Cloveismywife 19:22, June 19, 2012 (UTC)

This is the fourth Mentor Games!!!! Katniss Everdeen won the first one, Marvel won the second one, and Cashmere and Finnick were co-victors of the third one, but the rest of the tributes are determined to not let that happen again. Because of the success of the previous ones, most of the rules will be similar.

This is different than the usual sponsor/user/pain games because instead, you are mentoring the tributes, giving them advice on what to do in the arena, telling them what to say in their interviews, what to wear in the parade, where to go during training and obviously, getting sponsors.


This time, there will be 45 tributes. This is a large number, so a large number of tributes will be dying each day. The 40 tributes from last time are returning along with Titus, Jackson, Leeg 1, Leeg 2, and Seneca Crane. Each person will be assigned a random tribute, and will focus on mentoring them. When they die, you are out, so make smart decisions.

You have $500 to spend and may send your tribute weapons, supplies, and notes. Some are mandatory. For example, you must tell your tribute before the games whether or not to go to the cornucopia, who to align with, where to go in the arena, and whether or not to participate in the feast. You will be prompted to give them different pieces of advice through notes as the games progress. All of these notes should be in the comments area, visible to everyone. (Pay attention to where other tributes are going and whom they are aligning with and make decisions accordingly) Also, past games will affect who can be in alliances with whom. (Example: Thresh and Clove, Katniss and Cato, Johanna and Cashmere, Brutus and Peeta are not going to align)

(Note: Giving them notes such as “kill this tribute” will not work)

Also, you may buy items for other tributes in your tribute's alliance if their mentor is not helping them. In addition, you may choose one other tribute from the list. If your tribute kills that tribute, you will receive an extra $500. This will all be decided after signups are completed.

Please sign up!! It will be very fun and I will update every day.

(I will fill out everything else later. I will be taking signups only right now.)


Tribute District Skills Tribute to Kill Training Score Mentor
Annie Cresta 4 Knot Tying, Fishing, Trident Fighting, Plant/Animal Identification Seneca 9 2legit2quit
Beetee 3 Electrical Skills, Throwing Knives Seneca 10 Shadow Seer
Blight 7 Axe Fighting 50thGamesFTW
Boggs 13 Knife Fighting, Axe Fighting Cato 6 Jodasalz1129
Brutus 2 Spear Fighting Octavia 9 Eleni12
Cashmere 1 Knife Fighting Jacob
Cato 2 Sword Fighting, Plant/Animal Identification Katniss 10 Tobi99
Cecelia 8 Knife Fighting, Plant/Animal Identification Effie 2 Italicos
Chaff 11 Sword Fighting, Plant/Animal Identification Leeg 2 7 Wikia Contributor A
Cinna C Camouflage, Bow and Arrow Fighting None 5 Deaphalia911
Clove 2 Knife Throwing, Plant/Animal Identification Rue 10 LittleRedCrazyHood
Cressida C Knife Fighting Awesomegold
Effie Trinket C Wooden Club Fighting, Knife Throwing Haymitch 7 CallamD97
Enobaria 2 Knife Throwing, Teeth Fighting, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Survival Skills Katniss 10 Srish3211
Female Morphling 6 Camouflage, Blowfgun Fighting Glimmer 5 FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
Finnick Odair 4 Knot Tying, Snare Making, Trident Fighting, Camouflage Haymitch 11 Rue district11
Flavius C Camouflage Nommyzombies
Foxface 5 Knife Fighting, Intelligence, Plant/Animal Identification Seeder 5 AnnieCresta4
Gale Hawthorne 12 Bow and Arrow Fighting, Snare Making, Plant/Animal Identifciation Clove 8 Annamisasa
Glimmer 1 Bow and Arrow Fighting, Knife Throwing Rue 10 Rose Hathaway
Gloss 1 Knife Fighting, Sword Fighting Katniss 9 FinnickForever
Haymitch Abernathy 12 Knife Fighting, Plant/Animal Identifiction Effie 8 Catnipkatniss
Jackson 13 Knife Fighting, Bow and Arrow Fighting Titus 7 Cbuscrew344
Johanna Mason 7 Axe Throwing, Spear Fighting Gloss 10 Tybomarq
Katniss Everdeen 12 Bow and Arrow Fighting Bobloblaw1978
Leeg 1 13 Blowgun Fighting Mags 9 Icanhasnofriends
Leeg 2 13 Blowgun Fighting Quomler
Lyme 2 Knife Fighting Katelyn.danita
Madge Undersee 12 Knife Fighting, Plant/Animal Identification Glimmer 6 CAREERGAL06
Mags 4 Knot Tying, Awl Fighting, Survival Station Blight 4 Aerialchinook
Male Morphling 6 Camouflage, Plant/Animal Identification Seneca 5 Rockman117
Marvel 1 Spear Fighting, Survival Skills Rue 9 Hungersisters1108
Maysilee Donner 12 Blowgun Fighting District9BoyFallz
Octavia C Camouflage, Knife Fighting Leeg 1 7 MeatballLover
Peeta Mellark 12 Camouflage, Strength Mags 5 Polinarose
Portia C Camouflage, Axe Throwing Titus 7 Prezziesnow9704:)!
Primrose Everdeen 12 Knife Fighting AshtonMoioLover
Seeder 11 Knife Fighting, Plant/Animal Identification, Survival Skills Cinna 4 Trackstar
Seneca Crane C Knife Fighting, Survival Skills Madge 6 Dannoh403
Rue 11 Slingshot Fighting, Climbing, Plant/Animal Identification, Sword Fighting Marvel 7 Jsm13athome
Thresh 11 Sword Fighting, Plant/Animal Identification Flavius 11 KEWLBEN
Titus 6 Cannibalism, Sword Fighting Prim 8 Tothedoom
Venia C Camouflage Rule666
Wiress 3 Electrical Skills, Knife Throwing Leeg 2 8 Mysims
Woof 8 Knife Fighting Blu3 x soldier


(Everyone who reserved a spot still has to confirm it)

