This is the third Mentor Games!!!! Katniss Everdeen won the first one and Marvel won the second one but the rest of the tributes are determined to not let that happen again. Because of the success of the first and second ones, most of the rules will be similar.

This is different than the usual sponsor/user/pain games because instead, you are mentoring the tributes, giving them advice on what to do in the arena, telling them what to say in their interviews, what to wear in the parade, where to go during training and obviously, getting sponsors.


The 35 tributes from last time are returning along with 5 new ones. They are Cinna, Portia, Venia, Flavius, and Octavia. There are 40 tributes and 40 sign-ups available. Each person will be assigned a random tribute, and will focus on mentoring them. When they die, you are out, so make smart decisions.

You have $500 to spend and may send your tribute weapons, supplies, and notes. Some are mandatory. For example, you must tell your tribute before the games whether or not to go to the cornucopia, who to align with, where to go in the arena, and whether or not to participate in the feast. You will be prompted to give them different pieces of advice through notes as the games progress. All of these notes should be in the comments area, visible to everyone. (Pay attention to where other tributes are going and whom they are aligning with and make decisions accordingly) Also, past games will affect who can be in alliances with whom. (Example: Thresh and Clove, Katniss and Cato, Johanna and Cashmere, Brutus and Peeta are not going to align)

(Note: Giving them notes such as “kill this tribute” will not work)

Also, you may buy items for other tributes in your tribute's alliance if their mentor is not helping them. In addition, you may choose one other tribute from the list. If your tribute kills that tribute, you will receive an extra $500. This will all be decided after signups are completed.

Please sign up!! It will be very fun and I will update every day.

Quell Twist

(Slight credit to Tiki Tooki for inspiring this idea)

Instead of 40 tributes being put into one arena. There will be two different arenas of 20. Then, when there are 10 left in each arena, the tributes are airlifted into another arena. This will affect alliances, strategies, and who ends up winning the games. The split up will be random, and it may be uneven (all Careers in one arena which I doubt will happen), but that is the way it goes.

Tribute List

Name District Skills Tribute to Kill Training Score Mentor
Annie Cresta 4 Knot Tying, Fishing, Trident Fighting Clove 8 Rue district11
Beetee 3 Electrical Skills Portia 10 Trackstar
Blight 7 Axe Fighting, Spear Fighting Effie 8 Wikia Contributor C
Boggs 13 Knife Fighting, Plant/Animal Identification Effie 8 NerdDFTBA
Brutus 2 Spear Fighting None 6 SWZala
Cashmere 1 Knife Fighting Johanna 9 Shadow Seer
Cato 2 Sword Fighting, Plant/Animal Identification Katniss 11 Hungersisters1108
Cecelia 8 Knife Fighting None 4 Wikia Contributor B
Chaff 11 Sword Fighting Glimmer 7 Wikia Contributor A
Cinna C Camouflage, Knife Fighting Enobaria 6 Katiehutchersonx
Clove 2 Knife Throwing, Survival Skills Madge 10 FHT
Cressida C Knife Fighting, Blowgun Fighting Lyme 5 FinnickMellark
Effie Trinket C Mahogany Club Fighting, Survival Skills Chaff 6 Panem21
Enobaria 2 Teeth Fighting, Knife Throwing, Plant/Animal Identification Effie 10 Deaphalia911
Female Morphling 6 Camouflage, Axe Fighting Wiress 6 Nommyzombies
Finnick Odair 4 Knot Tying, Trident Fighting, Snare Making, Plant/Animal Identification Flavius 10 LittleRedCrazyHood
Flavius C Camouflage, Blowgun Fighting Effie 6 MeatballLover
Foxface 5 Knife Fighting, Intelligence, Camouflage Mags 7 FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne

Gale Hawthorne

12 Snare Making, Bow and Arrow, Survival Skills Cato 10 Jodasalz1129
Glimmer 1 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives Boggs 9 AshtonMoioLover
Gloss 1 Knife Fighting, Knife Throwing Katniss 10 Catnipkatniss
Haymitch Abernathy 12 Knife Fighting, Survival Skills Gloss 8 Prezziesnow9704:)!
Johanna Mason 7 Axe Throwing Octavia 11 KEWLBEN
Katniss Everdeen 12 Bow and Arrow Enobaria 9 Marthdual
Lyme 2 Knife Fighting, Survival Skills Cressida 9 CallamD97
Madge Undersee 12 Knife Fighting, Survival Skills Clove 6 Mysims
Mags 4 Knot Tying, Awl Fighting, Survival Skills Foxface 5 Tothedoom
Male Morphling 6 Camouflage, Knife Fighting Rue 6 Hibrawler
Marvel 1 Spear Fighting, Survival Skills Cinna 4 Theworldscolliding
Maysilee Donner 12 Blowgun Fighting, Camouflage Flavius 8 Tobi99
Octavia C Camouflage, Knife Fighting Madge 7 Annamisasa
Peeta Mellark 12 Strength, Camouflage, Knife Fighting Marvel 7 50thGamesFTW
Portia C Camouflage, Knife Fighting Foxface 6 Dahir56
Primrose Everdeen 12 Knife Fighting, Plant/Animal Identification, Survival Skills None 6 Ummy2000
Seeder 11 Knife Fighting, Plant/Animal Identification, Sword Fighting Marvel 5 Polinarose
Rue 11 Slingshot Fighting, Plant/Animal Identification, Bow and Arrow Fighting Marvel 7 Wikia Contributor E
Thresh 11 Sword Fighting, Plant/Animal Identification, Axe Throwing Marvel 6 Srish3211
Venia C Camouflage, Spear Fighting None 7 Icanhasnofriends
Wiress 3 Electrical Skills, Bow and Arrow Fighting Gloss 5 Paigeelizabeth92
Woof 8 Knife Fighting, Club Fighting Maysilee 6 CassiePizzaPeeta

Signups/Money Remaining

Name Tribute Money
Trackstar Beetee -----
NerdDFTBA Boggs -----
Wikia Contributor E Rue -----
LittleRedCrazyHood Finnick -----
Icanhasnofriends Venia -----
Srish3211 Thresh -----
Tobi99 Maysilee -----
Hungersisters1108 Cato -----
FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne Foxface -----
FHT Clove -----
Shadow Seer Cashmere -----
Dahir56 Portia -----
Ummy2000 Prim -----
50thGamesFTW Peeta -----
Wikia Contributor A Chaff -----
CallamD97 Lyme -----
Wikia Contributor B Cecelia -----
Prezziesnow9704:)! Haymitch -----
Rue district11 Annie -----
AshtonMoioLover Glimmer -----
Nommyzombies Female Morphling -----
Panem21 Effie -----
Polinarose Seeder -----
Marthdaul Katniss -----
Annamisasa Octavia -----
Mysims Madge -----
MeatballLover Flavius -----
Wikia Contributor C Blight -----
Katiehutchersonx Cinna -----
Catnipkatniss Gloss -----
Tothedoom Mags -----
FinnickMellark Cressida -----
Deaphalia911 Enobaria -----
KEWLBEN Johanna -----
Theworldscolliding Marvel -----
Jodasalz1129 Gale -----
Hibrawler Male Morphling -----
Paigeelizabeth92 Wiress -----
CassiePizzaPeeta Woof -----
SWZala Brutus -----

Money Bonuses

$50 per kill

$100 for making it to final arena

$150 for top 10

$200 for top 5


Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Poison: $75

Portable Fan (cools tribute down): $150

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]: $25

Rope: $25

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125

Mentor Instructions

Now that your tribute has been given to you, you must do a number of things.

