Hello everybody! I just finished writing the 225th Annual Hunger Games - Dual Arenas, and it was my best Games yet, and the blog with the most comments on the entire wiki! I know it will be hard to live up to that, but I can try!

These games have a unique twist, so keep reading!


Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen's great-great grandson has become the President of Panem. He restarted the Hunger Games, including District 13 and the Capitol.


President Mellark stands at his podium as the t.v. screens all over Panem flash on, projecting his image to the people. "Attention, citizens! The Capitol citizens have been getting antsy for another exciting Hunger Games, so a separate Games will be held this year that do not count as the typical Games. Instead of numbering it, it will simply be known as "The Vengeance Games". As usual, one male and one female will be reaped from Districts 1-13 and the Capitol. In addition to that, one male and one female from each district from select previous Games will be revived and voted on by the public to participate in the Games. Obviously, the public will not have complete power over who is selected, but they will have enough. The tributes will be chosen from the 198th, 199th, 200th, 201st, and 225th Hunger Games. Because we are so generous, we want the revived tributes to be able to seek vengeance on their foes. That is all."


1. There will be four tributes from each district, 2 males and 2 females. 1 male and 1 female will be from previous Games, and 1 male and 1 female will be brand new.

Submitting New Tributes

1. You have from now (October 12th) until October 19th to submit tributes. You may submit as many as you want, as there is no limit to how many tributes you can have. However, I may not accept all of your tributes if you submit a bunch and your old tributes are chosen, even if they are good and detailed. I don't want someone to have the whole roster.

2. I will not be putting any tributes in the table until October 19th. It does not matter if you submit your tribute first or last. I will be handpicking the tributes based on the ones submitted over the one week period. Make them interesting or they won't get picked.

3. If there are still spots open after the tribute draft on the 19th, then it is first come, first serve for the remaining spots.

4. Tribute template:


Districts: (List three, in order of preference)






Appearance: (If you make a lunaii, I will use it, but I have to reformat it so all the pictures are the same size. Sorry, I'm OCD about that stuff) (Also, if you submit a picture that isn't a lunaii, I will make a lunaii out of that picture) (You can just give a description and I will make the lunaii)

Weapon: (List 1 or 2)

Strengths: (besides weapon) (List 2)

Weaknesses: (List 2)

Fears: (List 1)

Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:


Alliance: (can be filled out later)

5. Brand new tributes will most likely get drafted. Tributes that have already been in my games won't. That is what the returning tributes are for. Also, people who say "on my profile" won't get drafted. You have one week to make this tributes, and it doesn't matter if someone else submits a tribute before you, because you will get the spot if your's is better.


Wikia Contributor A submits this first:

barack obama

district 1

good at all weapons

bad at being president

training score 11

Just because someone else submits a tribute, doesn't mean you should either. As long as you put time and creativity into your tribute, they be drafted.

6. I may be using some adult language so be aware of that. There may be some sexual references as well. (I always say this but it's really not that bad)

7. Do not get mad at me if/when your tribute dies or if they don't get drafted.

8. Everyone who submitted a tribute has $500 in sponsor money. Users who submitted more than one tribute have $500 to spend for each tribute.

9. If you are reading this right now, you have to submit a tribute.

Choosing Previous Tributes

1. 4 components will be taken into consideration when choosing tributes from previous Games. (Note: Victors cannot compete again)

A. Votes

Each user can vote for one tribute per slot, and de-vote one tribute per slot. (Example: You can only vote for 1 D1 male and de-vote one D1 male) A devote means that you DO NOT want that tribute, and one vote will be taken away from them instead. (Example: Vote: Sasha Selenta, De-Vote: Whitney Finch Sasha would be at one, Whitney at -1) You may change your vote at any time up until the 19th, but please, IN A NEW COMMENT, tell me if you are switching your vote.

Here is the vote template: (Just copy and paste this in the comments and bold which tribute you are voting for, and italicize the tribute you are de-voting.)


Start copy and pasting HERE:

Capitol Male: Oscar Finnigan (198) Bentley Emerson (199) Adam Black (200) Ricardo Fredrick (200) Pip Pocket (201) Torianno Falsetto (225) Fabio Batone (225)

Capitol Female: Ella Pearl (198) Thalia Combe (199) Celina Vang (200) Marcie Firecrest (200) Maysilee Cresent (225) Aliza Marr (225)

District 1 Male: Apollo Angelos (198) Luca Thread (199) Navy Wonders (200) Callam Delaney (200) Silas Lannister (201) Copper Overdeen (225) Flash Skylar (225)

District 1 Female: Belle Silver (198) Barlie Henderson (199) Shimmer Starred (200) Starburst Infinity (201) Dagger Kaylen (225) Amber Agate (225)

District 2 Male: Recilius Iffable (198) Everest Sateer (199) Louis Welder (200) Hugo Jenston (200) Sammy Rewtro (201) Ezrah Sherd (225) Jacob Latinee (225)

District 2 Female: Rose Bolt (198) Megan Jones (199) Demetria Callitor (200) Tracy Volt (200) Sarina Lordi (201) Sami Freemont (225)

District 3 Male: Jacob Smarts (198) Dimitri Bens (199) Harry Fry (200) Ian Smith (200) Marxoon Clake (201) Watt Powers (225) Raden Harvestmoon (225)

District 3 Female: Aria Camelliston (198) Bianca Bolt (199) Bianca Cole (200) Emma Gilbert (200) Ana Shadowsinger (201) Katrin Calix (225) Alyss Shepherd (225)

District 4 Male: Surf Waves (198) Destrye Manglie (199) Ian Wix (200) Mickey McAlister (200) Thomas Quince (201) Trever Tewie (225) Jason Clearwater (225)

District 4 Female: Lyndsay Willis (198) Yvonne Waves (199) Katy Belle (200) Mistalia Caliden (200) Tetra Gull (201) Antonia Clay (225) Emily Lunamoon (225)

District 5 Male: Jake McFur (198) Jayce Finbarr (199) Seth Wilson (200) Kole Lovett (200) Daragon Luzuli (201) Majono Kelsony (225) Martin Meyers (225)

District 5 Female: Lizzie Tyle (198) Rania Key (199) Allison Wood (200) Lauren Meyers (200) Detria Glace (201) Bloom Winterlake (225) Jamie Carpenter (225)

District 6 Male: James Chrysler (198) Don Wertyos (199) Austin Power (200) Danny Serat (200) Brann Clatch (201) Xavier Woods (225) Drake Johnson (225)

District 6 Female: Suzi Cale (199) Esther Silver (200) Twilight Mist (200) Delta Sparrow (201) Yuna Besaid (225) Kate McAllister (225)

District 7 Male: Sebastian Vetteli (198) Tyson Ash (199) Carver Kenway (200) Logan Shaw (200) Trent Grove (201) Kirk Frelt (225) Adullius Burshnack (225)

District 7 Female: Blair Abbergaine (198) Lacey Baggs (199) Eileen Shade (200) Katriona Greystone (200) Patriccia Alfin (201) Camellia Cyrellia (225) Liza Kay (225)

District 8 Male: Lyle Gray (198) Navy Io (199) Xavior Chance (200) James Miku (201) Flicks Marvel (225)

District 8 Female: Olive Beatriz (198) Cleo Welch (200) Forsythia Aljisic (200) Aelita Lyoko (201) Arabella Misk (225) Isabel Davids (225)

District 9 Male: Caleb Stoll (198) Michael Scarn (199) Andrew Donaque (200) Tyler Tonic (200) Teff Levigne (201) Dack Lorio (225) Lucas Rayden (225)

District 9 Female: Kacey Anderson (198) Claudia Gerhart (199) Havannah Wittle (200) Kate Bloom (200) Lavender Tonic (201) Rowanne Tamela (225) Jane Skye (225)

District 10 Male: Kyle Dritel (198) Hunter Malone (199) Keith Regent (200) Clay Levenhire (200) Drake Duncan (201) Lance Thrust (225) Kevin Quince (225)

District 10 Female: Caitlyn Levenhire (198) Holly Horizon (199) Adrianna Marsk (200) Chole Herman (200) Elana Melody (201) Ashley Fretson (225) Madeleine Levenhire (225)

District 11 Male: Ryan Ramos (198) Kelvin Minco (199) Leo Ramos (200) Max Summers (200) Parker Viola (201) Garret Houldy (225) Hoe Ritchie (225)

District 11 Female: Maizi Rhode (198) Ivory Hacker (199) Aleena Galenti (200) Heyleen Shart (201) Michelle Rhode (225) Amara Airess (225)

District 12 Male: Malar Syman (198) Gabriel DiPablo (199) Gunner Pann (200) Aaron Winters (200) Alexander Dover (201) Nick Lovizio (225) Anthony Webb (225)

District 12 Female: Lilac Coalburner (198) Natasha Grey (199) Lily Kane (200) McKenna Konity (200) Cindy Gray (201) Laea Rail (225)

District 13 Male: Manny Quever (198) Hutch Albane (199) Neukon Burst (200) Joshie Koots (200) Jack Plaerin (201) Norman Bolt (225) Battleaxe Mason (225)

District 13 Female: Piper Bridges (198) Alva Leege (199) Kendra Falino (200) Louise Derren (200) Terra Zamilia (201) Hailey Bolt (225)

Stop copying and pasting HERE

B. Placement in the Games

Tributes that place 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. will have a better chance than tributes that died in the bloodbath or Day 2, etc.

C. Detail

Detail is still a major part of choosing tributes. If the tribute somehow made it into my previous Games with little to no backstory or information, they probably won't get lucky again.

D. Personal Preference

If I like the tribute, it will have a better chance of getting in.

2. After all the votes and de-votes are counted, I will score the tributes using the other categories as well. The all-stars will be posted on October 19th along with the new tributes.

3. Please do not pick tributes because they are pretty, you are friends with their creator, etc. Pick them because you rooted for or against them while reading the Games, or you liked their backstory or something like that. Obviously, I expect you to vote for your own tribute, so that's ok.

4. In case the tributes have creators who are no longer active, I will assign people to mentor those tributes. So don't not vote for a tribute because their creator isn't active.


District New/All-Star Gender Name Age Height Weapon Creator
Capitol All-Star Male Fabio Batone 17 5'7 Axe, Sword Jsm13athome
Capitol New Male Luke Torres 16 6'0 Sword, Spear Fluffeh Kitteh
Capitol All-Star Female Maysilee Cresent 17 5'6 Machete, Bow and Arrow FrostSnake
Capitol New Female Emmeline Shayd 16 5'5 Bow and Arrow, Blowgun Hyta100
1 All-Star Male Copper Overdeen 18 6'0 Sword Attackcobra
1 New Male Maroon Cutter 15 5'9 Knife, Throwing Knives Nommyzombies
1 All-Star Female Amber Agate 17 5'9 Bow and Arrow, Spear Xx-Frozen-Fire-xx
1 New Female Jackie Devilin 16 6'0 Blowgun, Throwing Knives Theman777
2 All-Star Male Louis Welder 15 5'8 Bow and Arrow, Machete Jsm13athome
2 New Male Dimitry Yukov 17 5'8 Axe, Spear AxedFox
2 All-Star Female Sami Freemont 16 5'9 Bow and Arrow, Knife HappyHannah1234
2 New Female Shermaine Wilson 17 5'8 Sword Annamisasa
3 All-Star Male Raden Harvestmoon 17 5'10 Knife Write46747
3 New Male Tres Magnetic 18


Rope, Wire VDA999
3 All-Star Female Ana Shadowsinger 15 5'5 Bow and Arrow Annamisasa
3 New Female Brooklyn Spirit 14 5'4 Awl, Bow and Arrow Ninja~Toast
4 All-Star Male Destrye Manglie 18 6'0 Sword Nommyzombies
4 New Male Whistle Frost 12 5'3 Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
4 All-Star Female Emily Lunamoon 13 5'4 Spear EpicnezzEmily
4 New Female Almary Wintes 17 5'6 Dagger, Blowgun Zokab96
5 All-Star Male Majono Kelsony 16 5'7 Throwing Knives SuperTomato
5 New Male Magnas Velocity 16 6'0 Mace LightStone123
5 All-Star Female Lizzie Tyle 12 4'8 Slingshot, Knife AnnieCresta4
5 New Female Caitlin Ballard 14 5'5 Blowgun Amberfang123
6 All-Star Male Drake Johnson 15 5'10 Spear, Sword Aerialchinook
6 New Male Axl Lockhart 17 5'9 Mace Beetee19
6 All-Star Female Twilight Mist 17 5'9 Blowgun, Sword District3forever
6 New Female Rhonda Timor 13 5'8 Dagger, Awl Hyta100
7 All-Star Male Adullius Burshnack 17 6'0 Sword SuperTomato
7 New Male Grant Doniel 15 5'6 Machete Dedejacob
7 All-Star Female Camellia Cyrellia 14 4'1 Snares, Sword Ninja~Toast
7 New Female Kelly Sandleaf 15 5'6 Axe, Bow and Arrow Jsm13athome
8 All-Star Male Xavior Chance 15 5'7 Throwing Knives SethMorris95
8 New Male Nile Flame 15 5'7 Blowgun, Throwing Knives FrostSnake
8 All-Star Female Arabella Misk 17 5'8 Sword, Knife Mysims
8 New Female Rachel Deyson 15 5'7 Bow and Arrow, Axe FrostSnake
9 All-Star Male Lucas Rayden 17 5'7 Bow and Arrow, Knife Zokab96
9 New Male Drachma Dornus 14 6'0 Knife, Sword The Boy With The Pickachu Tattoo
9 All-Star Female Kacey Anderson 15 4'10 Spear Madgeical
9 New Female Azalea Firethorn 15 5'5 Knife Beetee19
10 All-Star Male Clay Levenhire 18 6'0 Mace, Sword Deaphalia911
10 New Male Hawk Loomis 18 5'11 Sword Attackcobra
10 All-Star Female Madeleine Levenhire 16 5'10 Bow and Arrow, Dagger Deaphalia911
10 New Female Leslie Adalyn 14 5'7 Throwing Knives VDA999
11 All-Star Male Parker Viola 15 5'7 Knife, Snares Moviepopcorn123
11 New Male Hudson Rylie 13 5'5 Throwing Knives Moviepopcorn123
11 All-Star Female Michelle Rhode 17 5'6 Bow and Arrow, Trident Jsm13athome
11 New Female Cassandra Goldsmith 16 5'4 Throwing Knives, Dagger Annamisasa
12 All-Star Male Gabriel DiPablo 13 5'4 Sword, Knife 2legit2quit
12 New Male Ridge Hillsong 15 5'7 Sickle Tiki Tooki
12 All-Star Female McKenna Konity 13 5'3 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives Pierulesnotyou
12 New Female Phoenix Ironsmith 14 5'4 Blowgun Annamisasa
13 All-Star Male Battleaxe Mason 15 5'6 Axe, Mace The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
13 New Male Gerald Durrell 15 5'7 Spear, Knife Aniju Aura
13 All-Star Female Piper Bridges 16 5'11 Blowgun District3forever
13 New Female Gabrielle Benlit 18 5'9 Bow and Arrow, Blowgun Sophiedistrict11

Tribute Gallery

User Tribute 1 Tribute 2 Tribute 3 Tribute 4

Fabio Batone

Louis Welder

Kelly Sandleaf

Michelle Rhode

Fluffeh Kitteh

Luke Torres


Maysilee Cresent

Nile Flame

Rachel Deyson


Emmeline Shayd

Rhonda Timor


Copper Overdeen

Hawk Loomis


Maroon Cutter

Destrye Manglie


Amber Agate


Jackie Devilin


Dimitry Yukov


Sami Freemont


Shermaine Wilson

Ana Shadowsinger

Cassandra Goldsmith

Phoenix Ironsmith


Raden Harvestmoon

Kacey Anderson


Tres Magnetic

Lizzie Tyle

Leslie Adalyn

Gabrel DiPablo


Brooklyn Spirit

Camellia Cyrellia

Piper Bridges


Whistle Frost

Twilight Mist

Drachma Dornus

Battleaxe Mason


Emily Lunamoon


Almary Wintes

Lucas Rayden


Majono Kelsony

Adullius Burshnack


Magnas Velocity


Caitlin Ballard


Drake Johnson


Axl Lockhart

Azalea Firethorn


Grant Doniel


Xavior Chance


Arabella Misk


Clay Levenhire

Madeleine Levenhire


Parker Viola

Hudson Rylie

Tiki Tooki

Ridge Hillsong


McKenna Konity

Aniju Aura

Gerald Durrell


Gabrielle Benlit

Gray tributes are dead. Gray users have no more living tributes.

Pale pink users and tributes are victors.


Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Poison: $75

Portable Fan (cools tribute down): $150

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]: $25

Rope: $25

Sickle: $125

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Snowshoes: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125



Copper Overdeen (1), Maroon Cutter (1), Amber Agate (1), Jackie Devilin (1), Louis Welder (2), Dimitry Yukov (2), Sami Freemont (2), Shermaine Wilson (2), Destrye Manglie (4), Whistle Frost (4), Almary Wintes (4), Drachma Dornus (9)

Capitol and District 4 Alliance

Fabio Batone (C), Maysilee Cresent (C), Emily Lunamoon (4)

District 10 and 11 Alliance

Madeleine Levenhire (10), Michelle Rhode (11), Gerald Durrell (13)

District 5 Alliance

Majono Kelsony (5), Magnas Velocity (5)

District 7 Alliance

Adullius Burshnack (7), Camellia Cyrellia (7), Kelly Sandleaf (7)

District 3, 8, and 10 Alliance

Ana Shadowsinger (3), Rachel Deyson (8), Leslie Adalyn (10)

District 12 and 13 Alliance

Gabriel DiPablo (12), McKenna Konity (12), Phoenix Ironsmith (12), Battleaxe Mason (13), Gabrielle Benlit (13)

Capitol, District 3, 5, and 13 Alliance

Luke Torres (C), Raden Harvestmoon (3), Tres Magnetic (3), Brooklyn Spirit (3), Lizzie Tyle (5), Piper Bridges (13)

District 6, 8, and 9 Alliance

Rhonda Timor (6), Nile Flame (8), Kacey Anderson (9)

Capitol and District 5 Alliance

Emmeline Shayd (C), Caitlin Ballard (5)

District 6, 9, and 12 Alliance

Axl Lockhart (6), Azalea Firethorn (9), Ridge Hillsong (12)

District 8 and 10 Alliance

Arabella Misk (8), Clay Levenhire (10)


Drake Johnson (6), Twilight Mist (6), Grant Doniel (7), Xavior Chance (8), Lucas Rayden (9), Hawk Loomis (10), Parker Viola (11), Hudson Rylie (11), Cassandra Goldsmith (11)


Capitol - Amity Olivander

My alarm clock rings at 6:00 AM, but I've already been awake for hours. I haven't sleep for three days, dreading today. It's reaping day, but not the usual kind where two tributes I've never met before are chosen to probably be killed. It's the one where tributes from previous Games were reaped too, including my Games. Including Pip. Pip was my closest ally in the arena, and he sacrificed his life for me. He loved me. And now, after he has been dead for twenty five years, I'll see him again. I don't know how it's going to go. I'm 42 now, and he's still the age he was when he died: 15. And of course, the Capitol is reaped first, so I have no time to prepare by seeing other tributes from my Games. The one I am dreading seeing is the one I will see before anyone else. I slowly get out of bed in the Victor's Village of the Capitol, and go put a pot of coffee on for me to drink. It's ready in five seconds, thanks to Capitol technology, and I drink it immediately. I can't even taste the coffee. My mouth is stil dry. I can't focus on anything but Pip. I throw on some clothes, not caring if they match, and head out the door to my car.

The Victors from the chosen Games: the 198th, 199th, 200th, 201st, and 225th, were all called to a meeting in the Capitol before the first meeting. I arrive there, and I'm last. I see Sian and Jonah from the 225th sitting close, holding hands. They have only been victors for a year, but I can tell they are going to be together forever. Theo and Destiny from the 200th are chatting with Summer from the 200th, and I can tell they are a couple too. I wonder if I'm the only one who didn't get married, besides the young victors. I look around, and I see Sasha from the 198th Games. She's looking down at her lap, and immediately I can tell she never did either. And then I feel even worse about myself when I look at Sasha. I'm wallowing in self-pity about Pip, when Sasha has known probably every tribute we'll see in the coming weeks.

"Good morning, Victors!" says a man's voice. I look behind me, and a guy with green hair and a huge smile is walking into the room. We all stare at him as he continues talking. "Let's get this over with quickly. My name is Colo Crenze. I am the Head Gamemaker, and I thought up this whole twist. Great idea, don't you agree?" he asks in anticipation. No one says a word, and he continues, clearly disappointed by our lack of enthusiasm, "Now, all I want to say is that you are not allowed to hurt any of these tributes, and likewise they will not be able to hurt you. I know that you may have killed some of them, so you will always have a Peacekeeper by your side to avoid any trouble. Any questions?" he asks. Once again, he is greeted with silence. "Okay, let's get to the reaping!"

After we load into a fancy car that has the words "VIP VICTORS" in rainbow all over the outside, the driver takes us towards the reaping area. I sit next to Sasha, but we don't say a word to each other. I can tell out of everyone, she's the most like me. The car takes us behind the reaping area, and stops.

"Please go up the steps and wait for the escort to call your names," the driver says, before going back into his vehicle. I walk up the stage, followed by Sasha and the rest of the victors, and can hear the escort, Delilah O'Neill, talking giddily. I can't really pick out exactly what she is saying, but one sentence sticks out in my mind, "The Capitol citizens have voted on the returning tributes." My heart sinks. Pip isn't going to have a chance. Fabio and Maysilee, the legendary couple from last year's Games, are shoe-ins for the vote. They were adored by the public.

