hi this is my 1st games, i would LOVE it if u made a tribute.

there is no tribute max and dont get mad if your tribute dies.


heres the decription





skills (2 max )

weakness (1)



token also if i think it would be right then tow tributes might have some romance BUT FROM DIFFRENT DISTRECTS!!

also im open to sugestions for the arena!!!

hurry hurry i cant wait to kill of 23 tributes !!!!!!!!!!!

Distrect 1 female

Vanity McClain

Age: 16

Weapon(s): Sword, Mace

Strength(s): Sword

Weakness(s): Not Being Well Fed

Personality: Charming, Sarcastic

Appearance: Shiny Blonde Hair, Sparkling Blue Eyes

token: dimond ring


District 2 Female

Age: 15

Name: Piper Quimbly

Weapon: Knives

Skills: Killing, Smart

Weaknesses: Strength

personality: cold and quiet

apperance: red hair, green eyes, pale skin

token: the hilt of her first knive


District 3 Female

Age: 16

Name: Spectra Drew

Weapon: Blowgun

Skills: Fast, good at killing

Weaknesses: Short Temper

Personality: Sweet, kind, funny, mean to people she dislikes

Appearance: Long red hair, green eyes, freckles, and scar on right eye

token: ring made out of wire



Distrect 4 female

Abbey Mae Finn

Age: 14

Strengths: Strong. Very smart. Quick reflexes. Always prepared. Very cautious. She is a good climber and can run for a long time, but she isn't fast. She is an amazing healer. Athletic. She is very good at hiding her emotions. She can go wihout food for a long time. She can tolerate a bunch of physical/ emotional pain without breaking down. She is very calm and steady.

Weapons: Hand-to-hand combat. Bow-and-arrow.

Weaknesses: She is deathly afraid of the water, but she is actually an amazing swimmer. She is frightened of lightening. Spiders bother her a lot. She isn't fast, but she can run for a long time. Extreme darkness scares her. She won't kill young or weak tributes.

Appearance: Her hair is blonde with several different highlights. She has crystal blue eyes. Her skin is very tan from laying in the sun for hours at a time. She is extremely beautiful, but doesn't think she is.

Personality: Athletic. She tries to be funny, but she isn't. She is very likeable. She is very responsible and clever. Abbey Mae is an incredible healer. She is trustworthy and someone you can tell anything. Abbey Mae would never hurt someone unless they threaten her or someone she cares about or she must kill them to protect her or someone she loves. She is like a mother to anyone, older or younger. She is a great listener and will try to help you. Abbey Mae is very understanding. Even though she has trained all her life for the Ganes and she is a Career, she doesn't act like one. Abbey Mae is really southern (country).

token: a thin black rope around her neck.

District 5 male

Cale Silverado-

Age: 13

Appearance: A long red ponytail with messy bangs. He always go with his shirt off and a bandanna tied around his neck. His eyes are bright green, but he normally sits with them closed so not many people notice how his eyes flash. He is super pale and skinny. He has a bunch freckles covering his face. Cale doesn't try to be attractive, because he knows he's not. Cale acts real, not artificial and not perfect. He's proud to be himself and won't change his looks, his opinions, his decisions, or his attitude based on what someone else says.

Weapon: Doesn't know how to use any weapons, because he never trained.

Strengths: None.

Weaknesses: He isn't strong. He isn't fast. He isn't smart. He will give up at the bloodbath so he doesn't have to starve be uncomfortable in the arena. He wants to die at the bloodbath.

Personality: He is really dumb and is always teased. He is very odd ans strange and always makes strange noises. He rarely moves. He tries to avoid speaking. He is always doing weird things. He dresses weird, too.

Token: His sisters bracelet that he always plays with. His fingers never leave the bracelet


distrect 6 female

Luna Moon

Age: 13

Weapon(s): Mace, Bow & Arrow

Strenghth(s): Running, Agility

Weakness(s): Climbing

Personality: Sweet, Kind,

Appearance: Platinum, Green Eyes, Olive Skin

token: a chain braclet


Distrect 7 female

Cherry Fantius

Age: 14

Weapon(s): Axe

Strenghth(s): Climbing

Weakness(s): Swimming

Personality: Spunky, Sweet

Appearnce: Dirty Blonde Hair, Blue/White Eyes, Peach Skin, Rosey Cheeks

Token: A Ring That Says Her Name


Distrect 10 female

Suzanne Crayel

Age: 15

'Weapon(s): Throwing Knives'

'Alliance: 17-18 year olds'

'Strength(s): Running'

'Weakness(s): Climbing, Cold'

'Personality: Kind, Southern Acent'

Appearance: Black hair, Brown eyes, White skin token: cattle clip

token: cattle clip

District 11 Male

Court Morgan

Age: 17

Strengths: Very strong. Escape artist. Flexible.

Weapons: Swords. Traps.

Weaknesses: Afraid of heights. Is a bit reluctant when it comes to killing, but he will kill to save him or a loved one. He wants to protect weaker tributes. Will not abandon anyone unless they become a threat to him.

Appearance: African American. He has extremely straight hair that is midnight black. It touches a bit past his eyebrows. He has brown eyes with gorgeaus, golden specks. His skin is flawless except for a scar along his left cheek. He is tall and very muscular. Court is really handsome and attractive.

Personality: He is kind and is funny. He loves to make people laugh, but he definately can be serious.

Token: A stone figurine in the shape of an ear of corn. The corn kernals will be tinted a shimmering gold

District 11 Female

Age: 18

Name: Spring Williams

Weapon: Sword

Skills: Strong, charisma

Weaknesses: Speed

personality: sweet

apperance: dark skin, brown hair, brown eyes

token: green lace for her hair


Distrect 12 female

Shelby Woods


Weapon(s): Bow and Arrow,Knives




Apperance:Brown hair in a braid,Green eyes,Light skin

Token: A charm braclete she got when she was 4



Spring Willows POV

i wake up in my room, that i share with my 5 sisters and 7 brothers. i am scared, not just for me but for my 3 sisters and 4 brothers in the reaping, it is ellas first year, and it WOULD be my older sisters first year she DID NOT have to go. last year she was reaped and was killed by the 2 boy, the previous victor.

"Ella, daark, morgania, panima, bejing, tomos, court, wake up" i called. all of them but one were my real family, court morgan was my adopted brother but i loved him just the same.

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