So first off! I am new here. I have to express my love to Suzanne Collins for creating these amazing books and inspiring me to bring up my own writing. The books are great reads which I thoroughly enjoyed and the films have to be the best adaptations I have seen of any books - even though there is some things missed out but we can let that slip - they just create a remarkable world for me to get lost in. 

So now to actually get on with what the title states. After writing and writing I have managed to create beginnings to several ideas for stories set in THG Universe but many not making it past 3 pages and 1 actually reaching around 40 pages. But one of the several dead story starts stood out to me. One I started while on holiday to America. 

After reading through a series of new books which continue on from the original three books writen by an amazing person on this wiki I thought I may give it a go and continue with my adaptation to the books by introducing a brand new generation of tales from Panem and get feedback from an auidence about how the story will go. 

The First in a planned trilogy 

The Hunger Games : Revival

18 year old Berrick. A teen living in District 7 a few decades after the last rebellion. Every year on the day the reaping used to take place a memorial service takes place to remember the fallen tributes from the past Hunger Games. But plans are due to change after a new president is drawn into power as the death of President Paylor has forced an immediate election. A plan to introduce the games again goes to action resulting in the district families to cower in fear as the rise of a brainwashed peacekeeper force makes it sure that everyone attends. What will happen as the nation of Panem goes downhill once again? 

The updates will be regular with more of the story being added when ever I manage. I hope everyone enjoys what I come up with. 


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