Signups Tribute Money Remaining
FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne Female Morphling -----
Annamisasa Gale -----
AnnieCresta4 Foxface -----
Dannoh403 Seneca -----
Mysims Wiress -----
Deaphalia911 Cinna -----
Hungersisters1108 Marvel -----
2legit2quit Annie -----
Jodasalz1129 Boggs -----
Rose Hathaway Glimmer -----
Jsm13athome Rue -----
Aerialchinook Mags -----
Tobi99 Cato -----
AshtonMoioLover Prim -----
CAREERGAL06 Madge -----
Awesomegold Cressida -----
Catnipkatniss Haymitch -----
Rockman117 Male Morphling -----
50thGamesFTW Blight -----
Polinarose Peeta -----
Rue district11 Finnick -----
Cbuscrew344 Jackson -----
Wikia Contributor A Chaff -----
Prezziesnow9704:)! Portia -----
Trackstar Seeder -----
Tybomarq Johanna -----
Tothedoom Titus -----
Shadow Seer Beetee -----
MeatballLover Octavia -----
Italicos Cecelia -----
CallamD97 Effie -----
Bobloblaw1978 Katniss -----
Eleni12 Brutus -----
Katelyn.danita Lyme -----
Nommyzombies Flavius -----
Icanhasnofriends Leeg 1 -----
LittleRedCrazyHood Clove -----
Srish3211 Enobaria -----
FinnickForever Gloss -----
KEWLBEN Thresh -----
District9BoyFallz Maysilee -----
Blu3 x soldier Woof -----
Jacob Cashmere -----
Quomler Leeg 2 -----
Rule666 Venia -----

Money Bonuses

Kill: $50

Top 20: $50

Top 10: $100

Top 5: $200


Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Poison: $75

Portable Fan (cools tribute down): $150

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]: $25

Rope: $25

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125


The arena is in the shape of a circle, with different sections that form a ring around each previous section. It is made up of four sections:

Cornucopia - In a pool of fresh water, in the center of the arena. Contains many supplies, which get more valuable on the inside.

Mudpit - Forms a ring outside of the Cornucopia. The fresh water pool is a water source, but tributes can get stuck in the mud.

Forest - Forms a ring around the mudpit. There are a lot of mutts, animals, and trees in the forest, and many places for tributes to hide. There is not a water source, however.

Dark Area - The largest, fourth ring of the arena is in complete darkness. The tributes need Night-Vision Glasses to see, but there may be rewarding things there.

Mentor Instructions

Now that your tribute has been given to you, you must do a number of things.

1. Choose one tribute that you want your tribute to kill in the arena. If your tribute kills the tribute of your choice, you will gain an extra $500 to spend.

2. Create a costume for your tribute in the parade. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th crowd favorites from the parade will win $200, $150, $100, $75, and $50 respectively

3. Tell your tribute where to go during training. You may only choose one place. Whatever you send your tribute to will be added to their skillset and can be used in the games. For example, if you want to send Katniss to the spear station, she will be able to use a spear pretty well in the arena.

You may send your tribute to:

A. Survival Station: Teaches your tribute to make fire, tie knots, basic survival tactics

B. Plant/Animal Identification Station: Teaches your tribute about all types of edible/poisonous plants and animals they might come across in the arena.

C. Weapons Station: Choose any weapon from the supplies list above and your tribute will be able to wield that weapon in the arena.

D. Camoflauge Station: Teaches your tribute to blend in with their surroundings and hide from other tributes.

4. You must tell your tribute which skill to show off during training.

5. You must choose 1 of the 5 questions for their interview and answer it. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th crowd favorites from the interviews will win $200, $150, $100, $75, and $50 respectively. This is based on your answer to one of these questions:

A. Tell me about your reaping.

B. What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

C. What do you think of this year's tributes?

D. How do you like the Capitol?

E. What message do you want to send your loved ones back home?

6. You must tell your tribute who to align with in the arena. List all people that you want your tribute to team up with.. You may align with no one.

7. Tell your tribute how to approach the bloodbath. They can either participate in it, grab meager supplies from the outside, get a weapon and run, or just run away immediately.

8. Finally, you must tell your tribute where to go in the arena. They cannot go to the Cornucopia if they do not participate in the bloodbath.

To sum it all up, just leave a comment in this format:

My tribute:

Tribute that I want my tribute to kill:

Parade Outfit:

Training Area:

Training Score Skill:

Interview Question:

Interview Answer:


Bloodbath Strategy

Arena Area:


District 1

Gloss is wearing a featherish outift that is made of luxury, he has a crown that is sparkling gems, he is spray painted glossy pink that represents luxury. He wears a rubber shoes that has many luxuries on it, and he wears a wings that can fly (but not that high) when the stylists control it.

Glimmer is wearing a beautiful silver corset dress with a diamond-studded bodice that shows off Glimmer's figure. The fabric of the dress is designed in a way that when the sun hits it, the silver will shimmer and then look like a different colour, metallic gold. This outfit is topped off by a beaded silver necklace which also seems to transform into gold in the sun and stunning diamond platform heels.

Marvel is wearing a white suit that is covered in different colored gems, it shoots them all out too reveal a white glowing tuxedo.

District 2

Cato is wearing a suit of gold that seems to be liquid gold, it looks like armour. At first it is very short and then the liquid gold seems to snake its way around his body so that near the end of the parade it is complete and he is wearing what looks like full liquid (its still moving a bit) gold body armour. Near the end, a little bit of the gold snakes up and creates a halo like crown above his head that looks alot like a victors crown. On his chest, the gold shows his best moments in the arena from last time.

Brutus is wearing gold armour over a gold suit and gold trousers, gold gaunlts on wrists and golden boots, with a spear in one hand, sword in the other

Enobaria is wearing a frilly white frock which reaches to her knees. No wait...that isn't dress material. It's teeth! The dress is made of sharp teeth, all tightly knited together! She wears a necklace, too, which is basically a piece of string with long, sharp teeth attached to it. From her ears hang teeth. Her shoes are made of blunt teeth so that they don't prick her feet. When she smiles, she shows off the teeth she had cosmetically altered.

Clove is wearing a nice black dress, and a grey tiara that looks as if it is made out of stone. The centerpiece is a white stone, that is in the shape of a square. The Capitol likes the simplicity, but halfway through the parade her outfit changes! It turns into silver body armor! She takes off her helmet and it reveals that the tiara is still there, the white stone shining bright

District 3

Beetee's outfit is interestingly created out of wires that have been woven into a suit that glow different colors and spell "Beetee - District 3" on his chest. He also wear a computer monitor as a helmet.

Wiress is wearing a long silver dress sparked with electric devices, each blows a fuse peroidcally and the lights around wiress go black, then, everything explodes with light, Wiress is floating a foot in the air, light radiating off her dress.

