Name District Gender Day Reason of Death Creator
24 Natasha Grey 10 Female 1 Killed by Bliss's knife in the bloodbath Annamisasa
23 Cobble Silverwisp 2 Male 1 Killed by Everest's spear in the bloodbath Deaphalia911
22 Vixen Albridge 12 Female 1 Killed by Brass in the bloodbath Lead The Careers
21 Summer Fest 11 Female 1 Killed by Artemis's bow and arrow in the bloodbath Angry birds12
20 Allan Rye 11 Male 1 Killer by Lyndsay's knife in the bloodbath Wesolini
19 John Carter 5 Male 1 Killed by Gretta's axe in the bloodbath Fiske Cahill
18 Wither Quagsmire 12 Male 1 Killed by Brass by snapping of neck in the bloodbath ColourfulRain
17 Sparks Fly 3 Male 1 Killed by Cassia's sword in the tunnel Prezziesnow9704:)!
16 Gretta Leidel 1 Female 2 Killed by Jet's scythe in the forest Jsm13athome
15 Cassia Sylara 5 Female 2 Killed by Bliss's knife in forest while in Slenderman form Cupcakesrule
14 Max Summers 8 Male 3 Killed by Lyndsay in the tunnel Rockman117
13 Golden Hawbrook 6 Male 4 Killed by Jet's scythe outside of tunnel Rockman117
12 Jet Miller 9 Male 5 Killed by horse mutt Beetee19
11 Antero Lisin 4 Male 6 Killed by Everest's spear Wesolini
10 Everest Strong 10 Male 6 Killed by Bliss's axe Angry birds12
9 Brass Sater 1 Male 6 Killed by Fragile's axe Angry birds12
8 Lyndsay Willis 2 Female 6 Killed by Sawyer's axe Lead The Careers
7 Celeste Ryder 8 Female 8 Killed by Bliss's knife Beetee19
6 Emerald Infinity 3 Female 9 Killed by Sawyer's axe Prezziesnow9704:)!
5 Sawyer Thomas 7 Male 9 Killed by Artemis's arrow Beetee19
Victor! Bliss Creme 4 Female 9 Angry birds12
Victor! Artemis Kane 6 Female 9 Beetee19
Victor! Fragile Lemongrass 7 Female 9 ColourfulRain
Victor! Autumn Le Blanc 9 Female 9 Deaphalia911

So far District 12, District 5, and District 11 are out with both tributes dead! District 1, District 2, District 3, District 6, District 8, and District 9 are fighting for the victor's place with 1 tribute each alive while lucky District 4 and District 7 have both their tributes alive and well! Which tribute will win in The Examination Games?


Congrats to Bliss Creme, Artemis Kane, Fragile Lemongrass and Autumn Le Blanc for winning the Examination Games! And we so totally are not going to bomb their districts for their rebelling act!

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