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4th Quarter Quell

Its my first games so let's go for it. There can be any age.NO PAST VICTORS. No bro/sis. 2 people allowed per person.I need everything the CHART says except allies and place.I will make those decisions.

Name District Age Gender Place Allys Weapon
Tommy Spire 1 25 Male Obama Knife
1 Female
Obama Brown 2 56 Male Tommy Spear
Sparkle Shine 2 14 Female Obama & Tommy Mace & Chain
Griffin Surge 3 42 Male Wants to Ally with Gage Throwing Knifes
3 Female
Silver Bullet 4 18 Male Cloe <3 Sword
Cerulean Sparkle 4 15 Female Sawyer Knife
Gage "PowerHouse" Powel 5 27 Male None Hammer
5 Female
6 Male
6 Female
Sawyer Thomas 7 18 Male Cerulean Axe
7 Female
8 Male
8 Female
9 Male
9 Female
10 Male
10 Female
11 Male
11 Female
12 Male
Cloe Mist 12 17 Female Silver <3 Bow&Arrows

Arena- Mountain & Woodland

Cosmanaut 22:57, May 1, 2012 (UTC)Cosmanaut

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