District 4

Annie is wearing a all liquid a fish bowl but formed to her body. Her private areas in the suit will be covered by seaweed, but seaweed moves;), Her hair will have streaks of seaweed in it. Her outfit will have living exotic fish in it of all different colors.

Mags is wearing a kelp green dress her hair is dyed blue and also has fish hook earrings.

Finnick is wearing a crown of miniture tridents and pearls. He is wearing a fish's tail for his trousers(pants). For his torso, he is wearing nothing. However, they have temporily tatooed him to make him look like his torso is covered with fish On each of his arm he has golden fish fins and scales. His face is painted like the sea and his hair has seaweed combined in his hair. His feet are covered in sand. He sits hit a throne of gold which is imprinted with tridents and other District 4 items.

District 5

Foxface is wearing Long Silver Satin Dress With Frills Around The Skirt Studded With Lights Which Go On And Off Automatically, Simple But Effective.

District 6

Male Morphling is wearing a suit with various colors of green strategically painted to show his skill of camouflaging.

Titus is wearing a silver tux with a gold tie.

Female Morphling is wearing a long flowing silver metallic lookig dress, it has a detailed pattern so that when she spins you can see a birdseye view of a block of road, it also looks like little cars are driving on and of the roads. Half way through she withdraws a brush and starts to splatter her self with paint. Instead of staining the dress the paint combines with the silver to create different colours. She does this for a while till the map of cars and roads is now in detailed colour, And right at the end the colours come together to form the words 'We Love The Capitol', and after that appears all of the colour leaps out of the dress causing little bursts of colour and light, when all the colour dies down she is wearing a long flowing metallic gold dress, with a small crown repetitive pattern.

District 7

Johanna's hair is green. Her dress is made out of logs. Her hair has a few branches in it and attached to the dress is a fake axe. It will go around one of the pieces of lumber and look like she's a tree being cut.

District 8

Cecelia is wearing a housewife costume showing how caring she is as a mother. It includes a simple blue dress with an apron. She wears a typical sandal and a tie on her head. Her hair is not groomed because she wears curlers. She just looks the Cecelia way back home.

District 11

Chaff is wearing vines woven strategically with openings that spell C-H-A-F-F.

Seeder is wearing a dress that gives off the illusion of wheat.

Rue has enormous leaces placed around her so it looks like she's an unwrapped ear of corn.

Thresh is wearing a tux that is made of the threads of the corn and he will be holding a rake made of sugarcane. He will throw the delicous cheese flavored food on the crowd made by him.

District 12

In the start when they drive out Gale is dressed in a coal miner outfit. In the middle of the ride the coalminersuit lits itself on fire, but Gale dosen't do anything and burns the coalminer costume away. Under it there is a suit coverd with thousands of tiny coal pieces pressed together like black crystal. It looks like suit is completely made of black coal crystals.

Peeta is wearing a black jumpsuit that is actually made out of coal. Then, in the middle of the chariots, the costume will light up in fire.

Madge is wearing a black dress and red high heels, the dress and her hair will be set on (fake) fire.( the fire will not burn off her hair or dress, nor burn her skin)

Haymitch is wearing a tie and a bowler hat and he looks like a sexy district 12 striper with black covering privates hehe the girls love it...and so do the (gay) boys. Haymitch is also dancing around with a cane

District 13

Leeg 1 is wearing a gray dress that is covered in pearls. When she moves, she makes mini explosions like a nuke.

Boggs Is Wearing A Camouflage Print With Different Shades Of Green, Hiking Boots, A Helmet That Sprays Brown Smoke That Tastes Like Chocolate Which The Audience Can Eat. He Also Has A Rocket Launcher Which Launches Missles That Explode Into Silver And Black Glitter.

Jackson is wearing a a military suit with a plastic gun and a mockingjay pin as accessories.


Seneca is wearing a dashing red suit that is covered with color-changing lights. The lights have decorated his awesome beard and hair also.

Cinna is wearing a black/red suit with lights (like in Step Up 3) that shines brightly (but not too bright) he is using his trademark gold eyeliner

With Octavia's green skin is light pink glitter scattered all over her bringing out her light green skin color. She is whering a purple dress with a pink strap in the middle. She has a bright pink mouse in her hand showing her love for them. She has jewelery and knik-knacks all over her. She thinks she is beautiful and spin around every one and a while smiling and giggling, blowing kisses into the crowd.

Effie is wearing a bright pink dress, bright pink hair, bright pink shoes and flashing pink fairy lights over her outfit.

Crowd Favorites

1st - Female Morphling

2nd - Cato

3rd - Octavia

4th - Finnick

5th - Glimmer


Annie Cresta

Caesar: What message do you want to send to your loved ones back home?

Annie: There is really nobody back home that I love...the only person I love in this world is right here with me, fighting to the death for the entertainment of the cruel capitol people.


Caesar: What do you think of this year's tributes?

Beetee: Well Ceaser, I really have conflicting emotions regarding my fellow tributes. Some are complete strangers to me who seem quite lethal, cold, and heartless. Others however are my deepest companions who I've formed strong friendships with. A fellow tribute, who I must add comes from my district, I've formed the strongest bond with and will do anything to protect. It's going to be so hard watching my friends die, but I'm determined for either her or myself to become the victor.


Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Boggs: What Do You Mean "How Do I Like The Capitol?" *Sarcastic* Oh It's Delightful! I Love The People, The Food Tastes Amazing! I Wish I Could Stay Here Forever! *Sarcastic* No! I Would Rather Slit My Throat Than To Stay In This Hellhole! It's Pathetic How The People Here Could Just Stand And Watch Emotionlessly As We Tributes Sacrifice Our Very Lives As You Just Stand, Watching Us, Doing Nothing. I Bet I'm Not The Only One In The Whole Goddamn Place Who Agrees That These Games Are Greatly Morbid And Merciless! But Alas I Cannot Do A Thing To Stop This Madness. And Here I Am A Man In His Forties Forced To Slaughter Other People Who Have Been Reaped, Some Of Which, Are Even Half My Age. May The Gamemaker Have Mercy On Us, May He Have Mercy On Us All!" *Looks Away In The Vast Distance. *The Place Is Quiet Until An Audience Member Is Heard Clapping. Then Slowly The Whole Place Starts To Clap, Applauding Boggs' Courage In His Statement. Boggs Looks To The Audience And Says Thank You Everyone! I'm Glad I've Gotten My Word Through You Somehow!


