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Primrose's Biograhpy/Roleplay

Hello. My name is Primrose, but you can call me Prim. I am from district 12. I have two pets, a goat, Lady, and a cat, Buttercup. My life at home was the same as any district 12 citizen. Well that was until something happened. I was going to be a normal tribute when I was called during the Reaping, but then my sister, Katniss Everdeen, volunteered for me. I am so happy my sister came back home. I would I have missed her so much if she had died. After Katniss got back things changed, a lot. My mom is someone who helps injured people. After Katniss got home a lot more people were getting injured so things got crazy. Well this is my life for now..... but I heard it gets worse.

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