All tributes have been reaped.

Name District Weapon Description Gender
Zaph 'Zapphire' Anderson 1 Spear, Ax

Quiet, sympathetic, he will try to not kill weak tributes even help them in secret by giving them some supplies. Zaph was constantly bullied because he was gay and had to train alone, he became a one of the best fighters of D1 but they never gave him the merit for it. The reaping day he simply wanted to die so he volunteered so if he won he could be finally respected.

Nova Rouge 1 Butterfly Swords Nova is a feisty, fierce girl who likes to keep to herself. She can be very malicious, and won't hesitate the rip someones throat out if provoked. Nova is quite a likable girl who can be very friendly, but that side will not be displayed during the games. Female
Edward Monoghan 2 Knife, Ax Funny, Cool, Freindly Male
Prism Winters 2 Throwing knifes, Throwing darts She trained from a very young age to enter the games. She had nothing that exciting happen in the early years of her life, she trained with a small group of girls, some older, some younger and a few her age. As the years went by she watched them enter the arena, most died but a few returned. When her year came about they all fought over who would mentor her, as they all believed she was the most talented in the group. She wished and she wished to get in and finally she did. She made her way into the arena and fought for 10 days until there was 5 tributes left, then it was destroyed. The whole arena. She and the other contestants were shipped out and sent home. They were all tld they would re-enter the arena next year, and all she did that year was train, and train and train Female
Blaise Sinesio 3 Traps, Sword He grew up with tough parents telling him that he would never amount to anything he would spend his free time making traps and doing puzzles and he grew up pretty smart, his parents don't appreciate that because they believe more in physical strength than mental and he wants to show them that mental strength can win the games. Male
Petra Mines 3 Electronic throwing knife Her parents died in a factory explotion and lives in the streets. not much other things are known about her because of her shyness. Female
Seth Tribes 4 Trident, Net, Spear, Beauty Flirty and usually 'finickish.' Seth is the oldest son of the head peacekeeper of district 4, he was forced to train all his life. He also trained another skill: flirting, he will use it as a weapon, when he was 18 he dated girls and boys at the district one by one. He broke their heart leaving them depressed and out of the chances to volunteer, in the reaping he volunteered. Male
Serena Madrick 4 Trident, Net She was born early, out at sea. Her parents loved her very much. They were killed in a tragic storm. She has been living with her grandmother ever since. She loves to swim and fish. And even just walk on the beach. She is self-taught with the trident. Her father taught her how to make and use nets or of almost any rope-like item. She voulenteered in the place of a little 12 year old named Allie. Her token is a sea-shell. Female
Crimson Vine 5 Javelin Crimson is a psycho, crazed nutter who has no other interest then killing and hurting. Crimson has always been a child with devious and disgusting thoughts bubbling around inside of his head, and at the age of 12, the bloodlust inside of him became thicker, causing him to shoot his hand up and volunteer. Crimson is very cocky, and believes he is unstoppable. Male

