Ok well enter a tribute out of the 6. :3 Hurry and enter!


Nina Marian, District 4, 17, Female, Net/Trident/Spear/Throwing Knives/Knives/ Bow and Arrow *Rainie*

Chi Raikou Sasaki, District 6, 13, Female, Mace/Sickle *Dani*

Ruby Bloodstone, District 1, 14, Female, Sword/Dagger/Spear/Mace *Julia/Juliebear*

District 11 Female Reserved *Jackie*

Thistel Foxbell, District 7, 12, Female, Bow/Blowgun (Poison Darts) *Erlend*

District 5 Female Reserved *HungryTeen*

Grafite Mallence, District 13, 14, Male, Explosives/Knives *Vinny*

Darcy Pohavitz, District 11, 12, Female, Knives, *Emma/EmEm/Lupe/Emmie*


Ruby is the third nearest to the cornucopia. (Behind a tree.)

Nina is the first nearest to the cornucopia. (Inside hiding in the cornucopia.)

Chi is the fourth nearest to the cornucopia. (Behind a bush.)

Thistel is the second nearest to the cornucopia. (In a tree.)

Darcy is the sixth nearest to the cornucopia. (In a field.)

Grafite is the fifth nearest to the cornucopia. (In a hole in the ground.)

Day 8, First Death at the Feast:

Nina stays hidden in the cornucopia and will stay till' the first one dies. Ruby jolts from behind the tree and is tripped by Grafite exposing himself. Chi runs and grabs her bag while Darcy grabs hers and gets closer to Ruby. Thistel see's everyone out of their spots and grabs her bag jolting towards the other direction. Nina notices that mostly everyone is distracted and quickly gets her pack. Darcy grabs her Knifes and throws it towards Ruby while she is still on the ground. It digs into her throat and for about a minute she gasps for breath while blood squirts towards the others. Ruby gives her final breath and...


Day 8, Second Death at the Feast:

Graphite doesn't just stare at the death, but it was tempting to see the dying girl since she was a career. He grabs a small bomb and attaches it on Chi. 




Chi noticed the beeping noise a bit to late. 


Her body parts are left all over the grass and scarlet blood splatters on the grass.


Nina is blown back to the metal horn but regains her strength and stands. Darcy runs towards the forest of trees and so does Graphite. Nina escapes from inside the mouth and runs after Graphite.

Day 8, Third death in the Forest:

Darcy continues the path she is on and stops. She holds on to her knees and pants a bit. Her face is pale from running a far distance. She hears rustling in the trees. Who's there? Darcy asks. A shadow appears and Darcy's eyes widen. She gets a knife ready. Someone pounces on her back... Thistel. Darcy turns her head and is face to face to the girl from 7. Thistel grabs out a dart and Darcy tries slicing her throat but fails. The poison dart enters her neck and toxic runs through her veins. She falls to the ground paralyzed with her eyes open facing the sun, it shines on her face and the cannon sounds.


Thistel goes back to her spot and decides to jump tree to tree to spy on the others while the artificial sun goes down.

Last minutes of Day 8:

  • Nina is tired of running after Graphite but is surprised he made it far. She stops to rest for a few hours.
  • Graphite stops at a tree with no more breath. He is thirsty...very...He knocks out seconds later.
  • Thistel places herself on a treetrunk and tries to get a good sleep for tomorrow.

Day 9, Fourth death at the Lake:

Nina watches Graphite crawling towards the lake and tip toes to him. She gets a net and throws it over him. He struggles to get out and Nina jumps onto him. You think you can win this? No, this is my time to shine. She says. He manages to get his arm out and sinks his nails into the ground he gets about a centimeter to the lake and says something with a dry mouth, I-I'm...Very..T~Thirsty!! Nina smiles and gets up, How about I put you out of your misery? Does that sound good? Graphite shuts his eyes and Nina releases the trident into his stomach. The red liquid flows down his body and the sound Nina likes roars out into the arena.


Day 9, Fifth and final death at the field:

Nina walks away from the scene and sees Thistel no where. She drags her feet against the damp dry grass and feels a force hit her back. It was Thistel being a like sneaky fox again. Thistel was close to killing Nina but is flipped over and lands back first to the ground. Thistel lets out a groan of pain while Nina looks at her with devil like eyes. She quickly gets out a net and throws it over Thistel and while she is still in pain she ties it. NO! PLEASE!, Thistel begs. I'm so close to winning these games. A 12 year old girls pleading won't stop me., Nina purrs out. I HATE YOU!, Thistel screams, her lip quivering and her eyes letting out streams of tears. Nina gives a devious look of pleasure and drags Thistel to a near rock. See you in hell.

Once Nina bangs her head on the rock.


Twice and the magic happens.


Thistel's eyes stay open. Her jaw is dropped and Nina stares at her. Crimson flows down the side of her head and the tears evaporate.



The trumpets sound and the fireworks explode. Congratulations, Nina Marian, Victor of the 84th Hunger Games!, The announcer says. Nina gives a innocent smile like nothing happened and is taken out the arena by a hovercraft.

Congrats Nina!!!! ~Alex

Alternate ending....

Thistel's stunt of pretending to die (Fake blood and her family hacking with the cannons.) worked but her famnily was killed. Thistel was forced to live with Nina...that wasn't pretty.

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