Welcome to the 2nd Quarter Quel Games! These games will feature: reapings, training, interviews, the games, and the victors crowing. I wil not go onto profiles, so if you want to be in these games you must post your tribute in the comments. . I will try to post as much as possible. Please try to put all the needed tribute information. As most of you know, the second Quarter Quell consisted of 48 tributes. These games will as well.

Tribute Template

  • Name
  • Age
  • District
  • Weapon(s)
  • Reaped or Volunteered 
  • Interview Strategy
  • Games Strategy
  • Alliances
  • Token (optional)

The Reading of the Card

President Snow looked at the cameras which were broadcasting this to every television in the country of Panem. He turned his face down, looking somewhat pleased, and slid his wrinkily fingers over the envelope. Then, he opened it. The yellowed envelope flew to the ground. President snow, wasting no time, quickly opened the letter. He looked back at the cameras smiling. He read," To remind the rebels that for every capitol citizen that died, two rebels died, this years games shall require twice the amount of tributes."  He looked at the camers once again just enough to see the capitol audience gasp and applaude with exitment. The program finished.

The Tributes
Name Age Weapon R/V Alliances Interview Games Token
1M  Luffy 17 Hand to hand combat V Careers or Robin  Loves his family and friends over anything. And when he iss faced with death he does not hesitate to kill. Team up with Robin and grab gear in the bloodbath, find shelter and proceed to kill off other tributes. Straw hat
1M Colt Steel 18 sword V Careers  try to act friendly towards the Capitol stay with the careers and kill any other tributes ___
1F Jezel Swift 16 Axe, Hand to hand combat R Careers  Be funny and she will be flirtatious  She will stick with the careers then when the careers are deceasing she will run away from them but when there asleep she will take there stuff and burn there camp site. ring
1F Marianne Grace 16 Spear V Careers Appear happy and desirable Stay with careers, and kill as many as possible. Pink Ring
2M Josh Eagleye 17 sword, spear, good with knives V Amanda and Careers calm, cool, and collected, he will also show his humor. He will sprint to the supplies, and get a sword and a spear or two. Then he will find Amanda and the other careers.  lion made of wood

2M : Zephyr Brawn

17 Club and Mace V Careers tough and brutal  He will lead the careers, and lead the hunt. His glasses
2F Amanda Hawks 16 swords and spears. Knives R  Careers! and any other reliable strong kids who are looking to join.  Be funny, but also show determination, and her good instincts. Let the Careers do most of the killing a wooden hawk
2F Ida Broach 18 Sword and Spear V Careers Cruel Kill anyone  A necklace with a carved tear on it
3M Cedric Rivers 16 Tae Kwon Do, Machete, Mind V  Underdogs and girlfriend  Sacrificial Provide for underdogs and girlfriend  Data chip worn around neck
3M  Nox Rimmer 14 Spear, sickle V Try for Careers freak out the audience kill anyone but his alliance
3F Lily Scots 15 Teeth, Wire, Acrobatics R Cedric (boyfriend)  Quiet and Good-Natured  Embarrass the Capitol  Diamond pendant in the shape of a cog,
3F Ofelia Bourderax 14 Poison Daggers R  Big, strong tributes from other underdog districts Act cute and nice Ally with big and strong tributes that can protect her. ___
4M  Canyon Dusk 16 Trident and Spear V Careers Brutal and Cruel He will stick with the careers, trying to keep in the shadows, and as the games go on trying to get as many kills as he can. A small bag of sand from the beach outside his house
4M Hail Destro 16 Trident and Sickle V Careers Very suductive. If he sees one single person he likes he will leap. He is nice at first but after a while begins to abuse his girlfriends. He will head straight to the cornucopia and find a weapon. The Ying and Yang necklace in his photo.
4F Adelaide D´eye 16 trident, bow V Careers To pose as a serious threat and boast about her abilities  Stay with the careers and let them protect her, but when there are only a few tributes left, she will turn on the careers so she is the only careers left.
4F  Sapphira Landa 15 Trident, Fish Hook R Careers She'll be sweet and kind in order to win sponsors Stick with the Careers
5M Jonah Whale 16 Trident, spear, and daggers V Careers Be himself, naturally intimidating KILL!!! Take over the cornucopia, keep allies strong, and trustworthy, rest often while someone is on gaurd ___
5M Luca Sierra 17 :Sword,Spear,Mace R D5 Tributes Nice,Tough,and never lets is friends down Kill and make an alliance
5F Sylvia Bailey 17 sickle or knives R Distrcit 5 Tributes nice Run a clip in her hair
5F  Velvet Cruz 16 knife, spear, bow n arrows V None look weak and unable, while hiding strength Foxface strategy, only killing more.  gold chain necklace
6M Brock Lovette 13 kives, axe V noone be cool and sneeky kill __
6M  Drak Dormaus. 16 Sword V District Partner or any strong allies Intimidate stay with alliance and kill any tributes worse equipped than him sharp shard of rock
6F Sylvia Churchill 17