Icelia Winter -Smith

5 Knife,Traps She is a very mysterious girl. She has always been very quiet. She sells fresh game to the most of District 5. She also has a horse. She rides it a lot. Her mother works at the power plant. Her father works on one of the small farms. She plans on playing it low the whole Games, then at the end, go psyco killer on any tributes left. For her interview she plans to play it sweet, innocent, and charming. Her token is her necklace with a tiny golden horseshoe charm on it. Female
Mick Zachery 6 Wood for fire, weapons etc. He is the bad guy of District 6 with his group, but is the leader. He is rude and mean but has a soft heart for one girl. He works in a factory in District 6 with a girl named Rainy. She is probably the only person that he can get along with without hurting. He seems to have a soft spot for her. He volunteered for a boy that was 12, not to much surprise though because District 6 has the occasional volunteers. Male
Rainy Tervan 6 Dagger She is a cool girl, everyone says. She is very smart and loves to help people out. In District 6, she works in a factory to earn money for herself, as her family had abandoned her long ago, killed by someone. Killed by a murdurer. She was going to volunteer if she wasn't picked, but instead was reaped, as she was tired from living on the streets. Female
Oak Woods 7 Ax, Knife Obnoxious, Rude Male
Joanna Mason 7 Throwing Ax/Ax She is a very tough girl her great grandmother is Johanna Mason and she wants to be like her in every way, so she is motivated to win this games and trained for a while until she would be able to make her parents proud and win the hunger games for her great grandmother. She grew up in the wood chopping up wood and training her butt off for a chance to be in the games. Female
Hades Bringer 8 Swords, Knifes Dosen't like to bond. Knowledge in plants. Wants to find an ally. Male
Jade Starcatcher 8 Harpoons N/A Female
Max Evans 9 Sword Max is outgoing and strong. In District 9, he and Carter are twins. They live with an older sister who has yet to wed but shall soon. At the Reaping, he volunteers. Male
Perrie Grain 9 N/A N/A Female
Hunter Hayes 10 Spear Her grew up on the farm as a small kid went to school for awhile but dropped out of school at an early age to help his parents out, he grew up pretty strong from carrying all the animals but still pretty skinny for his age from a lack of food. Male
Madeline James 10 Dagger, Sickle She is quiet and is the girl you would never expect to be good with a weapon. In District 10, she worked on the farm, she herded all the animals to where they would be killed, she knew them best out of anyone. At the Reaping, she was indeed reaped. Female
Renly Autumn 11 Kama, Sythe Renly was born in District 7, along with his twin sister Arianna. They moved to District 11 when he was 3, due to his dad getting a new job to do with agricultural co-ordinating. This meant Renly was not poor as he grew up, but it did mean his father had to visit the Capitol alot, and he hardly saw him. And his mother slept with other men to settle her urges. They had a very tempramental relationship. This greatly affected Renly and his sister, but affected them differently. Renly tried to avoid it, and ignored it completely, whereas his sister turned to cutting herself. When Renly was 10 his sister finally passed away, having lost to much blood. And this shifter his family even more. His mother didnt come back at night, his father stayed for weeks in the Capitol, and most the time Renly was all alone. But sadly when Renly was 12 years old, he was reaped for the Hunger Games, as he had to take out so much tesserae to feed himself.  Male
Bayleaf Mangolia 11 Slingshot, Blowgun She worked high in the orchards, above the rest so she never really had anyone to talk to, but she liked it. She spent this time reading and learning about plants, and since no one else came up there she wasnt caught out. She liked 11, despite the lack of food and the height of the security, as she loved nature. She slept outside year long, and spent her days in the orchards learning about plants and all that stuff. She has a very large family of 3 sisters and 5 brothers. She was the youngest, and despite the numbers none of them were reaped until it got to her. As all her other sisters were above the age limit no one could volunteer for her, and she had to enter the arena.  Female
Mason Everwood 12 Spear,Bow,Traps He voulunteered for his Games. He is an only child and his parents were killed for stealing food to feed Mason when he was a baby. He voulunteered to show the Capitol he is a fighter. He feels like winning the Games will make his parents death feel avenged. He has trained for this moment since he was 8. Now that he is 18 he will go into the arena and hopefully emerge victorious. For his interview he will play it humorous, innocent, but ready for the arena. His token is his fathers old hand woven bracelet. Male
Raven Bolanos 12 Knife, Ax, Bow and Arrows Funny, Freindly, Nice Female
Scores and Odds
Scores Odds
1M-  11 5-1
1F-  11 4-1
2M-  9 11-1
2F-  10 6-1
3M-  8 13-1
3F-  7 12-1
4M-  10 6-1
4F-  10 7-1
5M- 9 6-1
5F- 9 9-1
6M - 7 16-1
6F- 6 17-1
7M- 9 13-1
7F- 9 7-1
8M- 7 15-1
8F- 8 14-1
9M- 7 18-1
9F- 5 22-1
10M- 8 14-1
10F- 6 20-1
11M- 9 11-1
11F- 8 12-1
12M- 10 8-1
12F-   8 9-1

The Games: <3 COMEPLETE <3

Bloodbath and Day 1:

Day 1, Zaph and Seth M/M Chapter 1

Day 2:

Day 2, Zaph and Seth M/M Chapter 2  ~WIP~

Day 3:

Day 3, Zaph and Seth M/M Chapter 3 ~WIP~ 

Day 4 and 5:

The Feast and Day 6:

Day 7 and Victory:

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♥ Seth Tribes of District 4, The victor of the 174th Annual Hunger Games! ♥

Seth's wish: Zaph, the one to be revived. Seth proposed to Zaph and he said yes. They lived happy together for the rest of their life.

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