Cloveismywife 23:23, May 3, 2012 (UTC)

This is the second Mentor Games!!!! Katniss Everdeen won the first one, but the rest of the tributes are determined to not let that happen again. Because of the success of the first one, most of the rules will be similar.

This is different than the usual sponsor/user/pain games because instead, you are mentoring the tributes, giving them advice on what to do in the arena, telling them what to say in their interviews, where to go during training and obviously, getting sponsors.


The 30 tributes from last time are returning along with 5 new ones. They are Gale, Effie, Prim, Cressida, and Boggs. There are 35 tributes and 35 sign-ups available. Each person will be assigned a random tribute, and will focus on mentoring them. When they die, you are out, so make smart decisions.

You have $500 to spend and may send your tribute weapons, supplies, and notes. Some are mandatory. For example, you must tell your tribute before the games whether or not to go to the cornucopia, who to align with, where to go in the arena, and whether or not to participate in the feast. You will be prompted to give them different pieces of advice through notes as the games progress. All of these notes should be in the comments area, visible to everyone. (Pay attention to where other tributes are going and whom they are aligning with and make decisions accordingly) Also, past games will affect who can be in alliances with whom. (Example: Thresh and Clove, Katniss and Cato, Johanna and Cashmere are not going to align)

(Note: Giving them notes such as “kill this tribute” will not work)

Also, as a slight twist, you may buy items for other tributes in your tribute's alliance if their mentor is not helping them. In addition, you may choose one other tribute from the list. If your tribute kills that tribute, you will receive an extra $500. This will all be decided after signups are completed.

Please sign up!! It will be very fun and I will update every day.

Tribute List

Name District Skills Chosen Tribute to KIll Training Score Mentor
Annie Cresta 4 Knot Tying, Fishing, Knife Fighting, Trident Fighting Primrose Everdeen 8 Aerialchinook
Beetee 3 Electrical Skills None 8 Wildcats11630
Blight 7 Axe Fighting Cashmere 7 Dahir56
Boggs 13 Knife Fighting, Survival Skills Cato 9 Polinarose
Brutus 2 Spear Fighting, Survival Skills Beetee 10 Paigeelizabeth92
Cashmere 1 Knife Fighting Johanna Mason 10 Jodasalz1129
Cato 2 Sword, Spear Fighting Wiress 11 Kmarble12
Cecelia 8 Knife Fighting, Camouflage Female Morphling 4 Tobi99
Chaff 11 Knife Fighting None 6 Lilyxoxo
Clove 2 Knife Throwing, Survival Skills Thresh 11 NerdDFTBA
Cressida C Knife Fighting, Knife Throwing Effie Trinket 8 Catnipkatniss
Effie Trinket C Mahogany Club Fighting, Knife Throwing Mags 7 QuinnQuinn
Enobaria 2 Teeth Fighting, Knife Throwing Peeta Mellark 11 Icanhasnofriends
Female Morphling 6 Camouflage None 4 MeatballLover
Finnick Odair 4 Trident Fighting, Knot Tying, Spear Fighting Wiress 11 50thGamesFTW
Foxface 5 Knife Fighting, Intelligence, Plant/Animal Identification Peeta Mellark 5 Hungersisters1108
Gale Hawthorne 12 Snare Making, Bow and Arrow, Sword Fighting Peeta Mellark 10 Srish3211
Glimmer 1 Bow and Arrow, Knife Fighting Effie Trinket 9 Trackstar
Gloss 1 Knife Fighting Wiress 10 Ummy2000
Haymitch Abernathy 12 Knife Fighting, Plant/Animal Identification Male Morphling 7 LittleRedCrazyHood
Johanna Mason 7 Axe Throwing Cashmere 11 Miles731
Katniss Everdeen 12 Bow and Arrow, Blowgun Fighting Chaff 10 FHT
Lyme 2 Knife Fighting None 9 Izzy31399
Madge Undersee 12 Knife Fighting, Plant and Animal Identification Male Morphling 7 Deaphalia911
Mags 4 Awl Fighting, Knot Tying, Camouflage Effie Trinket 6 Wikia Contributor D
Male Morphling 6 Camouflage, Knife Fighting Peeta Mellark 4 lfox001
Marvel 1 Spear Fighting Primrose Everdeen 10 Katiehutchersonx
Maysilee Donner 12 Blowgun Fighting Effie Trinket 9 KEWLBEN
Peeta Mellark 12 Strength, Camouflage, Knife Fighting, Plant/Animal Identification Gale Hawthorne 6 Brynn1999
Primrose Everdeen 12 Healing, Knife Fighting, Plant Identification Annie Cresta 7 Shadow Seer
Seeder 11 Knife Fighting, Plant Identification, Survival Skills Madge Undersee 5 Wikia Contributor E
Rue 11 Slingshot Fighting, Plant Identification, Survival Skills None 7 SWZala
Thresh 11 Sword Fighting, Knife Throwing, Plant Identification Clove 6 FinnickMellark
Wiress 3 Electrical Skills Gloss 8 CallamD97
Woof 8 Knife Fighting Glimmer 5 Panem21