1. Choose one tribute that you want your tribute to kill in the arena. If your tribute kills the tribute of your choice, you will gain an extra $500 to spend.

2. Create a costume for your tribute in the parade. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th crowd favorites from the parade will win $200, $150, $100, $75, and $50 respectively

3. Tell your tribute where to go during training. You may only choose one place. Whatever you send your tribute to will be added to their skillset and can be used in the games. For example, if you want to send Katniss to the spear station, she will be able to use a spear pretty well in the arena.

You may send your tribute to:

A. Survival Station: Teaches your tribute to make fire, tie knots, basic survival tactics

B. Plant/Animal Identification Station: Teaches your tribute about all types of edible/poisonous plants and animals they might come across in the arena.

C. Weapons Station: Choose any weapon from the supplies list above and your tribute will be able to wield that weapon in the arena.

D. Camoflauge Station: Teaches your tribute to blend in with their surroundings and hide from other tributes.

4. You must tell your tribute which skill to show off during training.

5. You must choose 1 of the 5 questions for their interview and answer it. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th crowd favorites from the interviews will win $200, $150, $100, $75, and $50 respectively. This is based on your answer to one of these questions:

A. Tell me about your reaping.

B. What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

C. What do you think of this year's tributes?

D. How do you like the Capitol?

E. What message do you want to send your loved ones back home?

6. You must tell your tribute who to align with in the arena. List all people that you want your tribute to team up with that are in the same arena as your tribute. You may align with no one.

7. Tell your tribute how to approach the bloodbath. They can either participate in it, grab meager supplies from the outside, get a weapon and run, or just run away immediately.

8. Finally, you must tell your tribute where to go in the arena. Your tribute will be assigned to either Frostia or Flamia. From the sections listed under each arena, you may choose where you want your tribute to go. (Note: If your tribute does not participate in the bloodbath, they cannot camp at the Cornucopia)

To sum it all up, just leave a comment in this format:

My tribute:

Tribute that I want my tribute to kill:

Parade Outfit:

Training Area:

Training Score Skill:

Interview Question:

Interview Answer:


Bloodbath Strategy


Arena Area:


Annie Cresta

Caesar: What message would you like to send to your loved ones back home?

Annie: I would like to tell my son that I will try my best to win and come back to him.


Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Beetee: I think that most of them will still be dumb like usual, and then there will be the smart ones like me and Wiress. I will not talk about the dumb ones because, thats too much talking.


Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Blight: Well, it's very nice, bright lights, GORGEOUS PEOPLE, and most of all I get the chance to kill again.


Caesar: What do you think about this year's tribues?

Boogs: Well, I guess you might say I'm afraid of them, except I'm not. I think that some of them could definitely kill me, but I'm not going to live my life afraid of dying. So I expect one of them to kill me, but I expect to die without fear.


Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Brutus: I love it, but not because of how it looks or how the people are. It's because when I'm in the Capitol, it means I'm going to be in the games.


Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Cashmere: Well Ceaser, The competition looks pretty tough. It really breaks my heart knowing how this is affecting all of Panem. *Starts Sobbing* Just knowing so many of the people that our children, our elders, all of us are going to be killed just snaps my heart in two. Some of these people I have looked up and even mentored myself and it's really hard knowing that they're probably not going to make it.... *Begins Sobbing Hysterically but is calmed by ceaser* I just want my fellow tributes, and all of panem to know though however that if I win, their deaths shall not be forgotten. Their memories shall live on forever.


Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Cato: Well theres quite a range of tributes this year. I mean 40 in the arena! I can't wait to get there and kill as many of them as possible. Some of them don't even have decent names like Foxface, I mean really what is she going to do jump around like a fox and kill rabbits with her bare teeth! Most of them them are morphling addicts so I think this year the capitol needs a proper victor which is where I come in!


Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Cecelia: I think they are all very strong and nice. I'd hate to see any one of them die.


Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Chaff: Only a few intrigue me like Finnick and Haymitch, but some look hopeless like Wiress and The Morphlings.


Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Cinna: I have experience in clothing so can use camoflauge extremely well, also many may think im not a threat as I'm just a stylist, but I am rather strong so after the training I think I'm pretty lethal.


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Clove: I was excited, but I was sad that I left my 11 year old sister behind.... I love you Cris! I will come back for you!


Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Cressida: I love it. Its my home. And....and....I.might...never see it again

Effie Trinket

Caesar: What message do you want to send to your loved ones back home?

Effie: I'd like to tell my new husband Nathaniel I shall do my best and take care of our new child.


Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Enobaria: My survivability, of course my teeth aren't bad either and as you know we Careers have lots of supplies which would help us survive longer than the others.

Female Morphling

Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Female Morphling: I- I don't think that I am allowed to tell, but... lets just say that is..... colorful.

Finnick Odair

Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Finnick: There are a lot of very nice people here *winks at the audience*, and it looks extravagant and great. I love it here in the Capitol, but I still can't wait to go back home to my family and friends. Because I am going to win this, because I bet all you beautiful people in the Capitol won't let me die right?


Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Flavius: Unfortunately I have none really. Unless I can dress someone to death.

Gale Hawthorne

Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Gale: It's pretty good, love the food and the awesome people! *Kisses hand and waves at the crowd*


Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Glimmer: I plan to do the best I can.


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Gloss: When I heard both me and Cashmere were picked, I thought I was just going to break down in tears, but I didn't. I'm still strong, stronger than ever. I'm honored to be back here in the Capitol and the games, to represent my district. I will win. If I don't, I want my sister Cashmere to win; one of us NEEDS to go back to our family. And one of us will.


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Foxface: Well.... I have been in 4 hunger games now and in 3 of them District 12 has been my demise, so I can not say I was shocked when my name..... ohh wait you only call me foxface...., my name Foxface was called. I was actually on my way up to the stage when they called my name.

Haymitch Abernathy

Caesar: What message do you want to send to your loved ones back home?

Haymitch: Dont you think that is quite insensitive since your ohh so powerful president killed my family?

Johanna Mason

Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Johanna: My epicness at killing. I can do everything I want with my precious axe, so when you sleep you better have protection or you'll die with my precious axe. Ready or not, here I come!

