This is my first hunger games. Please join. i will need 24 tributes. thank you. I WILL NOT GO ON PROFILES.









Name Age Weapon Strategy Allies
1M Deano Tyrones 18 throwing knives , spears and tridents 6'5 stay with careers careers
1F Arianna Mae 17

Speed, Strength, Archery and Spears

Kill as many people then stay with the careers with all supplies and weapons

2M Xerox Roult 18 Axe or Spear Kill with the Careers. When they get to difficult, split away from them. Careers
2F Mckenna Ecelinti 17 Bow and arrows, blowgun Stay with careers and kill but at the top 7 poisen some supplies and keep the rest Careers
3M Draco Switch 15 throwing knives, traps find an alliance then stick with them during the bloodbath Careers
3F Ruby Hyrglass 15 Throwing Knives Get a weapon and a pack and flee the bloodbath. And then wait out the other tributes Anyone who she can trust
4M Rufus Kushinn 15 sword, spear, bow and arrow. stick with the careers and then kill them when all the other tributes are dead. Careers
4F Jasmine Cornell 15 Bow & Arrow, Spear. win ?
5M Milo Yitlou 17 Sword, hand to hand combat Get weapons and start killing the careers Any to help him kill careers
5F Kendall Mulikow 16 Spear,Throwing knives Act like a weakling Nobody
6M Billy Transport 13 spears/ knives kill,kill,kill no one
6F Leah Derinta 12 Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes, Bow and Arrow Grab somethingon the outskirts and find alliance. Anyone
7M Ryan Hetliny 15 Axes(prefers throwing), hiding, machete Get some supplies and run. Hide up in a tree. none
7F Pixie August 17 Axe,Machete Kill viciously None
8M Cotton Woods 16 axe, run none
8F Luna Snare 15 Blowgun, Hiding, Killing, Clairvoyant. Choose a target, and don’t stop before the target is killed. ?
9M Varin Ego 13 Bow and Arrow; Traps; Throwing Knives Run away from bloodbath till the end and everybody's gone. Try to heal those tribs. 'Stick with his ally and stay with him till the end. Try and heal all tributes he finds. If ally is still alive...take his own life Dimitrian Rye (9) and District 7 tribs
9F Dimitrian Rye 15 Axe,Spear,Knife Befreind people she trust Her District Partner or District 7
10M Dalton Rodgers 18 axe,knife, blowgun KILL EVERYONE none
10F Savannah Rose Hadamik 14 Sword My tactic is to out smart my uponance with my beauty. Though surprise than once I hit the arena!!!! Be Brave, Run, Hide and Focus!!! Keep positve and use acting skills towards the other tribute!!! My distric apponent and anyone I can out smart easy!!!
11M Hunter Tyler 13 Bow & Arrows And Throwing Knives. I Would Defenitly Go For The Bloodbath To Get A Bow & Arrows And A Bag. Then I Would Find A Tree To Hide In And Only Kill When My Life Is At Risk. no one
11F Aleena Galinti 15 : Throwing knives Get weapons from the bloodbath and run. Then kill on sight None
12M Ciaran Gallagher 14 Archery & Knife Stay high up in the trees killing people with a bow None

12F Imoria Borgir 16 sword pretend to be weak none

Death Chart/ Ranking
Name District Killed By Day Killed 24th Cotton Woods 8 Jasmine 1
23rd Imoria Borgir 12 Aleena Galinti 1
22nd Milo 5 Billy 1
21st Luna 8 Ruby 1
20th Dalton 10 Hot Desert 1
19th Pixie 7 hot desert 1
18th Hunter Tyler 11 Xerox 2
17th Billy Transport 6 Tracker Jackers 2
16th Draco Switch 3 Lightning 2
15th Rufus 4 Leah 2
14th Leah 6 Mckenna 2
13th Allena 11 Savannah 3
12th Arriana 1 Kendall 3
11th Xerox 2 Kendall 3
10th Kendall 5 Mckenna 3
9th Ruby 3 Fog 3
8th Dimitrian 9 Ciaran 3
7th Varin 9 Ciaran 3
6th Ciaran 12 Loss of blood 3
5th Deano 1 axe in chest 4
4th Jasmine 4 Mckenna 4
3rd Savannah 10 Ryan 4
2nd Mckenna 2 Ryan 4
1st (victor!!!!) Ryan 7 NO ONE 7
Ryan, I congratulate u for winning. I will keep in contact with you and u r welcome to mentor in my upcoming 2nd games.