Signups/Money Remaining

Name Tribute Money
FinnickMellark Thresh -----
MeatballLover Female Morphling -----
Icanhasnofriends Enobaria -----
QuinnQuinn Effie -----
Shadow Seer Prim -----
50thGamesFTW Finnick -----
KEWLBEN Maysilee -----
Srish3211 Gale -----
Wildcats11630 Beetee -----
Deaphalia911 Madge -----
CallamD97 Wiress -----
Panem21 Woof -----
Paigeelizabeth92 Brutus -----
NerdDFTBA Clove -----
FHT Katniss -----
Catnipkatniss Cressida -----
Hungersisters1108 Foxface -----
Polinarose Boggs -----
Miles731 Johanna -----
Aerialchinook Annie -----
Tobi99 Cecelia -----
Izzy31399 Lyme -----
Jodasalz1129 Cashmere -----
Lilyxoxo Chaff -----
SWZala Rue -----
lfox001 Male Morphling -----
LittleRedCrazyHood Haymitch -----
Brynn1999 Peeta -----
Dahir56 Blight -----
Katiehutchersonx Marvel -----
Ummy2000 Gloss -----
Kmarble12 Cato -----
Wikia Contributor E Seeder -----
Wikia Contributor D Mags -----
Trackstar Glimmer -----

Money Bonuses

$50 per kill

$50 for top 20

$100 for top 10

$200 for top 5

$500 for killing chosen tribute


Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Poison: $75

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]: $25

Rope: $25

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Soup: $75

Spear: $100

Spile: $75

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125


Capitol: Effie and Cressida are wearing glowing outfits and are floating in midair.

District 1: The girls are wearing glowing orange outifts and the boys are wearing soft orange suits.

District 2: The girls are wearing stone gray dresses and the boys are wearing black and gray suits.

District 3: Wiress is dressed as a plug and Beetee as a socket.

District 4: They are all in shrimp costumes.

District 5: Foxface is dressed as the sun.

District 6: The Morphlings are dressed as trucks.

District 7: Johanna and Blight are trees. As usual.

District 8: Cecelia and Woof look like cotton balls.

District 11: The girls are dressed as scarecrows and the boys as farmers.

District 12: The girls are dressed as coal miners and the boys as hunters.

District 13: Boggs is wearing a nuclear hazard sign and a foam nuke on his head.


Annie Cresta

Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Annie: Everyone here is so nice, fashionable, and smart.


Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Beetee: Smart...but not smart enough.


Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Blight: The Capitol, the most wonderful place in Panem, the citizens are the nice, this beautiful city is just amazing.


Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Boggs: Its awesome! Everyone wears amazing clothes, and if I could win, I might stay here. The showers are awesome, the food is so delicious and the people are so nice!


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Brutus: I volunteered, taking the place of a young boy. I couldn't wait to fight and be crowned victor once more.


Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Cashmere: Well aside from my knife skills I've been working on my axe swinging and throwing because of what Johanna did to me during a certain game.


Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Cato: Well, some look very weak, but I have made allies with a lot of them though.


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Cecelia: It was like a gift and a curse at the same time. I felt proud to be able to represent my district again, but I couldn't leave my children. They are still very young and the youngest is almost deathly sick! If I don't make it home, I'm afraid the worst will happen to them. *single tear rolls down cecelia's face* I had to detach them from me when I was chosen. But I will get back to them. I must win this for them!


Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Chaff: They are all-around pretty good. I'm thinking of teaming up with the stronger ones and killing the weaker ones.


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Clove: Not much to tell. I volunteered because thats what I do. the Poor girl who I volunteered for looked like she was gonna punch me for stealing her spotlight, whatever I could have taken her. I was born ready for these games and I will die victor of these games. There is no doubt in my mind and there should be no doubt in your's.


Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Cressida: Well being born and bred in the Capitol I love it here! I love coming here and getting to meet all my lovely friends and all the clothes! Being in the other districts is hell compared to the Capitol. I'm just over the moon I'm back here!

Effie Trinket

Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Effie: Well, I live here. But I must say I love it. I will miss it so much while I'm gone but I hope to be back soon.


Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Enobaria: My teeth. Teeth can be sharp right? To me, a tooth is as good as a knife

Female Morphling

Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Female Morphling: It is very beautiful, like an array of paints on a canvas. I wish I could stay here forever.

Finnick Odair

Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Finnick: I don't know they look well and can win and kill at anytime. I would say winning this year is going to be hard.


Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Foxface: The biggest person does not always win. You have to be smart, fast and be willing to take a chance. All of which I am and will be in the arena.

Gale Hawthorne

Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Gale: It was surprising. Well, I knew the odds weren't in my favour, considering the number of times my name had gone in. But I didn't want to be reaped of course. Now who'll take care of my family? My mother can't take care of everyone. Our main income was what I got from the mines. When my name was drawn, the first thought I had was "Who'll take care of my family?" But then Katniss was reaped, and now I have to protect her. For Prim. For her family. I want her to get back.


Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Glimmer: It's a lot like District 1 but still is much nicer. I just wish I could live here! Everyone here is so nice!


Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Gloss: The Capitol is quite amazing. The people are wonderful and there is always something going on or something to do or look at. It is so different from my home. The capitol is a fantastic place to be. It is bright, colorful, and beautiful along with the people.

Haymitch Abernathy

Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Haymitch: Well, they'll be pretty much the same anyway. But it would be a bit different because I have to go against the many friends I have made.

Johanna Mason

Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Johanna: Some look pretty weak while others look quite strong.

Katniss Everdeen

Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Katniss: They look pretty good I must admit. I respect them all and they will be a challenge. But, I think I have a chance of winning because of my survival skills and my skills with a Bow and Arrow. If I can't win I really want to help someone in my alliance win. We must beat the Careers!


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Lyme: Pshh, I didn't get reaped. I volunteered. I know I can and am going to win this thing. You can bet on it.

Madge Undersee

Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Madge: Some look pretty stong and scary while others look mediocre.


Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Mags: Well they all seem very good contenders, but then again who suspects the frail old woman?

