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  • I am fabulous!
  • ColourfulRain

    Name District Gender Day Reason of Death Creator
    24 Natasha Grey 10 Female 1 Killed by Bliss's knife in the bloodbath Annamisasa
    23 Cobble Silverwisp 2 Male 1 Killed by Everest's spear in the bloodbath Deaphalia911
    22 Vixen Albridge 12 Female 1 Killed by Brass in the bloodbath Lead The Careers
    21 Summer Fest 11 Female 1 Killed by Artemis's bow and arrow in the bloodbath Angry birds12
    20 Allan Rye 11 Male 1 Killer by Lyndsay's knife in the bloodbath Wesolini
    19 John Carter 5 Male 1 Killed by Gretta's axe in the bloodbath Fiske Cahill
    18 Wither Quagsmire 12 Male 1 Killed by Brass by snapping of neck in the bloodbath ColourfulRain
    17 Sparks Fly 3 Male 1 Killed by Cassia's sword in the tunnel Prezziesnow9704:)!
    16 Gretta Leidel 1 Female 2 Killed by Jet…

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