Caesar: What do you think of this year's tributes?

Brutus Most of them are very weak but there are strong tributes like me.


Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Cato: Well my sword fighting of course! I have trained my whole life for this...and this time I won't be meeting any wolf mutts. And if I do, I will have some fun with them and get my revenge. *winks* But I am ready this time, nothing will stand in my way. *crowd applauds* (Cato stands up) District two will have another victor this year! And it will be me.


Caesar: What message do you want to send to your loved ones back home?

Cecelia: I just would like to say to my 3 kids that I love them and no matter what happens I will always love them and they will be forever in my heart.I just hope that you'll be proud of your mom and dont forget to drink milk everynight. Oh and brush your teeth too.


Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Chaff: Well Caesar, I have been training to win ever since I went a bit over my head last time if you know what I mean.


Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Cinna: My best chance of survival would be camouflage, because if they can't see me they can't kill me. I could even paint myself to look like you Ceasar. *audience ooohhss*


Caesar: What do you think of this year's tributes?

Clove: *lauhghs* I could obviously easily take most of them. Some might actually have a shot though, like Cato, myself, and the other careers. Some might be skilled too in their certain area of expertise, like Finnick with his trident or maybe Firegirl with that bow and arrow of hers. But I know that we all know who the real winner is. Me.

Effie Trinket

Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Effie: In one word. Home. I love the Capitol, it's fashion, it's bright lights, its determination to never say no, I love it.


Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Enobaria: Why, my teeth, of course! Nothing better than a few canines to the neck. Ever since I won my other games, I sharpen my teeth everyday! Nobody stands much of a chance if I bite them! (smiles at crows, showing her famous teeth)

Female Morphling

Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Female Morphling: Well, I tend to see people as colours, and those colours represent there personalities. Red would be for strong but cunning. People like Clove and Gloss are like this. Orange is likeable yet strange, that has always been mine and Sebastian's (Male Morphling) colour. Then you have green. That is for those who are truly beautiful, on the outside and the inside. Katniss and Rue are the strongest greens. Blue is for calm and collected. Cecelia and Seeder are that colour. Then pink which is soft and kind if not a bit thick. Peeta and Woof are very strong pinks. Then you have purple, the colour of the intelligent. I have only ever seen 3 purples, and only one of them is a tribute, Foxface. The final colours are black and white. Black is those who are strong yet have morals. Thresh and, wierdly, Marvel are those. Then white is pure beauty, there are 3 here tonight, Cashmere, Glimmer and Maysilee. That is my summary of the tributes, cause all of them are so exciting and beautiful.

Finnick Odair

Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Finnick: Well, its nothing new to me! I have obviously been here quite a few times. Though, those god dang bright lights are hurting my eyes! Also it is quite noisy, I'm more used to the quiet crash of the waves against the sand.


Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Foxface: All I have been thinking about is alliances and who I think would team up with me. Well I'm Not Sure At This Moment In Time But I Know Who I Would Like.


Caesar: What do you think of this year's tributes?

Gale: Some of them I like very much, some of them I pity, some of them I hate and some should die. The ones I like a lot I will protect with my life, the ones I pity I will kill if i need to, the ones I hate I will hunt down, and the ones that should die I will make sure dies.


Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Glimmer: While most people would think me to be the shallow beauty from 1, I'm not going to say 'my physical assets' are going to be a real help in this Games. I rely on my skills as a strong individual, and essentially a Career. So look out - playing the game of underestimation with me here is a dumb move. Because I'm out for blood.


Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Gloss: My knife fighting skill, of course! Now, I will kill you, Katniss! You kill me, I kill you! I will never let you a win again! AGAIN! The Mockingjay will be dead, and that's you, Katniss. I will win these games because of my skill!

Haymitch Abernathy

Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Haymitch: Well, As usual I was drunk so I didn't really have any idea of what the hell was going on, So like usual I went to the square to get up on the stage and they said I can't and blah blah blah, and so I got in a little argument with them and finally I went to the square with the rest of the district 12 people suitable to be reaped and when I heard my name I was like. *Gobsmacked face* cause I thought I won like, I don't know, like a new car or something? And I was so pleased and then they said I was coming here and I was like, Oh crap. *Laughs* No, No, I'm joking. I was really looking forward to coming here and seeing you guys!


Caesar: What do you think of this year's tributes?

Jackson: Well, this year they are the same and I am new. I think they will be awsome in these Games.

Johanna Mason

Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Johanna: Well, it's not like District 7, but, I guess it's a second home for me, being in the Hunger Games six times already. Some of the people are nice, Caesar, but others can be plain nasty!

Leeg 1

Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Leeg 1: I really like the blowgun, it has mobility, range, and power. Plus I am really good with it.

Madge Undersee

Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Madge: Well, I am really good at knife fighting, I will be able to use that to fight other tributes as well as catch a squrell, or rabbit for a meal. I have also learned how to identify plant and animals which will be helpful in terms of food and saftey. I am also clever, fast, and have quick reflexes.


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Mags: In my first ever reaping, I was a very good looking girl and I volunteered for a random girl because I wanted to win. I was a crowd favorite and got many sponsors in the arena.

Male Morphling

Caesar: What do you think of this year's tributes?

Male Morphling: Some of them are really strong, but with my camouflaging and plant knowledge, I'll outlast all of them.


Caesar: What do you think about this year's tributes?

Marvel: I'm here to be in the games and only one of us can win, so I'm not gonna think of them too much as most of them are gonna die.


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Octavia: Well I was terrified, but not that surprised when my name was drawn. The whole prep team was drawn due to our former links with the mockingjay. I swear our names were the only ones in there. I was sure I would die before, but now I'm sure I can bring the capitol one winner, me or not because I think alll you nice, beautiful people out there deserve a victor. (She bows then smiles at the crowd. Her buzzer goes off and she waves at them as she walks back to her seat)

Peeta Mellark

Caesar: How do you like the Capitol?

Peeta: I love it! The food is so delicious the clothes are bright and amazing, the people so nice and friendly, I would stay here forever, bu sadly I can't. I have to go into the games. If I win, I think I'm going to stay here in the amazing capitol! (tons of people whistle and clap).


