This is my first ever hunger games. This is the 1st hunger games after the dark days.There is no District 13 and it is not a very good game because it is the first. There is only 24 tributes. Commet to become a tribute and include: name, district, age, if you would ally,your weopons, your tranning score, other things, and your token.


My first hg arena
This is the Arena. You cant see the words but on the sides are water. The water will kill you, The sand is filled with potholes that will suck you under ground until you are on the other side of the arena. Then there is palm trees that are easy to climb up. The yellow dot, well, we all know what that is. On the bottom is a mutt hole. Mutts will come out of the hole once someone walks by the hole. The fresh water pond is on the top and you can drink it. The black wall is 100ft high and it is filled with life saving things. Only if you open it. It is brick, metal, wood, and concreate. That is the arena...........


District 1: The girl was happy and exitced to go and the boy was too.

District 2: The girl acted like she couldnt belive it but her name was in so many times and the boy said he was going to make the first kill.

District 3: The girl was scared and thought she would die. The boy was scared of the careers and tried to run.

District 4:The girl was shaking and talked alot. The boy was small and wishpered hello.

District 5: The girl was playing with a odd wire and the boy screamed.

District 6:The girl was scared to go on the train and to go in a helicopter and the boy was nervos.

District 7: The girl was ok but talked about her ax and when she cut off her familys roof. The boy asked about the arena.

Distict 8: The girl was in a bright blue outfit and she could be seen a mile away and the boy was in yellow and he kept rubbbing his head.

Disrirct 9: The girl was talking about grain and forgot about the reaping. The boy was taking deep breaths and gasped alot.

District 10: The girl talked about her cows and her kinfe. The boy asked what tributes he was going against.

District 11:The girl was talking about why she was to young and about her family. The boy was freaked and he could barley breath.

District 12: The girl was asking if they would be naked this year and the boy asked if he could hide from the captiol.

The interviews

D1 girl: She was smiling and talked about herself alot. She was dreessed in a light green dress with a light ruffle on the bottom. It went down to her knees, She had her hair in a strict bun.

D1 boy: He was jumpy and talked very quick.He was dressed in a poping blue jacket with matching pants and a light green shirt.

D2 girl: She was sweet and talked about death.She wears a navy blue coloured dress which goes down to her knees.Her hair was in a bun that stuck out of her hair it looked like. She has flat black flat shoes. She also talked about making her family proud.

D2 boy: He wanted to talk about him but Ceaser asked him about his wepons. He was in a fancy black leather jacket with a navy blue strip down the middle. He wore black jeans and black running shoes.

D3 girl: She shook and when someone talked to her she cries. She wore something that made her a D3 girl. It was a light silver dress that was stiff around the body and it was short but long at the same time.

D3 boy: He acted calm and he was smiling alot. He looked mostly at his mentor in the crowd. He wore a yellow coat and pants and a pink tee shirt.

D4 girl: She awenserd the Q's and she talked about the beach.She wore a ocean blue skirt and top.

D4 boy: He asked to leave because his mentor left him no choice in choosing what to be like.He wore a tan like sand clolored top and ocean colored jeans.

D5 girl: She talked about her favrite things in the Capitol and also very quiet.She wore a silver top with sparkles and gray bottoms.

D5 boy: He talked about his house in 5 and talked to himself alot.He wore gray . All gray. He said it it what the district looked like and he stylits did not pick it out for him.

D6 girl: She talked about how queasy she got on the train.She wore a 3 button dress with a high collor. The dress was green and she had the same color leggings.

D6 boy: He acted happy but was scared and he didnt sit down at all.He wore a brown color as a top and it had a train on the shoulder and he had a train on his brown pants, right on the trim.

D7 girl: She touched her hair alot and said it was stiff and hurt her head, She wore a green dress with a brown puff at the bottom and a brown ruffle at the top.

D7 boy: He talked about his paper and oil workers at his house and how he uses the bunt of his ax to make a mark in the trees,He wore a little tight jacket and a small pair of green and brown shorts.

D8 girl: She talked about her reaping outfit and all the other things in her house.She wore a multi colored dress. It was moslty pink and blue and some yellow. It looked like it was a alot of diffrent parts in one.

D8 boy":He was calm until Ceaser asked him about his family. He wore a dark blue and black jacket and a dark green shirt and a dark colored pants.

D9 girl:She talked about the grain she picked and made and hoped that she would make her family proud by finding grain in the arena to eat.She wore a grain colored dress with her hair tied into a bun.

D9 Boy: Speaks of family hoping to return too. Dressed in black suit with red tie.

D10 girl: Awensered all the Q's. She laughed at good awensers and she was good with a crowd. She was in a black shirt and a white pair of pants and a red dot on the pants.

D10 boy: He acted like he didnt care and he wanted the 3 mintues to be over quickly. D11 girl:She was talking about her family and the mockingjays she could hear from work, D12 boy:He talked about his loved one back home(his family) and promised if he made it out alive he woulld let Ceaser see the shop where he earned his money.

