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    The Demi-God Games

    October 18, 2012 by CrazyBlueTribute

    Welcome to the Annual Demi-God Games!


    Greetings and welcome to CrazyBlueTribute Demigod Games. The Demigod games are a parody of The Hunger Games! Instead of normal human beings entering the game. Demigods will! So, All tributes from District 1 are demi-gods of Zeus e.c.t.

    • District 1: Demi-Gods of Zeus
    • District 2: Demi-Gods of Hades
    • District 3: Demi-Gods of Aphrodite
    • District 4: Demi-Gods of Poseidon
    • District 5: Demi-Gods of Dionysus
    • District 6: Demi-Gods of Hermes
    • District 7: Demi-Gods of Apollo
    • District 8: Demi-Gods of Athena
    • District 9: Demi-Gods of Demeter
    • District 10: Demi-Gods of Morpheus
    • District 11: Demi-Gods of Nemesis
    • District 12: Demi-Gods of Hephaestus

    All tributes of district 1 are sons/daughters of Zeus, all tributes from district 2 …

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