Katniss Everdeen

Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Katniss: My ability to use a bow and kill at long range.


Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Lyme: Well, coming from 2 I'm bigger and stronger then most. Also I'm a previous victor unlike 10 in my arena so I've got a good chance.

Madge Undersee

Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Madge: I wasn't expecting to be reaped, because I'm the mayor's daughter an I haven't got any terassea. When I was chosen I got really upset and started crying. I hope I don't die a painful death. But I will get back to my Dad, and I will have enough money to help mum with her illness. I will be back in District 12 in a few weeks time.


Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Mags: As you know, I know many of these people, so I might just have a good alliance with them and will help with everyone.

Male Morphling

Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Male Morphling: I am great at camouflage and can pop out of anywhere at any time.


Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Marvel: Well I won last time isn't that right so that's proof that I do have what it takes but I'm also stronger than ever and I'm not gonna be fooled this time :P I know the others will target me but I'm sure all you lovely people in the Capitol won't let that happen!

Maysilee Donner

Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Maysilee: Well, I thought it was amazing! I wouldn't let anyone volunter, I was so excited to come back and have another try and to see you all again, I remember last time I was here, for the second quell, that I spent my whole first night pressing all the buttons in my shower! *audience laughs* And this time I will finally get to try the rest out! *more laughter* But this time I'm going to win and this time, I wont meet any bird, if you know what I mean! *audience laughs again*


Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Octavia: The Capitol is the most amazing city on this planet, trust me Caesar I live there (she says the last words in a joking tune). There so many opportunities here and there are so many nice people who always support you. I am so happy that the tributes from the other districts get a view of this town before they get sent to the arena cause everybody should see the Capitol with their own eyes, right everyone? *crowd cheers*

Peeta Mellark

Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Peeta: Well on the day of the reaping I got hit by my mother. When I got to the square I saw a young girl who looked only 12. I thought she wouldn't get reaped and neither would I, but boy was I wrong. Effie walked up on stage on was happy as usual and showed the seam a video. I didn't like it but how it was made I like that. She started with the girls I heard the girls name and was surprised she was Primrose Everdeen the her sister who I secretly loved volenteered Katniss Everdeen. Then I heard my name and took my punishment.


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Portia: Well, the capitol deosn't have reapings, I looked around scared that I will be reaped from the capitol, still I don't understand why the capitol needs a reaping? When I heard my name, I cried knowing no one else who compete for me, so here I am now.

Primrose Everdeen

Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Prim: I was scared and Katniss kept saying I wouldn't get reaped. Sure enough, I was reaped along with my sister Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, Maysilee, Madge, and Gale. It was a nightmare come true, well at least my sister is with me along with some close friends.


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Rue: I was terrified like a lot of other people. Of course I had to sign up to tessera but so did everyone else, so it was back to about a 1 out of 1,000…The odds weren’t in my favor…it was my first year and what do you know? I got picked. I’m lucky I didn’t break out crying. I stood next to Seeder, a victor who had been chosen before me and believe me I was so scared. Next was Thresh which, of all people possible, I wouldn’t kill. After that another victor, Chaff, was chosen. I prayed that I wouldn’t die instantly, if that was possible and I’m still not sure.


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Seeder: I was standing with the other victors of 11. I knew my chances were painstakingly high, as I had to take tesserae. I saw a beautiful young girl. She looked to be about 12. Then, whatever-his-name-is the escort hopped up . He was wearing bells all over him! He called the young girls name, which ended up being Rue. I was called next. If I am left with Rue, I would let her live.


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Thresh: Not much to tell. A boy named Click was reaped...he's more or less gone in the head so I volunteered. My grandmother and sister said that they were proud of me and I have to win this. For them.


Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Venia: I have a secret ability with spears. Oops, not much of a secret now!


Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Wiress: I know quite a bit about technology, therefore I can set up snares, traps or alter a weapon easily, which could be deadly.


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Woof: Well, the escort walked up on the stage like they usually did and then picked out the girl's name. It was Cecelia. We were good friends. I may be an old man but I still needed to protect her. So I volunteered.

Crowd Favorites

1, Maysilee

2. Cashmere

3. Octavia

4. Madge

5. Seeder



Effie is wearing a dazzling white gown covered with jewels.

Portia is wearing a colorful outfit.

Venia is wearing a blue dress studded with pearls.

Cinna is wearing an all black suit, with silver trims, a belt and a silver tie, very simple yet gorgeous.

Cressida is wearing a purple and pink dress covered in diamonds.

Flavius is wearing rainbow streamers everywhere, his suit is made of silver and gold sparkles. He’s wearing his purple lipstick (trademark). He has his orange curls are under brilliant blue highlights. He's smiling.

Octavia is wearing a very long dress with dress dragging and hanging sleeves. The dress is neon pink and Octavia's hair matches. While the chariot drives, Octavias hair and dress change color in a fast pace: Neon light blue, neon green, neon orange etc. Octavia smiles and waves to the crowd, she loves their attention.

Disrict 1

Glimmer is wearing a long, strapless pink dress several bands of jewels around the top.

Cashmere is wearing a long red dress with white designs on it that is tight on top and flows on the bottom.

Gloss is wearing a sparkling pink suit that is shining along with the silver chariot.

Marvel is wearing a plain black suit. He's going for the classic look.

District 2

Enobaria is wearing a long dress that looks like a marble column.

Cato is wearing a bright white suit that is embedded with rhinestones and other gems like a mosaic.

Lyme is wearing a shimmering marble coloured dress. Half way through, smoke blows off it and then Lyme is engulfed in flames. She emerges wearing a full battle armour suit made of marble.

Clove is wearing armor that is silver and sparkles, with golden pants that are scaley. Lastly, she has glitter cannons.

Brutus is wearing golden armor and a silver crown on his head.

District 3

Beetee is wearing a dark black suit that has a wire design going up it. He has a hat on that looks like it's short circuiting, with sparks flying off it, he has black shoes with the same design as the suit.

Wiress is wearing a short silver dress with multicoloured wires connecting along all over the dress, lighting up tiny bulbs all around the dress.

District 4

Mags is dressed in a bright blue dress with a fish popping out of it.

Finnick is wearing a suit seemingly made out of black and white pearls. He is also wearing a crown on his head that loooks like it's made out of white coral, but has a small black shell in the middle. His shoes look like they're made out of dark blue scales too. He's wearing a green cape that seems to made out of seaweed.

Annie is wearing a long sea blue dress and shoes. She wears a net over her head like a veil.

District 5

Foxface is wearing a ballgown dress made of 100% solar panel, as she goes further into the race some lights are brighter and brighter. They then smash creating an explosion and when the smoke clears she is wearing a long glowing dress covered in diamonds. It looks like she is a glowing ball of power. Her hair is wrapped in a string covered in diamonds.