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Rue: I was thinking that I was going to miss all of my siblings and my parents so much, *tear* and I really miss District 11! *swoons from the audience*


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Seeder: Well like usual, it was a very sad day in District Eleven. Its usually the day we send two kids away to an unknown land then we watch them get murdered on the television. So this year, when we got in all of our places the first thing I saw was a liitle girl walking up to the stage. This made me angry. Then my good friend, Chaff was called up. Then the last thing I heard before zoning out was my name: "Seeder" When I came back to things on the train I felt bad that probobly all of us would die. But then I realized that I will win.

Seneca Crane

Caesar: What message do you want to send to your loved ones back home?

Seneca: I'll be back before you can even miss me!


Caesar: What message do you want to send to your loved ones back home?

Thresh: Mom, Dad and my little sister Daisy I promise I will win.. For all of you... and for the capitol *whispers on the crowd* CALL ME!


Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Titus: My cannibalism.


Caesar: What attributes do you have that will help you win the games?

Wiress: Well Caesar, I am smart, quiet and stealthy. I will disappear, with Beetee, and no one will see me for the entire games, then, at the very end, I'll come out kicking, blowing everything up. Wait, what was the question?

Crowd Favorites

1st - Boggs

2nd - Female Morphling

3rd - Clove

4th - Haymitch

5th - Octavia

Current Status

Tribute Place
Glimmer Victor
Mags Runner-Up

Mentor Gifts

Day 1

Meatballlover - Octavia - Night-Vision Glasses, Knife - $225

Rue district11 - Finnick - Bread, Water - $150

Rockman117 - Male Morphling - Water, Dried Fruit, Dried Meat - $225

Shadow Seer - Beetee - Water, Soup, Blowgun, Darts [12], Poison - $375

Tybomarq - Johanna - Spear, Water, Bread - $275

Aerialchinook - Mags - Bread, Water, Awl - $250

Jsm13athome - Rue - Night-Vision Glasses, Dried Fruit, Water - $300

Cbuscrew344 - Jackson - Soup - $75

FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne - Female Morphling - Night-Vision Glasses, Water, Soup, Canteen - $425

Tothedoom - Titus - Sword, Bread - $250

Polinarose - Peeta - Water, Throwing Knives [3], Bread - $350

Wikia Contributor A - Chaff - Water - $100

Dannoh403 - Seneca - Water - $100

Rose Hathaway - Glimmer - Knives [2], Quiver of Arrows [12] - $175

KEWLBEN - Thresh - Bread, Water - $150

Jodasalz1129 - Boggs - Water, Dried Meat, Knife, Poison - $325

Italicos - Cecelia - Night-Vision Glasses, Water, Dried Meat, Dried Fruit, Blowgun - $475

LittleRedCrazyHood - Clove - Poison - $75

Annamisasa - Gale - Bread, Water, Canteen - $250

Catnipkatniss - Haymitch - Bread - $50

Day 2

Wikia Contributor A - Chaff - Sword - $125

Rose Hathaway - Glimmer - Knife, Sleeping Bag - $150 Rue district11 - Finnick - Net - $125

Day 3

Rue district11 - Finnick - Wire - $75

Tybomarq - Johanna - Axe - $150

Jsm123athome - Rue - Sword - $125

Rose Hathaway - Glimmer - Soup, Matches - $150

Annamisasa - Gale - Rope, Night-Vision Glasses - $175

KEWLBEN - Thresh - Rocks - $25

Srish3211 - Enobaria - Bread, Water - $150

Day 4

Aerialchinook - Mags - Night-Vision Glasses, Matches - $225

Rose Hathaway - Glimmer - Bread, Rope, Night-Vision Glasses - $225

KEWLBEN - Thresh - Camouflage Paints - $100

FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne - Female Morphling - Sword, Camouflage Paints - $275

Day 5

Jodasalz1129 - Boggs - Dried Meat, Knives [2], Camouflage Paints, Awl - $425

Tybomarq - Johanna - Bread, Throwing Axes [3] - $250

Rue district11 - Finnick - Knife, Bread - $125

Aerialchinook - Mags - Poison - $75

Day 6

Tybomarq - Johanna - Blowgun, Darts [24], Poison - $225

Rose Hathaway - Glimmer - Dried Meat, Dried Fruit, Throwing Knives [3] - $325

Aerialchinook - Mags - Blowgun, Darts [12] - $125

Day 7

Rose Hathaway - Glimmer - Throwing Knives [3] - $200

Aerialchinook - Mags - Sleeping Bags [2], Paddles - $200

The Games

Day 1


60...59...58...the tributes were on their launch pads, waiting for the gong to sound. 5...4...3...2...1...GONG!

Cecelia, Madge, Mags, Male Morphling, Peeta, and Rue ran away immediately without grabbing any weapons.

Leeg 1 and Leeg 2 grabbed a blowgun each and were starting to run when Leeg 2 fell down dead. Leeg 1 looked and saw Cashmere pulling a knife out of her sister's back. Leeg 1 slammed her blowgun into Cashmere's skull, denting it. Boggs, Finnick, Annie, and Seeder ran with Leeg 1 into the mudpit. They all had supplies with them.

Flavius, Octavia, and Venia were gathering backpacks when an arrow flew into Flavius' head. Venia looked up and saw Glimmer notching another arrow and charged. She was about to hit Glimmer when Brutus' spear entered her stomach. Octavia quickly met up with Thresh, Jackson and Female Morphling and ran with them.

Cato stabbed Prim in the head while she was trying to grab a backpack. Katniss tackled Cato to the ground and was about to stab him with an arrow when Clove's knife dug into her skull.

Beetee, Johanna, Wiress, Woof, and Gale ran together into the forest. Woof fell in the mud when they crossed the mudpit, and as he was trying to get up, Titus jumped on him and began eating his face off.

Haymitch, Maysilee and Chaff were still at the Cornucopia, grabbing supplies. Lyme snuck over to them and stabbed Maysilee in the heart. Once her cannon sounded, Haymitch dove onto Lyme and stabbed her repeatedly in the face. Haymitch and Chaff then ran off to the forest.

Marvel and Foxface ran away alone, unnoticed. Seneca was sitting in the Cornucopia with a knife, trying to avoide the bloodbath.

Cinna, Portia, and Cressida were trying to get weapons when Gloss stabbed Cressida in the back with a knife. Portia and Cinna sprinted away.

Blight was the only non-Career left at the Cornucopia. He was about to run away when Effie, who had aligned with the Careers, clubbed him in the head. His neck was attached to his body by a few nerves. That's it.