Male Morphling

Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Male Morphling: I don't like it here...I LOVE IT HERE!!! Hey, C, can I live here if I win these?


Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Marvel: The tributes this year seem a little weak, many younger ones, however there are a few I think I'll be allies with in the arena. I believe I stand a very good chance.

Maysilee Donner

Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Maysilee: I like Capitol Because they have many colors. I think I'm in a rainbow palace so I feel like I'm a unicorn! I saw one woman with a dress that is made of stained glass. And I was like OHMYGOSH! That dress was beautiful and I want to wear it! The things here are PARADISE! I wish that my family and I will live here.

Peeta Mellark

Caesar: What message do you want to send to your loved ones back home?

Peeta: Katniss, you have to pick me. Caesar, she is torn, but I think she might pick Gale, the little...., um, but I am determined to keep her alive during the Games, I have a good alliance, but... well, I'm just hoping to get Katniss back home, and maybe, if she chooses Gale, to get the son of a (Translation not available) home too... Till then, GIRLS I AM AVAILABLE!!!

Primrose Everdeen

Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Prim: Well Caesar, having already been reaped once, I thought the odds might be in my favor. My mother held Katniss and me tight as our family never seems to have the odds in our favor for the games. Once we were in place, my heart started beating very fast. Once the first slip of paper from the girl's ball had been picked, I waited for the name to be announced. The world stopped as Katniss' name was called. I saw her advance to the stage as the second girl's name was picked. SIlent tears streamed down my face as I waited for the next name to be called. "Primrose Everdeen!" they said. My body suddenly got very cold. I waited for Katniss to volunteer for me, just as she did during the 74th Hunger Games. She never did. I then realized she couldn't, she was already chosen. I advanced silently to the stage and joined my sister. It seems we can never rely on the odds, Caesar.


Caesar: What message do you want to send to your loved ones back home?

Rue: Mom, Dad, I may not make it back alive. Just know that I did my best and I love you.


Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Seeder: I see a lot have...well..umm...potential, I guess. I see some are survivors, others are fighters, and well I'm going to have to be both, winning, just have to stay focused. Nothing to fear, fear is worse than anything else on this battle ground. Plan ahead and dont die is my strategy and probably a lot of other peoples' too. ;)


Caesar: What message do you want to send to your loved ones back home?

Thresh: Grandma, Sis I love you. I will come back for you. I won't end up like any other tribute. I WILL WIN FOR YOU!


Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Wiress: Well firstly I've already won one hunger games so don’t count me out and secondly some of the tributes seem a bit slow to me, but then again so does everyone because I’m a genius, Ha-ha, anyway where was I oh yes, a lot of tributes are a bit dim so it’ll just be a waiting game for one of them to wander into my traps.


Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Woof: The Capitol is better than even the lights and the cream filled cookies.

Crowd Favorites

1st - $200 - Cecelia

2nd - $150 - Primrose Everdeen

3rd - $100 - Gale Hawthorne

4th - $75 - Clove

5th - $50 - Cashmere


The cornucopia is wooden and there are supplies and weapons scattered around. As usual, the meager supplies are on the outside and the weapons on the inside. The cornucopia is surrounded by dirt and a lake behind it.

To the right of the cornucopia is a frozen tundra. There is frozen soil and a frozen lake there with very little cover. The only way to get water is through a spile. It is also very cold.

To the left of the cornucopia is a hot rainforest. There are many trees, plants, and animals. Water can also be accessed through a spile from the trees.

In front of the cornucopia is a field with very tall grass and freshwater ponds scattered throughout. No one know what lies in the grass.

Mentor Instructions

Now that your tribute has been given to you, you must do a number of things.

1. Choose one tribute that you want your tribute to kill in the arena. If your tribute kills the tribute of your choice, you will gain an extra $500 to spend.

2. Tell your tribute where to go during training. You may only choose one place. Whatever you send your tribute to will be added to their skillset and can be used in the games. For example, if you want to send Katniss to the spear station, she will be able to use a spear pretty well in the arena.

You may send your tribute to:

A. Survival Station: Teaches your tribute to make fire, tie knots, basic survival tactics

B. Plant/Animal Identification Station: Teaches your tribute about all types of edible/poisonous plants and animals they might come across in the arena.

C. Weapons Station: Choose any weapon from the supplies list above and your tribute will be able to wield that weapon in the arena.

D. Camoflauge Station: Teaches your tribute to blend in with their surroundings and hide from other tributes.

3. You must tell your tribute which skill to show off during training.

4. You must choose 1 of the 5 questions for their interview and answer it. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th crowd favorites from the interviews will win $200, $150, $100, $75, and $50 respectively. This is based on your answer to one of these questions:

A. Tell me about your reaping.

B. What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

C. What do you think of this year's tributes?

D. How do you like the Capitol?

E. What message do you want to send your loved ones back home?

5. You must tell your tribute who to align with in the arena. List all people that you want your tribute to team up with. You may align with no one.

6. Tell your tribute how to approach the bloodbath. They can either participate in it, grab meager supplies from the outside, get a weapon and run, or just run away immediately.

7. Finally, you must tell your tribute where to go in the arena. In the description under the section Arena, there are 4 places your tribute can go. If you told your tribute to participate in the bloodbath, they can choose to stay at the cornucopia. Otherwise, you must tell them to go to either the tundra, rainforest, or field.

