These are ConspiracyKiller825's Tributes. Please feel free to use any of them but please let me know before hand. Thanks, and Enjoy!

District 1

District 2

Name: Scarlett Winters 

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5"8

Personality: By looking at her, she looks young, laid back and not a care in the world. Which is exactly what she wants you to think. Because she is really, studying everyone and everything. If you were to attack her, she would know before you did. This is what makes her a valuble ally in the arena as she has amazing instincts. She is very quiet and has practiced all her life, waiting for her moment as the victor of a Huner Games. 

History: Scarlett was born in District 2 with her mean, bitchy mum, her obsive dad and three older stupid brothers. Until the age of 6, she was never allowed outside and was locked inside her bedroom with only her dad bringing in meals for her and hitting her when she had cried and banged against the door all night. When she was finally allowed outside and to go to school they stop taking care of her. It was all up to her to make sure she survived until she could make it out of the ugly household. They wouldn't take any notice of her, if she didn't come back till mid-night or even later they would just pretend she was a shadow. 

With six years in her bedroom she had studied all Hunger Games and found interesting things with them. She had kept in shape and made sure she had never starved. So she decided that she would practice for the Hunger Games, every day after school. Every time she mastered a weapon she would steal another one. Then after finding her inner weapons were the tridents and trowing knives, she decided to put it together on a real person. She had so much fun putting every member of her family in the reaping bowl and pretending to be there escort. She then reaped her father and planned how to kill him in the most painful way. 

She first kidnapped him and took him to her practice area. She then killed him slowly but cutting off parts and hitting him until finally he died. The police found the body and while that was happening, scarlett grabbed her things out of the house and left but just before she could somebody knocked her out and took her away. She still couldn't see but she could hear about four people mumbuling about her, she then yelled at them to take the bag off her head. She was expecting a hit in the face but nstead they removed the bag. She was still tied up to the chair. They told her they have recorded video of her klling er father and threatened to show the police unless she worked for them. They were a crimanal organisation that got payed to kill certain people. She was actually so happy she jumped up and fell over on her face. She agreed and said nothing would make her happier. 

So she became a contract killer and killed many District 2 Citizens. She also killed each member of her family the same way, she did her father. When she was 17, she asked something of her boss; "Can you rig my name in that reaping bowl". Her bossed laughed and said nothing could be simpler. 

Strenghts: She is great at stealth, which will be one of her main strengths. She can kill people fast and effectively and can be out of the secene in fast time. Her instincts, help her find game and tributes. She is great at setting traps for tributes and game as well. 

Weaknesses: She can't swim and hates cold water. She has never been good at climbing and finds it deadly. She hates cold climates more then anything.

Fears: Her main fear is cold climates. She is scared of heights and she fears the muttations in every Hunger Games. 

Family: Dad: Matthew Winters

Mum: Maria Winters

Brothers: Liam, Paul and Alex Winters

Eye Colour: Dark Blue

Hair Colour: Black

Weapons: Trident, Throwing Knives, Traps 

Interview Angle: As she always is; laid back and not a care in the world

Bloodbath Strategy: Run in as fast as she can. Put a backpack and some food and water aside, incase she needs to make a run for it. Grab some tridents and some throwing knives and kill as many tributes as she can see. But her main goal will be to stick with the careers while not getting killed.

Feast Strategy: Take out her biggest threat with her throwing knives or trident. Then run and grab her bag as well as the person she just killed bag. If she doesn't have a weapon she will use her smarts and stealth to find the safest way to get her bag. 

Token: A beautiful Black anklet with the number 2 engraved in White

Alliance: Careers 

Games Participated In:

[1]District 2 Scarlett Winters

District 3

District 4

District 5

District 6

District 7

District 8

District 9

Name: Dawn Swan

Age: 9

Gender: Female

Height: 4"7

Personality: She may look stubern and stuck-up, but she is really just a sweet, kind and loving person. She has no friends since she was never allowed to go to school after her mum died and that really took a toll on her. She has a few mental and anger issues because of this and her mums death plus her fathers prostitution issue. Though her main quality is determination and she hopes that will get her through the arena. 

History: She was born in district 9 with her wonderful mother and a drunken filth load of a dad. Her dad was always drunk or hangover, while her mum was always caring for her and making sure she was alright. Her dad was also a gambler and Dawn’s mum was losing all her hard earn’t money. So one day her mum confronted her dad about how he had to leave and she wanted a divorce, he was so drunk she basically shoved him outside the house and locked the doors and windows. The next day when Dawn woke up she found her mother dead in a huge pool of blood with a knife in her back. Dawn was only 7 and had a huge mental brakedown. She almost got charged for the murder but they found no evidence against her. Dawn told the officers about her dad and was sure he was responsible but again no evidence was found. She was left to his care which basically meant taking care of herself. But he forced her into a life of prostitution with him. She was alive and not living but was on the verge of committing suicide, until she realized she could go into  the hunger games and could either die and never have to be with her dad again or win and with all her money leave her dad and live in the victors village.