"And now, I would like to introduce Amity Olivander, victor of the 201st Hunger Games, and from our very own Capitol!" Delilah shouts. I jolt out of my daydream, and walk through the curtains. The crowd is cheering for me, and I smile a little. But then I look to my right and see it. All of the previous Capitol tributes from the selected Games are in a glass box, similar to the one from the 200th Hunger Games. They are shackled to the ground and wall, guarded by Peacekeepers. Boys are in the front row, girls in the back. There's an extra set of shackles in the girl's row, which I know would have belonged to me had I died. I look down the boys row and see him. Pip. I look into his eyes, and he smiles at me. I want to smile back, but I can't. I look away and begin to cry. Delilah calls the other victors out, and Sasha stands next to me. I put my head on her shoulder, and begin sobbing.

"Let's begin with the new tributes!" Delilah exclaims. My head is still buried in Sasha's shoulder when I hear Delilah's voice once more. "Brett Edwards!" she shouts.

"I volunteer!" cries a voice. I wipe my eyes and look at the crowd. A boy hugs another boy, and walks up to the stage confidently.

"What's your name?" Delilah asks.

"Luke Torres," he says.

"I'll bet that is your friend you volunteered for," she says smiling.

"Yeah, he's my boyfriend," he says. Delilah smiles and the crowd murmurs.

"Now for the girls!" she says. Before Delilah can pick a name, a girl yells out, "I volunteer!" She walks up to the stage, and I can't keep my eyes off of her eyes. They are piercing green, and they seem so...powerful. She stands next to Luke, and Delilah puts the microphone to her mouth.

"My name is Emmeline Shayd," the girl says.

"Excellent, now let's get to the all-stars!" Delilah shouts into the mic, taking an envelope from a third bowl. "The tributes voted by the Capitol to compete in the Vengeance Games are Fabio Batone and Maysilee Cresent!" she says. The crowd cheers, and Fabio and Maysilee's shackles disappear. The Peacekeepers guarding the other tributes leave the glas box and escort Fabio and Maysilee to the stage. The two lucky tributes hug and kiss, and the crowd gets even louder. I like them and all, but all I can do is look at the sad faces of the other tributes, especially Pip. Suddenly, the glass box becomes a fiery inferno, and the crowd screams. The tributes not chosen are burned alive. I begin sobbing all over again as Delilah ushers the victors and tributes to the train. I walk inside, still crying and lay down on a plush velvet couch. I slam my fist against the pillow, and try to fall asleep. But I can't. All I can see is the fiery box that killed Pip all over again.

District 1 - Summer Ashton

Amity is still sobbing in the corner. Hex has been in a trance ever since Fabio and Maysilee were reaped. She won't even look at them.

"What's wrong with her?" I ask Lira.

"She and I killed Fabio and Maysilee. It's really awkward for us," she replies. Oh. Awkward. I make that face you make when you feel bad for someone, and turn away from Lira in embarrassment. I'm so stupid. I look over at Amity one more time, and I hope I'm not like that when I see Navy and Callam. I'm dreading it, honestly. I'm happily married now, and Callam is only 15. And so is Navy, but I actually killed Navy, so that makes it even worse.

I look out the window of the train, and I can tell we are approaching my home district, District 1. Fabio and Maysilee are sitting alone at one end of the car talking with Luke. Emmeline is chatting with Jonah and Sian, and Whitney is eating something that looks like a glitter donut.

"Alright, victors. We are at the District 1 train station. Let's get this show on the road!" Colo announces. We all grumble, and Amity wipes her tears. I feel bad for her. It was so shocking that the tributes who weren't drafted were just burned alive. It didn't make sense. It was just cruel. The ten of us leave the train, leaving the Capitol tributes alone with their escort. It's annoying how we're all sharing one train this year. Colo walks us to the familiar District 1 stage, where I stood twenty six years ago, thinking I was going to die. And then I see the glass box. I look at the boy's row, and I catch Callam's eye. He smiles brightly and puckers his lips like he's going to kiss me. I cringe. Doesn't he know I've moved on with my life? Right beside him is Navy, and if they weren't shackled to the wall, I'm pretty sure they would be trying to kill each other all over again. I can't even look at Navy. It's too painful.

"Hello, District 1!" Rosetta Kitt announces. She wasn't escort during my Games, but I kind of like her. She's spunky and fun, but she's not a typical Capitol sicko who loves the Games. "First let's announce the victors, beginning with our very own Summer Ashton, victor of the 200th Hunger Games!" she says. I smile and the crowd goes crazy. As much as I hate the Hunger Games, it's pretty damn cool to be a victor. Rosetta goes through the rest of the victors and then her attitude changes. "Now, to the reaping. We'll start with the new tributes."

Rosetta rifles her hand through the girl's bowl when a sing-song of female voices shout, "I volunteer!" Rosetta looks around, waving her finger as she surveys the girls in the crowd raising their hands in anticipation.

"You! With the red hair!" Rosetta decides. The girl jogs up to the stage, smiling like a murderess. "What's your name?" she asks.

"Jackie Devilin," the girl responds. She has that super sexy voice that makes everything sound naughty, and already I don't like her. But I'll have to mentor her anyway.

"Now for the boys!" Rosetta shouts.

Before she can put her hand fully in the bowl, a guy shouts, "I volunteer" before anyone else can. He trots up to the stage, the other guys looking at him in disgust.

"My name is Maroon Cutter," he says into the mic. Immediately, I like him. He doesn't have that District 1 vibe like everyone else. He's almost...normal.

"Ok, now we have what everyone has been waiting for: the All-Star tributes!" Rosetta says excitedly. The crowd cheers and I lock eyes with Destiny. She knows I don't want Callam or Navy reaped, and my stomach drops to the ground as Rosetta opens the envelops containing the names of the tributes. "Copper Overdeen and Amber Agate!" she yells. The crowd goes wild and I smile broadly. Peacekeepers lead Copper and Amber out of the glass box, and I cheer. I'm happy for two reasons. 1. Amber and Copper are the tributes who have the best shot of winning, in my mind at least. 2. Navy and Callam aren't going to ever reappear in my life. I start to dance around in joy when I accidentally lock eyes with Callam. He has tears rolling down his face, and I stop smiling. He mouths something to me, but I can't understand it. Then, the glass box sets on fire. The crowd silences and then cheers like barbarians when the tributes begin to burn. I feel awful once again. The last thing Callam saw before he died was me cheering about how he didn't get reaped.

District 2 - Hex Servirior

This quell twist or whatever you want to call it is sooo fucking awkward. So far, people who I killed or who my allies killed have been chosen from the revived tributes. I mean seriously. Fabio and Maysilee wouldn't hesitate to kill me, and Copper and Amber are Careers who I wasn't even allied with. It just sucks. Hopefully the pitiful tributes from District 2 in my Games won't be re-reaped. They all suck. And if they aren't from my Games, I don't know them, because the 201st and before that happened before I was born. The tributes from 1 seem alright, but Summer is chatting them up already. I hope the tributes from 2 are good. I want another winner this year.

We pull into the District 2 station and step off the train. That stupid Amity chick still looks like a wreck. What a mess. I really don't get why these people are getting so emotional over seeing these people again. They've been dead for years and now they're dead again. Get over it.

"Follow me," Colo says, leading us off the train towards the District 2 reaping area. The hopeful tributes are all laughing and talking. I was one of them last year. Our whore of an escort, Iris Stone, walks up to the stage wearing a mini skirt and a shirt that shouldn't even be called a shirt. And what makes it even more annoying is that she has a great body. I hate her so much.

"Let's begin the reaping for the Vengeance Games!" shouts Iris. The crowd erupts and she makes that "shh" noise into the microphone until they quiet down. "First, I'd like to introduce our victors. From our home District of 2, Hex Servirior!" Iris says. The crowd goes ballistic as I walk up the steps. I have to admit, being victor is awesome. Everyone knows you and you are filthy rich. Iris announces the other victors and I eye the box for tributes I want to be revived. Most of them look angry, being shackled to the wall. But the fiercest ones are a girl that reminds me of me, actually, and a boy with black hair.

"Who are they?" I whisper to Whitney.

"Megan Jones and Everest Sateer," she whispers back. I nod my head in understanding and Iris starts talking again.

"We'll start with the new tributes first. Any female volunteers?" she asks. A bunch of girls' hands shoot up, and desperate cries of "PICK ME" are ringing in my ears. Why is she asking for volunteers? Who does this slut think she is? After a good minute of looking around the crowd, Iris picks a girl. She walks up to the stage and I eye her suspiciously. She has a certain arrogance and meanness about her, and a mischievous smile that shows she is devious and a little sexy. This girl is exactly like me. "What's your name?" Iris asks.

"Shermaine Wilson," the girl replies, "But you can call me Pain." What a tool. I understand wanting a nickname for that hideous name, but pain? That's pretty weak. She stands to the side as Iris picks out a male volunteer. She decides on one quickly this time, and a dark-skinned, attractive boy walks confidently to the stage.

"Name?" Iris asks.

"Dimitry Yukov," the boy says. I'm actually impressed with these two, which means I'll probably be disappointed with the returnees. And sure enough, I am. Iris reads the names of Louis Welder and Sami Freemont from the envelope. Oh great. Sami sucks, but I don't know much about Louis. We all head onto the train and the crowd cheers. Louis goes immediately over to Summer, and they hug and she plants a kiss on his cheek. I wonder what kind of relationship they had.

"Hi, I'm Pain," a girl says. I whirl around and see Shermaine standing behind me with an evil look on her face.

"Yeah, not happening. Pain is a bad nickname, and Shermaine is a downright ugly name. How about Sherry?" I say, trying not to laugh. Her eyes narrow.

"I like my name. And Pain is what everyone in 2 calls me," she says coldly.

"Whatever you say, Sherry," I reply. She tries to hide her anger, but I can tell she's pissed off. I laugh and sit down next to Dimitry as we proceed to District 3.

District 3 - Whitney Finch

The train continues toward District 3. The revived tributes are talking with their respective victors, but so far they have only been from the 200th and 225th, leaving Sasha, Amity, and I without anyone to talk to besides each other. I look around the car, and I see Shermaine staring at the ground. She's from 2 and she seems kinda scary, but I walk over to her anyway.

"What's the matter?" I ask.

"Do you like my name?" she asks.

"Yeah, I love it! It's so original and fierce sounding," I reply. She smiles.

"Thanks, I needed that. Hex has been making fun of it," she says.

"Don't pay attention to her attitude. I don't really know her well, but she was amazing in the Games. She might not be a nice person, but she will be an excellent mentor," I inform Shermaine. She nods her head.

"Alright, Victors! Time for District 3!" Colo announces, entering our car. The train stops at a station and I walk out the door. I vaguely remember 3 from my Victory Tour, and I can see why. It's so bland, and boring, covered with factories and tall buildings. We follow Colo towards the reaping area. It is so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. I look behind me at the other victors. None of us are from 3. But 3 of us are from 8. Ever since Jonah won, most District 8 tributes just join the Careers. We've had the best overall placing in the Games for twenty five years. It's pretty surprising, considering District 8 doesn't train its tributes or anything like that. We all stand behind a curtain, and a shrill Capitol accent booms through the loudspeakers.

"Welcome, welcome! It's that time of year again, District 3! My name is Luanne Retro, and I will be choosing the names for tributes! Exciting, isn't it? First, let's introduce our victors!" the woman says. She calls all of our names as we walk through the curtain. No one cheers, and it's strange since they went nuts in the last three districts we've been to. "We'll start with boys," Luanne says. She walks her flower tattooed body to the boys bowl and picks out a name. "Tres Magnetic," she says. A boy with dark red hair walks up to the stage. As I look at him, I see the box of revived tributes shackled to the wall. I had almost forgotten about them. I look at the girls' row and see Bianca Bolt, the girl who almost cost me the Games. Without instant relief, she would have killed me. She was staring straight ahead with an angry look on her face. I quickly turned back to Luanne, who had the girl's slip of paper in her hand. "Brooklyn Spirit!" she shouts. The crowd gasps and the mayor, who is standing on the other side of the stage, starts to cry. I guess she is his daughter. A girl with bright red and orange hair comes to the stage. She hugs her father and stands next to Tres.

"These two seem weak," Theo whispers in my ear. We've been mentoring with each other for a while, and we've been given District 3 along with District 8, since no victors from the selected Games are from 3. We also tell each other our first thoughts about each tribute.

"Yeah. Hopefully we can turn them around," I reply.

"Now for the returning tributes!" Luanne yells. She opens the envelope from the third bowl. "The tributes, voted on by the Capitol to return to the Games, are Ana Shadowsinger and Raden Harvestmoon!" Amity squeals in delight as the two walk up from their shackled glass box. Once they reach the stage, the glass box goes on fire like usual, and Bianca is melted away.

"Why so happy?" Destiny asks Amity.

"Ana was from my Games. She's mute, but her demeanor is sooo sweet. I really liked her," Amity replies. Ana does seem sweet. She will be good to mentor, I guess. The other three, not so much.

District 4 - Sian Malley

I hate this twist. I'm seeing people who already died again, and it's not fair. Or normal for that matter. I won my Games fair and square. And yet these people get a second chance because the public likes them. It's honestly ridiculous.

"Calm down, honey," Jonah says to me. I guess I'm getting worked up because he can sense when I'm angry even though I don't say a thing. Jonah and I have been together since we won the 225th Games, and I think I'm falling in love with him.

"Never tell a girl to calm down," I snap back at him.

"Rookie mistake, dude," Theo says from across the room, laughing. I glare at him and he sobers up.

"Next stop, District 4!" Colo Crenze announces through the loudspeaker in the train. Oh great. They chose me to mentor the District 4 tributes along with District 12. I don't really know why. They could've asked Summer or Hex, who are from Career districts, but I guess they wanted me because I'm brutal and know how to win, just like a Career should. I could understand why they didn't want Summer, because she's sweet as far as Careers go, but Hex was just like me, in my opinion.

"It's weird there aren't any victors from 4," Jonah says out of nowhere. I swear he's psychic. I was just thinking the same thing.

"Well Emily got close last year, and I don't really know about the other Games since we weren't alive for them," I reply.

"True," he says.

"Now arriving at District 4's reaping area!" Colo announces, this time walking into our train car. I look out the window and see beautiful beaches, with sparkling blue water.

"It's beautiful!" I say. Jonah looks at me strangely. "I-I mean it looks cool," I correct myself. Man, that first thing sounded really girly. Colo leads us out onto the beach and we walk to the reaping area, where the District 4 citizens are standing and talking. The sand is warm and feels so nice on my feet. During our victory tour, we stopped in the city part of 4 and only for a day, so we never went to the beach. We finally reach the stage and walk up it, the crowd cheering as we stand in a row.

"Please welcome our victors!" the escort says, barely audible above the noisy crowd. Once it dies down, she introduces herself, and her name is Mona Bridges. She has pink hair that falls straight down, but nothing else about her is really Capitol-ish. "Let's get to the reapings!" she shouts. The crowd erupts and she puts her hand in the girls bowl. She starts to read the name when a bunch of girls yell, "I volunteer!" She points to a girl near the back, and she walks up confidently. The girl is very plain looking, and she isn't showing much emotion.

"My name is Almary Wintes," she says into the microphone before standing off the to side. Mona struts over to the boy's bowl and chooses a name.

"Whistle Frost!" she yells. Everyone silences, and then they begin to cheer. I guess he's famous or something. A young boy walks up to the stage and he looks really scared. I guess his family is well-known, because he looks pretty weak. "Now for the revived tributes!" Mona yells. My eyes shift to the glass box containing the tributes. I look at Emily, and she is staring straight at me. It's her fault that she died. She should've stayed with us or allied with Fabio and Maysilee. I stare back at her, and her eyes tell me that she's sorry. I don't know why though. She died and I'm alive.

"Emily Lunamoon and Destrye Manglie!" Mona says suddenly, with the empty envelope in her right hand and the slip of paper in her left. Emily and some other attractive guy's shackles disappear, and the Peacekeepers lead them to the stage. Whitney cheers. I guess Destrye was from her Games. Then, the flames melt the glass box and all the tributes in it. The last thing I see before the train door closes is Antonia laying on the ground, screaming.

District 5 - Destiny Carven

I'm sitting with Theo on the train as it moves toward District 5. My stomach rumbles in anticipation. District 5 tributes are going to be mentored by me, along with the District 11 tributes of course.

"Theo, what if I don't do a good job?" I ask him.

"You'll do great," he replies.

"Yeah, but there hasn't been a District 11 winner since I won. What if I am a bad mentor?" I retort.

"There hasn't been a District 6 winner since Sasha," he reminds me. Sasha flashes him a look of contempt and he shrugs his shoulders. I feel bad for Sasha. No one from her Games was revived yet, and District 6 blames her for putting a curse on them.

I look out the window and see a bunch of huge buildings with power lines coming out of them. It looks like there are no people around. I guess they're all at the reaping. The train slows down and Colo comes bursting out of his private car.

"District 5, ladies and gentlemen. Let's do this!" he shouts at us, exiting the train. The victors walk out, leaving the new and revived tributes alone in there. We walk behind the stage where a big curtain shields us from the audience.

"Hello, District 5! I'm Icina Avery, as most of you know already. Welcome to the reaping for the Vengeance Games!" the escort says from in front of the curtain. Her voice is clear even from behind the stage. "Now, let's introduce the victors!" She calls all of our names as we walk out to the stage. Rows of people dressed in black or brown go back so far. District 5 is really populated. We all sit down in chairs they laid out for us and stare blankly at the crowd as Icina drags on and on about how excited she is to see all of these tributes back. I look at the rows of tributes, shackled to the wall in that glass box. I think of that last battle in the glass box, when Theo almost died...when Forsythia almost won..."Magnas Velocity!" Icina shouts. I snap out of my flashback and see a boy walking slowly to the stage. He stands alone and puts his hands in his pockets. Icina sticks her hand in the girl's bowl and pulls out a name. "Anna Very!" she yells.

"I volunteer!" a voice rings out from deep in the crowd. A girl with creepy green eyes walks to the stage. I can tell there is something off about her. Something way off.

"What is your name, sweetie?" Icina asks.

"Caitlin Ballard," the girl replies. She stands next to Magnas as Icina walks over to the third bowl with the envelope.

"Now, the all-stars voted on by the almighty Capitol are Lizzie Tyle and Majono Kelsony!" she announces. Sasha cheers as the Peackeepers lead them out of the box. She runs over and hugs Lizzie, while Majono stands awkwardly with Magnas and Caitlin. This is going to be a tough bunch to mentor.

District 6 - Sasha Selenta

My stomach feels like it is going to burst as we move toward District 6. My home district. I feel as if I've let everyone down. How? I'm not sure. But all I know is that since me, District 6 has not had a victor. James and I were amazing during my games. He placed 4th, and I placed 1st. I felt a lump in my throat when I thought about James. He was so full of life, so kind. And then I killed him. My own district partner. Maybe that is why we're losing. And then last year, I thought we would win. All four of the District 6 tributes made it to the final arena, and they all died. Kate came in seventh, though. That had to count for something to these people, right?

"We are approaching District 6!" Colo announces. I suddenly feel sick.

"It'll be fine," Lizzie assures me. I smile at her. Lizzie and I weren't even allies, yet she is my rock right now. I am truly grateful for her. After a few minutes, we arrive at 6. I stand up reluctantly and wave goodbye to Lizzie. The victors walk out the door and down the street to the District 6 reaping area. I hate this place. We stand behind the curtain and my knees start to buckle. I hear Anita DeRemo, the escort from last year, talking wildly. And then I hear my name. I step out from behind the curtain and the crowd is silent. Tears well up in my eyes. My district hates me. The other victors come out, and Amity stands behind me and rubs my back.

"It's ok," she whispers in my ear. But I know unless there is a victor this year, it won't be.

"Let's start with the girls, as usual," Anita announces. She walks over to the girl's bowl and reaches in.

"I volunteer!" shouts a girl. The crowd gasps. A tomboyish looking girl with red and black hair struts up to the stage.

"What's your-" Anita begins.

"Rhonda Timor," the girl interrupts. She stands off to the side with her arms folded over. This one can win it. I can tell.

"Now for the boys!" Anita continues, obviously annoyed by Rhonda. She walks over to the boys bowl and puts her hand to the bottom. She pulls it out and reads the name. "Axl Lockhart!" she shouts. A nice, quiet looking boy walks slowly up to the stage, like he's in shock.

"Now for the revived tributes!" Anita begins. I've been trying not to look over to the glass box, fearing that I'll make eye contact with James. I know all of these tributes. I killed James and mentored the rest. I don't want to see them. But the temptation is too great. I look over, and James is staring at me. If looks could kill, I would be dead already. I see the empty pair of shackles behind him, and suddenly I don't want him to be revived. He would probably kill me. "Drake Johnson and Twilight Mist!!" Anita shouts. I'm surprised. Drake I understand, but I didn't know Twilight was so popular with the Capitol. She didn't do much. I thought Kate would be revived. I can tell that Rhonda and Drake have a real chance of winning. The other two, not so much. Drake and Twilight stand next to Axl, and the inferno begins. I watch in horror as all of the tributes I've mentored burn. For Kate, it's the second time she's burning. I see her standing there, not moving, until her face melts away.

District 7 - Jonah Thompson

I pull Sian a little closer to me on the couch and she pulls away. "What are you doing?" she asks.

