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Contience Dipalo

Continence Dipalo

Name: Continence Dipalo

Age: 14

State: Rhode Island

Gender: Female

Personality: Adventurous, Snobby

Appearence: (Pictures) Weapons: Fishing hooks

Strengths: Hand-to-hand combat, swimming, Plant knowledge, Hiding

Weakness: Camouflage, and the dark


Name: Aspen Woods

Aspen Woods

Aspen Woods

Age: 16

State: Massachusetts

Gender: Female

Personality: Strong and rude 

Appearence: (Lunaii)  Weapons: Tomahawks and Axes

Strengths: Hand-to-hand combat, Camouflage, Hiding, Plant knowledge

Weakness: Swimming, and arachnophobia  

Name: Kanani Ali

Kanani Ali

Kanani Ali

Age: 15

State: Hawaii

Gender: Female

Personality: Nice and cute

Appearence: (Lunaii) Weapons: Spears

Strengths: Swimming, Camouflage, Hiding, Plant knowledge

Weakness: Hand-to-hand combat, and claustrophobia  

Name: Naomi Rivera

Naomi Rivera

Naomi Rivera

Age: 13

State: New Mexico

Gender: Female

Personality: Tiny and adorable (Just because she is 13 does not hide the fact that she can dodge and throw punches, she has been put in juvy once for fighting someone who threatened her. The person threatinging lied and Naomi turned a little meaner but still nice.)

Appearence: (Lunaii) Weapons: Fists

Strengths: Hand-to-hand combat, Plant knowledge, Camouflage, Hiding, Swimming

Weakness: Acrophobia and Frigophobia  

Name: Demeter Montague

Demeter Montague

Demeter Montague

Age: 15

State: Missouri

Gender: Female

Personality: Demeter is quite shy and only opens herself to people like her, un-brutal and kind.

Appearance: (Lunaii) Weapons: Sickle

Strengths: Jumping far distances, Swinging on any rope like thing (Vines, Ropes)

Weakness: Pyrophobia and Phonophobia

Name: Yuki Fureko

Yuki Fureko

Yuki Fureko

Age: 14

State: Nebraska

Gender: Female

Personality: Yuki is a girl from Nebraska who plays in the snow all day and hunts using her handmade spears. She is very judgmental yet very sweet. 

Appearance: (Lunaii) Weapons: Spear

Strengths: Perfect aim, Fast runner

Weakness: Ombrophobia and Hand-To-Hand Combat

Other pictures:

Contience Dipalo A

Continence Dipalo

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