Annie, Finnick, Boggs, Seeder, and Leeg 1 were in an alliance at the mudpit.

Beetee, Wiress, Johanna, Peeta, Madge, Mags and Gale were allied together in the forest.

The Careers who remained after the bloodbath: Brutus, Cato, Clove, Effie, Enobaria, Glimmer, Gloss, and Seneca were at the Cornucopia. Cato, Clove, and Glimmer were tighter than the rest.

Cinna and Portia were together in the forest.

Chaff and Haymitch were also in the forest.

Octavia, Thresh, Jackson, and the Female Morphling were in the dark area and met up with Rue. Thresh and Jackson had night-vision glasses and were leading the others through the dark area. They had not found anything useful yet.

Cecelia was alone in the dark area and she couldn't see a thing.

Foxface, Marvel, and the Male Morphling were each alone in the forest.

Titus was alone in the mudpit.

Day 2

It was still dark out when Glimmer and Clove woke up. Glimmer quietly crept over to where Effie was standing and took an arrow out of her quiver. She looked around and saw Clove standing over Seneca with a knife. Clove looked up and the two girls were staring at each other with icy eyes, waiting to see who would make the first kill. Clove brought down her knife and Glimmer her arrow. They quickly dove back into their sleeping positions when the cannons sounded. The rest of the Careers woke up and look for Effie and Seneca's killers, but they couldn't find anyone. The other Careers were nervous because they were infiltrated so easily. Clove and Glimmer were not.

Meanwhile, in the dark area, Cecelia was wandering around when she found Thresh and Rue's alliance. She happily met up with them and they decided to explore the dark area more. They ended up finding a small freshwater pond that they could use as a water source.

In the forest, all hell was breaking loose. Beetee, Gale, Johanna, Madge, Peeta, and Wiress had found Marvel, Portia, Cinna, and Foxface. They were all fighting, and Marvel, Cinna, Portia, and Foxface formed a quick alliance, but they were losing the fight. Foxface ran up to Madge and stabbed her in the chest. Peeta threw a knife at Foxface and it went through her neck, killing her. Johanna threw an axe at Cinna and it buried into Cinna's chest. He dropped dead. Portia bent down to try and revive Cinna, but Gale's arrow pierced her heart. Marvel had no weapons, and he knew he was going to be killed. He sprinted at Wiress and began choking her when finally, he snapped her neck. Beetee stabbed Marvel with a poison dart and killed him. Mags spit on his dead body. Then Beetee cried over Wiress' dead body while the others consoled him and coped with the loss of Madge.

In the mudpit, Annie, Boggs, Finnick, and Leeg 1 left to steal water from the Cornucopia pool and left Seeder to guard their supplies. Titus crept up to Seeder and began to eat her. Her cannon sounded, and Titus ran away, taking Finnick's bread with him.

Haymitch and Chaff were on the opposite side of the forest of where the fight took place. Male Morphling was around forty yards away from them. They were all doing well.

Day 3

Chaff woke up in the morning and took out the sword he got from his mentor. He closed his eyes and plunged it into Haymitch's chest, killing him instantly. He took Haymitch's supplies and ran away.

Enobaria from the Careers was keeping watch when she saw Annie, Finnick, Boggs, and Leeg 1 approaching the pool. She called the rest of the Careers over and they got their weapons ready to fight. Enobaria threw a knife at Annie and it hit her square in the chest. Finnick went on a rage and charged with his trident at Enobaria, who ran in front of Brutus. Finnick's trident pierced Brutus' heart, and the fight broke out. Cato was choking Boggs when he heard a cannon. He looked over to see Clove dead on the ground with a knife in her neck. He let Boggs go and realized one of the Careers killed her, since Leeg 1 and Finnick didn't have knives and he was choking Boggs when it happened. He took his sword out and charged at Enobaria, but realized the knife in Clove's body wasn't curved. It wasn't a throwing knife. He then charged at Gloss and stabbed him in the head with his sword, and continued stabbing long after his cannon went off. He felt a sense of relief, knowing he killed Clove's killer. Then he looked over and saw Glimmer fighting with Leeg 1. Clove's knives were slung over Glimmer's shoulder. He was wrong. Glimmer looked at Cato and saw him running at her. She pushed Leeg 1 down and sprinted away into the mudpit. Cato was running after her, but she was too fast. He knew he couldn't catch up. He turned around and saw Enobaria running away from the Cornucopia. Finnick, Leeg 1, and Boggs had taken it over. He had no food and no water. But neither did Glimmer or Enobaria. He continued to the mudpit, on a mission to kill Glimmer.

Meanwhile, in the dark area, the alliance of six was sitting near their pond when they heard snarling. Rue looked over and screamed. There were two huge bear muttations, both with razor sharp teeth. Thresh picked Rue up and started to run. The Female Morphling and Cecelia ran too. Jackson and Octavia began fighting the bears, and Jackson killed one of them. She turned to help Octavia, but there was no more Octavia. The bear muttation burped and a wisp of green hair came out. Jackson stabbed the bear with a knife, but it had no effect. The bear bit Jackson in the head and swallowed her up. It began to run again, but Thresh killed it with his sword. The weary group stopped and rested, when Rue turned around and looked behind her. She squealed in delight. They found a second Cornucopia. It had no weapons, only food and water. Immediately, Thresh, Rue, Female Morphling, and Cecelia filled their stomachs and quenched their throats.

In the forest, Mags and Peeta were left to guard the supplies while Johanna, Beetee, and Gale went hunting for animals and tributes. When Peeta was looking the other way, Mags took one of his knives and stabbed him in the neck with it. She quickly took the knife out and the hovercraft took his body away. She saw a loose tree branch on the tree above her. She climbed the tree and knocked the branch down. Mags wiped the blood on the knife onto the tree branch. She would tell the others that's what killed Peeta.

Titus was still in the mudpit.

Enobaria was in the mudpit.

Cato was searching for Glimmer in the mudpit.

Everyone gets +$50 for top 20.

Day 4

Mags, Johanna, Gale, and Beetee woke up and Mags took them through the mudpit to the Cornucopia. Johanna, Gale, and Beetee approached with their weapons ready, but then Finnick came out of the Cornucopia. Johanna ordered them to put their weapons down and went and hugged Finnick. The two alliances merged, but Mags was gone. Gale caught a glimpse of her running away, far, far away from them.

