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  • Copper5

    Im Back!!!!!!!!

    March 31, 2011 by Copper5

    Im Back!!!!! (Random boos). Yes, after taking a very long absence from the wiki I have returned! As for my current projects for now this summer I will probably have my second annual Hunger Games! Till then I will probably enter other people's Hunger Games and maybe put up several more song blogs. See you all around the wiki!

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  • Copper5

    Hey everyone! the Hunger Games have begun! check below to see if your characters survived the first day!

    All of which were at the Cornucopia

    1. Czeslaw Heinrich (killed by Shining Perfection)

    2. Matthew Schmalz (killed by Kiro Akuma)

    3. Carter Sullivan (killed by Blake)

    4. Remus Lupes (killed by Jenna Anderson)

    5. Amedeus Watson (killed by Songbird Gems)

    6. Rafeal Wing (killed by Avery Sanders)

    1. Songbird Gems (killed by Ruby Grey)

    2. Vincent Komi (killed by Dog-like Muttation)

    3. Avery Sanders (killed by Kiro Akuma)

    4. Gigi Crane (killed by Jordon Clements)

    1. Shining Perfection (died due to lack of water)

    2. Elvia Alova (killed by Blake)

    3. Jenna Anderson (killed by Ruby Grey)

    4. Romulus Lupes (killed by Amber Buckalew)

    1. Gali Star (killed by Bluejay …

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  • Copper5

    Couple theme songs!

    August 21, 2010 by Copper5

    I loved how you guys all coomented and helped with character themes! But I now am gonna do something else! Couple songs! Im not so good with picking songs for couples and I only have one so far! Any suggestions? I also can take couples from fanfics if anyone has any.

    Katniss X Peeta - Can You Feel The Love Tonight

    Katniss X Gale - Shatterd

    Wiress X Beetee - Livin On A Prayer

    Annie X Finnick - I Will Always Be With You

    Maysilee X Haymitch - You'll Be In My Heart

    Mrs. Everdeen X Mr. Everdeen - If I Could Go Back To Him

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  • Copper5

    Character Theme songs

    August 10, 2010 by Copper5

    Really I just thought of songs that I thought would fit the characters the best. Please leave a comment.

    Katniss - Love Will Find Away

    Peeta - Because You Live

    Gale - Lets Start A Riot

    Haymitch - 21 Guns

    Effie - Ultimate You

    President Snow - King of Kings

    Marvel - It's A New Day

    Glimmer - In The End

    Cato - Spollin For A Fight

    Clove - I Came To Play

    Foxface - Kaonashi No Face

    Rue - The Mockingjay Song Katniss sang to her

    Thresh - Let It Roll

    Finnick - Smooth Criminal

    Johanna Mason - Dead Inside

    Cinna - Break

    Katniss's Mother - Livin On A Prayer

    Prim - I Got A Felling

    Cray - Burn It To The Ground

    Romulus Thread - I Walk Alone

    Plutarch Heavensbee - Know The Enemy

    Darius - Hero

    Caeser Flickerman - Ladies And Gentlemen

    Mr. Mellark - To Be Loved

    President Coin - Thats M…

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