Hey..... Wow its been so long since i've been on this wikia..... But I want to tell you that i'm coming back! And hopefully with a bang! So after reading the Hunger Games book for class, I was inspired to come back to this wikia and write another games. Though not just any games, as I'm sure you can guess from the title. These shall be a 'Danganronpa' games, which Yonnie had tried to do a while back. So hopefully I can make these games work and make them become interesting and mysterious. So none the less, lets begin and may the odds be ever in your favour!

Rules/Things You Need To Know

(About Danganronpa)

  • Basic Overview:
  • 15 Students Trapped At An Academy With No Means Of Rescue Or Escape
  • The Only Way To Leave The School, Is To Kill Another Student And Get Away With It
  • The Surviving Students Must Look For Clues And Complete Interrogations Before Heading To The Class Trial
  • At Class Trial, The Students Present Evidence And Discuss Who The Murderer Could Be
  • The Students Then Vote On Who They Believe Is Guilty
  • If Majority Votes The Murderer Correctly, Only The Murder Shall Be Executed
  • If Majority Votes The Murderer Incorrectly, The Murderer Shall Walk Free From The School And The Innocents Shall Be Executed 

(About My Own Games)

  • There Will Still Be The Capitol, Gamemakers And Districts
  • There Will Be Two Tributes From Capitol - District 14 = 30 Tributes
  • The Same Process Will Occur, And The Same Rules Also
  • Though One Rule That Will Change Is When The Murderer Is Incorrectly Guessed, The Murderer Shall Still Walk Free But A Random Innocent Student Shall Be Executed
  • Because There Are 30 Tributes, There Will Be Two Different Groups Playing Their Own Games (Like Yonnie's)
  • As This Is A Hunger Games, There Can Only Be One Victor, So Once All Muderers Have Walked Out And All The Rest Are Dead, The Murder's Shall Be Pulled Back In For Another Game, Because There Can Only Be One Victor
  • Up To 3 Tributes Per User
  • No getting Angry for a Tributes Death
  • I Will Only Do The Actual Games 
  • Reservations Last 7 Days
  • There will be No Sponsorship
  • You can give advice
  • The Arena is An Academy, More To Be Explained Later
  • If you have any ideas for storylines with your tributes, leave me a comment
  • No Wikia Contributers
  • Anything Else, Comment!
  • Sorry I Know These Are Confusing, It'll All Make More Sense Later On!

Tribute Template

Name: (First and Last)



Age: (12-18):





Weapons: (Max 4, In order of Preference)

Picture/Description: (It can be a picture or it can be typed)




Name District Age Alliance Weapon(s) User
Rose Wells Capitol Female 18 Team Ice Throwing Knives, Knives, Poison, Bow And Knives MarinaTheTenkaiKnight
Dempsey Sorrow Capitol Male 16 Team Fire Hatchet, Throwing Knives Can't think on a decent username right now
Nutmeg Spica D1 Female 16 Team Fire Throwing Knives, Bow And Arrows, Axe Wolfgirl23c
Volkan Blistre D1 Male 16 Team Fire Spear, Machete, Traps YourFavoriteSalmon
Analisa Latimer D2 Female 18 Team Ice Katana, Shuriken, Nunchucks Summer bee 13
Tank Demski D2 Male 18 Team Ice War Sword, Spear, Martial Arts YourFavoriteSalmon
Luna Tick D3 Female 18 Team Fire Sickle, Fists, Kunaii 1Echo2
Matthew Smith D3 Male 18 Team Fire Electric Taser, Sword, Spear Summer bee 13
Acelina Moreau D4 Female 17 Team Fire Throwing Knives, Sword, Machete YourFavoriteSalmon
Jasper Jordan  D4 Male 17 Team Ice Axe, Sword, Knife, Whip Rayplayzlol70
Cadence Hayes  D5 Female 17 Team Fire Crossbow, Knife Biel1458
Brett Brawl D5 Male 15 Team Ice Spears, Morning Stars  Wolfgirl23c
Mary Smith D6 Female 15 Team Ice Knife, Bow And Arrows Owen1998
Ryan Dennis D6 Male 15 Team   Fire Sword MarinaTheTenkaiKnight
Verena Chambray D7 Female 14 Team Ice Machete, Stake Can't think on a decent username right now
Monty Green D7 Male 16 Team Fire Blowgun, Knife Rayplayzlol70
Cassie Wynn D8 Female 13 Team Fire Throwing Knives, Spear, Bow And Arrows MarinaTheTenkaiKnight
Sam Kelly D8 Male 16 Team Fire Intelligence, Bow And Arrows Owen1998
Profecia Sonar D9 Female 17 Team Fire Sword, Spear, Hand-To-Hand Combat Wolfgirl23c
Tom Webster D9 Male 13 Team Ice Traps Owen1998
Aemilia Bark D10 Female 15 Team Ice Sickle, Knife Biel1458
Marlon Lander D10 Male 12 Team Ice Scythe, Bow And Arrows Yonnie
Kim Thorburn D11 Female 16 Team Fire Scythes, Sickle  NIby001
Tim Thorburn D11 Male 16 Team Fire Sickle, Knife NIby001
Gemma Singularis D12 Female 16 Team Fire Needles, Dagger, Sickle District3
Wattson Meyes D12 Male 16

Team Ice

Hatchet Biel1458
Estella Libra D13 Female 15 Team Ice Throwing Knives, Dagger Misytmolla
Astus Hawkeye D13 Male 17 Team Ice Sickle, Knife Can't think on a decent username right now
Octavia Blake D14 Female 16 Team Ice Knife, Sword Rayplayzlol70
Max Muzzele D14 Male 17 Team Ice Sword, Trident, Hand-To-Hand Combat 1Echo2

The Two Teams

Team Ice 

  • Rose Wells (Capitol Female)
  • Analisa Latimer (District 2 Female)
  • Tank Demski (District 2 Male)
  • Jasper Jordan (District 4 Male)
  • Brett Brawl (District 5 Male)
  • Mary Smith (District 6 Female)
  • Verena Chambray (District 7 Female)
  • Tom Webster (District 9 Male)
  • Aemilia Bark (District 10 Female)
  • Marlon Lander (District 10 Male)
  • Wattson Meyes (District 12 Male)
  • Estella Libra (District 13 Female)
  • Astus Hawkeye (District 13 Male)
  • Octavia Blake (District 14 Female)
  • Max Muzzele (District 14 Male)

Team Fire

  • Dempsey Sorrow (Capitol Male)
  • Nutmeg Spica (District 1 Female)
  • Volkan Blistre (District 1 Male)
  • Luna Tick (District 3 Female)
  • Matthew Smith (District 3 Male)
  • Acelina Moreau (District 4 Female)
  • Cadence Hayes (District 5 Female)
  • Ryan Dennis (District 6 Male)
  • Monty Green (District 7 Male)
  • Cassie Wynn (District 8 Female)
  • Sam Kelly (District 8 Male)
  • Profecia Sonar (District 9 Female)
  • Kim Thorburn (District 11 Female)
  • Tim Thorburn (District 11 Male)
  • Gemma Singularis (District 12 Female)


  • These Are Agreements Of An Alliance Between Tributes On The Same Team.... This Shall Updated Constantly*

Team Ice

  • The District 2 Pair - Analisa Latimer (2F) & Tank Demski (2M)
  • The District 13 Pair - Estella Libra (13F) & Astus Hawkeye (13M)
  • The District 14 Pair - Octavia Blake (14F) & Max Muzzele (14M)

Team Fire

  • The District 8 Pair - Cassie Wynn (8F) & Sam Kelly (8M)
  • The District 11 Pair - Kim Thorburn (11F) & Tim Thorburn (11M)


  • This Section Shall Just Be For Posting Some Facts, Important Information And Maybe Even Some Clues....*
  • From The Before The Games P.O.V'S We Can See That -
  1. Rose Wells (CF) Is Targetting Dempsey Sorrow (CM)
  2. Analisa Latimer (2F) Is Targetting Acelina Moreau (4F) Or Volkan Blistre (1M)
  3. Gemma Singularis (12F) Is Targetting High Scoring Tributes
  4. Volkan Blistre (1M) Is Targetting Nutmeg Spica (1F)
  5. Brett Brawl (5M) Is Targetting The District 1 Tributes Or Their Murderers
  6. Monty Green (7M) Is Targetting Low Scoring Tributes
  7. Estella Libra (13F) Is Targetting Marlon Lander (10M)
  8. Luna Tick (3F) Is Targetting Acelina Moreau (4F) Or Selfish Tributes
  • Five Interesting Facts 
  1. The District 2 Tributes Don't Feel Like Bloodthirsty Careers
  2. There Are A Mininum Of Three Tributes Who Are Mentually Unstable And Ruthless Killing Machines.....  These Include Volkan Blistre (1M), Luna Tick (3F) & Profecia Sonar (9F)
  3. It Was Mentioned In Luna's P.O.V That She May Have A Small Attraction To Volkan Blistre (1M)
  4. In Everybody's P.O.V's They Mention How Ready That They're To Kill, So Far Nobody Appears To Be Afraid Or Nervous About Killing Another Tribute
  5. These Five Facts Are Also Small Spoilers, They're Going To Be A Lot Bigger Than They Seem!

Training Scores & Rankings

Tribute District Training Score Rankings (1-30)
Rose Wells Capitol Female 8 10
Dempsey Sorrow Capitol Male 7 15
Nutmeg Spica District 1 Female 10 3
Volkan Blistre District 1 Male 11 1
Analisa Latimer District 2 Female 10 5
Tank Demski District 2 Male 10 2
Luna Tick District 3 Female 9 6
Matthew Smith District 3 Male 8 12
Acelina Moreau District 4 Female 10 4
Jasper Jordan District 4 Male 6 21
Cadence Hayes District 5 Female 8 13
Brett Brawl District 5 Male 8 9
Mary Smith District 6 Female 4 29
Ryan Dennis District 6 Male 5 26
Verena Chambray District 7 Female 6 23
Monty Green District 7 Male 7 17
Cassie Wynn District 8 Female 7 19
Sam Kelly District 8 Male 6 22
Profecia Sonar District 9 Female 7 18
Tom Webster District 9 Male 5 27
Aemilia Bark District 10 Female 7 20
Marlon Lander District 10 Male 2 30
Kim Thorburn District 11 Female 7 14
Tim Thorburn District 11 Male 5 24
Gemma Singularis District 12 Female 5 25
Wattson Meyes District 12 Male 5 28
Estella Libra District 13 Female 9 8
Astus Hawkeye District 13 Male 7 16
Octavia Blake District 14 Female 8 11
Max Muzzele District 14 Male 9 7

Night Before The Games

Rose Wells - Capitol

It's now finally out of my hands for now. There's nothing more that I can do in order to test and prove myself to the world of Panem. 

"Is she free to go?" asks my mentor Vanessa,

"Yes, she's free to go, all yours!" replies the nurse,

I begin to get up and walk out towards the door....

"Rose, be sure to elevate those injuries! You don't" says the nurse, 

"I'm not that dumb, I know what I'm doing!" I reply.

I storm out of the room and down the hallways to reach the elevator. I can hear Vanessa yelling for me to stop, but what does she know? I don't have to explain myself to her, nor to anyone. I did what I did in order to prove myself. I know that this is my chance to finally show Panem that the Capitol citizens aren't all stupid green skin coloured marshins, who only care about looks. This my chance to show everyone that the Capitol means buisness and were just as good, no, even better than anyone else. The elevator doors open. I walk in and slam the button with a capitol 'C' on it. The doors are almost about to shut when somebodies hand shoot through, causing them to re-open It's Vanessa. I roll my eyes as she stares at me furiously. She storms and yells a bunch of questions at me. 

"Why the hell would you cut yourself as your private training session? Huh? Is it to hard to throw a Knife across the room, so you just thought it would be better to use it to cut yourself? Is that it? Is that the truth?" she says,

"No, that's not the truth, maybe it's yours but it's not mine" I reply in a calm voice,

"Okay then what is the truth? Explain it to me!" She yells,

"Why, what's it going to change? You just need to deal with the fact that I know what I'm doing and you obviously don't!" I yell, beginning to get severely fustrated,

"What's it going to change? I'm your mentor and maybe you need to wake up to the fact that I actually have done this before!" She yells also becoming fustrated,

"Thanks for the information, just go and help Mason mentor Dempsey because the way he's going, he's going to need it!" I yell back before I storm out of the elevator. 

I look to my right and see everybody staring at us, though it doesn't bother me. I turn to my left, flicking my hair and storm down the hallway and into my bedroom. That bitch Vanessa has no idea of what I'm able to do. Her stupid advice for my private training session was to throw some Knives and show some combat skills. What a waste of time! I knew that since I was the first tribute coming along i'd need to impress, knowing that by the end if I didn't I'd be forgotten. I decided to show the gamemakers that I could handle battles and more importantly cuts. I grabbed the different serrated Knives and began cutting myself to create gashes big enough for blood but not big enough to give off a weakness in the games. I completed my goal, and I saw the gamemakers faces, they were completley shocked, especially since I didn't even wince or faint at all. The peacekeepers had to drag me away because the gamemakers weren't used to seeing so much blood right before their eyes. I knew that thise would indeed impress and would indeed to get me a high score. I quickly looked at the work the nurse had done and fixed up a few bandagers here and there before changing into some clothes an Avox had left out for me. They seemed to be pretty comfortable, though I noticed that they covered my entire body, probably Vanessa wanted to make sure that nobody could see my scars. I rolled my eyes before leaving my bedroom and heading for the dinning room. I'm surprised to see that the table is empty though stacked with food, I look and walk around the apartment and find that everyone is already sitting in the lunge room awaiting the announcment of the training scores.

"Oh good you've arrived, sorry I didn't tell you we were in here, but I knew that'd you'd figure it out eventually." says Alison, my escort, with a smirk

"Oh no its fine, who doesn't love a good game of hid and seek? I reply, smirking myself.

We both give out a small laugh, while everyone else remains silent looking around like we're crazy. Alison is the one person that i've met on this trip that i've truely bonded and felt close to. She's actually pretty cool, and she seems to actually understand me. I go and sit down next to her. Dempsey is also sitting beside me though I notice that he's keeping his distance from me, Vanessa probably told him what happened. Though I wasn't complaining, me and him were never going to be the best of buds anyway. Our stylists and mentors are also situated around the room. Suddenly the screen lights up with Sean Adams face, which we all know so well, he's the head announcer and has a very interesting deep and dark voice. He gives the speech about training, our training scores and our rankings. I knew that I was probably recieving around a 9 or 10, probably recieving a rank somewhere throughout the top 8. Dempsey was proably going to be recieving like a 5 or 6, getting ranked around 25th. That would make me happy, I never liked the idea of fighting along a district partner in the first place. Suddenly my face shows up on the screen. "Rose Wells, with a score of 8 and a ranking of 10th". I quickly blink in shock though listen out for... "Dempsey Sorrow, with a score of 7 and a ranking of 15th". The mentors and stylist stand up and rise in applause knowing that they've got two tributes who've been predicted to do well in the games. Alison doesn't stand and comforts me knowing that what I recieved was nothing that I wanted. An 8, and 10th, they were average and I needed outstanding. Plus Dempsey wasn't that far behind me, that bastard Mason must be a good mentor. I stand up and leave the lounge room, storm down the hallways and back into my bedroom. If an opportunity arrises Dempsey will be going down, that idiot won't know what's coming for him.

Analisa Latimer - District 2

"An 11, a fricken 11!" yells Tank's mentor Aaron,

We'd just seen the District 1 training scores, and honestly it isn't that surprising. I look at Tank and know that he thinks the same. Being around Volkan was always giving you a bad vibe, his blood thirsty outrageous vibe that usually doesn't come from District 1 tributes. He also got ranked first meaning that his name shall be all over Panem at the moment, it means that the gamemakers believe that he is the best, well, has the best chance of winning. Nutmeg also recieved a 10 which is normal for elite Careers like her, I sort of feel bad for her because in her apartment right now nobody is going to be caring about her, just about Volkan. However Nutmeg recieved a ranking of 3rd, and that means that someobdy still will reach 2nd position. I mean it will obviously be either me or Tank, the other taking the ranking of 4th. All of our mentors, stylists and escort are in a full heated argument, when suddenly out of nowhere...

"What the hell is the problem, who even cares about their score or ranking, its usless!" yells Tank fustrated by the argument.

Once he's finished his sentence I know that he's about to cope it all, so I decide to make things a little easier for him.

"Yeah, Careers don't need sponsors, they just need...." I say but Aaron cuts in,

"Appriation, respect, fear!?" he yells,

"No! They just need to exist!" yells Tank also standing up for me.

I see Aaron's rage level rise even higher and I know that in a couple of seconds he's going to beat Tank up. The peacekeepers see this as well and rush over, pulling him away from the lounge area. Aaron fights back, hard enough that the peacekeepers have to taser him to keep him from running away. Nobody is bothered by this, Aaron wasn't exactly anybody's favourite anyway. Though I do begin to hear his words ring throughout my head. Appriation, respect and fear, I suppose for Careers to exist that is what we must supposedly up-hold. We are supposedly ruthless killing machines, and thinking about the way that I and Tank acted tonight, I wonder if that's really true. We can kill and have no problem about it, but the ruthless killing machine title has already been stolen from us and given to District 1. I begin to ponder more and more about, I hear all the murmurs around and look at Tank, who's in deep thought as well. I know that we're both wondering if this games already lost. However before I can talk to Tank about it, Sean suddenly pops back up on screen. "Now to District 2...... Analisa Latimer with a score of 10 and a ranking of 5th". I swallow hard at the sound of that. "Tank Demski with a score of 10 and a ranking of 2nd". The mentors and stylists nod and murmur in approvment but deep down I know that they're dissapointed. I mean not with Tank, but with me. A ranking of 5th, that means somebody from District 3-14 actually did better than me. I realise suddenly what Aaron was talking about. The whole of Panem shall be laughing at how a Career got beaten by a regular tribute. I'm a samuraii and I fight for justice. This ranking may mean nothing but i'm going to prove everyone wrong, not only am I going to kill the bitch who gets ranked 4th, I'm also going to kill Volkan as well, just to prove a point. I'm going to be considered weak now, but they'll see, everyone shall see that they've messed with the wrong person. I quickly realise that my goal, my achievment to work towards, is for me to steal back the title of ruthless killing machine. I think about storming off to my room but know that I must watch the rest of the training scores to size up the competition and figure out who my first target shall be. Tank sits down next to me and whispers in my ear....

"We'll get all those bastards, I promise!"

He pulls away and I smile, Tank and I shall be a force to be reckoned with! Soon, nobody will be able to deny that!

Acelina Moreau - District 4

Everyone is sitting silently, awaiting for Sean to reappear on the screen and announce the District 4's traing scores and rankings. To be honest i'm kind of fricking out. This night has been chaos, as I'm sure it has been for all the other tributes as well. The Capitol tributes were up there, definetley the dark horse kind of tributes. Then District 1 had Volkan with an 11, which is almost never heard of! Nutmeg also did good, well average for a Career. That also goes for the District 2 tributes. However, Analisa's ranking of 5th really rocked everyone, especially our mentors. They believe that it has to be one of us holding that ranking of 4th, and although I'm trying to deny it, I really hope that it's me. I want to be that one tribute who stands out for beating a Career, that would make my winning all the more special. Though District 3's tributes actually also casued some chaos, they achieved quite high scores for their District, especially Luna. That girl must live up to her name, Luna-Tick, in order to achieve a ranking of 6th. It's obvious that this years games are going to completley wrecking the Capitol with excitment. We're not even through half the tributes and already you can hear the crazy parties and betting taking place below us. I hope that somebody down there has the wits to bet on me, even before my training scores are revealed. Because no matter what they are, for me, they aren't going to change anything for my game plan. Training scores, rankings, all have nothing to do with the actually killings except for figuring out which tributes are your real enemy. And I don't need any probability calculation, I don't need any predictions or information. Because I'm smart enough to understand that with these games nobody is off limits, everyone can kill and everyone has the motovation to kill. When tributes start believing that somebody isn't capable of anything, that's when innocent tributes usually end up being exucted at the tribute trials. And although I wouldn't, won't, shed a tear for anybody's innocent death, I just can't let the luck fall onto me. I'm not going to be a victim because somebody was to focused on suspecting all of the treatening tributes and not the sweet innocent ones, because that's where the killer usually lies. Suddenly Sean's face finally pops back up onto the screen. Everyone in the apartment starts to murmur.

"Shhhshhh!" Hushes Jasper's mentor Brooklyn 

"Now over to District 4....... Acelina Moreau with a score of 10 and a ranking of 4th" I gasp, and produce a wide, broad smile. "Jasper Jordan with a score of 6 and a ranking of 21st". Sean's face dissappears from the screen and everyone jumps up, except for Jasper. I can't really blame him, that's the worst anybodies recieved all night. The mentors, stylists and our escort all run over to me and congratulate me. I just smile and nod, because I don't care about their appreciation or congratulations, all I care about now is that people know I'm here to play. The other tributes should now know to stear clear from my bad side, because tonight's proven that I can take down anyone. And like I said before, nobody's off limit's. 

Marlon Lander - District 10

By this time, usually the Capitol citizens are pretty bored and just await more of the odds in order to place better bets on tributes. However, that's not the case tonight, even here from my bedroom I can hear them partying and celebrating down on the cities streets. But it's a funny question how I ended up in bedroom. Well, I'd say that, the others in my apartment might call it, what's the word? Perpostres.... Yeah that's it. It all started in the tribute training centre. Throughout group training I had noticed how vulnrable the gamemakers were. They had all of these weapons and killing equipment laid out for us to use, and they just stood about 10 metres away in clear sight. Basicallly it somebody turned around and aimed a spear at the gamemakers skulls, there is a definete chance that it could hit and easily kill. I mean some of these tributes, such as Volkan, are physcopaths and they feel safe enough to just stand by and watch. I knew that I wasn't going to let that happen. My mentor, Taylor had said that maybe it was just a good idea to go for an expected score, something that won't stand out as being a threat or a weakling. I was supposed to do this by showing off my skills with some weapons that I know how to use. I mean its not exactly difficult for her to understand that I suck with weaponry. And this plan definetley wasn't going to come along. So I actually decided to use it to my advantage. I grabbed some Bow and Arrows, and started firering them at the gamemakers. They were so bored by the time I had arrived, so it was actually pretty hilarious when I fired the first arrow. They all shot up and started screaming and panicking. I had only managed to shoot two, which had easily missed by miles, before the peacekeepers had me locked on the ground and tasered me. They escorted me to back to my apartment once I'd woken up, and shoved me into my bedroom. I could hear my mentors arguing with the peacekeepers about what had happened. Eventually their arguing stopped and I heard the peacekeepers storm off, and soon after an avox came in. She carried a TV, some food and some drinks, though it was hard to miss her beaming face. I suppose if the Capitol had taken everything away from you, and somebody tried attacking them, that would make you laugh like crazy, especially when everybody knows that it can't be done. Well my plan wasn't to attack them anyway, though I suppose what other way could they have taken it. Once the avox left I heard the sound of her keys before the quick clunk that told me that she'd locked the door. Everybod probably think i'm crazy, Though i'm sure the other tributes shall only see me as a complete weakling. I mean there's no way they'll be impressed by my courage or anything stupid like that. I'll be sure to recieve the lowest score, even if it had to a 0, i'm sure that the gamemakers wouldn't hesitate. Sean's face suddenly pops up on the tiny screen in front of me. "Now over to District 10...... Aemilia Bark with a score of 7 and a ranking of 20th." I ponder about her achievments for a moment. "Marlon Lander with a score of 2 and a ranking of 30th." I can't help but let out a laugh. A score of 2, wow that's got to be a first for anybody. Though I highly doubt my ranking shall even be near correct, i'm sure a dissappointment that nobody will look twice at me. Which shall give me some time in the arena to work on my weaponry skills. Just because I recieved a 2 doesn't mean that I won't become a murderer. The Capitol destroyed my life, my family and i'm coming for everyone in the arena, just to escape and finally stand up against the Capitol's power. 

"I've already taken a step towards that goal." I whisper to myself before producing another menacing laugh.

