Really I just thought of songs that I thought would fit the characters the best. Please leave a comment.

Katniss - Love Will Find Away

Peeta - Because You Live

Gale - Lets Start A Riot

Haymitch - 21 Guns

Effie - Ultimate You

President Snow - King of Kings

Marvel - It's A New Day

Glimmer - In The End

Cato - Spollin For A Fight

Clove - I Came To Play

Foxface - Kaonashi No Face

Rue - The Mockingjay Song Katniss sang to her

Thresh - Let It Roll

Finnick - Smooth Criminal

Johanna Mason - Dead Inside

Cinna - Break

Katniss's Mother - Livin On A Prayer

Prim - I Got A Felling

Cray - Burn It To The Ground

Romulus Thread - I Walk Alone

Plutarch Heavensbee - Know The Enemy

Darius - Hero

Caeser Flickerman - Ladies And Gentlemen

Mr. Mellark - To Be Loved

President Coin - Thats My Lullaby

Jackson - Bad Company

Gamemakers - Hell's Bells

All Tributes - We Are One

Rebels - No One Gets Left Behind

The Games Themselves - The Game

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