"I dunno," I mutter. Why do I love this girl so much? She acts as if we aren't even together, and yet I'm crazy about her. We're approaching District 7, and I'm mentoring those tributes. I don't really want to. With the tributes from 8, at least I'll have Theo and Whitney to help me. With the tributes from 7, I'm all alone. "I'm afraid I'll be a bad mentor," I tell Sian.

"Oh, man up. You won the Games, therefore you have what it takes to be a good mentor," she says.

"Easy for you to say. They asked you to mentor a Career district," I respond. When Colo announced what districts we were mentoring, I was happy for Sian, but I was also a little jealous.

"True. You won't be as good as me," she says laughing, "But you'll still be a great mentor." She plants a kiss on my cheek.

"Thanks," I mutter. As much as we acted all tough and cool around each other, I could tell she loved me and I loved her.

The boy from 4, Whistle, comes up to Sian and me. "Excuse me," he says quietly. This poor kid is only twelve years old and he's expected to be one of the fiercest tributes in the arena.

"What?" Sian snaps. He looks terrified.

"Uh, I was just wondering when you'll give us some tips," he stammers.

"When we get to the Capitol, idiot. You're made of money. You're from 4. Don't you train for the Games? You don't need tips from someone like me!" she shouts angrily.

"Sian-," I begin.

"Don't get involved, Jonah!" she snaps. The boy walks away, crying. I know Sian didn't mean that, but she's just frustrated. Coming from such a poor district, she expects them to know and have everything. Someone from 4 coming to her for help is a little strange to her. The train stops, and Colo's voice breaks the tension in the room.

"We've arrived in 7!" he says, entering the car. The victors leave, and walk through the sylvan path to the reaping area. District 7 is beautiful, especially compared to my district. I've always wanted to live here. We reach the stage and stand behind the curtains.

"Welcome, welcome. Let's get this thing over with. I'm still Mason from last year," says the escort. I'm surprised to hear a male voice. He announces our names in rapid succession and we stand clumped together to the side of the stage. The crowd is silent. 7 usually produces decent tributes, so I'm excited.

"The female tribute is," Mason says, putting his hand in the bowl, "Kelly Sandleaf." A dark-skinned girl runs to the boys section and hugs two of them. I guess they are her brothers. Peacekeepers run and pull her up to the stage. She's crying, but I like her immediately.

"Weak," Sian whispers in my ear. I disagree.

"And the male tribute is Grant Doniel," Mason says quickly. An attractive guy walks to the stage. He seems strong.

"Ehh," Sian says. Once again, I disagree.

"Now for the all-stars," Mason says, reaching for the envelope. He pulls it out and reads the names to the crowd, "Adullius Burshnack and Camellia Cyrellia!" The shackles release, and I'm happy to see the two of them back. I never had a problem with either of them. The fire begins, and the remaining tributes are burned alive. I turn away and shake the hands of my new recruits as we step on the train.

District 8 - Theo Welch

We're back in the train, on the way to my home district. 8. I will see Cleo today. I can't wait to see her face again. I really hope she gets revived. Who else would the Capitol revive? The 8 girls from the last games were pretty poor. Arabella showed promise but died early. It had to be Cleo, right? My vision turns to that glass box, when I held down Xavior, and...Forsythia. I almost forgot. I would see her today too. What if the Capitol chooses to revive her? They couldn't. She was evil. But sometimes they liked evil. Destiny could see the pained expression on my face.

"What's wrong?" she asks.

"What if they don't pick Cleo?" I ask her.

She hesitates, "I really don't know, sweetie. But, what I do know is that no matter what happens, she loves you, and so do I."

"Thanks," I say. I just don't know what I'm going to do if Cleo isn't picked. I'm not even worried about the boy they choose, or the new tributes that I have to mentor. I was just thinking about Cleo.

"Theo, relax. Remember your first job is a mentor," Whitney says from across the car. She seems to always know what I'm thinking, even more than Destiny. Whitney is a great friend and mentoring partner to have.

"Yeah, she's right. Even if Cleo is revived, the chances of her winning..." Destiny trails off, realizing what she is saying is not what I need to hear right now. Even though she's right, I need to keep positive.

"Now arriving at District 8!" Colo says through the loudspeaker system, shortly before he comes to our car. The train stops and I take a deep breath as we walk towards the District 8 reaping area. Jonah is beaming, and Whitney has a smile on her face too. I would be like that if this was a normal reaping. But it's not. My sister's chance at life again is at stake. We all stand behind the stage. The escort, Darla Conoda, starts talking and then she calls my name, Whitney's name, and Jonah's name. The three of us walk out onto the stage and the crowd goes crazy. I look at the glass box, not even paying attention to the crowd, and see Cleo. She smiles at me and my eyes fill up with tears. I mouth the words "I love you" and she reciprocates. I look to the right of her and see Forsythia. She stares at me coldly. I stare right back. She killed my sister, and she almost killed me.

"Let's get this reaping started," Darla says after all the victors are called onstage. She sticks her hand in the girl's bowl and pulls out a name. "Rachel Deyson!"

The crowd gasps. I know that name. This girl saved a family from a house fire, and she saved her father and sister from an earthquake. She walks up to the stage, clearly shaken, and stands next to Darla on the stage.

"The male tribute is Nile Flame!" Darla announces, reading the slip of paper. A boy walks to the stage, and he reminds me of myself in his demeanor. Darla reaches her hand into the third bowl and pulls it out. I feel like I'm going to pass out.

"The all-star tributes are," she begins. I'm sweating like crazy. "Xavior Chance and Arabella..." I pass out.

District 9 - Whitney Finch

Peacekeepers carried Theo onto the train. Destiny is at his side, kneeling down and stroking his hair. He's still out cold, and I feel so bad for him. I look at Arabella Misk, the tribute who was reaped in Cleo's place. She's staring wickedly at Theo. She's a heartless bitch.

"Hey! What's your problem?" I shout at her.

"You talking to me?" she shouts back. The train silences and everyone stares at us.

"Yeah, I am! You look like you're happy that Cleo wasn't reaped," I say.

"I am! It means that I'm alive. If his sister is dead, sorry, but I'm not going to pretend to be sad for him when I'm not," she replies. Damn, she's right.

"I'm not saying you have to be sad, but don't smile like the little bitch you are. You shouldn't even be here! You died second!" I scream.

"Cleo didn't even make it to the arena!" she yells back.

"Fuck you!" I scream at her, leaving the car and slamming the door behind me. I sit down on the couch and start to cry. Theo has been such a good friend to me over the years. I hate that he has to suffer and his sister has to die when Arabella gets to live. I hear the door open and I look up. It's Jonah.

"What?" I say miserably.

"Don't let Arabella bother you. She has issues. She is basically incapable of feelings, and she comes off as heartless, which I guess she is...but anyway, just ignore her," he says. I don't say a word, even though I know he's right. He leaves the car and the train stops. We're at 9. Oh God. I remember Michael and Claudia from my Games form 9. I killed both of them. This won't be fun. I leave the train from my car and follow the rest of the victors, besides Theo, towards the stage.

"Who has this district?" Colo asks. Amity, Sasha, and Lira raise their hands.

"What? I have to mentor the 5 and 11 tributes by myself and they get three!" Destiny says angrily. Hex laughs at her. We reach the reaping area, and the escort calls us out. I remember Marisol Margot from her annoying voice and her yellow garb.

"Let's start this thing!" she shouts, walking to the girl's bowl. She pulls a name out and reads it aloud. "Azalea Firethorn!" A beautiful girl with fiery red hair walks slowly to the stage.

"She's hot!" I hear Jonah say. Sian slaps him.

"And the male tribute is..." Marisol begins.

"I volunteer!" shouts a boy from the crowd. He isn't very enthusiastic for a volunteer. He walks to the stage as if he doesn't care.

"What is you name?" Marisol asks.

"Drachma Dornus," the boy replies nonchalantly.

"And now for the revived tributes!" Marisol says, dismissing Drachma. I look at the glass box and my fears are confirmed. Michael and Claudia are glaring at me. I pray they aren't reaped. "Lucas Rayden and Kacey Anderson!" Marisol says. I stick my tongue out at Michael and Claudia, and immediately regret it. These people are about to be burned, and I'm being immature enough to stick my tongue out at them? Lucas I remember from the 225th, and I guess Kacey is from Sasha's games. The fire starts and I stare blankly at it. It's the same color as Azalea's hair.

District 10 - Hex Servirior

Theo finally woke up. After crying like a wimp for hours about his sister, he finally became stable. Now he's talking with Destiny, who's filling him in on Whitney's lash out against Arabella. I have to say I'm impressed. When Whitney was nice to Sherry about her name, I thought she was a wuss. But she's not. And neither is Arabella. I wish I could mentor her. But I'm stuck with Sherry and the rest of District 2, and District 10. And Summer is mentoring with me. Ugh. She is too nice to be a Career.

"I just wanted to talk to Cleo," I hear Theo say from across the train car. I'm going to punch him in the face. My brother Jinx died from cancer, yet I don't cry about it every five minutes. Sure it's tough to see her again and lose her, but still. If I ever had the chance to see Jinx again...No. I can't afford to think like that. He's gone. I can't let some dumb Capitol gimmick get my hopes up.

"We're arriving at 10!" Colo Crenze announces. Damn. I was hoping for another catfight, maybe between Sian and Sherry this time. The train pulls to a stop and we all hop out, well all the victors. Whitney still looks shaken up, and Theo is still a mess. I walk next to Amity. Wow, I have to resort to being next to a Capitol girl. We reach the District 10 reaping area, and it's pretty gross. All I can smell here is cow manure.

"Let's introduce our victors!" the escort says as we walk up. She names each of us and we sit in a row of chairs they provided us. The crowd is silent. "Alrighty. As most of you know, I am Lunesta Emery, District 10's escort. Let's get going with this reaping, shall we?" She walks over to the girls bowl in her huge heels. She almost trips and falls, but catches herself. She straightens out her skirt and puts her hand in the bowl. Idiot. "And the female tribute is Leslie Adalyn!" she cries out. A puny dark-skinned girl walks up to the stage. I look at Summer and she smiles warmly. Ugh. Too nice. Leslie and Summer will get along just fine. "And now for the males!" Lunesta says, putting her hand in the boy's bowl.

"I volunteer!" shouts a male voice from the crowd. I look up, surprised, as a strong-looking boy with a scar walks up to the stage confidently. I'm already impressed.

"What is your name, dear?" Lunesta asks.

"Hawk Loomis," is all he says. He stands next to Leslie and I look down at Summer. She's frowning. What the hell is wrong with this chick? Hawk actually has a chance.

"And now for the all-stars!" Lunesta says excitedly. I look at the District 10 tributes in the glass box and am not too impressed. "Clay and Madeleine Levenhire!" she shouts, and then claps. A little cheer comes from the crowd as the Peacekeepers lead the uncle and niece, now only two years apart, to the stage. That's awkward, but I hate the Levenhire family. They are so overrated. The only decent one is Caitlyn, and she didn't even get picked. Same with the Rhode family from 11. Maizi was the only good one, and Michelle will probably get revived. It's obnoxious, honestly. As the reaping disbands and we head to the train, I catch up to Summer.

"I only want Hawk," I tell her.

"That's fine, she says, "The other three seem really sweet. I think I can help them a lot!" she replies. I roll my eyes and turn back to look at Hawk, my protege.

District 11 - Destiny Carven

I feel so bad for Theo. He's alright now, but he was in pretty bad shape before. I'm so glad he passed out before he saw Cleo burn. Now that would've killed him. We're almost done with reapings now. My home district, 11, is the only one left where I have to mentor tributes. And I'm dreading it. Tributes from 11 never win. Ever. Well, besides me. I hate getting close to these kids and then just losing them to some tough Career. I look around the car.

Sasha is talking to Lizzie and Kacey.

Whitney is glaring at Arabella from across the room.

Theo is sitting in the corner with me, just looking out the window.

Summer is talking to Lou and her District 10 tributes.

Amity is talking with Ana. Well, Ana's writing but you know what I mean.

Hex is talking with Hawk and ignoring Shermaine, or Sherry as Hex calls her.

Sian is talking to Almary, but she looks miserable. The way she snapped at Whistle, I'm impressed Almary even has the guts to go near her.

Jonah is chatting with the District 8 tributes.

And I'm just staring at everyone else.

"Attention! Now arriving at District 11!" Colo announces. I stand up as the train stops and walk outside to the fresh, crisp air of 11. Living in 8 is not the same. Sure, I have a better life, but District 11's air is so much cleaner and crisp. I miss it. We all walk side by side to the reaping area. There are tons of people here, as District 11 is one of the most populated. I stand behind the curtain as our escort, Tisha Tomay, talks to the crowd. The she announces my name. I emerge from behind the curtain and the crowd cheers. I smile and stand to the side as the other victors get called to the stage. We all sit down and Tisha begins the reaping.

"Our new female tribute is Cassandra Goldsmith!" she announces. No one comes forward. "Cassandra, dear. Cassandra Goldsmith!" she continues. An animalistic girl begins walking up to the stage. The crowd speaks in hushed tones as she walks up the steps to the stage. She stands to the side, not saying a word. This girl doesn't seem human.

"And for the male tribute we have Hudson Rylie!" says Tisha. A cute, sad looking boy walks slowly up to the stage and stands next to Cassandra, but I can tell he's scared of her. So am I. "And now for the all-stars!" she shouts. Tisha opens up the envelope and reads it to the crowd. "Parker Viola and Michelle Rhode!" she announces.

"I knew it!" I hear Hex say. I look at the box and see all of the depressed and scared faces of the tributes who weren't chosen. Parker and Michelle walk up to the stage, and the fire goes into the box. I turn away and the smell of burning human flesh fills my nose. I wait for my new tributes.

"Hi Cassandra and Hudson! My name is Destiny and I'll be mentoring you guys!" I say.

"Hi," Hudson mutters.

"Koume," Cassandra says.

"What?" I reply.

"Koume," she repeats. What the hell?

District 12 - Sian Malley

Ugh these games suck ass. I hate the District 4 tributes. Well, Almary is alright, but the rest I can't stand. And now we're going to District 12, where nobody ever wins. It's really pointless to even have 12 compete in the Games. They should just execute them. I was the first winner since Katniss and Peeta. We literally have zero chance of winning again. I look to my right and see Destiny trying to talk to that new 11 girl.

"Why do you keep saying Koume?" she asks.

"Koume," the girl replies.

"Is that where you live?" Destiny asks. The girl shakes her head. "THEN WHAT IS IT?" Destiny screams.

"My-my na-ame," the girl stammers. The girl must not talk a lot. That, or she's an idiot.

"I thought it was Cassandra," Destiny says. Koume gazes at her like she's remembering something from her past.

"Koume," the girl says again. Hex is cracking up from the other side of the room. I know I'm bad when it comes to social situations, but I'm not as bad as Hex. I walk into the other car where Jonah is and sit down.

"I don't want to do this anymore," I tell him.

"Do what?" he asks.

"Everything. Mentoring, riding the train, watching these poor kids die. It's sickening," I say.

"None of us want to do this, but we have to," Jonah tells me. I sigh.

"Now arriving at District 12!" chirps Colo. The train comes to an abrupt stop, and the victors file out. Only one more after this. Then it's training and all of the tribute stuff. We walk to the District 12 reaping area, also known as Satan's home, and stand behind the stage, waiting for the dumb escort, Hawk Poppel, to say something. And of course he does. He introduces us to the crowd, and they don't cheer. They never do. What reason would they have to cheer?

"Let's get this thing over with. Ladies first," Hawk says, sticking his hand in the girl's bowl. "Phoenix Ironsmith!" he shouts. A girl steps forward and my eyes go wide. She has red skin. Like it's actually red. She looks like she's been cooked over a fire. Her face looks like it can break at any second, and her misty grey eyes seem to be on the verge of crying. She stands next to Hawk Poppel. The crowd is silent. "And for the boys we have Ridge Hillsong!" Hawk announces. A quiet, yet strong looking boy walks up to the stage. He's confident, but not cocky. I think I can work with these two. District 12 might not be doomed after all. "And for the revived tributes, we have," Hawk begins. I hope it's no one from my Games. They all sucked. "Gabriel DiPablo and McKenna Konity!" he says. I have no idea who they are.

"How did they do in their Games?" I ask Sasha.

"4th and 9th," she says, "And McKenna's 9th was in a Quell the same size as your's." Wow. 12 might not be doomed this year.

District 13 - Lira Roberts

Only one more reaping left. The worst reaping. I would see Battleaxe again. If he's not reaped, I don't know what I'm going to do. If he is reaped, I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm a mess, honestly. I'm sitting in the corner of the train car chewing on my nails like a loser. Sian is all excited with her District 12 tribute, and Jonah is talking to them. Well one is moving his hands and not talking. I guess he's mute. Hex, who I would usually talk to, is still with her all-time favorite tribute Hawk from 10. 

"Hey, what's up?" Amity asks me.

"Oh hi. Nothing," I say.

"I know something's wrong. I can tell," she says.

"I'm seeing Battleaxe at the reaping. And I don't know what I'm going to do. I want him to be reaped, but in the same sense, I don't because I don't want to lose him again. And what if we're not meant to be together? It's just too much," I tell her, spilling my guts out.

"I know how you feel. It's harder for you because you are still his age. For me, I'm like fifteen years older than Pip, so it would've been out of the question anyway.." she says, trailing off, "But just let fate take it's course. Everything happens for a reason. Don't get too caught up in it."

"Thanks," I say genuinely. She's right. If Battleaxe and I are meant to be, it will happen. If we aren't it won't happen.

"Last stop before we go to the Capitol. District 13!" Colo Crenze says. I take a deep breath and Amity pats my back. 

"You can do this," she says. We stop at the District 13 train station and walk down the flight of stairs, underground, to the reaping area. I look immediately at the glass box. I lock eyes with Battleaxe and my heart melts. I've missed him so much.

"Welcome one and all to the District 13 reaping!" Sally Kenny, the escort says. "Let's start this thing!" She walks to the girl's bowl and picks a name. "Gabrielle Benlit!" she yells. A girl with blonde hair walks up. She doesn't look like anything special. "And for the boys we have Gerald Durrell!" she announces. A boy, coughing and hacking, walks up to the stage. I think he has lipstick on. "And finally, the all-stars," Sally starts. My fingers tense up in anticipation. "Battleaxe Mason and Piper Bridges!" she shouts.

"YES!" I scream. I leap off the stage and hug Battleaxe as the shackles release. He hugs me back and lifts me up. We walk up to the stage, hugging and kissing. Piper is walking next to us awkwardly, but I don't care. All I know is that Battleaxe is back. And that is all that matters.

Group Training

Day 1

Maroon Cutter - District 1

It's the first day of training. I can't wait, honestly. Now that training is mandatory, I'll get to see all of these tributes in action. District 12 is the last district to arrive, and I'm a little surprised. They look strong. The guys aren't huge or anything, but they just have that tough-guy feel to them. The one girl looks pretty, but fierce. The other girl is red, so she has to be scary. I look around at the other tributes as the new head trainer, I think she said her name was Lina, lectures us about not spending all of our time at the weapons station. Oh please. When you are a Career, you stay at the Cornucopia, you don't need the other training. I scan the tributes, and only a few stand out to me: one of the 5 guys, one of the 7 guys, one of the 8 girls, a guy and girl from 9, one of the 10 guys, one of the 11 girls, everyone from 12, and a guy and a girl from 13. All in all, I might have some work cut out for me. These guys seem pretty tough. I look around at my fellow Careers. 1 seems the strongest this year. Usually 2 is tougher, but this year it's 1. I hope we do well enough to win, because we have some tough competition.

Ana Shadowsinger - District 3

Lina lets us go and immediately the tributes rush everywhere. I feel claustrophobic and scared. I know I get another chance at life, but this still isn't fun. Being dead was so...weird. And now that I'm back, it makes me fear death even more. I look around helplessly. There's a mute boy from 12 I wat to ally with. I turn around and see him running towards some station with a guy and a girl with red hair. Oh well.

"Hey!" says a female voice. I whirl around and see two girls standing in front of me, smiling. I smile at them.

Hi, I write on my notebook.

"Do you want to ally with us?" the other one asks, "My name is Leslie and I'm from 10."

"And I'm Rachel from 8," says the first one.

Sure, I write down. They smile broadly and the three of us walk towards the station for edible plants and animals. Maybe these girls will be my Elana.

Caitlin Ballard - District 5

I look around the training area desperately for an alliance. I spin around and see tributes running off to places and I stare at them, thinking about who I should choose.

"Hi!" says a girl. I turn and see a dark-skinned girl with piercing green eyes, just like mine.

"Whoa," I say.

"My eyes?" she asks.

"Yeah, they're..." I start.

"I know, they're scary," she says in shame.

"No, they're like mine," I say. She looks into my eyes and smiles. Something, maybe her aura, I'm not entirely sure, makes me trust this girl.

"Oh yeah. Well anyway my name is Emmeline. Want to be allies?" she says.

"Sure. I'm Caitlin from 5 by the way. Where are you from?" I inquire.

"The Capitol," she says in shame once more.

"Oh," I say, trying to hide my contempt for the Capitol, "Well let's go to those trees over there!"

Luke Torres - Capitol

I stare at the Careers, and I see their faces. They look evil, all of them. I realize I'm not like that. I don't want to be evil. I want to be human. I look around, and see a trio of tributes. I think they're from 3.

"Hey, can I join you guys?" I ask.

"Sure," says the girl quickly. One of the guys doesn't look too happy, though. I noticed him staring at the girl before.

"I'm Luke from the Capitol," I say excitedly.

"I'm Brooklyn from 3," says Brooklyn, obviously trying to flirt, "This is Tres and this is Raden." Tres is the angry one, and Raden seems quiet. Two girls approach us, and Brooklyn goes over to talk to them. Tres glares at me.