Ryan Dennis - District 6

The training scores have finally ended, though the night has only just begun. Sean's face has once again dissappeared from the screen, he's now gone to get the head gamemaker in order to announce the tribute teams. These teams, well they sort of divide everybody into two different groups, and in-turn divide the one game into two different ones. This way the Capitol can recieve more action and achieve more excitment which is completley sick. It also really narrows down the betting options, again the thought sickens me. The only reason I was here, was because of them. And I had to get back to Distrcit 6, I had to make it back for Alana. I wonder what she thought of tonight's events that had already gone down. A score of 5 and a ranking of 26th isn't exactly impressive, and I know that. But I hope Alana believes in me, I hope that she believes that i'll be coming back home for her. Mary also hadn't achieved great results, though these sorts of scores and rankings were expected from District 6 tributes, and anyway somebody has to be ranked last. The scores and rankings don't really bother me, they don't really effect me heading home to Alana. The only way to do that is to really fight, and show off all the skills that I can mustre in order to achieve victory. I look around the lounge room, noticing how normal everyone looks, how everything looks. It's hard to believe that tomorrow I'll be apart of a gruesome killing game. I look around the room and notice Mary quite curled up, by herself. She's obviously fricking about the events that are to come. I'd like to be able to comfort her but, in this current situation I think that it would do more harm than good. Though I know that secretly deep down, it's because Mary is a weakling. I'm praying that luck works for my favour and me and Mary end up on opposite teams. Being on the same team as her, knowing that she'll become a complete mess and i'll be expected to clean her up, would just complete tarnish not only my image but my whole District's image as well. Honestly I wish that anybody else could be sitting her with me, probably a 12 year old would be better. Though I stop myself, knowing that it was lucky Mary ended up here and not Alana. I couldn't bare to watch her play these games, if she'd die, i'd take my own life as well. For what feels like ages, we sit in the lounge room awaiting Sean's face to finally reappear on the screen to announce the tribute teams. I've had to particpate in small talk, which I hate and is completley boring and akward. I keep pondering if scenario's throughout my head, wondering who could be on my team, and who i'd target first. Though to form a real game plan I need to know the offical tribute teams, and as if on cue. The TV in front of me bursts into light, i'm on the age of my seat, this announcment could be the difference between life and death, the difference between ever seeing Alana again. It was finally time for me to begin playing the game.

Cassie Wynn - District 8

"This year, I'm proud to announce that the two teams shall be respectfully named...... Team Ice and Team Fire!" Sean's voice booms around the room,

"Oh my, that's interesting" says our escort Trixie, 

"Could be the arena's?" says my mentor Judith,

"Shhsshh!" hushes Sam's mentor Weasley,

"First of all, I present Team Ice! This team shall consist of; Rose Wells, Analisa Latimer, Tank Demski, Jasper Jordan, Brett Brawl, Mary Smith, Verena Chambray, Tom Webster, Aemilia Bark, Marlon Lander, Wattson Meyes, Estella Libra, Astus Hawkeye, Octavia Blake and Max Muzzele. Team Fire shall consist of; Dempsey Sorrow, Nutmeg Spica, Volkan Blistre, Luna Tick, Matthew Smith, Acelina Moreau, Cadence Hayes, Ryan Dennis, Monty Green, Cassie Wynn, Sam Kelly, Profecia Sonar, Kim Thorburn, Tim Thorburn and Gemma Singularis. That's all from me. The Capitol would like to say a big Happy Danganronpa Games to everybody in Panem, and may the odds be ever in your favour! -Seam Adams"

Everyone looks around in shock at the recent occurring events. 

"It looks like you two shall be spending the rest of your lives together!" squells Trixie.

I look back at the TV screen which is showing the list of tributes in bothe Team Fire and Ice. I look over to Sam who is just as shocked as me. He looks at me with an exasperated face, and all I can do is smile. Sam and me have actually gotten along quite well over our time at the Capitol. He's become a sort of big brother, and i'm gad i'll have him the games to not only keep me company but hopefully protect me as well. Sam stands up, still looking at me and opens his arms. I run in towards them and imbrace his warm, loving hug that reminds me of my big sister. I know that Sam won't kill himself to save me, but i'm sure if I needed it that he'd be there for me, not matter the cost. I can hear everyone murmuring around me and Sam and I look up into his eyes. He's looks softly into mine and whispers....

"We've got this! It's game on!"

Sam holds up his hand and I quickly produce a wide broad-brimed smile being giving him a huge high-five. 

"Ohhh that adorable" squells Trixie once again,

"Drinks before bed?" asks Judith, 

"Why yes of course, we must celebrate our champions!" says Weasley,

I smile and nod around to everyone just like Sam. I pull away from his embrace and run off, following the others, back to the dinning hall. I get halfway and look back, realising that Sam's not behind me. I know for a fact that he wasn't in front of me, maybe he's not feeling well I ask myself. I sneak back to the lounge room and see him sitting on the couch with his head in his hands. He looks up and I push myself against a near by wall. He gets up and walks towards the TV screen. I quickly sneak behind one of the couches and watch as he runs his finger down the list of tributes in Team Fire. He stops at my mind and slaps his head. Before suddenly shaking his body and walking out of the lounge room and into the dinning hall. That's odd, I've never seem Sam like that before. I quickly realise that maybe this is a wake up call from the universe. I can't put my life into his seemingly trustworthy hands, this is a killing game and for all I know he could be completley playing me, going to double cross me and kill me in order for him to escape back to District 8. I quickly shake it off, knowing that I now have to act normally but I know that from now on, i'll be watching Sam's every move. 

Gemma Singularis - District 12

I sit on the couch, watching our mentors and stylists dance around the room, drinking large glasses of Champange. It's probably their way of forgetting about tonight's events. I've been offered a glass many times but I know that it'll do me more harm than good. Wattson was harrassed so much that he furiously stormed out of the room, before hearing his bedroom door slam a few seconds later. I'd love to do that as well but I want to know what I can do tomorrow, who I'm up against. My mentor, Jenna, had given me one great piece of advice that honestly struck me as genius. Us outlying Distirct tributes, are usually afraid, usually too scared to strike first. We usually end up waiting and waiting around, until its too late. By the time we're usually ready to kill, we become somebody else's target. I couldn't let that happen to me. I needed to strike early and throw everybody off their game. If I can strike an early target, I won't be highly suspected and will hopefully go under the radar and escape the arena. Plus with my training score and ranking, me pulling off one of the first kills would definetley not be on any of the stronger tribute radar. Becuase they're only going to care about trying to kill the stronger opponents. Then it clicks inside me. That's the way i'll do it! That's the way i'm going to flip this game on its head! If I was able to kill one of the Career tributes, or a tribute with a very high training score, then those sorts of tributes will acuse each other. Plus the weaker tributes won't know in the slightest, they'll never believe that one of them could've pulled it off. I look at my Team Fire. I see that they're are quite the large number of high scoring tributes. Dempsey Sorrow, Nutmeg Spica, Volkan Blistre, Luna Tick, Acelina Moreau, the list goes on! These guys will be suspecting that each other's the blackened, while really it'll be me! These guys will have no idea what's coming for them! I look at the rest of the team and way up my options. First of all i'm glad to see that me and Wattson have been separated, that was somebody I definetley didn't want to be around. I look at some the tributes listed last, and realise that all of them seem quite trustworthy and loveable people. They seem the sort of tributes who wouldn't commit murder or only would in self-defense. I realise that some of them might be worthy ally's. I know that I need some allies or friends, that will stick up for me and provide solid alibies. And if they're even better I can use them as accomplices in my muder case. I begin to start going through the list of tribute who might be useful. Suddenly my escort, Charlotte, begins to spin around the room. She's drunk and I know that see's going to fall down. And I was correct, but she fell down right onto me, spiling Champagne all over me and the couch. Everybody gasps. I shove her off me, stand up and storm out of the room. I'll leave this idiots to party, but i've got to finish my game plan. I decide it will be best in my bedroom. 

"It's time to play, and nobody shall stand in my way!" I whisper to myself, before slamming the door shut ad locking it so nobody will disturb me. I won't tolerate that!

Max Muzzele - District 14

The apartment is just buzzing with electricity! The night's events had just exceeded everybodies expectations. Nobody could've predicted anything that was revealed tonight. I mean, me and Octavia have both been ranked inside the top twelve, which can sometimes be unheard of for District 14. Not only that but I had managed to achieve inside the top eight! I knew that everybody would be quite impressed with this achievement, especially my family! Well not so much my family as my father, he'll be over the moon as he can now see that everything is going according to plan. We'd always discussed the Hunger Games events, I mean it was hard not too with his Victor status. He'd tell me how to play the game, how to expose the truth and figure out the lies. I really wished that he could've been here as my proper mentor, however, it doesn't bother me too much, because no matter what happens, no matter what Jonathan, my mentor, tells me to do, i'll always be going by my fathers advice. And plus, everybody knows that my father is way better than Jonathan, but the Capitol make him mentor just because he is younger and more good-looking, better for the cameras. Obviously this hugely affects how the District 14 tributes result in the games, but the Capitol don't care about that, the Capitol just care about the looks, instead of the more practual reality. Not only that but all Jonathan can really do is drink, he's already almost face down on the floor from being drunk. The best advice that he can probably mustre up for tomorrow for me will be something like "Enjoy the food and luxury living!". I mean obviously he knows that I already live like that, having my entire family, including myself, living inside the Victor's Village, but he'd just like to finally show off his resentment towards me, just before I go off and die. That's another reason why i'd like to win the games, just to come back and shove it up in his face, and hopefully, taking over his job as mentor! Because our tributes be getting nowhere with this idiot, at least with me i'd have my fathers advice as well, giving our tributes an even greater chance than ever. Speaking of chances, oddly enough it seems as even the luck is playing a game. Ironically, both tributes from District 10, 13 and 14 have all been assigned to Team Ice! Which is actually playing into my favour! My father's advice for the games was to first find a large alliance that I would be able to, sort of, trust. And with all of these outlying Districts together, we'll probably have the biggest alliance throughout all of the games! That is of course if I can convince everyone to come together, because my father warned me that people can become really stubborn, snooty and bitchy inside the games, and anything that upsets anyone can be a reason to kill. Thus meaning if somebody really hates the idea of an alliance and i keep pushing, it's my head on the chopping block in their eyes. But I believe that Octavia shall already side with me, and that's all I need. That one person who will believe in me, even if they shouldn't. And of course having her inside my games also means that I have less candidates to kill, which is a good thing. The less candidates to kill means, the eaiser it is to plan an attack on someone. Now speaking of my candidates, it seems that Team Ice has quite the interesting match up. It also seems that I ended up on the weaker team, which is fine, i'll just have to take a leadership role. Well we have the Capitol Female, Both Tributes From District 2, The District 5 Male and then Both Tributes From District 13 and 14, which shall be the strongest targets. Then we have everyone else, who are pure weaklings as my father would say. If i'm able to bring these strong contenders all together to an alliance in the games, we'll surely become unstopable. We'll be able to take down everyone else and once that's done, i'll be prepared to backstab them all. They all mean nothing to me, no emotional attachments, that is the golden rule.

Volkan Blistre - District 1

The entire District 1 Team sits among the dinning hall, well with the exception of Nutmeg. Now that the night's maditory events have been completed, nobody cares what we do, and whether that be sleeping, eating or partying, it doesn't bother anybody. It doesn't really bother me either. But i've pratically been shoved down in my seat by both of the mentors, wanting to have a strategy talk with me. Mostly they're just bickering among themselves and besides, even if they were talking to me, I wouldn't listening anyway. I don't need their strategy, I never used it and look where it's gotten me..... Ranked 1st and recieving a training score of 11! If that doesn't prove to them that I don't need them, then I don't now what will. It feels amazing though honestly. To finally be in a position where my skills can be recongized and praised world wide. I can hear people chanting my now down on the streets below me. Of course i'm now the favourite and with that statement in mind, I can't dissapoint anybody now. I need to always be on top of everything and I always need to know what's going on around me. Because there is a very massive chance that i'll be targeted up first because of my training score and ranking. I'm in Team Fire, which is filled with the stronger tributes. But hey, i'm not complaining. Nothing feels better than killing a strong oponent, it fills you with complete hope and desire. It's also quite interesting how the teams actually turned out. There seems to be quite a lot of district paired up together, such as me and Nutmeg. I have no idea what she is doing right now, well who does, nobody is taken any notice of her. Although I wished that I could get away from her terrible self, it honestly doesn't bother me too much. Just because she's my district partner doesn't mean that I won't consider her a threat or kill her when the opportunity arrises. It wouldn't be the first time I killed a District 1 citizen. A large smirk appear across my face. All of my kills in my history come into my mind. The only thought that I have after remembering these occurences, would be that there is no way that I can lose this game. Nobody is more fitting to win a killing game than me. I then look up around me and find that everybody is staring at me.

"Well?" says one of the mentors,

"Well, what?" I say,

"What's the plan, whose your first target?" says the other mentor,

Whose my first target? I think to myself. My head looks up to one of the near by TV screens. My eyes roll up and down the list looking for a name..... They suddenly lock on one. Another huge smirk appear uppon my face.

"Nutmeg" I say,

"What?!" says one of the stylists,

"Nutmeg, she's my biggest threat!" I say, trying to convince them, but knowing I won't,

"No, No Not Nutmeg!" says one of the mentors,

"Well I was just trying to give you a heads up!" I say before confidently standing and shoving my chair backwards,

"See you all on the other side!" I say before striding off into my room and slamming the door shut,

I can hear their murmuring and basically utter shock at what has just happened. It really doesn't bother me their reaction, and although it's true that i'll be targeting Nutmeg, it'll really just come down to who gives me the opportunity to kill them. Everybody better be on their toes! Because I'm coming and I'm not holding anything back!

Brett Brawl - District 5

"Brett, are you asleep?" asks Sarah, my escort, banging on my bedroom door,

I stay completely silent and still, until I know that she has dissappeared. I couldn't really care for any mentoring sessions right now, and I really couldn't care for anything to eat at the moment either. Tonight's events had finally driven to a close, but what a ride it has been. The whole Career situations, with Volkan and Acelina, and not only that but it seems that everybody was quite up-there, so to speak. Everybody seems to be quite the players, eveybody seems to be a massive force to be reckoned with. But it's just like that every year you know, the truth really lies within the games. My mind cuts back to my years of watching the games, watching my brothers victories and Eden's death..... I bury my face into a pillow at the reminder of it. It's been two years, two long and hard years without him and now i'm sleeping where he was and hoping to follow in his footsteps, right up to the very end. I wonder if he watching me from above, I wonder what he and the rest of my family think about me after tonight's events. I remember that Eden recieved a training score of 10 and a ranking of 6th, Rain recieved a training score of 8 and a ranking of 8th, Tidus recieved a training score of 11 and a ranking of 1st. I had recieved a training score of 8 and a ranking of 9th, making me the worst in my family. Well not by much, but I can only image the things that Titus must be saying about me, and the things that Rain has to put up with back at home. That's another main reason why I need to get back home, I not only need to prove to everyone, including myself, that I can do this, but, I always want to see my beloved brother again, because I can't let him lose me as well. I mean if that happened, with him being stuck with Titus, he'd probably commit suicide, and i'm not going to let that happen at all. But not only do I want to win these games, I want to achieve some things. Starting off with avenging my brothers death. Unforunetley, completing this achievment is going to be a struggle. For me to avenge Eden's death, I must kill that District 1 female, what's her name? Nutmeg! She shall always be my main target, and i'm not going to rest until she is dead! But we've been placed in the two different teams, which makes killing her very difficult. To kill her, we'd both have to make it to the second stage of the games, and that's relying on a lot of luck and probability, which I think is useless. I need to have a back-up plan. The first thought that comes to mind, would to be to kill the District 1 male, Volkan. But again he got put into the opposite team to me, however with his top odds, there is a pretty good chance that he'll end up in the second stage, thus if Nutmeg doesn't make it, and Volkan does, he'll become my new target. But then again that is also relying on luck, thus I need another plan to back it up. After some deliberating, I think that i've come up with a solution. Obviously if Nutmeg or Volkan don't arrive at the second stage, somebody has killed them, but I must be the one to avenge Eden's death. So the murderers of Nutmeg and Volkan, if they also manage to reach the second stage, I shall murder them in honour of Eden. And for now that is the best plan that I've got! However, if that even fails, then I will just become a mindless murdering killer, thus meaning if anybody is standing in my way, I won't let them, and I'll put their picture up in the sky for the entire of Panem to see! Nothing is going to stop me from achieving my goal, nobody shall stand in my way and if they do, they'll for sure regret it!

Monty Green - District 7

The cool breeze brushes past my face. I look back inside and I can see the rest of the District 7 team partying and eating the night away, including Verena. What a uselsss waste of time! I'm sitting out on the District 7 balcony, and it's not for fun either. I'm looking down and listening to the big giant screens below me. I'm awaiting for the head gamemakers scheduled intervew, which takes place after the training scores have been revealed every year. But some reason the Tributes aren't shown this interview, it seemingly can only be viewed by the citizens in the Districts and the Capitol. But I knew that i'd be able to see and hear from here, and i'm not missing out on a chance to learn some more life saving advice or hints from the gamemakers. Maybe he'll mention the arena or some special clue that i'll be able to learn and use to my advantage throughout the games. I quickly think back to tonight's events. Honestly the out-come wasn't as depressing as I would've thought. I got a training score of 7 and a ranking of 17th, which definetley far exceeded my expectations. Plus it was way better than Verena's, which I also wasn't expecting. But if anything this just proves to me that i've got what it takes to win these games, i'm not counting myself out as of yet. However the team that i've been assigned, "Team Fire", is quite the interesting match up. It is absolutley filled with high scoring and ranking tributes. But to me I don't see this as a death sentence, if anything this works perfectly for my game plan. For most people, they like to exit the games quickly, and these are usually the higher scoring tributes, wanting everyone to know how good or awesome they are. But usually this plan doesn't work out so well because the higher ranking tributes target each other and they all end up dead pretty quickly. My game plan is just to lay low, and just survival for most of the games. Then when most tributes have either died or escaped, i'll then make my kill and have an easy way out. This means that I don't have to worry about myself too much, I can just focus on the tribute trials. But that shall be my main goal, to lay back, just stay out of all the drama, and just keep on surviving. It's worked for people before, and i'm sure that i'll be able to make it work for me as well. I'm not counting my victory just yet, but i'd say that the odds are pretty in my favour at this current point in time. We'll just have to wait and see if this head gamemakers interview increases or decreases those odds for me, hopefully it'll give me a huge leg-up on the competition. Because I want to be ahead of everybody, I want to be playing the game more than anybody. This could be the point in time where my victory is sealed, and while everyone is arguing and killing each other, i'll just be laying back watching until eventually somebody won't know what hit them. I already feel sorry for my victim.

Estella Libra - District 13

I'm sitting inside my bedroom. The night's events have left us all shocked. It seemed that nobody could've predicted these outcomes, it's almost never heard of. Someone got an 11, a District 4 Tribute beat a District 2 Tribute and it seemed that everybody was scored pretty highly. Inlcuding myself. I recieved a training score of 9 and a ranking of 8th, which is better than I could've imagined. Honestly, I was aiming for it though. Who wants a terrible training score? Who wants to be known as a weakling? Obviously that District 10 guy! A training score of 2! Well at least he'll go down in the history books for the worst score ever! But hey if that's what he was aiming for...... I have no idea how he could actually achieve something like that. But eventually i'll see for myself, see whether or not he's faking or it's really true and he actually sucks that bad! Well then at least i'd have one easy target inside the arena. Someone just to kill for the sake of killing, but then again what's the point in that? Everyone does something for a reason and everything happens a reason as well, and for me, killing for the sake of killing it absurd and completley useless. But anyway, i'd placed in Team Ice, which honestly is a pretty great outcome for me. It's not hard to tell it's the weaker of the two teams but i'm not complaining. That only means that my kills are going to come easily for me, an easy kill and easy win, now that's how the game should be played. Team Ice is mainly made up of the outlying District Tributes, which is probably why it is the weaker of the two teams, but I cannot fool myself. I know that there are some diamonds in this ruff. Such as of course the Capitol Female, The District 2 Pair, The Dstrict 5 Male and The District 13 and 14 Pairs. I know that these people are my true competition and they're the people that i'm always going to have to be weary around, and care more about my safety around them then the other Tributes. However, i'm still at a bit of loss when it comes to deciding whether it is a curse or a blessing to have Astus in the same team and arena as me. I mean there are plenty of pros and cons with this sort of situation. Once of the main pros is the fact that I shouldn't have to worry to much about him trying to kill me, being my District partner and all. But even if he tried too, I wouldn't be that scared, from his training score and ranking he seems pretty weak, well at least weaker then I am. I'm also a loss decided whether or not I would mind killing him, or want to kill him. Well for now my answer is probably, the fact that if he doesn't harm me, I won't harm him. That seems to work for me, well at least for now. Suddenly something hits my shoe. I look down and find a piece of paper that has been pushed from under the doorway. I pick up and read the note.

"We need to chat! When the coast is clear, silently come over to my bedroom. It's really important! -Astus"

Well now that is definetley weird. What the hell could he want to talk to me about anyway? But he's definetley grabbed me attention, i'm seriously intrigued. And since this isn't the games, and Astus isn't yet allowed to kill me, I see harm and going to chat with him. Though the secretecy is definetley worring me a little, maybe he is trying to kill me....... I leave the note on the bed incase they find my dead body, they can then figure out my murderer is. I open my door and look both ways before quickly running down the hall and knocking on Astus's door. It quickly opens and I see a hand shoot out and grab my jacket, pulling in fast. I try to scream but he covers my mouth. I shut up, knowing that it'll only waste energy. I'm about to knee him in the chest when he holds my leg down.

"Please don't do that...." says Astus,

"What the hell is wrong with you! What are you doing to me?" I say trying not to sound scared,

"Look I'm sorry if I scared you but I just needed to know something...." says Astus,

"Know what?" I say,

"That doesn't matter, the real reason I called you here is because I want to make an alliance with you......" says Astus,

"What? Why would we make an alliance together?" I say,

Astus then stands up and walks back to close his bedroom door.

"I'll tell you why......" says Astus and a hug smirk appear across his face.

Luna Tick - District 3

I just continue walking around on my bedroom floor. Like what the hell is their problem? I'm not trying to escape, well I am but not from the games, just from this stupid useless apartment. I really just want to get out and explor the city but nooooo! I'm stuck in here like somebody in an inasane asylum or something! Well I know that that's is all my mentors and stylists ever see when they look at me. But who cares? Not me for sure! If people want to believe that i'm a serious Lunatick, they can bloody go ahead and do that, because it ain't going to bother me. Honestly it would actually make me quite happy, because if they're thinking about me, they're not thinking about themselves. Everybody is so bloody selfish in this world, and if somebody thinking about themselves that means that they've got some decentcey, which is a lovely thought. But i'll tell you what's not lovely! People treating other like crap, now that's a deadly thought! After I tried running down the emergency stairs, the peacekeepers bloody tazered me and came and shoved me into this room of just beautiful crap, I mean who needs any of this anyway?! Then my mentors and stylists decided that it would probably just be safer to lock me inside this room. It was probably that idiot of a District partner, Matthew's idea! I can tell that whenever i'm on the same floor as him, he begins to have serious panic attacks. Which is seriously unlucky for him! Since we've both been placed in Team Fire. I'm sure that if he ever gets the bloody chance he'll try and use whatever strength he's got to take me down. Phhhh, yeah right! Like he could even begin to fight against me! I recieved a training score of 9 and a ranking of 6th, while that idiot recieved a training score of 8 and a ranking of 12th! What a loser! I'm twice as good as he is and he'll ever be. I'm sure he just somehow sucked up to the gamemakers or they felt sorry for him so they gave him a higher score. But on the subject of that, I recieved a fricken 9! What the hell that 11 should've been mine! Not that bloody Volkan guy, who looks kind of handsome, but more to the point is an idiot if he thinks he can take me down. Nobody is going to be battling against me! Even in self-defense! When I target my Tribute they're just going to be dead without knowing any information on their death! They're just going to be walking and then suddenly they're going to be dead! Just like the world should be! Those bloody self brats! You can bet all your life savings on the fact that i'll be targeting the most selfish tribute in the arena! And they better be scared! Because the last time I took down selfish brats, they were my family, thus meaning that nobody is safe from my wrath! Nobody is safe from my lunaticking behaviour! Everybody is going to feel my presense are going to be scared to death before I even arrive to kill them! And I already have an idea of who that selfish little brat is going to be! I already know who my target is and how i'm going to take that bitch down! It's that annoying, perfect, beautiful brat, Acelina, the District 4 Female. She is exactly like this room! And I just want to burn everything down to the ground! I can't wait to get all of her blood on my hands!  I can't wait to just paint in her thick selfish blood, like I did with my parents. She is going to feel my wrath and she should already be scared! I quickly grab a vase filled with flowers from the bathroom. I then stand ontop of my bed and chuck the vase up into the roof. That bitch Acelina should be above me, sleeping! I hope she realised what's coming for her, because if she hasn't she's in for a hug shocker!