Strenghts: She is great at long range shooting, which is why here weapons can both shoot up to long distances. Is attractive and knows how to use it to her advantage. She is also good at figuring out hard puzzles, set by the gamemakers and the other Tributes. 

Weaknesses: She has never been hunting for game, and only knows how to pick some berries or Fruit. She has never been swimming or found the idea of it enjoyable. Is scared of hand to hand combat or close range battles. 

Family: Dad: Julius Swan

Mum: Victoria Swan

Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: Orange

Weapons: Blowgun/ Bow and Arrow

Interview Angle: Play dumb and Sexy/Slutty 

Bloodbath Strategy: Go the opposite way but get someone in her alliance to get her a Bow or a Blowgun (Of course with darts and Arrows). If not she will try and get it herself but if things get risky she will forget it and hope she has amazing sponsors. 

Feast Strategy: Stay hidden and attack the other tributes with her Bow and Arrows or her Blowgun and be the last tribute to grab her bag. If she doesn't have her weapons she will go for it but only if her bag has something that could be life saving.

Token: A Ying and Yang Necklace

Alliance: Her District Partner and the Tributes from District 8

Games Participated In:

[2]District 9 Dawn Swan

District 10

Name: Blaine Fitz

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Height: 5"8

Personality: Nervous. He is always nervous and sometimes overthinks small things, which distracts people from his real qualities - like loving, Caring, hard working and loyal. He is very shy with new people but is crazy and out going with his friends. He needs his friends to take him outside his comfort zone very once in a while.

History: Himself and his mum and dad, lived in what they would call a beautiful home, in District 7. His mum and dad were in very big trouble money wise. They were going to lose their home and could also lose custody of Blaine. Until one day his mum got pregnet and went to live inside the community hospital, where they could look after her. So at home there was one less person to feed, which lifted them out of their money problems.

It was one week before Blaines first time in the reaping bowl. His mother had the baby but died delivering. It was a baby girl who was named, Gabriella. It killed Blaine on the inside, that he no longer had a mother. 

It was hard for him ajusting to not having a mother but there was nothing he could do. He had left school and got a job that payed just enough to survive. He was now 16 and Gabriella was now 4 and things were getting worse and worse with money again. Blaine knew he had to do something. There was only one option in his mind, to save his family from death. To volunteer and win the Hunger Games so his family could be bathed in riches and never have any worries again. And that's exactly what he did. 

Strenghts: He is intelligent. Get's top marks in English and Maths, so he figure out hard puzzles. He is also very nervous, which is good because he over thinks small things, which could save him in the arena. He is also great with an axe and practied throwing axes from a young age. He also doesn't trust people easily, which could help him stay alive longer. 

Weaknesses: He's had no swimming practice and has no idea how to move fast in water. Misses his family alot and cry's, which could give him away in the games and he could lose mental control. Likes to work alone and not make alliances which could kill him if he needs help. 

Fears: Blaine's main fear is losing his family. He is scared of any insects or Birds. He fears dieing from hunger or thirst. 

Family: Dad: Garry Fitz

Mum: Sally Fitz

    Little Sister: Gabriella Fitz

Eye Colour: Light Blue

Hair Colour: Black 

Weapons: Axe/ Throwing Axes/ Tomahawk

Interview Angle: Look couragous and ready to go to do whatever it takes to save his family. 

Bloodbath Strategy: No matter what run towards an axe or some Throwing axes, if it seem's safe look for suppiles or good weapons, only if he see's someone coming for him will he abandon his plan and run away with what he has, though no matter what, he wants something. He will try to kill one or

two people but nothing that would put his life in danger. 

Feast Strategy: Get in, get out without meeting anyone, and if he does, he will fight to the D

eath to make sure he get's away. He will take nobody els's bag except his. 

Token: A Red Flaming Ring 

Games Participated In:

[3]District 10, Blaine Fitz  

District 11

Name: Rubin Jett

Age: 17

Gender: Male 

Height: 5"9

Personality: There is no word to describe him. He has no friends since he is always working. He is quite slim, as he has never had enough to eat all his life. He is very quiet and is sometimes found muttering to himself, quite often. He would make a great ally in the arena, with all his life skills and strengths. He lives by himself and doesn’t let many people into his life. He has never killed before but from the way he acts sometimes, you would think he has. But since his brother was killed in an earlier Hunger Games, and Rubin blames himself for that, he knows he needs to avenge his brother and win the Hunger Games.