District 6

The Male Morphling is wearing a very colorful suit with colors much like the sun and the flame fabric makes it look like it is a burning sun.

The Female Morphling is wearing colorful swirls of a rainbow, and lights hidden within the fabric, to glow colors around the room.

District 7

Johanna is dressed as a tree camouflaged with birds on the hand with a sun headress that throws apples at the crowd.

Blight is wearing wooden body armor that sets on fire half way through as the chariot leaves a trail of fire.

District 8

Woof is wearing a needle suit.

Cecelia is dressed as a spool of thread.

District 11

Chaff is dressed as a baskey that they use to put fruit in.

Seeder is wearing a simple, leaf like dress, with curls. There is vine on her left calf up until her knee. There is a simple tight bodysuitish leaf made dress from the knee up. She has a headdress made out of culing vines.

Thresh is wearing a suit with what looks like a maze drawn on it. But wait...the maze is off different colours! It represents the maze of crops in District 11. His hair have been shaved to match his costume. He wears simple boots on his feet to signify that, he might go into the Games but deep down he'll always be the same Thresh working in the fields of District 11.

Rue is wearing a gold knee-long dress with a delicate crown of wheat. She has flowers in her hair which is slightly curled. She has sandals that have one single flower on each.

District 12

Peeta is dressed in a dark black suit with a hood and fire that engulfs his whole body with a pair of gold shoes.

Gale is dressed in a black, charcoal dusted suit with a silk tie and the suit reflects light so that it sparkles.

Katniss is wearing a long black dress with bronze trimming with a mockingjay design on the chest.

Maysilee is wearing a dress that makes it look as if she was a shootingstar. It's a long dress that flies out behind her and gives a faint glow and looks like fire. It leaves a trail of fake fire that shows all her reapings and her last interview and parts of her from her last games, but not from when she died.

Madge is wearing a mockingjay dress with feathers in her hair.

Haymitch is wearing a block of coal that explodes and turns into a costume like the one Katniss and Peeta wore in the 74th hunger games.

Prim is wearing a shimmery black dress with gold trim and fire on the bottom. Her hair is in two braids dusted with black, also with agolden crown and neaklace

District 13

Boggs is wearing one of the District 13 military outfits, except he has a helmet that sends off little explosions that look like nuclear explosions (but aren't) every few seconds.

Crowd Favorites

1. Foxface

2. Finnick

3. Thresh

4. Lyme

5. Flavius


Arena 1 - Frostia

This arena is a cold, freezing wasteland. The cornucopia is on a field of frozen soil surrounded by a slippery frozen lake. Past the lake to the north is more frozen soil with trees and a lot of cover. There is very little food and water source, so tributes depend on their mentor in this area. To the south and west is a frozen lake with a few plants here and there. There are animals to hunt and water to drink, but it is out in the open providing no cover. To the east is a jagged mountain that slopes down hidden with caves and streams. Depending on the cave, there may or may not be water and food. A spile would be very helpful in Frostia.

Places your tribute can go:


Frozen Forest

Frozen Lake

Cave Area


1. Cashmere

2. Gale

3. Haymitch

4. Portia

5. Beetee

6. Madge

7. Lyme

8. Female Morphling

9. Clove

10. Cressida

11. Wiress

12. Thresh

13. Annie

14. Brutus

15. Male Morphling

16. Woof

17. Cato

18. Rue

19. Octavia

20. Prim

Arena 2 - Flamia

This arena is full of heat. The Cornucopia is on a grass field and there is a large lake to the north. That is the only water source in the arena. To the south of the Cornucopia is an active volcano that releases lava very often. To the west of the Cornucopia that borders the lake is a sandy desert that has a few trees and animals and some cover. The the east of the Cornucopia that borders the lake on the other side is a huge dirt field with many plants and animals, so food is not an issue. However, there is little to no cover in the field. A portable fan is essential to stop the tributes from overheating.

Places your tribute can go:






1. Cinna

2. Chaff

3. Marvel

4. Katniss

5. Finnick

6. Glimmer

7. Enobaria

8. Peeta

9. Cecelia

10. Gloss

11. Effie

12. Blight

13. Boggs

14. Foxface

15. Flavius

16. Johanna

17. Maysilee

18. Mags

19. Seeder

20. Venia

Arena 3 - Hazardia

Hazardia is a seemingly normal arena. There are several food and water sources throughout. There are four areas. The Cornucopia, the meadow, the jungle, and the swamp. The Cornucopia is the only non-booby trapped place. The supplies get better the farther in they are. It is on a shallow pond.

The meadow has a whole bunch of flowers, animals, and high grass for cover. Tributes hiding in there probably won't be found by other tributes, but they may be found by mutts.

The jungle has so many trees that most of the sun is blocked out. It is very dark, and booby traps are everywhere. However, the plants and animals are harmless.

The swamp has the least amount of traps. The only one is that the water is toxic and falling in will kill the tribute. There is a small amount of cover and a moderate amount of edible plants and animals.

Places your tribute can go:

Cornucopia (only if they participate in the bloodbath)




Current Status

Name Place
Cashmere Victor
Finnick Victor
Gloss Runner-Up

Second Runner-Up

Mentor Gifts

Day 1

Rue district11 - Annie - Trident, Parka - $475

Ummy2000 - Prim - Blanket, Dried Fruit - $100

Hungersisters1108 - Cato - Parka, Water - $250

CassiePizzaPeeta - Woof - Wooden Club, Parka, Soup - $350

FHT - Clove - Throwing Knives, Spile - $275

Trackstar - Beetee - Parka - $150

Wikia Contributor E - Rue - Parka, Spile - $225

Shadow Seer - Cashmere - Poison, Night-Vision Glasses, Canteen - $375

Jodasalz1129 - Gale - Dried Meat, Blanket - $125

Prezziesnow9704:)! - Haymitch - Parka, Bread - $200

Mysims - Madge - Blanket, Knife - $125

Wikia Contributor A - Chaff - Water - $100

Panem21 - Effie - Canteen, Water - $200

Tothedoom - Mags - Water, Bread [2], Awl - $300

FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne - Foxface - Portable Fan, Water, Canteen - $350

Mysims - Madge - Dried Fruit - $50

Icanhasnofriends - Venia - Spear, Water, Bread, Portable Fan - $475

Trackstar - Beetee - Wire, Blowgun - $225

Katiehutchersonx - Cinna - Dried Meat - $75

Catnipkatniss - Gloss - Portable Fan - $150

Paigeelizabeth92 - Wiress - Dried Fruit, Water - $150

Theworldscolliding - Marvel - Spear, Dried Fruit - $175

Panem21 - Effie - Dried Fruit - $50

Polinarose - Seeder - Dried Fruit - $50

MeatballLover - Flavius - Dried Fruit, Spile, Portable Fan, Blowgun, Darts [12], Poison - $475