"Don't worry dude, I'm gay. I won't try to steal your girl," I tell him. I can tell Tres is relieved, even though he doesn't say a word.

"Guys, this is Lizzie and this is Piper. They're going to join us," Brooklyn says, butting into the conversation.

"Sounds good," I say. Raden remains quiet.

"This is a big alliance, so no one else should join," Piper says, looking at the Careers. I can tell she hates them. She'll be a good ally.

"I agree," says Lizzie. She's small and cute, and she seems loyal. I like this alliance so far.

Camellia Cyrellia - District 7

"Attention tributes. It is now time for lunch. Please proceed to the cafeteria," says a voice over the loudspeaker in the training facility. My alliance, which is me, Adullius, and Kelly, walk with the mass of tributes towards the cafeteria. Lunchtime is where you see all of the alliances. It's pretty interesting, actually. We enter the cafeteria and sit down at a small round table with four chairs.

"Is the food good?" Kelly asks us.

"Adullius thinks so," says Adullius.

"Yeah, it's amazing," I say, remembering the last time I ate here. It's so strange, being alive again. I don't know what I expected it to be like, but it's just...different. I look around the cafeteria and see Maysilee, the girl who killed me. I'm not mad at her, though. It is the Hunger Games after all. The attitude is kill or be killed. As the waiter comes around to take our order, Grant, the fourth tribute from 7, comes and sits with us.

"Can I sit here?" he asks, even though his butt is already in the seat.

"Sure," Kelly says. I really like Kelly and Adullius. They are both really nice, just like me.

"So how's it going?" Grant asks.

"Well," responds Adullius. I don't know why Grant isn't allying with us. I watched him during training this morning, and he was all alone. Kelly seems to have read my mind.

"Why don't you ally with us?" she asks Grant. He looks at us awkwardly, stands up, and walks away.

"Ok then," Kelly says laughing.

Sami Freemont - District 2

I'm sitting with the Careers at the main table next to Amber. I really like her, and I feel we are closer to each other than the rest of the Careers. Even though we are supposed to be one big happy family there are different cliques among us. Maroon and Lou seem to be tight, as do Whistle and our only recruit Drachma. Pain, Jackie, and Almary are always together, which worries me, and Copper, Destrye, and Dimitry seem to be the unelected leaders. I look at the tables of tributes all around us. Most are scattered in clumps of two to four. There are a few loners all around, but two other major alliances have formed. We've been eying them all day.

The first major alliance is made up of tributes from 12 and 13. Everyone is predicting 12 is going to have a great year, and the guy from 13, Battleaxe from my Games, is really strong.

The other major alliance is made of up of tributes from 3 mostly, and three other tributes. A guy from the Capitol who seems tough, a weak girl from 5, and a strong girl from 13 make up that alliance.

"Are you guys nervous about the other groups?" I ask. Everyone quiets down and then bursts out laughing. I laugh along with them, but I'm actually nervous.

"You're kidding, right?" Destrye asks.

"Yeah, I just wanted to see how confident you guys are, since the Careers in my Games sucked. I'm feeling good now," I lie. Oh God.

Nile Flame - District 8

We're back in the training area again, but only for a short time. Lunch was sooo good. I had steak, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. I've never had such a good meal before in my life.

"Come on. Let's go over to the gauntlet!" Rhonda says excitedly. Kacey, the other member of my alliance, smiles brightly, and I groan as we walk over. I don't want to let my alliance down. What if they think I'm weak?

"I'll go first," Rhonda says. We stand in line behind two other tributes who are already there.

"Hi, what's your name?" Kacey asks the boy in front of us.

"Lucas," he says, "I'm from your district. We were revived together."

"Oh, right. Sorry about that," she says quickly, "And what's your name?" Her question is directed to the scary girl from 11 in the front of the line.

"Koume," the girl says.

"Well that's an odd name, but I like it!" Kacey says happily. The girl hisses at Kacey and then starts the gauntlet. She moves with amazing speed and agility, and doesn't mess up once. Wow.

"Alright, that's the end of training for today!" announces Lina. Phew. I'm so relieved I don't have to go on the gauntlet. Rhonda and Kacey seem disappointed, though.

"I'll see you girls tomorrow!" I say, running towards the elevator. I can't wait to go to sleep in my warm, cozy Capitol bed.

Day 2

Gerald Durrell - District 13

My alarm clock rings and I hit the snooze button. Ten minutes later, it rings again and I roll out of bed. I'm dreading going out of my room and sitting with the other District 13 people. Battleaxe and Gabrielle are in an alliance, and Piper is cool with them. I'm awkwardly allied with a girls from 10 and 11, and I'm not close with my district partners, even though I want to be. I put on the training outfit they gave us and walk out the door. My escort and Lira are sitting and talking with the other tributes from 13.

"Hey, Gerald!" Gabrielle says. She's the nicest of the three.

"Come over here!" Lira says, patting the couch for me to sit down. I go and sit next to them.

"We're talking about the threats in the tributes. Who do you think?" Battleaxe asks.

"Well the Careers seem pretty strong this year, especially the tributes from 1," I say truthfully.

"Besides them!" Piper says angrily. I've never seen someone hate the Careers so much.

"Uh, the tributes from 12," I begin.

"Ugh, he's no use. He just regurgitates what other people say. I'm out," Piper says, slamming the door as she leaves the District 13 penthouse. I look down at my feet and Lira whisks us off to training. I hate my life.

Axl Lockhart - District 6

I arrive at training and walk over to my allies, Azalea and Ridge. I really like both of them, and both are quite strong. I think the three of us and can go places.

"Where should we go?" I ask them.

"Well the Careers aren't using the weapons station, so how about we go there?" Azalea suggests. Ridge nods, and we sprint over to the weapons station, getting there just before the alliance of the legendary Fabio Batone, Maysilee Cresent, and Emily Lunamoon. I remember cheering for Fabio and Maysilee during their Games just last year. It's weird being next to them.

"You can go after us," I say. Fabio and Maysilee smooch and Emily watches us in anticipation. Ridge is up first. He takes a sickle sword from the rack and does a bunch of fancy moves I honestly can't even describe. Emily clapped for him, and Ridge smiled broadly. Azalea's next. She takes two knives from the rack, and puts one in each hand. She stabs a bunch of dummies with a variety of maneuvers and then beheads the last one. Emily claps once more. Now it's my turn. I gulp. Following those two performances will be tough. I picked up a mace and swing it around my head. I run towards a dummy and swing my mace at its head. The head comes off, and I accidentally let go of the mace. I watch it horror as it flies towards the Careers, who are standing in a group talking and laughing at the tributes trying to do the gauntlet. The mace clatters to the floor and hits the leg of Copper. He spins around and screams.

"Who the fuck was that?" echoes through the room.

Clay Levenhire - District 10

The training area was silent after Copper yelled. Even Lina wasn't intervening. I looked at Arabella, my ally, and she had a wicked grin on her face.

"Don't," I whisper.

"Tell me who threw that mace!" Copper bellows again.

"Don't," I repeat to Arabella.

"It was Axl from 6," she shouts. Copper sets his eyes on Axl and charges. Peacekeepers run towards him, but they aren't fast enough. Copper plowed into Axl and tackled him to the ground. The Peacekeepers and Lina reached him before he could punch Axl. They pulled him back and held him in restraint as Lina helped Axl up.

"You're my first kill, 6!" Copper shouts as he's dragged away by Peacekeepers. Lina takes Axl to the infirmary, and I look at his allies, Azalea and Ridge. They both flash the birdie at Arabella, and she flashes it right back. Why do I have to be allied with the most hated tribute here?

McKenna Konity - District 12

I feel like punching someone in the face and then puking. I have so much pressure on me to win these Games. First, it's my second chance at life, which is pressure enough, but now everyone is expecting District 12 to do amazing and now I have that pressure too. I wish Aleena was revived. She understood me so well, and she was my closest friend in the arena. I miss her so much.

"Let's go to weapons," Battleaxe says. I look at Gabe and Phoenix, and can tell they are feeling the same way. Now we are expected to do amazing with weapons. We walk over and Drake from 6 is in line. He takes a spear and does a whole bunch of kung fu moves before throwing it into the dummy's heart. Wow. I'm impressed. I look over and the Careers, minus Copper, are staring at him angrily. Uh oh.

"I'll go first," Battleaxe says. He takes the mace that Axl let go of and does the same maneuver he did, except this time he does it correctly. Gabrielle is up next, and she is mediocre with the bow and arrow. Gabe takes a deep breath, takes a sword from the rack, and does extremely well with it. He slices up the dummy in such a quick and precise manner. Phoenix does very well with the blowgun and she seems quite happy with herself. And then I go. My heart is pounding as I reach for the bow. My hand is quivering as I notch the arrow in. I pull back, my arm shaking, and release. The arrow goes straight into the foot of Lina.

She screams.

Hudson Rylie - District 11

Lina's bloodcurdling scream makes everyone silent immediately. Peacekeepers and medics run over to her and remove the now bloody arrow from her foot. They also take McKenna away. I guess they think it might have been on purpose. The Careers laughed when Lina and McKenna were out of the training center and everyone went back to training.

I've been training with Parker from my district, and Xavior from 8, even though we all decided to go alone during the actual Games. We're at the tree climbing station now.

"I can't do it," Xavior says, "I didn't do it in my original games either. My two friends could climb the palm trees and I couldn't," he complains. Parker flies up the tree with ease.

"I spent all of my time in a tree," Parker says quietly, "until I..." He trailed off, creating another awkward silence.

"Lunchtime!" screams a Peacekeeper. I guess they didn't feel like announcing it over the loudspeaker today. The three of us walk together towards the cafeteria with the rest of the tributes. I try to stay out of everyone's way, especially Arabella. She's creepy. I look back to see if I can find her, but end up running into someone. I turn back fearfully and see I ran into Twilight from 6.

"Watch out," she says.

"Sorry," I mutter. She smiles.

"It's fine," she says, "Wanna make a truce not to kill each other in the arena?" I hesitate. I run into this girl and she's already making deals with me? What? But I don't need any enemies in the arena.

"Sure," I reply.

Destrye Manglie - District 4

Lunch was boring. Nothing really happened. The Careers decided this afternoon, well actually it was only me, Copper, and Dimitry who decided, that we would just watch the other tributes at the weapons station. Us sitting there seemed to draw a crowd, and a whole bunch of tributes came to show off their skills.

First up was two girls and a guy who kept coughing. They were mediocre at best, nothing special. Two guys from 5 came and were both pretty impressive, but there were only two of them, so they didn't pose too much of a threat. The three tributes from 7 were all above average, and I was surprised.

"Are the two big alliances coming?" Jackie asked, half complaining.

"I don't think so," says Pain, "and they're smart if they don't because we don't know who's the strongest." She's right. Shermaine is clever and confident. I'm really taking a liking to her. She's the most real of the Careers, and I hope our relationship can grow in the arena.

"That mute girl is pretty good," Dimitry whispers to me. I snap out of thinking about Shermaine and focus on the alliance in front of me. He's right. The mute girl from three has great accuracy. Her alliance members, not so much. They're pretty pitiful. None of the tributes really stood out to me, except for the alliance of the guy who hit Copper with a mace. The girl with fiery red hair and the mute boy were really good, as was Arabella, the bitch from 8. Otherwise, I feel good about my chances. I will win this time, and hopefully with Shermaine.

Kacey Anderson - District 9

"Training is now over!" says a voice over the loudspeaker. The Careers begin to boo and the rest of the tributes walk to the elevator. Rhonda, Nile, and I go up together in the elevator. It reaches the sixth floor, and the door closes.

"Kacey, can I tell you something?" Nile asks me.

"Sure," I say, my heart fluttering. Nile is so cute and naive. I love that about him. I think I'm falling for him.

"Kacey, I really like you, and I want to know if you feel the same way," he blurts out. I feel a smile spread across my face.

"I do, Nile, I do!" I cry. He wraps me in his arms and we kiss and kiss and kiss. I hear the elevator door open. He takes his lips off of mine and looks me in the eyes.

"I gotta go," he says, "But I'll see you tomorrow after the private training and the interviews." I smile and wave goodbye. The door closes and I can't help but smile. And then I think about the coming days. We're going into the Hunger Games together. And there may only be one victor; they haven't told us yet. I just know one thing. We both have to win.

Individual Training Sessions

Capitol - Fabio Batone

"Fa-bi-o Ba-tone," says the voice. I'm the first one up in training, and I'm not nervous at all. I give Maysilee a kiss before I leave the Capitol holding room and walk up to the huge, black and red double doors that lead to the training area. I enter and look at the Gamemakers. They are all attentive. That's a good part about going early; the Gamemakers actually watch you. Well I guess it could be bad too, but meh. I pull a sword from the rack and walk over to a row of dummies. I slash each one with incredible force in the heart, in quick sucession. I know I need to do something more, even though what I just did is pretty impressive. I scan the training facility and see a Capitolesque looking cart near the Gamemaker loft. I walk over to it with an axe and slice it in half. The Gamemakers look angry I broke their little food cart, but they have to be impressed, right?

District 1 - Jackie Devilin

"Jack-ie De-vil-in," announces that creepy female voice from the loudspeaker. Seriously, whose voice is that? I stand up, and I'm the last one in the District 1 room. I think about my partners. Maroon reminds me of Drake from home, my boyfriend. I miss him so much and want to get back to him. Copper and Amber clearly have a history, and I can tell there is something going on between them, even if they don't want to admit. I walk into the training facility, deciding to focus primarily on weapons. The Gamemakers look focused on me, so I begin to show off a little. I take a blowgun from the rack and smile at the Gamemakers. They look surprised. I guess a blowgun isn't too popular. I load a few darts in and aim at the balloons they set up around the archery targets. Pop! Pop! Pop! I nail all three with only three darts. I put the blowgun down and pick up some throwing knives. There are a row of dummies lined up. I stand in front of three and throw a knife at each. All of them hit the dummy in the skull. I do a curtsy and leave the training area, happy with myself.

District 2 - Louis Welder

"Lou-is Wel-der" is blasted into the room. I wave goodbye to my fellow District 2 tributes. Dimitry stares at me like I'm a freak, Sami waves back, and Shermaine smiles seductively. What a group. The Careers are really harsh, besides Maroon and Sami. I miss Demetria, and I wish I had Summer to talk to. I know that she's older and married now, but I still love talking with her. I enter the training area, with a plan to get a high score. I need to impress the Careers and show I'm worthy. I run and grab a bow, not even looking at the Gamemakers, and fire arrows at the targets. 5 bullseyes and 1 just missed. Damn it. I then take a machete, and now that I'm even angrier, I slash the dummies to pieces with adept speed and technique. Now for the finale. I run over to the plants section and pick up some red berry that I have never seen before. I put the bow, loaded already with an arrow, on the floor next to me and chuck the berry in the air. I grab the bow quickly and shoot at arrow at the berry. It goes right through and sends red juice spurting everywhere. The Gamemakers look stunned, and dismiss me. I leave, excited.

District 3 - Tres Magnetic

"Tres Mag-net-ic," says the robotic voice. I stand up proudly and look at Ana and Brooklyn. Ana writes "Good luck" on her notepad and Brooklyn smiles at me. I leave the room, knowing exactly the kind of show I will put on for the Gamemakers. I open the double doors of the training facility, and the Gamemakers are looking at me expectantly. I grab a piece of rope and form a border of Brooklyn's head. I'm going to paint a picture of her. After that, I grab orange and red paints and paint her hair inside the rope border on the concrete floor of the facility. Then I take the skin colored paint and finish the portrait. I stand up and look at it, and it's beautiful. They have to love it, and me. I stand proudly in front of the Gamemakers with my hands on my hips and they dismiss. I leave the room, skipping with joy.

District 4 - Almary Wintes

"Al-ma-ry Win-tes" bursts into the room. I'm the only one left, so I leave awkwardly and walk down the hall. My district partners are irritating. Destrye thinks he's hot stuff and the best Career when he's not, Whistle is weak for a Career, and Emily isn't even allying with us. Honestly, District 4 wouldn't stand a chance this year without me. I open the large double doors of the training area and announce my arrival to the Gamemakers. They all stop eating and stare at me. Good. That's exactly what I want. I take a dagger from the rack and quickly go to work, slashing up the dummies and showing off a few fancy moves. I changed hands a couple of times to show them how good I am. Then I pulled a blowgun from the rack and popped some balloons on the archery wall. I hit five, using six darts. On the first one, I just wasn't ready. I hope it doesn't affect my score too much. The Gamemakers dismiss me and I leave the room knowing I could have done a little bit better.

District 5 - Magnas Velocity

"Mag-nas Ve-loc-ity" the voice says, pronouncing my name incorrectly. I don't even look at the two girls in the District 5 holding room when I leave. Lizzie and Caitlin are useless to me. Majono is my only ally, and he's the only one I'm loyal to. Plus, me ignoring them gives me that persona that I shouldn't be messed with. I walk down the long corridor and finally reach the training area. I enter, clear my throat to show the Gamemakers I am hear, and go to work with my mace. I swing it around my head before decapitating a dummy, and then I swing it beneath my legs and around my waist to show off a little. Then, I call for a live-target and show some of my hand-to-hand combat skills, knocking the live-target right on his back. I stand in front of the Gamemakers and bow. They dismiss me, and I exit the area, knowing that I earned myself a high score.

District 6 - Drake Johnson

"Drake John-son," says the creeper lady that I've grown to hate. I'm the first one to leave from my holding room. I don't acknowledge the others. Twilight is a loner like me, and I think she's gone off the deep end, Axl is hated by the Careers, and Rhonda has an alliance. There's no need for me to talk to them. As I walk down the hall, I think about my grandfather. He made me volunteer in my original Games so I could win and kill the President. But having died once, I'm not going to die again just to make someone else suffer. If I win, I'm going to win for me. I enter the room and know I have to show off my skills. I do a bunch of kung fu moves and various sound effects to enhance my performance. Then I throw some spears at dummies, puncturing their imaginary hearts and sending fake blood spewing everywhere. They have become more creative since my death. Hmph. I then do my Chinese bow that I do to my masters back in 6 and leave after being dismissed.

District 7 - Grant Doniel

"Grant Don-i-el" says the voice. She gives me the chills, but I've never been so happy to leave a room in my life. It's so awkward being with those people. I don't like them, and they don't like me. Camellia and Kelly, the two I was in there with the longest, were the worst. And the thing is, both of them are extremely nice. I'm an idiot to make them enemies, but I guess it's too late. I walk to the training facilty and announces my arrival. The Gamemakers stop eating and quiet down. I walk to the rack and take a machete. I look at the dummies and shrug. I need to do something different. I walk over to the trees from the tree climbing station and begin hacking away with my machete. Immediately, I regret that decision. I can't cut through this tree. After chopping for five straight minutes, I give up and stand in front of them ashamed. They dismiss me, and I feel like the biggest idiot in the world.

District 8 - Rachel Deyson

"Ra-chel Dey-son," rings through my ears. My heart is palpatating and I feel shaky. Being the last one from 8 isn't helping either. The door shuts automatically behind me when I leave the 8 holding room. I look behind me and see the rooms of Districts 9-13 lining the hall on alternating sides. They have to wait even longer. I might have passed out if I were from 13. I shuffle down the hall and quietly enter the training area. The Gamemakers aren't paying attention, and I sure don't make them. I scurry to the weapon rack and take a bow. It's pretty heavy for me. I notch an arrow in and aim for the target on the wall. I pull back and can feel my arm about to burst from the muscles I am using. I release and miss the target completely. The Gamemakers still aren't watching. Then I take another arrow and shoot it. Bullseye. I look over and the Gamemakers still aren't watching. I then do some gymnastics tricks and flips. I'm about to do a back handspring when I fall flat on my back. The Gamemakers laugh and I leave the room, ashamed.

District 9 - Drachma Dornus

"Drach-ma Dor-nus" blasts into the District 9 holding room. Kacey wishes me good luck and Azalea smiles. I like my district partners. Lucas is mysterious, but the girls are really nice. I hope I don't have to kill them in the arena. And they still like me even though I'm with the Careers. I'm not proud of being a Career, but it's what I need to do to survive. They are my best shot at winning. It's strange how I volunteered because I didn't want to bother with life, but now I want to live. I enter the large double doors of the training facility and know I have to do well to impress the Careers and prove myself. I inform them that I am here and they all look up from their steak feast. I take a knife from the rack and go to work on the dummy, piercing it in every place that would cause instant death and sending fake blood everywhere. At the end of it, I'm covered in red. To finish, I take a sword and swing through a dummy's waist in one swipe and slice it in two. I place the sword on the ground and stand in front of the Gamemakers. They dismiss me, and I leave, smiling.

District 10 - Madeleine Levenhire

"Ma-de-leine Lev-en-hire," says the robot from the loudspeaker. I stand up and say goodbye to Leslie. She waves as I leave the room. Leslie is so nice. Even though we aren't allied together, she's still kind to me. That's the kind of person I like to be around. I walk down the long, dimly lit corridor to the huge double doors. Once I open them, the sound of Gamemakers laughing and talking fills my ears. I shake my head, knowing I'll have to get their attention. I stomp my feet until they look at me, and they seem irritated, even though they are supposed to be watching. I take a bow from the rack and notch an arrow. The bow is the perfect weight for me. I pull back and release, sending the arrow straight into the bullseye of the target. There are balloons around, but I think hitting bullseyes is more impressive. I shoot again and hit another bullseye, and decide to press my luck by shooting once more. Yet again, I hit a bullsye, though it is on the very edge of the circle. I stand in front of the Gamemakers and they dismiss me, so I walk out.