Profecia Sonar - District 9

I stay sitted within the lounge room, siutated all by my lonesome. I can't blame people though, I know that if I could, I would steer clear from myself as well. The things that i've done to all of those poor people...... All the lives i've taken, all the innocent people that i've killed, none of it shall ever leave my mind, none of it shall ever leave my concious. I know that i've been through so much, all the hatred, lies, secrets and betraley's that i've gone though, have all taken their own serious tolls on me. And I know that, but if I could go back and re-decide my future, I would preferr to be living in that horrid nightmare than the one i'm living in now. I would take being absued and betrayed over killing innocent people any day. The worse part is the fact that I have to live with myself, I can never escape from my own created nightmare. But hopefully these games shall help me do that. Because of what happened at the reapings, my furosious kill was seen by the entiretly of Panem. And of course the Capitol, the gamemakers and the President couldn't deal with a Tribute who was this mentally ill, but they also weren't aloud to reap another female, due to the founding laws. Thus meaning that they've helped me contain myself. They have created an injecting syrum for me that calms me down and overides the killing machine inside of me. This injection had actually been perscibed for me, and in other words, i'm it's only user. I know that that seems like a really irelevant detail but for me, it brings up some serious emotional baggage. I've lived my entire life, being different, being unique and i'm over it. I'm over living as if i'm the only person on this planet. I'm over being an unqiue human being who needs special treatments. For once in my life I just want to be a normal human being, living a normal life in the country of Panem. And I think that these games may be my solution. I have to keep recieving the injections, even throughout the games, so I don't go on a rampage and kill everybody and in the gamemakers minds, ruin their entire lifes work. Which I can understand, well in a sort of way. If these injections can keep working for me, and they can really contain the killing machine within me, then even if it's just for a week or two, i'll be living a normal life. I'll be living the same nightmare as everyone else, having to play throughout the Hunger Games, fighting for my life. However, for me this will be a dream, living a real normal life for once in my life. This speech may sort of sound as if i'm read die. This statement is both true and false. If I happen to die throughout the games, I will cry but I will cry with hope. I am ready to die and that is true, to end my suffering and my curse, to live up above in pure peacefullness, now that truely is a dream of mine. However, i'm not considering dying just yet. I am going to be fighting for my survival in these games just as everybody else. I want to win these games, I want to win more than anything. I want the fame, the riches and the glory. I want to win these games just to prove to myself that I don't need to rely on others for my safety, and the fact that i know what i'm doing with my life. I want to win, because then living as a normal being can become a serious reality. If I win then I can then keep using the injections to make myself normal. And i'm sure that if I can keep myself normal and myself under control, I can then become District 8's mentor and just keep on living the life that I dream of. These games may the final obstacle in my way from achieving my dream and I going to playing them with all of my might. I think I realised that it was game on!

Kim Thorburn - District 11

I sit down on the window seal in the lounge room. The darkness has finally set in and not just in the Capitol's city streets. The truth has finally dawned on both me and Tim, and neither of us enjoy what we finally began to see.  I'll start with our time at the Capitol. We arrived on the train from District 11, and now that had been an akward ride. Mostly because I was fuming...... Tim volounteering after i'd been reaped was completley absurded and for the train ride i'd decided to basically lock myself inside my room. I knew that it wasn't really fair on Tim, since I know that he volunterred to protect me, but I didn't need that from him, I could take care of myself. And even throughout the opening ceremony and the chariot rides, we'd been completley and utterly silent too each other. That night common sense finally kicked into me and I knew that I was being selfish and rude. Plus since we were both here to together there was no reason to do anything but help each other. I had gone over to Tim's room to talk but he was missing. I walked around the entire apartment and found nobody, I was all alone. Suddenly the elevator doors open and I saw the most amazing thing in my life. Tim walked out on his own two feet, well one of his very own feet, yeah you get what I mean. I bolted over to him and gave him the biggest hug that I could ever give him, which he repricated. That was our way of apolgizing..... And from then on, we'd stuck together and been real brothers and sisters. It over joyed me to see that the Capitol had given him a prosthesis leg, because especially in the Hunger Games, he needed it. And although he played it pretty cool, I could tell that on the inside he was just bursting with utter excitment and happiness. Which is good to see, especially under the circumstances. We'd then completeled group training together, hopefully picking up the skills that we needed for the games. We'd then done individual training, well our private sessions and again, hopefully we were able to show off our skills. And tonight was the night where we found out. I recieved a training score of 7 and a ranking of 14th. Tim recieved a training score of 5 and a ranking of 24th. Overall it definetely wasn't what we were hoping for. However, when the teams were revealed that made up for everything. We were both so afraid that we would have to be split up and put into the different games, having the chance of never speaking to the other again. We were estatic, no more than that, when it was revealed that we were going to be sticking together. But then of course the reality began to dawn on us....... Only one of us was coming out of this alive, if even. It could be neither of us, but that wasn't the point. If one of us did make it out...... The other wouldn't and that was harsh truth. Tim was currently now getting some drinks and when he arrived back, we were going to begin discussing our plan for somehow both of us to make it to at least the second stage of the games. And until then, we would steer clear from thinking about the fact that only one of us was going to be surviving this nightmare. Well that was what we agreed on, but. I know that there is going to be no way that I won't be thinking about it for every second throughout the games, but I have to put on a brave face for Tim. I need to be the strong one here, and I need to make sure that every moment we spend from now on, we must cherrish because we'll never have times like this again, and that was the truth and I knew that I couldn't deny it any longer. This was going to be the hardest challenge of my life and there could be no dodging or escaping that. The truth is a real life sucker, that is just filled with utter despair and dissappointment. In other words, the story of our lives.

Team Ice Games


Astus Hawkeye - District 13

The games have finally come around, the bloodbath is soon to begin. My stylist Jacob, who is supposed to be helping me through this process has just told me to put on the outfit provided before he just got up and walked out of the room. I have no idea what the hell he is doing but I listen to my instructions and put on the outfit. It's pretty plain, well every year the outift is basically the same and so are the arena's. Always an academy, I mean I don't why the gamemakers don't try and spice things up and change the arena around.... But who cares anyway, I'm sure they got the reason that they want or whatever. Suddenly the door opens again and Jacob walks back in.

"Where the hell did you go?" I say,

"We were told to get this for you" he replies,

Jacob holds out a couple of pieces of paper filled with writing. 'We'? Did he say we? That must mean......

"Every Tribute recieves this.... It's basically a rule book....." says Jacob,

I look over the sheets of paper and realise that he's not kidding, there are a lot of statments on what to do and what not to..... There's even a helpful hints section, wow! Now that's impressive! I laugh to myself quietely

"You don't have to read it all now, you're aloud to take it up into the arena.... Just read over the bloodbath section...." says Jacob,

The more I think about it, I realise something. 

"Wait, so does this booklet get given out to Tributes every year?" I ask,

"Correct!" says Jacob,

Wow, now that's depressing.... Probably should've paid more attention..... But it's not going to affect me right now. I grab the piece of paper with the heading bloodbath on it and read it over. This page is different, it isn't a rule book as much as it is a letter. it reads;

"Dear my fairest tributes. May I just take the time to congratulate you all for those private training session! Many of them were quite inspiring for us and we can't wait to see how you are bringing them into the games. But for now, please take the time to currently read the message on how the bloodbath shall be taking place. As you've seen on previous years, we shall be blindfolding all of you before you shall step into your tribute tubes today. This is to make the murderers job stress free and really start the killing off with a bang. When you shall rise into the arena, the announcment shall sound and then you are free to try and ripe your blindfold off. However, only one lucky tribute's blindfold can be removed, no matter how hard you try it shall only be the chosen blindfold that removes. This person shall become the blackened also known as the murderer. From the second that they remove their blindfold they will have exactly ten minutes to commit one, and only one murder, and cover up their tracks. The other Tributes may do as they please throughout the ten minutes, however we recommend staying on pedestal in case of getting caught into the cross-fire. Then a cannon shall boom with the death finally occurs. At this point, most of the Tributes begin to run around like crazy, but again it's your decision about your movements. Then once the ten minutes have come to a close, another gong shall sound and everyone will be free to move their blinfolds. The body discovery announcment shall sound and the 72 hour investigation shall begin. That's all you need to know for now, you can read the rest later. Please enjoy yourself and I hope that you can make it through the bloodbath! - Jaydon Brand (Head Gamemaker)

Suddenly an announcment rings throughout the room;

"Please step into your trbute tubes with your blinfold on....."

Jacob stands up and holds a massive piece of black fabric inside his hands. He begins to tie it around my head and around my eyes.

"Okay, can you see anything?" ask Jacob,

"I can see a little bit of light...." I reply,

Suddenly I feel it considerebly tighten around my head and i'm plunged into complete darkness. 

"Capitol creations hug?" says Jacob,

"Yeah......" I reply,

Jacob hugs me before saying;

"Good luck and be safe!",

"I'll try....." I say,

Jacob then grabs my shoulders and guides me into the tribute tube. I feel his grasp leave my shoulder and soon after the sound of the door coming to a close. Suddenly without warning the tube rises and i begin to shoot my head around. I can see absoultley nothing. Suddenly I feel that i've stopped rising and that i'm now officially inside the arena and inside the games. I can hear the ruffle of the other tributes around me but other than that it is dead silent. Suddenly;

"Let us now begin the 49th Annual Danganronpa Games! And may the odds be ever in your favour!"

The gong clangs and suddenly I realise that the games have started and in less than ten minutes I could be dead. It was now game on!

Tom Webster - District 9

I reach for my blindfold instantly and quickly pull and tug it in all different directions, but with no luck. I keep trying but I know that deep down that it's pointless. But I keep tugging because if i don't i'll then begin shaking in fear, which isn't a good image. I know now that i'm completley vulnrable for the blackened to come and kill me, just like thirteen other tributes inside of this arena. I wonder and wonder, it still is basically dead silent, no screams and no bashes or clangs, which is truely odd for a bloodbath. This only make even more scared.... Waiting and waiting. We're all just waiting for anything, waiting to hear somebody else's scream or our own. Usually the chosen bloodbath killers are pure maniacts that enjoy seeing the fear in everybody surrounding them, and that's why the gamemakers chose them to be the blackened, all for just fun and games. Suddenly out of nowhere a terrifying scream rings throughout all of our ears. From that scream I can conclude three terrifying points. One that the murderer has begun their job. Two we can already assume that the target is going to be a female. And Three, that the target isn't too far from me on my left. Suddenly I hear a loud thud and then suddenly another, then suddenly I feel some guy screaming before he lands on me, toppling me over. I scream as well and fall on over to another Tribute. The murderer has begun a human domino effect. I scream in agony as my back hit the edge of somebodies pedestal. Ever Tribute now seems to be screaming their heads off, which is utter useless. They're giving the murder more chances to attack and be even more furosious, not having to worry about being heard over the screams. Though i can hear a lot of sobbing around me before out of nowhere I hear...... 

"You're a bitch! Rot in hell!" says an unknown female,

That voice is so distaughted in agony it's so hard to pin point who it could be. But one thing is for sure...... This poor girl is the victim of the blackened, there can be no dening that! Now every Tribute is freaking the hell out. So am I, this poor victim is completley suffering at the hands of somebody that they have no idea about their identity. Suddenly I hear the sound of somebody being punched and the sound of someone falling back across the floor. The person who appears to have been punch lets out a small cry of pain. But it's so small that I can't make out anything of it. Except I believe that that person is the blackened, the victim is fitting back. Hope begins to fill up inside of me. I wonder if it's possible that this victim could end up killing the blackened. When suddenly BOOM!!!   I look around, with my face in pure utter shock. Somebody is dead, the first kill has already been made. I'm the sure that the killer is now frantically trying to cover their tracks because they must know that they're running out of time. I think back to one year when one of the tributes ran out of time and forgot to put his blinfold back on, and that was a dead give-a-way. I wonder if this current blackened is anything like that. But from the furoisty of the battle that has just occurred, i highly doubt it. Suddenly, close by I hear two tributes colliding. These two seem to be fighting each other and are both clearly male, shouting and shouting. 

"I've the got the murderer! I've got the murderer!" says an unknown male,

"No i've got the murderer! I've got the murderer!" says another unknown male,

I freak out. This is beyond belief. Although every tribute besides the blackened is still blindfolded, it's seems that someone has managed to capture the murderer. And now both are accusing each other...... I can't make out the voices but one of them obviously has to be the murderer. But suddenly across the room I hear another male scream in agony. But that doesn't make sense. How could the murderer have hurt this other male, who is across the room from where the actual murderer is...... That extra guy is probably just trying to stir up trouble and confuse everybody. They're always those sorts of annoying idiots who do that, and they're usually one of the first to go........ Any second now the buzzer is going to sound and we're going to able to remove our blindfolds. But I can still hear those two guys fighting near me. If the murderer doesn't hurry up their going to be found out. Then the gong sounds and rings throughout the room. I reach up and remove my blindfold. My eyes take some time to adjust to the harsh lighting but then I see the horror around me. My eyes first of all lock onto the dead body..... The dead body of Analisa Latimer from District 2. Then the body announcment sounds;

"A body has just been discovered! A body has just been discovered! Your 72 hour investigation begins now! See you all at the tribute trial!"

But my eyes quickly dart to the two men who are still fighting each other, really close by Analisa's body. I reckognize each of them instantly. Brett Brawl and Astus Hawkeye, we have just narrowed down our suspects from 14 to 2. This investigation is already on it's way to success!

Investigation 1 - Day 1

Octavia Blake - District 14

Me and Max quickly run over to Brett and Astus. We quickly grab them and begin to hold them back as they are still trying to punch each other's heads off. They both keep yelling;

"What are you doing?! He's the murderer of Analisa!!!"

I quickly begin lossing Astus from my grasps but Tom quickly runs over and helps me hold him back. All the Tributes are everywhere, somebody needs to step into a leadership position. Usually it's the Careers but Analisa's dead and Tank is lying on the floor. But there's no time to waste!

"Okay everybody listen up! Everybody up against the wall! Don't touch anything and don't anything but move! Do you hear me!" I shout,

Everyone begins to mumble and move over to the wall. I've even been strong enough to stop Astus's and Brett's fighting. Everyone is sore and it's not rocket science to figure out why. Most of us where apart of that human domino effect and falling off our pedestals's blindfolded really wasn't the best thing that could've happened. I notice something considerably odd. I look over to Tank, who is still just lying on the floor. I walk over to him and quickly realise why. His entire left leg is covered in blood. His pants are ripped just below his knee, which reveal a gash into his skin.

"Oh my god! Tank! Tank! Can you hear me?!" I yell,

Tank mumbles slightly but there is no way that I can pick up what he is saying. Aemilia and Marlon quickly rush over to me and see the terrible state that Tank is in. 

"We'll take him over to the nurses office!" says Aemilia,

"Perfect! But do you even know where that this......?" I ask,

"I'll go with them, I'll help them find it!" says Estella from behind me,

"Great, but be back as soon as possible alright?" I say,

"For sure" says Estella,

Ameilia and Marlon then pick up Tank's heavy body and walk out of the room, with Estella quickly following behind. I shoot my head back to the line of tributes who are standing against the wall. 

"Now! Listen Up! One at time, I'll ask you all to move back to your pedestal, where you began the games!" I say,

"What if you can't remember, I mean we were blindfolded" says Rose,

"Then just do your bloody best alright?!" I say with furosity,

Then we set to work. One at time each Tribute moved back to their pedestal, until only six remainied. These six belonged to Myself, Tank, Estella, Aemilia, Marlon and Analisa. Eventually after some discussion of trying to remember where each tribute stood, we came to a conclusion which I felt was pretty acurate. 

"Perfect! Now nobody move!" I yelled,

I then walked up to the weapons table and grabbed a Dagger, but however in the process I noticed something interesting. I saw some Bow and Arrows sitting near the top of pile, however the interesting part was the fact that the at the bottom of the sheath, it was covered in blood. However, I knew that i'd have to come back to this later, however, I realised that this a huge piece of evidence that i'd just discovered. Then I walked back over to the near by wall with the Dagger, and become carving everybodies placing's into the wall. Then this way, nobody could tamper with this evidence. Once I completed it, it became clear of everyone's positionings. Lets start with Analisa, and then to right of her was Astus, right of him was myself, right on me was Tom, right of him was Mary, right of her was Jasper, right of him was Estella, right of her was Tank, right of him was Verena, right of her was Marlon, right of him was Wattson, right of him was Rose, right of her was Max, right of him was Aemilia, right of her was Brett and then right of him was Analisa. From this perspective it becomes clear that the accusations of Brett and Astus were both quite valid, each of them had easy access to kill her..... We now just need to take statments from those in question...... Brett and Astus!

Jasper Jordan - District 4

"Okay it's time to finally settle this! First Brett tell me your recount of events, and I don't want any interruptions from nobody! You hear me?! Then Astus i'll hear your recount of events and then we'll have a group discussion and see what this is all about!" yells Octavia,

"What happened?! He's the murderer!" yells Astus,

"Zip It! Brett you have the floor!" yells Octavia,

"Okay so everyone heard Analisa scream the first time...... At that point I hadn't moved and everyone can acount that up until that point, it was it dead silent throughout the room. I then realised of course that the murder was taking place right next to me, on my right and of course began to freak out..... But I still didn't move, like the note had stated I didn't want to get caught inside the cross fire. I then heard a lot of thuds to my right, which I have no idea about but to the point I still didn't move..... I then heard a rushing of air, which I now to be a fired arrow at Analisa...... But again I didn't move! Analisa then began sobbing, i'm sure that Astus must of heard it as well. Then we heard her line "You're a bitch! Rot in hell!" but again I still never left my pedestal. I then I heard a little bit of confrantation and then somebody slidding backwards on the floor, as if they'd been pushed or shoved. Again I stayed rooted. But anger was boiling up inside of me. I then heard the sound of somebody being stabbed before the cannon suddenly boomed. That was the point where I turned to my right and bolted forwards, hoping to catch the killer. I forgot to stop myself and I tripped over Analisa's pedestal but when I fell, I fell ontop of Astus's arms. I had caught him as the killer in the act! There can be no denying it!" says Brett,

"Okay, thankyou! Now, Astus for your story!" says Octavia,

"Well basically it's the same as Brett's. I heard all of the same commotions and yes, I did hear Analisa sobbing at one point. But like Brett I stayed rooted to my pedestal, not moving a muscle. Then as soon as the cannon sounded, I turned to my left and bolted forwards, however I tripped over Analisa's dead body. I fell ontop of her pedestal and a second later Brett's arms fell ontop of mine. I believed that he was trying to capture me or knock me out, thus I believed that he was the killer! No I don't believe, I know! I know that he killed Analisa!" says Astus,

Octavia seems to ponder for a moment. Her personality has really changed since training, either she's pretending or she's being weird, and maybe that's because she just committted murder. Like that bitch is being a complete bossy pants! Just utterly useless, this will probably end up getting her killed, but hey, as long as it isn't me, I really don't care. Suddenly the door swung open and Aemilia, Marlon and Estella all walked back into the room.

"Tank shall be fine, he shall just be staying the night!" says Estella,

"Good, good! We've just crossed out two suspects!" says Octavia,

"Have we? When!?" yells Verena,

"Just now of course! I believe that if Brett and Astus have both have told us the truth, which I believe that they have, then there can be no possible way that either of these two are the blackened!" says Octavia,

"Excuse Me!!! Brett was obviously lying!!!" yells Astus,

"Look! Both of your recounts together prove that you're both telling the truth!" says Octavia,

"Explain it then!" yells Brett,

"You both said at the sound of the cannon you ran towards the scene of the crime. For Brett that was his right and for Astus that was his left. Astus said that he tripped and soon after felt Brett's arms on his. Brett said that he tripped and fell onto Astus's arms. See! You both have your own recounts but they prove to have a connection!" says Octavia,

"Yes but that doesn't prove that neither of them are the blackened!" yells Rose,

"No, I never said that it did! But this does! Since we already know that they're telling the truth, they both turned and ran at the sound of the cannon. They both tripped and fell on each other. Both of them were looking for the blackened and I believe that it was just be chance that they came onto each other...... Think about it, if Brett suddenly died and I ran to my left and Aemlia ran to her right, and we were both looking for the blackened, it's just bad luck that we ran into each other! Plus Analisa was hit with arrows, meaning that the blackened was most likely standing far away from the crime scene! And since we've already proven that you're stories are correct and are completley true, there can be no doubt that Brett Brawl and Astus Hawkeye are not the blackened in this case!" says Octavia,

Everyone looks around shocked at the revelation but now realising that we have nothing and no leads...... The two who we believed contain the murderer, actually turned out to be the innocent..... But anyone could guess what the next part of the investigation included! Investigating! Well at least that's why I thought but apparently not!

"Aemilia can you please go and collect some paper, i'm sure that they must have some in the nurses office..... I now intend to take everybodies statements of events, everybody! So start getting your stroy straight you little blackened!" yells Octavia,

There can be no doubt that this girl is either crazy or weird.... Either she has gone weird from murderer Analisa or she's actually insane...... Either way this girl is utter spilling with suspicion, I can't wait to take her statement myself!

Murderer - Case 1

Phhfff..... Look at Octavia taking the lead and being a true woman..... Now what a terrible situation that she's put herself into, because in games like these once you start going like that you never stop and eventually people become sick of you and murderer you out of pure annoyance! But that's such a horrible way to go you know....... I killed Analisa for much better reasons than something as stupid as annoyance........ But all shalll be revealed in good time hey......... But anyway Aemilia returned with the paper and gave it over to Octavia. Octavia whispered something into Estella's ear before pulling Aemilia out of the room with her. It's pretty obvious that she left Estella in charge..... Like yeah right?! Now is the perfect time for me to cover up my crimes, since nobody is investigating and nobody is supposed too, well that's occording to Octavia but unfortunetely I don't play by her rules or anybody else rules! I need to somehow figure out a way of inspecting Analisa's body for evidence without drawing crazy attention to myself. But before I could even do that I needed to get some of my own evidence to plant at the crime scene....... I need to plant some serious evidence to prove that Tank is the killer, he's been who i've trying to set up this whole time....... Hopefully he pulls throughout that aweful gash I made upon him, it seemed to cut a lot deeper than I expected, but what are going to do? If he does die, not only will you have two murders on your hands but you'll have a really easy target to pin Analisa's murder on! Oh I begin to rush with exhilaration. This whole blackened thing is a lot eaiser than I expected. Especially since now i have a plan to grab some evidence off Tank. I walk up to Estella.

"Hey can I head to the bathroom? I'll just to one in my dorm......" I ask her,

"Yeah okay, but just wait until Aemilia comes back from her statement alright?" says Estella,

"Sure thing!" I say,

God! Who does she think that she is?! Talking to me like she owns the place! But I calm myself down because this moment, right here could be my saviour. Aemilia walks back into the room and I quickly rush past her and out of the door.

"Hey, where the hell do you think that you're going?!" yells Octavia,

"I'm just going to the bathroom in my dorm, is that alright?!" I say,

"Don't give me that aditude! Fine but be quick, i'll take your statement when you get back!" says Octavia,

I quickly nod and walk off down the hallway. I look at my map provided to me just before I stepped into my tribute tube. It seems that the nurses office is right down the end of the hallway.  I knew that this could be seriously risky, since if he wakes up, he'll catch me in the act. But that's what makes it so exhilurating! Nothing could be better! I open the door and walk in, I can see Tank lying on a stretcher bed which something conntected into his arm. I can assume that it's something for the pain, it seems that it's making him seriously dead to the world. I now have to figure out what evidence I can take from him and easily plant at the crime scene. I notice his token, which is hanging around his neck. I quickly take it off but know that he'll notice something is up if I take the entire necklace, plus that would make it look seriously planted evidence. So I quickly removed the actual decorative piece and hanged the actualy necklace back around Tank's neck. This way, it'll look like it just accidently fell off in a struggle against Analisa...... Looks more realistic than it does planted, which is exactly what I was going for! I then quickly put it into my jacket pocket and walk quickly out of the room and back down the hallway. Octavia shoves me down into a seat before asking me;

"Okay. hjdjksdvjksb, tell me your exact recount of events, don't leave out any information!"

Oh i plan to leave out everything from my recount, because mine is the only one that holds the truth. I am the murderer of Analisa Latimer and nobody was even going to think twice about suspecting me, i'd make sure of that!

Verena Chambray - District 7

One by one, we all went outside and gave our statements to Octavia. I don't know how she could do it, listen to fourteen recounts, when we all know that they're just going to include the same information. Yeah maybe one person's recounts answers an arisen question but ultimetley that doesn't prove who killed Analisa. But it has been so bloody boring just awaiting around in this room! Many of us have tried searching and have even tried to getting close to examine the body..... Only to be yelled at by Estella and told off by Aemilia...... It's obvious that those two are under Octavia's control, which I personally believe is a bad move for them, becoming a henchmen usually reults in your death, but for now that's bedsides the point. Octavia suddenly walks back in with Astus, the last to recount his events.

"Okay, thankyou everyone for your statments, that shall become vital evidence throughout this case. Now....." says Octaiva,

"Hold on a minute! I'm taking you outside to recount your side of events! Just because you've taken leadership doesn't mean you get off the hook for being suspicious!" yells Jasper,

Everyone nods and agree utterly and completley. Jasper is totally right and i think everyone slightly has it in the back of their minds that Octavia may be the real blackened....... But for now we'll just have to wait and see.

"Alright then. And also for the record, I shall be taking Tank's counts of events when he wakes up." says Octavia,

She and Jasper then walk outside and we all await for their return, hopefully then Octavia shall let us finally investigate, because this is maddness. It's been hours and no clues have been resolved, well that's because no clues have been found! The Capitol must be going crazy with anticipation. I wonder how Team Fire is going and what Monty is currently up to at the moment. Is he the victim, the blackened or just another tribute. I guess that i'll just have to wait and see, i'm sure that the answers shall all appear in good time, because the truth always ges out, one way or another. Then Octavia and Jasper walk back into the room.