throwing knives and regular knives 

R unpredicatable She will tell all of panem of how she will kill them all, their families and everything they love. She is insane and has a very unpredictable gameplan
6F Katelyn Rivera 16 knvies and beauty R district 6 ot 7 tributes make freinds with the capitol

kil anyone who is not an ally

7M Max Freeman 18 axe and sword V Katelyn Rivera confess his true love kill the careers
7M Blaise Cooper 15 axe, stealth R weak and insecure tributes would be best To appear mediocre and dumb, so everyone will ignore him To hide in the background and avoid other tributes
7F Aurora Anderson 17 Bow, ju-jitsu R She will probably found a kind of anti- careers, girls-only alliance. Compliment the Capitol, charm the living daylights out of them  Stay hidden with allies in a easily defendable location , kill anyone that crosses her path
7F Caesera True 17 Knives, Daggers, Camoflauge V Herself, maybe a few others Be cool Run to the forest then when the Careers go hunting get something secretly.
8M Blake Sanchos 16 spear R none be smart and sly impress the capitol
8M Oscar Cookie 12 knives V none be handsome kill anyone who stands in his way of being victor.
8F  Dre Springs 17  Jitte (Its a some type of sword) V Herself she will start trash talking district 11 females and she will be sassy. She will  RUN too get what she needs then she will act like a weak sassy girl but when they are less people she will kill like a Career. a Gold Coin
8F Robin 17  bladed weapons for cutting R Luffy Is quiet and prefers to work alone. To team up with Luffy and quickly grab gear in the bloodbath, after to find shelter before hunting down other tributes with Luffy. a cowgirl hat
9M : Pamline Falcone 18 axe and mace V None silent but strong He will go through the arena, killing tributes. Near the end he will attack the careers, and take out a couple of them. a small, wooden necklace
9M Rayford Steele 18 knives and speed R none quite and smart kill, kill, kill
9F Synch Cane 18 Knives, Traps R None Shy, Silent Run to the forest ___
9F  Oreale Gae 16  Knives, Daggers, Axes R None Shy, Silent  Run to the forest ___
10M Treston Shackelford 17 bow and arrow, axe R anyone but the careers strong, funny, cool kill ___
10M William Love 14 Mind V Olivia emotionaly unatached come up with plans ____
10F  Olivia Love 17 Blowgun and Traps R William Kind and Clever She will not back down from a fight and will kill if she needs to. Her aggressiveness often drives people away Headband 
10F  Revolution Militia 18 Traps, Bow and Arrows, Throwing Knives R  The Careers but then ditch them on the 4th day.   Shy, Outgoing  Partcipate with the Careers in the Bloodbath. ___
11M Fabeae Vicia 14 Whip and Lasso R None Very quite and hates conflict  He will find a source of food and water, and spend his days there, keeping healthy for the final battle, where he will kill. ___
11M Walter Tree 15 knows how to find food, a knife V none wants to get right into the action kill
11F Abbey Serge 15 bow and arrows, knife, and sword R Maybe the Careers Be nice but deadly. Could make some jokes. But say that she is ready to kill. She is very cold if she wants.  Kill, kill and kill a promise ring
11F Marlee Diaz 17 sickle R a girl group sweet She will try too find a girl group but first she will Run like hell too get too the backpack and a sickle then she will find her group then she will try too kill District 6 girl Because she killed her sister. a necklace
12M Hudson Rylie 13 Throwing knifes/throwing stars R None Kind Avoid the other tributes  Locket with a picture of his mother and him.
12M Rydian Hillsong 15 Axe V  Any strong tributes but not the careers  act mysterious and say as little as possible stick with his alliance and only ditch them when one of them tries to kill him ___
12F Lindsay Tereen 16 Bow and Arrow V Alone, but will ally with non-careers Seem desirable but weak  Stay low and don't make any kills unless necessary to save arrows.  Blue leaf she found
12F Ivy travers 13 Bow and Arrow V Own District shy not a threat Hide