To sum it all up, just leave a comment in this format:

My tribute:

Tribute that I want my tribute to kill:

Training Area:

Training Score Skill:

Interview Question:

Interview Answer:


Bloodbath Strategy

Arena Area:

Current Status

Tribute Place
Marvel Victor
Prim Runner-Up

Day 1 Gifts

Shadow Seer - Prim - Spile, Canteen, Bread, Knife - $300

Aerialchinook - Annie - Sleeping Bag, Water - $175

FinnickMellark - Thresh - Throwing Knives [3], Spile, Canteen - $375

Panem21 - Woof - Blowgun, Darts, Poison - $100

Wikia Contributor E - Seeder - Throwing Knives [3], Spile - $275

Panem21 - Cecelia, Male Morphling - Dried Beef [2], Dried Fruit [2] - $250

lfox001 - Male Morphling - Bread, Knife - $125

QuinnQuinn - Effie - Spear - $100

50thGamesFTW - Finnick - Trident, Canteen - $375

Kmarble12 - Cato - Water, Dried Meat, Sleeping Bag - $250

KEWLBEN - Maysilee - Water, Soup, Blanket, Blowgun, Darts [24], Matches - $450

Dahir56 - Blight - Axe, Bread, Water, Canteen - $400

Icanhasnofriends - Enobaria - Wire, Sleeping Bag, Water, Throwing Knives [3] - $450

Hungersisters1108 - Foxface - Knife, Sleeping Bag, Rope - $175

SWZala - Rue - Knife, Water - $175

Deaphalia911 - Madge - Bread, Spile - $125

Deaphalia911 - Katniss - Bow - $150

Tobi99 - Cecelia - Knife - $75

Srish3211 - Gale - Water - $100

Katiehutchersonx - Marvel - Night-Vision Glasses - $150

FHT - Katniss - Quiver of Arrows [12], Water - $125

Day 2 Gifts

Ummy2000 - Gloss - Throwing Knives [3], Poison - $275

Shadow Seer - Prim - Blowgun, Darts, Poison - $200

Wikia Contributor E - Clove - Bread - $50

QuinnQuinn - Effie - Bread, Water - $150

Panem21 - Woof - Blanket - $50

LittleRedCrazyHood - Haymitch - Matches, Blanket, Bread, Spile - $250

SWZala - Rue - Slingshot, Rocks, Bread - $200

Deaphalia911 - Madge - Knife - $75

Paigeelizabeth92 - Brutus - Knife - $75

Day 3 Gifts

Aerialchinook - Annie - Trident - $275

Trackstar - Glimmer - Dried Fruit, Dried Meat - $125

Ummy2000 - Gloss - Neosporin - $150

Tobi99 - Cecelia - Night-Vision Glasses - $150

LittleRedCrazyHood - Haymitch - Knife, Poison - $150

NerdDFTBA - Clove - Night-Vision Glasses - $150

Wikia Contributor E - Seeder - Bread - $50

Srish3211 - Gale - Poison - $75

Deaphalia911 - Madge - Rope - $25

Day 4 Gifts

Panem21 - Woof - Bread - $50

Icanhasnofriends - Enobaria - Water, Spile - $175

Aerialchinook - Annie - Water - $100

Hungersisters1108 - Foxface - Bread - $50

Tobi99 - Cecelia - Dried Fruit, Bread - $100

Tobi99 - Woof - Dried Fruit, Bread - $100

Deaphalia911 - Madge - Bread - $50

KEWLBEN - Maysilee - Water - $100

Shadow Seer - Prim - Soup - $75

Dahir56 - Blight - Water, Sleeping Bag, Dried Fruit, Dried Meat, Bread, Rope - $375

Day 5 Gifts

Srish3211 - Gale - Water - $100

LittleRedCrazyHood - Haymitch - Dried Fruit - $50

Day 6 Gifts

NerdDFTBA - Clove - Wire, Poison - $150

FinnickMellark - Thresh - Throwing Knvies [3] - $200

Katiehutchersonx - Marvel - Spear - $100

LittleRedCrazyHood - Haymitch - Knife - $75

Trackstar - Glimmer - Bread, Water, Dried Meat - $225

Day 7 Gifts

FinnickMellark - Thresh - Dried Meat - $75

Shadow Seer - Prim - Dried Fruit - $50

Shadow Seer - Gale - Wire - $75

Dahir56 - Blight - Water, Dried Meat - $175

Srish3211 - Gale - Dried Meat - $75

Deaphalia911 - Madge - Bread - $50

Day 8 Gifts

Icanhasnofriends - Enobaria - Dried Meat - $75

LittleRedCrazyHood - Haymitch - Dried Fruit - $50

Katiehutchersonx - Marvel - Bread, Water - $150

Srish3211 - Gale - Water - $100

Day 9 Gifts

Trackstar - Glimmer - Bread, Water - $150

Shadow Seer - Prim - Soup, Darts - $100

Katiehutchersonx - Marvel - Spear - $100

==Day 10 Gifts--

Shadow Seer - Prim - Dried Fruit, Blanket - $100

Katiehutchersonx - Marvel - Blowgun, Poison, Darts, Dried Meat - $275

The Games

Day 1


The countdown was nearing its end. 5...4...3...2...1. The tributes ran off of their platforms. Prim and Peeta's launch pads were next to each other and they immediately ran into the rainforest. The Male Morphling ran into the grassy field and Maysilee into the tundra. Everyone else went for supplies.

Thresh and Rue each grabbed small backpacks and ran into the rainforest. Madge and Katniss were close behind them, hoping to form an alliance, each with some supplies in their hands. Effie reached for a backpack when an assortment of weapons was thrown at her. She dodged them and ran away with no supplies into the rainforest. It seemed like everyone was after her.

