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Hiya! This isn't my first Hunger Games, but don't check out the other because it was horrific. This is more of a 'test game' to see if I can handle making one. Please enter tributes! I apologize if you have used the 200th Games but let's just say it's a different universe, haha. Anyways, continue reading for more information.


The newly elected President Iulius Valentine stood on the large stage. All of Panem looked around to see what the President would choose for this year's Quarter Quell. The young man, in his mid-twenties, smiled a kind yet equally intimidating smile. He was dressed in a lovely white suit with a redish-pink trim and tie. He patted down his brown hair and waved at the crowd who were screaming their head off in excitement. A young blonde girl, dressed in a short lilac dress, handed President Valentine a small wooden box. She then hopped out of sight while the President selected the yellow-colored envelope sealed with the number "200" in crimson red.

"Settle down," Valentine cooed, "Hello citizens of Panem! Today is the day that the twist for the Quarter Quell will be announced." He opened the envelop elegantly and set it down. He then looked at the snow white paper in his hands and read, "To remind the rebels that they sent their own family and people to fight against the hand that feeds them... the first tribute reaped shall be entered along side a sibling and those two must select  another to fight along side them."    

The children who had no siblings sighed with relief, but the ones who did held on to each other tightly. This was so cruel... and so many questions came to the citizens of Panem. Who would be entered? Who would they choose to fight with them? Who will remain victorious out of the thirty-six tributes? Soon they will have answers.


1. If you choose to enter a sibling, enter both. Brother and brother, sister and sister, or brother and sister. If not, enter the person the siblings choose.

2. You are allowed to enter all three tributes for a district but if you do not, it's fine. Another person will have to enter a tribute for that district, though. (You're also allowed to enter three single tributes from any district.)

3. I have the right to reject any tribute you enter. I doubt this will happen as long as you enter a decent tribute. (No troll tributes!)

4. Less information does not mean you will not be accepted, however, I'll appreciate if you add a good amount so I can work with it. The most interesting tributes last the longest.

5. To make the Games fun for the creators of the tributes, you will need to send advice to your tributes often. You also get a certain amount of sponser cash that can be used to gift any tribute in your district.

6. No spamming or arguing. You may ask others to join your own Games in the comments as long as you're participating in these.

7. Do not be a sore loser if your tribute dies. Their is thirty-six tributes and only one comes out. Deaths will be chosen at random. 

8. Please vote for the muttations and the tribute you think will win. (Be active. If you know you can no longer active, please tell me.)

9. Fill the tribute form. Nothing has to be very elaborate, but I do need something to work with. Remember that if you enter a sibling, you must enter both. Reservations last two days.

Tribute Form

Name: (Try to refrain using first names and surnames that are just awkward. For exaple, a District 7 tribute named Pine Woods or a District 4 tribute named Stream Waters.)




Sibling or Chosen: (This tells me whether your tribute was reaped along side their sibling or if the tribute was chosen by the siblings. If the tribute was chosen, tell me why they would be chosen by the siblings.)










Reaping Strategy/Outfit:

Training Strategy/Outfit:  

Bloodbath Strategy:

Arena Strategy: 

Alliances: (Can be filled later. Ask permission to creator of tribute first.)


District Name Age Gender Height Weapon(s) Score Owner
1 Cassandra-Thérèse Maipe 18 Female 5'8" Poison, Manipulation TBA The Targaryen of District 4
1 Louis-Michael V Maipe 18 Male 6'0" Hand-to-Hand Combat, Sythe TBA The Targaryen of District 4
1 Tate Lockewood 18 Male 6'3" Sword, Hands TBA TheAmericanDream
2 Ursula Harrt 16 Female 5'7" Bow and Arrows, Knives TBA Biel1458
2 RESERVED Male TBA Biel1458
2 Valentina Parr 17 Female 5'6" Poison, Double Daggers, Deception TBA The Targaryen of District 4
3 Anna Hastings 17 Female 5'7" Wire, Knife TBA TheAmericanDream
4 Kennedy Marks 17 Female 5'10" Dagger TBA TheAmericanDream
5 Veronica Hemmings 16 Female 5'6" Dagger, Wire TBA Utkar22
5 Monica Hemmings 16 Female 5'6" Dagger, Knives TBA Utkar22
5 Oreo Dutton 18 Female 5'6" Machete, Knife TBA Enraptured Misfit
6 Amy Light 12 Female 4'9" Knives/Daggers, Slingshot TBA Wolfgirl23c
6 Wheeler Light 12 Male 4'10" Blowgun, Slingshot TBA Wolfgirl23c
6 Brianna Burrs 12 Female 5'1" Axe, Throwing Axe, Snares, Dagger TBA Audreyisawesome109
8 Aster Bright 15 Male 5'6" Knife, Short Sword TBA Enraptured Misfit
9 Tom Bulgur 14 Male 5'2" Knife, Rope, Wire (Snares) TBA The CalAmity of One
10 Zoe Withers 17 Female 5'9" Axe, Short Knives/Swords, Spears TBA The CalAmity of One
11 Karenina Calismere 18 Female 5'10" Dagger, Knives, Throwing Knives, Short Sword TBA Despondence
12 Percy Lancaster 14 Male N/A Crossbow, Spear, Swords TBA Audreyisawesome102
12 RESERVED Audreyisawesome102