"Alright now! Everybody get up and stand on the pedestals of yours! Please be sure to get on your correct one!" says Octavia,

We all do as we are told, because there is no use defying her, it'll only stir up even more trouble. 

"Now you all are going to stand there while me, Aemilia and Estella search this room top to bottom for clues!" says Octavia,

"What the hell is this?! Anyone of you could be the blackened, this could be your way of disposing of the evidence! Plus you can't tell us what to do! I'm over it, i'll just start searching for clues myself!" yells Japser,

Everybody nods and agree's giving encouragement to Jasper for standing up to her. 

"Fine if you guys want to all be suspected of being the blackened that's fine! I was just trying to clear everybody's name!" says Octavia,

"Well you don't need to do that! We can do it all ourselves!" yells Jasper,

"Fine! Go ahead!" yells Octavia,

All of the tributes then jump down from their pedestals and begin walking around the room, examing every possible crack and crevice. However many of the tributes walk over to Analisa's body to inspect it but arguments quickly occurr over who should check the body. Eventually somebody shouts over the rest.

"It should be me and Astus! We'll check over the body and anyone can watch us! Just don't intervene!" yells Brett,

The two men then kneel down next to Analisa's body. I walk over to the massive surrounding group of people, all wanting to see the presented evidence. 

"Okay well let's start with her wounds. Obviously she got hit in the back of the neck twice with two arrows, fired at different times and from different angles." says Astus,

"How can you tell that?" asks Estella,

"Well, see how with Analisa's face of the floor, the arrows in her neck stick out in two different diagonal stances, meaning that these arrows were fired at two different times and from two different angles. Just assuming from mine and Brett's statements, we would be correct in saying that the first arrow hit just before the first scream was let out and the second time that Brett felt a rush of air past him, would be the second arrow fired......" says Astus,

"Wait hold on a minute! That doesn't make any sense....." says Octavia,

"I know, but it draws an easy conclusion...... These arrow wounds are not the cause of her death and everybody can acount for that!" says Astus,

"How?!" I ask,

"Because of that line, "You're a bitch! Rot in hell!", happened after that second arrow was fired, not to mention that her cannon boomed seriously later...." says Astus,

"But couldn't that have just been her slow death from her two simple wounds?" asks Rose,

"That could be the case but......" says Astus,

Suddenly Astus rolls Analisa's body from laying onto her stomach to onto her back. Her entire stomach area is just completley covered in blood.

"But I would say that this massive stab wound would actually be her true cause of death...." says Astus,

"Wait a minute! Brett's recount can prove that, remembering that he heard a stabbing sound just before the cannon boomed, this has to have been what it was!" says Aemilia,

"She's right! I remember that!" says Mary,

"Well see here it has created two holes inside of her body. One at the top of back, just below the neck, and one at the bottom of her stomach and just abover her pelvis...... Thus meaning that it was weapon that could travel through her entire body at a 45* angle......" says Astus,

"Just like a spear!" I yell out,

Everybody turns to face me, I turn around and run back to my pedestal. In between the space of mine and Tank's pedestal there is a spear laying on the ground and completley covered in blood.

"It seems that we just found our murder weapon!" says Estella

Aemilia Bark - District 10

Everybody looks around all completley filled with excitment. However, even with this information, I really couldn't see how it brought us any closer to figuring out who the blackened was. 

"This is, no doubts, our murder weapon that was used to kill Analisa Latimer!" says Astus,

"And it was found in-between the pedestals of Verena and Tank...." says Rose,

"Indeed.... And who do we know that could have a spear stab wound?" asks Brett,

"None other than Tank of course!" says Marlon,

"Meaning I think that we've just found our prime suspect!" says Octavia,

"Wait so this spear covered in blood has just convinced you that Tank is guilty?" I ask,

"Well, actually it's perfectly valid. Look closely and you'll realise that they're are two different colours of red on this spear, meaning two different types of blood...... Analisa's and......" says Astus,

"And Tank's......" says Brett,

"Percisely!" says Estella,

Everyone looks around, the prime suspect has just been figured out..... Tank Demski, Analisa's own District partner! I couldn't believe it! Could something like this really happen? But suddenly my eyes lock onto a small shiny object on the ground near Analisa's skull.

"Hold on! What's that?" I ask,

Astus leans down and picks it up, holding it up into the light for a clearer view

"Is that evidence?" says Marlon,

"It would appear so!" says Estella,

"But who does it belong to?" asks Rose,

"Obviosuly Tank! Who else could it be?" yells Mary,

"Now hold on a second, we have no reason to believe that this is Tanks!" says Octavia,

"Yes we do! He's the prime suspect!" says Mary,

"Well I wouldn't say a sure thing but it definetley could be Tanks's, accidentle evidence left at the crime scene....." says Astus,

"But if that were true, then this case is over....... Tank has to be the murderer......" says Wattson,

"I suppose, look it's definetley a possibility but for now we can only assume, at least until he wakes up that it...." says Astus

"So I say this invesitgation is put on hold until Tank wakes up!" says Tom,

"Well it would appear to be so..." says Brett

"Well now what?" asks Mary,

"We can just do whatever we want...." says Octavia,

"Awesome! I can't wait to check out this academy! It always looked so amazing on television!" says Jasper,

Jasper, Wattson, Tom, Verena, Rose and Mary all then got up and left, what shall be known as the entrance hall. This left myself, Brett, Marlon, Estella, Astus, Octavia and Max all alone inside the entrace hall. 

"I'm going to go and wash all of this blood off of me!" says Astus,

"Good Idea!" says Brett,

Before the two suddenly walk out of the room, with the door banging shut and echoing throughout the room. 

"Ocatvia, do you really believe that Tank is the blackened?" asks Estella,

"Well it's certainly possible......" says Octavia,

"But Tank was stabbed, don't you think that that is kind of a give-a-way?" asks Marlon,

"No, not at all. Tank and Analisa are both strong conponents, I just think that he didn't realise how hard that Analisa would've fought back......... But I definetely don't think that this is end, that this is all of the evidence to find......." says Octavia,

"We need to start looking for it!" says Max,

"Most definetley!" says Marlon, 

"Okay me and Estella shall take the weapons table, the rest of you can just completley search this room top to bottom, alright?" says Octavia,

"We're on it!" I say,

And then finally, the real clue searching began, maybe we would uncover some new truths, find some new suspects or maybe just prove that Tank was the blackened. Either way, hopefully this search was going to uncover the entire evidence that was currenlty at the crime scene, that's all we could hope for.

Max Muzzele - District 14

Estella and Octavia then walked over to the weapons table and began searching for any evidence that the blackened might of left behind.

"Aemilia you take the left side of the room, Marlon you take the right and I'll take another look around the body." I say,

The two nod and begin to walk off and begin to search for clues. I wonder if anyone in here, in this room right now is the blackened. Now would be the perfect time to destroy evidence as they're aren't many people in the room. I'm keeping my eyes peeled on everyone for now, though it is completley possible that our suspect in currently in hospital....... But I don't really buy it....... Though for now it is all we have, and we've got to go with it, though I decided to take a 'innocent until proven guilty' approach to this case, especially since nobody is off limits. I look down at Analisa's dead body, and decide that right now I could probably complete a better autopsey not being surrounded by everybody. I turn around.

"Octavia, can I have some paper?" I ask,

"What for?" asks Octavia,

"I'd just like to take some fresh notes about the body for the tribute trial......" I say,

"Okay, yeah that'd be good!" says Octavia,

She then hands me over some paper and a pen. I look down at her body and begin to make some sketches, of her arrow and spear wounds. I then jot down some notes on the information that we already discussed. I also include some notes on the murder weapon and that shiny piece of evidence we found at the scene. I then look over Analisa's body for any new clues. Although I don't find any new evidence, I do find that Analisa has quite a few bruises, however they most likely won't be too useful, and she probably just sustained them throughout the battle. But none-the-less I jot notes about them anyway. Maybe they'll play a bigger role than I think. Estella then walks back into the room, holding a camera. The other four are now currently focusing on Tank's pedestal which is covered in blood. They all found no evidence of anything, anywhere and I was about to believe the same about my own search. But suddenly my pen rolls away from me, behind the pedestals. I lean down to grab it and just casually look backwards and that's when I notice something.

"Oh my god! Guys!" I yell,

They all turn around and come rushing over. They notice the piece of evidence that I had just found, and Estella wastes no time in snapping some shots of it for complete evidence. We had seen something that maybe nailed our killer! I knew that Analisa was strong, and this was something that would definetley occurr from somebody like her. On the back of her pedestal, written in blood, was a mssive bold 'B'! This was her dying message! This was her way of telling us who her murderer was!

"We have to go and grab the others! This is huge!" yells Marlon,

"No! Don't do that!" says Octavia,

"What the hell? Why wouldn't we? This is a major brake through!" I say,

"Look, how about we just take a brake? We'll all leave this room and not mention any new evidence being found...... Then we'll gather everybody tomorrow morning in the dinning hall, including Tank and present all of our findings and begin our new interrogations......." says Octavia,

I scoff in disbelief......

"This is insane!" I say,

"Yeah why the hell would we do that?" asks Marlon,

"Look..... If we all say that no new evidence was found until tomorrow morning....... Me and Estella shall guard this hall tonight, nobody can get it.......... There is a good chance that the murderer shall show up and try and get in, that way we'll have another new clue......." says Octavia,

"I say it's the best plan we've got..... So can we all agree?" asks Estella,

Everybody else mumbles, concluding at yes.....

"Max?" asks Octavia,

"Fine! But if we don't tell everyone tomorrow morning, i'm doing it myself!" I say,

"Of course!" says Octavia,

I then just get up and walk out, this plan is absoulutley absurd! I can't stand to be around any of them right now! It's useless....... The blackened is smart enough to not show up, unless they really are something of a meathead! But if I had guess the blackened at this point in time....... There is no doubt that Octavia and Estella are seriously on my radar! But tonight, i'm going to test it! I'm going to show up, while they're keeping watch and see what they're up to! Becase my best guess is the fact that they're really destroying evidence instead of just being there to keep the blackened out......... Especially since one of them is the blackened! And I can't wait to get the proof that i need to back up my claim! Those two are going down!

Investigation 1 - Night 1

Rose Wells - Capitol District

The night time has finally rolled around, bringing the first day to a close, and our 72 hour investigation to a 62 hour investigation. I wonder how we're actually going to be able to do that, I mean we've already figured out the culprit..... Tank. I know that there is a chance that the blackened could actually be somebody else but there is just too evidence against him, well at least for now. After Octavia's rain of terror ended, we all went wild, well in a way. This academy, this arena, is better than it ever has looked on televison. I mean it's a massive five storey hotel, in a way........ The first floor, is actually the basement, which is just the library and greenhouse, hardly any excitment there...... The ground floor holds just all the basics, dorms, kitchen, dinning hall, nurses office and the entrance hall, where our bloodbath took place. The first floor holds some classrooms, but also holds the rec room. The second floor just holds the gym and batthouses, and the third floor is just full of useless crap. Basically all of us were either throughout the rec room or the gym or even in the bathhouse, having some down time before Tank wakes up. But that doesn't seem to be on anybodies minds at the moment, everybody seems to just be enjoying themselves. But of course that never lasts...... Everyone eventually becomes bored and the killings are the only things that can keep us interested. I'm sitting inside the rec room on the first floor and am crushing Aemilia in a foosball game. Astus, Mary, Brett, Jasper, Verena and Tom are also circling around the room. We're all seriously enjoying ourselves and I honestly wish that only these people were apart of the games. Then when I become the blackened, the people trying to figure me out wouldn't be too good at it. But hey, what are you going to do? Maybe I'll just have to wait for the others to start taking down some of the stronger competitors..... Or I'll just have to risk it and hope for the best........ Either way I'll just to have to see how everything plays out. Though speaking of things playing out, it was interesting to find out that when Aemilia came to the rec room........ She told us that she found no information, no clues and no evidence. Which I do believe to be quite the lie and i'm sure that everyone else can pick up on it as well. There were searching the room for quite some time, and for what? Just to find nothing? I highly doubt that..... Although feel like i should trust in Aemilia, today sort of proved to everyone that she's already wrapped under Octavia's spell, as well as Estella........ But hopefully, somehow, I can brake her free, I just have to let her know that she can trust me and then once i've done that i've got one person in my corner..... And i'll need that, especially when I do become the blackened, I need someone to back me up no matter what has happened..... And I believe that this person for me is Aemilia, I just have to convince her to switch sides and I already knew that it wasn't going to be too easy!

Mary Smith - District 6

The time was now around 10:30, and everyone had become starved! We all decided to head down to the kitchen and dinning hall to feed ourselves. Some of the other Tributes were already having dinner and the others were no where to be found. Everyone in our group, everyone from the rec room grunted as we walked into the dinning hall and found Octavia and Estella sitting inside. We'd all just had enough of them, running the show and thinking that they're in charge! Please if anyone should be in charge it should be Rose, since she's from the Capitol! Not somebody from all the way out of District 14! But I honestly I have a little bit of sympthay for her, well just because I can bet that she shall be the next tribute's death that we're investigating, and i'm sure that everyone can reach that conclusion as well. 

"Hey, why you guys are all here. We're meeting in here at 9am sharp tomorrow moring for a group discussion! No excuses for being late alright?" says Octavia,

"Got it!" says Jasper,

"Yeah your royal hinse!" whispers Astus,

We all laughed before stumbling into the kitchen and preparing ourselves some food. 

"Hey does anybody want to see if Tank's hungry?" asks Astus,

"I'll go......" I say,

"Are you sure? You might get murdered?" says Tom,

"I think i'll be fine" I say laughing,

Verena then hands me over a plate of some steaming hot noodles. I grabbed them and walked out of the kitchen, through the dinning hall and past the entrance hall. I came to the hallway that was full of all of our dorms and the nurses office was situated at the end. Ironically my room is the first one that you see when you walk from the dinning hall, it's right in everybodies view. I have Astus, who shall be living on my left and well, it was supposed to be Analisa on my right, but now i'll just be living next to an empty room. I walk down to the end of the hallway and walk into the nurses office. I can see Tank lying down on his bed, looking dead to the world. He either could still be uncouncious or sleeping so i just decide to put it on his bedside table. i turn around to walk out of the room but I stop myself.

"Ummm, It's noodles, chicken flavour of course..... But anyway enjoy!" I say,

I then opened the door and walked back out, at least then if he heard me, well it really doesn't matter. I walked back down the hall and back all the way through the dinning hall and into the kitchen. 

"How was he?" asked Rose,

"Oh he wasn't awake but he could've been sleeping for all I know........" I say,

"Well hopefully he's awake for questioning tomorrow" said Astus,

"Yeah, I know, because if we don't then what are we going to do?" says Brett,

"Go back and search that room top to bottom I guess" says Verena,

"I already told you guys, we found nothing, absolutley nothing" says Aemilia,

"Well we have to do something tomorrow other than sit inside the rec room!" says Jasper,

"Let's just wake him up if he doesn't do it himself?" says Tom,

Everybody nods and mumurs. We all then walk into the dinning hall with our meals and begin to have our dinner. However, Estella and Octavia have dissappeared. 

"Good riddence!" says Jasper,

Again everybody laughs before the room only becomes filled with the sounds of people eating. Time slowly rolled by the time we'd all finished eating it was already 11:30. 

"Hey guys I'm going to hit the sack!" says Astus,

"Same here!" I say,

We all nod and agree that it's getting late and that we all need some sleep. However, when we all walk out of the dinning room, we freeze. Octavia and Estella are standing in front of the door to the entrance hall.

"What are you guys doing?" asks Verena,

"Taking guard, you?!" says Octavia,

"Never mind, but who said you could take watch?!" asks Jasper,

"Myself..... Is that a problem?" asks Octavia,

"Yeah it kind of is!" says Tom,

"Guys it isn't worth it! Just good night!" says Astus,

Everybody then murmurs and then continues walking over and into their dorms heading off to sleep. But i'm no idiot, i'm not sleeping without a close by weapon. I quickly turn around and head back through the dinning hall and into the kitchen, pretending to have forgotten something. I knew that I wouldn't be able to get past Octavia and Estella and there was no way that I was going to ask them. I grabbed a large chopping knife and put it into shoe, covered by my long pants. I then walk out of the kitchen and out the dinning hall, and past Octavia and Estella without a word. I head straight into my dorm room and shut the door at the speed of light. I take the knife and put it into the drawer of my left bedside table. Better to be safe than sorry!

Investigation 1 - Day 2

Wattson Meyes - District 12

We all sat inside the dinning hall, well everybody except for Tank and Octavia. We were all under the orders of Octavia's instructions and it wasn't that hard to tell that she was already making some enemies. However, I really didn't see their valid reasons, I mean the cases were somebody takes leadership of the team usually ends up with the blackened being punished. Plus, I wasn't going to die just because everybody was too lazy to get their acts together. We stared at the dinning hall's large grandfather clock, and just as it chimed signalling 9am, the door burst open and Octavia strode through. Everybody hushed as she walked in and everybody stared at her, waiting for the news that she planned on telling us. I was sitting inbetween Jasper and Max, and Octavia took the empty seat at the head of the table.

"Thankyou for all being on time. Now we know why we are here, we are here to investigate the murder of Analisa Latimer from District 2. We have made great progress in the case, already securing our murder weapon and prime suspect. Of course the main point of this meeting was to interrogate this prime suspect, Tank Demski, who has been uncouncious ever since the games have begun. Now he hasn't awoken yet, though I have left instructions for him to meet us here if he does awaken. Thus, while we wait I thought that it would be a good time to recap over yesterday's findings and look over everything once again to fins any new clues. Now does anybody have any objections to this? says Octavia,

"Yeah! Why can't we just go and wake him up?" asks Brett,

"Because, I believe this time shall be better spent cementing our argument against him, and making sure that we have no potholes that he can poke through." says Octavia,

Everybody around the room nods and murmurs in agreement.

"Fine! But it better be worth it!" yells Brett,

"Oh I'm sure that it will be." says Max,

Suddenly I notice Octavia glare hardly at Max, before shaking it off her face before anybody could realise. 

"Now, last night while myself and Estella were guarding......" says Octavia but Max interupts,

"Were you? Because I showed up and found absoulutley nobody in sight!" yells Max,

"Excuse me?!" asks Octavia,

"Yeah you heard me! I came down the hall, expecting to find you but both of you were completley missing!" yells Max,

"What the hell?" asks Verena,

"Explain yourself!" yells Jasper,

"We didn't leave! We were inside the room...." says Octavia but Max once again interupts,

"No you weren't! I even looked inside!" yells Max,

"Well if we weren't their, we were either in the bathroom or in the kitchen." states Octavia,

"No! Face it! You're lying! You've done something, or you know something! Stop with the bloody games and get to the point! And by that I mean, tell everybody here the truth! Where were you last night?" yells Max,

"Fine! Yes, after everybody had gone to sleep, we went to sleep as well! You happy?" states Estella,

"Why the hell would you do that? That means anybody could've gone in the room last night, that may of been our only chance to see the blackened!" yells Tom,

Everybody is noding and shouting in agreement. 

"Look! We were tired and everybody thought that we were there, thus I knew that nobody would be showing up!" states Octavia,

"How can you know that?" asks Mary,

"She can't! Face it! She is hidding something and she is probably the true blackened!" yells Max,

Everybody then goes silent awaiting Octavia's response. And as much as I wasn't against Octavia, I was beginning to see how it really could be her, how she could really be the blackened. 

"If you want to believe that I'm the blackened, please go ahead. However, I still want this meeting to run, meaning I still want to go over the facts before Tank arrives." says Ocatvia,

"Yeah right! We're not letting you, and if you want this metting to run, I would highly suggest that somebody else should be running it, anybody but you and Estella!" yells Jasper,

"Fine, any volunteer's?" says Octavia, 

Everybody goes silent and looks away.

"Give it to me!" yells Astus storming over and ripping the pages out of Octavia's hands. 

Everybody nods and murmur's in agreement with Astus taking charge. 

"Okay, let us begin with the summary of everybodies recounts." says Astus, 

Hopefully with Astus in charge, and everybody not fighting against him, we could actually get somewhere as a team. And as a team we really needed to start nailing the blackened down, because at this rate an innocent was going to end up dead.

Marlon Lander - District 10

"Okay, well I'm now just reading off of Octavia's summary of everybodies recount of events. So here goes. The games have begun and it is completley silent. Suddenly we hear somebody, who we now know to be Analisa, scream. We can most likely assume that this was caused by one of her arrow wounds. Then we hear and some of us feel, the human domino shamble that had begun. Note to self?" states Astus,

"Well this would be the point where I was going to ask if anybody had any extra information regarding any of the recount that had already been stated. Such as, does anybody know how this domino effect started?" says Octavia,

"Okay, well who was actually apart of this domino thing?" asks Rose,

Astus, Octavia, Tom, Mary, Jasper and Estella all raise their hands. 

"Estella, can I have borrow your camera?" asks Octavia,

"Sure." says Estella,

Octavia then takes the camera and begins flickering through the photos.

"According to this, Astus you would've been the first to fall down. Did somebody push you or did somebody fall on you?" asks Octavia,

"Hold on, according to what?" asks Jasper,

"The diagram of our placings in the bloodbath." states Octavia,

"Well actually now that you mention it. Somebody did fall onto me but with quite an amount of force......" says Astus,

"Which means, after Analisa screamed, the blackened pushed Analisa down, who fell onto Astus and then the domino effect began." states Octavia,

"Okay cool but where does that get us?" asks Brett,

"Nowhere, it's just another piece to the puzzle." states Rose,

"Astus, continue." states Wattson,

"Okay. We then hear Analisa sobbing and woush of the second arrow's fire. Then came the line from Analisa, "You're a bitch! Rot in hell!". Then there is a little bit of silence before we hear the sound of somebody being punched and somebody slidding across the floor. We can assume that these were caused by the blackened and at this stage Analisa was fighting back. Then came the cannon, which we now know was casued by a stab wound from a spear. Then came myself's and Brett's screams of joy about thinking that we'd caught the killer. We then heard quite a few little commotions and a males scream, who is still yet to be unknown. Note to self. Okay, who was it?" states Astus,

Everybody stays silent and looks away.

"Well we all know which male isn't here right?" states Wattson,

"Exactly what I was thinking! That scream had to of come from Tank!" states Estella,

"See there we go, more evidence against Tank. Was it still a waste of time now?" asks Octavia,

Brett just rolls his eyes in disgust.

"Okay well speaking of evidence against Tank, here is what we have so far. We have the murder weapon, which a) was close by to Tank's pedestal and b) had two different types of blood on it, one being Analisa's and the other being Tank's since he had a leg stab wound. We also found something that could belong to Tank at the scene of the crime, offically linking him to the murder scene. Now does anybody else have any evidence to add to this. Max not now. Wait Octavia why did you write that?" asks Astus,

Everybody turns to face Octavia puzzeled by what they have just heard.

"He knows why and we'll get to that later, when Tank arrives." states Octavia,

"This is ridiculos!" states Jasper,

"You're exactly write and i'm over it! I'm grabbing Tank write now!" yells Brett who stands up out of his chair and strides out of the room. 

"Astus, please continue." says Octavia,

"Well after completling an autopsey on Analisa's body, we can conclude that she recieved two arrows fired into the back of her neck, a spear stab wound that travels through her stomach to her back and plenty of brusies from being knocked around by the blackened. Any objections?" asks Astus,

Nobody says anything. Everybody is bored and the only reason that they are intuned is that Brett has finally gone to get Tank. I wondered if it was really him though, especially because if it was he'd go down in history as one of the dumbest blackeneds ever. Though I still really hadn't made up my own mind about his guilty status, however hopefully this meeting would provide us with more information. 

"Well that seems to be it for now. We'll just wait and see what happens if Brett can bring in Tank." states Astus,

Everybody then begins chatting and murmuring around themselves. I knew that this meeting would have an interesting ending and twist. I was interested to see what would happen when everybody found out about the huge secret of the evidence that we'd found yesterday and I was interested to see how the case would revolve around it. Because I was sure that it was bound to bring up some new suspects and maybe clear some old ones. I didn't really understand why it had to be such a secret however I do understand how betrayed and angry everybody is going to be at Octavia for keeping it to herself. Suddenly my thoughts are interrupted.

"Look who finally decided to wake up!" yells Brett walking back into the room.Everybody quietened down and was finally prepared to listen, this could be the point where everything changes, this could really be the make or brake of the case trial and it was sure as hell going to be interesting.

Tank Demski - District 2

As Brett leads me into the dinning room, I see everybody stare hard into my eyes. However, I can see that their eyes are all filled with hatred and digust. 

"What's going on?" I ask,

"Tank, please sit down." says Mary,

I look around the room. I swear that everybody is here except for Analisa.

"Hold on a minute! Where's Analisa?" I ask in distress.

Everybody looks around awkwardly.

