Welcome to the Lunaii Games! This form of a games was inspired by ViniciusDeAssis1999 he has given me permission . All credit is given to him. These exiting games will feature 10 characters from The Hunger Games where the participants will create a Lunaii trying to capture the characters personality and appearance. You must make the lunaii before the given date. Even if you are not part of the games you can join. THE PARTICIPANTS ARE allowed to vote for the user to get eliminated.

Username Nickname



1. Annamisasa Anna
2. Aaronmalik Aaron
3. ShadowStarters Shadow
4. The Boy with The Pikachu Tatoo Ryan
5. Everdeen Janelle
6. Wesolini Wesley
7. Horsefanatic Horse 1
8.  The Deadly One Pelican 1
9. Les Miserables' Janine 1
10. lluvgale Annie
11. Lily! Lily
12. MissRandomStuff Random 1
13. YoungGuy5 Den 1
14. AshtonMoioLover Ashie
15.  Xneonlightsx Clause 1

Round 1- Peeta Mellark

  • Make a Lunaii of Peeta Mellark
  • Deadline: January 2nd
  • Voting will begin when all Lunaiis' are entered

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