District 1 Reaping (Colt,Luffy,Jezel,and Marianne's POV)

A cold, gusty day had approached the district. Colt Steele had put on a think fur lined sweater and began to walk outside on the snow filled streets. He looked up at the cloud filled sky and silently asked to be picked. He walked on to the square, a large space in the middle of District 1.  The square was already packed with packed with people anticipating to see the 4 new tributes.The escort walked on the stage and said," Welcome! Today is the day we pick not two but four young people to represnt District 1 in the Second Annual Quarter Quell."

Luffy was standing right infront of the concrete stage and looking into the eyes of the woman who didn't undertand the value of being picked especcially in a Quarter Quell. The escort then said," Now, we pick." She reached her hand into the boys bowl and picked a name. It was Vlad Turner. Luffy was angry for that was his enemy in school. They competed in EVERYTHING. Luffy pushed aside a young man by the name of Colt, or at least Luffy thought that was his name. Luffy then said just as Vlad was about to walk on the stage," I volunteer as tribute!" Everyone in the square looked his way. Then they applauded. Luffy shot Vlad a dirty look and walked up on the stage.  The escort then said," Know for our second boy"

As cold as Colt was his blood turned warm when they announced his name right after they did with Luffy. He walked on the stage where Luffy was watching him like a hawk. 

Jezel was watching from the very back of the square when both boys were picked. She had let out a gasp when Colt, her school crush, was chosen. The escort must have been cold because she was definetly rushing. The escort said," The girls tribute is Taylor Swift." Jezel nearly fainted. That was her little siter! Jezel ran and pushed to get to the front. She said," I Volunteer! as tribute!" Cold looked at her with pleading eyes for he liked her too. She walked up on the stage with the two other boys.

Marianne was still trying to get up when Jezel Swift pushed her down to try to get to the front. She was angered but understood Jezels reasoning for wanting to get to the front of the square. She stood up but just bearly. She had broken or sprained something on her leg. The Escort, hurring, said," Our second tribute will be Marianne Grace." She fell again but peacekeepers were there to help her up. She said thank you and walked up on the stage stnding next to Jezel.

The tributes shook hands and said there goodbyes.

District 2 Reapings (Josh,Zephyr,Amanda, and Ida's POV)

Josh stood in his room looking out the yellowed window. He opened the window which revaled a humid day with a bright, hot sun overhead. He dressed his best and walked outside where the entire population of district 2 was headed. And that place was the District Square. Josh had never feared being reaped, if anything, he encouaged it. But this was the year he wanted to show the entire population of District 2 that he could win these games, even if the odds were against it.

Amanda was walking down a run-down street when she noticed a boy of the age of about 17. She knew his name but had forgotten at the moment. She though: Is it Gosh, Bob, Josh. This was the boy she had never talked to, even though he was the talk of the town. She knew little about him, let alone liked him, but she made a silent desicion to talk to him after the reapings were finished.

Zephyr stood in the packed square with little space to do anything. He looked around but spotted noone he knew. He stood at the stage anticipating the moment he would volunteer.

Ida was a smart girl she knew something was going to happen to her today. She saw Zephyr, her ex-boyfreind. She still had feelings for him but she thougt they wouldn't last long.

The escort finally arrived at the stage and did her introduction. She walked over quickly to the boys bowl and picked out a name, but before she read it, Josh ran and put his hand up yelling," I VOLUNTEER!" He went up on the stage and stood waiting for the next tribute.

Josh had just been picked. Amanda was looking in surprise at Josh, yes, she had figured out his name. The escort then walked over to the girls bowl and picked out a name: Susie Pepperman. Amanda saw a young 12- year old girl walking up to the stage. Amanda had a soulution: "I volunteer, she said. And she went up to the stage wondering what she had just done.

