Welcome to: The 1st Annual Hunger Games (NEW GENERATION)

These games will not only blow you away but these games will be exiting, fun, edge of your seat exitment as your tribute(s) battle against fellow tributes to the death until only one remains- will it be YOUR tribute?I will be doing everything traditionally: 24 tributes, Training,  Interveiws, and the Games. I will need Tributes, Sponsors and Stylist for these games.


  1. NO Being Rude
  2. NO Profiles
  3. Reservations last: 24 hours
  5. Have FUN

Tribute Fomat

  • Name
  • District
  • Strengths
  • Age
  • Weaknesses
  • Weapon(s)
  • Appearance 
  • Token

Stylist Format- (Try to Make or Get Picture Clothes)

  • Name
  • District
  • Chariot Outfit boy/girls
  • Interview Outfit boy/girls

  • Name
  • Age
  • Tribute Sponsoring
  • Reason

The Tributes

The Tributes
Name/District Strengths Age Weapon Weaknesses Token
1M Sparklez Glaice  Climbing, Swimming, Strength. 18 Anything Atychiphobia, Colds, Bit Slow A photo of his brother.
1F Marielle Jaffe Education and Competitive 17 Bladed Fan rude people just for the purpose to harm people's self esteem. She also dislikes death and hates that people have to kill each other during the games _______
2M  Brett Jansen Strength, Speed 18 anything pointy, especially a sword climbing, swimming, plant ID Necklace with two snakes and a sword
2F  Chloe Black  Strong, swimming, climbing, plant knowledge, survivaling skills, very quick and agile  16  2 swords, throwing knives Too brave (takes lots of dangerous risks), hunting, spear throwing, revengefull, bad temper  Necklade, with a black gem in it
3M  Phoenix Rouge :hunting, strong, fast, and smart 18  a pack of 13 scalpel, obsidian dagger, and a razor alergic to grub worms his black hood
3F Ficusi Galpa Tactful, fast, tomahawks, evasive, suspicious, intelligent 15 Tomahawk Shy and sometimes too nice Pine air freshener
4M  Calix Storm Very strong, quick, skilled with weapons, swimming and making traps. 17  Trident, sword and throwing spears Arrogant, nearly every male tribute hates him because of his competitive spirit and that he gets all the girls, likes killing too much, climbing. His necklade with a shark tooth in it.  
4F Lemonade Icyna Stealth, Climbing, Running, Swimming 14 Trident, Net, Spear, Tomahawk Spiders ______
5M  Hernado Dalas fast and strong


nunchucks,katana, kama dumb scarf
5F  Solaris Eurus Dagger and Beauty 16 Dagger and Seduction Not Fast, Can't Climb  A small silver mirror
6M Dray Mullan hunting and running, identifying edible foods. swimming 12 trident, throwing knives making fire, spiders ______
6F Lucy Mullan fishing, killing and determination 18 darts, dartgun swords and spears ______
7M Oak Woods speed, agility 16 axe, throwing axe swimming a green bracelet
7F Kelly Mindriac Speed, Climbing, Plant ID 15 Axe, Throwing Axe, Spear, Throwing Spear size, claustrophobia ________
8M  Texture Tee None. 12 Anything. None _______
8F Fabric Tee None. 12 Anything. None. _______
9M Grain Fire Plant Identification 15 Knife Swimming _____

9F Sapphire Schine

hypnotism, deception, and charm 16 sword, axe, knives insomnia, fear of dying, dyslexic, ADHD sapphire necklace
10M  Andrew Cortez strong, fast, smart 17 Sword, axe, spear mute blue gloves
10F Huntress Sneaky, Fast, Agile 16  Bow and knives. climbing, and has severe atychiphobia. a pin
11M Nathan Gage  streangth, hand-to-hand combat,inteligence 18 scythe  slow red goggles
11F Raven Bolanos running, swimming 13 slingshot thinking ______
12M Bella Coal Running 12 bow and arrow swimming chunk of coal
12F Victoria Edwards   daggers, plants, hunting 14 daggers, knives, stealth  hand to hand combat, technology a Choker with a locket on it

The Stylist

The Stylist
Name/District Chariot 

Interview Boys

Interview Girls
1 Glamourress Elle
1 chariot
1 intervirew
Mulia Mine
2 chariot
2 Interview
3 Mari Callo
3 chariot
Male 3 interview
Miami Coralle
4 Chariot
4Boys Interviw
4 female interview
Peacock Sower
5 chariot
5 interview
6 Ed Loki 
9 Beatrice Spice
9 chariot
9 Boys Interview
9 Girls Interview
12 Exco May

  1. 'Give a Good tribute= 100$'
  2. 'Training Score over 7= 50$'
  3. '1 Kill= 75$'
  4. 'Survive each 3 Days= 150$'

Sponsor Chart
Sponsor Name Tribute Being Sponsored Money In Need Of Health Percentage District



Sparklez Glaice


600$ ___ 100% 1M
Victoria Diamond

Marielle Jaffe 


600$ ___ 100% 1F
Ociena Stardust

Lemonade Icyna


600$ ___ 100% 4F
Bash Gold Phoenix Roge 600$ ___ 100% 3M
Bash Gold Nathan Gage 600$ ___ 100% 11M
Princess Celestia



