• Col. Hogan

    Xander Frost

    April 26, 2013 by Col. Hogan

    Real Name: Alexander J. Frost


    Katana, Switchblade

    Adaptive Camoflauge

    Alexander "Xander" Frost was born in District 1 of Panem. He grew up in one of the richest communites and was the son of a goldsmith, which made him very strong. He wanted to get into inventing, however his parents were against it, so he would occassionally sneak parts into his room, where he would develop some impressive pieces of technology. By the time of the 86th Annual Hunger Games, he volunteered for the events because of a young girl named Jessica Mikaelson who he had a crush on in his childhood. He traveled with Jessica to the Capital where they were trained.

    Xander is known to be a skilled martial artist thanks to DVD's that were saved from his …

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