LittleRedCrazyHood - Finnick - Bread, Portable Fan, Water - $300

FinnickMellark - Cressida - Blowgun, Darts [12], Dried Meat, Sleeping Bag, Blanket - $400

KEWLBEN - Johanna - Water, Bread, Poison, Portable Fan - $375

Tobi99 - Maysilee - Water, Portable Fan, Blowgun, Darts [12], Dried Fruit - $425

Catnipkatniss - Gloss - Poison - $75

Annamisasa - Octavia - Knife - $75

Ummy2000 - Prim - Blowgun, Knife, Poison - $275

Marthdual - Katniss - Bow, Portable Fan, Quiver of Arrows [24], Canteen - $450

Wikia Contributor C - Blight - Axe, Water, Dried Fruit, Fan - $450

50thGamesFTW - Peeta - Sword - $125

Panem21 - Effie - Wooden Club - $125

Wikia Contributor A - Chaff - Sword - $125

Day 2 Gifts

CallamD97 - Lyme - Wire - $75

Wikia Contributor E - Rue - Bow, Quiver of Arrows [12] - $175

Jodasalz1129 - Gale - Poison - $75

Shadow Seer - Cashmere - Throwing Knives - $200

Deaphalia911 - Enobaria - Bread - $50

Day 3 Gifts

CallamD97 - Lyme - Blanket, Knife - $125

Shadow Seer - Cashmere - Camouflage Paints, Blanket - $150

Trackstar - Beetee - Darts - $25

FHT - Clove - Spile, Soup - $150

Paigeelizabeth92 - Wiress - Awl - $100

Mysims - Madge - Throwing Knives - $200

Depahalia911 - Enobaria - Throwing Knives - $200

Day 4 Gifts

Mysims - Madge - Dried Meat - $75

Panem21 - Effie - Dried Fruit - $50

Polinarose - Seeder - Dried Fruit - $50

Katiehutchersonx - Cinna - Dried Meat - $75

Marthdual - Katniss - Dried Fruit - $50

Icanhasnofriends - Venia - Soup - $75

Deaphalia911 - Enobaria - Poison - $75

LittleRedCrazyHood - Finnick - Dried Fruit, Water - $150

Tothedoom - Mags - Bread, Water - $150

Day 6 Gifts

Rue district11 - Annie - Dried Fruit, Water - $150

FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne - Foxface - Water, Canteen - $250

Mysims - Madge - Water - $100

Polinarose - Seeder - Water, Dried Fruit - $150

Ummy2000 - Prim - Water, Knife, Dried Fruit - $225

LittleRedCrazyHood - Finnick - Water, Dried Fruit - $150

Tothedoom - Mags - Bread, Water - $150

KEWLBEN - Johanna - Water, Bread - $150

Jodasalz1129 - Gale - Bow, Quiver of Arrows [12], Dried Meat - $250

Day 8 Gifts

Shadow Seer - Cashmere - Blowgun, Darts [12] - $125

Day 9 Gifts

Catnipkatniss - Gloss - Night-Vision Glasses - $150

CallamD97 - Lyme - Instant Relief - $400

LittleRedCrazyHood - Finnick - Trident, Rope - $300

Shadow Seer - Cashmere - Poison - $75

KEWLBEN - Johanna - Poison - $75

Day 11 Gifts

Catnipkatniss - Gloss - Throwing Knives [6] - $400

LittleRedCrazyHood - Finnick - Blowgun, Darts [12], Poison - $200

Shadow Seer - Cashmere - Darts [12], Night-Vision Glasses, Throwing Knives [3] - $375

Catnipkatniss - Gloss - Poison - $75

The Games

Day 1



The tributes were standing on their launch pads, freezing. They could not wait to get off and get something warm from the Cornucopia. The countdown continued 5...4...3...2...1...DING. The tributes dashed off of their launch pads. The Female Morphling ran away immediately with no supplies into the cave area. Gale grabbed a bow and some arrows and picked up Prim on his back. Prim had a backpack in her hand. Haymitch pulled Octavia out of the way of Cato's sword. He grabbed a knife and some poison while Octavia grabbed a parka and a bread tin and they ran after Gale and Prim, who were heading into the cave area. Madge was right behind them with a backpack of her own.

Cato grabbed a sword and some dried meat and ran away into the caves. Clove grabbed a backpack and ran away into the caves as well. The tributes were shocked. Cato and Clove were not Careers!

The Male Morphling grabbed a blowgun, but Cashmere lodged a knife into his back. His cannon sounded.

Annie and Cressida each grabbed a backpack and ran to the frozen lake. They decided to make an alliance.

Woof, Rue, Beetee, and Wiress each had supplies and ran into the frozen forest. They formed an alliance.

Portia ran into the cave area alone with a backpack. No one saw her. Thresh, Brutus, Lyme, and Cashmere were the only ones left at the Cornucopia. Thresh stuck a sword into Brutus' chest and ran off with the sword and a backpack. Lyme threw a knife at him, but missed.


Cashmere and Lyme were the only Careers left. They were at the Cornucopia.

Haymitch, Prim, Gale, Octavia, and Madge were crowded in a cave that had a pond in it. They had a source of water, but all but Octavia were cold and they needed food.

Portia was camped out in her own cave. It had absolutely nothing in it, but it was very warm. There seemed to heat coming from a vent in the cave.

Beetee, Wiress, Woof, and Rue were in the forest, camped out in trees.

Cato and Clove formed an alliance and were in their own cave. Their cave had a bunch of boxes of food in it.

The Female Morphling was sitting alone in a cave, freezing, hungry, and thirsty.

Thresh was coming up on Haymitch, Prim, Madge, Gale, and Octavia's cave unknowingly.

Annie and Cressida were drinking from the frozen lake and trying to stay warm.



The tributes were on their launch pads, sweating. It was so hot in Flamia. They heard the sound of bubbling lava in the distance. 5...4...3...2...1...DING!

There was confusion immediately. Katniss and Venia ran off together into the field. Cinna, Chaff, Maysilee, Peeta and Seeder ran into the desert. Peeta tried to go back and follow Katniss when a knife thrown by Foxface came whizzing past and took off a part of his ear. He reluctantly went into the desert with his alliance. They all had small backpacks with them.

Foxface and Flavius decided to make an alliance, and Flavius was shocked, but happy. They went into the volcano area. Foxface had a knife and bread, Flavius had camouflage paints.

Marvel decided to take a backpack and run to the field. He was not a Career!

Finnick, Boggs, Effie, Johanna, and Mags managed to get some great supplies and run off together in the desrt. Finnick picked up a trident, Boggs some food, Effie some water, Johanna three throwing axes, and Mags a portable fan.