District 11 - Parker Viola

"Par-ker Vi-ola," blasts into the District 11 holding room. I quietly slip out the door without saying anything to my district partners. Michelle and Hudson are nice, I guess, but I'm not the kind of person who talks that much. Cassandra, or Koume, whatever her name is, is a freak. I'm pretty sure she's actually an animal, not a human. As I walk down the hallway, I pass the District 3 holding room and shudder. Even though it's empty, I can almost feel Ana's presence. She killed me the first time. And it won't happen again. I enter the training facility and quietly make my way to the weapon rack. The Gamemakers are barely paying attention. I take a knife from the rack and start stabbing a dummy. I barely put a dent in it, so I move over to the ropes and sticks area. I quickly build a snare and put a dummy's foot into it. The dummy is sent flying in the air, hanging upside down from a fake tree. I look over at the Gamemakers and they are still talking and eating. I slip out of the room and wonder if they even knew that I came in.

District 12 - Phoenix Ironsmith

"Phoe-nix "Ir-on-smith" says the announcer woman. Or machine. I'm not sure what makes those announcements. I leave the District 12 holding room, and since I'm the last one, I say goodbye to it like an idiot. I don't want to see it again. I hate this place. I walk quickly down the corridor and into the training area. I feel a knot in my stomach. I know I can't do too well, but I still want to make an impression. Once the Gamemakers see me, they stop eating and talking. I guess my skin caught their attention. I walk over to the rack confidently and pick up a blowgun. I load it with darts and back up about 50 yards away from the dummies. I start running with the blowgun, doing a variety of flips and twists as I run. I jump in the air and blow a dart, hitting the chest. Too good. I change direction and hit a dummy in the shoulder. Perfect. As a finale, I do a backflip and then blow a dart, hitting the dummy in the ankle. I drop the blowgun, hearing it clatter on the concrete floor of the training room. The Gamemakers dismiss me and I leave.

District 13 - Gabrielle Benlit

"Ga-bri-elle Ben-lit," calls the woman's voice. I'm the last tribute left. I'll make the last impression on the Gamemakers, so I have to make it count. I walk down the hallway, past all of the other holding rooms, and enter the training facility. The Gamemakers are oddly silent. They all look drunk and full. I'm not surprised. I take a bow and arrow and shoot it at balloons. 3 of my 4 shots hit the balloons, but one was slightly off. I call a live dummy in for some hand-to-hand combat, and I punch him in the face. He staggers a little, but then kicks me in the gut. I fall to the ground, writhing in pain, and I hear the Gamemakers dismiss me. I'm not even done, though. I stand up and pretend to walk out, but then I run at the live dummy and kick him in the chest. He flies to the ground and I run out before he comes after me. I hope the Gamemakers were impressed, or at least surprised. I know that guy I kicked was.

Training Scores

Tribute Score Odds
Fabio Batone 9 19-1
Luke Torres 10 15-1
Maysilee Cresent 12 3-1
Emmeline Shayd 8 21-1
Copper Overdeen 11 6-1
Maroon Cutter 11 7-1
Amber Agate 10 13-1
Jackie Devilin 10 12-1
Louis Welder 10 14-1
Dimitry Yukov 11 9-1
Sami Freemont 11 10-1
Shermaine Wilson 10 12-1
Raden Harvestmoon 9 18-1
Tres Magnetic 1 100-1
Ana Shadowsinger 6 39-1
Brooklyn Spirit 7 25-1
Destrye Manglie 10 11-1
Whistle Frost 8 22-1
Emily Lunamoon 10 14-1
Almary Wintes 10 13-1
Majono Kelsony 9 19-1
Magnas Velocity 9 19-1
Lizzie Tyle 2 90-1
Caitlin Ballard 4 70-1
Drake Johnson 8 24-1
Axl Lockhart 7 27-1
Twilight Mist 3 80-1
Rhonda Timor 8 23-1
Adullius Burshnack 7 29-1
Grant Doniel 2 90-1
Camellia Cyrellia 6 37-1
Kelly Sandleaf 8 26-1
Xavior Chance 4 70-1
Nile Flame 7 28-1
Arabella Misk 9 17-1
Rachel Deyson 8 24-1
Lucas Rayden 9 16-1
Drachma Dornus 10 13-1
Kacey Anderson 8 27-1
Azalea Firethorn 8 25-1
Clay Levenhire 6 38-1
Hawk Loomis 10 12-1
Madeleine Levenhire 9 18-1
Leslie Adalyn 1 100-1
Parker Viola 8 24-1
Hudson Rylie 7 29-1
Michelle Rhode 9 19-1
Cassandra Goldsmith 9 17-1
Gabriel DiPablo 3 80-1
Ridge Hillsong 10 13-1
McKenna Konity 11 5-1
Phoenix Ironsmith 7 26-1
Battleaxe Mason 9 16-1
Gerald Durrell 9 18-1
Piper Bridges 11 6-1
Gabrielle Benlit 6 37-1

Green tributes have a high chance of winning.

Yellow tributes have a moderate chance of winning.

Red tributes have a low chance of winning.


Capitol - Maysilee Cresent

Corey Flickerman: First up, we have Maysilee Cresent from the wonderful, ever-lasting Capitol!

Maysilee: Thanks for that introduction, Corey.

Corey: So, Maysilee. You got the impossible 12. How'd ya do it?

Maysilee: Even though I'm not supposed to say, I will anyway. I sliced a lot of dummies, shot a dummy that I pretended was Hex, and then stormed out and said, "I'm not going to die for such a worthless cause. Being dead once was bad enough!"

Corey: Wow, that's intense. So now, tell me about Fabio.

Maysilee: I'm going to win with Fabio. I'll kill anyone who gets in my way.

Corey: Wow, you're so much fiercer this year. What's gotten into you?

Maysilee: Death. That's what.


District 1 - Copper Overdeen

Corey: Next we have the returning District 1 male, Copper Overdeen!

Copper: Hey Corey.

Corey: So, Copper, what will be different about your approach to these Games?

Copper: Well, I'll take life more seriously. I know what it's like to die, and I'll do everything possible not to.

Corey: You're still one of the alpha males of these Games. Do you think that works to your advantage or disadvantage?

Copper: Advantage, definitely. I can handle anything, no matter what others think of me.

Corey: Last question. This is your second Games with Amber, and it looks like you two are allied again. Is there a spark there or anything?

Copper: Actually...


District 2 - Dimitry Yukov

Corey: Please welcome, from District 2, Dimitry Yukov!

Dimitry: Hi.

Corey: So, Dimitry, how do you think the Careers are this year?

Dimitry: Very strong.

Corey: Care to elaborate?

Dimitry: No.

Corey: Well, who's the strongest?

Dimitry: Me.


District 3 - Brooklyn Spirit

Corey: Please welcome Miss Brooklyn Spirit, hailing from 3!

Brooklyn: Hi, Corey.

Corey: Brooklyn, what do you think separates you from the other tributes?

Brooklyn: Well, I'm small and fast. And I have a great alliance.

Corey: What makes your alliance so great and strong?

Brooklyn: Well, we're very close and loyal to one another. I know none of them would ever turn on me.

Corey: Do you have more than just a friendship with any of them?

Brooklyn: Um, I kind of have a crush on Tres, but...


District 4 - Emily Lunamoon

Corey: Next up is the lovely Emily Lunamoon from District 4, returning yet again!

Emily: Long time, no see, Corey.

Corey: Tell me about it. So, Emily, once again you are not allying with the Careers. Why?

Emily: I feel like I owe it to Fabio and Maysilee. Their deaths were my fault.

Corey: Now, Emily, I wouldn't say that.

Emily: Everything was my fault! My death, their deaths, everything! And Trever is gone too!

Corey: Aww, Emily. Don't make me cry too.

Emily: I'm so sorry, but it's so hard to carry around that burden of being responsible for causing the deaths of two people you love very much.


District 5 - Lizzie Tyle

Corey: Next up, Lizzie Tyle from District 5!

Lizzie: Lizzie.

Corey: So, Lizzie, this is the first time we're meeting. Nice to meet you!

Lizzie: Lizzie.

Corey: Yeah, uhhh how about that training score?

Lizzie: Lizzie.


Lizzie: Lizzie.


District 6 - Rhonda Timor

Corey: Ladies and gentleman, hailing from District 6, Rhonda Timor!

Rhonda: Great welcome, Corey. Really.

Corey: Was that sarcastic?

Rhonda: What do you think?

Corey: Man, you're good at that. Anyway, what's it like being the third wheel in your alliance?

Rhonda: I don't have a problem with it.

Corey: Do you like it?

Rhonda. Not particularly. They could always decide to turn on me, but I hope they don't.


District 7 - Adullius Burshnack

Corey: Say hello to Adullius, Burshnack, from District 7!

Adullius: Adullius says thank you.

Corey: It's great to have you back. How's your alliance?

Adullius: Adullius likes it very much. Adullius is comfortable with the District 7 girls.

Corey: Any romance?

Adullius: Adullius does not want a relationship at this time.

Corey: Aw, come on, man! These girls are pretty cute!

Adullius: Adullius thinks you are a pedophile.


District 8 - Arabella Misk

Corey: Next we have Arabella Misk from District 8!

Arabella: Let's get this over with.

Corey: I like your style, Arabella.

Arabella: I don't like your's.

Corey: Well then. So, Bella, what will you do differently in these Games?

Arabella: Don't call me Bella.

Corey: Fine. But you died in the bloodbath last time. Any thoughts?

Arabella: I hate you.


District 9 - Azalea Firethorn

Corey: Now we have the fiery Azalea Firethorn, from District 9!

Azalea: Thank you, Corey.

Corey: So, Azalea, what sets you apart from the other tributes?

Azalea: I think the fact that I lived a normal life beforehand makes me different. Many of the tributes have gone through horrible tragedies or rigorous training to prepare for these Games. For me, it's something totally new.

Corey: Tell me about your alliance.

Azalea: I like Axl and Ridge very much. They are both strong and confident. I know we can defeat the Careers.

Corey: Speaking of the Careers, care to divulge who you are the most afraid of?

Azalea: Copper, only because he has it out for Axl. I'm hoping Drachma won't kill us, but it is the Hunger Games after all.


District 10 - Hawk Loomis

Corey: Please help me welcome Hawk Loomis from District 10 to the stage!

Hawk: Hey Corey.

Corey: So, Hawk. I've heard you've become former victor Hex Servirior's little prodigy.

Hawk: Yeah, Hex is great, but I would've won without her.

Corey: You're acting as if you've already won.

Hawk: I will win. There is no doubt in my mind.

Corey: Confidence is good, but don't you think you are a little too confident?

Hawk: Not at all, my friend. Not at all.


District 11 - Cassandra Goldsmith

Corey: Put your hands together for Cassandra Goldsmith from District 11, everybody!

Cassandra: Koume.

Corey: Oh yes, sorry. I'm supposed to call you Koume. So, Koume, what's your strategy for the Games?

Cassandra: Win.

Corey: Well besides that.

Cassandra: Win.

Corey: Like what's your specific strategy?

Cassandra: Koume.


District 12 - Gabriel DiPablo

Corey: Next up is Gabriel DiPablo from District 12!

Gabriel: Hello there.

Corey: So, anything juicy you have to share, Gabriel?

Gabriel: Actually, yes. I think I'm falling in love with the two girls from 12, McKenna and Phoenix.

Corey: Both of them?

Gabriel: Yes. I can't really decide between the two.

Corey: Well, you better decide fast. They probably won't be too thrilled having to share your love.

Gabriel: Yeah, I know.


District 13 - Battleaxe Mason

Corey: Please welcome Battleaxe Mason from District 13!

Battleaxe: Good to see you again, Corey.

Corey: Likewise. So, how's it been seeing Lira again?

Battleaxe: It's been great. I missed her so much when I was, you know, dead.

Corey: Yeah, that must've been tough. Dying can hurt a relationship.

Battleaxe: You can say that again.

Corey: Dying can hurt a relationship.

Battleaxe: I didn't mean that literally, dumbass.



Piper Bridges - District 13

My alarm clock rings and I immediately begin to panic. I'm going into the Games today. They start at exactly two o-clock. It's six now. Only 8 hours until I would be fighting for my life. Again. I get out of bed and get dressed in the uniform they gave us for the Games. District 13's is a navy blue, with gray streaks down the side of the jacket and pants. It's made of a warm nylon, and the boots seem like hiking boots. I step out of my room, and Theo is in there talking to Lira. Gerald and Gabrielle are sitting, eating breakfast.

"Hey, Theo," Gerald says.

"Yeah?" he asks.

"I just wanted to let you know that it's probably better that Cleo didn't make it back. You would have had to go through all of this again. It's better how it is," he tells him. Theo smiles a little bit.

"Thanks man. That means a lot," Theo says. He whispers something to Lira, and leaves the room. Just then, Battleaxe opens the door from his room and comes into the living room.

"You guys ready?" he shouts. No one says a word. I thought I was ready yesterday, but today I'm not so sure.

Ridge Hillsong - District 12

"Ok, and remember to not go too deep into the bloodbath. No matter what supplies are there, just pick from the outside. Got it?" Sian says as we walk towards the elevator. She keeps giving us last minute tips before we enter the Games. Sian ended up being a good mentor.

"Where should we go?" Phoenix asks.

"I don't know what the arena is. What kind of question is that?" she snaps. Same old Sian. "And listen guys, I want to see at least one of you again, so do me a favor and win these, ok?"

"Ok," McKenna and Gabe say. I nod and smile at her. We enter the elevator and stop at the District 6 floor on the way down.

Twilight Mist - District 6

We step into the elevator, and the District 12 tributes and Sian are already there.

"Remember guys, getting food and water is more important than a weapon," Sasha tell us.

"You already said that," I tell her. She glares at me. I know she's just trying to impress Sian and the tributes from 12, which is ridiculous since Sasha is much older than all of them. The elevator door opens and I feel sick to my stomach. The second time going into the Games is much worse, because I already know what can happen. And I feel even more helpless, seeing how strong the Careers are, and how I don't have an alliance. I feel like I've already lost.

Xavior Chance - District 8

They've gathered all of the tributes in one huge room, so we have no contact with the outside world. Theo, Whitney, and Jonah are screaming information at the three of us, and I feel so much pressure on myself. District 8 has been one of the strongest districts in the past 25 years, and I don't want to disappoint.

"What do we do if an alliance approaches us and we're outnumbered?" Rachel asks.

"Run," Theo says.

"Ask to join them," Whitney says.

"Attack," Jonah says. Wow. Great advice.

Shermaine Wilson - District 2

A large screen in the huge room we are in comes to life. Everyone quiets down and looks at it. Footage of group training, reapings, and individual training play on the screen. I see various tributes tearing up dummies, msot of them being Careers, but a few others worry me. I can't let them know that, though. I am supposed to be the strongest, not them.

"Hey, pay attention!" Hex shouts at us, "Don't look at that dumb screen."

"What else can you tell us?" I complain.

"Can it, Sherry. I won these things. I know what to do. Now, if the Careers ever split up, try to make other allies. Surviving alone is very hard," she says.

"The Careers would never split up," Sami says.

"They did during my first Games," Lou says.

"And our's too, Sammy. I was the only left from our arena," Hex says, drifting off.

Emmeline Shayd - Capitol

As we were staring at the screen, the odds board came up, along with the amount of money bet on each tribute. I looked at my name and saw $1000. Not bad. I looked right above me at Maysilee and saw $3,000,000. Oh. I guess I'm not so good.

"Damn, Maysilee, you'll make people rich if you win," Luke says.

"Not really, they won't win much of a profit, since my odds are so high," she says confidentally. I don't know why, but I don't really like Maysilee. She's too full of herself, but she tries to make it like she's not. I stare up at the clock and it's 8. Six hours.

Michelle Rhode - District 11

I'm sitting awkwardly with the District 11 tributes. Hudson and Parker are talking quietly, and Koume is growling and laying on the floor.

"Is there anything else you can tell me?" I ask Destiny.

"I've told you everything. And you've been in the Games before. You're ready, Michelle," she says. I hope she's right. I know I should be ready, but I don't seem it.

"Thanks," I say.

"I know you're nervous, but once you get in there, you'll be able to do it. Trust me," she says. I nod, but I still feel like I'm not prepared, like I should've done more. But oh well.

Kelly Sandleaf - District 7

Camellia and I are sitting and chatting about other tributes, when I look at the clock. It's eleven. Only three hours until the Games.

"Are you nervous?" I ask her.

"Yeah, a little. But I feel better this time than last time," she says.

"Why?" I ask.

"Because I have you," she says, smiling. I really like Camellia. After a few days, I feel closer to her than most of my friends back home.

"What about Adullius?" Adullius asks, chiming in.

"Of course," Camellia says, giggling. I am going to be crushed if these two die.

Majono Kelsony - District 5

The screen, which for the past few hours has been changing with various pictures and clips of us, suddenly switches to our President. The room silences.

"Greetings, tributes. Now, the Games are set to start in two hours. After this message, you will proceed to the hovercraft to be brought to the arena. But first, the Gamemakers and I figured we would let you in on a little secret," he says. Everyone begins muttering, followed by a wave of "shhh's".

"Oh God," I hear Lizzie say. I look at Magnas and he's staring at the screen intently.

"Now, for these Games, there will be four victors. More specifically, two all-stars will win and two new tributes will win. Understand? Good. Good luck, and happy Hunger Games!" the President says. The screen turns black.

Leslie Adalyn - District 10

The room became chaotic. Everyone ran around, hugging others. Only the Careers seemed miserable because of the news.

"Leslie!" Rachel shouts. She runs over and hugs me. "We can both win!"

"I know!" I shout. I feel tap on my shoulder and spin around to Ana. She has All three of us can win! written on her pad. I squeeze her tightly.

"We can do this!" Rachel says, pumped up.

"Of course!" I say. Ana smiles, and then the doors to outside open. Peacekeepers start shouting, and the mass of tributes move towards the hovercraft.

Amber Agate - District 1

I sit down in my assigned seat in the hovercraft. I'm next to Copper and Caitlin from 5. Caitlin is shaking.

"Don't worry, you'll be dead soon," Copper says to her. She starts o cry and I slap Copper in the chest. He laughs, and I try not to laugh myself. The lady with the trackers comes and injects one into my arm.

"Ouch!" I howl.

"Wimp," Copper says. He doesn't flinch when his gets put in.

"We're going to do this," I say to him.

"Hell yeah, we are!" he says. I kiss him on the cheek and the hovercraft rises.

Whistle Frost - District 4

Everyone was silent for the most part on the hovercraft ride. It lands, and we all step out onto a large runway. There are fourteen doors along the runway, that lead into small buildings. The Peacekeepers order us into our respective district's door, and I walk in along with Emily, Almary, and Destrye. Peackeepers are at our heels. Once the door opens, a long hallway slopes down into the ground. It goes on for about a hundred yards, until four rooms, labelled with each of our names, end it.

"Please go into your launch room," the taller Peacekeeper says. I walk in and shut the door behind me. There is a glass tube, a little cabinet, and a clock in the room. That's it. I look at the clock and it reads 1:56.

Raden Harvestmoon - District 3

The lady begins the countdown, from two minutes, and my heart races. I take my token from the cabinet in the room, and put it in the pocket of my jacket. The District 3 one is dark green, with black strips along the side.

"Please step into the tube," orders the voice. The countdown from one minute begins, and I enter the tube. The sunlight burns my eyes, and I close them and shield them with my hand. I rise up, and look around me. The arena seems to slope down, like the Cornucopia is at the peak, and below it is everything else. I look behind me and see a dense forest. That's where I'm headed. Next to me are Gabrielle from 13 and Maroon from 1. 40...39...38

Lucas Rayden - District 9

I've stayed under the radar this whole time, and plan to do so in the Games too. I look behind me. The Cornucopia is on top of a hill, and I think there are three distinct areas sloping downward from it. There's a forest in the distance, and what looks like a farm to my right. There are rows of crops and a barn. I presume there are farm animals too, but I wonder if they're mutts or not. Directly behind me is a lake, surrounded by marshy, wet, and muddy land, scattered with trees. It looks like a lagoon. That's where I'm going. It's the best for camouflage and staying hidden.

5...4...I stare directly ahead at a pair of daggers...2...1...GONG!