"Tank. She's dead." says Jasper,

"What?! How the hell could this happen?! Who the hell would kill Analisa?!" I yell,

"Tank calm down alright." says Verena,

"What!? Who is it?! Who is the blackened?!" I yell,

"Well that's an interesting question, one that we've been asking ourselves for the past 24 hours, and we have come a conclusion and to a prime suspect in this murder case." says Octavia,

"Who?! Who is it!? Tell me!" I yell,

"Tank! We believe that it's you!" yells Astus,

"WHAT!!! You've got to be messing with me!" I yell,

"We're not! So tell us the truth about what happened! Tell us how you killed Analisa!" yells Estella,

"I swear! I swear that I didn't even touch her, I didn't even leave my pedestal throughout the bloodbath!" I scream trying to convince the others,

"Look! Tank we're going to show you the evidence that we have then we'll see if you can refute it!" yells Rose,

Everybody shouts in agreement and Astus shuts everybody up. This was insane, this was perpostrous! Not only had Analisa been killed, I was the prime suspect of being the blackened! You've got to be kidding me!

"Okay. Well we know that first off, the blakcened fired arrows at Analisa. Now these arrows were shpt with quite the accurracy and since you're a Career there is a very good chance that you would be qualified enough to make these attacks." states Astus,

"I don't use a Bow, I never have and never will. And if I did I certainly wouldn't have very good accurracy like you're talking about!" I yell,

"Okay. Well did you hear the louds thuds and screams at the beginning of the bloodbath?" asks Octavia,

"Yes, yes I did." I state,

"Well we have known this to be a human domino effect. Now it began by the blackened pushing Analisa down onto Astus. This domino effect continued all the way over to Estella, who was on your left. Now, Estella did you fall on anybody, can you prove that Tank was at his pedestal." asks Octavia,

"No I can not." says Estella,

"I bloody was there! Look Estella did you even fall onto my pedestal, or did you just fall down onto the ground." I ask,

"No I did fall down onto a pedestal."states Estella,

"No you didn't! You are lying! She's lying! I was standing on my pedestal and felt nobody even touch me!" I yell, trying to scream my convincing story,

"Tank! Did you then hear Analisa's line. "You're a bitch! Rot in hell!"?" asks Astus,

"Yes, I did." I state,

"Then did you hear somebody being punched and scrapped across the floor?" asks Astus,

"Ummm, no that doesn't ring a bell." I state,

"Okay, then came her cannon which we have concluded to be a spear stab wound, which travels from her stomach to her back." states Astus,

"Hold on! How do you know that it was a spear?" I ask intrigued,

"We'll get to that later." says Max,

"Yes, then lastly did you hear the male yells of people stating that they'd caught the blackend?" asks Astus,

"Yes. I heard that." I state,

"Then did you hear a male scream..... Well more importantly did you scream?" asks Astus,

"Well yes that male scream came from me. That was the point in time when somebody stabbed my leg, which now thinking back to it did feel to come from a spear." I state,

"Hold on! How could Analisa stab you, she was already dead by that point." says Aemilia,

"What?! Analisa didn't stab me!........ Ohhh you all think that she fought back and stabbed me, well no you're wrong and my scream proves it!" I yell,

"Not nessecarily. You could've just run into something or screamed for attention." says Octavia,

"Yeah you could've just screamed to use it in this situation!" yells Estella,

Everybody nods and yells in agreement. This was horrible! People actually were backing up this crazy theory. Nothing is working out for me, especially after that bitch Estella lied. I know now that she is the true blackened! Why else would she lie to mkae sure that I stayed as the prime suspect.

"Okay now to our next item of business." states Astus, who bends down next to him and brings up a spear, covered in dry blood,

"Now. We have figured this out to be the actual murder weapon of Analisa. Now we know that you are amazing with a spear, and hoestly the way she was stabbed, would've taken a lot of force, which a strong male like you could mustre. Not only that but we know that there are two different types of blood on this spear, one belonging to Analisa and one belonging to yourself. Meaning that you are obviously connected to it. However the main reason that you're being suspected right now is because we found this spear in-between the pedestals of yourself and Verena, meaning when we found it, it was quite close to you." states Astus,

"Do you refute any of that?" asks Tom,

"Yes! Okay i'm good with a spear and can mustre up some force, but so can others here! That doesn't pin point me down! Then with the blood, I already told you that that came from me being stabbed in the leg, by the real blackened who is trying to frame me! I mean that is the only logical explanation, especially after finding that spear near myself! I really wouldn't be that stupid to leave it around me!" I yell,

"Well it's possible. I mean you were deeply stabbed in the leg, maybe you just didn't have a choice?" says Japser,

I grunt and shake my head in disbelief! This was getting no where and at this rate the real blackened was just going to walk onto the second round with ease. I was wondering how much blinder they could be! I look around the room and I know that some of the weaker and nicer tributes are actually believing my story, though they won't speak up in afraid of making enemies. I was just going to have to keep convincing as much as I could, that was all I could do!

Brett Brawl - District 5

"Tank. A want to ask, is this yours?" asks Astus, who holds up the shiny piece of evidence that we had found left at the crime scene,

"Yes, that's the.... Wait! How the hell did you get that?!" yells Tank,

"We found it! Laying next to Analisa's body at the scene of the crime!" yells Astus,

"How can you explain that!" yells Estella,

"What?!" yells Tank,

"Tank, this proves and puts you at the scene of the crime. This is why you are suspected." says Astus,

"No! You've got to be believe me! Somebody had to of taken it from me! Somebody is framing me! God, somebody you have to see this right!" yells Tank,

"But do you see?! Do you see how bad you look right now?" yells Rose,

"Yes! Yes alright I do! But that is because i'm being framed! I swear it!" yells Tank,

This was throwing everybody for a huge spin. We all believed that he was the blackened but his current actions were giving us doubt. 

"Everybody shut it!" yells Max,

"No! Don't!" yells Octavia,

"You know what?! You're not in charge! And since we're at a standstill there is no better time for this!" yells Max,

"Better time for what?" asks Jasper,

"We lied to you yesterday. Me, Octavia, Estella, Marlon and Aemilia, we lied to you. We did find quite the compelling piece of evidence in the entrance hall yesterday." states Max,

"What?! What the hell is this?" I yell,

"Why you do that?" yells Rose,

"I didn't want to keep it a secret but Octavia and Estella made us promise! Now the reason that I didn't bring it up eariler is because I believe that it puts new suspcts into light instead of proving Tank guilty." states Max,

"What, what is it?" asks Verena,

"On the back of Analisa's pedestal there was a written dying message. Do we remember how her right arm was stretched out and finger was covered in blood, this was because she was writting a message to us." states Max,

"What did it say?" asks Mary,

"Well it wasn't really a message, more of a letter." states Max,

"A letter?" says Wattson,

"On the back on Analisa's pedestal, written in blood, was a capitol B. Octavia pass the camera around and show everybody what I mean. states Max,

"You know what, why don't we all just go into the entrance hall and look at it!" says Octavia,

"Yeah if the blackened didn't already get in last night and wipe it off!" yells Tom,

Octavia rolls her eyes and we all begin to stand and move into the entrance hall. Though I hanged back a bit. I didn't murder Analisa but a capitol B does point straight to me, especially since my initals are B.B. Though I already been proved innocent so I was about forty percent sure that everything would turn out alright. Though I definetley couldn't be sure. We all walked in to the entrance hall and basically ran over to see what Max was talking about. And of course he wasn't lying that was a serious capitol B. 

"I can't believe that you kept this from us!" yells Jasper,

"Sorry! But I didn't want to give the blackened time to come up with an explanation!" yells Octavia,

"Hold on a minute. What does this even mean? Who does it point to and what does it mean for Tank's verdict?" asks Tom,

"Well I think we all know who it points to right?" asks Marlon,

"You're talking about me aren't you?" I ask,

"You got me!" says Marlon,

"Look, i'll save you the trouble. I didn't kill Analisa, you all know that i've already been proven innocent." I say,

"Well then who does it point to?" asks Rose,

"Don't ask me, i'm not Analisa." I say,

"Hold on a minute. I think we need to figure out something." says Tank,

"What?" says Mary,

"Think about it. Analisa is being attacked by somebody who she doesn't know. How the hell can she write a dying message that points to the blackened if she doesn't even know who it is?" says Tank,

"What are you asking?" says Astus,

"We need to figure out how Analisa could realise who the blackened was." says Tank,

"Well she could've felt them?" says Verena,

"Doubtful, it'd almost be impossible from just feeling somebody's figure." says Estella,

Everybody goes silent, coming up with nothing.

"Voice...." whispers Aemilia,

"What?" says Tank,

"Voice. That's the only way Analisa could really know who her attacker was." says Aemilia,

"You're right, meaning that Analisa heard the blackened's voice and tried to tell us who it was." says Tank,

"Alright but how did she hear the blackened's voice? I mean nobody heard any extra voices." says Astus,

"Oh my god! That's it!" yells Octavia,

"What?" I ask,

"Think about it right! Analisa wanted to tell us who it was meaning that she formed a plan inside of her head to expose the person! She yelled out her line! "You're a bitch! Rot in hell!", just to anger her attacker. Then i'm betting that the attacker whispered some snarky comment into her ear. Then Analisa punched her attacker, sending them flying backwards and the used the blood that she had on her neck to write the name of her attacker! Then the blackened came back and killed her with the spear and Analisa was unable to finish her message, leaving it as just B!" yells Octavia in excitment,

"You're totally right about that! That was how she knew her attacker!" exclaims Tank,

"But hold on!" says Astus,

"What now?" asks Tank,

"If that is true then Analisa would've been sitting up and writing the message on her pedestal." says Astus,

"And?" asks Tom,

"Well we'd been believing that when she was stabbed with the spear, it went from her stomach to her back. But what if we had it the wrong way around. What if it went from her back to her stomach?" says Astus,

"Okay that's great but what does that change?" asks Rose,

"It changes the entire way that we should be looking at the case. I assumed that when the stab happened she was facing her attacker, but with this information we should be assuming that she was facing away from her attacker." says Astus,

"Astus is right. It doesn't change much in terms of answers but it is another vital piece to the puzzle." says Octavia,

"Well then getting back to business." says Jasper,

"Who does B stand for?" asks Max,

I knew that from now on I was going to be suspected. There was nothing that I could do about it. I just needed evidence to back my claims up but unforunetley I had to figure them out now, right here on the spot. This was going to get messy.

Estella Libra - District 13

Tank had now sort of stepped into the lead. That idiot. I can't believe that this information is actually proving him innocent. I should've just wipped it off the pedestal and killed Max to keep it a secret. But there was nothing that I could really do right now. Tank had decided to line everybody up against the wall. And when I say everybody I mean everybody who has a B in their name. Thus meaning myself, Octavia, Brett, Tom, Aemilia and Verena were all lined up. 

"Tank this is stupid! Why would Analisa write a capitol B for somebodies name if they had a b in the middle of their name?" asks Jasper,

"Fine! Estella, Tom and Verena move!" yells Tank,

I move away from the wall and into the crowd. I'm sure that the only reason Tank did line us up was to try and get me suspected. He knows that I lied, he knows that I didn't fall on his pedestal but who cares. Me and Octavia have been talking and we need everybody to suspect Tank in order to find out the real blackened. Last night we'd known that everybody already hated us and angering them more really would end up benefitting everybody in the end.

"Now, we have narrowed it down to three suspects. Brett, Octavia and Aemilia." says Tank,

"And one of them has to be the blackened." says Mary,

"Idealily. Now lets look at the facts that we have. If Analisa heard the name of her attacker, I would find it quite hard to believe that she would be writting last names. Thus i'll put it out there that I believe this clue can only lead to one person. Brett Brawl." says Tank,

"Hold on a minute. I think I have something that you can all stir over instead of myself." says Brett,

"And what would that be?" asks Tank,

"Lets think for a moment. Gravity is usually a big bitch and I believe in this case that is no exception. What if Analisa was writting not the attackers name but rather their district. I mean right one to two numbers is a lot faster than writting a whole name out and Analisa was under the pump. What I mean is, what if Analisa wrote a 13 and gravity turned the blood message into a B." says Brett,

Everybody muls over for a second. This is just bloody brilliant. I know that since everybody already hates me, I shall now be the prime suspect. Oh and I was sure Tank was going to waste no time in making this known.

"Thirteen huh? Estella, Astus get against the wall. Octavia and Aemilia you are free to go." says Tank,

"Well it looks like we've finally narrowed the blackened down into four suspects." says Max,

"Four?" asks Tank,

"Yes! Four, don't forget all the evidence that we have against you Tank, you're not innocent in this yet." says Verena,

Tank just rolls his eyes.

"Okay can we be honest here for a second! We all know that Analisa died from a weapon driven from much force. Now there is no way that I could mustre the force needed for what actually happened." I say,

"Shut it! You are just trying to cover your tracks. I know that you're the blackened and this only proves it!" says Tank,

"What the hell do you mean?" asks Astus,

"She lied about falling onto my pedestal and not finding me standing there. I was there and nobody fell down onto my pedestal. Now the only reason she would lie like that would be for everybody to suspect me, and we all know that the blackened is trying to frame me. None-the-less Estella has to be the blackened." says Tank,

"Estella what do you have to say?" asks Rose,

"What do I have to say? I have to say that he is nuts! It has to be either himself or Brett, there is no doubt that by looking at Analisa's message you can clearly tell that it is all connected. Gravity played no part in this!" I yell,

"I can see that." says Wattson,

"Me too! It is definetley a B." says Verena,

"So what are you saying? You just want her to be counted as innocent? Fine then go ahead! But by declaring that you are also declaring the innocent murder that shall come around at the tribute trial! Just remember that it could be your own!" yells Tank, who then storms off out of the entrance hall, slamming the door close,

"I'll go and get him." says Mary, who chases after Tank,

"Alright i'm putting this meeting on hold and on a break. However, once Tank has calmed down, this shall be picked back up and we'll discuss over everything again." says Octavia,

And with that most people walked out of the entrance hall without a single peep. I walked over to Octavia.

"You know that they are all going to suspect me if he can convince them." I say,

"Well if that happens we'll just have to roll with it. Because when the tribute trial comes around, the blackened won't know what hit them. We just need to keep pointing the finger at somebody." says Octavia,

"I know, but so far the plan is working perfectly." I say,

"And let's keep it going that way." says Octavia,

We both deviously smile before also walking out of the entrance hall. The blackened really wasn't going to know what hit them, I actually sort of felt sorry for them. Especially since they were going to be excuted in front of everybody, such a shame.

Murderer - Case 1

Oh the joys of knowing the answers and watching everybody squirm and struggle for survival. It's utter amazing. This entire case has blown way out of the proportions that I had expected it too. I mean I thought that Tank had been decided as the killer but today, the train has just completley ridden off the tracks. Well first off, the interogation of Tank had gone completley as I'd planned. Everybody put him down and nobody believed him. However Max then had to go and completley destroy everything with his evidnece. I can't believe that all of these idiots actually figured something out. I really should've known what Analisa was planning. I should've realised that she would be trying to figure out who I was. But of course I got caught up in the moment and forgot. That's why I was completley surprised and shocked when I heard of a dying message. I immedietley went into shock, assumming that it framed me as the murderer. But then I heard that it was just a B. Thank god for that. I really thought that it could've been over for me. However it perfectly framed many people. Although of course I was quite curious to why Analisa had written a B and not something that actually lead to me. Well then although it did take me a while to figure it out, eventually I did. And to be honest I couldn't even be in a better position than I was now. This was evidence that actually would be throwing suspicion off me if anyone actually thought that I was the blackened. Though it was interesting to see the suspects lined up. Estella, somebody who is definetley secretive and could be easy for me to frame however she already has started to prove her innocence meaning that it would be pointless trying to set her up. Astus, he's sort of become the leader and good-guy meaning that most people wouldn't suspect him and he could also use Estella's innocent reason to clear his own name, meaning again setting him up would be a waste of time. Brett, he's probably the biggest suspect right now, and although he was cleared of guilt eariler, it wouldn't take too much convincing from anybody to doubt that innocence especially since everybody is already doubting him. Tank, sort of on the back pedal right now for being a suspect, though it had been made clear that he is still the prime suspect. Plus, since i've already started framming Tank changing it up now would just be utterly useless. I knew that if I was going to frame anybody it would have be Tank, and maybe Brett if I could get an opportunity in there. Thus meaning, my gameplan now was to try and get Estella and Astus cleared names thus meaning people feel more and more convinced that Tank or Brett are the culprit before the class trial begins. But at the rate things are going right now, it doesn't appear that I need to do too much work. I suppose i'll just have to put myself and the game in cruise control now, and I can't wait to see everybodies shocked reactions at the tribute trial. But more than that, I can't wait to see who ends up dead because nobody suspected me, that would be my real prize.

Astus Hawkeye - District 13

God today had been an absolute rollercoaster. Though I had always known that it would be, especially after Tank was awoken. And basically from then on everything has just unravelled and spun on its head. So much so that I have become one of the four prime suspects. I couldn't believe it, after all the work that i'd done to clear my own name, I was now being suspected again. I was sitting down in the basement's library, all by myself. I was over being around everybody now, and I really couldn't give a damn about going back to be interrogated. I was over it. Besides we already knew who the blackened was. It had to of been Tank, and this only because myself and Brett have been cleared and I doubt that Estella is the culprit. I mean there is a little doubt between Tank and Estella but it really doesn't matter considering all the evidence against Tank. And honestly if we were wrong at the tribute trial, I don't think that i'd mind. The only reason that I would mind is if I ended up dying. Suddenly the lift elevator doors open and I see Aemilia and Marlon walk out. They stop in shock as they see me. 

"Oh Astus." says Aemilia,

"Yeah, what are you guys doing down here?" I ask,

"Same as you, getting away from all the stupid drama that surrounds this case." says Marlon,

"Oh it's nice to know that somebody else realises it." I say,

"Who do you really think that it is?" asks Aemilia,

"If you're asking who i'm going to vote for, it would have to be either Tank or Estella." I say,

"Well which one are you leaning more too?" asks Aemilia,

"Why does it matter?" I ask,

"Well because we've been thinking that Tank is telling the truth. We think that he is being framed and we believe that Estella is the real blackened." says Marlon,

"I'm sure that you're not the only people in this arena to think of that." I say,

"But you don't do you. You want to believe us but you won't accept it because she's your district partner and if you were to say it, you'd ultiminently be condemming her." says Aemilia,

"Smart girl, you really hit it right on the money." I say,

"So would you vote for her if we found evidence?" asks Marlon,

"I would, but it's hard to imagine more evidence being found you know." I say,

The other silently nod in agreement. 

"Though I am surprised." I say,

"What?" asks Aemilia,

"I'm surprised that you're against Estella. I thought that you were like her, a mindless drone of Octavia." I say,

"Well when Marlon told me that people were seeing that, I knew that I had to disconnect myself. And I willing to get rid of them all." says Aemilia,

I'm about to say something in response but suddenly the elevator doors open up again.

"The meeting is finally coming back together. Five minutes, the entrance hall and don't be late." says Octavia, before the elevator doors shut close and she disappears.

"Well maybe this is an opportunity." I say,

"What?" asks Marlon,

"Tomorrow night, can we agree to all meet back here. I have a proposition for you guys." I say,

"Yeah we can do that." says Aemilia,

Marlon nods. We then silently stand go over to the elevator. We travel up to the ground floor and walk out. We silently travel over to the entrance hall door.

"This will be fun won't it?" I ask,

The two silently laugh as we walk inside to find everybody spursed around the room.

"Astus, back up against the wall now." says Tank,

And so I went and stood over next to Estella. And here we were again, the four of us lined up against the wall ready to be judged and interrogated. Though it didn't seem to bother me too much right now. I may of just secured myself an alliance in the second day, which would be utterly amazing. I just had to hope to god that it would all work out the way that I wanted it. I was now maybe finally in control of my own game. Exaclty what I wanted. 

Jasper Jordan - District 4

"Alright, may I ask what we are doing here?" asks Verena,

"What do you mean?" asks Tank,

"I mean what are we doing here, what are we trying to achieve?" asks Verena,

"We are trying to nail down this suspect list!" yells Max,

I knew that his was pointless. Verena was right, there really was nothing more to be achieved. 

"And how do we plan to do that?" asks Rose,

"Well let's start by......" says Max but Astus interrupts him,

"Look how about we just get to the facts. Number one, if you really want to narrow down this suspect list, look over the past day." says Astus,

"What the hell do you mean?" asks Tom,

"Me and Brett have both already been proven innocent so I can't really understand why we are being suspected." says Astus, 

"Wait you want us to just let you off the hook?" asks Mary,

"We've already been proven innocent, thus meaning interrogating us won't help the investigation." says Astus,

"May I interject?" I ask,

"Go ahead." says Astus,

"If we let both of you off as innocent, then what does that B clue point to?" I say,

"Estella." says Astus,

"No hold the hell on! I already gave you my innocence, if anyobdy should be let off the hook it should be me!" yells Estella,

"Okay fine, you three just get let off the hook and everybody keep suspecting me. But you'll all look bloody stupid when an innocent ends up dead!" yells Tank,

"Can everybody shut up!" yells Max,

Everybody turns and glares at him. We are all over this investigation, it seems that we of reached a dead end.

"Now if we just let you three go and keep suspecting Tank, then this clue that we found is useless. What are we supposed to do with it?" asks Max,

"Oh isn't it obvious! Tank wrote it to get the suspicion off of him!" yells Tom,

"He's right. We've known all along who the real blackened is and really this clue has changed nothing." says Rose,

"Okay great then why don't we just go over to the tribute trial now? Why don't we just vote and see what happens huh?" says Max,

"We can't! And this bickering is getting us no where! Alright today's investigation is over, we'll pick this up at the tribute trial. And for now, and for today, nothing has changed. Tank Demski is still the prime suspect in Analisa Latimer's death." says Octavia,

"What the hell?!" yells Tank,

"Shut it down! I really couldn't care less!" yells Octavia, who suddenly turns and storms out of the room. Now that was an interesting turn of events.

"She's right today was pointless!" yells Verena, who also turns and storms out of the room. And with that every tribute mulled around and slowly made their exit. I'm sure the blackened was lapping this up, well maybe not. I supose the evidence against Tank is quite compelling, and I suppose in the tribute trial, where people can't just storm off, we'll actually maybe reach the bottom of this case. But basically for now we had all just given up. It was hard to believe that another games just like this one was coercing just like this one. I wondered how Acelina was going, probably having charge of the group and narrowing down the suspects in seconds. I wonder if i'll ever see her again. I was sure that she'd make it to the second round, but the real question was if I would. Well hopefully we have correctly chosen our prime suspect and I won't have the possibility of being murdererd by the gamemakers. But you never knew in these games, it had all begun and anything could happen at any time. Though what would happen tomorrow would really be the first game changer that would occur. We'd have to see who leaves the group and it'll be interesting to see if they're walking out or getting pushed out in a body bag. I suppose just time will have to tell. And to be honest that made me quite nervous. 

Investigation 1 - Night 2

Verena Chambray - District 7

Night time had finally rolled around and the mood hadn't become any better. Everybody was still sulkin around, basically at a dead end of life. Many tributes had already hit the sack, deciding it was easier to sleep than deal with everybody else's emotions. It wasn't hard to tell that this entire group was splitting apart and not just into two different parts. Our team was slowly dividing it'self into fifteen separate parts. And what I mean by that is that people are hatting on each other for no reason, people are just angry and taking it out on others. We all wanted to be a team, well some of us, but all of today's hostility finally cracked some people. It's not hard to believe that the next murder won't happen within a day of tomorrows tribute trial. Everybody was hating on everybody and hate was the biggest motive of all. Although we were all trying to bring us as a team to investigate this case, to be sure that Tank was the blackened, we all had reached a dead end in the case and everybody was just over it. I think we all assume that it'll just be eaiser to vote for Tank instead of suspecting others with no evidence against them. And honestly i'm all for that, well mostly because of the evidence against Tank but also because I couldn't give a damn about anybody else's life up in here and i'm sure that it is the same for everybody. We are only looking out for ourselves and if we guess the blackened incorrectly tomorrow, then I have rollen the dice to see if I end up dead. And I would prefer to go that way then to be just another investigational body. Meaning unless somebody proves another person with real evidence, I shall be voting for Tank, all the way. But anyway, I was currently sitting up in the labs on level three eating my dinner. I didn't really feel like seeing anybody and with not much to do up here, I assumed that nobody would disturb me. Though I had assumed wrong. The labs walls were basically one way glass, meaning that you could see out but not in. I heard the elevator doors open and I shot my head to the left. I got up and walked over to the window. Nobody walked past, meaning that they must've gone into the staffroom. This had completley peaked my curiosity. I turned around and walked out of the labs. I knew that catching who ever it was and what they were doing could be quite interesting. I walked down the hall and placed my hand on the doorknob to the staffroom. But my first I put ear up against the door. I heard nothing and decided to proceed. I flung the door open and bursted in. Though I found a whole lot of nothing. I knew that nobody saw me, meaning that they couldn't of been hidding from me. I then saw the door to my left that said headmasters office. I again ripped the open and burst inside. Once again I found nothing. I was beginning to think maybe nobody had even got off the elevator but my eye suddenly caught something. I had never been up in here before and what I didn't realise is that there was another door in the room. One that said morgue. I decided that the only logical explanation is that the person had to be in there, in there with Analisa's body. This time instead of ripping the door open. I slightly split the door open and gasped as silently as i could. There in plain sight of my eyes was Octavia and Estella towering over Analisa's dead body. Estella was holding a camera and Octavia was fiddling with the body. If only I had my own camera right now. I quickly and quietly shut the door. There was no time to go and grab a camera. After some quick debating with myself I thought that it would be better to just mess with them. I grabbed a pen and paper off a desk in the room. I wrote. "I SAW EVERYTHING, YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO EXPLAIN THIS BITHCES!" I then used sticky tape to stick it onto the back of the door that leads back into the staffroom. I then quickly went back through the staffroom and back into the labs. Hopefully that would rattle them enough, maybe it would re-open the case at the tribute trial. I would just have to wait and see.