Alliances: TBA


Every mentor (creator of tribute/s) will recieve 600$ in sponser cash. With this money, you can sponser any tribute from your district. If all your tributes die, you can use the money for any tribute of your liking. Prices for items go up 50$ every arena day. The items that are purchasable are as follows:  

Antidote (cures poison): $150 

Anti-Infection: $125 

Awl: $50 

Alcohol: $75

Axe: $150

Baton: $100

Battleaxe $175

Blanket: $50 

Blowgun: $125 

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $75

Camouflage Paints: $100 

Chakram: $175 

Chlorine: $75 

Cookies: $25 

Crossbow: $175 

Crackers: $15 

Dagger: $100 

Darts (12): $25 

Dried Meat: $75 

Dried Fruit: $50 

Flail: $125

Flares x3: $125

Flashlight: $100 

Hammer: $125 

Instant Relief: $400

Iodine: $100 

Knife: $50 

Knife Glove: $100 

Mace: $150 

Mace (Chained): $175 

Machete: $125 

Matches: $75 

Morning Star: $175

Gasoline $100 

Hatchet: $150

Needles (3): $125

Net: $75 

Net Trap: $125

Night-Vision Glasses: $150 

Piece of Plastic: $15

Painkillers: $75

Poison: $100

Quiver of Arrows (12): $50

Raft: $125 

Rocks: $15 

Rope: $25 

Scythe: $150

Shield: $125 

Shield (Spiked): $200

Shurikens (5): $125 

Sickle: $125

Sleeping Bag: $50

Sleep Syrup: $125 

Slingshot: $75 

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spike Trap: $250 

Spile: $50 

Sword: $150

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $225 

Water: $100 

Whip: $75 

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $100 

Wooden Club (Spiked): $150 

Odds Board

The creators of the tributes will be allowed to vote for two tributes they think they will win. However, one of the tributes must not be of their own. Voting will occur every arena day. Every tribute gets twenty four entries on a website that determines who will die. Below, I'll list how to decrease your tributes' entries. 

1. One vote for your tribute equals one entry gone.

2. One kill takes out one entry.

3. Being a Career decreases your chances by one.

4. Every arena day, an entry is removed.

5. The number of points you get in training is taken away from your entries. (Ex. A score of ten means ten entries are removed.) 

Remember to vote for your favorite tributes!

An Odds Board will be created once the Games begin.


The arena will be announced once all the tributes are reaped. The only hint to the arena at the moment will be the uniform. 


The arena uniform consists of four items -

Rain Jacket: This hooded, waterproof jacket will keep the tributes dry and either warm or cool depending on the temperature. The jackets will each be a different color for every district.

Dry Fit T-Shirt: A basic t-shirt that absorbs sweat. The color of the shirt is a lighter shade of their jacket.

Fisherman Pants: These olive green waterproof pants include zippers around the knees that allow the pants to also be shorts.

Hiking Boots: Brown and black boots that allow the tributes to climb and run with ease.


Example of arena uniform. (District 12)

Colors -

District 1: Violet Purple

District 2: Rust Brown

District 3: Chiffon Yellow

District 4: Deep Sea Blue

District 5: Brick Red

District 6: Gunmetal Gray

District 7: Jade Green

District 8: Ivory White

District 9: Beige

District 10: Apricot Orange

District 11: Rosewood Pink

District 12: Charcoal Black

The Reapings


The Training Center


The Games


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