The only people left at the Cornucopia were Enobaria, Gloss, Glimmer, Cecelia, and Blight. Cecelia had suffered from heat exhaustion and fainted, Blight was trying to carry her out to the field when an arrow hit his ankle. He fell and dropped Cecelia. He pulled the arrow out and ran. He wasn't injured, but he knew that taking Cecelia would end up killing him. He waited for Cecelia's cannon and it did not come for a long time. The Careers tortured her before she died. Glimmer ended up stabbing Cecelia in the head out of frustration when Cecelia smacked Glimmer in the face.


Cinna, Chaff, Maysilee, Peeta, and Seeder were in the desert walking towards the lake.

Marvel was alone in the field, wandering towards Katniss and Venia.

Blight was alone in the field wandering towards Finnick, Boggs, Effie, Johanna, and Mags.

Glimmer, Enobaria, and Gloss were at the Cornucopia with their supplies.

Foxface and Flavius had found a small pond in the volcano area. It was bubbling, but it wasn't erupting yet.

Day 2


Thresh heard breathing from inside the cave. He took out his sword and threw it in. A cannon boomed and he started to run. He heard footsteps behind him, but he kept running. Then, someone tackled him from behind. It was Gale. Gale began punching Thresh in the face and then snapped his neck. The cannon from the cave was not from anyone in Gale's alliance. It was Portia's from another cave. Cashmere and Lyme were looking through the caves and found Portia. Lyme stabbed Portia in the heart and the two moved onto the next cave. This time, they found the Female Morphling. She was suffering from frostbite and all of her toes and and fingers fell off. She could not move and was nearly frozen solid. Cashmere snapped her neck.

Beetee, Wiress, Rue, and Woof were still in trees in the forest.

Cashmere and Lyme were moving towards Cato and Clove's cave.

Gale's alliance was moving around since they realized they would be sitting ducks in a cave.

Annie and Cressida were still by the frozen lake.


Marvel was walking when he came across Katniss and Venia sleeping on the ground. He coughed awkwardly to wake them up and Katniss drew her bow. Marvel put up his hands and asked for an alliance. Venia nodded excitedly and Katniss demanded food. Marvel gave her dried fruit and the threesome made an alliance.

Finnick, Boggs, Effie, Johanna, and Mags had made their way to the lake. They were scooping up water and drinking it when a piranha muttation came out of nowhere. It was larger than the typical piranha, much larger. All but Boggs evacuated the lake immediately. Boggs looked up and began to run when the piranha clamped onto his legs. Boggs desperately tried to fend off the piranha muttation by punching it, but that made it angrier and it bit down harder. Eventually, Boggs died of blood loss and his cannon sounded.

Meanwhile, in the desert, Cinna, Chaff, Peeta, Maysilee, and Seeder were fending off mutts of their own. They were scorpion muttations that spurted out purple poison whenever they felt threatened. They were doing pretty well in the fight, when Maysilee made a fatal mistake. She threw her awl at the scorpion and hit its leg, enraging it and leaving herself defenseless. She began to retreat when the purple substance squirted onto her arm, burning her skin and going through her bone. She now had a hole in her arm. Seeing what the scorpions could do, the alliance retreated, or tried to at least. Peeta saw that the scorpion was about to squirt Maysilee again, so put his sword in the way, and it turned to dust. Peeta and Maysilee were behind the pack, and the scorpions caught up, squirting them with purple poison that gave the two slow, painful deaths. Maysilee died first with Peeta soon after. The scorpions mutts disappeared after killing their victims.

In the volcano area, Foxface and Flavius decided to go their separate ways. Flavius went to look for Venia and Katniss is the field while Foxface went alone into the desert.

The Careers were doing well at the Cornucopia.

Blight was making his way unknowingly towards Katniss, Marvel, and Venia.

Day 3


Cashmere and Lyme were coming up on a cave and they saw Cato and Clove inside, sleeping. They devised a plan. They put a wire around the cave and dug a hole, so if Cato and Clove tried to flee, they would fall into the hole. Cashmere and Lyme set their trap and taunted Cato and Clove to come out. They did, and Cato and Clove fell into the hole after tripping on the wire. Cashmere and Lyme laughed and high-fived. They asked Cato and Clove if they wanted an alliance. Cato said no but Clove said yes. They let Clove get out of the hole. Cato was looking at her as if she were a traitor. Once Clove was out, she started running as fast as she could, deeper into the cave area and far away from Cato, Cashmere, and Lyme. All she had with her was her parka and throwing knives. Cashmere and Lyme let Clove go, and focused on Cato. He took his sword out and slashed at Cashmere and Lyme from in the hole. They easily evaded his attacks. Lyme threw one of Cashmere's knives down at Cato and connected with his head. Cato's cannon sounded.

Gale, Haymitch, Prim, Octavia, and Madge were coming up on the Cornucopia when they saw Beetee, Wiress, Rue, and Woof in the distance. The two groups banded together and formed a super alliance of nine. They could not celebrate for long, however, as they saw Annie and Cressida running from the lake towards them. They were being followed by arctic wolf mutts. There were six of them. Immediately, the eleven tributes banded together to fight the wolves. Annie killed one immediately with her trident. One jumped at her, but she ducked and it hit clawed Cressida's face off. Her cannon sounded. Octavia, Prim, Madge, and Rue were trying to stay out of the fight. Gale stabbed two wolves with his arrows and they turned to dust. There were three left. Beetee was about to shoot a dart at one, but there were no darts in his blowgun. Instead, he improvised and just hit the wolf with the blowgun. It staggered, but came back at him even angrier. That was when Wiress stabbed the wolf with her awl. There were now two left. One wolf came towards Rue, Madge, Prim, and Octavia. Rue jumped on the wolf's back and Octavia stabbed it in the head. Haymitch turned to look at Octavia when a wolf jumped on him. It began to bite him all over, and it ripped his arm off before Woof killed it with his club. Haymitch died of blood loss.

Only two more tributes had to die before they made it to the final arena.


Foxface was moving through the desert and came upon Seeder, Chaff, and Cinna. She asked them if she could be in the alliance. They were wary at first, but then decided to let her in. The three were sitting comfortably by the lake in the desert.

Meanwhile, Flavius was creeping past the Careers at the Cornucopia to get to Katniss, Marvel and Venia. At the same time, Blight was coming towards them. Flavius yelled to Venia to watch out for Blight. That woke up the Careers. Glimmer immediately took her bow and shot an arrow through Flavius' throat. He died instantly. Katniss retaliated by shooting Glimmer in the calf. Glimmer fell to the ground, pulled the arrow out, and hid inside the Cornucopia. Marvel threw a spear at Gloss, but missed. Enobaria threw a knife at Marvel and hit his chest. Katniss and Venia ran away. Blight met up with them and they accepted him into their alliance.

Finnick, Johanna, Mags, and Effie were moving towards Katniss' group.

Day 4


The nine man alliance decided to split up to find the three remaining tributes: Cashmere, Lyme, and Clove. Cashmere and Lyme had moved to the forest and were hiding in trees. Clove was deep in the cave area, camping out outside of a cave to avoid another trap.

