• I live in District 12
  • I was born on February 25
  • I am Male
  • CobraStarshipFan

    Basically, I got bored and wrote a parody of fun.'s "We Are Young" about the Careers and Katniss. Enjoy!


    Give me a second, I

    I need to get my story straight

    My allies were all sleeping

    While that District 12 girl sealed my fate

    My lover he is Cato and he’s

    Trying to save my ass

    Then Clove drags him away from where I am

    My face loses mass and

    I looked so pretty at the Interviews

    But now it’s easy to forget

    That between these Games, it’s such a shame, my face is starting to lose shape

    I don’t think I can get it back

    So if by the time

    This is over

    I’ve already fallen down

    I’m not coming home


    I’ve been stung

    Done in by the girl on fire

    Now she’ll burn brighter

    While I’m done


    I’ve been stung

    My skin feels like it’s on fire

    Green getting brighte…

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