Current Status

Tribute Status
Luke Torres Victor
Maysilee Cresent Victor
Ana Shadowsinger Victor
Kelly Sandleaf Victor

Day 1

Mysims - Arabella Misk - Dried Fruit - $75

Write46767 - Raden Harvestmoon - Wire - $75

Write46767 - Kacey Anderson - Water - $100

Moviepopcorn123 - Parker Viola - Water - $100

Moviepopcorn123 - Hudson Rylie - Water, Knife - $175

ViniciusDeAssis1999 - Lizzie Tyle - Bread - $50

ViniciusDeAssis1999 - Tres Magnetic - Dried Meat - $75

ViniciusDeAssis1999 - Gabriel DiPablo - Water - $100

LightStone123 - Magnas Velocity - Water - $100

Ninja~Toast - Camellia Cyrellia - Sword - $125

Ninja~Toast - Piper Bridges - Bread, Water, Camouflage Paints - $250

Aniju Aura - Gerald Durrell - Spear - $125

Jsm13athome - Fabio Batone - Darts, Poison - $100

Pierulesnotyou - McKenna Konity - Bow, Quiver of Arrows [12], Dried Meat, Dried Fruit - $300

Fluffeh Kitteh - Luke Torres - Water - $100

Ninja~Toast - Brooklyn Spirit - Bow, Quiver of Arrows [12] - $175

Jsm13athome - Kelly Sandleaf - Bow, Quiver of Arrows [12] - $175

Hyta100 - Emmeline Shayd - Bow, Quiver of Arrows [12], Water - $225

Hyta100 - Rhonda Timor - Dried Fruit, Dagger - $150

FrostSnake - Rachel Deyson - Sleeping Bag, Water, Axe - $325

FrostSnake - Maysilee Cresent - Bow, Quiver of Arrows [24], Blanket, Rope - $275

TheDeadlyOne - Clay Levenhire - Rope, Water, Bread - $175

TheDeadlyOne - Madeleine Levenhire - Bow, Quiver of Arrows [12], Water, Bread, Poison - $400

Annamisasa - Phoenix Ironsmith - Water, Bread - $150

Annamisasa - Cassandra Goldsmith - Water - $100

Annamisasa - Ana Shadowsinger - Water, Dried Fruit, Night-Vision Glasses, Poison - $375

Sophiedistrict11 - Gabrielle Benlit - Water - $100

Zokab96 - Lucas Rayden - Bow, Quiver of Arrows [12] Water - $275

Zokab96 - Almary Wintes - Dagger, Poison, Blowgun - $275

Aerialchinook - Drake Johnson - Water, Bread, Knife, Matches - $275

Day 2

VDA999 - Tres Magnetic - Poison, Rocks [10] - $100

Fluffeh Kitteh - Luke Torres - Bread - $50

Jsm13athome - Fabio Batone - Wire - $75

Attackcobra - Hawk Loomis - Night-Vision Glasses - $150

FrostSnake - Nile Flame - Blowgun, Darts [24], Matches, Paddles - $275

Jsm13athome - Louis Welder - Portable Fan - $150

Xx-Frozen-Fire-xx - Amber Agate - Instant Relief - $400

Hyta100 - Emmeline Shayd - Bread - $50

Hyta100 - Rhonda Timor - Wire, Water - $175

TBWTPT - Drachma Dornus - Sickle, Dried Fruit - $175

TBWTPT - Battleaxe Mason - Canteen, Water - $200

Aniju Aura - Gerald Durrell - Water - $100

SuperTomato - Majono Kelsony - Water, Rope - $125

Tiki Tooki - Ridge Hillsong - Sickle - $125

Theman77 - Jackie Devilin - Instant Relief, Blowgun, Darts [12] - $525

Annamisasa - Phoenix Ironsmith - Matches - $75

Sophiedistrict11 - Gabrielle Benlit - Blowgun, Darts [12], Poison - $200

TheDeadlyOne - Madeleine Levenhire - Camouflage Paints - $100

TheDeadlyOne - Clay Levenhire - Darts [24], Nets [2] - $300

Day 3

AxedFox - Dimitry Yukov - Bread - $50

Jsm13athome - Kelly Sandleaf - Camouflage Paints - $100

FrostSnake - Maysilee Cresent - Night-Vision Glasses, Ropes [2] - $200

Jsm13athome - Fabio Batone - Soup - $75

Beetee19 - Azalea Firethorn - Burn Cream, Bread - $175

Write46747 - Raden Harvestmoon - Instant Relief - $400

Jsm13athome - Louis Welder - Instant Relief - $400

Moviepopcorn123 - Hudson Rylie - Blanket, Camouflage Paints - $150

TBWTPT - Drachma Dornus - Water - $100

EpicnezzEmily - Emily Lunamoon - Camouflage Paints - $100

Day 4

Fluffeh Kitteh - Luke Torres - Net, Rope, Water - $250

Jsm13athome - Kelly Sandleaf - Poison - $75

Attackcobra - Hawk Loomis - Matches, Knife - $150

Ninja~Toast - Piper Bridges - Matches, Wooden Club - $200

Beetee19 - Azalea Firethorn - Knife - $75

Pierulesnotyou - McKenna Konity - Night-Vision Glasses - $150

LightStone123 - Magnas Velocity - Instant Relief - $400

SuperTomato - Majono Kelsony - Water - $100

Day 5

Ninja~Toast - Camellia Cyrellia - Bread, Water - $150

Ninja~Toast - Piper Bridges - Bread, Water - $150

TheDeadlyOne - Madeleine Levenhire - Water - $100

Jsm13athome - Fabio Batone - Rope, Sword - $150

Jsm13athome - Kelly Sandleaf - Matches, Bread - $125

Annamisasa - Ana Shadowsinger - Water, Bread - $150

Fluffeh Kitteh - Luke Torres - Night-Vision Glasses - $150

VDA999 - Lizzie Tyle - Camouflage Paints - $100

FrostSnake - Nile Flame - Matches - $75

FrostSnake - Maysilee Cresent - Water - $100

Sophiedistrict11 - Gabrielle Benlit - Water - $100

Hyta100 - Rhonda Timor - Dried Fruit - $50

Day 6

FrostSnake - Maysilee Cresent - Quiver of Arrows [12] - $25

Hyta100 - Rhonda Timor - Throwing Knives [3], Knife - $275

LightStone123 - Magnas Velocity - Spear - $125

VDA999 - Tres Magnetic - Portable Fan, Bread, Water - $300

Ninja~Toast - Camellia Cyrellia - Wire, Camouflage Paints, Neosporin - $325

Annamisasa - Ana Shadowsinger - Quiver of Arrows [12], Painkillers - $100

Fluffeh Kitteh - Luke Torres - Blanket - $50

The Vengeance Games

Day 1 - "Will you guys get a room?" - Emily Lunamoon


Twilight Mist - District 6

I sprint off my platform and feel the squishy grass beneath my feet. I look to my left and see Magnas (5) on top of Xavior (8). He puts his hands on the side of Xavior's (8) head and twists it, breaking his neck. I turn back to see an arrow coming straight through my eye.

Shermaine Wilson - District 2

I tackle Grant (7) to the ground and begin punching him in the face. He's screaming and crying, but I don't give up. I give him one last shot in the temple and I know he's dead.

"Got one!" I shout to the Careers. Tributes are running everywhere. The tributes from 7, besides Grant (7) who I just killed, are running into the forest, several solo tributes are scattered throughout, and several more are still at the Cornucopia.

"Help!" I hear Destrye (4) shout. Maysilee (C) is on top of him with a machete in her hand. She slits his throat with it and runs off. I know trying to catch up to her would be futile, so I start going through supplies.

"Hey Sherry," I hear. I turn around, expecting to see a Career when I see Arabella (8).

"Come on!" Clay (10) shouts at her. I see the alliance of Kacey (9), Nile (8), and Rhonda (6) run by us towards the farm.

"Hush, Clay. Now, Sherry. I'm going to kill you, because I'm the only cold-hearted bitch in this arena!" she shouts. Arabella (8) takes a knife from behind her back and jabs it into my chest before I can react. "Let's go Clay!" she takes another knife and a backpack and runs off with Clay (10) as I breathe my last breath.

Jackie Devilin - District 1

We're already down two Careers, and the bloodbath isn't even over. Angry, I run at Caitlin (5) with my throwing knives as she bends over to pick up a backpack. I throw my knife at her and she crumples to the ground. Her ally, Emmeline (C) stares at me, and I stop in my tracks. She then runs away into the lagoon. What the hell? Her eyes seemed to control me.

Gerald Durrell - District 13

I'm running away from the bloodbath with Luke (C), hoping I can join his alliance. We stop at the edge of the forest just to wait for everyone else to get here. Parker (11) speeds by us, but we don't go after him. Tres (3) and Brooklyn (3) run towards us carrying a load of supplies, and Piper (13), Lizzie (5), and Raden (3) follow shortly after. We make our way deep into the forest, and I think I'm part of the alliance.

Leslie Adalyn - District 10

There's only a few people left at the Corncuopia. Koume (11) runs to the forest on her hands and knees, and I see Copper (1) turn to look at him. Now is my chance. I run at Copper and slam into him. I fall to the ground and he stays upright. I look at him in fear.

"You're an idiot," he says. He takes a sword and plunges it into my heart.

Almary Wintes - District 4

Only Michelle (11) and Madeleine (10) are still at the Cornucopia.

"Where's Gerald (13)?" I hear Madeleine (10) ask.

"I don't know," Michelle (11) responds. I creep up behind them and stab Michelle (11) in the back of the head with my dagger. She falls, and Madeleine (10) runs faster than I've ever seen her run, so I don't try to catch up.


Eight cannons sound, signaling the end of the bloodbath. Two Careers down, ten to go.

"Destrye sucked anyway," Drachma (9) says.

"Yeah, and Shermaine was overrated," says Maroon (1). Still, I wish they wouldn't have died.


Azalea Firethorn - District 9

I close the barn door and climb up the loft ladder to sit with Axl (6) and Ridge (12).

"Should we bar the door with something?" Axl (6) asks. I look at Ridge. He nods and takes a rope from his backpack. He scoots down the ladder and ties the rope in between the two handles of the barn door.

"Nice," I say, as he climbs back up the ladder. We sit together on the hay and pray to God there are no animals beneath us.

Gabriel DiPablo - District 12

"I think I saw Caitlin (5) go down early too," Battleaxe (12) says. Our alliance is trying to figure out who died. We're sitting around a tree in the lagoon, our butts soaked from the muddy floor.

"So we're missing three. Well I guess we'll find out when the anthem plays," Phoenix (12) says. I nod back and look around at my alliance. We're really strong, and none of us died. If we are right that Shermaine (2) and Destrye (4) died, then only ten Careers are left. We could win this thing.

Emily Lunamoon - District 4

"Will you guys get a room?" I snap at Fabio (C) and Maysilee (C). They've literally been making out for the past hour. I've forced them to go to the lagoon, in case we ever need to swim. I could drown anyone with ease. The anthem starts to play, and Fabio (C) and Maysilee (C) finally stop eating each other's faces. First up is Shermaine (2). That's one Career. Next is Destrye (4). Two Careers, and two fierce ones at that. Caitlin (5), Twilight (6), Grant (7), Xavior (8), Leslie (10), and Michelle (11) follow. That's a small number of deaths for all of these tributes. I have a feeling these are going to be a long Games. I lay down on the sleeping bag I picked up and try not to focus on the noises Fabio (C) and Maysilee (C) are making as I try to fall asleep.

Day 1 Odds

Tribute Odds
Fabio Batone 18-1
Luke Torres 14-1
Maysilee Cresent 2-1
Emmeline Shayd 20-1
Copper Overdeen 4-1
Maroon Cutter 6-1
Amber Agate 11-1
Jackie Devilin 10-1
Louis Welder 13-1
Dimitry Yukov 8-1
Sami Freemont 19-1
Raden Harvestmoon 17-1
Tres Magnetic 90-1
Ana Shadowsinger 35-1
Brooklyn Spirit 23-1
Whistle Frost 20-1
Emily Lunamoon 13-1
Almary Wintes 11-1
Majono Kelsony 18-1
Magnas Velocity 17-1
Lizzie Tyle 80-1
Drake Johnson 22-1
Axl Lockhart 25-1
Rhonda Timor 21-1
Adullius Burshnack 27-1
Camellia Cyrellia 35-1
Kelly Sandleaf 24-1
Nile Flame 28-1
Arabella Misk 15-1
Rachel Deyson 22-1
Lucas Rayden 15-1
Drachma Dornus 12-1
Kacey Anderson 25-1
Azalea Firethorn 23-1
Clay Levenhire 35-1
Hawk Loomis 11-1
Madeleine Levenhire 17-1
Parker Viola 22-1
Hudson Rylie 27-1
Cassandra Goldsmith 16-1
Gabriel DiPablo 70-1
Ridge Hillsong 12-1
McKenna Konity 4-1
Phoenix Ironsmith 24-1
Battleaxe Mason 15-1
Gerald Durrell 17-1
Piper Bridges 5-1
Gabrielle Benlit 34-1

Day 2 - "Wait. Where the hell is Jackie?" - Copper Overdeen

Camellia Cyrellia - District 7

"Beep, beep, beep!" Parachutes rain down from the sky, gently gliding towards us. One is marked CC, and one KS. Adullius (7) frowns. Kelly (7) and I read our notes in anticipation, and get to work immediately.

"Come one, Adullius (7). Let's pick some cotton!" I say. We go down the row, picking as much cotton as we can while Kelly (7) breaks the arrowheads off her arrows and puts them in the bread we have. She then places them in the parachute container that had our gifts in it.

"Let's go before anyone else comes," Kelly (7) says. It's still dark out, but the sun will be rising any minute. We begin our trek to the lagoon and Adullius (7) spots the 12 and 13 alliance.

"Perfect," I say menacingly. Adullius (7) throws the parachute up in the air and hides behind a tree as Kelly (7) and I flank around the outside of their camp. Only Gabriel (12) stays behind to guard the supplies. I stab him with my sword. BOOM BOOM Who was the other cannon?

"They're coming back!" Kelly hisses. We drop cotton on their supplies, light a match, and run. Phoenix (12) screams when she sees the fire, and Battleaxe (13) and McKenna (12) stamp it out while Gabrielle (13) examines Gabriel's (12) body.

"Should we eat this bread?" McKenna (12) asks them. Kelly (7) and I snicker from our hiding place behind a tree.

"It was probably for that Adullius (7) kid we killed. Why not?" Battleaxe (13) says, half laughing. Oh no. They killed Adullius (7). We watch as Battleaxe (13) takes a bit of the bread. "What the fuck?" he shouts, holding his mouth. He's bleeding. He rips the bread in half and an arrowhead falls to the ground. Kelly (7) and I run for our lives.

Dimitry Yukov - District 2

"Ok, does everyone understand the plan?" Copper (1) asks us. He's been going over this plan for a good ten minutes with these people and they still don't get it.

"Yeah, I think," Whistle (4) says, "Who's staying here again?"

"You, Amber (1), and Jackie (1). Wait. Where the hell is Jackie (1)?" Copper (1) screams. We all look around, and Jackie (1) is nowhere to be found. "Damn it. Drachma (9), you guard the Cornucopia in Jackie's (1) place," Copper (1) says, "Alright. Flankers move out first, then main attackers." Almary (4), Sami (2), and Lou (2) walk towards the forest. We've pretty much pinpointed where the big alliance is.

"Alright, Maroon (1) and Dimitry (2)," Copper (1) begins a few minutes later, "Let's go!" We start walking and enter the forest. BOOM Maroon (1) falls down, dead, with a knife in his back.

"Who the hell was that?" I scream. I look up in a tree and see Jackie (1). Just as I am about to throw my axe at her, BOOM, Copper (1) falls down, dead, with a sword in his back. Drachma (9) and Whistle (4) start running away, and I chase after them. Jackie (1) is very lucky. Whistle (4) is slower, so I sprint towards him and tackle him to the ground.

"Keep running, Drachma (9)," he screams. I hack away at him, long after I hear the BOOM. I walk back to the Cornucopia, and Amber (1) is laying on the ground, all bloody.

"What happened?" I ask, rushing over to her.

"Drachma (9)...and Whistle (4)," she mutters before blacking out. I dig through the Cornucopia for instant relief and can't find one. Damn it. If she doesn't get instant relief by tomorrow, she'll be gone. I hear footsteps and raise my bloody axe in anticipation. I lower it when I see Almary (4) and Sami (2) approaching.

"What the hell happened?" Almary (4) asks furiously.

"Jackie (1) killed Maroon (1), Drachma (9) and Whistle (4), well technically Drachma (9) killed Copper (1), and I killed Whistle (4). Oh, and they almost killed Amber (1), and she will die if she doesn't get sponsored with instant relief," I explain, "Where's Lou?"

"He ditched," Almary (4) says flatly.

"He told me he doesn't want to hurt the Careers, he's just leaving," Sami (2) says. God damn. The Careers didn't even last two days.

"So it's just us now. And Amber (1) if she makes it," I mumble, "Jackie (1) is in some tree in the forest, Lou (2) is with another alliance, and Drachma (9) is God knows where." They nod slowly. We're screwed.

Drake Johnson - District 6

As I run towards the farm, I see the Capitol girl in the distance, but I don't run after her. I take matches out and set fire to the cotton and corn. Soon, both fields are ablaze, but no cannons. Damn it. I go to the wheat field, and take some wheat. It's not processed, but I eat it anyway. It's fuel nonetheless. Hopefully no one else is in here.

Fabio Batone - Capitol

"Hey guys!" Lou (2) says, walking to our camp.

"Watch out for darts in the ground," I tell him, "But anyway, welcome, buddy!"

"Thanks," he says.

"So any idea who all those cannons were for?" Emily (4) asks him.

"Well the Careers were planning an attack on that big alliance with the tributes from 3, so I guess them, but I'm not sure. Jackie (1) left early this morning, so I guess there could have been Career deaths as well," he tells us.

"Hopefully," mutters Maysilee (C). She leans over and we start kissing again.

"Get used to it," I hear Emily (4) tell Lou (2).

Emmeline Shayd - Capitol

As I walk through the forest, taking in the beautiful scenery, I see a black and white striped jacket sitting under a tree. I squint and can tell it's Madeleine (10). She really should've put dirt or something on them. I mean, the Capitol outfit is black with pink stripes, so I had to camouflage it somehow.

"Hey, Maddie," I whisper. She looks up in fear. I stare at her, and my eyes seem to relax her.

"Hi," she says.

"Wanna ally?" I ask.

"Sure. That would be great," she replies, sounding relieved. I smile and sit down next to her.

Ana Shadowsinger - District 3

While Rachel (8) is out gathering plants, I leave a note on my notebook saying Be right back!. I fly through the trees with my bow on my back until I see a tribute. I recognize his scar immediately. Parker (11). I killed him last time, and I have a bad feeling I'm going to kill him again. I swing to the tree next to him and can tell he's sleeping. I reach over and grab his water canteen, poking a hole in it with my poisonous arrow. The poison infects the water, and some of it spills out. I take a rock out of my red and black jacket, and put it on the hole of the canteen, making it seem like the rock damaged it. I swing back to our tree, and hear a cannon. BOOM I hope it was Parker (11), but in the same sense, I hope it isn't him.

Axl Lockhart - District 6

Azalea (9) doesn't have food or a weapon, Ridge (12) doesn't have a weapon, and I don't have water. Obviously, we've been sharing food and water, but it won't last much longer. Also, if there's an attack on our barn, we're screwed, since only I have a weapon, and I'm the weakest fighter out of the three of us. Plus, it's a freaking mace, which almost got me killed by Copper (1). Still, there is no way in hell I'm giving my weapon away. If we get into a fight, I want to survive, no matter how much I like Azalea (9) and Ridge (12).

The anthem starts to play and we go outside the barn to see. First up is Copper (1). I breathe a sigh of relief. Maroon (1) comes next, and Ridge (12) gasps, a makes a bunch of signs that I have no clue as to what their meaning is. Whistle (4) comes up next, and it's getting a little scary now. Three Careers down? In one day? And Copper (1) and Maroon (1) are arguably the toughest of the bunch! Adullius (7), Parker (11), and Gabe (12) round out the fallen list, and the sky goes black once more. Wow. We can win this.

Day 2 Odds

Tribute Odds
Fabio Batone 17-1
Luke Torres 13-1
Maysilee Cresent 2-1
Emmeline Shayd 19-1
Amber Agate 100-1
Jackie Devilin 9-1
Louis Welder 12-1
Dimitry Yukov 7-1
Sami Freemont 17-1
Raden Harvestmoon 16-1
Tres Magnetic 80-1
Ana Shadowsinger 29-1
Brooklyn Spirit 22-1
Emily Lunamoon 12-1
Almary Wintes 10-1
Majono Kelsony 17-1
Magnas Velocity 16-1
Lizzie Tyle 70-1
Drake Johnson 20-1
Axl Lockhart 23-1
Rhonda Timor 20-1
Camellia Cyrellia 30-1
Kelly Sandleaf 22-1
Nile Flame 26-1
Arabella Misk 14-1
Rachel Deyson 22-1
Lucas Rayden 14-1
Drachma Dornus 11-1
Kacey Anderson 24-1
Azalea Firethorn 22-1
Clay Levenhire 33-1
Hawk Loomis 10-1
Madeleine Levenhire 15-1
Hudson Rylie 26-1
Cassandra Goldsmith 15-1
Ridge Hillsong 11-1
McKenna Konity 4-1
Phoenix Ironsmith 22-1
Battleaxe Mason 13-1
Gerald Durrell 16-1
Piper Bridges 5-1
Gabrielle Benlit 32-1

Day 3 - "I'm going to kill you, bitch!" - Tres Magnetic

Sami Freemont - District 2

The beeping of a parachute wakes us up. As much as we want sponsor gifts for ourselves, all of us are hoping this one is for Amber (1). And it is. Dimitry (2) quickly unwraps the parachute cover and takes the wax container with the yellow liquid in it out. He walks over to Amber (1), who is barely holding on, and feeds it to her. Immediately, her skin becomes less pale and her cuts begin to heal. BOOM I jump at the sound of a cannon, and hear a thud. Almary (4) falls down to the ground with a knife in her back.

"What the-?" Dimitry (2) begins. I see Drake (6) running away and quickly notch an arrow. I release, and his body crumples to the ground and slides down the hill towards the barn. BOOM

"And then there were three," I mutter, looking at my only two allies.

Rhonda Timor - District 6

"We have to go! They're attacking us!" Kacey (9) shouts at Nile (8) and me after reading her note. She's also pissed from not getting food.

"Alright, alright," I say, trying to calm her down, "but first let me set up this net to trap them." I hang a net from a tree above our campsite and run a wire along it to the ground. Then, I tie the wire to a match, which is touching the matchbook, ready to ignite if there is any movement.

"Come on!" Kacey (9) shouts. BOOM A huge, black and white ball slams Kacey (9) in the head, denting her skull. I turn to my left, and it was Brooklyn (3). Her alliance is right behind her.