The Cornucopia Bloodbath/Countdown

1st hunger games arena

This is the arena. In the arena there is 15 slices. Every hour one goes off in the order of labeled 1-15.

The tributes rise from there plates and for the first time get a look at the arena. To them it seems harmless but each hour a new horror blossoms from the forest threating to kill them. The Countdown begins.


The tributes run off there plates and jump into the water. Jasmine(4) gets to the cornucopia first but finds all there is is weapons nothing useful. So she grabs a trident,bow and arrow and a spear and waits for the other tributes. Cotton(8) reaches the cornucopia but is sticked with the trident by Jasmine. BOOM! The rest of the tributes arive at the cornucopia. Aleena(11) gets a throwing knife and throws it into Imoria(12) heart. BOOM! Billy(6) grabs an axe and throws it into Milo(5) chest. BOOM! Ruby grabs a knife and throws it into Luna(8) eye. BOOM!

The Gamemakers set off a section. The Hot desert. this slice of the arena burns the tributes with horrible rays of heat and dries all the water in that section for 1 hour.

The rays immedietly make there effects on the tributes. Dalton(10) falls to the ground as boils blister all over him. BOOM! The tributes that ran away feel the effects too. Pixie(7) dies the way dalton did. BOOM.

The rest of the tributes run away. going into differnt sections with no clue what is goin to happen to them.

Day 2

The sun comes up over the arena. The tributes all get up ad begin moving around. The careers seach the arena for any victoms to kill. They com across Hunter Tyler(11). Xerox (2) gets his spear and kills him. BOOM!

Billy transport(6) estimates the sun to be around 8 -9am but as he walks a little farther. The time hits 9. he is in the tracker jacker zone. Out of nowhere millions of tracker jackers swarm the area and sting him. Billy falls to the ground and dies.BOOM!

Another hour passes in the arena until the time hits 14. Draco(3) happens to be walking in this section when clouds begin to appear. He hears thunder. Then a bolt of lightning hits the ground right in front of him. He is thrown backwords into a rock where another bolt of ligtning electricutes him. BOOM!

The careers travel the arena slowly figuring the arena out. they stop to rest for a few hours the 12 section of the arena. They should be safe for a few hours. Just then, Leah(6) jumps up behind there resting place, grabs Rufus(4) and slits his throat.BOOM! Leah says,"take out any of your weapon and ill kill all of you right here right know." Mckenna(2) doesnt accept this. She gets a bow and arrow and shoots Leah, Leah falls dead.BOOM!

Day 3

With the remaing 13 tributes alive, there is at least hope for the tributes that they will make it out alive. But only 1 can win.

Savannah(10) runs into Allena(11) and they battle. Savanah grabs allena and stabs her in the stomach and then slits her throat. BOOM!

Kendall(5) finds the careers and attacks. He gets a spear and throws it into Arianna(1) stomach.BOOM! Kendall gets a throwng knife and Xerox with it.BOOM! Mckenna(2) grabs Kendall and snaps his neck. BOOM!

Ruby(3) comes across the fog section of the arena as it goes off. she thinks nothing of it and walks right into it. She dies immeditetly. BOOM!

Ciaran comes across both of the D9 tributes. He gets a knfe and stabs Dimitrian. BOOM!. Varin(9) fights Ciaran he stabs Ciaran but cirian puts a spear threw him.BOOM!. Ciaran bleeds to much.BOOM!

Day 4- The Final Day

The Gamemakers know today is the day they find there victor. So they set every slice of the arena off at the same time to bring all the tributes together.

They all flee to the cornucopia.

Ryan(7) gets an axe and throws it into Deanos chest. BOOM! Mckenna decides to kill her fellow careers Jasmine(4). Mckenna grabs a spear and throws it into Jasmines stomach. BOOM! Ryan grabs Savannah(10) and stabs her multiple times.BOOM!

The Final Battle- Ryan(7) VS. Mckenna(2)

Ryan tackles Mckenna and stabs her side but she gets a knife and cuts his stoamch open he falls down pretending to be dead. As Mckenna walks away. Ryan gets up. picks up his knife and throws it into her back.



i thank all my tributes who were so brave in the arena. I invite you to enter my second games

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