D12 girl: She laughed and talked and chocked up on storys about her family She wore a black dre ss that looked like coal.

The opening cermonies.

The opening cermoies were very good for the first year. The tributes were happy. This is what they wore.

They wore a perfect bright neon blue. The girl wore a long gown and the boy wore a jacket with matching pants with pink shirt.

2. They wore a dark gold suit of armor that was not full body. They were helmets with a gold and silver lining. Teh girl wore a large gold tank top under the armor and it was tight but she didnt care. She wore a metal hand glove on each hand and she held it up to the crowd and the other tributes alot. The boy wore a heavy real gold undersuit and it showed off his arms, On the girls helmet was a small district 2 symbol and the boys had the same.

3. They wore a silver cape over a light silver bodysuit. The girl had a crown on and it had a little tape on it that showed a tour of the district. They boy had a paper boy cap on and it was gentle on his head. His hair was tucked under the hat and the hat was gray and silver.

4. The girl wore a blue dress with tan dots of glitter on it. The boy wore a flowing blue shirt and tan pants with the shirt looking like it was the real ocean.

5. They wore a gray bodysuit that hide the smiles they didnt bring. Also, the girl had a line of silver painted on each side of her nose. The boy had a silver tint in his hair.

6. The girl wore a white colored dress and it looked like the outside of the train, On dress was a D6 symbol. The boy wore a white jacket with a small picture of a heilcopter on it. The pants were white too,

7. The girl wore a green head dress. It was puffy like the top of a tree. The girl wore a striped brown dress like a tree with part of it cut in like it was cut by a axe. The girl had a axed engraving on her arm.The boy wore the same headress and the shirt and shorts werent cut but the shorts were choppy.

8. They were diffrent. The girl had her hair puffed in a tight bun. She wore a choppy blue dress with specks of yellow and pink. The boy wore blue jeans splattred with yellow dots and a pink top.the headress was the same.

9.They wore grey and a dull yellow. The girl had on a long yellow dress and it had a a pattern like a patch of grain. The girl wore a gray working cap. The boy wore a yellow tank top and he had dull gray and yellow pants.

10. They wore a cowboy and cowgirl outfit. It was complete with a flaming belt emblemed with a cow, a white leater jacket,dark cow spotted boots and pants. The girl wore a puffy headdress that was black and white. The boy wore a baseball cap the same but with a little district symbol on it.

11. They wore a workers outfit. Nothing could remove the bags under their eyes so the coustme worked for them. Also, the girl had a WAY to big straw hat on and she had on blue jeans, a long gray and blue dress with grass stains, and she had no shoes on. The boy wore a green stained, blue jacket, gray and yellow pants, brown shoes, and a small baseball cap that was made of straw.

12. The girl wore a long orange dress with a sprinkle of coal on it. (Yes, it is real coal). She wore a miners hat and instead of the light was a district symbol. She had on big heels and a crown that was black. The boy wore a yellow tuxido and a black hand glove. He had on a prince hat that was black. He had on sneakers dusted with coal and his coat and yellow pants and red tee shirt were too.


District 1:

NAME: Saphire Hyland APPEARANCE: Long flowing blond hair, pale, 5'7, blue eyes, toned, beautiful AGE: 18 STRENGTHS: Good with a sword, ruthless, fast, has no problem with sponsors WEAKNESSES: overconfident, not good at obtaining food by herself

Name:Benny Oakling


Weapons:Throwing Darts

Tranning Score:8

Token:A dimond from his father

Gender: Male

District 12:

Name: Tatertot Fowler

Allies: District counterpart and hopefully more

Age: 13

Wepons: Sword and Bows and Arrows

Tranning score: 9

Token: Dinosur Metal


Name: Nox Storm

Allies:District 6 male tribute


Wepons:Throwing knifes,Bow and Arrow,

Tranning score:9

Token:A deer hoof necklace

District 2

Name:Lottie Adams


Token: A silver braclet with a heart charm

Wepons: Sword, Throwing knifes, Hand to Hand Combat, Hunting and Tree Climbing, Very fexiable and agile.

Tranning score: 11

Name:Cabel Stoll



Tranning Score:9

Token: a locket of his mother and father

District 3:

Name:Dearson Wire


Weapons: Trident, Bow and Arrow,Throwing Knifes

Gender: Male

Token:A broken spearhead that was once his fathers.

Tranning Score:8

Name:Axel Health


Weapons:Sword, Knifes


Token:a broken dented knife from her family

Tranning Score:6

District 4:

Name: Pearla Ceston



Wepons:Axes, boomerangs with spikes

Token:A rose hairclip

Tranning score:9

Name:Manny Quever



Weapons: posion, knifes

Token:a empty test tube

Tranning Score:8

District 5:

Name: Gracie Bennett


Weapon: Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knifes

Tranning Score: 6

Token:A plastic broken toy cup from when she was 4.

