• Clovethevictor

    This is my first ever hunger games. This is the 1st hunger games after the dark days.There is no District 13 and it is not a very good game because it is the first. There is only 24 tributes. Commet to become a tribute and include: name, district, age, if you would ally,your weopons, your tranning score, other things, and your token.

    This is the Arena. You cant see the words but on the sides are water. The water will kill you, The sand is filled with potholes that will suck you under ground until you are on the other side of the arena. Then there is palm trees that are easy to climb up. The yellow dot, well, we all know what that is. On the bottom is a mutt hole. Mutts will come out of the hole once someone walks by the hole. The fresh wate…

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