Cecelia and Woof each grabbed a backpack and ran together into the field. Finnick grabbed a backpack and made a motion to Cato to follow him. Haymitch joined, and the three ran into the tundra. Cato had a sword and Haymitch picked up a knife and a spile.

Cressida had picked up a knife and stabbed the Female Morphling. Her cannon sounded. After the Careers saw her wicked killing ability, the asked if she wanted to join their alliance. Cressida accepted.

Annie picked up a knife and stabbed Chaff in the heart, who was trying to run away into the field. Afterwards, Annie picked up a container of dried meat and some rope and headed into the tundra.

Seeder picked up a sleeping bag and an empty canteen and ran into the rainforest. Foxface and Blight did the same, but all three were alone. Foxface had dried fruit and a spile, while Blight picked up some wire and matches.

Meanwhile, Wiress and Beetee were gathering supplies when Lyme came up to them. She was about to throw her knife when Boggs tackled her to the ground. Beetee and Wiress, along with Mags collected their supplies and headed into the rainforest. Boggs and Lyme were fighting, and right as Lyme was about to stab Boggs, Johanna threw an axe at her. Lyme's cannon sounded, and Johanna and Boggs went into the rainforest after Wiress, Beetee, and Mags.

Gale was looking for a bow and arrow. He found one and picked it up. Then he realized that he was the only non-Career at the cornucopia. He picked up a backpack as well and sprinted as fast as he could into the forest. He heard the whizzing of arrows and knives behind him, but luckily, he made it out alive.

It was a disappointing bloodbath for the Gamemakers. Only 3 tributes died. They knew they had to do better, and they had many ways of doing just that.


The Careers: Cressida, Cashmere, Gloss, Glimmer, Marvel, Clove, Brutus, and Enobaria, are camped out at the Cornucopia, each with their favorite weapon and a huge supply of food. The lake is just behind them, so they have water too.

The rainforest is very crowded, and the Gamemakers know there will be confrontation soon. Katniss and Madge are together, Peeta and Prim are together, and Thresh and Rue are together, all looking for one another. Gale and Effie are alone, looking for others as well.

Foxface, Blight, and Seeder are all on their own in trees. None of them know it, but they are very close in vicinity.

Johanna, Boggs, Wiress, Beetee, and Mags have formed an alliance and are camping out in the back of the rainforest going through their supplies.

Cecelia, Woof, and the Male Morphling have formed an alliance and are near a pond in the field.

Haymitch, Finnick, and Cato are in the tundra. Maysilee and Annie found each other and are looking for Haymitch and Finnick together.

(Look at the current status section to see what your tribute has/needs. You can buy for their allies as well. Also, send notes telling them what to do.)

Day 2

Of all the tributes, Effie woke up first. She traveled throught the forest with her spear, but was very hungry and thirsty. She saw a spile lying on the ground and took it. She pressed it into a tree and drank the water. It turned out to be Prim's spile. Prim woke up and saw Effie drinking. She woke Peeta up and asked what to do. Peeta went behind Effie and asked for an alliance. She was so startled that she grabbed her spear and stabbed behind her, not realizing that it was Peeta and he wanted an alliance. The spear went into Peeta's stomach. He fell to the ground in pain. Prim and Effie began to cry. Peeta's cannon sounded after a short time. This woke the rest of the tributes up. Despite just killing Peeta, Effie was accepted into Prim's alliance. They continued walking and came across Katniss and Madge. Katniss and Prim hugged. Effie explained that she killed Peeta by accident, and Katniss punched her in the face. However, the four remained in an alliance.

Meanwhile, Gale was walking through the rainforest when something jumped from a tree onto him. He looked back and saw that it was Rue. He pushed Rue off of him and took out his bow when Thresh came out from behind the tree. Gale asked for an alliance. Thresh took him by the throat and put him against a tree. He threatened Gale to never lay a finger on Rue, or he would make his death a slow and painful one. That was when the knife hit the tree next to Gale's neck. Thresh released and turned around. Wiress had thrown a knife at them and missed. Thresh quickly threw a knife at her and it connected with her chest. She died instantly. Boggs, Johanna, Beetee, and Mags were close behind. Boggs threw a knife at Rue, but she dove out of the way and missed. Gale hit Boggs in the head with an arrow and his cannon sounded. Johanna, Mags, and Beetee started to retreat, but Gale shot another arrow and hit Beetee in the back. He fell to the ground, dead. Blight was hiding in a tree during the whole encounter and hopped out after the two alliances left. He ran up to Johanna and Mags and they formed a team. Gale, Thresh, and Rue started looking for Katniss.

Meanwhile, Seeder was debating whether or not to cross the Cornucopia to go into the tundra. She knew she would have to get past the Careers, so she decided not to.

Foxface remained in her tree.

In the tundra, Maysilee and Annie found Cato, Finnick, and Haymitch. The five of them began to plot an attack on the Careers.

Cecelia, Male Morphling, and Woof were still by a pond in the field, undisturbed.

The Careers were also undisturbed by the Cornucopia.

Day 3

It was a cool day in the arena. The Gamemakers knew Day 3 would be a bloodbath. The Careers were being attacked. Tributes were going to die.

Katniss, Madge, Prim, and Effie decided to move deeper into the forest. They were walking and came across Thresh, Rue, and Gale. The seven of them were cheering and jumping up and down. They had a loyal, 7-man alliance.

Foxface was still all alone in her tree, unharmed. She could stay there forever.