History: N/A – Not much is known about his life. He had a mother and father plus one younger brother. Nothing is known about them either except for his younger brother. Rubin was 15 and his brother was 14 years old. His brother got reaped for the Hunger Games but Rubin did not volunteer, for some reason he couldn’t do it, not even to save his brother. Of course his younger brother got killed and it really took it’s toll on Rubin as he should of protected him. Until finally when he was 17, he volunteered, when he thought he was ready, to avenge his brothers death and make him proud.

Strenghts: He is good at climbing, trees and cliffs. He always knows how to find water in a forest. He can tell the difference between poisonous and non-poisonous berries and fruits. Can go three days straight without food. He is also very brave and is alright at hand to hand combat.

Weaknesses: He is, as usual unable to swim since he has never once swam in his life. He is not very smart and will fall for traps from other tributes and the gamemakers. Has never hunted for game and isn’t very good at moving around quietly, which could kill him if he is stalking a tribute or trying to find food.

Fears: His main fear is not making his brother proud. He also fears dying slowly, from infection or disease. 

Family: Dad: N/A

Mum: N/A

Brothers: Sam Jett

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Brown

Weapons: Sword, Khopesh, Knife

Interview Angle: Act brave and strong, while towards the end of his interview, act ruthless and a killing machine (like a career)

Bloodbath Strategy: Run for his weapons no matter what. When he gets them he will search for supplies, while killing some weak tributes. Once he has his item’s, he will get the heck out of there.

Feast Strategy: Get in and out as fast as possible. Kill nobody unless it’s absolutely necessary. Take his bag as well as his strongest and weakest competitors bags.

Token: A small piece of paper with the numbers 255 on it. (Was the year of the Hunger Games that his brother died in)

Alliance: Anyone from Districts 12,11,10 and 9

Games Participated In:

[4]District 11 Rubin Jett

District 12

Name: Scott Bow 

Age: 17

Gender: Male 

Height: 6"0

Personality: Brave. Scott is willing to do whatever he has to, to come out of that arena alive. He doesn't fear killing people, but doesn't want to over kill as; they could push him out, back in District 12. He can be caring, if you get on his good side. This doesn't happen often, since he can never make friends. He is very creative and can come up with a solution to most problems. He is a very good ally in the arena as he can make weapons but he could and would turn on his alliance if he had to. He acts tough to cover up, his history. As he doesn't want to go to get upset or go insane again, inside the arena. 

History: Scott had never been a full child, ever since he was born. He was always missing something, that he never knew. His mother and father noticed this but decided to wait until the right time, to tell him. He was now 15, his life had been nothing but ordinary until his mother, told him that, the reason he sometimes felt lost, was because he'd had a twin brother, that had died at birth. This broke Scott and he cried and cried for two days, until he suddenly felt enraged, he went down staris and started screaming and jumping at his mother, trying to kill her. He didn't, but made some marks. They called the mental institution and they took Scott away from his family, this enraged him even more. They told his family the reason he went so crazy was because he had a mental issue that wasn't set off until Scott was so sad. After a year he was finally let out but instead of going back home, he got his own place and started working. He never saw his family again. When he got reaped, he saw this as a sign of greatness as he knew if he won, he would have all the riches you could ever want. And that's what he hoped for. 

Strenghts: His main strength is that he can make his own simple weapons out of most types of material. He can make good and life saving decisions, fast and under pressure. He is a fast runner. Is great at close range weapons, but keeps a long distance weapon, just in case. 

Weaknesses: His main weakness is that sometimes he can be careless and could maybe forget to cover his tracks in the arena. He needs a weapon, since he will lose all his skill, as he has no combat experience. He can't do heights unless it's life saving. Because of his heights fear, he has never been good at climbing. He also can't swim or hardly, stay afloat. 

Fears:  Scott's main fear is poison, from a snake, spider or another tribute. He will always fear that his, alliance will turn on him. He is claustrophobic, so he hates small spaces. He has always had a fear of heights in his life.

Family: Dad: Cameron Bow

Mum: Julie Bow

Brother: Unknown

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black

Weapons: Spear, Sword, Dagger

Interview Angle: Act tough and ruthless. Don't joke, be fully focused and talk about his toughness and his training score, anything that makes him look tough and strong.

Bloodbath Strategy: Run with his alliance to the corncuopia and meet up with all of them. Get any of his weapons and start taking out some tributes. He will if he has time get some supplies. No matter what he will not leave until his alliance says so, and if that means death, so be it. 

Feast Strategy: Same as his bloodbath strategy, take out anybody he see's and get his bag and maybe somebody else's if they are dead. And again no matter what, he will get his bag and will not give up, even if death is his fate. 

Token: A necklace with a cresent moon (Grabbed off his mum when he attacked her. He wears it to remember what happened in his past)  

Alliance: Anti-Careers

Games Participated In:

[5]District 12, Scott Bow

District 13

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