Name:Jason Whitcare

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Weapon:Bow and Arrow

Tranning Score: 6

Token: A twisted wire.

District 6:

Name:Jessica Shoio


Weapon:Bow and Arrow

Token:Eyes with freackles in it

Tranning Score:9


Name: Max Evin


Weapon: Bow, Knife, Sword,

Token: A broken wheel on his old train

Tranning Score: 6

Gender: Male

District 7:

Name:Atlas Dunnin



Token:A skull necklace

Wepons:Axe, Tomahawk, throwing knifes

Tranning score: 9

Name: Hany Vandlt


Weapons:Pocket Knife/ throwing knifes

Tranning Score: 8

Token: A blade of a axe from D7.

Gender: Female

District 9:

Name:Darron Valorson


Age: 17

Wepons: Knifes, Swords, Spears, Bows.

Tranning score: 10


Token: A necklace woven from wheat and grass on his fathers farm.

Name:Aria Camelliston


Weapons:Bow and Arrow

Tranning Score:7

Token: A small blue ribon that once belonged to her mother.

District 10

Name:Cathrine(Cathy) Rosedain


Weapons:Throwing Knifes , Bow and Arrow

Token: A gold ring, the last thing her sister gave her

Tranning Score: 9



Token:A braclet

Weapon: Bow and Arrow

Tranning Score: 5

District 11

Name:Zac Brown


Weapons: Glass, stealth, Knifes, Hand to Hand

Token: A glass jar

Tranning Score: 4



Weapons: Bow and Arrow, throwing knifes

Token:Golden Chain Braclet

Tranning Score:9

Death Chart
Tribute By who Day Zac Brown Max Evin 1
Cabel Stoll Max Evin 1
Tcarr Gracie Bennett 1
Hany Vandlt Mutts/Careers 1
Darron Varlson Mutts / Careers 1
Jason Whitcare Bloodbath 1
Aria Camellston Bloodbath 1
Nox Storm Bloodbath 1
Isabela Water 2
Max Evin Gracie Bennett 2
Tartot Folwer Gracie Bennett 2
Benny Oakling Gracie Bennett 2
Pearla Ceaston Careers 3
Cathy Rosedain Gracie Bennett 3

Day 1

After the Gong, Zac ran away from the corocpia and he was struck by Max Evin. Max was then runnning and killed Cabel Stoll. Max went into the forest for the night. Gracie Bennett got alot of food and water. The arena wasnt looking healty so, Gracie hid behind a boulder that had a bow and arrow and she shot down Tcarr as he was confused by the arena. The careers gathreed behind some mutt holes that they set off at the other tributes. They killed Hany Vandlt and Darron Valrson. The rest of the tributes ran off into the woods and to the beach but Gracie stayed behind the rock and the careers stayed by the mutt holes. The night became dark and the tributes were shown. In the bloodbath died, Jason Whitcare, Aria Camellston, and Nox Storm. Then the first day was over

Day 2

The first to wake up was Max Evin. He crawled out of the tree he was hiding in and saw Isabela who was drinking some water. Max took a knife out but the water killed Isabela first. Max heard a cannon and he jumped and fell out of the tree., He was saw by Gracie Bennett who brought a knife into his heart. Gracie took off with the things and she ran into the patch of trees and ran to the fresh water pond. She dipped herself clean and was hit in the shoulder from Tatertot Folwer with a arrow. She pulled out the arrow and laughed because she killed him with his own arrow.Gracie ran into the open and screamed "Get Me If You Dare!!!" and laughing in a high voice unlike hers. The careers thought they could kill her so they jumped out and she pulled out a knife. She ran to them and she killed the leader, Benny Oakling. She laughed only to be hit by another member. But she just ran until she pulled the arrow out of her bleeding arm. She sat on the forest floor until she was knocked out by losing so much blood. The careers ran to the black wall and started to knock on it. Nothing happened so they just slept in a tree where they couldnt see Gracie slowly losing color in her face.

Day 3

When the Careers woke they saw a hole in the black wall. They all ran to it, pushing and shoving each other and laughing. During the mess of it, Pearla Cerston died because she was pushed way to hard in the heart with a knife. When Pearla reached inside the hole from the ground she felt a warm feeling and something dripped down her body. The world went fuzzy and someone yelled her name but she didnt know why. She just laid there until her world went black. Gracie woke up and she couldnt move. She pushed herself onto a rock and looked though a pack until she found water and something to eat. She picked up cream filled cookies from the bloodbath. She ate them and she still coundlt move. She was burried in black and a sea of colors. Someone pushed something down her thought. It was warm and silky. She thought it was the taste of death. But she felt good. When she looked to the person it was Cathrine Rosedain. Then Cathrine walked away slowly but when she looked back Gracie had a arrow ready and she shot it in Cathrines face.She said" I dont feel bad for anyone."

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