Seeder was peering at the Cornucopia from behind a bush. The Careers saw Annie, Finnick, Haymitch, Cato, and Maysilee in the distance and prepared for battle. Clove and Glimmer quietly slipped away into the forest together, trying to avoid the confrontation. Johanna, Blight, and Mags also saw the people coming from the tundra. They decided to take the Careers on. Blight started the battle by throwing his axe at Cashmere. She was beheaded and died instantly. The Careers turned around and the tundra alliance began to run.

Marvel threw a spear at Johanna and it impaled her leg. She fell to the ground and he pulled the bloody spear out and finished her off by hitting her in the heart. Maysilee blew a dart and it hit Gloss in the thigh. He pulled it out and kept fighting, though blood was coming out of his thigh. Seeder jumped out of her spot and headed for Mags. Seeder threw her knife and hit Mags in the back. Her cannon sounded. Then, Enobaria threw a knife at Finnick. He dodged it, but he did not dodge Brutus' spear. After Finnick's cannon sounded, Annie ran up to Brutus with a knife but Cressida knocked the knife out of her hand and tackled her. The two of them were fighting on the ground and punching each other in the face. Annie had a bloody nose. That was when Cato stabbed Cressida with his sword. Her cannon sounded and Enobaria dove at Cato and her teeth latched onto his arm. It took a chunk of flesh off and Cato was bleeding pretty badly. Haymitch threw a knife at Enobaria, but missed. He had no weapons, so he ran away. Cato, Annie, Seeder, and Blight followed him into the tundra. Seeder was starving.

Gloss' dart wound was bleeding pretty badly, so Enobaria brought him to the field to try to find a pond so he can wash his wound thoroughly. They came across Woof, Cecelia, and the Male Morphling. Woof and Cecelia took off immediately deeper into the tall grass field. The Male Morphling took out his knife and lunged at Gloss, but Enobaria had him in a headlock and snapped his neck. After soothing Gloss' wound, Enobaria and Gloss returned to the two loyal Careers at the Cornucopia: Marvel and Brutus.

Clove and Glimmer remained in the forest. They were far away from Katniss' group and Foxface.

Woof and Cecelia were deep in the field near a smaller pond that they found.

Annie, Cato, Haymitch, Seeder, and Blight were in the tundra.

Day 4

It was very early in the morning and still dark out. Cato had died of blood loss a few minutes ago. Clove was guiding herself and Glimmer through the rainforest using her night-vision glasses. They saw the seven man alliance about twenty yards away. Clove and Glimmer stopped. Clove gave the glasses to Glimmer, so she could shoot an arrow, as Clove's knives may not have reached the group. Katniss and Thresh were wearing night-vision glasses as well and keeping look out. Suddenly, Katniss looked right at the duo. She grabbed her bow and woke everyone up. Glimmer shot an arrow and hit Katniss in the throat. Katniss' cannon sounded and Prim began to wail. Gale took the night-vision glasses from Katniss' body and looked for the unknown assailants. They were out of sight. Effie tried to see the bright side of things and stated that at least they would not have to kill Katniss now. Gale broke her neck out of rage. Prim, Rue, and Madge were crying hysterically. Katniss was dead.

Over in the tundra, Seeder kept arguing with her alliance over going to find and kill Madge. No one else wanted to, so Seeder took her knives and started the trek to find Madge. She did not go very far however. Just as she entered the Cornucopia area, Gloss popped out from behind the Cornucopia and threw a knife at her. It pierced her heart, sounding Seeder's cannon. The Careers were thinking about leaving the Cornucopia and traveling elsewhere as everyone in the arena knew where they were. The only problem would be the loss of the lake, which gave them a steady water source. They couldn't decide where to go in the arena, and hoped their mentors would give them some advice.

Clove and Glimmer were hiding out in the forest and celebrating their mini-victory of killing Katniss.

Foxface was still in her tree but was running low on supplies.

Woof and Cecelia were by their small pond.

The now 5-man alliance was setting various traps and snares, made by Gale. They hoped to prevent another incident like before.

Annie, Haymitch, Blight, and Maysilee were still chilling (literally) by the frozen lake in the tundra.

(Note: All food/water lasts 3 days, so food/water acquired Day 1 has been consumed. Also everyone gets +50 for top 20.)

Day 5

Clove and Glimmer, the most hated tributes in the arena right now, were hiding deep in the rainforest under a few trees far away from anyone else. Thresh, Rue, Gale, Madge, and Prim had moved closer to Foxface unknowingly. Foxface could see their camp from the top of her tree, and thought about stealing some supplies.

The remaining Careers, Marvel, Brutus, Enobaria, and Gloss, decided to move into the rainforest because they were easy taegets at the Cornucopia. They took as many supplies as they could and set up camp in the almost direct center of the rainforest.

The tundra 4-man alliance of Annie, Blight, Haymitch, and Maysilee decided to take on the Careers again. They moved to the Cornucopia and found it desolate. They decided to head into the field, thinking that the rainforest would be too obvious of a place for the Careers. They unknowingly headed towards Woof and Cecelia, who were still by their small pond.

Day 6

Maysilee, Haymitch, Annie, and Blight came across Cecelia and Woof. They aimed their weapons at them. Cecelia and Woof pleaded for an alliance. The foursome considered it for a moment, and decided to let them join. They were now the largest alliance in the arena.

