\Welcome, this is my fourth Hunger games. I am ready to go if you are! Submit Tributes. There will be 2 victors! I am going strght into the games. NO MORE TRAINING

Tribute Template






Allies (1,2,and 4 will be the only careers.)



Name Age Weapons Allies Strategy Training
1M Wyatt Barnett 18 Sword, Throwing Knives, Dagger The Careers Team With Careers, Kill Anybody, Get Sponsors. Show his strength and his skills with a sword and show his great aim by throwing some knives.
1F Zoey Sparkle 15 Bow & Arrows, Knife, Small Sword. Careers Team With Careers, And Use Her Beauty To Her Advantage. Bow & Arrows, Plants, Sword.
2M Alexander Averin 18 Sword and spear sister kill throw spear and slice dummies with sword
2F Fox Averin 16 Throwing Knives brother kill throw knives
3M Electroy Mannin 13 Spear and Axe none win show off
3F Isa Guard 13 Bow and arrow, Somebody she fells that she can trust Take stuff within 5 meters and run to woods for cover show skills
4M Bilious Riddle 16 Trapping equipment, electrocution none Trap the tributes like animals and torture them with electrocution to death Sword fighting (as to not inform any one of his plan)
4F Gwen Adair 14 Trident and puts the tributes over a fire to burn none Trust no one and kill How to throw accurately and how to start a fire
5M Allan Raye 13 Katana, Knives Any, Prefering near his age Find his allies, Grab a bag at the outskirts and run Shows how he can throw his knives and slices off some heads with his katana
5F Petra Liit 16 Knife and Axe 3, 6 and 8 Run and Hide, then stay away from other tributes Behead a few tributes and just show her awesomeness.
6M Asper Dell 17 Axe, Knife and Sword none win show off
6F Imogene Odana 17 Bow and Arrows, Sword District 5, 6, 7 fleeing with her allies, grab something in the outskirts. Shoots a moving targets with bow and arrows, Uses sword in different ways.
7M Aber 16 throwing axes Careers from 2 and maybe 1 and 4 throw axes
7F Kayleigh Reed 12 bow and arrow, throwing knives, and ax district 7 male and 6 tributes run from bloodbath not killing people in less needed shows off throwing knives and ax not letting anyone know
8M :lee grimes 18 katana hand to hand combat and any kind of knife anyone possible make friends and work together if not possible just kill and hide when someone is attacking or is attacking an ally :he walks into the room he picks up a katana he sees 3 dummys one moving and a fake tree he decapitates the first dummy then stabs the second the third one is harder cause it's moving he takes a swing misses then manages to cut it in half he then goes over to the fake tree and cuts it down after 3 swings
8F Mina Dana Vir 18 anything she can get her hands on 3, 5 and 6 ' Run'and Hide, then stay away from other tributes Show her amazing with stunning weapons, skills as she is an amazing tribute.
9M Caleb Porter 12 Slingshot, Smart. Anyone Since He's Not Good At Sneaking Or Hunting, Go For It. He Will Need Supplies. Show how smart he is by doing anything and show his knoledge of plants.

Lisa Mainwaring

18 amazing sprinter, edible plants, escapeing, climbing, bow and arrow A younger tribute 12-13-year-old win She will show of her amazing sprinting on threadmill, then go though the edible plants/animals test without any fail, then she will take a bow and climb a tree in the fake forest. She will shoot diffrent stuff in the trainingroom while climbing form tree to tree.
10M : Owen Degan 14 Drowning, Axes, Tridents, and Hand to Hand Combat. Anyone. Hide the entire time, only go fight, if someone is trying to get you or wants to fight you. He walks into the room, he picks a beautiful trident and starts impaling dummies. He takes his first trident and throws it at a dummy, impaling it. He takes his second trident and throws it at the target, getting a perfect shot. He grabs his final trident and throws it at a moving target, getting the third to best target. He shakes it off and gets an axe. He walks to the fake tree and starts cutting it down. He swings at it three times before it falls. Then without even looking, he throws the axe backwards, hitting the dummy square in the stomach.
10F Annie Belle 15 Bow & Arrows, Rope anyone Team Up With People, And Grab A Bag Far From The Cornucopia. ind a couple of allies and stay hidden until final few and use her brains. Show her greatness with bow & arrows and show her climbing and plant skills.
11M Charles Beckendorf 18 Strength, knives, pods none Kill anyone in sight lifting weights
11F Rye Leaf 13 Blowgun and Bow none kill shoot dummies
12M Coal Evans 14 Ice Pick and Dagger none win throw dagger

Natasha Grey

15 Throwing knife Somebody who is kind of an outcast like herself She grap the stuff ten meters away then run to a coverd area, and get far away from the cornacopia

Another arena

The Fourth Annual Hunger Games Arena

The Games- Day 1

The Tributes await the the countdown as the capitol audience is super exited.

Wyatts (1) POV- 59..58..57 well we have less than a minute. Im gonna kill someone. I see the District 8 kid looking at a knife. Should i kill him?

Lees(8) POV- 27..26...25 I see the District 1 Male looking at me and the knife. Does he think im gonna go for it. I dont know.

Owen(10) POV- 10..9..8.. District 10 won the last games. we can win it agian.