"Kacey (9)!" Nile (8) shouts.

"Run!" I scream at him. I panic and throw an awl at Brooklyn (3) before running away. BOOM I know she's gone.

"I'm going to kill you, bitch!" I hear Tres (3) shout at me. He kicks the wire, sending the net to the ground and our old camp up in flames. Unfortunately, no one got caught in it, but hey, it was worth a shot. Nile (8) has tears in his eyes as we run towards the lagoon.

Lizzie Tyle - District 5

"Brooklyn!" Tres (3) sobs, kneeling over her body.

"Tres (3), we have to go now," I tell him. Hawk (10) is going to get away.

"I don't care!" he snaps back. I look around and see only Gerald (13) behind me, coughing and hacking.

"Where's everyone else?" I ask him.

"Raden (3) left on the way here. Luke (C) and Piper (13) ran off together when Rhonda (6) threw the awl," he informs me. Great. I look in the distance and see a fire.

"Should we go?" I ask.

"No, it's probably just a decoy," he says. He's right. After minutes of sobbing, Tres (3) finally collects himself and we walk deeper into the forest. Suddenly, a quiver drops from a tree. I hear a female gasp.

"What the hell?" Tres (3) says. Gerald (13) runs over and scoops up the quiver, just as Koume (11) and Kelly (7) pop out of the bushes.

"Go! Go! Go!" I shout at Tres (3), practically pushing him away. BOOM I turn my head and see Gerald's (13) body, with an arrow in his chest and a knife in his head. Very unnecessary. Camellia (7) jumps down from a tree, but they don't chase after us. Thank God.

Lou Welder - District 2

"Hey guys, mind if I join you?" I hear a female voice ask. I look up from the battery trap Fabio (C) and I are making and see Jackie (1).

"Sure," I say. She smiles. "Guys, Jackie's (1) cool. You can trust her," I tell my allies. Emily (4) and Maysilee (C) nod from their hiding spots and Fabio (C) stands up.

"I think we're done," he says, "The battery is connected to the wire, which is in the water. Anyone who steps foot in this little pond will be cooked." I smile in satisfaction.

"Alright, let's hide," I whisper, even though no one is around. Jackie (1), Fabio (C), and I hide behind a group of green, thorny bushes, in view of our trap.

After waiting for hours, I'm about to give up when Lucas (9) comes into view. Damn, I forgot about him. He's a ninja. He looks at the blanket Maysilee (C) put over the battery and wire and walks towards it. Once he steps on the blanket, it sinks in the puddle, electrocuting Lucas (9). BOOM

Phoenix Ironsmith - District 12

"Alright guys, let's do this!" I say loudly. We walk towards the barn, where Axl (6), Azalea (9), and Ridge (12) are hiding out.

"Gabrielle (13) and McKenna (12), make snares around the windows," I order them. Gabrielle (13) takes out her rope and starts latching them to the window frames.

"Drachma (9)," I address the newest member of our alliance, who joined us this morning, "help me put this net across the door. Battleaxe (13), just make sure they don't escape." Battleaxe (13) nods and I secure the net to the front door of they barn.

"Done," says McKenna (12), walking towards me.

"Great. Now, McKenna (12), guard the back window of the barn. I'll take the right side, and Gabrielle (13) and Drachma (9) take the left," I instruct.

"What about me?" Battleaxe (13) asks, holding his tooth.

"You guard the front. Okay, McKenna (12) will light the barn now. Get ready everyone," I announce. My alliance goes to their places as McKenna (12) lights the wall of the barn on fire. Soon, the whole back wall is in flames. I hear screaming from the inside. Two male voices and one female. Oh God, they must be burning in there. I know exactly how they feel. What have I done? I cringe, knowing I am putting people, living people, through the same hell I went through back in 12. I start crying hysterically, hearing their screams. Then, I hear a crash and a few seconds later, BOOM.

"Battleaxe (13)!" Gabrielle (13) shouts. I run to the front, just as the right and back walls collapse. McKenna (12) is on my heels. I see Battleaxe (13) lying on the ground with a deep puncture in his chest.

"What happened?" I scream, leaning over him.

"Axl (6), I think, broke the wall with his mace, and Ridge (12) killed Battleaxe (13)," Drachma (9) explains, "They escaped." I am extremely sad about Battleaxe's (13) death, but I'm happy those two escaped. No one deserves to burn to death. Then I remember the girl with the fiery red hair. Azalea (9). Without thinking, I run through the hole in the wall of the barn and see Azalea (9), coughing in the corner of the barn, her clothes on fire.

"I'm here to help!" I yell. Smoke fills my lungs as I rush to Azalea's (9) aid. I pull her towards the door, my grip slipping on her blistering hand. Soon, we reach the outside and I fall the ground, exhausted. Gabrielle (13) and McKenna (12) roll Azalea (9) on the ground, putting the fire on her clothes out. She's unconcious, but not dead yet.

"Why?" Drachma (9) shouts.

"She didn't deserve it," I say defiantly.

"This is the Hunger Games!" he yells back.

"Yes, but she shouldn't have to die like this," I say quietly. I look at her skin. It's the same color as mine now. There is no way I can kill her. We have a connection now. She knows what I've been through.

"Well she's not dead, because her cannon didn't sound," Gabrielle (13) announces.

"But she needs food. And instant relief, probably," McKenna (12) says, force-feeding her water. And she's right. I just pray that Azalea's (9) sponsor buys her some, because I don't want her to die.

"Wait a second," I say, seeing a container sticking out of Azalea's (9) backpack, strapped to her back. I pick it up and see instant relief.

"Wait," Drachma (9) says, "We can steal it and keep it for ourselves."

"No, we have to save her. I put all of the instant relief in Azalea's (9) mouth and her eyes flutter open.

"You saved my life," she whispers. I smile and touch her skin. She winces.

"It'll get better. I promise," I tell her, "Now, you need some rest. Take a nap." She smiles a little and closes her eyes once more.

Rachel Deyson - District 8

Ana (3) and I have set up some fake camp, but no one is coming near it. Hopefully they will tomorrow, because I'm sick of staying in this tree all day.

Hawk Loomis - District 10

The note from my mentor this morning was scary. Why is everyone gunning for me? I stare up at the dark, night sky in the wheat field, watching the smoldering barn yards away. The anthem plays and Brooklyn (3), Almary (4), Drake (6), Lucas (9), Kacey (9), Battleaxe (13), and Gerald (13) show up in the sky. Not bad. One Career and one huge threat down. I hope Hex is proud of me. I think I'm going to ask her out if I win...

Day 3 Odds

Tribute Odds
Fabio Batone 15-1
Luke Torres 12-1
Maysilee Cresent 2-1
Emmeline Shayd 18-1
Amber Agate 11-1
Jackie Devilin 8-1
Louis Welder 10-1
Dimitry Yukov 6-1
Sami Freemont 15-1
Raden Harvestmoon 15-1
Tres Magnetic 70-1
Ana Shadowsinger 28-1
Emily Lunamoon 11-1
Majono Kelsony 16-1
Magnas Velocity 15-1
Lizzie Tyle 60-1
Axl Lockhart 23-1
Rhonda Timor 18-1
Camellia Cyrellia 29-1
Kelly Sandleaf 20-1
Nile Flame 25-1
Arabella Misk 13-1
Rachel Deyson 21-1
Drachma Dornus 11-1
Azalea Firethorn 80-1
Clay Levenhire 31-1
Hawk Loomis 9-1
Madeleine Levenhire 14-1
Hudson Rylie 24-1
Cassandra Goldsmith 13-1
Ridge Hillsong 9-1
McKenna Konity 4-1
Phoenix Ironsmith 19-1
Piper Bridges 5-1
Gabrielle Benlit 29-1

Day 4 - "You said you didn't want to hurt the Careers." - Sami Freemont

Emily Lunamoon - District 4

The beeping of parachutes comes down, waking our alliance up. It's hard to read in the dark, but I manage. After reading my note, I look up at my alliance. Lou (2) leaves and starts running in the direction of the Cornucopia, and Fabio (C), Maysilee (C), and Jackie (1) move towards me. I can't believe this. My alliance is turning on me. I stand up and run aimlessly towards the water, only by sound. I can't see anything, and I hear footsteps behind me. Then I remember Maysilee (C) has night-vision glasses. Shit. I keep running, and hear the sound of water in the distance. Then, I slam into a tree and feel my nose break. Running full force into a tree hurts like hell. Before I can get up, Maysilee (C) pounces on me like a cat. 

"Why? I've been loyal to you!" I shout at her, trying to be dramatic.

"You think I want to do this?" she retorts, pushing harder on my arms and legs.

"Then why are you doing it?" I scream.

"Because you're a big threat and I need to survive," she says quietly. Maysilee (C) shifts her weight and pulls a machete out.

"NO!" I beg. But it's no use. Maysilee (C) plummets the machete into my chest and I black out, knowing I've died again. BOOM

Lizzie Tyle - District 5

"Alright, I'll miss you, Tres (3)," I say, hugging him for what will probably be the last time. We go our separate ways and I walk through the forest, when I see the alliance of Kelly (7), Camellia (7), and Koume (11) digging a hole in the ground.

"Hey," I say quietly, walking towards them. They stop digging and hold their shovels up like they are going to attack. "Can I join you guys?" Kelly (7) and Camellia (7) look at each other.

"Yes," Koume (11) says immediately. I smile and thank her. I didn't even know she could speak.

Raden Harvestmoon - District 3

This instant relief I received from my sponsors makes me feel more confident, but I'm starving. I sit down, knowing that if a mutt or a tribute came right now, I wouldn't have the strength to fight it.

Clay Levenhire - District 10

I'm sitting on the ground, picking the dirt out of my shoes. "How much longer do you think these games will last?" I ask Arabella (8). She doesn't answer. I look around and she's out of sight. "Arabella (8)?" I call. A hand covers my mouth and I feel something push my body down.

"I'm right here," Arabella (8) whispers into my ear. I try to get out of her vise-like grip, but she has me. I squirm and lick her hand but she doesn't care. "Missed me, didn't you? Yeah, you were dumb allying with me, Clay (10). After I kill you, I'll go for that Fabio (C) kid, and then maybe I'll go for your niece. How does that sound?" she taunts. Before I can answer, she brings her knife across my throat and my world fades away. BOOM

Gabrielle Benlit - District 13

"Got it?" Lou (2) asks us all, after explaining the plan. The 9 tributes involved in the Career takeout, Azalea (9), me, Magnas (5), Drachma (9), Phoenix (12), Lou (2), Tres (3), Majono (5), and McKenna (5) all split up into their respective groups. Magnas (5), Drachma (9), and I are the watchers. We have to protect Azalea (9) when she plays dead for the Careers. Magnas (5) and I help Azalea (9) towards the forest where we take some berries and smear them on her face for blood. She's doing a little better today. The instant relief, burn cream, and food really helped, but she's still weaponless. I don't know how much longer she can make it, or if it's worth having her around.

"Are you up for this?" I ask her, before us watchers retreat into our hiding spot.

"Yeah," she says, "Now, go before the Careers come. If I don't make it out alive, thank you." I smile and hide about twenty yards away with Magnas (5). 

"Where's Drachma (9)?" I ask.

"He left. He said something about wanting to kill Ridge (12), though," Magnas (5) explains. Great, so if all of the Careers come, it's three against me and Magnas (5), assuming they already killed Azalea (9). Azalea (9) begins screaming, and I know the plan is in action. She falls to the ground, and three figures come running down the hill of the Cornucopia. I can tell it is the Careers. Azalea (9) stands up and runs into the forest when the Careers get close enough, and they chase after her. She brings them right by us.

"You, kill one!" I say quickly to Magnas (5). Amber (1) is falling behind Dimitry (2) and Sami (2), so when Amber (1) passes us, Magnas (5) jumps out of his hiding spot and slams her in the head with his mace. BOOM We turn and run deep into the forest, to Azalea (9).

Sami Freemont - District 2

"Damn it!" Dimitry (2) screams, looking at Amber's (1) once beautiful corpse. Now she has spike holes and blood all over her head. That red-headed girl got away, so we start walking to the Cornucopia, when I see two figures running away down the hill with weapons.

"Hey! They're stealing our supplies!" I shout. Dimitry (2) had his axe, and I had my bow, but all of the other weapons were there. We start running back up the Cornucopia, and once we get there, Lou (2), Majono (5), and McKenna (12) emerge from the forest.

"Fuck," Dimitry whispers, holding his axe up. McKenna (12) and Majono (5) charge at him, and Lou (2) comes at me with a machete. I roll out of the way and stand up, facing him.

"You said you didn't want to hurt the Careers," I tell him. BOOM I look over, and one of McKenna's (12) arrows is in Dimitry's (2) chest. I'm the last real Career left.

"Yeah, but it's different now," he says, lunging at me again. I sidestep and stab him with an arrow. He falls to the ground, and I take another arrow from my quiver.

"This one is for ditching us," I say before putting it through his eye. BOOM I stand up, knowing Majono (5) and McKenna (12) will kill me any second now. But I'm going to die feeling fulfilled. I killed the person who betrayed me. I am a victor. I say that over and over in my head as one of Majono's (5) throwing knives enters my skull. BOOM

Drachma Dornus - District 9

I need to kill Ridge (12). He killed Battleaxe (13). He has to die. I meet up with Ana (3) and Rachel (8), ready to put the plan into action.

Ana (3) hands me the fake bow. It's really bad, but I hope Axl (6) will fall for it. Rachel (8) goes off on her own to hide, while Ana (3) and I approach the camp of Ridge (12) and Axl (6).

Ready? she writes on her little notepad. I nod and she aims her arrow at Ridge (12). She releases, and BOOM. He dies, with an arrow in his chest. Now is my time. I jump from the bushes with my fake bow and run towards Rachels's (8) hiding place. Axl (6) chases after me with his mace. I know I'm fast, but it's still scary as hell to have someone chasing after you with a mace, ready to kill you at any second. I see Rachel (8) in the distance, and she pops out, slicing Axl's (6) leg. It comes clean off, and he tumbles to the ground. I stop running and watch in horror as blood pours from Axl's (6) body. He screams in agony.

"I'm not going down without you!" he screams at Rachel (8). He swings his mace and throws it at Rachel (8), sending it into her stomach. BOOM BOOM Rachel (8) dies just before Axl (6) bleeds out.

Hudson Rylie - District 11

Nothing ever happens to me, and I am thrilled. I don't want to be involved in fighting. Hearing all of these cannons go off is scary, but as long as it isn't me, I'm good. The anthem begins to play, and I am shocked to see that Amber (1) and the three remaining District 2 tributes, Louis (2), Dimitry (2), and Sami (2), show up in the sky first. The rest aren't too shocking, besides Emily (4). Axl (6), Rachel (8), Clay (10), and Ridge (12) round out the fallen tribute list, and I close my eyes.

Day 4 Odds

Tribute Odds
Fabio Batone 14-1
Luke Torres 11-1
Maysilee Cresent 2-1
Emmeline Shayd 17-1
Jackie Devilin 7-1
Raden Harvestmoon 14-1
Tres Magnetic 60-1
Ana Shadowsinger 25-1
Majono Kelsony 14-1
Magnas Velocity 13-1
Lizzie Tyle 50-1
Rhonda Timor 17-1
Camellia Cyrellia 28-1
Kelly Sandleaf 19-1
Nile Flame 23-1
Arabella Misk 11-1
Drachma Dornus 10-1
Azalea Firethorn 40-1
Hawk Loomis 8-1
Madeleine Levenhire 13-1
Hudson Rylie 23-1
Cassandra Goldsmith 12-1
McKenna Konity 3-1
Phoenix Ironsmith 18-1
Piper Bridges 4-1
Gabrielle Benlit 27-1

Day 5 - "Did someone say my name?" - Drachma Dornus

Ana Shadowsinger - District 3

Rachel's (8) dead. I have no one left. I look at my notebook and sigh. I've been alone before. I lost Elana in my first Games and made it far. This time, I have to win. I swing from tree to tree with ease, staring intently at the ground. That's when I see it. A snake. I can tell it's poisonous by it's eyes. I quietly notch an arrow, and release. BOOM Wait. A cannon doesn't sound for an animal. I wonder who died. The arrow hits the snake right in its head, and venom pours out of the wound. I wait a little bit and then cautiously pick up the dead snake and walk towards the stream. I place the snake, wound into the water, and see the venom dissolve. Perfect. I cover up the snake with leaves and branches, and then I hear footsteps and whispers. I dive behind a bush, and peer out to see Rhonda (6) and Nile (8) walking by. 

"That Hudson (11) kid was so dumb," Rhonda (6) says.

"Yeah, he hid under a blanket in a tree. Not obvious or anything," Nile (8) chuckles. They walk out of sight and I scramble up a tree. I'm safe.

Madeleine Levenhire - District 10

After reading my mentor note, I have a lot to do. First, I have to kill Arabella (8). I've been waiting for this. Then I have to join Phoenix (12) at the Cornucopia. I think Emmeline (C) is going off to meet with Luke (C) and Piper (13), but I'm not.

"Let's go!" I say to Emmeline (C). She sighs and trudges through the forest with me. "She could be anywhere." Suddenly, something drops from a tree and lands on my back. I fall to the ground, and I hear Arabella's (8) voice hiss in my ear.

"I killed your uncle. And now I'll kill you!" she says. Then, she is pushed off of me. I stand up and feel groggy, but can see Emmeline (C) and Arabella (8) fighting. Emmeline (C) is having trouble, since she has a bow. She tries to stab Arabella (8) with an arrow, but she dodges with ease.

"Stop!" Emmeline (C) screams. Arabella (8) stares at the ground.

"I know your trick. Your eyes can deceive me!" she screams. I feel weak, but I take an arrow from my quiver and aim at the two girls. BOOM Arabella (8) slams her knife into Emmeline's (C) skull. "And now for you, Levenhire!" she snarls. I release, sending my arrow straight into her temple. BOOM I spit on Arabella's (8) body and head to the Cornucopia.

Kelly Sandleaf - District 7

I set up the rock/arrowhead/rope trap thingy or whatever it's called that my mentor told me to do and prepared for the attack. Gabrielle (13), Azalea (9), and Magnas (5) are going to attack us, apparently. We set up this arrowhead trap and we dug that pit. Now we just need to lead them into there.

"I hope Drachma (9) comes," Lizzie (5) says. Drachma (9) is hellbent on killing Azalea (9), so having him would be a huge asset during this attack.

"Did someone say my name?" Drachma (9) asks, appearing from the bushes. 

"Sweet!" Camellia (7) says, "Now let's get ready!" Camellia (7) climbs her tree, and I stay back to guard the supplies. Koume (11), Lizzie (5), and Drachma (9) move forward into the forest. BOOM

Magnas Velocity - District 5

Gabrielle (13) killed Koume (11) with a poison dart. Great. But now Lizzie (5) and Drachma (9) are charging after Azalea (9), who is acting as bait, and I can't even protect her because Camellia is in a tree, ready to throw her sword. 

"Come on, Azalea (9)!" I yell. She stands up and runs towards me. We snake around the opposite side of Camellia's (7) tree and run behind Lizzie (5) and Drachma (9).

"Over there!" Drachma (9) shouts. I guess they didn't find Gabrielle (13). Just ahead, I see Kelly (7), guarding a bunch of supplies. Azalea (9) sprints toward her and falls into the ground. I stop, nearly falling into the hole, and see Lizzie (5) and Drachma (9) approaching. I run away, knowing there is nothing I can do to save her. BOOM Drachma (9) sends his sickle into Azalea's (9) skull and I run towards the forest edge.

Piper Bridges - District 13

Luke (C) and I haven't seen anyone in forever. I feel like we're invisible. I guess it's good, but I'm getting antsy. I need a kill, and Luke (C) does too.

We set up a net trap, and I hope someone gets caught in it soon.

"Do you hear that?" Luke (C) asks. I start to answer, but he hushes me. Drachma (9) comes out of a clearing, walking straight towards our trap. It's camouflaged perfectly. He has to run into it. And he does. Luke (C) and I pop out of our hiding place, and run up to Drachma (9), who is entangled in nets.

"Let me the fuck out of here!" he screams. 

"Sorry," I say. He was a Career. I hate him. Luke (C) and I both hold Luke's (C) sword and stab him, so we both get credit for the kill. BOOM

"Nice work!" he says. We high-five, and set Drachma's (9) body and fire.

"Let's go to the wheat field," I say.

Tres Magnetic - District 3

"Hey, Tres (3)," McKenna (12) whispers to me.

"What?" I ask.

"Wanna go to the wheat field and ditch these guys. You know the poison gas is coming," she says.

"Nah, I'm good," I reply. She shrugs her shoulders and leaves, going towards the wheat field. Well then.

"Ok, are you guys ready?" Phoenix (12) asks.

"Yes," Majono (5), our newest ally Maddie (10), and I shout in unison. As if on cue, a balloon appears. An arrow whizzes by it, just missing it. Phoenix (12) grabs the container with the gift, revealing a vial with a green gas. I look down the slope to see Fabio (C) running away. Maysilee (C) is hiding somewhere. Anywhere. But she won't be for long if we go after her love.

"Get him," Phoenix (12) says. 

Jackie Devilin - District 1

"They're coming!" Fabio (C) screams at me. I hide behind a bush with my throwing knives and Fabio (C) runs behind a tree.

"What about May-" I begin.