In the mudpit, Glimmer had a sleeping bag covering from below her shoulders down to her legs, with the bottom ripped out. It acted like a shield. Cato was roaming around, looking for Glimmer when suddenly, he saw her. He quietly approached Glimmer, but she knew he was coming. She notched an arrow slowly and then all of a sudden, she aimed and released, sending the arrow through Cato's skull. After his cannon sounded, Glimmer took his sword and ran into the forest. She took out some matches, lit a couple of bushes on fire, and ran back into the mudpit. The forest was soon engulfed in flames.

Meanwhile, Enobaria was eating some bread in the mudpit when teeth latched onto her arm. She took a knife and tried to stab Titus, but he pinned her arms down. He tried to eat her face, but she bit him with her razor sharp teeth on his cheek. He got even angrier and tried to bite again. This time, Enobaria bit his throat and pulled, killing him instantly. She snickered and thought about how much the Capitol would love her biting out someone's throat for the second time.

Mags was in the dark area, alone, and she could not see anything except a fague fiery light in the distance.

Enobaria was in the mudpit, alone. She took Titus' sword.

Thresh, Rue, Cecelia, and the Female Morphling were doing extremely well. They were eating great and they weren't disturbed by anyone.

Finnick, Boggs, Leeg 1, Johanna, Beetee, and Gale were camped out at the Cornucopia. They were the deadliest alliance in the arena.

Glimmer was polishing her weapons in the mudpit, and heard two cannons. She knew they were from the only two tributes left in the forest: Chaff and Male Morphling. They had burned alive. Glimmer was shaping up to be the deadliest tribute in the arena, with six kills. They only problem was she had no one on her side.

Day 5

The alliance at the Cornucopia was eating and resting when they heard a rumble in the distance. Boggs looked out of the Cornucopia and saw a stampede of elephant muttations coming straight at the Cornucopia. He screamed for his alliance to run. Johanna, Finnick, Boggs and Gale ran as fast as they could into the mudpit. Beetee and Leeg 1 weren't as lucky, and there cannons were not heard over the loud noise of the elephant stampede. The elephants crushed the Cornucopia, flattening it and ruining all of the supplies inside. Boggs, Johanna, Finnick, and Gale watched in horror as all of their supplies were destroyed. The had nothing but the Cornucopia pool to drink from.

Glimmer was running through the burned down forest looking for Enobaria. Suddenly, she saw a figure trying to climb one of the few trees still standing in the gray, ash covered forest. Glimmer sprinted to the figure and realized it was Enobaria. She tackled her from behind and tied Enobaria's hands around her back and held a knife to her throat. Glimmer walked Enobaria with her towards the dark area.

Meanwhile, Mags had met up with Thresh, Rue, Cecelia, and the Female Morphling. She tried to convince them they had to leave their area because Glimmer and Enobaria were coming. Rue, Thresh, and Female Morphling were painting the Cornucopia to look like a boulder, and Mags reluctantly agreed.

Glimmer and Enobaria entered the dark area, and Glimmer explained her instructions to Enobaria, and about how she would fight for her. Enobaria opened her mouth to say something, but Glimmer pressed the knife harder. Glimmer and Enobaria came upon the boulder and knew it was fake. Glimmer let Enobaria go and notched an arrow. She aimed for the opening in the boulder and released. She heard a cannon, and Thresh, Rue, Mags, and Female Morphling emerged from the opening, each with a weapon in their hand. Glimmer killed Cecelia. The Female Morphling charged at Glimmer with a sword, but Glimmer used Enobaria as a human shield. Enobaria kept on screaming that she couldn't see anything, and then Glimmer realized the flaw in her plan. Enobaria did not have night-vision glasses and could not fight for her. Glimmer threw one of Clove's knives at the Female Morphling, missed, and ran away as fast as she could. The Female Morphling ran after, but she was too slow. Mags then ran after the Female Morphling, stabbed her in the back with an awl, and ran away towards the mudpit. Glimmer got away. Mags got away. Thresh and Rue were deciding on who should kill Enobaria, who was wandering around in the dark with a knife in her hand, cursing at Glimmer. Rue's mentor needed the money more, so Rue took her sword, closed her eyes, and plunged it into Enobaria's chest. She cried after killing her, but she knew she had to do it.

Suddenly, the tributes heard the voice of Claudius Templesmith come over the loudspeaker. "Hello tributes. There are eight of you left, and each of you could use something desperately. So, the Gamemakers decided to be generous and have a little feast for you all. Tomorrow, a hovercraft will arrive carrying bags with your name on it. Each bag will contain something that can help you win the Games. Can you afford to go to the feast? Can you afford not to? May the odds be ever in your favor."

Johanna, Finnick, Boggs, and Gale were sitting in the pool of what used to be the Cornucopia, but now looked like a heap of metal. They had no supplies except water.

Glimmer and Mags were in the burned down forest, far away from one another.

Thresh and Rue were still in the second Cornucopia in the dark area, recovering from the loss of Cecelia and the Female Morphling.

Mentors, you must do the following:

1. Choose ONE item to be in your tribute's bag at the feast. It does not have to be on the list, but if it is unreasonable, like a gun, I will put nothing in the bag.

2. Tell your tribute how to approach the feast. They can go right away, set up a strategy with their alliance, or ignore it completely.

Everyone gets +$100 for top 10.

Day 6

It was the day of the feast. Johanna, Boggs, Gale, and Finnick were closest to the flattened Cornucopia. The hovercraft came and dropped each bag off. Bogg's bag was in the shape of a human torso, Finnick's was obviously a trident, Gale's and Johanna's seemed small. Thresh and Mags' smelled like food. Rue's was a strange shape, and Glimmer's was long and thin. Once the bags landed, Boggs, Gale and Finnick each grabbed their own bag and ran into the mudpit. Johanna separated from the alliance and ran away immediately into the forest. Boggs, Gale, and Finnick were in the mudpit, opening the contents of their bags when an arrow went through Gale's chest. Boggs quickly put on his bulletproof vest, and just in time, because an arrow went whizzing into it. He pulled it out and looked for the arrow sender. It was Glimmer, and she was running away with a sleeping bag over her body.

Mags was running in the opposite way of the feast. She had a bottle of poison and ran into the dark area, to the second Cornucopia. She looked inside, relieved that Thresh and Rue were gone. Mags took some food and water, and poisoned the remaining supplies. Then she went back into the forest.

