and Mags. She started crying and asked to join them. Johanna was hesitant, but Mags allowed her to join. Johanna's leg was all better and the three were thinking about what to do next.

Haymitch was near the border of the forest and the volcano, looking at his supplies.

Katniss, Wiress, and Maysilee went back up to their trees.

The Morphlings and Cecelia were still in their trees, but now the island had completely covered the sand so only the trees were above water. They knew they had to leave soon.

Chaff was all alone in the savannah, suffering from dehydration and a lack of food. He had three weapons, but no necessary supplies.

Meanwhile, at the Cornucopia, Cato was devising some sort of crazy trap. He put another wire around the stream, in addition to grass, twigs, and other flammable objects in a circle around the stream. It was genius because it prevented people from getting the water they needed, but it never spread to the Careers camp because the stream would put it out. Lyme was helping him, and Clove and Gloss were sleeping. Finnick was a mess emotionally. He was now in an alliance with the person who killed his true love. He knew that if he killed Gloss, the other Careers would kill him. He could not take his anger, though. When Cato and Lyme were concentrated on the fire wall, he stabbed Gloss in the chest with his trident. The sound of his cannon woke Clove up, and she instinctively grabbed her knives. Lyme was running back to camp with a knife in her hand. Finnick stabbed Clove in the stomach with his trident when Lyme lodged her knife into Finnick's skull. His cannon sounded. Clove was bleeding and her stomach was busted open. She was not dead, but if she did not receive Instant Relief by the next day, she will die.

(Also, food and water last three days, so all food/water acquired on Day 1 are gone)

Day 5

Clove had not received her instant relief, so she died early in the morning. The only remaining Careers were Cato and Lyme. They still had the fire trap and wire surrounding the stream.

Chaff was so dehydrated that he passed out. Foxface's fire spread to him and he burned to death as well. The whole savannah was up in flames, but it seemed like an invisible wall kept it from going to any other section of the arena.

Johanna, Madge, and Mags decided to look for Katniss, Wiress, and Maysilee. The three were lurking in the forest when a dart hit Mags in the neck. She fell to the ground and her cannon sounded. Maysilee hit her. Madge ran away, because she only had a knife and an empty canteen to defend herself with. Johanna threw an axe at Maysilee, but it hit the trunk of the tree. She looked to her right and Wiress was about to blow through her blowgun. Johanna dove out of the way, and was now directly under Katniss. Katniss shifted to a branch behind the trunk so Johanna could not hit her with her last axe. Johanna threw her axe at Maysilee again, and it hit her hand. This was the hand that she was holding on to the tree with and she fell, breaking her neck in the process. Her cannon sounded and Johanna ran away towards the lake.

Madge was running back to the volcano area when Haymitch popped out with his spear. He lunged at her and the spear gashed her side. She despreately threw her knife and it hit Haymitch in the shoulder. He finished her off with his spear, but his shoulder had a huge cut in it and it made it hard for him to use his spear and knife.

The island had disappeard and the water level was above the trees. Cecelia and the Morphlings were paddling back to the Cornucopia with their raft. The trio saw the fire trap, and assumed the Careers were not nearby. They reached shore and started their journey to the forest when Cato popped out. Cecelia and the Morphlings ran immediately, but the Female Morphling tripped on the wire trap. Cecelia and the Male Morphling looked back to see Cato approaching the Female Morphling, who was on the ground tangled in wire. The Male Morphling took out his blowgun, but quickly realized there were no darts! He and Cecelia ran into the forest and heard the cannon of their ally.

(Everyone gets + $100 for top 10, now top 8)

Day 6

The tributes woke up to a rumbling sound coming from the volcano area. Suddenly, lava began to spew out and the volcano area was covered in lava. It did not go into the forest or ocean, however. Then, the lava began to enter the Cornucopia area. Lyme and Cato grabbed whatever supplies they could and ran into the forest. The lava destroyed everything in its path, except for the Cornucopia, which seemed impervious to it. Then, the lava around the Cornucopia disappeared, leaving a dirt field surrounding the Cornucopia. The volcano area still had lava, however. No one died from the eruption.

Claudius Templesmith's voice suddenly came into the arena. "Hello tributes. As you all have noticed, the eight remaining tributes are now camped out in the forest. To spice things up a bit, we are going to have a feast. Each tribute will have a bag with their name on it and something very useful will be inside. They will be placed right outside of the Cornucopia. The contents of the bag will be determined by your mentors. You may not take someone else's bag or the Gamemakers will strike you with lightning. The bags will appear tomorrow and disappear the next day. The feast is voluntary, but the contents of your bag may end up being the deciding factor of being a victor or being dead. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor."

Cato and Lyme were closest to the Corncuopia, near the outside of the forest and close to the savannah.

Cecelia and the Male Morphling were in the direct center of the forest under some trees.