Gale, Prim, Madge, and Annie went into the forest to look for tributes while Woof, Octavia, Rue, Beetee, and Wiress went into the cave area.

Gale, Prim, Madge and Annie entered the forest on the opposite side of where Cashmere and Lyme were, but they were moving towards them.

Clove heard footsteps and talking so she hid behind a rock. Wiress, Beetee, Woof, Rue, and Octavia walked past her. She took out of her knives and was choosing who to kill. She decided on Wiress when Octavia turned around. She was about to scream when Clove's knife lodged into her head. Clove picked up her supplies and ran. Rue's arrows and Beetee's darts were whizzing by her, but she zig-zagged among rocks and caves, so none hit her. She ran all the way to the Cornucopia and hid in there. Wiress, Beetee, Woof, and Rue were checking caves.


Glimmer died of blood loss from Katniss' arrow early in the morning, leaving the Careers down to Enobaria and Gloss.

Finnick, Johanna, Mags, and Effie had met up with Katniss, Venia, and Blight. They formed a large seven-man alliance. They moved towards the Cornucopia.

Seeder, Cinna, Chaff, and Foxface were also moving towards the Cornucopia from the desert.

Day 5


Cashmere and Lyme had climbed into the tallest tree in the forest. Gale, Prim, Madge and Annie walked past, but neither Cashmere nor Lyme could get a clear shot on any of them.

Meanwhile, Beetee, Wiress, Woof, and Rue could not find Clove anywhere. They knew that only one more tribute needed to die. Woof and Rue were sitting quietly while Wiress and Beetee were talking in hushed tones. They contemplated killing either Woof or Rue so both of them would make it safely to the next arena. They decided to kill Woof, because Rue is less of a threat and they would feel guilty killing a little girl. Wiress walked up to Woof and stabbed him repeatedly with her awl until his cannon sounded. Immediately, hovercrafts came and picked up the remaining tributes and brought them to their launch rooms for the final arena.

Mentors, I will give you your instructions once Flamia has ended.


Enobaria and Gloss had ditched the Cornucopia and were hiding on the edge of the volcano area and watching. Finnick's alliance and Cinna's alliance met, and all hell broke loose.

Cinna blew a dart and it hit Effie in the neck, sounding her cannon. Seeder and Foxface ran away into the desert. Finnick threw his trident at Chaff's head, and decapitated him.

Cinna was the only one left in his alliance, so he turned to run when one of Johanna's axes landed in his neck.

The hovercrafts came and picked up the remaining tributes. They are currently in their launch rooms.

Mentors, you must fill out the following info for your tribute: (You have two days to do this)

Bloobath Strategy:

Arena Area:


Day 6



It was the second countdown the tributes had to hear. 5...4...3...2...1...BOOM.

The tribute ran off their launch pad. Immediately, Clove picked up some throwing knives and threw one at Katniss' head. This time, she didn't have the backpack to defend herself with, and Katniss died immediately. Prim fainted. Gale picked her up once again and ran with Madge and Finnick into the swamp. Finnick was looking around for Annie but could not find her. Madge had a backpack with her and Finnick had a sword. He couldn't get to a trident.

Beetee, Wiress, and Venia tried to go into the swamp as well when Enobaria's knife landed in Beetee's neck. Wiress and Venia escaped into the swamp.

Blight was fighting with Foxface over a backpack when Seeder stabbed Blight in the heart. She cried and said a quick prayer before her, Foxface, and Rue ran into the jungle together. Foxface and Rue had backpacks. Seeder had a knife.

The only ones left at the Cornucopia were Johanna, Annie, Mags, and the Careers. Annie picked up a trident when one of Clove's knives hit the handle of the trident. Annie looked up and Clove threw another knife. Annie blocked it and charged at Clove. She pierced Clove's heart and Johanna, Mags, and Annie ran off into the meadow, each with their favorite weapon.


Gale, Prim, Madge, and Finnick were in the swamp area. Wiress and Venia were also in the swamp, away from the other alliance.

Seeder, Foxface, and Rue were in the jungle.

Johanna, Annie, and Mags were in the meadow.

The remaining Careers, Cashmere, Lyme, Gloss, and Enobaria, were at the Cornucopia.

Day 7


The Careers were doing very well at the Cornucopia. They had no worries. Yet.

Mags, Annie, and Johanna were switching who was keeping watch at night and who was sleeping to avoid mutts.

Gale, Prim, Madge, and Finnick were moving unknowingly towards a river in the swamp.

Venia was keeping watch while Wiress was sleeping. Venia knew that she had to kill someone to get money for her mentor. She didn't want to kill her only ally, but she had no choice. She went behind Wiress and snapped her neck. Venia shuddered as the cannon sounded and began to cry.

Meanwhile, Foxface, Seeder and Rue were walking through the jungle when they heard a clicking noise coming from the ground. A spike flew from beneath the earth and swung upwards. Seeder had triggered the trap, but she avoided it. They heard the clicking noise again. Foxface and Seeder dove to the side and Rue laid down. A bed of nails came out of the ground and punctered Rue's whole body, killing her instantly. Seeder and Foxface settled down in a spot where they couldn't here any clicks.

Day 8


The tributes were still in their places from the previous day when Claudius Templesmith came over the loudspeaker.

"Attention, tributes! We are having an early feast this year! Each tribute will have their own bag. Hovercrafts will bring the bags to the Cornucopia and pick up any unclaimed bags 24 hours later. Can you afford to go the feast? Can you afford not to? It's up toy. May the odd be ever in your favor." The Careers moved to the edge of the jungle so they were not easy targets in the center of the feast.

Mentors, you must:

1. Choose ONE item to be in your tribute's bag for the feast. It does not have to be on the list, but if it is unreasonable (machine gun, etc), then their bag will contain nothing.

2. Give your tribute instructions on how to approach the feast. They can avoid it altogether, wait it out, or go immediately. It is up to you.

Day 9


The Feast

The bags arrived at the crack of dawn. There were fourteen of them, each with the tribute's name printed on the front. Mags, Annie, and Johanna decided to stay in the meadow.

Cashmere was in a tree with her blowgun. Enobaria, Gloss, and Lyme were planning on getting as many bags as possible.

Finnick stayed behind in the swamp, but Gale, Prim, and Madge went to the feast. They were on the outside of the swamp.

Seeder and Foxface were on the other edge of the jungle, away from Cashmere.

Meanwhile, Venia was extremely hungry and thirsty. She took a drink of water from the lake and died instantly. She thought the water might have been poisonous, but she didn't care at that point.

