This is my second hunger games. The first was a sucess! i am super exited to host my second games! These games will have tributes, stylist, mentors, and gamemakers. There will be pre- games and after arena events such as tribute parades, training/ scores, and interveiws and after arena interveiws. NO REAPINGS.2 tributes tops, anything else as much as u want. I DO NOT GO ON PROFILES. NO RESERVATIONS







Appearance(Stylist doing lunaiis i would look at this)






Boys Chariot/ Interveiw Costumes

Girls Chariot/ Interveiw Costumes

Mentors Form(you will be giving your tributes advice throughout the games)






GameMakers Form(we will discuss on my talkpage)(users with tributes are not allowed)




Lunaii(if possible)

Name Age Weapons Appearance Location


Kaka Duka 16 sword He is tall and blond and has big arms and is skinny and blue eyes
1F Starr Skye 16 Dagger and ninja stars Appearance(Stylist doing lunaiis i would look at this) blonde curly hair with front pink bang and red highlights, blue eyes, creamy white skin, wears mostly blue eyeshadow and clothing
2M Jako Monkor 17 Sword and whip (Mostly sword though) ?
2F Kasey Lonta 12 Knives She has light skin light brown long hair, blue eyes and is about 4.10 and is described as BEAUTIFUL
3M Jamp Melp 13 none Small, Brown hair, glasses
3F Katelyn Rivera 15 bow and arrows brown hair, tan skin, brown eyes
4M Baez Rocca 13 machete and triednt, net and charisma Long blond hair, Blue eyes, Pale skin, Tall
4F Alanna Tewie 12 Trident and net She has light skin light brown long hair, blue eyes and is about 4.10 and is described as BEAUTIFUL
5M Joe Torza 14 None Dark skin, brown hair, thin-ish
5F Haylee Clearwater 12 Throwing knifes, A Small Dagger She Is small, and very skinny. Her hair is blonde and falls in waves down her back, while her eyes are bright greem with gold flecks and her eye brows are rather thin. Her skin is fairly pale, and her mouth always has a slight smile. Her lips are slightly red though not much
6M Varin Ego 13 Bow and Arrow; Sharp-Edged Boomerang green eyes, brown hair
6F Pulchra Ego 16 Trident; Sharp-Edged Boomerang Blonde hair, blue eyes
7M Jamk Longo 13 none Medium height, fat and has a big head red hair
7F Zanna Vinland 15 Great with knives (throwing, stabbing, crafting, etc.) and is learning to use with a bow and arrows. Creative with traps/ snares. Long black hair with odd (but natural) blonde and silver highlights that she wears in two French braids. Pale green eyes. Long eyelashes. Tan skin. Freckles.
8M Lampo Teek 15 none Tall, fat, Glasses, Green hair
8F Silken Dimity 16 Bow and arrows, knives, edible plants, climbing Strawberry-blonde hair, grass-green eyes, 5’7”, thin, pale skin, pretty
9M Banak Crane 17 Trident, Spear Brown/black hear, big and strong, he got blue eyes. District token is a small spear (not risky).
9F Demetria Rye 13 Sai, Axe brown hair, gray eyes, pale skin
10M Casper Gostum 14 spear short, light brown hair, tan skin, blue eyes
10F Brie Pelt 14 Axe,Small Knife Long Strawberry Blonde Hair (that reaches to her shoulders), Crystal Blue Eyes, A little freckles on her nose,
11M Teke Mantcha 16 slingshot Short, Blue eyes, Brown hair
11F Mondi Bakerman 18 none Big, Slow, Tall, Really skinny,
12M Nick Lovizio 12 Bow and arrow and knives
12F Jane Socha 12 Spear and knunchucks She is known as the preety girl in District 12, she has long dar hair and white skin with grey eyes.
Name District Boys Chariot Boys Interveiw Girls Chariot Girls Interview
Seymore Luxor 1 The boys will be dressed in beatiful silver suit with a monkeytail. The monkeytail will be holding sparlerers(fire works) and the tribute will also be holding them. The Boys interview will be a regular pink tux. The girl will be in a pink dress filled with pink and silver dimonds The girl will be in a simple silver dress dotted with silver and green diamonds
3 The boy tribute will wear a suit that glows with electriity and there chariot will give off electric sparks The boys interveiw costume will be a electric blue suit but with the occassinal lightbulb The girl will be in a gold dress with sparks flying from her. For her interview she will wear a dress made entirely of glow in the dark fabric and neon lighting to make her appear she is a light buring with electrity.
Trinity Wradclean 7 The boy will be wearing a woodsman outfit. He will have a green and blue plaid yellow shirt, which is loosely tucked into blue skinny jeans. He will carry an axe, and be cutting down trees, not paying attention to the girl... Look at the tribute interview angles! Relationship with tributes: Is very fond of Varin and Pulchra and will try and sponsor them... The girl will be wearing a light mellow emerald dress, and silver high-heels. She will be in the tree. Look at the tribute interview angles! Relationship with tributes: Is very fond of Varin and Pulchra and will try and sponsor them...
Zak Lenting 10


Name Age District Strategy 1
Macey Korch 31 2 Dont ally with the main careers make your own "careers"
Gabbrielle Flumen 22 10 go for the bloodbath, and only trust each other. When it comes down to both of you, refuse to kill one another
Gamemakers (we will communicate threw talk page)
Position Name Age Head Gamemaker Mark Crane 27
Co-Head Gamemaker Ethan Ramier 43
Head of Arena Callam Delaney 24
Head of Tributes
Head of Mutts Agusti Leverman 34
Head of Events

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