"Shh!" he hisses. I hear footsteps, and know the three attackers. My mentor sent me their plan. And I know Majono (5) is the decoy. I have to kill him fast. Majono (5) runs towards our camp, screaming, and I throw a knife at him. BOOM Maddie (10) runs at me, but I push her down. I see Phoenix (12) in the distance, and know I have time to get away. As I am about to run, I feel a sword enter my back. I fall to the ground, coughing up blood, and see Tres (3) standing over me. BOOM

Maysilee Cresent - Capitol

The sound of the cannon makes me run even faster. What if Fabio (C) died? Panic sets in, and I'm zooming through the trees and puddles of the lagoon faster than ever. I see a cloud of green smoke over our camp, and two bodies in the distance. One male and one female. I can't get close enough to tell who though. Phoenix (12) must have gone back to the Cornucpia. I sit a good distance away from our camp and rock back in forth, waiting for it to dissipate so I can see who the bodies are.

"Maysilee (C)," says a voice from above. I look up and see Fabio (C). Thank the Lord. 

"Fabio (C)!" I squeal. He jumps down from the tree and hugs me. We kiss and kiss and kiss, and he starts taking off my jacket.

Hawk Loomis - District 10

Three people came into the wheat field today. This is my domain. I will burn them tomorrow. This field will be in flames tomorrow. The anthem begins to play, and I stare up at the sky. First is Emmeline (C), and then the last official Career, Jackie (1). Wow. I can't believe I outlasted all of the Careers. Majono (5), Arabella (8), Drachma (9),  Azalea (9), Hudson (11), and Koume (11) end the anthem. I don't know how many are left, but I know it's not a lot.

Note: Every tribute gets +$50 for making the top 20.

Day 5 Odds

Tribute Odds
Fabio Batone 13-1
Luke Torres 9-1
Maysilee Cresent 2-1
Raden Harvestmoon 13-1
Tres Magnetic 40-1
Ana Shadowsinger 24-1
Magnas Velocity 12-1
Lizzie Tyle 40-1
Rhonda Timor 16-1
Camellia Cyrellia 27-1
Kelly Sandleaf 18-1
Nile Flame 22-1
Hawk Loomis 7-1
Madeleine Levenhire 11-1
McKenna Konity 3-1
Phoenix Ironsmith 17-1
Piper Bridges 3-1
Gabrielle Benlit 25-1

Day 6 - "These are called the Vengeance Games, after all." - Luke Torres

Fabio Batone - Capitol

As Maysilee (C) saws a tree, I tie a rope around it, and connect it to another tree. I watch Maysilee (C) as she works with her machete. She's so beautiful. Every moment we've had together has made me fall in love with her even more. I know I can't lose again. And neither can she.

"Psst," whispers a voice. I whirl around, and see Kelly (7).

"You scared me!" I say.

"Sorry," she replies, "but let's do this thing!" I nod, and Maysilee (C) finishes up sawing the tree almost all the way through. If anyone trips on this rope, they are done for. We walk through the lagoon towards the forest to our targets: Magnas (5) and Gabrielle (13).

"Where do you think they are?" Maysilee (C) asks. 

"Anywhere," Kelly (7) says breathelessly. Then, a rustle of leaves comes from our left and we can see Gabrielle (13) running away through the forest.

"After her!" I scream. Maysilee (C) takes the lead and charges towards Gabrielle (13), who is much slower than us. That's when Magnas (5) tackles Maysilee (C) to the ground. He raises his mace, and she kicks him in the groin. He doubles over in pain, and I stab him with my sword.

"Come on! Gabrielle (13) is getting away!" Kelly (7) shouts. We begin to run after Gabrielle (13), and when we're about 50 yards away, I realize Magnas' (5) cannon hasn't gone off. He must have had instant relief. Damn it.

Gabrielle Benlit - District 13

As I run through the forest, trying to escape my death, I see Raden (3) to my left, just laying on the ground. He's lucky I'm running away, or he'd be dead. I look behind me, and Kelly (7) is staring at Raden (3), but I guess decides I'm a higher priority. God damn. My lungs feel like they are about to burst. I keep running, and then I hear a noise. A rope snaps aorund a tree, and the last thing I see is a rock with two arrowheads slamming into my face. BOOM

Hawk Loomis - District 10

As I try to ignite the damn wheat to my right, I can hear footsteps in the other rows running away. They're probably Luke (C), Piper (13), and McKenna (12). I might not get any kills. Finally, the wheat ignites, and the whole row goes up in flames. I start running towards the Cornucopia, when a dart whizzes past my ear. Phoenix (12). I can see her in the distance. I jump and dodge the darts, and I get closer to her. I can see the fear in her eyes. She's scared of me. I need to take advantage of that. The fire is at my heels. Maybe she's afraid of that. I put my sword in front of me, and move it at the last minute to deflect a dart. The sword hits Phoenix (12) in the leg, and she falls to the ground. I would finish her off, but the fire is inching closer and I can feel it at my heels. I can see the Cornucopia hill in the distance, when a rope and wire mesh sends me flying to the ground. I try to get out, but I can't. BOOM I know that was Phoenix's (12) cannon. Did she make the trap? Is she going to leave me here to die? I get my answer when Madeleine (10) and Tres (3) come out of the wheat row next to mine.

"Sorry, but we're going to have to kill you," Tres (3) says, walking towards me.

"Oh no you're not," I say defiantly, "I'm sorry Hex. Please forgive me for not winning." And with that, I plunge my sword into my chest. BOOM

Luke Torres - Capitol

Piper (13) and I walk through the misty lagoon, cicadas buzzing all around us. The wheat field is up in flames now, and we think at least two people died from it.

"Let's try to stay out of trouble," Piper (13) says. I nod, but then Rhonda (6) and Nile (8) appear out from behind a bush. Both are smiling menacingly.

Before Piper (13) can get her blowgun ready, Rhonda (6) throws an awl into her stomach. She falls, and smiles at me despite the pain. "Win," she mouths. BOOM I hold back the tears, and I am filled with rage. Rhonda (6) can sense it, and runs away. Nile (8) blows a dart at me. I block it with my sword and lunge at him. The sword slices his chest. I plunge it all the way through, and it comes out of his back. BOOM I look at the end of my sword, and Nile's (8) heart is on the end of it. I pull it off and stomp on it, my hands filled with blood. Nile's (8) body is a bloody mess, and I continue to stab him. Piper (13) shouldn't have died. She didn't deserve it. She was a good girl. And I will seek vengeance for her. These are called the Vengeance Games, after all.

Camellia Cyrellia - District 7

Lizzie (5) and I hide behind a bush in anticipation. A tribute can come at any second. I look at Ana (3), camouflaged in her tree. She flashes her notebook at me, and it says Only two all-stars can win. I'm confused. Then I look at Lizzie (5). I think I know what I should do. Before I can decide, McKenna (12) comes running, straight past our hole. She misses it, and Ana (3) shoots arrows at her. Lizzie (5) jumps out and runs at her.

"Come on!" she shouts at me. I don't move. I'm frozen. Lizzie (5) and McKenna (12) are my competition. I can only win with one all-star. I can't intervene. McKenna (12) easily overpowers Lizzie (5), and pins her to the ground.

"Camellia (7), Ana (3), help!" she screams. I can feel my heart breaking, but I've died once. I can't risk it to save someone I'll have to kill anyway. BOOM McKenna (12) snaps Lizzie's (5) neck, and Ana (3) shoots an arrow at McKenna's (12) head. BOOM I burst into tears. How could I let that happen to Lizzie (5)? She's only 12. Ana (3) comes down from her tree and comforts me. She doesn't say a word, of course, but her hand on my shoulder is soothing. She jots something on her notepad, and I read it. It says You did the right thing for you. And she's right. I'm in these Games for me, not anyone else. But then why do I feel so bad about letting Lizzie (5) die?

Raden Harvestmoon - District 3

It's getting dark. I'm expecting the anthem to play soon, when the voice of Claudia Templesmith booms through the arena. It's shrill and annoying, and I immediately hate her all over again.

"Attention tributes. Tomorrow, there will be a feast! Each tribute will have a bag with their name on it. Each bag will contain an item you desperately need, because we are so generous. We would love you to come, but keep in mind the risks of attending and staying put. Congratulations for making it this far, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" Oh God. The feast. They didn't have one in my first Games. Games have ended at the feast before. I have no idea what to do.

Note: Mentors, you must do two things:

A. Tell me what is in your tribute's bag. It does not have to be on the sponsor list, but if it is unreasonable, (machine gun, nuke, etc.), your tribute's bag will be filled with air.

B. Tell me how your tribute will approach the feast, if they do at all. Good luck!

Day 6 Odds

Tribute Odds
Fabio Batone 12-1
Luke Torres 7-1
Maysilee Cresent 2-1
Raden Harvestmoon 12-1
Tres Magnetic 30-1
Ana Shadowsinger 22-1
Magnas Velocity 11-1
Rhonda Timor 14-1
Camellia Cyrellia 25-1
Kelly Sandleaf 16-1
Madeleine Levenhire 10-1

Day 7 - The Finale

Kelly Sandleaf - District 7

Parachutes fly down from the sky. It's still dark out. I take mine and walk away from my alliance so I can read in peace. I read the note, and I'm instructed to leave the alliance. And I know this far in the Games, they won't let me leave peacefully. I start to run when Camellia (7) jumps on my back and I fall forward. 

"How could you?" I scream, "We've been close since Day 1! I'm not even going after you. We can win together!" She seems momentarily stunned, like she doesn't have an answer for me. Tears well up in her eyes, and I can tell she doesn't want to kill me. But then she pulls her sword from its sheath.

"I have to," she mutters. I kick her hand with the sword, and I hear a crack. She screams in pain, dropping the sword. Ana (3) starts running over. I pick up the sword and jam it into Camellia's (7) chest. BOOM Ana (3) starts firing arrows at me, and one hits my hand. I yelp and pull it out as blood gushes from it. She keeps firing, but eventually stops as I get too far away. I can imagine her saying in her head, "I'll get you at the feast."

Madeleine Levenhire - District 10

Tres (3) and I make our way towards Ana (3) and Camellia's (7) camp at the barn. A cannon sounded this morning, and I hope it wasn't either of them. Sure enough, when we arrive, Luke (C) and Ana (3) are sitting anxiously, and Camellia (7) is nowhere to be found. Ana (3) holds up her notebook. Camellia is dead. I frown. 

"Do we have her supplies?" I ask. Ana (3) nods. Phew.

"We can still do this," Tres (3) says, "Let's go!" The four of us start walking towards the Cornucopia. Luke (C) and I lay wire out around the hill, while Tres (3) works on removing the batteries from a portable fan and getting an electric current. We leave a little gap by where Tres (3) is standing, so we can escape easily. 

"I think we're set," Tres (3) says.

"Alright, get in your places!" I shout. Ana (3) climbs up her tree, Tres (3) hides, and Luke (C) and I wait for the bags. And Rhonda (6). And Kelly (7). Soon enough, a hovercraft comes and drops the bags onto a little table that came from the ground. Most of them are small, but two are pretty big and one looks like a guitar case. Rhonda (6) and Magnas (5) sprint out to the Cornucopia.

"Go!" I shout at Luke (C). We start running, and I know we may never make it back.

Maysilee Cresent - Capitol

I stare in anticipation as tributes begin running towards the Cornucopia. Rhonda (6) and Magnas (5) reach there first, and pick up their bags. They both fell randomly on the way up the hill, and I would've killed them if they were all-stars. Rhonda (6) opens her's immediately, and Luke (C) charges at her. He stabs her chest, and she falls, but drinks the instant relief in her hand. Magnas (5) puts on his armor, and charges back down the hill. He gets shocked, and the metal armor makes it worse this time. BOOM Magnas (5) falls to the ground, dead from electrocution. Rhonda (6) hides in the Cornucopia as Luke (C) and Maddie (10) run away from the Cornucopia. I shoot an arrow at Maddie (10) and hit her back. The damn armor blocks it. I know I have one more shot before she goes out of sight. I need to hit her in the back of the neck. I aim and release. BOOM She falls down dead, and Luke (C) runs through, back to the hill, without getting shocked.

Kelly (7) finishes laying out her gunpowder by staying further down the hill. I'm not even sure they saw her. She runs back, and yells at Fabio (C).

"Go! Go! Go!" she shouts. Fabio (C) runs towards the Cornucopia.

"The girl from 6 is in there!" I yell. He nods as he runs, and I pray he comes back.

Ana Shadowsinger - District 3

BOOM Fabio (C) leaves the Cornucopia with a bloody sword. He killed Rhonda (6), and now I'll kill him. I tear a piece of my jacket off and notch it on the arrowhead of my notched arrow. He grabs his bag, and then goes to Maysilee's (C). I light a match, and the fabric ignites when I put the flame near it. I release the arrow, and Fabio (C) runs over the gunpowder right as my flaming arrow hits in. A ring of fire lights up, and dances in my eyes. BOOM Fabio (C) is grilled. I hear a female shriek, probably Maysilee (C). But then I hear another shriek. A shriek that isn't human. A mutt. I jump down from the tree I'm in, and starting running towards the Cornucopia, knowing the Gamemakers are bringing us together for one last battle.

I see Tres (3) hiding, and I want to shout "Run!", but I can't. I don't have enough time to write on my notebook or bring him with me. Doesn't he hear the mutts? I continue to run, looking back at Tres (3) once more. A disgusting, monkey mutt leaps on him and gnaws his face off. BOOM

Maysilee Cresent - Capitol

"Congratulations, Luke Torres of the Capitol and Kelly Sandleaf of District 7! Please continue to fight until one more all-star tribute dies!" announces Claudia Templesmith. I cringe. One more of us still has to die. Fabio (C) already died. I feel like dying. But he wouldn't want that. He would want me to win. The mutts seem to stop at the base of the hill. Luke (C) and Kelly (7) sit at the base of the Cornucopia, watching as Ana (3), Raden (3) and I square off. There is a mutual, unspoken understanding that they shouldn't be involved in this last battle.

"Who killed Fabio (C)?" I shout. Raden (3) and Ana (3) are to my left and right. None of us advance. Any of us could kill any of the others, but no one wants to win with a sneak attack like that. Ana (3) raises her hand slowly. I notch an arrow and aim it at her. She notches one too and aims at me. I glance at Raden (3) and he seems frozen. Kelly (7) is staring at me, and looking at Ana (3), like she wants me to kill her. Luke (C) is looking at Ana (3) and then at me, like he's telling her to kill me. Ana (3) and I lock eyes once more. Even though she killed my true love, I somehow don't want to kill her. It is the Hunger Games after all. We both fought our way to the end. Raden (3) just skated by under the radar. He doesn't deserve to win. We do. I can tell Ana (3) feels the same way. We both turn our bows to Raden (3) and release. BOOM He falls to the ground. I run and hug Ana (3). Kelly (7) and Luke (C) join our group hug.

"Congratulations to the victors of The Vengeance Games! Luke Torres of the Capitol, Maysilee Cresent of the Capitol, Ana Shadowsinger of District 3, and Kelly Sandleaf of District 7! Please enter the hovercraft that will be sent down momentarily." The hovercraft comes down, and the four of us step on. I can't believe we won. I won. For Fabio.

The End.

Death Chart

Place Tribute Day Killed Killed By Killed From
56 Xavior Chance 1 Magnas Velocity Snapped Neck
55 Twilight Mist 1 Amber Agate Arrow in Eye
54 Grant Doniel 1 Shermaine Wilson Beaten to Death
53 Destrye Manglie 1 Maysilee Cresent Slit Throat
52 Shermaine Wilson 1 Arabella Misk Knife in Heart
51 Caitlin Ballard 1 Jackie Devilin Knife in Back
50 Leslie Adalyn 1 Copper Overdeen Sword in Heart
49 Michelle Rhode 1 Almary Wintes Dagger in Head
48 Gabriel DiPablo 2 Camellia Cyrellia Sword in Back
47 Adullius Burshnack 2 Battleaxe Mason Mace to Stomach
46 Maroon Cutter 2 Jackie Devilin Knife in Head
45 Copper Overdeen 2 Drachma Dornus Sword in Back
44 Whistle Frost 2 Dimitry Yukov Sliced by Axe
43 Parker Viola 2 Ana Shadowsinger Poisoned
42 Almary Wintes 3 Drake Johnson Knife in Back
41 Drake Johnson 3 Sami Freemont Arrow in Back
40 Kacey Anderson 3 Brooklyn Spirit Rock Ball to Head
39 Brooklyn Spirit 3 Rhonda Timor Awl in Chest
38 Gerald Durrell 3 Kelly Sandleaf and Cassandra Goldsmith Arrow and Knife to Chest and Head
37 Lucas Rayden 3 Fabio Batone and Louis Welder Electrocuted
36 Battleaxe Mason 3 Ridge Hillsong Sickle in Chest
35 Emily Lunamoon 4 Maysilee Cresent Machete in Chest
34 Clay Levenhire 4 Arabella Misk Slit Throat
33 Amber Agate 4 Magnas Velocity Mace to Head
32 Dimitry Yukov 4 McKenna Konity Arrow in Chest
31 Louis Welder 4 Sami Freemont Arrow in Eye
30 Sami Freemont 4 Majono Kelsony Knife in Skull
29 Ridge Hillsong 4 Ana Shadowsinger Arrow in Chest
28 Rachel Deyson 4 Axl Lockhart Mace to Stomach
27 Axl Lockhart 4 Rachel Deyson Bled to Death
26 Hudson Rylie 5 Rhonda Timor Awl in Chest
25 Emmeline Shayd 5 Arabella Misk Knife in Skull
24 Arabella Misk 5 Madeleine Levenhire Arrow in Temple
23 Cassandra Goldsmith 5 Gabrielle Benlit Dart in Neck
22 Azalea Firethorn 5 Drachma Dornus Sickle in Skull
21 Drachma Dornus 5 Luke Torres and Piper Bridges Sword in Chest
20 Majono Kelsony 5 Jackie Devilin Knife in Heart
19 Jackie Devilin 5 Tres Magnetic Sword in Back
18 Gabrielle Benlit 6 Kelly Sandleaf Arrowhead to Face
17 Phoenix Ironsmith 6 Hawk Loomis Burned to Death
16 Hawk Loomis 6 Hawk Loomis Suicide by Sword
15 Piper Bridges 6 Rhonda Timor Awl in Stomach
14 Nile Flame 6 Luke Torres Sword in Heart
13 Lizzie Tyle 6 McKenna Konity Snapped Neck
12 McKenna Konity 6 Ana Shadowsinger Arrow in Skull
11 Camellia Cyrellia 7 Kelly Sandleaf Sword in Chest
10 Magnas Velocity 7 Tres Magnetic Electrocuted
9 Madeleine Levenhire 7 Maysilee Cresent Arrow in Neck
8 Rhonda Timor 7 Fabio Batone Sword in Chest
7 Fabio Batone 7 Ana Shadowsinger Burned Alive
6 Tres Magnetic 7 Monkey Mutt Gnawed Face
5 Raden Harvestmoon 7 Maysilee Cresent and Ana Shadowsinger Arrows in Heart
Victor Luke Torres --------- ------------------------------ -------------------------
Victor Maysilee Cresent --------- ------------------------------ -------------------------
Victor Ana Shadowsinger --------- ------------------------------ -------------------------
Victor Kelly Sandleaf --------- ------------------------------ -------------------------

Post-Games Interview

Corey: Please welcome, the Victors of the Vengeance Games, Luke Torres, Maysilee Cresent, Ana Shadowsinger, and Kelly Sandleaf! *audience goes wild*

Victors: Thank you.

Corey: My first question is to Kelly. So, Kelly, when you were attacked by Camellia on the last day, what was running through your mind?

Kelly: I was very shocked. Camellia and I had spent the whole Games together, and I wasn't a threat to her. We both could've won together, and I honestly would not have killed her. But then she betrayed me, and I had to.

Corey: Luke, how does it feel to be a victor?

Luke: It feels amazing. I feel like I'm on top of the world. I saved my boyfriend and avenged my best friend, Piper.

Corey: So, Maysilee. Instead of asking you a question, I have some news for you. After your post-Games examination, the Capitol doctors discovered that you are pregnant, and the DNA sample from the fetus matches that of Fabio's.

Maysilee: *starts crying* Oh my gosh. I can't believe it! Fabio has sent me one last gift. I am so happy right now!

Corey: My last question is for Ana. After going through two Games, what lessons have you learned. 

Ana: *starts writing on her notepad*

Corey: Nuh-uh. Speak.

Ana: But, wait! I can talk! How? Since when? I can't believe it! This is amazing! Thank you so much! I'll be able to buy my father's paintings back with this money, and finally give him a good life.

Corey: Capitol doctors can do anything, can't they? So, about the question...

Ana: Oh right. I've learned that seeking vengeance does more harm than it does good, and the best revenge is forgiveness.

Corey: Thank you, very much. Please give it up for our victors!


Luke married his boyfriend when he got back to the Capitol. They were married happily for a long time, and eventually adopted a little redheaded girl. They named her Piper. Luke and his husband stay at home, using Luke's victor money, and take care of Piper so they can give her the best life possible.

Maysilee had her baby nine months after the Games ended. It was a boy, and she named him Fabio Jr. Maysilee never married anyone. She never felt the same way about anyone else, and she loved Fabio Jr. too much to devote time to anyone else.

Ana bought back all of her father's masterpieces and opened an art shop for him to sell the pieces he wanted to. He became a very famous artist. Ana also used her money to open a school for the mute to learn sign language. And she even raises enough money each year for one mute child to go to the Capitol and get their voice restored.

Kelly bought a huge house for her siblings to live in. She continued to raise them on her own, and finally had enough money give them the lives they deserved. After her siblings grew up and left, Kelly became very good friends with Sian Malley and opened up a sister orphanage in District 7.

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