The tributes were waiting to make the first move. Enobaria, Gloss, and Lyme darted out. Gloss took his and Cashmere's bag and ran back. Lyme took her bag, and heard a cannon. She turned and saw an arrow in Enobaria's skull, with Gale and Prim running after, with their weapons. Lyme took her bag and stabbed Prim in the heart, killing her instantly. Gale shot an arrow at Lyme and it hit her hand, causing her to drop her bag. Lyme's hand was bleeding, and she needed medicine. Gale took his bag, and ran off screaming, crying, and cursing at Prim's death. Cashmere shot a dart at him, but missed.

It was getting dark and Seeder and Madge knew they had to come soon. Madge ran out and immediately, a dart went into her arm. She cursed and took her bag, hiding in the Cornucopia for shelter. Seeder ran out at the same time. Cashmere's dart landed in her leg. Seeder went into the Cornucopia and the tributes heard a cannon. The bags disappeared, and Madge came running out of the Cornucopia. Foxface realized that Seeder had died, so she threw her knife at Madge, and hit the back of her neck, killing her instantly. Foxface was going to go back into the jungle when she dropped dead. Cashmere's dart was in her neck.


Finnick was alone in the swamp. Gale was somehwere in the swamp, far away from Finnick.

Mags, Annie, and Johanna were in the meadow.

Cashmere, Lyme, and Gloss were in the jungle.

Gale, Cashmere, and Gloss were the only tributes with their bags.

It is the final eight. Everyone gets +$150 for top 10.

Day 10


Gale was still depressed after Prim's death, and decided to go back and hunt Lyme to avenge her. He was walking across the Cornucopia area when a poisonous dart hit him the the calf. He fell to the ground and desperately tried to suck the poison out of his system. But it was too late. His cannon sounded, and Cashmere picked up the kill.

Meanwhile, Johanna, Mags, and Annie were about to go look for Finnick when three zebra mutts came after them. At first, they thought the zebras were friendly, but then they began to charge at the trio and they showed their razor-sharp teeth. Annie, Johanna, and Mags began to run, but the zebras were faster than them. Annie turned and stabbed one in the trident. Johanna threw an axe at one and missed. It pounced on her, but Mags stabbed it with her awl and killed it. However, Mags did not hit the zebra that dove on top of her and ripped out her heart with its teeth. Annie stabbed it with her trident and they mourned Mags' death. Johanna and Annie went to find Finnick in the swamp. They found him hiding in a bush and they joined up.

It is the final six.

Day 11


The tributes woke up to hear Claudius Templesmith's voice on the loudspeaker. "Attention tributes, a new rule has been added. There may be two victors if there is one victor from Frostia, and one from Flamia. This rule will not be revoked. Thank you and may the odds be ever in your favor."

Finnick and Annie looked at each other and then at Johanna, realizing both Finnick and Annie could win.

Cashmere and Gloss looked at each other and then at Lyme, realizing both Cashmere and Gloss could win.

Annie picked up her trident.

Gloss picked up his knife.

Annie swung her trident.

Gloss swung his knife.

Johanna died.

Lyme died.

It is the final four. Everyone gets +$200

Day 12


It was the final day in the arena. Finnick and Annie vs Cashmere and Gloss. One or two would live, two or three would die.

Cashmere and Gloss were in the jungle when they heard snarling and laughing. Hyena mutts. They packed up their things and ran towards the Cornucopia. Once they got there, Annie and Finnick were on the other side, also being chased by hyena mutts. The hyenas disappeared once the tributes were in the Corncuopia area. It was the final battle.

Cashmere blew a poisonous dart that Finnick blocked with his trident. Gloss charged forward with his knives. Annie threw her trident at him, but it deflected off his armor. Gloss threw a knife at Annie and it missed. Finnick gave Annie his sword and she slashed at a bare spot on Gloss' arm. Her sword connected with his shoulder and he started bleeding. He took another knife out of his pack and threw it at Annie with his good arm. It connected with her head and killed her instantly. Finnick wept at her feet and looked at Gloss. Gloss had a knife in his head, but Finnick dove at his legs and tackled him to the ground. They were rolling around on the ground, fighting. Cashmere was running towards them. She threw a knife but it deflected off Gloss' armor. Cashmere was about to stab Finnick when she heard a cannon. Two hovercrafts came and she got into one. She could not tell who got into the other. Later, when she was back in her room in the Capitol, Caesar Flickerman appeared on her t.v. and said, Congratulations to the victors of Mentor Games 3 - Cashmere and Finnick Odair!

Congratulations to Shadow Seer and LittleRedCrazyHood. Also to runner-up Catnipkatniss and second-runner up Rue district 11! This was really fun to write and Mentor Games 4 will be up in a month or so. I'm taking a little break. Thank you for being active mentors!

Death Charts


Place Tribute Day Killed Killed By Killed From
20 Male Morphling 1 Cashmere Knife in Back
19 Brutus 1 Thresh Sword in Chest
18 Portia 2 Lyme Knife in Heart
17 Thresh 2 Gale Snapped Neck
16 Female Morphling 2 Cashmere Snapped Neck
15 Cato 3 Lyme Knife in Head
14 Cressida 3 Wolf Mutt Eaten Face
13 Haymitch 3 Wolf Mutt Blood Loss
12 Octavia 4 Clove Knife in Head
11 Woof 5 Wiress Awl in Back


Place Tribute Day Killed Killed By Killed From
20 Cecelia 1 Glimmer Knife in Head
19 Boggs 2 Piranha Mutt Blood Loss
18 Maysilee 2 Scorpion Mutt Corroding Poison
17 Peeta 2 Scorpion Mutt Corroding Poison
16 Flavius 3 Glimmer Arrow in Throat
15 Marvel 3 Enobaria Knife in Chest
14 Glimmer 4 Katniss Blood Loss
13 Effie 5 Cinna Dart in Neck
12 Chaff 5 Finnick Decapitated by Trident
11 Cinna 5 Johanna Axe in Neck


Place Tribute Day Killed Killed By KIlled From
20 Katniss 6 Clove Knife in Head
19 Beetee 6 Enobaria Knife in Back
18 Blight 6 Seeder Knife in Heart
17 Clove 6 Annie Trident in Heart
16 Wiress 7 Venia Snapped Neck
15 Rue 7 Nail Trap Punctured by Nails
14 Venia 9 Toxic Water Poisoned
13 Enobaria 9 Gale Arrow in Head
12 Prim 9 Lyme Knife in Chest
11 Seeder 9 Madge Knife in Chest
10 Madge 9 Foxface Knife in Neck
9 Foxface 9 Cashmere Dart in Neck
8 Gale 10 Cashmere Dart in Calf
7 Mags 10 Zebra Mutt Ripped out Heart
6 Johanna 11 Annie Trident in Back
5 Lyme 11 Gloss Knife in Back
4 Annie 12 Gloss Knife in Head
3 Gloss 12 Finnick Trident in Face
Victor Finnick --------------- ----------------- ---------------------------
Victor Cashmere --------------- ----------------- ---------------------------

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