Zephyr stood in amazment of the two people who ha just volunteerd for no appearent reason. He though: That was my job! But he still planned to volunteer over anyone elses' terms. He volunteered even before the escort could get over to the boys bowl again. That would make history.

Ida thought the three people on the stage were complete idiots. How stupid they had been to freely just volunteer. The escort, still surprised with Zephyr's performance walked over to the girls' bowl once again. Ida watched. The escort pulled out a single name and read: Ida Broach. 

The four walked into the Justice Building. 

District 3 Reapings (Cedric,Nox,Lily, and Ofelia's POV)

Lily was in a small factory working when an annoucer came and asked everyone to immedietly head to the square as soon as possible. She ran home and bathed and got dressed. She walked outside to the foul smelling air with the warm weather the district had been having. It was a very foul smell. She continued on passing by a boy named Nox heading the oppisite direction.

Nox had just passed Lily as he was attempting to go home. He didn't like Lily much but he tolerated her. If he got picked she would certainly make a good ally he thought. He was going the oppisite direction because he felt like such a slob around a girl he liked, and that girl's name was Ofelia. He changed, and went back to the square.

Ofelia was already in the nearly empty square. She saw her freind Nox make his way over to her. She also saw her boyfreind, Cedric walking across the cobblestone to her. He put his arms around her.

The escort was already at the stage staring blankly at the entire population of district 3. She seemed to be taking her time. She made a few announcments then walked over to the boys bowl. She dipped her hand in a pulled out a name. That name was Cedric Rivers. He released his hands from Ofelia and walked heading to the stage. Ofelia started running for him. A wall of Peacekeepers blocked Ofelia from Cedric. Cedric stood on the stage. Alone as ever.

Lily stood in the back of the square, amazed at what she just saw. The courage of that girl she thought. The escort walked over to the girls bowl and pulled out a name. The escort said: Lily Scouts. Lily automatically began walking to the stage, unable to process any thought. She stood next to Cedric, a boy the didn't know.

Nox was not surprised and couldn't care less for the people standing on the stage. The escort again walked over to the boys bowl and said: Nox Rimmer. Great, he thought, now im going to have to kill.

Ofelia hated Lily and Nox from the start. Knowing they would want to kill Cedric, she knew she would have to Volunteer. The escort pulled another name from the girls bowl and said: Ashley Ray. Ofelia didn't know who that was but she volunteered anyway. She was going to protect Cedric from these two threats.

They all shook hands with uncertainty of what was going to happen over the course of the next few days.

District 4 Reaping (Canyon, Hail,Adelaide, and Sapphira's POV)

The sun rose over District 4. Canyon Dusk got out of his bed and new what today was. Today was the reaping, this year, he planned to volunteer just to show off. Especially to the kid his age whos family volunteered every year. The boy that family comes from in named Hail.

Adelaide had already gotten dressed and was eating breakest when the announcer came out telling everyone in the district to begin heading towards the district square. She rose out of her chair, put on her worn out shoes, and began walking to, what she beleived, would be the year she was chosen as tribute.

Hail was ready to volunteer as a male tribute for district four. He knew he would have to beat Canyon to the punch but he still wanted to make a big scene depicting his innocense as he tris to make Canyon look bad. It was funny really, they both had almost the exact same personality.

Sapphira stood in the square with a few other people standing by her. She saw some people she new. Over to her left she saw a boy she remembered was named Canyon. To her right she saw Hail, a freind of her's. Behind her she saw Adelaide, they weren't exactly freinds but still, they got along. The District escort appeared on the stage with a bright and bubbly attitude, as always they watched the drab video of how the districts lost the war.. blah.. blah.. she thought it was all nonsense. As many people did, she used to get exited over the yearly reaping, but as she got older, her name went in more, she got even more depressed. The video ended and the escort walked over to the girl bowl first. What a surprise, Sapphira though, shes starting with the girls' bowl. The escort picked a name and read: Adelaide D'eye. That isn't a true tradedy Sapphia thought. Then the escort dipped her hand in the bowl again  and said: Sapphira Landa. Sapphia was in such shock she nearly fainted. She went up on the stage.