Isa(3) runs to the cornucopia grabs a bag and sees Zoey with a knife. Zoey throws it into Isa's neck.BOOM! Alan(5) is running to the wood when he trips. Aber(7) comes running at him with an axe. Just as Aber approaches Alan. A knife enters Aber. BOOM! Petra(5) saved Alan, her district partner. Caleb(9) is running to get a spear when Owen(10) reaches the spear first. Caled picks up a knife not to far away from him and runs to Owen and slits his throat.BOOM!

Electroy(3) want to avenge Isa, his freind. He picks up a spear and throws it at Zoey(1) it goes right through hre stomach.BOOM! Electroy runs away but Wyatt(1) picks up a thorwing knife, throws it at Electroy, he ducks, right it front of him is Rye(11) it goes into her head.BOOM! The tributes run away in fear of other tributes, but even worse, the careers.

Day 2

A humid morning arrives in the arena. With the cloudless sky berring no sign of rain the tributes soon begin to thirst.The careers set out early in the morning to hunt for sleeping tributes. They come across Caleb(9) Gwen(4) grabs her trident and sticks it through Caleb. BOOM!

Petra and Allan (5) decide to become allies aftter the previous days events. Lee(8) is getting water and resting when he sees Mina(8) his district partner. Then he sees Natasha(12) come up behind her with a knife! Lee runs and throws himself between them. The knife enters his chest. Mina grabs the spear she grabbed at the cornucopia and puts it through Natashas heart. BOOM! Natasha dies. Mina runs to Lees side and begins to cry. "im so sorry she says. i sholdve been more careful. Mina says. Lee responds, in a raspy voice," its okay, just, win for our district. BOOM! Lee dies. Mina responds crying," Dont worry Lee, I will." She does the sign with the three fingers on her lips. All of Panem watches. Mina leaves.

Death Chart
Name District Gender Caleb Porter 9 Male
Natasha Grey 12 Female
Lee Grimes 8 Male

Day 3

The air is hot and moist and the arena is extremely hot. The tributes are dehydrated, all exept for the careers. But there is scattered fresh water to drink from. Most of the tributes, throughout the day, become rehydrated and well. All viatals are okay.

Fox(2) sits around with the careers and says," Well this was a boring day, nobody died, and i havent killed anybody." The careers laugh. Noon Falls and Night comes, NO deaths today.

Day 4

The sun rises to a cold morning. The tributes wake up and stretch. The careers get ready and are about to head out when the trumpets sound and head gamemaker mark says," Attention Tributes, there will be a feast with everything you need, food, water, clothing and ect., that is all."

The tributes all go to the cornucopia. The table rises filled with food, water, clothing, weapons, and other things. Asper(6) runs to the table but Fox(2) grabs a throwing knife and throws it at him. It hits his fowrhead, just missing a fatal hit. Asper grabs an axe and throws it at Annie(10) who was next to him. It misses but hits a jar of oil. The oil spills out. Coal(12) gets a match and sets it on the oil. The supplies is on fire. Alexander(2) grabs a sword and stabs Coal.BOOM!

The tributes all are on the feild know.some trying to put out the fire, others trying to kill. Fox throws a knife at Electroy(3) it hits his face.BOOM! Mina(8) grabs a bow and arrow and shoots Gwen(4) who is trying to kill Lisa(9). BOOM! Gwen dies. Kayleigh(7) throws her axe at Imogene(6) it hits her chest.BOOM! Charles(11) grabs Fox(2) and slams her aginst the cornucopia she breaks her neck and head.BOOM!

Alexander runs after Charles, alexander throws his spear. It hits charles in the back. Alexander runs to charles and says with kis knife raised," This is for my sister" He stabs Charles. BOOM!

The cornucopia feast is in chaos. Explosions from gas tanks that held gas rock the field. The tributes run away.

Death Chart
Name District Gender Coal Evans 12 Male



3 Male
Gwen Adair 4 Female



6 Female
Fox Averin 2 Female
Charles Beckendorf 11 Male

Day 5

The tributes, scared and bloody from the previous day events wake up to a cool morning only to realize they are still in the arena.The trumpets once again come on," Tributes, the capitol honors you for your courage and sacrifice. to show this, instead of two victors winning we will let the last 4 tributes win. May the odds be ever in you favor." The tributes are exited over the rule. 4 people can win, were not that far away from 4 people.

The careers decide to hunt... but Alexander(2) knows what he has to do. He pulls his spear and throws it into Wyatts(1) chest.BOOM! Billous prepares his trident and says," nice move, but sorry im gonna be one of those four tributes to win." Thats when Peetra(6) runs into there fight and Billious stabs her with his trident. BOOM! Then Allan(6) comes too. He gets a knife and stabs Billious in the back. BOOM! Allan runs away. Kaleigh(7) is going through her supplies when she hears a noise coming from the woods. She gets an axe ready. Annie(10) pops out and shoots Kaleigh with a bow and arrow.BOOM! Asper(6) hears the ruccus coming from the site where annie and kaleigh just fought. He burst through and stabs annie, but not before annie shot him with an arrow. They both die.BOOM!

The Victors

Ladies and Gentlemen May i present the victors of The Fourth Annual Hunger Games!

Alexander Averin- The male tribute from District 2

Allan Raye- The male tribute from District 5

Mina Vir- The female tribute from District 8

Lisa Mainwaring- The female tribute from District 9

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