Tom Webster - District 9

The second day of our time inside the arena was drawing to a close. And god had it been an eventful day. Well had it? Today had been a day of anger and basically time waste, as we arrived at the exact same conclusion as the beginning of the day. Though probably the eventful part was everybodies true colours showing, and I believe today was just the beginning. I think after today, everybody has realised that they can just make their feelings known as everybody is doing it. Now it's obvious that this will lead to a lot of outbursts and probably a couple of murders as well. Speaking of murders. I had just finished my dinner, which I ate inside the dinning hall. Max and Jasper were both there as well but we all sat in silence and in different corners of the room, secretly judging and hating each other. Which i really don't understand. Everybody needs to come together tomorrow or this tribute trial is just going to be super uselessly dramatic. And i really couldn't and wouldn't deal with that. Thus, meaning I was looking for more clues and evidence into the case. Although everybody else may of given up, I wasn't going too. I wanted to be sleeping in my dorm room tomorrow night, not the morgue. And I was finding it hard to believe that in around fourteen hours the first tribute trial would begin and the gamemakers first death would also occur. We'd all just have to wait and see if that would be the blackened or an innocent. Speaking of that, I really didn't unserstand why everybody was so calm, as they could be dead for not searching for any clues. Espeically since in this game, when you fell safe you're in trouble. I was starting my search for answers in Tank's dorm room. He was upstairs training inside the gym so I knew that he wouldn't walk in on me. Though after a tharow search, I found nothing, and now thinking back, I don't even believe that Tank has stepped foot in here yet. So I decided to take my search over to the nurses office, basically which had been Tank's dorm room since the games began. Again I searched everywhere and found nothing. Honestly I was beginning to wonder if the case had reached its dead end. Maybe it was just that, maybe we'd already figured everything out. No, but something inside of me was screaming that we were getting it wrong. I decided to do one final check under the bed, where Tank had been sleeping. Suddenly the nurses door opened and I saw two sets of feet walk in. 

"Okay who the hell wrote this?" asks Octavia,

"More importantly what does it mean?" says Estella,

"Huuhh! Damn it! The blackened must of seen us, and now they're probably going to use it to frame you!" says Octavia,

"Volume! But what does it matter anyway?" asks Estella,

"Because then when we try to tell them the truth they won't believe us! God! I'm not going to be killed as a bloody innocent!" says Octavia,

"No! You're wrong! This can prove to everybody who the blackened is! Who ever brings it up has to of written the note! Meaning we would know the truth about their idenity!" says Estella,

"No! You're wrong! They won't believe us, they'll think it's just another one of our games!" says Octavia,

"Look! There's nothing we can do now but tell the truth! Alright, now let's just get out of here and go to sleep!" says Estella,

And with those two left the nurses office. Max was right, these two are seriously hidding something. But maybe they were right, maybe this would be the blackened's idenity exposed! And if that's true, as much as i'll hate doing it, i'll have to back up Octavia and Estella, hopefully proven their innocence and the blackened's guilt. It seems that tonight's seraching of clues wasn't a complete waste!

Investigation 1 - Trial Day

Aemilia Bark - District 10

I lay inside my dorm room..... This day had already come around. I couldn't believe how quick everything was occurring, how quick the events were unfolding. I mean, less than two days ago I had just risen into the arena. I was scared for my life and praying that I would survive the chosen blackened. Though secretly down I knew that I would. Every year the Careers are always usually targetted, because the set up of them being blind works perfectly for the blackeneds favour, and it can be sometimes the only opportunity to take them out. But still I was scared, because I was completley vulnarable. But none the less, Analisa ended up becoming the victim. And little did I know that that was just the beginning. From then on, after all of our clue searchings and findings, we've just concluded that there are four suspects; Tank, Estella, Astus and Brett. Honestly that is pretty good progress for a bloodbath case at this stage but it frightens the hell out of me knowing that we don't have a clear answer going into the trial. Although you really never do, there is always a twist and turn in the case that results with an innocent murdered by the gamemakers. And there was always that possibility that it could be me. And to be honest, this case was no different. We sort did have a solid case against Tank however my gut was telling me that his story held some truth about his innocence. He could perfectly well just be being framed by the blackened. Or should I say Estella? I hardly slept last night knowing that the blackened was sleeping in the room next door. But I felt glad to know that I wasn't alone in my theory, and that Astus and Marlon were on my side. They both seemed like nice guys who would be there for me in the end. And Marlon was definetley acting differently to what he was in the Capitol. He seems now like a sweet, innocent person who even seems a lot stronger than his training score of two would say. It was probably all apart of his strategy, but it was good to know that I now had some allies and people to back me up in the trial. And that seemed to want to be allies for the actual games as well. So it seemed like the things for me were looking up, and maybe all of this would be able to help me get closer to victory, especially because I wasn't giving up and I wasn't going to be giving up ever. These were my games and I now just had to play them the right way. No matter what happened at the trial, I would just have to bounce back and shake it off, before forming a new game plan. I didn't want to be stuck in this arena too long and I wanted to have the victory more than anybody. I now just had to put all of my drive to a good use! The time was drawing to close and then I would finally expose the blackened and laugh in their face while I watch their conciousness leave this earth! They'd better be scared!

Max Muzzele - District 14

I was standing in Analisa's dorm room, the one on the left of mine. It looked exactly the same as mine, only it had never been used. The bed was still perfectly made and the carpet looked beautifully fresh. It was hard to believe that Analisa would never ever see this room or ever see anything again. She was gone and was never coming back. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind or shall mourn her death. I mean to me it just means that i'm another step closer to my rightful victory, but still. I know that it could've been me and I also know that in less than an hour, it could once again be me. That was if we could skrew ourselves over and incorrectly guess the blackened. But secretly I think we all knew who it was....... I mean who else could it be besides Estella? Tank? Astus? Brett? They were all stupid candidates. We'd proved Astus and Brett innocent on day one, and only a fool wouldn't believe that Tank was being frammed. From the beginning I had always suspected that Octavia and Estella were involved, and when Estella was put on the top suspects lists..... Well it was basically BAM! I had caught the blackened and beat them at the game we all were trying to play. But anyway, telling myself was no good, and I couldn't wait for the trial to begin. I would then basically have freedom of speech and i'm sure that it won't be hard to convince the others of Estella's guilt. And once I have, I won't waste any time in getting to the vote, because I don't want to hear her useless crys of her innocence. I wanted her gone and I couldn't wait to be that other step closer to my victory, to my escape. I turned around and walked out of Analisa's room. I continued straight down the hall and into the dinning hall. I looked at the massive grandfather clock, which hanged at the front of the room. It said 11:30. Damn! Time was flying fast, and once the next half and hour had passed, the trial will have started. Then I suppose we'll see everybodies true feelings and theories...... But they didn't matter, only mine and everybodies else's who thought Estella was guilty were the ones that mattered. I then continued walking and into the kitchen. Jasper and Rose were frantically running around like headless chooks.

"What are you guys doing?" I ask,

"We're starting dinner, and we're hoping to get most of it under way before the trial begins!" says Jasper quickly,

"Dude! Either leave or lend a hand, you're crowding up the space!" screams Rose as she almost spills a liquidy mixture all over me.

"Uhhhh yeah okay...... Have fun?" I awkwardly say before I turn around and walk out. I didn't need to be wasting all of my energy on that, especially since I needed my brain power firing on all cylinders. And from then on I just sat inside the dinning hall, actually like most of the other tributes. We were all just awaiting the gamemakers call. And as soon as the clock striked twelve it came. 

"Tributes! Investigation 1 has now drawn to a close on the investigation stage! Please proceed to the trial room immedietley and await further instructions!" says the usual Capitol voice over. All the tributes in the dinning hall stand. The time had literally come, the trial was beginning!

Mary Smith - District 6

Most of the tributes, including myself, walked out of the dinning hall and out into the hallway. We were met with the other missing tributes who were standing in front of the door to the entrance hall. Only they were facing the other way. We all went over to join them. Suddenly we noticed that an opening in the wall had occurred. And what was behind this secret 'wall door' was our trial room. It was breath taking for not only me but everybody else as well. On TV it had looked amazing but here live, it looked bomb! We all slowly walked inside. I quickly noticed the shinning name plates on each of the standing places. And without question we all went and stood in our assigned place. We quickly realised that it was the exact same positions that we were in in the bloodbath. Eventually every place was filled except one, which had the informus portrait of Analisa on it to symbolise her death. Suddenly the 'wall door' quickly closed and now the trial was offically starting. And obviously we were stuck in here until the blackened had been correctly or incorrectly chosen. Suddenly the Capitol's announcment began.

"Welcome to the first trial for Team Ice of the 49th Annual Hunger Games! You all know the rules and you all know how it works out! This is the investigation to find the blackened of Analisa Latimer from District 2. We and all of Panem wish you all, including the blackened, the best of luck! Happy Hunger Games, And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour!"

Everybody looks around awkwardly, not knowing how to start. 

"Great discussion guys, now lets get to the vote and get Estella into hell." says Max,

"What the hell is wrong with you?" asks Estella,

"Shut it! Shut up! This is serious!" yells Astus, who takes everybody by surprise.  "Yeah! We need to do this properly." says Jasper,

"Thankyou! Now let's start from the beginning." says Astus,

"Do we have to?" asks Marlon, who ends up getting a serious death stare from Astus. Definetley seems that he is on edge today,

"Alright. We know that once the games began it was quite silent. Then suddenly we heard Analisa scream, and we have concluded that this was from an arrow fired into the back of her neck by the blackened. Then Analisa began to collapse and the blackened decides to run and shoulder charge her. Analisa shoots to her right from the blackeneds force of the charge. Analisa falls down onto myself, which cause me to fall and so on, causing a human domino effect. Then Brett heard another wosh of a flying arrow before another one of Analisa's screams. Meaning that the second arrow found in Analisa's neck had been fired. We then heard Analisa sobbing before her line of "You're a bitch! Rot in hell!". At the time we all just believed Analisa was provoking her killer, however we now know that this was apart of her plan. The blackened then whispered something into Analisa's ear. Then Analisa fought back, punching the blackened in the face and making them skid back across the floor. Analisa, who now knew the idenity of her killer then used the blood off her neck to write something on the back of her pedestal. We are still undecided if what she wrote was a capitol 'B' or a poorly written '13'. But then the blackened walked back over to Analisa, stabbing her with the spear that we found, which travelled from the top of her back to the bottom of her stomach. Then Analisa's cannon sounded. Now does anybody have anything to add or object to that?" asks Astus,

Everybody stays silent and looks awkwardly around the room.

"Good. Now after the cannon had sounded. Myself and Brett ran over to the crime scene, still blindfolded, and ran into each other. We each believed that we'd caught the killer and kept yelling out to everybody. While the real blackened went and stabbed Tank with the spear and chucked this murder weapon next to him, while also dropping his token off at the crime scene. The blackened also presumably cleaned themselves and everything up before heading back to their starting position and acting like normal. Now does anybody have anything to add or object to that?" asks Astus,

"Yes, I do. Why are now convinced that Tank is guilty and is definetley being framed?" asked Brett,

"Oh please! Anybody with half a brain could realise that! Have you ever even watched a Hunger Games before? Usually when there is solid evidence, it's actually fake!" yells Max,

"Shut it Max! But yes he's right, and like we've already figured out all of the evidence against him definetley could've been planted." says Astus,

"About bloody time! Where were you all yesterday? Huh? I've been bloody telling you from the beginning that i'm not guilty and it's only now that you realise that?!" yells Tank,

"Yes, now just suck it up and deal with it!" yells Jasper,

God this was becoming seriously out of hand. At this rate all of this disucssing would lead to absoulutley no conclusions. The outcome of this trial could literally be anybody's guess! Meanwhile the blackened was standing amongst us laughing crazily inside their minds, knowing that we were never going to find them!

Astus Hawkeye - District 13

"So what do we do now?" asks Tom,

"Well since people aren't convinced about who is innocent and guilty in this case, it seems that we must explore that path!" I yell,

"What are you talking about?" asks Brett,

"Alright! I mean it seems that I need to clarify who's innocent and guilty in this case!" I yell becoming seriously fustrated,

"Here we go......" says Octavia under her breath,

"Nobody asked for your opinion!" yells Jasper,

"Thankyou! Now getting back on track! Let's start by thinking that everybody is guilty and that we are going to cross names off the list by proving people innocent. We shall start with myself and Brett. Now I don't need to recap the story of what happened but we all agree that we have both been proven innocent from this case." I say,

"Actually hold on! I've never understood it, so explain it to me." says Marlon, 

"I can't believe this! But basically when the cannon sounded both myself and Brett turned to Analisa's pedestal and bolted forwards hoping to catch the killer. We ran into each other and kept yelling out to everyone that the blackened was caught. And even when the blindfolds came off, we were still fighting. So do you get it now?" I ask,

"No! How does that make you innocent?" asks Tom,

"Well it's easy. Analisa was killed with the spear we found, and we know that it went all the way through her body. So the blackened had to of removed the spear and moved it over to the pedestals of Verena and Tank, otherwise finding the spear over there doesn't make any sense. And since we know that Brett and Astus were constantly fighting from the cannon, we can obviously assume that they didn't move the spear, and therefore are not the blackened." says Rose,

"There we go! Thankyou!" yells Tom,

I just roll my eyes, that was completley pointless!

"Yes, now. We can assume that everybody other than Estella and Tank are also innocent because we have found no evidence against any other people." I say,

"That is correct. We have all the evidence against Tank, and the poorly written '13' on Analisa's pedestal against Estella. Other than that, everybody is innocent." says Aemilia,

"Exactly, so can everybody agree that there is no reason to vote or suspect against anybody else besides these two tributes?" I ask,

Everybody looks around the room and silently murmur, and once again I just roll my eyes.

"Okay, now getting to the point of the class trial; deciding wether Estella or Tank is the real blackened." I say,

"How do we start?" asks Mary,

"Well we need to discuss the evidence against Tank, and mainly wether people believe he is being frammed." I say,

"I can help with that! Everybody who thinks i'm being frammed raise your hands!" yells Tank,

Mary, Verena, Jasper, Aemilia, Rose, Marlon, Max, Astus and Tank raise their hands up in the air.

"That's 9 against 5......" says Verena,

"Alright! So we've decided that Tank is being frammed, and since we've decided that everybody else is innocent, Estella has to be the blackened!" yells Max,

"Again! Shut it! We need to hear the arguments from the five who believe that Tank is guilty, we need to hear their cases before we do anything!" I yell

This tribute trial......... I had no idea what everybody was going to end up with. I was pretty sure that an innocent was going to end up dead, just like the usually procedure for a bloodbath trial. But I do wonder who it shall be, if it even was me....... I don't know, but I can't wait to shorten the numbers around here, I couldn't deal with 14 peoples problems! The gamemakers would have to help me with that though, I can't kill them all, well I could but the rules don't allow it. Rules...... such a drag.

Tank Demski - District 2

"Alright! Tom start us off!" yells Astus,

"Well for me, I completley understand that Tank could be being frammed, and I completley understand why you all think that. But for me, I want you guys to remember that Tank is from District 2. A place where tributes train their whole lives, working on their weaponry and their strategies. But that is just it! I believe that Tank is guilty and he is framming himself. I believe that he is leaving obvious clues pointing to himself, leaving a whole heap of evidence that points to himself because he wants you all to believe that he is being frammed. Meanwhile he's laughing like crazy inside his head because he's hiding in plain sight. I just want you to consider it because it's definetley a possibility and in my eyes it's actually occurring. But that's just my opinion." says Tom,

I open my mouth to say something in response but Astus completley cuts me off.

"Thankyou, Brett!" yells Astus,

"Alright, for me it isn't that Tank is guilty so to speak, more that Estella is innocent. We've all seen Analisa's body, we've all seen what the blackened did to her. I am finding very hard to believe that Estella has the strength to shove a spear through another persons body, like the blackened did to Analisa. I'm also finding it very hard to believe that Estella shot those arrows into Analisa's neck, because obviously the archer was quite skilled and had amazing accuracy with that weapon. What I mean is I don't think Estella has the strength or the skill in archery to pull this off. Now since everybody else has been proven innocent, that must leave Tank as the blackened. He also fits the describition, because he is strong enough and skilled enough in archery, maybe from the careers academy, to carry out this murder." says Brett,

I just roll my eyes and silently laugh, I mean what else was I supposed to do at this point. 

"Let's hear from Estella." says Astus,

"Well it is pretty obvious why I don't think Tank is being frammed. So I won't bore you with a stupid speech, but I shall take this time to prove you all of my innocence. I would like you all to focus on the evidence in this case. Evidence doesn't lie, evidence is what everybody uses to prove one guilty. I am really confused as to why i'm a top suspect when all the evidence we've found goes against Tank. And there is nothing but a poorly written capitol 'B', that goes against me. But it doesn't even go against me, it's just that people want me gone so they have made up their own theories to try and make me look like the blackened, which is stupid and rediculus. Evidence, evidence, evidence that is all there is to this case and we have it all, and all points to Tank. So please keep all of this, including Tom's and Brett's statments, in your minds while voting, because we all want to make the right choice here today and voting for me would be a terrible mistake." says Estella,

"Octavia!" yells Astus,

"I just back everything that has been said already. I'm on Estella's side because she is not the blackened, while you guys are pointing the finger at her and having a good time with the blackened. You guys are seriously blind and you need to wake up. The evidence points to Tank, therefore he is the blackened. That is the answer and that is who people should be voting for." says Octavia,

"Wattson." says Astus,

"Again like Octavia, i'm on Estella's side. And I just back everything that has been stated in her defence." says Wattson,

"Thankyou for your statements, now Tank i'm sure you have something to say in your defence." says Astus,

"You're bloody damn right I have something to say! What the hell is with this? Evidence doesn't lie? Evidence holds the proof? Newsflash! Evidence does lie! Evidence does lie when it is used to be being frammed, which is what is occurring if you guys would all wake up and use your brains! Plus, talking about where the evidence is. The nine people who voted for me can't change change their minds based on Tom's or Brett's statements because they hold no evidence that they occurred. Yes I might be able to do those things but so can others and there is no proof that I am or did any of those things. And you five are trying to convince them switch, well you're basically convincing them to murder an innocent victim. Because I am not the blackened, and voting for me will have some serious consequences!" I yell,

Everybody then awkwardly looks around the room and stays silent.

"Just great! So after all of this deliberating we've achieved nothing. We all know that we can't narrow down between these two who the blackened really is. I mean we discussed this all of yesterday and concluded that Tank was guilty but now everybody has thrown that out the window and decided that it is Estella. I am pretty sure we are all going to be making the wrong choice, and with no way to narrow down these two, it just becomes a guessing game. I mean we've found and presented all the evidence, there is nothing more to add to this discussion." says Jasper,

"Well does anybody have anything, anything at all to narrow down the blackened?" asks Rose,

The room is filled with silence.

"Yes, yes I believe that I do." says Octavia,

Well here we go, wasn't this going to be fun. Whatever she said though wouldn't affect me, well personally. I knew that I wasn't the blackened and if everybody wanted to vote for me that was fine, they were just getting innocent blood on their hands. No matter what happened throughout the rest of the tribute trial I was voting Estella, nobody could convince me to change that. My mind was made, if only the others were as well.

Octavia Blake - District 14 

"Fine! Then, what is it?" asks Astus,

"Alright. I know that you all believe that I and Estella are acting shady and are acting like the blackeneds. Well i'm now revealing that your suspicion is correct, we have been hidding something from you all, from the very beginning. We are not blackened, niether of us are. However we believe that we have a way to prove who it relly is. We lied to you on the first day. When we looking over the weapons and said we found nothing, we lied, we found something that we believe could be quite useful. Now the reason we lied and kept it a secret up until this point is that we wanted to catch the blackened off guard, and make sure that they now have no way to wriggle themselves out of this. What we found was the sheath of arrows used in Analisa's murder, and there was blood situated at the bottom of the sheath. Now I want you all to remember the recount of events. The blackened must of grabbed a Bow and a sheath of arrows. The blackened then fired two arrows into Analisa's neck. Then Analisa yelled out her line and the blackened whispered into her ear. Then Analisa fought back and punched the blackened in the face, making them skid back across the floor. Skid back across the floor, while still wearing the sheath of arrows! I believe that the blood found on the sheath was caused by this incident and that a mark should be left on the blackened." I Octavia,

"So we are saying that we just need to check who has a mark, then the blackened shall be revealed to us." says Estella,

"What? That's the secret you've been keeping?" asks Jasper,

"Yes and about the watch of the entrance hall, we only took it to get a better look at the sheath and once we had, yes we did go to sleep and leave it unguarded." says Estella,

"So was that what you were doing last night in the morgue?" asks Verena,

My mind clicks and so does Estella's.

"That was you!" yellls myself and Estella,

"What the hell, what are you all talking about?" asks Rose,

"Last night I was eating dinner in the science labs. I heard the elevator open but nobody pasted my room. I went into the hallway and realised that whoever it was must of gone into the staffroom. I banged the door open and saw nobody. I was about to leave but saw another door in the room titled the headmasters office. So again i banged the door open, only to find nobody again. Then I saw the door to the morgue and decided to slightly open it. And I saw Octavia and Estella over Analisa's body with a camera. I wanted to capture the moment myself but I decided to mess with them instead." says Verena,

"Mess with us! Yeah right! You're the blackened and your messed up note proves it!" yells Estella,

"Yeah it does, we need to check her and see if she has the mark!" yells Tom,

"What did you just say? Tom, how do you know that the note proves her guilty?" I ask,

"Well for being perfectly honest I was in the nurses office when you guys were discussing and arguing about the note." says Tom,

"Yes! So you know that we're not lying." I ask,

"Correct, this is the truth." says Tom,

"Okay everybody shut up! This is not making any sense to any of us! Either explain it or it'll be useless information!" yells Astus,

"That doesn't matter, all you need to understand is about the sheath of arrows and that if we find the person with a mark, that proves them the blackened and nobody shall be able to deny it!" I yell,

"Fine then, let's find the blackened." says Marlon,

This was turning out even better than i'd imagined. It seemed that people were over it enough to just accept that this would work. But I knew it would, I had been planning this moment for the last three days and I was about to pin the blackened back up against the wall. They couldn't escape this, nobody could. Then I wouldn't have to worry about being killed as an innocent. I was going to be the hero who saved everybody's lives, nobody was going to be able to deny that!

Murderer - Case 1

Oh the excitment is seriously welling up inside of me. I knew that we were nearing the end and coming to the voting time. I was almost jumping, I just wanted to scream it out to everybody, "I AM THE BLACKENED!". Oh I was getting chills, I couldn't wait to see their faces drop in despair. They'd be shocked and horrifyied as I laughed in their faces and explained the whole story. It would just make this whole trial entirely useless and I think that was what was really going to piss people off. Plus, I couldn't wait to see who the gamemakers were going to kill for everybody's incorrect voting. Oh the joy it would bring me to hear another cannon sound due to myself. You may be wondering why i'm so cocky. Well for one I know that they aren't going to find me. That bitch Octavia thinks that she's now caught the blackened off guard. Pffhh! Yeah right, i'm not an idiot! I knew what she was doing, and I came prepared to the trial for this situation. Oh my god I was ozzing excitment! I couldn't wait for everybody to see the little trick prepared! God, I would never be suspected! Even if I didn't come prepared, i'm sure nobody would even check if I had a mark, because i've played it well. I haven't been too involved in this case and overall I think that has severeley paid off! I am winning the game and I am going to be first one over to the second round. And I definetley would be interested to find out who would be joining me, but that's a story for a later date. Right now I need to tune back into the trial otherwise I might miss the glorious upcoming moment!

"Alright, Tank show us. Shows us if you have a mark." says Brett,

The whole room fills with silence and anxiety as Tank turns around and lifts up his shirt. Octavia and Estella gasp. There is nothing. No mark and not even a scar or a scratch to prove anything was there.

"Look at that, seems I really am being frammed." says Tank gleefully,

"Estella let's go, let's see if you can explain this." says Max,

Estella turns around and lifts up her shirt. Everybody gasps. Estella turns around.