Johanna was near the lake, behind Cato and Lyme.

Katniss and Wiress are in trees deep in the forest.

Haymitch is far away from everyone else, in the back corner of the forest near the volcano area.

Mentors - You must do two things.

1. Tell your tribute how to approach the feast. They can go directly there, avoid it, hide on the edge of the forest, or do something else.

2. Tell me the contents your tribute's bag. It may only be ONE thing. It does not have to be on the supply list provided, but it has to be within reason. I will not tell you if it is unreasonable either. You will only find out if your item was reasonable if your tribute opens their bag. For example, if you say machine gun, I will probably just put a sword or other weapon in the bag.

You have two days to do this. Now until April 29. If everyone gets their note in before then, I will continue on with the games.

Day 7

It was the day of the feast.

Nearly everyone was on the edge of the forest, facing the cornucopia and lying in wait for anyone that might be desparate enough to get their bag. The only exceptions were Cecelia, Lyme, and Haymitch, who was searching for tributes to kill from the inner forest. Cecelia and Lyme were hiding deep in the forest waiting for their allies to come back.

Katniss was on the ground and Wiress in a tree ready to defend her. They were going to switch spots after Katniss got her bag.

Cato was on the edge of the forest nearest the savannah, lying in wait.

The Male Morphling was in bush that was in view of the Cornucopia.

Johanna was on the side near Cato as well, although she did not know it.

The hovercraft came and dropped the bags. At first glance, the bags seemed pretty strange. The Male Morphling and Cato had the exact same bag. Lyme, Cecelia, and Haymitch's bags were extremely small. Katniss had a cylinder shaped bag, and Wiress and Johanna had huge, metal boxes.

Katniss ran out and retrieved her bag before anyone could react. No one expected anyone to run out and get it right away. She climbed up Wiress' tree and opened her bag. It contained a jar of Nightlock. Wiress climbed down and waited for her chance to run to the Cornucopia.

No one went for a very long time. Haymitch had made his way to Johanna and Cato's side of the forest, though none of them knew he was there.

Suddenly, Wiress decided to run for her bag. She ran out, grabbed it, but it was so heavy that she fell. The Male Morphling blew a poisonous dart from his blowgun and it hit her neck. Wiress' cannon sounded. Katniss was furious. She was not paying attention to where the Male Morphling was shooting from. Instead of waiting it out and possibly getting killed, she retreated to the forest.

The sun was going down and the tributes knew that the bags were going to disappear soon. Cato, the Male Morphling, and Johanna all ran out at the same time. The Male Morphling was a little ahead, and grabbed his bag first. Cato lunged his sword at the Male Morphling, but it hit his bag and a whole variety of paints and brushes spilled out. The Male Morphling dropped his bag and ran like crazy back into the forest. Cato picked up his bag when Johanna threw an axe. It hit the back of his head, and his cannon sounded. Johanna grabbed her bag and lugged it back into the forest. She was opening it up when Haymitch crept up behind her and snapped her neck. Johanna's cannon sounded. He grabbed her bread can and ran back into the forest. The hovercraft picked up the remaining bags.

Lyme realized she was on her own, but remained where she was. She was very hungry. The Male Morphling met up with Cecelia deep in the forest. Haymitch was on the edge of the forest in a bush. Katniss was far away from everyone, on the opposite side of the forest near the lava-filled volcano area.

It was the top 5. (+ $150 for everyone left)

Day 8

Katniss was still on the other side of the forest away from everyone else. She was in a tree, camouflaged by dirt that she used. She had scattered some Nightlock around the forest on her way back from the feast, hoping some one would eat it.

The Male Morphling and Cecelia were still together and were located in the center of the forest.

Lyme and Haymitch were very close to each other. Haymitch was hiding in a bush when Lyme came out from behind a tree and threw a knife at him. It missed and Haymitch pulled out his spear. Lyme threw two knives this time and they both missed. Haymitch threw his spear and it went through her leg. She fell to the ground, but not before she threw another knife. This time, she pulled a Clove and hit Haymitch in the heart. His cannon sounded. Lyme pulled the spear from her leg and rinsed it with water. She put her dried meat on both sides of the wound to soak in the blood. She could not walk, and if she did not receive Instant Relief by the next day, she would die of blood loss.

Upon hearing the cannon, Cecelia and the Male Morphling decided to break their alliance so they would not have to kill each other. They shook hands and walked separate ways. Cecelia walked unknowingly towards Lyme and the Male Morphling towards Katniss.

It is now the Final Four.

Day 9

Lyme woke up and her leg was healed completely. She decided to stay hidden.

Cecelia walked back towards where her and the Male Morphling split up and climbed into a tree. She was near the center of the forest.

Katniss and the Male Morphling were near each other in trees, but did not know they were near each other.