Meanwhile, Prim had spotted Foxface in the tree to her right. She was contemplating tell the others, killing her herself, or letting it slide. She knew that letting Foxface go could potentially hurt her in the end, so she took her blowgun, entered the poison covered darts, said a prayer, and blew. The dart hit Foxface in the eye and she fell out of the tree, dead. Her alliance members congratulated her. She had aim like her sister. However, the congratulations did not last long, for just then, Rue droppsd dead with a spear in her head. Brutus had thrown it. The rest of the alliance quickly sprung into action. Madge and Prim snuck up into a tree while Gale and Thresh fought. Thresh threw a knife at Marvel, but missed. Then he threw another one at Gloss' chest. This time it hit and Gloss's cannon sounded. Marvel threw his spear at Prim and Madge in the tree, but it hit and got stuck in the branch next to them and Madge took it for herself. Brutus took his spear out of Rue's body and the trio retreated deep in the rainforest towards Clove and Glimmer, who were still hiding from the others.

The six-man alliance in the field was sitting by Cecelia and Woof's small pond when they heard a hiss from the grass behind them. A huge, snake-like muttation came out of the grass and snapped at them. Grabbing what little they could, the six tributes ran as fast as they could through the unknown grass towards the rainforest. The snake mutt was joined by an even larger one, and they were gaining ground. There was a mudpit hidden in the grass, and Maysilee tripped and fell in it. By the time she got back up, a snake mutt latched onto her neck and sent venom into her bloodstream. Her cannon sounded. This made the tributes run even faster. Luckily, they made it into the rainforest and Annie killed the two snake mutts with her trident.

Day 7

The snake mutts were gone for now. Clove and Glimmer heard the Careers approach. They knew they couldn't take them, so they hid in bushes. After they left, Clove and Glimmer decided to move closer to the top of the forest. They were walking when the sound of talking and the rustling of leaves could be heard in the distance. Clove and Glimmer ducked behind a tree. Annie, Cecelia, Woof, Blight, and Haymitch came out of the clearing. They were coming towards Clove and Glimmer, and there was no way of escaping conflict. Clove threw a knife at Annie and hit her square in the chest, killing her. Woof took out his blowgun and blew at Clove, but missed. Then, Glimmer shot an arrow from behind the tree and hit Cecelia in the throat. She drowned in her own blood. Clove threw another knife at Woof, but he ducked behind a tree. The knife hit the tree. Haymitch had been slowly advancing on the side of Glimmer and Clove, without their knowledge. He got behind them and tackled Clove to the ground and stabbed her repeatedly in the heart. Glimmer ran away as she had no close range weapon. Woof blew another dart at her and it got caught in her hair. She pulled it out as she was running. That was a close one.

Prim and Madge had climbed into trees. Gale and Thresh were on the ground protecting them.

Brutus, Marvel, and Enobaria were moving back towards the four-man alliance, hoping to wittle it down to 0.

Day 8

Glimmer had moved closer to the edge of the forest, but she was still far away from everyone else.

Thresh had decided to break his alliance with Gale, Madge, and Prim. He left them peacefully and was on the hunt for Brutus, Rue's killer. Suddenly, Enobaria came out of nowhere and tackled Thresh to the ground. She began to bite him all over his face. Then, deciding to be merciful for once, Enobaria stabbed Thresh in the neck, killing him. Marvel and Brutus chuckled at the sight of Thresh's bloody body. The Careers were sick people.

Meanwhile, Gale was setting a wire trap around Prim and Madge's trees. He made the snare so the person caught in it would dangle upside down. Sure enough, Blight, Haymitch, and Woof came walking and Woof was the unlucky person to step foot in the wire. Blight and Haymitch ran away immediately. Madge used her spear to stab Woof in the heart.

Then Claudius Templesmith's voice came over the arena. It was time for the feast. "Hello tributes! Tomorrow we will be having a feast. Each of you will have a bag with something you desperately need. They will arrive tomorrow at the Cornucopia, and leave 24 hours from then. Can you afford to risk your life for something you need? Can you afford not to? It's all up to you and your mentor. Good luck and Happy Hunger Games!"

Glimmer was closest to the Cornucopia, on the edge of the forest. Haymitch and Blight were on the opposite side, but still close the edge. The Careers were deep in the forest on Glimmer's side while Gale, Prim, and Madge were deep in the rainforest on Haymitch and Blight's side.

Mentors, you must do two things:

1. Choose what will be in your tributes bag. It must be something reasonable (no machine guns, nukes, etc), but it does not have to be on the supply list. It can only be one item.

2. Tell your tribute how to approach the feast. They can go right away, wait a while, or avoid it all together.

You will have two days to do this unless everyone posts their advice in one day. Then I will make Day 9 earlier.

(Everyone gets +100 for top 10) Also, it is the top 9 and numbers are dwindling down. Make sure you give your tribute the advice they need to win!

Day 9

It was the day of the feast. Glimmer, Blight, and Haymitch were hiding somewhere in the forest. The Careers along with Gale, Madge, and Prim decided to participate. The hovercraft came and dropped the nine bags in front of the Cornucopia.

Prim was in a tree facing the Cornucopia with her blowgun ready to attack anyone who was going to the feast or anyone who was going to attack Madge and Gale.

Brutus and Marvel decided to keep guard for Enobaria.

After hours of waiting, no one went for their bags. It was getting dark, so Enobaria ran out for her bag. Prim reacted immediately and blew her blowgun. The dart missed. Enobaria grabbed her bag and started to run back to Marvel and Brutus. Prim blew another dart, and this time it hit her neck. Enobaria collapsed on the ground, dead. Brutus and Marvel tried to see where the darts were coming from when Madge and Gale ran out into the open. Brutus and Marvel ran after them. Gale grabbed his and Prim's bag and slung them over his shoulder. He dodged Brutus' incoming spear, and quickly notched an arrow to his bow. He shot Brutus in the heart, and he died. Meanwhile, Madge threw her spear at Marvel, but missed. Prim also blew another dart from her tree but missed. Marvel threw his spear at Madge and it went through her stomach. Madge's cannon sounded and Marvel ran weaponless back into the forest. Gale and Prim shot at him again, but he was too fast.

