Real Name: Alexander J. Frost


Katana, Switchblade

Adaptive Camoflauge

Alexander "Xander" Frost was born in District 1 of Panem. He grew up in one of the richest communites and was the son of a goldsmith, which made him very strong. He wanted to get into inventing, however his parents were against it, so he would occassionally sneak parts into his room, where he would develop some impressive pieces of technology. By the time of the 86th Annual Hunger Games, he volunteered for the events because of a young girl named Jessica Mikaelson who he had a crush on in his childhood. He traveled with Jessica to the Capital where they were trained.

Skills & Abilities

Xander is known to be a skilled martial artist thanks to DVD's that were saved from his grandfather 75 years earlier. He has also been shown to have a knowledge of melee weapon combat, as well as knowledge in inventing. He also has been known to be excellent in the medical field as well and even survival tactics. Although he is 220 lb, Xander is known to be a very agile.


Xander is a young man that is 6ft 7 inches and weighs 220 lb. He has jet black hair and has electric sapphire blue eyes. He is known to wear a black leather jacket, sweat pants and steel tipped boots. He is male caucasian and is 17 years old, plus is very muscular.


Xander has been the boyfriend of Jessica Mikaelson since he was 7 and by 15, he and her became more than just friends. She was the reason that he volunteered for the Hunger Games and he wanted to prove to her that he'd die to protect her.

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