The tributes heard a rumbling noise. Immediately, the ground on both sides of the forest began to crumble. It was an earthquake. Lyme ran as fast as she could and the ground behind her was disappearing quickly. She kept running, but was losing stamina.

Katniss jumped out of her tree immediately and ran towards the center as well. The Male Morphling saw her and blew a dart at her. It hit her jar of nightlock and the jar broke, sending the berries flying everywhere. The Male Morphling looked behind him and saw the ground sinking into the earth. He jumped out of the tree, but it was too high and he broke his leg. He scrambled to get up and run, but he couldn't. He laid there writhing in pain when the ground disappeared beneath him, sending him plummeting towards the earth. His cannon was not audible due to the loud noise from the earthquake.

Lyme fell into the earth as well, but grabbed onto the side. Just then, the shaking stopped and the ground that she was hanging on to remained intact. She was holding on by her fingertips and was trying to pull herself up. The goal of the earthquake was to bring the tributes together. The gamemakers succeeded in doing that, as Cecelia's tree was five feet away from where Lyme was. Cecelia saw her chance and climbed down from the tree. She kicked Lyme's fingers and Lyme plummeted down to the abyss. Her cannon sounded. Cecelia quickly made it back up her tree.

Katniss had already found another tree to climb up. It was ten yards away from Cecelia's, but neither of them knew it. Yet.

It is the top 2! The final battle will be tomorrow. FinnickMellark and Hungersisters1108, your advice WILL determine who wins, so make sure your tribute has the weapons, supplies, and strategies they need to win. Good luck!

Day 10

It was the final showdown.

The two remaining tributes were both strapped into trees by ropes. Their trees were 10 yards apart, but they were facing opposite directions and could not see one another. Cecelia was thinking about her kids and Katniss was thinking about her sister Prim.

Suddenly, Cecelia sneezed. Katniss heard it and tensed up. She slowly untied her rope and took out her bow and notched an arrow in. She scanned the ground but did not see Cecelia. She scanned the trees, and still did not see her. Katniss clapped and heard leaves rustle to her left. Then she saw the rope that was holding Cecelia in, but she could not see Cecelia as she was on the other side of the trunk. Katniss shot an arrow and it hit the branch next to Cecelia. Immediately, Cecelia grabbed her blowgun with poison-tipped darts inside. She did not want to pop out for she knew that Katniss was aiming at her. However, if she climbed down from the tree, she would be an easy target. Cecelia threw her canteen to the side where Katniss could see. Katniss shot at the movement, and Cecelia knew that this was her only chance to kill Katniss while she was reloading. She shot the blowgun and missed. By that time, Katniss notched another arrow and hit Cecelia in the temple. Her cannon sounded.

Katniss was beaming. She had won! This was her third Hunger Games victory, and although she lost some friends along the way, (including Cecelia), she knew that she would live to see her sister again (who hypothetically did not die).




Death Chart

Place Tribute Killed by Day Killed How they died
30 Blight Blight 1 Mine explosion
29 Brutus Haymitch 1 Knife in Heart
28 Marvel Katniss 1 Arrow in Head
27 Cashmere Annie 1 Slit Throat
26 Beetee Clove 1 Knife in Head
25 Seeder Enobaria 1 Snapped Neck
24 Woof Lyme 1 Knife in Back
23 Glimmer Johanna 1 Axe in Head
22 Peeta Haymitch 2 Knife in Heart
21 Annie Gloss 2 Mace to Head
20 Rue Finnick 3 Fell onto Sword
19 Enobaria Mags 3 Sword in Heart
18 Thresh Foxface 3 Burned
17 Foxface Katniss 4 Arrow in Head
16 Gloss Finnick 4 Trident in Heart
15 Finnick Lyme 4 Knife in Head
14 Clove Finnick 5 Trident in Stomach
13 Chaff Foxface 5 Burned
12 Mags Maysilee 5 Dart in Neck
11 Maysilee Johanna 5 Fell out of Tree
10 Madge Haymitch 5 Spear in Chest
9 Female Morphling Cato 5 Sword in Chest
8 Wiress Male Morphling 7 Dart in Neck
7 Cato Johanna 7 Axe in Head
6 Johanna Haymitch 7 Snapped Neck
5 Haymitch Lyme 8 Knife in Heart
4 Male Morphling Earthquake 9 Fell into Abyss
3 Lyme Cecelia 9 Kicked into Abyss
2 Cecelia Katniss 10 Arrow in Temple
Victor Katniss ---------------------- --------------- ---------------------------


Again, I would like to thank everyone who participated, especially those who were very active. (Basically the top 10 and a few others). It made these games fun to do. I am making another one, and would like to know what you thought of it. Tell me in the comments what you liked, what you didn't like, what you think should change, and what should stay the same. There will be a few differences in the next games, but I'm definitely not changing the one randomly assigned tribute rule. I hope you liked this one and sign up for the next one. Thanks!

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