Glimmer was alone, hiding deep the forest.

Blight and Haymitch were also deep in the forest, but they were moving up towards Gale and Prim, who were still near the forest's edge.

Marvel was still running from Gale and Prim, getting closer to Glimmer.

Day 10

It was still dark out and Marvel was walking through the forest with his night-vision glasses. Suddenly, he hears the noise of heavy breathing. He sees Glimmer sleeping under a tree. He looks at her and contemplates what to do. She is from District 1 like him, and they were aligned for a short time. But then he thought about his family and he went up behind Glimmer and snapped her neck, trying to make it as painless and quick as possible.

Blight and Haymitch were trying to make their way back to the tundra when Blight was hit with an arrow in the heart. His cannon sounded and Haymitch dove behind a rock. He peered up and saw Gale in the distance notching another arrow to his bow. He threw his spile as a distraction and charged Gale. Gale shot at the spile, as he was expecting any movement to be Haymitch. Gale could not notch in another arrow in time. Haymitch ran up and stabbed him in the arm. Gale's right arm was severed and it fell off. He used his instant relief and instantaneously regained his arm and health back. Haymitch stabbed again, but this time it hit his shoulder. Gale desperately grabbed an arrow and stabbed Haymitch in the stomach with it. Haymitch doubled over in pain, clutching a knife. Just as Gale was going to stab Haymitch with another arrow, Haymitch rolled to the side and stabbed Gale in the back. Gale's cannon sounded. Haymitch stood up, but soon fell down dead as Prim put a dart in his eye. Prim cried at the loss of Gale, but knew that she had the possibilty of seeing her mother again. Only Marvel stood in her way.

It is the final two. Marvel and Prim are on opposite sides of the arena, but something will bring them together. Mentor advice is crucial at this point.

Day 11

This was it. The finale. Prim and Marvel were on opposite sides of the arena. Suddenly, they heard a rumbling noise. Marvel and Prim looked behind them to see a stampede of elephant muttations charging towards them. The two began to run towards each other unknowingly. The stampede was gaining on them, and just as Prim and Marvel were going to be trampled, the ground opened up and the elephant muttations went through the crevice. Marvel looked up and saw Prim in the distance with a blowgun in her mouth. He quickly dove out of the way and dodged the dart. Then,he got his blowgun ready. He blew, but missed by a good amount. He took his spear and threw it, but it did not have enough force to reach Prim. He decided that needed to get closer. He started to run in zig-zags while Prim blew lethal darts at him. She almost hit him a few times, but she was running out of darts and decided to retreat up a tree. Marvel picked up his spear and went against the trunk of the tree that Prim was in. She could not get a good aim on him with her blowgun, so she tried to shift around. Marvel tried again with his blowgun, but he was terrible with it. He then took out his spear. Prim was pretty high up, but he knew that he could reach her if he threw it perfectly. Prim saw him take out his spear and got ready to blow at him after he threw it, as he would have no weapons besides the blowgun. Marvel chucked the spear and the handle hit Prim in the legs, making her fall out of the tree. She broke her legs and lay there motionless. Marvel got some poison from his supplies and put it in her mouth, so she would die painlessly. Prim swallowed. Soon after, her cannon sounded.

Congratulations to Katiehutchersonx for guiding Marvel to victory!!!

Congratulations to Shadow Seer for guiding Prim to the top 2!!!

Thank you everyone who participated! These games are fun to write when I have active mentors! Mentor Games 3 is up now, so make sure to join! Thanks again!

Death Chart

Place Tribute Killed By Day Killed Killed From
35 Female Morphling Cressida 1 Knife in Heart
34 Chaff Annie 1 Knife in Heart
33 Lyme Johanna 1 Axe in Head
32 Peeta Effie 2 Spear in Stomach
31 Wiress Thresh 2 Knife in Chest
30 Boggs Gale 2 Arrow in Head
29 Beetee Gale 2 Arrow in Back
28 Cashmere Blight 3 Beheaded by Axe
27 Johanna Marvel 3 Spear in Heart
26 Mags Seeder 3 Knife in Back
25 Finnick Brutus 3 Spear in Side
24 Cressida Cato 3 Sword in Back
23 Male Morphling Enobaria 3 Snapped Neck
22 Cato Enobaria 4 Blood Loss from Bite Wound
21 Katniss Glimmer 4 Arrow in Throat
20 Effie Gale 4 Snapped Neck
19 Seeder Gloss 4 Knife in Heart
18 Foxface Prim 6 Dart in Eye
17 Rue Brutus 6 Spear in Head
16 Gloss Thresh 6 Knife in Chest
15 Maysilee Snake Mutt 6 Venomous Bite
14 Annie Clove 7 Knife in Chest
13 Cecelia Glimmer 7 Arrow in Throat
12 Clove Haymitch 7 Knife in Chest
11 Thresh Enobaria 8 Knife in Neck
10 Woof Madge 8 Spear in Heart
9 Enobaria Prim 9 Dart in Neck
8 Brutus Gale 9 Arrow in Heart
7 Madge Marvel 9 Spear in Stomach
6 Glimmer Marvel 10 Snapped Neck
5 Blight Gale 10 Arrow in Heart
4 Gale Haymitch 10 Knife in Back
3 Haymitch Prim 10 Dart in Eye
2 Prim Marvel 11 Poisoned
Victor Marvel ---------------- --------------- -----------------------------------------

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