"I told you I was innocent." she says gleefully as well,

"Estella...... You have a mark." says Octavia,

"WHAT?!" Estella yells lifting up her shirt again and trying to look for it.

"Well, well, surprise, surprise, it seems that we have really found our blackened." says Tank,

"No, no! I'm being frammed! You've got to believe me!" yells Estella,

"Yeah, well we don't!" Jasper yells,

"No she's right! I've checked her before. Everybody else, turn around! Someobody else must have a mark." yells Octavia,

"No! If anybody else has a mark they've been frammed. Estella you are guilty and like Octavia said you can't wriggle out of this one!" yells Max, 

The room goes silent and I have to bite my tongue not to burst out laughing.

"Let's get to the voting." says Astus,

"No! You can't! We, we........." says Estella,

"No! We can't hear the lie that your about to tell! Everybody pick up your boards and write down the name of who you believe is the blackened." yells Astus,

I pick up my mini whiteboard and marker. I write "ESTELLA", and make sure it is all in bold just to make a point. This was it, only a couple of more seconds and I wouldn't have to hold in my secret any longer. Suddenly a capitol announcement began.

"Tributes! Please reveal who you have voted as the blackened!"

Everybody turns their boards around. And the capitol announcement continues.

"Rose, Tank, Jasper, Brett, Mary, Verena, Tom, Aemilia, Marlon, Astus and Max have all voted for Estella Libra from District 13. Wattson, Estella and Octavia have all voted for Tank Demski from District 2. That is 11 against 3. Thus Estella Libra, you have been voted as the blackened in this case, you have been voted as the murderer of Analisa Latimer from District 2."

Suddenly the room's lights go completley out and we are all plunged into completle darkness. Though we know the drill in about 10 seconds a massive beam of light was going to shine and me and i was finally going to be announced as the real blackened. The time had finally come!

"The real blackened in this case and the real murderer of Analisa Latimer is........."

Rose Wells - Capitol District

The room stayed pitch black. Everybody was holding in their breaths, you could hear a pin drop in this tension. We were all awaiting to see who would have the beam of light shined down onto them; who would be the actual killer. Every split second felt like an hour as well awaited for the answer. Suddenly I saw a small light, and it began trailling around the room. Slowly and slowly the light got bigger and bigger, and people's worried faces began to show. Suddenly BAM! The light had stopped and now was full on blearing it'self into the body of the real murderer.

"Is.......... Rose Wells From The Capitol District!"

My eyes adjusted to the bright light beaming upon me.

"Rose........" says Aemilia,

"You?.........." says Octavia,

The room suddenly went back to normal brightness. But my face was filled up with a massive smile; beaming from me. I began to laugh; I just couldn't stop myself.

"What the hell is this?" asks Max,

"Uhhhh, the secret is finally out. Oh guys you really need to look at your faces!" I say laughing all over the place,

"This is crazy!" says Wattson,

"Uggh yes i'd be feeling very scared right now if I were you; because of you're stupid decision now an innocent death is going to come a-by!" I say,

"Yeah, well, i'm not going anywhere until I get some answers!" yells Astus,

"Fine, fine! You want the story here is the story!" I yell,

"Just hurry up and get to it!" yells Jasper,

"The gong sounded and like everybody else I went to rip off my blindfold. It came off; and I was so delighted inside. I quickly walked over to the weapons table like any blackened. I decided to chose the Bow and Arrows as my weapon; as I have some strength with it but you've all only seen me using it with knives. I began walking around the room; just looking for my target. I then decided upon Analisa; and then....." I say,

"Why Analisa?" asks Tank,

"You're asking for my motive? People need to understand that the Capitol is the best and strongest District out there; not stupid Career Districts! By killing her, i'm one step closer to proving that to Panem!" I yell,

"Alright but why Analisa, why not Tank?" asks Max,

"Not to sure really. I just saw her first, but it all worked out in the end anyway; I was able to easily frame him up!" I say,

"You're sick!" yells Mary,

"Thanks; don't care. But getting back to the story. I fired one arrow into the back of her neck; and yes as she fell, I ran and shoulder charged her to start a human domino effect. Well I wasn't trying for that; I just wanted to cause her more pain. Then as I had shot that first arrow from standing behind her; she turned her head in that direction. Little did she know that I was now currently behind her again. Thus I shot another arrow into the back of Analisa's neck. Then yes she began her little sobbing incident; bloody weak thing! I then grabbed a Spear from the weapons table to finish her off. That was when she yelled out "You're a bitch! Rot in hell!". I almost was going to yell in response but luckily I caught myself. I was furious that she had tried to catch me off guard; the person that I was murdering! So, I did walk down over to her and whisper into her ear. I said "I'm not the one being murdered, you bitch!". Then out of nowhere; Analisa's fist came and punched me in the face. And yes, I did fall back and go skidding across the floor. And i'm assuming at this time it was when Analisa was writing her dying message........" I say,

"Oh my god! She was trying to write 'ROSE" but only managed to get the 'R' down; however over time that 'R' turned into a 'B' due to gravity!" exclaims Brett,

"Yes that would be correct; but i'll address that later. Just as she had gotten the 'R' down; I had run up behind her and stabbed her with the spear I had in hand. And with that her cannon sounded and I moved onto covering my tracks. I quickly pulled the spear out of Analisa's body as Brett and Astus ran over to the crime scene and into each other; starting their commotion. Oh that scene was so funny to watch I even had to laugh at the time! I then saw an opportunity and decided to cut Tank's leg with the spear; just to connect him into the murder. I then threw the spear in-between the pedestals of Tank and Verena for that extra evidence. Then while putting the Bow and Arrows back; I saw another opportunity. I knew that somebody would be smart enough to figure out that I was the one who went sliding back across the floor. Thus I grabbed a knife and cut my arm. I put the blood on the end of the sheath of arrows to capture somebodies attention. I then hid the bleeding before running back over to my pedestal and acting as if i'd been there the entire time!" I say with excitment,

"You tricked us; with that sheath!" yells Estella,

"Yes and it worked like a charm. After the bloodbath, I also did some extra framming. Such as grabbing Tank's token and placing it at the crime scene. And marking Estella in the middle of the night; as I knew that you were secretly hiding the fact that you were going to capture the killer. And you all fell into every single one of my traps! The only thing that wasn't planned in this case was Analisa's dying message. When it was announced for a minute I thought that I was screwed but then was stuffed up and you all went onto suspecting Estella! You all just never even suspected that it could be me and for that this was such an easy case!" I say with proudness,

"Everything was planned; that was something that I should've realised." says Octavia,

"We were all fooled and we won't be making this mistake again." says Astus,

"I highly doubt that; it was all pretty easy. I don't even think that you'll realise when it's happening again; you'll only realise when it's not happening." I say,

Silence suddenly filled the room.

"Is that it? Do we just wait for......" says Marlon,

Suddenly the room was plunged into darkness once again.

"Thankyou Rose for divulging that information! We shall now proceed with this case's excution!" says the Gamemakers announcement,

Again I see a small light, which starts to spin around the room. It slowly starts to get bigger and bigger. We all know that whoever it stops on shall be murdered by the gamemakers. The curosity is killing me and I can hardly wait any longer! Suddenly the light stops and shines up it's victim.

"Verena....." I whisper under my breath.

Her eyes widen in pure fear. Out of nowhere and arrow is shot into the back of her neck. Verena is speechless as another arrow is shot into the back of her neck. And just before the final blow she stares into my eyes; full of hatred. Then a spear travelling with severe force falls from the ceiling and stabs Verena firecly. BOOM!!! Her cannon has sounded and everybody looks around as the room is filled with light again. Verena's pedestal suddenly drops and is quickly replaced; with the photo of herself, and her body vanished. Everybody looks at me in horror. And in severe honesty even i'm a little bit sad. She never screamed and never complained and the hatred in her eyes; she would've made an excellent blackened.

"I guess this is goodbye. I'll be watching; and I can't wait to see where everybody ends up." I say,

Everybody stays silent; still staring at me in horror. My pedestal then rises up into the roof. As my eyes adjust; I see the conveyebelt to the hovercraft in front of me. I step on it and watch my pedestal sink back into the arena. I was safe; well at least for now. I was now onto the second round; and really couldn't wait for what lay ahead of me; it was going to be one hell of a ride!

Team Fire Games


Dempsey Sorrow - Capitol District

The day has finally arrived. In a little less than half an hour...... the first death will have occurred. But not only that but the same thing will be happening over at the other arena. Meaning a little over twenty minutes, our group of thrity shall be recudeced to twenty eight, and two of those twenty eight shall be the blackened's. It's interesting.... I've been up all night trying to decide on which tribute to target if I am the chosen blackened...... But I think it's finally come to me...... Who ever stands out..... Which ever works out....... In a bloodbath there is no way to plan a death, you just have to roll with it, no matter what happens. But a killing in the bloodbath is always most exhilarating, since you're killing with so many witnesses but even still you slip through and out-smart everybody around you. And now..... I'm about to witness it all first hand, it'll just be whether i'll be witnessing as the blackened, the victim or as a witness, and honestly I couldn't care less as long as i'm the not the victim, because who wants to be...... My stylist is missing from the room, he'd said he'd be back but it's taking him forever. I'm already changed into my uniform and am completley ready to go, that is besides my blindfold..... Which I know that my stylist must admit to me. Almost as if on cue, my stylist Wyatt walks back into the room.

"Read over the bloodbath section!" says Wyatt,

He hands me a bunch of papers that are filled with writing, and i instantly realise what they are. They're our rule books and guidlines in other words. We take them into the arena to help us to understand all the processes that occur. I grab the page that is titled "Bloodbath" and begin reading the letter which is provided;

"Dear my fairest tributes. May I just take the time to congratulate you all for those private training session! Many of them were quite inspiring for us and we can't wait to see how you are bringing them into the games. But for now, please take the time to currently read the message on how the bloodbath shall be taking place. As you've seen on previous years, we shall be blindfolding all of you before you shall step into your tribute tubes today. This is to make the murderers job stress free and really start the killing off with a bang. When you shall rise into the arena, the announcment shall sound and then you are free to try and ripe your blindfold off. However, only one lucky tribute's blindfold can be removed, no matter how hard you try it shall only be the chosen blindfold that removes. This person shall become the blackened also known as the murderer. From the second that they remove their blindfold they will have exactly ten minutes to commit one, and only one murder, and cover up their tracks. The other Tributes may do as they please throughout the ten minutes, however we recommend staying on pedestal in case of getting caught into the cross-fire. Then a cannon shall boom with the death finally occurs. At this point, most of the Tributes begin to run around like crazy, but again it's your decision about your movements. Then once the ten minutes have come to a close, another gong shall sound and everyone will be free to move their blinfolds. The body discovery announcment shall sound and the 72 hour investigation shall begin. That's all you need to know for now, you can read the rest later. Please enjoy yourself and I hope that you can make it through the bloodbath! - Jaydon Brand (Head Gamemaker)

Suddenly an announcment rings throughout the room;

"Please step into your trbute tubes with your blinfold on....."

I stuff all of the papers into my jacket as Wyatt walks over to me with his massive piece of black fabric which he ties over my eyes and around my head.

"Can you see anything?" asks Wyatt,

"A little...." I say, 

Suddenly I feel it considerebly tighten around my head and i'm plunged into complete darkness. I know that that was the Capitol's insurance of making sure that we can't remove our blindfolds and that wouldn't matter if i had of said that I couldn't see anything, because it would've occurred anyway. Wyatt then guides me into the tribute tube without a word. We never close so it doesn't bother me, I don't need his sympthay anyway. I feel his grasp leave my shoulders and then I hear the sound of the door closing. Then I feel myself beginning to rise and I know that I'm now heading up to the arena. The rising feeling soon stops and it's pretty obvious that the arena now surrounds me, but all I see is pure darkness. I can hear some ruffles of the other tributes but other than that it's pure dead silence that rings throughout my ears. But suddenly that silence is broken with the announcment; 

"Let us now begin the 49th Annual Danganronpa Games! And may the odds be ever in your favour!"

The gong suddenly quickly clangs and now the games have offically begun. The blackened shall soon begin to roam around the room and chose their target. I can only hope that it's not me......

Sam Kelly - District 8

My hands rush up to the back of my blindfold before I even know what i'm doing. I quickly tug and pull but unfoturnelty the blindfold doesn't come free. But as the note stated no matter how hard we pulled, it wouldn't make if different if we weren't the blackened. The utter hope inside me shifts into pure despair. I know that now the blackened has the easy choice of killing any one of the surrounding fourteen people, including myself. Suddenly a massive loud bang of clangs boom throughout the arena and throughout everybodies ear's. It comes from the middle of the room, obviously where the weapon table is situated. Of course, it's unknown wheather blackened did that intentinally or by accident but either way, it's scared everyone to death. Tributes are screaming in fear all over the place. Suddenly beside me, on my right, I hear the sound of somebody hitting the wall. A few milliseconds later I hear the another sound originating from the same spot. I have to cover my ears. Obviously the blackened is targetting the tribute next to me and has accidentally hit the metal wall with their metal weapon. I begin to freak out, knowing how close somebody is being murderer to me. More Tributes begin loosing their minds at the sound of this commotion. When suddenly I hear the sound of a person being hit with something before somebody lets out a terrifying scream. This scream is not like the others, this scream is in pure fear and distress. I know for sure the the tribute, who from the scream appears to be female, next to me is being murderer, there can be no doubt about it. But suddenly the scream is cut short and I hear it turn into a bloodcurdling mumble. Obviously the blackened has struck hard and the victim is no longer able to scream. However I can the sound of a weapon entering and exiting the victim's body. The murderer must be insane, stabbing the poor victim over and over again. Then comes the loud BOOM!!! That signifyies that poor tributes death. I can't even begin to imagine the pain that they must of endured. It seems that for now the other Tributes screaming have stopped, and they've proabably just gone into pure shock or relief that it's finally coming to an end. However I begin to hear some commotion beside me, to where I believed the victim was. Maybe somebody is catching the killer, but soon I hear the ruffles and grunt completley dissappear and I know that whatever just happened has come to a close. I wonder how much time is left inside the ten minutes, especially since that murder was completed quite quickly. I wonder what the blackened is doing right now, but more than that I wonder who the victim could be..... There's definetley a possibility that it could be Cassie but I know that she couldn't of lasted that long and endured that much pain. It's got to be quite a strong female tribute. Suddenly I hear more commotion beside me. I tribute, a male tribute begins screaming and then suddenly I hear a tud beside me. The killer has obviosuly shoved somebody down next to the victim that they just killed. I keep quite afriad that they might try something on me. But nothing happens, and thank god for that. It's seems that all time has stopped. I can't hear any commotions or anything. I believe that the blackened has now returned to their position and we're now just all awaiting for the gong to sound....... But suddenly I hear a high pitched girl scream across the room. Then a loud massive thud, as if she'd run into a wall at high speed or something. Then suddenly the gong sounded and I quickly reached up and ripped off my blindfold. I look right down beside me and I see the dead body, I see the victim....... Acelina Moreau from District 4. Then suddenly the body announcment occurs;

"A body has just been discovered! A body has just been discovered! Your 72 hour investigation begins now! See you all at the tribute trial!"

I look around and see all the distruction. Volkan and Tim are lying close by meaning that one of them was the male shoved down next to the body..... And both of those males are covered in blood. I look across the room and see that the female who screamed and ran into a wall was Gemma, who is now lying on the floor with her blindfold on, she must have a concussion or something. But what stands out most is that Kim stands at her pedestal covered in blood, but yet nowhere near the crime scene. Could somebody as stupid as this really be the blackened? Have we already solved the mystery?"

Investigation 1 - Day 1

Cadence Hayes - District 5

"Everybody Stop! Nobody is to move!" yells Nutmeg,

Volkan begins to stand up but Nutmeg glares hardly at him. 

"Okay the victim is Acelina Moreau from District 4! And right now the prime suspect for her murderer is Kim Thorburn from District 11! Does anybody have any objections?" asks Nutmeg,

"Yes! I have a massive objection!" yells Kim,

"What I mean, is, does anybody object to those facts!" yells Nutmeg,

Everybody shakes their heads. Kim stares around the room in disbelief.

"This is maddness!" yells Tim,

However Nutmeg completley ignors his comment.

"Now, Kim. You are the current suspect in this murder investigation. Do you plead innocent or guilty?" asks Nutemg,

"Innocent definetley innocent!" yells Kim,

"Okay, do you have any evidence to back up your claim?" asks Nutmeg,

"Do you?!" yells Tim,

Nutmeg spins around, her eyes lock onto Tim.

"Yes, I do! She is covered in blood, what more do I need?!" yells Nutmeg,

"Like real evidence?!" yells Tim,

"Okay! Tim don't! My evidence....... Is my recount of events!" yells Kim,

"Okay, we'd love to hear them!" yells Nutmeg,

"Well alright. I didn't hear or do anything up until the massive bangs and clangs that ran throughout everyone's ears." says Kim,

"What did you do then?" asks Nutmeg,

"Nothing! I stayed rooted to this pedestal. But I then heard the sound of something banging into a wall before soon after, the sound of something scratching the wall." says Kim,

"Can anybody back up this claim? Did anybody hear the same things?" asks Nutmeg,

"Yes! I can back it all up, that is exactly what happened!" I yell,

"Anyway, then I heard Acelina screaming but however, it was cut short and i think that I heard her mumble something......" says Kim,

"Yes that happened as well!" I yell,

"Then I heard the sound of multiple stabbings before the cannon signifying her death. I then heard everybody running around and some struggles over near the body. I then heard a man screaming and soon after a woman screaming....... I then lifted my blindfold and found myself covered in blood...... But I swear, I never once left this pedestal!" says Kim,

"Can anybody back up that evidence, can anybody say for sure that she didn't leave her pedestal?" says Nutmeg,

"Yes! I never once heard her move, ever!" says Dempsey,

Nutmeg looks around the room.

"Does anybody else have any evidence to prove or disprove that Kim is guilty?" asks Nutmeg,

"I believe that I do! And my statement shall once and for all prove that Kim is innocent!" yells Volkan,

"Then spill!" yells Tim, 

"Well it's the same reason that I ended up covered in blood. But anyway....... I heard the cannon, and i heard all of the struggles taking place next to me on my left. As soon as that cannon sounded, I ran as fast as I could to my predicted place of the crime scene. And I managed to pin the blackened down. Unforunetley, since i was blindfolded, the blackened easily escaped from me, however not before I felt their long lushes hair. Now there are three points to what I achieved. One, the blackened has to be female, there can be no doubt of that. Two, I tackled the blackened down, meaning that they should really be covered in blood. Three, they have hair I little over their shoulder. Now! Kim meets the first two requirements, however, as you can all see her hair is currently tied up. Meaning that she is not the suspect that we're looking for!" yells Volkan,

"What if she just tied her hair up then?" asks Nutmeg,

"No! I can count that in the hovercraft she had her hair up!" I yell,

"Well then it appears Kim, you have been cleared from being the blackened! Now, Volkan! Help me line up all of the females that you believe could be the blackened, our murderer has to be in there accordding to your recount!" yells Nutmeg, 

This was getting intense. Not only had all of the males been cleared from being the blackened, Kim had been as well! Seems like our murderer may not be too far away! And that's a scary thought!

Tim Thorburn - District 11

Thanks goodness for Volkan and Cadence! Without them, Kim would still be selected as the blackened! Though I have to respect her, see played it really well, Kim didn't freak out or act suspicious she just told the truth, and think that that's what really cleared her name. However, the gamemakers weren't kidding when Volkan was given the eleven! Just because of his recount our suspect list has gone from fourteen to four! Since we now know that it was definetley a female that became the blackened, that has cleared all men from the entire investigation. And since that girl had hair that went down past her shoulders, this has also cleared Kim, Cadence and Profecia from being the blackened as well! This leaves out four suspects, one of which is slowly dealing with a concussion. But none-the-less our suspects are Nutmeg, Cassie, Luna and Gemma, and if Volkan's recount is one hundred percent true, one of these suspects have to be the blackened, there can be no doubt! And even if there was any doubt from myself, I wasn't going to voice it, since this has given Kim a clear name and doubting it could put her back into the spotlight, which I wasn't going to allow. 

"Okay! Kim, go and clean yourself up! Tim you can go as well! Profecia!" yells Volkan,

"Yes?" asks Profecia,

"Please run over to the nurses office and grab some ice for Gemma to heal, because until then this investigation is on hold!" yells Volkan,

"Yes! Of course!" says Profecia,

And with that Profecia is out the door in a flash. I walk over to Kim and the two of us quickly walk out of the door as well, heading to our dorms to remove the blood off ourselves. I'm about to say something to Kim, when I hear something behind me. 

"Kim and Tim! Don't wash the blood off your clothes! That's now evidence!" yells Volkan,

"Okay!" I yell,

We walk up to Kim's dorm room, which is in-between Gemma's and Sam's. Profecia rushes past us holding an ice pack and bolts back into the entrance hall. Kim pulls me into her dorm room, obviously to chat. As soon as we get inside i give Kim the biggest hug that I can.

"Oh my god! I thought..... I thought........." says Kim,

"It's okay! It's okay, you've been cleared! Kim, you're safe and nobody believes that you're the blackened!" I say,

"I know, but it was all thanks to Volkan! I mean I think that he might suddenly turn the tables back on me!" says Kim,

"No! We won't let that happen! If he changes his recount, he is obviously guilty of something himself..... And besides, I think that he may of been telling the truth!" I say,

"But this seems way too easy! I mean we've already narrowed it down to four suspects!" says Kim,

"I know! But for now we just have to go with the flow alright!" I say,

"Yeah..... Just go with the flow..... I can do that!" says Kim,

"I know that you can! Now let's just take a shower and re-group, and we'll see what happens when the evidence searching begins!" I say,

"Yeah, alright!" says Kim, 

I give her another big hug before turning around and walking out of the door. But Kim stops me.

"Who do you think the blackened is....... Out of those four?" asks Kim,

"Well, I was going to say this to Volkan soon anyway. But it has be Luna or Nutmeg!" I say,

"Why? Because I think that it has to be Cassie!" says Kim,

"What?! No well you heard it as well! The multiple stabbings! Plus, you know how i ended up next to the body....." I say,

"Yeah......" says Kim,

"Well somebody shoved me, pushed me all the way! That man you said that was screaming, that was me because I knew that the killer was trying to frame me!" I say,

"Oh my god!" says Kim,

"Yeah so I don't believe that it is Cassie, I mean she would have to be pretty strong to do that! And plus Acelina's body was brutally murdered definetley by somebody insane or by somebody experienced!" I say,

"So that's why you think that it has to be Nutmeg or Luna! Well out of those two I would have to say Nutmeg!" says Kim,

"Why?" I ask,

"Well she has a real motive. She maybe felt threatened by Acelina, with her being so close to her in their rankings! Plus they got the same training score, meaning that Acelina would be just as good Nutmeg....." says Kim,

"Well, look when we get back, we have to tell Volkan all of this! We now have to worry about the tribute trial, because if we don't get the blackened correct........" I say,

"Then one of our lives could be over, I know......" says Kim,

I give Kim another hug before walking out of her dorm and over to mine, which is in-between Acelina's and Cassie's. It seems that this may be an odd games out, meaning that the bloodbath may actually be our easiest case to solve! I'll just have to see what happens over the next 71 hours, anything could happen and any new evidence could come to life! 

Matthew Smith - District 3

Profecia ran back into the room with the ice pack and quickly applied to Gemma, who was slowly coming back. Volkan has basically just ordered us to wait around, but to not move anywhere, or basically never to leave the room. Obviously we've already caught the blackened, but I understand that we still have to go through all possibilites. But it only takes one look at Acelina's body and at Luna's resumae to realise that she is the killer. I have no doubt inside my mind that Luna is the blackened, I mean she stabbed her entire family to death, and it must obviously look like this! Luna has just stabbed Acelina to death, stabbed her multple times until her cannon finally sounded! However, I was the only one who knew of Luna's backstory, I was the only person who definetley knew of her past. And I couldn't wait to speak up and let everybody know that she is, no doubt, the blackened. Suddenly, Gemma began to mumble and her eyes began to blink rapidly.

"Where am I? What happened?" mumbles Gemma,

Her head shoot around and her conciousnious finally falls back into reality. Her eyes lock onto the dead body of Acelina and she screams.

"Shut up!" yells Volkan,

"Take it easy!" says Cassie,

Cassie then turns to Gemma and helps her stand up. Gemma rubs her eyes and feels her head, only to find blood on her fingers.

"What happened to me?" asks Gemma,

"Throughout the bloodbath you ran into a wall and became uncouncious....." says Cassie,

Suddenly, the entrance hall door opens and Kim and Tim walk in together, dressed in their new clean clothes.