600$ ___ 100% 4F
Aelia Brass Huntress 600$ ___ 100% 10F

Food and Drinks

  • Fruit Basket (apples, mango, bannana, pears, and strawberrys) 50$
  • Chicken(already cooked) 25$
  • Bread (loaf) 10$
  • Rice 10$
  • Beef Stew on rice with rolls, apples, goat cheese, and silverware 55$
  • 1 bottle of water 5$
  • Pack of Saltine Crackers (5) 5$
  • Gatorade 10$
  • Soup 1 can( chicken noodle, tomato, cream of brocali) 15$
  • Hot chocolate 1 mug 10$
  • Coffee 1 mug 10$
  • Cookies (a pack of 10) 5$
  • Crackers (10) 10$
  • Bacon (10 peices,cooked) 15$
  • Eggs ( 2 eggs, cooked) 5$


  • Painkillers (5) 10$
  • Burn Cream 20$
  • Fever Reducers Pills ( 5) 10$
  • Bandages (10) 10$
  • Stiches 10$
  • Sleep Syrup 15$
  • Capitol Medicine( kills any infection) 100$
  • Cough Syrup 20$
  • Mesquito Repelant 15$
  • Tracker Jacker Healer 40$ (heals with speed)
  • NO ITCH (a medicine that helps wounds not itch AT ALL) 50$


  • Jacket 25$
  • Waterproof jacket 30$
  • Divers Suit 50$
  • Desingner Clothes ( last a really long time) 40$
  • New Tribute Suit 10$

Other Things

  • Edible plants encyclopedia ( shows edible plants for the arena) 250$
  • Medical plants encyclopedia 300$
  • Map of Arena 250$
  • Iodine 1 bottle 20$
  • water container 10$
  • Fan( keep tributes cool) 15$
  • Plastic inflatable boat 50$


  • Axe 50$
  • Mace 100$
  • Wire 25$
  • Trident 250$
  • Sword 100$
  • Knife 20$
  • Throwing knives (10) 40$
  • Bow and Arrow 50$
  • Blowgun (poisonous dart) 100$


I will be starting from Day 2 and Day 3 will consist of only the Training Scores.

District 1 POV

Sparklez: Wow, look at all these loser tributes who think they have what it takes to win the games! Ha! What a joke! District 1 won last years games and we can certainly win this years games. All I need is to ally with some of the other careers in order to get me farther into the games. "Hey Brett and Chloe", I call out. "Any chance you want to ally with Marielle and I?" Brett and Chloe look at each other. Brett turns around to me,"Sure. Why not. But what about the District 4 tributes? I'm sure we need them." I don't know what to say. Do I agree or do I say no? "Look," I tell Brett."I don't want that fourteen year old girl on our team. That's like yelling out KILL ME in the arena. But if you insist i'll take her but hopefully she won't last long. 

And there we were. The Career pack formed instantly and on the first day of training. Just, the only thing that worries me is the District 4 girl. I'm gonna throw some spears know with Brett.

District 3 POV

Ficusi: Well the Careers have formed which is NOT good news for the rest of us. That could spell big trouble when it comes time for the games. I don't know what to do at this point though. I know I'm supposed to impress the Gamemakers or risk getting a bad score potentially knocking any chances of getting a sponsor. I have to admit I'm definetly a little nervous about the rest of the tributes most here are 18 and strong and have the will to kill when I've been described as "too nice". I guess I maybe need some words of encouragment or something to prove my toughness. I have an Idea.

District 5 POV

Hernando: The girl from District 3 just through a knife at MY district partner Solaris. I literally had to pull Solaris away before she killed the meager District 3 girl. I think I may be a little worried about them going into the arena together. But, oh well, the more dead means better chances for me. Yea, that's a little cruel and selfish but there's 24 of us and only one comes out alive. Life goes on for the 1 of us who makes it. If I won I would never turn to drugs or alchohol to save me from my thoughts about the arena. Sure, the odds of me making it are 1 in 24 but there's always that 1. 

District 7 POV

Kelly: Training has gone pretty well so far. I know the careers have formed already but eh, everything works out. Being from District 7 I think have have a good advantage over the other as I know my way around in the forest. I just hope the arenas not a humid place. Us in 7 HATE humidity. The only eventful thing that has happened today is watching the guy from 5 pull away his district partner from ripping apart that girl. I hope I get a good score to get me a wealthy sponsor.

District 9 POV

Grain: Training time is coming to a close and I have accomplished almost nothing. The one thing I have gotten good at is plant identification though. I can identitfy almost any plant in almost any enviroment. Something I doubt the carrer group will be able to do. I think the Careers stand a distinct disadvantage aver the rest of us because they have a few young ones on their team. I could take one down easily. Before they take me.

District 11 POV

Raven: Training time is over. Thank Goodness. I didn't make to many friends or allies though. I chatted around and stuff but I don't think anything serious is happening. I don't even know if we have a carrer pack yet. We probably do knowing the eagerness of 1, 2, and 4. But I personally, don't tell the carrers, they don't look to strong this year. Oh No. Brett heard me. I'M RUNNING!


1M Sparklez Glaice 8
1F Marielle Jaffe 8
2M  Brett Jansen 9
2F  Chloe Black  7
3M  Phoenix Rouge 6
3F Ficusi Galpa 5
4M  Calix Storm 9
4F Lemonade Icyna 10
5M  Hernado Dalas 6
5F  Solaris Eurus 5
6M Dray Mullan 7
6F Lucy Mullan 7
7M Oak Woods 4
7F Kelly Mindriac 6
8M  Texture Tee 6
8F Fabric Tee 7
9M Grain Fire 5
9F Sapphire Schine 8
10M  Andrew Cortez 5
10F Huntress 10
11M Nathan Gage  8
11F Raven Bolanos 3
12M Bob Coal 4
12F Victoria Edwards 10
May the Odds Be EVER IN Your Favor

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