Canyon was surprised that noone had volunteered yet. But he will. The escort walked over to the boys' bowl and picked out a name. She said: Mark Santos. Canyon raised his hand and yelled," I VOLUNTEER! As fast as he could before Hail got the chance. Canyon went up on the stage.

Dang! I missed my chance, Hail thought. I really should've been faster. The escort again picked a name and said: Bob Brinesteen. Hail put his hand up and volunteered, not exactly the way he intended to, but at least he volunteered. 

There they were, the four brave souls from district four. Heading out into the great unknown.

District 5 Reaping ( Jonah, Luca, Sylvia, and Velvet's POV)

Jonah was at a table looking into the eyes of his parents. He told them he really wanted to volunteer but he parents, every year said no. And he did what he was told. Until today, he was 16 and he wanted to be as independent as possible. He went to his bedroom, got dressed for the reaping and began his long walk to the town square.

Sylvia was picking up a few groceries at the grocers until she saw Jonah pass by. She put her hoodie over he head because when they were little,they both had kissed. Both of them remebered and had secretly liked eachother since the kiss. Sylvia ran over to Jonah.

Luca spent a long time in his bath, thinking about if he should be reaped, which he would most likley be spared, or volunteer, most likly heading to his death. He secretly decided he wanted to live and be reaped.

Sylvia and Luca were walking to the square when a rat jumped out and scared Sylvia she grabed Jonah'sarm, they looked at each other awkwardly and continued to the square.

Velvet sat along the edge of the square awaiting the reaping names watching people stroll into the square. She then saw the escort for the first time. The escort put her hand into the girls bowl first and pulled out a name. That name was Velvet Cruz.

Jonah sat along the edge of the square watching as a girl he didn't know made her way to the stage. The escort then walked over to the boys and pulled out a name. It was Luca Sierra. He made his way to the top of the stage white as snow.

Sylvia was in total shock at these two kids who were just reaped. They were pale but the boy looked ambitious. The girl, not so much. The escort then walked back over to the girls bowl again and picked a name. The escort said the name but it came as a blur to Sylvia. The next thing she new, she was being escorted by peacekeepers.

Jonah watched in amazment as the girl he held hands with less then an hour ago walked up to the stage. The escort called his name after she picked from the boys reaping bowl. He automatically started walking.

The four held hands oblivious of what was to come.

District 6 ( Brock, Drake, Sylvia, and Katelyn's POV)

Katelyn Rivera got up out of her bed and got dressed. She put on her favorite necklace and went downstairs where she saw her boyfreind Brock Lovette holding a bouquet of flowers. She gladly accepted them but truly saw no need to celebrate today of all days. She was sincerly grateful for the flowers but inside she felt like Brock wanted her to be reaped.She looked up and noticed Brock looking at her, not with concern but with a look that scared her.

Brock was looking at Katelyn, knowing she was quite confused with the whole flowers idea. Maybe she will get reaped and I wont have to deal with her anymore, he thought. He did like Katelyn just, he had met someone else. He took Katelyn and started walking to the square where he told her to go. He said he would be right there.

Sylvia waited by the butchers for her boyfriend. At 12:30 (the reaping was at one) he still hadn't appeared so she started on her way knowing the main street would be quite packed, even by this time. Sure enough her boyfriend came running down the street. Brock leaned down and kissed her.

Drake was never one to vonunteer. He thought the people who volunteered where such idiots. He noticed Katelyn Rivera next to him. He nodded a hello and looked back to the stage. Then, on the other side, he saw Brock kiss Sylvia then walk over to Katelyn and kiss her. It took him a while to figure out what was going on but within the minute, he would figure it out.

The escort, flighty as ever, approached the girls bowl and pulled out a name. That name was Sylvia Churchill.  Brock let out a small sigh and Katelyn looked at him expectantly. Something wrong," She asked. " No. Just an old freind... nothing going on between us." To Katelyn, it was all to obvious.

The escort then walked over to the boys bowl and picked out a name. It was Drake Dormaus. He walked up to the stage and looked at Sylvia.

The escort, to save time picked a name from the boys bowl again. This time it was Brock Lovette. 

Katelyn hesitantly made a scene of a girl in love scenario, when really she couldn't care less. The escort walked over to the girls bowl again and picked out a name. The name was Katelyn Rivera. Oh God, she thought, just when i thought i wouldn't see Brock again.

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