Glimmer was at the feast and she took her bag. It contained a single, explosive arrow. She put it in her quiver carefully, and went and hid in the mudpit, notching a normal arrow into her bow, waiting for Thresh and Rue to appear. She saw them about fifty yards in front of her, heading to the flattened Cornucopia. She stood up, and aimed. Rue took her bag, and Thresh took Mags' and Johanna's bags. Glimmer released an arrow, sending it straight into Rue's skull. Rue fell to the ground, and Thresh screamed in anger. He took Rue's bag and charged after Glimmer with his sword, but she was long gone.

Glimmer, Johanna, and Mags were all in the ash covered forest.

Finnick and Boggs were in the mudpit, and Finnick was on watch. He took a knife out of his pack and looked at Boggs. Finnick took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and plunged the arrow into Boggs' neck. Once he heard the cannon, he took Boggs bulletproof vest off his back and moved out of the way of the hovercraft that took his body.

Thresh was making his way back to the second Cornucopia in the dark area.

Only five tributes remain.

Everyone gets +$200 for final five. Rose Hathaway gets an extra $500 because Glimmer killed Rue.

Day 7

Finnick was walking through the forest looking for tributes when he saw Johanna. He threw his trident at her, but she dove out of the way. Johanna threw an axe at Finnick and it hit him in the head, killing him instantly. Johanna was about to take the vest off his body when Glimmer shot an arrow at her. It missed, and Glimmer ran away. Johanna chased after Glimmer towards the dark area.

Meanwhile, Thresh was taking a bunch of supplies from the second Cornucopia, not knowing Mags poisoned them. He drank a swig of water, and died instantly. Mags heard the cannon and knew it was her kill. She was on the edge of the forest and the dark area, and looked for a nearby tree to set on fire. She couldn't find one though, so she sat down in the ashes of the forest and stayed hidden by the few remaining shrubs in the forest.

Glimmer had led Johanna into the dark area, and she put on her night-vision glasses. Johanna ran into the dark area, and she realized she couldn't see. That was when Glimmer threw a knife at her back. It hit, and Johanna fell to the ground. Johanna pulled the knife out and tossed it at Glimmer, but missed terribly. Glimmer put Johanna out of her misery by stabbing her in the heart with one of Clove's throwing knives.

It is the final two. Mags is in the forest and Glimmer is in the dark area.

Mentor advice is CRUCIAL now.

Day 8

It was the final day in the arena. Mags had placed two paddles inside a sleeping bag and laid a knife next to it on the flattened Cornucopia. Mags was laying in wait in the mudpit for Glimmer.

Glimmer was slowly walking through each section of the arena, waiting for any sign of Mags. She got to the Cornucopia pool and saw the fake Mags. She pulled out her explosive arrow and launched it, exploding the sleeping bag and paddles. Glimmer did not hear a cannon, and looked around nervously for Mags. A dart hit Glimmer's sleeping bag shield, and she saw Mags through the smoke. Glimmer shot an arrow at Mags, and it got stuck in Mag's sleeping bag shield. Mags blew another dart at Glimmer, but missed. Glimmer took a knife out and threw it at Mags. It just missed, and Mags blew another dart. It sailed right above Glimmer's head. Glimmer charged up close to Mags, forcing her to abandon the blowgun and switch to her last remaining knife. Glimmer threw a knife at Mags and it went through the sleeping bag, into Mags' stomach. Mags fell to the ground and pulled out a bottle of poison. She threw it at Glimmer, and it hit the sleeping bag. Glimmer's sleeping bag began to deteroriate. The poison acted as acid too. Glimmer took one last knife and stabbed Mags in the heart. The final cannon boomed, and Glimmer was victorious.

Congratulations to Rose Hathaway for mentoring Glimmer to 1st place. Also congrats to Aerialchinook for mentoring Mags to 2nd place.

Thank you to everyone who participated. It makes it fun for me to write when people get as into it as you all do!

Death Chart

Place Tribute Day Killed Killed By Killed From
45 Leeg 2 1 Cashmere Knife in Back
44 Cashmere 1 Leeg 1 Bashed in Skull
43 Flavius 1 Glimmer Arrow in Head
42 Venia 1 Brutus Spear in Stomach
41 Prim 1 Cato Sword in Head
40 Katniss 1 Clove Knife in Head
39 Woof 1 Titus Eaten Face
38 Maysilee 1 Lyme Knife in Heart
37 Lyme 1 Haymitch Knife in Face
36 Cressida 1 Gloss Knife in Back
35 Blight 1 Effie Club to Head
34 Seneca 2 Clove Knife in Chest
33 Effie 2 Glimmer Arrow in Chest
32 Madge 2 Foxface Knife in Chest
31 Foxface 2 Peeta Knife in Throat
30 Cinna 2 Johanna Axe in Chest
29 Portia 2 Gale Arrow in Heart
28 Wiress 2 Marvel Snapped Neck
27 Marvel 2 Beetee Dart in Neck
26 Seeder 2 Titus Eaten
25 Haymitch 3 Chaff Sword in Chest
24 Annie 3 Enobaria Knife in Chest
23 Brutus 3 Finnick Trident in Heart
22 Clove 3 Glimmer Knife in Neck
21 Gloss 3 Cato Sword in Head
20 Octavia 3 Bear Mutt Swallowed
19 Jackson 3 Bear Mutt Swallowed
18 Peeta 3 Mags Knife in Neck
17 Cato 4 Glimmer Arrow in Head
16 Titus 4 Enobaria Bitten Throat
15 Chaff 4 Glimmer Burned Alive
14 Male Morphling 4 Glimmer Burned Alive
13 Leeg 1 5 Elephant Mutt Stampeded
12 Beetee 5 Elephant Mutt Stampeded
11 Cecelia 5 Glimmer Arrow in Heart
10 Female Morphling 5 Mags Awl in Back
9 Enobaria 5 Rue Sword in Chest
8 Gale 6 Glimmer Arrow in Chest
7 Rue 6 Glimmer Arrow in Skull
6 Boggs 6 Finnick Knife in Neck
5 Finnick 7 Johanna Axe in Head
4 Thresh 7 Mags Poisoned
3 Johanna 7 Glimmer Knife in Heart
2 Mags 6 Glimmer Knife in Heart
Victor Glimmer --------------- ------------------- -------------------------

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