"Finally, now that everybody is present, this investigation is now currently resumed!" yells Volkan,

"Can somebody please tell me what happened?" asks Gemma,

"We've found the body of Acelina Moreau from District 4. This now her murder investigation. Accordding to Volkan's statement of events, we've narrowed down our suspects to four tributes. Yourself, Cassie, Luna and Nutmeg and one of you are the blackened." says Sam,

"What?! You think that I killed her?" asks Gemma,

"No! You're a prime suspect! Now let's get down to business!" yells Volkan,

"If I could interject!" yells Tim,

"What?!" yells Volkan,

"I have some evidence to clear one of the prime suspects name!" says Tim,

"And I have some evidence to prove that one of them is the blackened!" I yell,

"Fine! Tim go first, present your evidence!" yells Volkan,

"Thankyou! Alright I'll just jump straight to the chase! If we all remember Kim's recount of events, she stated that towards the end that she heard a man screaming. That man was myself. The murderer had grabbed me and pushed and shoved me all the way over next to Acelina's body. I believe that this evidence proves Cassie's name clear, thus I don't believe that she'd be able to do that to myself, because I know that I put up a struggle, and the murderer was strong enough to pin my arms down to my sides. I don't believe that Cassie, a thirteen year old girl could do this to a myself, a sixteen year old male!" says Tim, 

Everyone looks around, silently judging what Tim has just stated. 

"He makes a point, he makes a point that I agree with!" says Sam,

"Matthew, does your evidence prove Cassie guilty or somebody else?" asks Volkan,

"Somebody else." I state,

"Alright, for now, Cassie's name has been cleared, however note that if we find evidence against you......" says Volkan,

"I know..... You'll pull me back into questioning!" says Cassie,

"Exactly! Now Matthew, go ahead!" says Volkan,

"Alright! This evidence is proving that Luna is indeed the blackened. I would like to let you all know about her history and her past! Luna, in our District, is known to have killed her entire family! And coincidently she stabbed them all to death, her parents and her siblings! This evidence proves that Luna has to be the blackened, since Acelina was killed quite furosiously and was actually stabbed to death!" I say,

Everybody stares at me in disbelief before glaring at Luna in pure anger.

"Thankyou Matthew, however this only puts Luna in a bigger spotlight, this doesn't prove that she is the blackened. Now, I intend to take statements from you all, your recount of events. Everybody else will be searching this room top to bottom for evidence!" says Volkan,

And with that our investigation jumped miles ahead of schedule. We'd narrowed down our suspects to three tributes and I had managed to get everyone to see how crazy Luna really was. Hopefully that statement of mine will really push everyone to vote for her as the blackened, because I don't doubt that it couldn't be anybody else!

Nutmeg Spica - District 1

Everyone then set to work, well except for myself, Luna, Gemma and Volkan. I wondered what evidence everybody was going to find, and who it was going to point to. But mainly my energy wasn't focused on that, it was focused on hating against Volkan. I mean I was the leader and I was taking charge when suddenly his testimomey casts me as a prime suspect as the blackened. That bastard! I'm sure that his statement isn't true and he's just trying to frame me! If anything I bet you that he's the real blackened! He gave that testimony and everybody just believed him, and went all 'Ohhh so that's why you're covered in blood!'! That's the stupidest thing that i've ever heard! I bet you that he really just came up with that explanation while laying in her blood, since he's mentally daranged like that! He's like Luna, known in our District for so many murders! But I know that deep down, I'll never convince anybody to believe me, thus meaning that i just have to do everything to make sure that I look innocent and either Luna or Gemma look guilty. Because i'm not dying just because everybody incorrectly picked the blackened, as in myself! I'm not the blackened but there no way that I can convince anybody of that without any evidence. I was just going to have to tell the truth, that was my only game plan for now. Us three girls were escorted by Volkan over to a corner of the room. We all sat down on the ground and awaited Volkan's stupid instructions. 

"Alright, I'll ask some question and everybody shall answer! First off I'd like to know where each of your pedestals were!" says Volkan,

"I was directly across from the murder scene, in-between Ryan and Monty." says Luna,

"I was directly across from Dempsey, in-between Matthew and who I now know to be Tim." I say,

"I can't remember, however I do know that Acelina was on the pedestal directly to my left." says Gemma,

"If you could choose any weapon, what would that weapon be?" asks Volkan,

"Sickle" says Luna,

"Throwing Knives" I say,

"Dagger" says Gemma,

"Who would target right now? Who would kill if you could?" asks Volkan,

"Matthew!" yells Luna,

"Volkan" I say,

"Ummmmmm........ Kim" says Gemma,

"Thankyou! Now Luna, Nutmeg, head outside and I'll take Gemma's statement of events! Then you'll switch until I've completled you all!" says Volkan,

Luna and I then just stand and walk outside, slamming the door to make a point. We sat outside in the hallway, in complete silence. As much as I hated Volkan, he definetley asked all of the correct questions. And they definetley proved to me that Luna is the blackened. I mean, she was directly across the murder scene, vry easy acess. She uses a Sickle which honestly definetley looks like the weapon that made Acelina's stab wounds. And she wants to kill Matthew, obviously because he told her secret to everybody, putting her in a real bright spotlight that she may now not get out of. I'm sure that Volkan has seen the same as me, and if he hasn't then he definetley doesn't work for a leadership position! But anyway, I just sit and await for Gemma to appear. It seems just years before she finally comes out of the entrance hall.

"Nutmeg" says Gemma,

I then get up and walk back into the entrance hall and over to Volkan.

"Now give me every detail of your recount of events, leave nothing out because everything can be important!" says Volkan,

"I know! I'm not an idiot!" I say,

I then beagn re-tell everything that I knew about the bloodbath. Which was basically exactly the same as Kim's, since I wasn't too far away from the murder scene and I heard the exact same things as her. Once I'd finished my recount and Volkan had finished his writing, I stood up and walked out of the entrance hall, back into the hallway without his guidence. 

"Luna" I say,

Luna then stands and walks back into the entrance hall, while I sit down back in my old spot. I wonder what conclusions he drawing inside his brain, especially now that he's hearing from the blackened. But more importantly it would be interesting to see if the others found any useful evidence, and obviously it would have to point towards Luna, unless she found some magical way of framing me. And I can't imagine that Gemma would even know how to kill, especially the brutal way that Acelina was murdered. I hated it but the enitre possibility of my name being cleared rested in everybody else's hands but my own. And I was just going to have to roll and adapt to whatever was thrown at me, no matter who it was thrown by. 

Ryan Dennis - District 6

As soon as we'd begun searching for clues, Profecia ran out of the room. I thought she gone mad and just ran off, but she soon returned with a camera in hand. Smart of her really, usually the years when the tributes don't use cameras, that's the years where the evidence is removed by the blackened, and that's year when innocent's die because the team couldn't pull themselves together. That's why I think that Nutmegs, and Volkans, approach of leadership are working really well. Plus with everybody contributing the way that they have, our team has really come together as a whole and has managed to narrow the blackened into three tributes out of fourteen, which is astounding and basically unheard of. However, our evidence finding search wasn't going to pretty. We'd searched the entire room, Monty and myself had looked through every weapon we could find, and for everything we found nothing. Most of all I thought that we should be looking for the murder weapon especially since it couldn't of been any of the weapons that Monty and I searched. Thus ultimetley formed a plan inside my mind. If the weapon wasn't here, than the blackened must of hid it. I knew that once Volkan was done interrogating them, I was going to get them to turn all of their pockets inside out and make sure that they weren't hiding the weapon on themselves. And if they were, the blackened wouldn't become any clearer. However, everybody else had a different approach. They were mainly focusing on the wall behind Acelina's pedestal. It was indented as well as severely scratched. And since we'd found nothing else, we were all waiting for Volkan and the others to start looking over the body, and hopefully we'd find some clues there. Because if we didn't we would soon run out of options and although we may have narrowed it down to three, if we don't narrow it down and pin point it on one person, it'll still become a guess. And 99 times out of 100, guesses usually end up with another innocent dead body. Finally Volkan and the others returned.

"Tim! Progress report!" yells Volkan,

"Well it's not good! We've searched the room and found no evidence except for this struggle against the wall. Monty and Ryan searched all of the weapons and concluded that none of them were the murder weapon, none of them had blood and all of them we bright and shiny new, meaning none of them had been wipped. We've just been waiting for you to finally inspect the body and hopefully get some answers...." says Tim,

Volkan ponders for a moment.

"Well yes, that's definetley not good. Profecia, have you captured the evidence on the wall?" asks Volkan,

"Yes, it's all on camera!" says Profecia,

"Okay, then lets inspect the body, but you three just sit against the wall, you're not par-taking in any of this!" says Volkan,

"May I interject!" I yell,

"What?!" yells Volkan,

"Well me and Monty didn't find a murder weapon! Meaning that the blackened must be hiding it, and my best bet would be that they're hiding it on themselves!" I say,

"Okay! You three stand up, empty your pockets and everything!" yells Volkan,

The three females did as they were told, nothing fell out, except for Gemma's papers that we all recieved before the coming into the arena. Volkan then proceeded to pat down all of them, feeling for any conceled weapon.

"These three are hiding no weapons on them......" says Volkan,

"Well then they must've hid it somewhere inside the arena!" yells Monty,

"Okay! You're right! But for now, let us just inspect that body and see what we come up with!" yells Dempsey,

Everybody mumbles and murmurs in agreement.

"Definetley! You three sit back down! Let's see what evidence Acelina is hiding!" yells Volkan, 

We then all, well except for Luna, Nutmeg and Gemma, crowded around Acelina's body and awaited Dempsey's analisys of the body. I wondered if maybe Volkan was lying, not about the weapons being on the girls but about his statement, that lead us to narrow down our suspects. If we didn't find the weapon hidden today, then maybe the real blackened could end up somehow disposing of it, meaning that we'd never find it and we'd continue suspecting the wrong person. I knew that for now I just had to go with the flow, but I was going to keep my suspicion on everybody for now, unless Acelina's body finds evidence to prove one of the three females as the killer. That was all I could do, well at least for now. 

Volkan Blistre - District 1

"Alright, Dempsey, What have we got?" I ask,

"Okay, I'll start at the top of her body and work downwards. Wow......." says Dempsey,

"What? What do you see?" asks Cassie,

"Well, look at the back of her skull......" says Dempsey,

Dempsey lifts Acelina's head up. Profecis snaps a photo and everybody gasps. We see a massive pure purple lump that is stained with blood.

"What is it?" asks Monty,

"Well the blackened must of somehow hit her here, but the force was tremendous......" says Dempsey,

"How do you know that?" asks Kim,

"The force was so strong..... It completley fractured her neck...... Meaning that the force was coming from up above and pushing her body down......" says Dempsey,

"Oh my god....." says Sam,

"Okay, we we'll move down to her throat, which as you can all see has been sliced deeply with either a knife or a sword, something very sharp that we can conclude from that mark on the wall........." says Dempsey,

"Is that what killed her?" asked Tim,

"No..... Okay well moving down to her stomach...... These stab wounds were pushed her over the edge, in other words these stabs wounds are what killed her......" says Dempsey,

"How can you conclude that?" I ask,

"Well accordding the reounts that we've heard, the stabbings came last and just before the cannon" says Dempsey,

"That'd be correct" says Sam,

"Continue" I say,

"Well they were quite deep stabs, meaning that the blackened had to be standing over her and stabbing downwards with all of their might, plus again the weapon would have to be quite sharp just to even to stab this deep......." says Dempsey,

"A weapon that we don't currently have!" says Ryan,

"Okay, but that isn't all her body has to offer..... If we look at her right knuckles, they're seriously bruised meaning that she punched someone or something quite hard........ That's interesting.......... But anyway the last major wound on her body cannot be seen......" says Dempsey,

"What?!" asks Cadence,

"Look at her right shoe, how it is laying on it's side but point right up...... Her right ankle was utterly broken, completley snapped!" says Dempsey,

"Why are you getting so excited?" I ask,

"Because I just figured something out! Look!" says Dempsey,

Dempsey then stands on top of Acelina's pedestal.

"Look! If I kick forward right now......" says Dempsey,

"Your right foot bashes into the wall!" yells Monty,

"Exactly, that is what broke her ankle and that's what indentded the wall!"

"Wait a minute!" I say,

"What?!" says Dempsey,

"If she broke her ankle, she'd be in so much pain that we can assume she fell to the ground right?!" I ask,

"Yeah, but why?" says Dempsey,

"Look! What if the blackened was going to slice the back of her throat but Acelina dropped to the ground and the blackened ended up scratching the wall!" I say,

"Yes! Yes that is also how the scratch began apparent on the wall!" says Dempsey,

Everybody looks around, excited to be finally making some more progress. 

"But other than that..... Acelina's body doesn't hold any evidence of the blackened, only what we've already discussed......." says Dempsey,

"Okay........ I think everybody has derserved a brake from today's work! We've made excellent progress for the first day! Now! Profecia, you finish taking photos of Acelina's wounds, Dempsey you help her! Everybody else can leave the room. I'll be on guard all night and nobody shall be allowed into this room! We'll meet 8am sharp, inside the dinning hall for a morning briefing!" I yell,

"Hold On! Why are you having to guard this room?" asks Ryan,

"Let me save you the monologe! Anybody can join me to guard tonight but no matter who or what circumstances occurr, nobody is coming into this room tonight!" I yell,

Everybody then begins to stand and walk out of the room, exhausted from the day's work and annoyed from not finding any evidence. 

"Hold on! Tim! Can you stay back a second?!" I yell,

Tim rushes over to me.

"What is it?" asks Tim,

"I was wondering if you wanted to be my back-up guard fro tonight?" I ask,

"Back-up guard?" asks Tim,

"Yeah, just like when I need some food or something and need to leave, you'll just pop in and keep guarding this room, so nobody enters....." I say,

"I'll do it!" says Profecia,

"Okay, thanks! You can go Tim!" I say,

Tim runs off, and out of the room for good. Profecia and Dempsey walk up to me.

"We've got it all, and I promise that this camera shall never leave my side!" says Profecia,

"Good! Great jobs guys!" I say,

"Hey, if you guys want another person tonight......." says Dempsey,

"No! We've got it all under control!" says Profecia,

"Alright then, see you around!" says Dempsey,

Dempsey then runs over to the door and out of the room, leaving just me and Profecia alone.

"Hey, would you mind stepping into back-up guard duty right away? I need to shower all of this blood off me...." I say,

"Yeah no it's fine, i'll take the reins!" says Profecia,

"Okay!" I say

I then turn and walk out the room and into the hallway. I turn right to go over to the dorms. I turn down the hallway filled with dorms and has the nurses office at the end. Mine is only three doors away from the nurses office and is in-between Profecia and Luna. I walk into my dorm, take off my blooded clothing and put it on my towel rack, that was now evidence that I needed to keep. I then step into the shower. People may think that i've changed my personality, became a bit nicer or something. They'd be absoultley correct! Well at least for these three days, I wasn't going to be getting on anybodies bad side, meaning for now I had to be just as polite and caring as possible, but not too much, so that when I change my personality back it won't be too much different. I may not be the blackened, but i'm for sure as hell playing the game. 

Investigation 1 - Night 1

Murderer - Case 1

Ohh the joys of being the blackened. It really is a full on rollercoaster. I can't believe that it has worked out the way that it has, just utterly perfect. Luna, Nutmeg and Gemma are at the top of the suspect list, just the way I wanted it to go. Well, not really and it's all that bastard's Vokan's fault! I mean who tried to pin down the blackened? Obviously him and he ruined my plans to frame Kim! And then Tim's testimony cleared Cassie of any wrong doings! Nobody questioned what Volkan did, everybody just assumed it was the truth, which sucks! I never would've thought that anybody would listen to a word out of his big, fat mouth! But now they have, and look where it's gotten me! I'm sitting all alone in the dinning room, just me and my thoughts, nobody wants to hang around me, a murder suspect. But that's alright in only less than 70 hours, I'll be out of this place and hanging out inside the hovercraft, watching the games as if I was at home. Why I am so confident? Well mainly because nobody has found any evidence that backs myself up as being the murderer! Plus i'm sure that they'll never find any, because I was careful and I planned exactly what I needed to do. That bitch deserved to die like that, preferrably I would've enjoyed to just keep standing their and stabbing her but of course there was a time limit. Oh and I forgot to mention the best part........ These idiots shall never find the murder weapon, not if they'd already searched the entire entrance hall and said that it wasn't there! An especially since nobody can get inside to have another look until tomorrow, i'm pretty sure that i'll be safe from questioning tonight. But that Ryan guy is persistent on finding it, and I have to hand it to him. He's searching the entire building for the weapon but little does he know that he was sitting right next to it back inside the entrance hall. I wonder if they will ever find it, and if they do I wonder how everybody shall take it. Hopefully it'll clear me from being the blackened in everybodies eyes. I would love to find it myself but then everybody would only suspect me even more of being the blackened. If anybodies smart they'll second guess it and realise that anybody could've used it but they won't. It'll just point to the person that they see and will see as the definet blackened. That's why I want everybody to find it, however i'll just need to see how everything plays out, i'll just have to go with the flow and make sure that no suspicion is on me. Because i'm voted correctly as the blackened, my life comes to an immediet end. Though I was almost certain that at the tribute trial it'll be somebody else's life, not my own. And I couldn't wait to see it!

Cassie Wynn - District 8

It was getting late and most tributes had flutterred off to bed. Though some tributes still mulled around, most had just given into their sleep. But not me, I had some big plans for tonight that could maybe change the game and the completley out-come for myself. I had plans that could maybe get myself further inside this game, plans that could save me from being a dead body to investigate. I was sitting inside the dinning hall, Luna and Monty were inisde the hall as well but we all sat alone, all to ourselves. I knew that Profecia and Volkan were outside, guarding the entrance hall and as far as I knew Ryan was also still searching for the murder weapon. Now that kid was seriously commited, even Monty had just given up, but it's probably just because he doesn't want to end up dead because we incorrectly chose the blackened, well none of us do. Really we should all be searching but I know that it's a better job for tomorrow, though I highly doubt that we'll find anything. I mean Luna is so messed up that she probably swallowed the Knife just to hide the murder weapon. I mean somebody who can turn on their entire family and brutally murder them can be as daranged as anything, for them is no dignity, morality or limit, they live their lives just to kill, and for that, what's the point of living? But enough of how crazy Luna is, I need to come up with my plan. I know that if it hadn't of been for Tim, I would still be considered a high suspect in this investigation, and honestly I would love to just thank him. But I saw this as an opportunity to band an alliance together. Imagine the murders we could plan to get ourselves out of here, if myself, Sam, Tim and Kim all teamed up to become one alliance. Of course we'd prefer to keep it secret, but that was besides the point. Right now I had to start by convincing Sam to band with me at all, and I was still highly suspicious of him every since last night. I didn't know what Sam was planning but maybe he'd include me in the mix if I was able to persuade him to join me in this alliance. I didn't want to get my hopes up too much but I really couldn't think of a reason that nobody would want to join, since i'm sure we could devise plans that benifit us all. Suddenly Sam walked out of the kitchen and through the dinning room, exiting into the hallway. I stood up and ran after him. I saw Luna and Monty stare me weirdly but who cares. I came out of the door and saw Sam just close the door for his dorm room. I ran past Profecia and Volkan who also gave me a weird look, and without even knocking opened and entered his room. 

"Cassie? What are you doing here?" asks Sam,

"I needed to talk to you!" I say,

"What's up?" asks Sam,

"I wanted to ask if you would join and create and alliance with me?" I ask,

"Of course, I thought that we already said we'd have each others backs......... But yeah, if you just want to make it offical, then yeah i'll join an alliance with you" says Sam,

"Thanks, but the more important question that I wanted to ask you was...... Would you mind if I asked some other tributes to join our alliance?" I ask,

"Other tributes? Like who?" asks Sam,

"Well mainly I thought Tim and Kim, you know we could create an alliance of just us four and plan murders out together, plan ways for each of us to escape!" I say,

"Ummmm, Cassie I don't know if I really want that........ Besides who says that they're going to say yes?" says Sam,

"Look I get that but do you want at least come with me and ask them, then if it happens it happens......." I say,

Sam looks akwardly around the room.

"Please Sam! Think this could get us both out of here! Think if we managed to both make it to the second round how much pride and hope that it would make all of District 8!" I say,

"Alright........ Fine but I want you to know that if it doesn't work out and I don't like it, I'll drop of the alliance whenever I want to!" says Sam,

"Got it! For sure! Let's just go over to Tim's room and talk it out!" I say,

Sam then follows me out of his doorm room. I heard what he said but I think that he really heard me when I said that we'd both be able to make it. I knew that he could drop out of the alliance at any moment but I highly doubt that he would, not if he really was going to benefit from it. We turned to our right and walked down the hallway looking for Tim's dorm room. It actually was only three doors down from Sam's. We knocked on the door and waited for a response. However it never came. I opened the door and walked inside. The room was dark so Sam turned on the lights. But Tim wasn't inside and he wasn't inside the bathroom either. 

"Where is he?" asked Sam,

"I think I might know!" I say,

We then turned around and walked out of the room. We walked up and down the hallway looking for Kim's dorm room. Turns out it was the one on the left of Sam's. I don't bother knocking and just open the door. Three faces shoot in our direction, Kim's, Tim's and Cadence's. 

"What the hell do you want?" asked Kim,

"To create an alliance!" I state,

"Well then you better come in!" says Tim, 

Tim then walks behind us and shuts the door. 

"Does a five person alliance work for you?" asks Cadence,

"For sure!" I state,

This was hopefully going to turn out way better than I expected and Sam seemed to enjoy it more as well than he'd expected to. Hopefully we were going to be able to get us all out of here and onto the next round, we were all just going to have to come together and become a real alliance. But my guesses were that it wasn't going to be that hard. 

Death Chart

Team Placing Tribute District Killer District How When
Ice 15th Analisa Latimer 2 - Female Rose Wells Capitol  Stabbed With A Spear Through Her Body Bloodbath
Fire 15th Acelina Moreau 4 - Female Gemma Singularis District 12 Stabbed Multiple Times With A Sickle In Her Stomach Bloodbath
Ice 14th Verena Chambray 7 - Female Gamemakers - Stabbed With A Spear Through Her Body Tribute Trial 1
Fire 14th  Gemma Singularis 12 - Female Gamemakers - Stabbed Multiple Times With A Sickle In Her Stomach Tribute Trial 1
Ice 13th Estella Libra 13 - Female Octavia Blake District 14 TBA TBA
Fire 13th Dempsey Sorrow C - Male Cassie Wynn District 8 TBA TBA
Ice 12th Mary Smith 6 - Female Gamemakers - TBA Tribute Trial 2
Fire 12th Matthew Smith 3 - Male Gamemakers - TBA Tribute Trial 2
Ice 11th Astus Hawkeye 13 - Male Tank Demski District 2 TBA TBA
Fire 11th Tim Thorburn 11 - Male Kim Thorburn District 11 TBA TBA
Ice 10th Tank Demski 2 - Male Gamemakers - TBA Tribute Trial 3
Fire 10th Monty Green 7 - Male Gamemakers - TBA Tribute Trial 3
Ice 9th Jasper Jordan 4 - Male Aemilia Bark District 10 TBA TBA
Fire 9th Luna Tick 3 - Female Profecia Sonar District 9 TBA TBA
Fire 8th Volkan Blistre 1 - Male Luna Tick District 3 TBA TBA
Ice 8th Wattson Meyes 12 - Male Gamemakers - TBA Tribute Trial 4
Fire 7th Ryan Dennis 6 - Male Gamemakers - TBA Tribute Trial 4
Fire 6th Cadence Hayes 5 - Female Gamemakers - TBA Tribute Trial 4
Ice 7th Max Muzzle 14 - Male Brett Brawl District 5 TBA TBA
Ice 6th Brett Brawl 5 - Male Gamemakers - TBA Tribute Trial 5
Fire 5th Nutmeg Spica 1 - Female Sam Kelly District 8 TBA Team Fire Finale
Ice 5th Tom Webster 9 - Male Marlon Lander District 10 TBA Team Ice Finale
Water 8th Octavia Blake 14 - Female Marlon Lander District 10 TBA TBA
Water 7th Aemilia Bark 10 - Female Gamemakers - TBA Tribute Trial 6
Water 6th Sam Kelly 8 - Male Profecia Sonar District 9 TBA TBA
Water 5th Marlon Lander 10 - Male Gamemakers - TBA Tribute Trial 7
Water 4th Profecia Sonar 9 - Female Rose Wells Capitol TBA TBA
Water 3rd Kim Thorburn 11 - Female Gamemakers - TBA Tribute Trial 8
Water 2nd Cassie Wynn 8 - Female Rose Wells Capitol Stabbed With A Knife In The Back And Through Her Heart Team Water Finale
Water Victor! Rose Wells C - Female - - - Team Water Finale


  • At Team Ice (Trial 1); I origionally had Rose Wells (The Blackened) planned to be correctly guessed by the other tributes and exucuted.
    • ^^^ This was going to occur from Octavia Blake's and Estella Libra's secret; I was going to make it that Rose Wells had the mark and Estella Libra didn't.
  • Also At Team Ice (Trial 1); I origionally had Wattson Meyes planned to be excuted as the innocent by the gamemakers.
    • ^^^ This was changed to Verena Chambray because CK thought it was unfair to kill of a tribute of Biel's who voted in the murder challenge; while C.T.O.A.D.U who owns Verena, didn't vote.

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