Hey sorry for canceling my second games... thats what happenes when u dont get enough people. :(. BUT the ses games will be much better. I am going straight into the games so submit tributes!! MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!

Tribute Form






Name Age Weapons Strategy 1M Lion Scrapes 18 Knows a lot about plants, favourite weapon is a mace to bludgeon the other tributes. Is a good swimmer.
1F Rose Cheshire 17 throwing knives, spears, swords, and axes. running and keeping up, suducing, and swimming ?
2M Colt Hanley 18 thowing knives rab Weapon and kill any tributes expect careers meet up with careers afterwards
2F Thalia Combe 16 Knife Throwing, Archery, Strength, Speed, Seduction Run in with the careers and kill as many possible. Set up camp at the cornucopia and don't let anyone take her weapons.
3M Raven Hyrglass 18 Yin Yang Swords Get a pack and a weapon at the bloodbath, and run away. Don't ally.
3F Lottie Waters 16 Axe, Trident No friends no ememys
4M Thomas Quince 15 Trident and Net, Spear win
4F lucy mullan 18 darts stay alive
5M Ian Vance 12 throwing knives; spear

Grab a weapon and maybe some supplies and get out

Games Strategy: Stay a small distance away from people and kill them when it is best

5F Reyna Dounce

17 Intelligence and Throwing Axes/ Axe Grab a Pack and an axe and ally with you District Partner
6M Brann Clatch 16 Strength and good with all kind of swords. And he is very smart. win
6F Lilac Summers 17 Knives, bow and arrow, blowgun kill, stay hidden
7M Codi Marshe 15 Throwing knives, Sickle, Axe find my allies, take what I can and run
7F :Yesenia Root 14 Throwing Axe,Axe.Small Knifes run to bloodbath, get axe,Bag, and run!
8M Lumex Albane 16 Spears, TOMAHAWKS, Sickle swords, Strength. Get in find your ally and leave, kill if needed.
8F Picasso May 16 Throwing Axes ?
9M Banak Crane 17 Trident, Spear Rush to the Cornucopia, grab food and weapons, and try to kill so many as he can.

Games strategy: Hunt for the tributes, to kill them.

9F Celandine Lynch 12 anything I can find! hide, look for people who seem nice to team with
10M Caymen cullen 16 syths maces and swords win
10F Skai Smith 13 Sword, blowing darts Take what I can and run!
11M Clover 18 throwing axe, sword, bows and guns Kill
11F Anastasia 15 Miao Dao show how clever she is
12M Maxwell Mellark 18 Mostly anything win
12F Katrose Everdeen-Hawthorne 18 Crossbow or bow win

The Games- Day 1

All the tributes eagerly await either the chance to kill or run away.

GONG! Rose(1) gets a spear and throws it into Reyna(5) heart. BOOM!

Lottie(3) runs into the forest and trips on Skai(10), Lottie pulls a axe she got at the cornucopia by her plate. Lottie says," Listen, well work beeter if we were allies." Skai agrees. They run into the desert. Skai ask as they are taking a break," Did you mange to get anything other then your axe?" Lottie responds," I managed to get a empty water bottle and a packet of beef strips, did you get anything? Skai looks nervous," Nothing." But she did. she has a sword.

The Battle of the cornucopia is still going.

Thomas(4) finds a trident and attacks Banak(9) thomas pushes banak to the ground and stabs him with the trident. BOOM!

Codi(7) finds a thowing axe and attemts to kill Lumex(8) but codi is pushed to the ground by Picasso(8) and gets a knife in his chest.BOOM!

Katrose(12) grabs a bow and arrow and is tackled by clover(11) clover says,"im not gonna let you kill me." Then, Colt(2) grabs Clover and puts a spear through her.BOOM! Katrose gets up and runs into the hot desert away from the careers.

Ian(5) runs at lucy(4) and gets her by the hair and stabs her in the heart. BOOM!

Thomas comes to her defense and sticks Ian with his trident. BOOM!

Caymen(10) is running away from the battle when Anastasia(11) runs right into him. Anastasia pulls her blowgun and shoots him. BOOM!

The rest of the tributes have fleed the cornucopia.

The careers head out into the desert looking for victoms.

The victoms appear in the sky in order.

Death Chart
Name Age District Lucy Mullan 18 4
Ian Vance 12 5
Reyna Dounce 17 5
Codi Marshe 15 7
Banak Crane 17 9
Clover 18 11

Day 2

The tributes awake to the warm air inside the desert arena. With almost no water in the arena most of the tributes are already dehydrated. The careers, of course, are very hydrated and ready to kill. They know that going into the desert is certain death so they stay by there water source, the pond.

Skai(10) as thirsty as she is, attempts to get water from the pond with the careers there. She runs out of the green brush and throws her knife into Rose(1) heart.BOOM! She scoops up the water and quickly runs away.

Lilac(6) is walking though the desert bushes when she comes across Yesenia(7), Yesenia draws an axe and thows it into Lilacs chest.BOOM!

The day slowly turns into night with the tributes scared and hot.

Day 3

The tributes are bored and hot and to the gamemakers. This is not very exiting.

The gamemakers decide to give exitment.

Head Gamemaker Mark announces," Greeting tributes. Today, there will be a feast at the cornucopia"

The tributes know what will be there. Water.

They all start there way back to the cornucopia readiing there weapons and some itching to use them.

They arrive at the cornucopia which is packed with weapons and materials desperetly needned by the tributes.. The tributes run into the open and start the killing.Caymen(10) grabs a spear and thows it into Anastasia(11) stomach.BOOM! The Gamemakers want more blood so again, mark announces," This year, the last two tributes will survive."

the tributes fight harder. Lumex(8) grabs a blowgun and shoots Celandine(9) BOOM! Katrose(12) gets a bow and arrows and shoots Lottie(3) who was attacking Maxwell.BOOM!(12). Colt(2) grabs a knife and throws it into Maxwells(12) back. BOOM! Katrose knows she cant save him. She runs away. Thomas(4) grabs Raven(3) and snaps his neck in a jolt.BOOM! Picasso(8) attacks Caymen. Skai(10) gets a sword and sticks it through Picasso. BOOM!

Day 4

With more then half the tributes dead the remaing eagerly await the final two tributes. even if they are from differnt district they can win. Thomas decides to betray the careers.

He gets his trident and puts it through thailia(2) BOOM! Thomas walk to colt and puts it through his neck BOOM!

Thomas heads into the desert to hunt the other tributes.

Brann(6) is running through the desert when a knife enters his chest. Yesenia(7) through it. Skai(10) is drinking water when lumex(8) comes beside her with an axe. Skai quickly grabs her sword and stabs him.BOOM!

Thomas(4) is walking when he sees Katrose looking for food. He grabs his trident when he feels something enter his stomach. A spear. BOOM! Caymen has killed Thomas . Caymen walks over to where Katrose is picking berries. He puts the spear through her neck.BOOM!

Yesenia is in a cave waiting for the final 2 tributes. She walks outside and comes face to face with skai(10) skai gets her knife and stabs Yesenia.BOOM!

Thats it the final 2 tributes.

Congratulations to Skai and Caymen The victors from District 10. You will be honored on my profile.!

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